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“Compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” Wu. YAPP, 70, WELBECK STREET, CAVENDISH SQUARE.)

(LUKE XIV, 23.)


No. 22.]

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GRATUITOUS CIRCULATION. Lay hold of this rope.

Rest in His “No more of the World for me." By the donations received from several of our kind finished, accepted, blessed work, and I have served the world these fifty Christian friends, we have had the pleasure of distributing many copies of “The Evangelist" in you are saved-saved ut once-saved for years, and been a fool, and know it,” said various parts of the United Kingdom. As yet, how

Precious Saviour! ever, we have been only able to meet, in a very small

a gentleman the other day, who had been degree, the requests of Gospel Labourers, who feel “THOU SHALT CALL HIS NAME Jesus lately brought to a knowledge of Jesus, the importance of thus scattering the truth among the poorer classes. Further donations will therefore (a Saviour), For HE SHALL save His as the only and all-sufficient Saviour. be thankfully received for this object. PEOPLE FROM THEIR SINS."

“Yes,” he continued, “I have found out Received (for gratuitous circulation) from £. $.

my folly, and now I mean Miss H., Hampstead

Almost, but not Altogether.

Christ;--No more of the world for me! All orders should be addressed to the Pub. Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian ' Acts xxvi. 28. lishers, Mr. W. YAPP, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish | Oh! what a countless host there are that stand

I have proved it is empty,— worthless; Square, London, W.; or to Messrs. Morgan & CHASE, Among the aimost Christian, halting band, and now, God helping me, I will live to Tichborne Court, 280, High Holborn, London.

Whose knowlerige of the way of life seems clear,
All Communications, Donations, Books for Re-
And yet no fruits of righteousness appear.

Him alone!” view, &c., should be forwarded, pre-paid, “ To the That cold assent which rests but in the head

Dear friends! do ponder these words. Editor of the Evangelist," care of Mr. Yapp, 70, 'Tis with the heart the child of God believes, No living influence can ever shed;

This gentleman had all that this world Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square, London, W.

The Gospel tidings gladly he receives.
His faith its heavenly origiu can prove,

could give — health, riches, comfort, "Let go your Oars. Lay hold of It triunplis o'er the world, and works by love, friends, a happy house, and all around

Profession's empty lamp will not avail, the Rope."

When the great Bridegroom comes His saints to hail. to make him satisfied; and yet he said There are rapid waters in America, to Those foolish souls that have not loved Him here he had been a fool! Ah, yes; he had

Will not amid that favour'd band appear, come in contact with which is swift de- Who grace the triumph of their Lord's return; neglected Christ, lived to himself, and struction. Once, as a man was rowing, In vain will they intreat the wise in heuri,

They have no oil-ah, whither shall they turn! trifled with his soul! But now he sees he discovered he was getting too near No portion of their oil can they impart;

the folly of his course, the Word of these rapid streams. Alive to his danger, And fed by grace will never cease to shine.

Their lamps were kindled first by power divine, God has reached his heart; he sees he pulled hard in the opposite direction. Alas! eternal darkness and disgrace,

there is one only way of life; that JESUS Await those souls that lack the oil of grace! In vain he strove-the waters were draw

came to save the lost, the guilty, and

It is a happy thing to live to some purpose. „We undone; and those who trust in Him ing the boat nearer and nearer-and in a

may apologize to our consciences now for our luke. little while, spite of all his efforts, he warmness, and conformity to the world, but cannot have life and pardon through His name.

do so on a death bed, or when our Master comes to must have perished.

In times gone by, he had attended At this juncture, some who perceived

church, conducted family prayer, and his danger threw a rope-crying, “Let

Revival Hymn.

all such outward forms; but now, he go your oars, Lay hold of the rope, and you had better come to Jesus while you may,

sees that in those days his soul was

CHORUSwe'll draw you in." This was a trial

Oh turn, poor sinner, and escape eternal fire; dead, he had not come to Christ, he did of faith: but if he for a moment hesi- You had better be converted, while you may.

For you must stand the fire in that geat day.

not see the value of His precious blood, tated, he soon yielded—he did “Let go you'll see the Judge descending, in that great day. from sin; and therefore, though upright

nor understand that that alone can cleanse the oars"-he “Laid hold of the rope - he was drawn in-he was saved.

You'll bear the Thunder roaring, in that great day. and moral in his ways, he still was but Reader, does this illustrate your case? You'll see the Lightning flashing, in that great day. a lost and ruined man. But now! O,

CHORUS. Aroused to a sense of danger, you fear

what a change! Jesus is precious to his You'll see the Graves all opening, in that great day: not the rapid waters, but the wrath of

soul; he feels his need of Him; he sees

sing, in that great day. God;" which, as a sinner, you feel you

Him as the Lamb of God, and knows deserve, and seek to escape. Unlike the You'll see the Books all opened, in that great day. that He alone has power to save! He careless, you are all anxiety, striving to You'll hear that dreadful sentence, in that great day. has believed His loving, gracious words, appease God, and win His favour. Now

received Him into his heart, and so Depart from ME, ye cursed--I know you not. it is just here I would meet you. I lift

found joy and peace ! You 'll hear that blessed sentence, in that great day. up my voice like a trumpet; and to you,

Now he can cast the world aside! ah, and to all such would cry, “Let go your Come unto ME, ye blessed—I know you all. yes; he has obtained a better part, he is oars — Lay hold of the rope.” Your You'll see the blessed angels, in that great day.

a child of God, his sins are all forgiven, efforts are worse than useless; but God

he has eternal life; and so, with joy and Then come along to glory, while you may. has provided salvation. With reverence,

gratitude, he can delight in serving Him, but with confidence, do I affirm, the Lord Then live to Jesus only, while you may.

who has redeemed his soul from hell. Jesus Christ is God's rope. He has died, You had better ask for mercy, before too late. Dear friends! do ask yourselves if you and has risen again, because His blessed | Oh! now then be converted, while you may.

know ought of this ? if not, rise up this work is done. Oh flee-flee indeed from

very day, and do not rest until you too Then Heaven is yours for ever and ever. the wrath to come! but flee to Him.

can say, your sins are blotted out.

ask us what use we have made of our talents.




You'll see the dead














Num. XX. 7.9.

fought the battles of the Lord, after we may do so in God's way; instead, therefore, of its “ And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, Take the rod, and life, and enjoyed the presence of the Lord, yet the Lord, that he was not allowed to go into the

have drank for months and years the water of being acceptable service, it was so displeasing to gather thou the assembly together, thou, and Aarop thy brother, and speak ve unto the rock before their eyes; we shall feel barren and thirsty, if we cease to land on account of it. It was zeal not accordand it small five forth his water, and thou shalt bring live upon Christ; if we turn from Him and lose ing to knowledge. God told Moses to take the the congregation und their beasts drink. And Moses took the taste and comfort of His love.

rod, but did not tell him to use it as lie did. He the rod from before the Lord, as he commanded him."

In pursuing our meditation, we shall make a was also told to speak to the rock, but instead of The story of the smitten rock is first presented people, when not living upon Christ; 2nd, on

few remarks, 1st, on the state of the Lord's that he smote it. God used no rebuke in speaking to us in the book of Exodus. It took place failure in the service of God; 3rd, consider what called them "rebels." All these things shew that

to His servant about the assembly, but Moses before the law was given, and is a fine example is the Christian's true path; and 4th, glance at Moses wits not serving in the temper and spirit of grace—the grace of God to ungodly, sinful the blessings connected with it.

of the Lord. To seek to satisfy God's thirsty peoman. The people were in the deepest necessity; they had no witter to drink. Day after day their

1. The state of the Lori's PEOPLE WHEN ple was well, but he did not act in it for the glory thirst increased. There were no wells at banil. NOT LIVING 'Pox Christ. So long as we abide of God. But it is important to notice that, noiThey might make the most diligent search, and i! Jesus, dwell on His love, live in His presence, withstanding Moses' failure, God acted then, as put all their energies into exercise, in diging sit at llis feet, rest on His promises, feed on Ais Ile often does now-He brought blessing to the deep in all directions, still it was a barren and word, love His ways, pour out our hearts to Alim, people, though he chastened His servant for his

The failure was very thirsty land wherein was no water. Weak, parch- and draw out of His fulness, our peace flows inconsistent conduct. ed and prostrate, they had no power whatever as a river; we overcome in conflict, escape out of great, not only in its not being obedience to the of meeting their necessity. They were perishing temptation, bear our sufferings with fortitude, Lord's plain command, but in spoiling the type, with thirst, and had no water to drink. But fight the good tight of faith, and rejoice in hope which was doubtless intended to teach us that more than this. They were sinners—they mur

of the glory of God. But when the eye and the rock once smitten, need never be smitten mured; they tempted God, and were ready to heart forget Christ, when we cease to know Jlim again, but would give forth refreshing streams stone His servant. Thus they were unworthy as

as the smitten Rock, the fountain of life and at the cry of the word of faith, as we now well as needy: God might justly have loved love, then the barrenness and sorrows of the know Christ. them to perish, for they merited His wrath and wilderness press heavily upon us, and disappoint- The rod here was evidently not the rod of displeasure ; but He took occasion to deal in grace fruits of vubelief casily manifest themselves

. Moses took with him on the top of the hill, after

urmuring, and other bitter Moses, where with he smote the rock; that rod instead of judgment. their need; His loving heart compassionated Perhaps no people act inore foolishly, are more the rock in Horeb was smitten, and we never them ; His infinite wisdom and mercy devised miserable, or more exhibit the unlovely tempers hear of it afterwards. Moses' rod there did its a way of deliverance; and Ilis almighty arm and evils of the flesh, than those Christians who work, and the type teaches us that the law once speedily carried it out. The question was, could forget the Lord Jesus, and draw not refreshment and for ever had its claims answered, on behalf God, would God, give this thirsty, sinful perish- and blessing out of his fulness.. The enemy, of God's people, in the wounds, bruises, and ing people water to drink? Yes, ile could and finding such off their guard, easily overcomes death of the Son of God. The rod ordered to be would do so, consistent with Ilis own holy attri- them with his fiery darts, acts upon the pride taken in this scene at Meribah was the rod which butes, and that too in a way that shoulâ be to and Justs of the fleshi

, unul, instead of the tri- was before the Lord (v.9), which was Aaron's ro the praise of llis glory. By smiting another mphant song of "Worthy is the Lamb,” their (see ch. xvii.), and teaches us not about smiting, instead of them, Ilis justice would lie satisfied, lips give utterance to desponding and complaining but about the resurrection and priesthood of Christ.

We are told that this dead rod “hudded, and and His merey freely flow. This is the way of exclamations. grace to sinful, helpless man, in the Cross of

It has been said by another that, “the blood brought forth buds, and bloomed blossoms, and Christ

, and was slevel forth in the type of the of Christ both strengthens our inner man, and yielded almonds, and was laid up before the smitten rock. “The Lurd said unto lloses, Be- keeps down the weeds of the fiesh," and so it is; testimony...... and the Lord said thou shult hold I will stand before thee there upon the for, in the exercise of faitli, we draw from Christ. quite take away their murmurings from me, rock in Horel); and thou shalt SMITÉ THE and are so spiritually strengthened that we are that they die not.” Thus we see shadowed forth ROCK, and there shall come water out of it, able to keep under carnal lusts; but, though we the resurrection and priesthood of Christ, and that the people may drink. And Moses did so in are true disciples of Jesus, severed from Ilim also llis church in Ilim, and presented by Him, the sight of the elders of Israel.” Thus, in the we grow weak spiritually, and Heshly desires before the Lord, as the fruit of His death. I way of grace, the needy sinful people had an

and ways easily spring up, and are sometimes can, therefore, easily be seen how consistent abundani supply of water to satisfy their thirst. painfully manifested. Accordingly, this chapter with the truth it would be, for Moses to holt I say, this is a fine example of grace, and is

shews us, that when the people had no water forth this beautiful rod beside the rock gushing important because we are told in the New Tes from the rock, they thirsted; they gathered with his waters at his word, and how contament that we are saved by grace. “By grace

themselves together against the servants of God; trary to the typical meaning it was to smite are ye saved, through fuith.” But, perhaps, few they chode with Moses, complained of the har. the rock, especially with such a rod. llox things are so little understood as grace. It is renness of the wilderness, and concluded that blessed now to know Jesus in resurrectionsaid ly some that grace means that God will do they would die, and never see the land of glory as the rock once smitten to save his people Hlis párt, if we will do ours; but this entirely promise. Their experience was that of darkn--ss, from death, but now the rod presenting His destroys the thought of grace. Others say, that barrenness, and misery; because they got away church as His own flesh and bone before the Lord; it means unmerited love; but it means more than from the only fountain of light, and life, and and that we have only to contemplate Him to be this, for it brings favour and blessing to those love. And so it is with Goil's own people now, filled with adoring gratitude, only to speak tv who only deserve punishment and destruction: Oh! how many complaining children of God Him, and His blessings flow with abundant reit brings eternal life and glory to such as have may trace their present sadness of soul, not as freshment. merited eternal death and banishment; and flows they suppose to the circumstances that have How much religions service in the present day, freely to us through the smitten Son of God, crossed their patlı, but to the two evils of for- we fear, is not acceptable to God! 'How much who was wounded for our transgressions and saking the fountain of living waters, and hewing there may be, that "God's eye detects as being bruised for our iniquities. It is the cross of Christ, out to themselves broken cisterns that can bot chiefly the busy energy of the flesh, and not then, that is here typified by the water gushing no water. How can we be happy apart from spiritual! not in the obedience of faith! pot in from the smitten rock. There the stripes that Him who is our life and salvation? How can accordance with the commands of God: How ve merited were laid upon Him, and thence the we be making melody in our hearts, so long important that we should not only be addicting water of life tow's freely;

as the spring of all our jous ceases to be ourselves to the Lord's work, but ihat we should

viewed by us as the river of life to our souls! carry it out in God's way, and for His glory: “From all His wounds new blessings flow, Those who cleave to Jesus, and walk in His But this leads us to consider, A sea of joy without a shore."

way's, may assuredly count upon the comfort 3. The CHRISTIAN'S TRUE PATH. Declension the eternal God, is manifested in the cross of while they will not be without the trials of gether, as we see in Peter, who first followed the

Grace then is only for sinners, it springs from of the Holy Ghost as their portion ; and, of soul, ind failure in service generally go toChrist, and satisfies the thirsty souls of those the wilderness, they will realize the present help Lord “afar oft," and then, in mistaken zeal, and as it was only water from the smitten rock good time deliverance from trouble. Thus abid: path is communion with God, and obedience to that quenched the thirst of the perishing Is-ing in Jesus, we shall be happy and fruitful, but llis word; and the backsliding and failing Chrisraelites, so it is only the blood of the cross that severed from Him, we shall be barren and un- tian must return thence, if he would be happy gives peace to a sin-sick soul. For a thirsty, fruitful; and, as the apostle Peter seithi; such and glorify God. The believer's calling is unto perish ng Israelite to have turned his back upon will be blind, unable to see afar off, and will for fellowship with the Father, and with His Son the waters gushing out so abundantly from the get that they were purged from their old sins, Jesus Christ:" to walk with God, feeling that all smitten rock, instead of drinking thereof, would How important, then, that the Christian should his springs are in Ilim. Chrisi, the true rock be judged tó be the height of madness; how not feed on ashes, or seek in any measure satis- that was smitten, is his all- satisfying portion. much more so is it now to turn away from the faction at the worldling's swine-trough, but, He has to do with the Lord Jesus who was erulyleeding Lamb of God, who taketh away the sin knowing that Christ is all, live upon Christ, - cified, who said " It is finished!" and howed His

Ilis person, work, fitness, fulness, and offices; head, and gave up the ghost. He knows that Ilaving said thus much on the smiting of the hide in His wounds, drink deeply into His gra- that one finished work of eternal redemption is rock, let us now turn more immediately to the cious words and ways, treasure up His proinises

, perfect

, and that by it He bath perfected for subject before us; and, first of all we may notice eat His flesh, dwell on Ilis imutterable and un

ever all those who truly believe in Him; so that that, after the people of Israel drank the water changing love, seek more and more His unsearch there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins. He, from the rock, they lived and fought the battles able riches; so that the constant language of our therefore, looks to Jesus risen and glorified

, of the Lord; but, after a while, though the rock souls may be, "IIis mouth is most swert; yea, the slain Lamb on the right hand of God, as the never left them, they thirsted again, as we find He is altogether lovely. This is my Beloved, one that hath all power in heaven and in earth; in this chapter. This is a remarkable type, and and this is my Friend."

His business, then, in every trial is, “to speak to serves to slew us, that, after we have come to 2. FAILURE IN SERVICE is also recorded in the Rock," and to prove that living water conJesus, after we have obtained pardon and life this affecting narrative. Moses desired to serve tinually flows from Him. through faith in His blood, after we may have the Lord, and to serve His people, but he did not The Christian has, generally, much joy at first,

of the world!

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because his thirst is satisfied by simply drinking blessing and the people's joy and gladness. How out, in the presence of his wife, and exof the waters of the smitten rock, anil Christ is important then that we should beware of the traditions claimed, “Oh, if I could see Him with all to him. He knows little of the deceitfulness of men, and heed and obey the written word of God ! of his own heart, the trials of the wilderness, or

4. Let us now glance at THE

these mortal eyes! If we could see Him of the seductions of Sitan. After a while, how

come now, to take us up to be with Him ever, when unexpected difficulties and necessities NECTED WITH DRINKING OF THE WATER FROM THE cross his path, he often unconsciously loses sight ROCK. The people's thirst was quenched, their for ever.” On the day of his death, he of Christ, by being taken up with the sorrow, murmurings ceased, their spirits were refreshed,

was much in prayer, and to a friend who and thirsts for refreshment and comfort. But, and their hearts were cheered. But the sequel where will he find it? Surely he will find it shews us two things more: first, they acted gra. called to see him, he said, “You don't How only from that same rock which at first ciously, and secondly, they fought against the enemies know what I see and feel of the transquenched his thirst, in holding intercourse with the Lamb that was slain, now in the midst of the of the Lord valiantly. In reference to the first cendant loveliness of my adorable Rethrone. This, then, is the Christian's true course: point, we are told that they sent kind messages to

deemer. Oh, to think of His stooping looking unto Jesus, abiding in Jesus, drawing the king of Edom, and when the Edomites repeatedly from Jesus, learning of Jesus, whose ways are refused to let Israel pass through their land on any

from His throne of glory, to save ways of pleasantness, and all His paths are peace; terms, they went another way. This was carrying sinner-AN ATOM!! AN ATOM LIKE ME!!! or as the apostle expresses it, Be careful for out the mind of God, for Edom was Israel's brother Oh, sir, I know Him;" and, laying his nothing, but in every thing, by prayer and after the flesh; and it reminds us of the fact, that supplication with thanksgiving, make your re

hand on his heart, he said, “The love of quests known unto God."" Speak to the Rock; those who taste and enjoy most of the grace of God every need should lead us to the fulness of Jesus; will be kind, yielding, and gracions to others. Who Jesus! The love of Jesus! It has been every temptation to the sympathy and power would have thought, a short time before, that those here these years and years; but, oli, sir, of Jesus, every blessing with thanksgiving to (rebellious Israelites would be so soon seen acting in our Lord Jesus, every sorrow should lead us to such a gracious temper; but they had drank of the

you cannot comprehend it! Not but that contemplate the sorrows of Jesus, every act of water of the rock-they had seen and believed the

I have had my valley of the shadow of service should be done in dependance on Jesus; goodness of the Lord, and this had made the death at times, but all the past tells of yea, concerning every thing we should speak to Jesus. Those who thus set the Lord 'always difference.

the love of Jesus!” Afterward he cried before them, will experience that He is at their With regard to the second point, when the Canaan

out, “Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly! right hand, and they cannot be moved.

ites attacked them, and took some of their brethren “ Happy they who trust in Jesus,

prisoners, they went forth in the strength of the Do not delay another night, if it is thy Sweet their portion is and sure.” Lord, and fought valiantly and successfully against will!” And, again placing his hand on Oh! ye dear children of God! are you cast the enemy, and utterly destroyed both them and his heart, he added, “here He is fixed.down by reason of the trials of the way? are

their cities. They fought for their fallen brethren, And, so saying, he fell asleep. The body you oppressed, and fainting under a sense of and against the enernies of the Lord. Is it possible pour many needs, many sorrows, many achings that these very people were so recently cbiding with slept, but the soul awoke to see Jesus, of heart? Oh! speak to the Rock! Go, and tell Moses, and setting themselves against him and and enjoy his glory and beauty, in a Jesus all your sorrows, and all your perplexities; Aaron? Yes, but they had drank of the water from brighter and a better state. yea, tell Him all--- pour out your heart before the rock; they had been restored in their minds to Him. He will refresh your spirit, lift up your

Reader, are you reserved? Oh, speak hands that hang down, sustain your confidence,

a consciousness that God was for them, and not give you wisdom, and shew you that He careth against them, and this had made the difference. for Jesus-speak of Jesus-He desires for you. He bids you trust in Him at all times- Do not such considerations so endear the cross of it, and He deserves it at your hands. not some times, but all times—therefore speak to Christ to our souls, that we cheerfully sing Yes, He is worthy, for whom you should Him this time. You may have proved it a blessed

“ The more, through grace, ourselves we know, thing to speak to Him in times past: oh! speak

do this. Do not indulge in a nervous to Him now!

The more rejoiced are we to bow,
Cast all your care on Him, for
In faith beneath thy cross ;

timidity. It will hinder your usefulness. . He says, He careth for you. Cast every burden

To trust in thine atoning blood, upon the Lord, and He will sustain you. You And look to thee for every good,

It will deprive the Lord's people of need not fear any sorrow, if it only lead you to And count all else but loss."

comfort and edification. Speak of what Jesus, and every felt need will be a blessing, if it only be a fresh errand to the mercy-seat. Fellow- Soon, beloved, the Lord Jesus will come again, and Jesus is to you, of what Jesus has done Christians! the Rock still gives forth His water, our pilgrimage days will have for ever passed away; for you, and of what Jesus has wronght and refreshing streams still flow freely to us we shall then no longer know the sorrows and from Jesus. It is vain to look elsewhere. drought of a barren wilderuess; but, while ever re

in you. It will be for your own benefit, Princes cannot help us. Creatures are broken membering the smitten rock-the Lamb slain-an as weil as for the benefit of others; for, cisterns, and it is written, “Woe to them that the river of life, which there met us when lead in tres. in believing our testimony, God blesses go down to Egypt for belp;" and, “Cursed is the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh passes and sins, we shall realize that the Lamb which his arın.”. Without Christ we can do nothing is in the midst of the throne doth feed us, and lend us, and makes us a blessing. Never shall but there is no uncertainty in calling upon the us unto fountains of living waters, and that God we regret that we have spoken of Jesus, Lord Jesus. “Speak to the Rock, and it shall wipes away all tears from our eyes. Now it is our but we may regret that we have not. Is give forth His waters." Such is the way of highest privilege to “speak to the rock;" to hold not His love a wonderful love? Is He hlessing, for it written, “ Blessed are all they intercourse with our blessed Jesus, whom having not that put their trust in lim.”

not transcendently lovely in himself? seen we love-then we shall see Him face to face, man that heareth me, watching daily at my gutes, and admiring His eternal beauties and excellencies, And then, to think of His leaving His waiting at the posts of my doors.” In this way only with unmingled and unchanging joy and gratitude throne-toiling, suffering, and dying on will true Christians be happy, and thus be fitted for

His footstool, to save a sinner, 'n atom, the Lord's work, for “the joy of the Lord is our strength."

like you, like me! Oh, it is wonderful!

The Mouth Opened. It is only by the written word, unfolded to us by the

Well may the apostle say, “It passeth Spirit, that we know how to serve God acceptably. “If

knowledge.” We cannot comprehend it. a man love Me, he will keep My words” said Jesus. A CHRISTIAN man, who sometimes attenIt seemed a little thing when God said “Speak to ded my ministry, died the other day, and

Its heights, deptlıs, lengths, and breadths, the rock” that Moses should smite it, but it dis

are beyond our powers of conception, from the honoured God. God's word is to be heeded by us,

of his wife I have received pen What a privelege to know Him!

To and obeyed; and drinking of the water from the rock his dying testimony. I love to collect possess Him! To enjoy Him! To bave and honouring His word, we shall render acceptable the dying testimonies of good men. In Him in the heart, the hope of glory! service. The importance of simply obeying God's life he had been very reserved in re. and then, to depart and be with Him, word is again taught us in 1 Sam. xv. God comference to his own personal experience,

for ever with Him! manded Saul to slay all the Amalekites, but Saul

( Jesus, manifest

thyself to me more clearly, more freonly slew some. This was disobedience, and God told but his life was a speaking life. So him, that “ to obey is better than sacrifice and to nervous was he, that he never ventured, invaluable blessings from thee; and often

quently, and let me joy in these divine hearken than the fat of rams.” We see another to engage in prayer in public, nor even experience a desire to depart and be for example in the days of David. God had ordered ibat none were to carry the ark of God but the

in his own family. This was his in- ever with thee. I do desire to love thee Levites, but David ordered it otherwise; the con. firmity; but, when the end came, his supremely, serve thee incessautly, glorify sequence was that disappointment, chastisement, and reserve left him.

thee greatly, and then ascend to see thee,

His confidence failure accompanied the service; (see 1 Chron.

and be with thee eternally. Sinner, xiii. 10:) but afterwards when the king acted strong. His testimony was decided.

come to Jesus—come to Jesus. He calls according to the word of the Loril, and rendered The day before he died, musing on God's

He will welcome you.

He will acceptable service, it was connected with the Lord's word, and thinking of Jesus, he brokel instantly save you.

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“Blessed is the

we shall be for ever with the Lord.



in sin.

The Great Fire at St. Martin's
turn to Jesus: how many worn and weary,

I can see it now."

longing for rest, and yet holding back, The entrance of thy words giveth light; On Saturday night, August 25th, there secretly thinking they must make them- it giveth understanding unto the simple. was a meeting in St. Martin's Hall: the selves worthy: then again, others scoff-|(Ps. cxix. 130.) Similar confession to this voice of prayer was heard, God's woning, others hardened, unconcerned. is made by every sinner who is born of drous love was told, hymns of praise But, dear friends! will not God's word the Spirit.

Some little time since, a christian were sung. But, dear friends! was not come true? Has He not said that day the eye of God upon that place?

Did will come unawares — as a thief in the called at the house of a poor woman, and not each heart lie bare before Him? night? Yes! yes! it will come, and find offered her a tract, which was willingly Could He not see the careless, thought these all alike unprepared. The sinner, accepted; he then asked whether she

the scoffer, the anxious, the almost re-would like to hear God's word read. To less ones? Did He not know how many there were who listlessly took part in solved, all alike, without Christ, all dead this enquiry she gave a most cordial con

sent, by welcoming the stranger into her what was going on? Who could escape

Now think of those who met in St. dwelling. The room was very small, His searching gaze, or hide away from Martin's Hall. Who was there that there were scarcely any articles of furni. Him?

Did He not read the secret thought this is the last time-henceforth ture, and even those few things seemed thoughts, the varied feelings of every these doors will be closed? Who thought to tell a silent tale of great poverty. He one? Did He not know how many there a fire would break forth, and that preach- put a few plain questions concerning her were listening with eager ears? and yet, (ing, and prayer, would be heard there no spiritual condition, and had some little sad to say! some perhaps thinking to more? Had not arrangements been made conversation about temporal matters: she themselves, “There will be time enongh! for Richard Weaver to be there for seve- appeared unhappy, but it was not her we can come in here any day we please, ral successive Sundays ? How many needy circumstances which made her so; and hear these things again."

were looking forward, saying, “I will go the cause of sorrow was from within.

But the next She admitted having felt convictions of No! no! dear friends, this cannot there and hear him "? be! these glad tidings of great sjor will day, as the news spread that St. Martin's sin at former times, and said, “I try to

Hall was burnt down, what surprise ! pray for a new heart, but do not get any never again resound within those walls.

Numbers would not beliere, till with their better." A fire, a frightful fire, burst forth before

own eyes they had seen what fearful Her soul seemed moved with thoughts the morning dawned. O what an awful ravages the fire had made.

of dying in her present state. She spoke scene! to watch those flames, to see them

O think of that place, which night after of sudden death, and named that solemn working, working; this -- that destroyed night has been thronged; that place, declaration of scripture concerning the -gone-to be seen no more. Little did where so many have been brought to ungodly after death: The wicked shall those who met there the night before know Jesus! to look to Him as their be turned into hell, and all the nations think what would take place within so Saviour! now in ruins. Dear friends, that forget God.(Ps. ix. 17.) Of God's

“I was there last night," again I would say, “Take warning!" love to guilty, lost sinners, she appeared said one young man, “and now I am told Christ will come suddenly, unexpectedly. to know but little: and of the gospel plan

Are you prepared? Can you truthfully of salvation, she was very iynorant. His Dear friends! this is a warning voice say, “I am His?" See, how He stretches mind was directed to the seventh chapter

Yes! Now God speaks, HE out His band! how tenderly! how gra- of St. Luke's gospel, and whilst reading loudly says to all, Beware!” Some day ciously He calls! Does He not entreat from 36th verse to the end, she listened (who knows how soon?) you for the last you to cast yourself on Him? Is He with the most earnest attention to that time will hear the message of His love, not the way to heaven? Has He not interesting portion, also to some other for the last time the glorions news of God power to save sinners -- the very chief? glorious truths which this simple preachreconciled to man! the way to heaven Will you die in your sins, when His pre- er endeavoured to explain. He sought thrown open! a welcome into the family cious blood has been shed for sinners ? to set before her, the utter ruin of the of God, through the precious blood of when the door stands wide open, and God sinner, God's great love in giving His Jesus, will sound in your ears. Sud. Himself bids you “Come in,” trusting in Son; and “the redemption which is in denly, (unexpected by all who do not what Jesus has done, and committing Christ Jestis,” especially the completed believe on Him) the Lord Jesus Himself yourself to lis care?

work of the Saviour, whose precious will come! His own dear people, who Are you lingering, when everything is blood was shed “to put away sin;" also, rest on His finished work, who trust in done ? hen Jesus is near, ready to re- "the righteousness of God, which is by IIim alone, He will call away to dwell ceive you just as you are? Think of faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all withi IIim. To them what intense delight your sins being all washed away! of a them that believe.” (Rom. iii. 22.) While to be with Jesus! who has plucked them home being given you at the right hand the Lord was thus using his servant to ont of Satan's hand and claimed them for of God! Oh what peace! what joy! for say a few words about Jesus, the speaker His own! to be with Jesus! who has cast your poor restless soul: what relief to saw his broken-hearted hearer attempt their sins behind their back, and made take God at His word, to believe in His again and again to dry up her many tears, them white and clean! What joy! what Son, and through Him obtain life ever- which at last were cleared away, gladness will be theirs! what songs of lasting.

row gave place to a happy expression of praise will fill their hearts!

But remember the last preaching will countenance. He asked what had given But look again -see this poor guilty, come. Yes! for the last time, God, her such present joy. She replied, “I wretched world! O what weeping! Othrough his servants, will speak to you never knew what I had to believe ! I nerer what anguish! thousands who a few of Jesus! will point you to Him as the knew what I was to believe in. I can see hours before were gathered in rooms and only one who can save. Oh, turn to Him it now!" halls — when Jesus was lifted up as one now, for that day, that hour, no one Dear reader! Do you believe what able, one willing to save-how many with knows: turn to Him now, while He waits the scriptures declare concerning Jesus deep interest listening, almost resolved to | to be gracious, before the door is closed. Christ, God's dear Son? It is only those

short a space.

that the Hall has been burnt down."

to you.




has said.

resurrection from the dead. The new birth is

E. P.




who are resting by faith upon the word of "If I live longer, He will dwell with certain, absolutely certain; for no one God, that know their sins to be forgiven, me.” Yes, God and His people cannot ever did, no one ever can, no one ever "for His name's sake." To such, and be parted. They are one in Christ. shall perish, looking unto Jesus. such alone, the Holy Spirit breathes the They love each other, and delight in

Have you been born again? heart-soothing words of Jesus, “Thy each other's society. God will not be faith hath saved thee: go in peace." in heaven without His people, and the The restless tossings of every troubled people shall not be on earth without Dear Reader, Jesus says, before you can soul are calmed, and peaceful joy abounds, their God. “I will come unto you,” are enter heaven, you must be born again. when the sinner only believes what God His own sweet words. “I will never me, with all affection to ask, Have you er

leave thee, nor forsake thee," is the glo-perienced this change? Have you passed from Precious indeed are the words of Jesus rious promise He has given them. They tification is something done for us, and

death unto life? Are you regenerated ? Justo every sinner who looks to Him for invite Him to their hearts and homes, without us, by the Lord Jesus Christ, in his salvation :

and He comes and makes His abode “ As Moses lifted up the serpent in the with them. They live in His society; something done within us, and known by us, wilderness, even so must the Son of Man they enjoy His fellowship, and they are through the operation of the Holy Ghost ; be lifted up; that whosoever believeth in delighted with His love. They can say both these are necessary, ere we can live in Him should not perish, but have eternal with John, “Truly our fellowship is with happiness, or die in peace.

How important life." (John iii. 14, 15.)

the Father, and with His Son Jesus then is the question, Am I born from above?

Christ." The Lord will be with me. God made man in His own image, and proA Happy State to be in.

Yes, let me be where I may, in any part nounced him “very good.” Naturally, man of the world, or let me be what I

was created immortal; death being unknown "A few days ago," writes a good man,

till the entrance of sin. Politically, man was poor or rich-let me be as I may, “I said to a sick friend, 'I think it is

constituted the governor of the world; all prosperity or adversity--the Lord will likely your affliction will end in death.' dwell with me. May this comfort me in

created things were subject to him. No enShe replied, “Well, it is no matter; if I sorrow, cheer me in solitude, strengthen beast of "he forest, till man transgressed.

mity existed between man and the mighty die, I shall dwell with my God, and if I me in weakness, and nerve me for the Morally, man was fashioned in the image of live, He will dwell with me.'” What an constant fight.

His maker. Is God love? Man was loving. enviable state of mind to be in; yet, it is Reader, know ye anything of the pre. Is God purity? Man's actions were pure? just that state of mind in which every sence of God? Can you look at life and Is God just? Man performed all his deeds Christian should be. But am I in that death as the poor invalid did ? Are you justly. But man has made himself vile, he state? Is it my habitual experience? comparatively indifferent whether you live has stamped out the image of his Creator, and It ought to be, and but for unbelief, or or die, knowing that if you die, you will engraved on his heart the likeness of Satan. listening to Satan, or judging from ap- go to dwell with God, and that while you Man was formed with ability to stand, yet pearances it would be. Let me look at live, He will dwell with you? If you

liable to fall; he fell, and by falling has the sentence a little.

have not attained to this state, settle it dragged all his portrait with him into the pit "If I die, I shall dwell with my God." in your mind, that it is attainable, and of sin, a state of death; and here, dear What a blessed assurance! This is hea. then set your heart on attaining it. Seek reader, you and I must ever lie; unless we

are enabled to fly to Jesus, who alone has ren, to dwell with God: to dwell with it by faith; seek it in fellowship with

power to recover us from our lost condition. God in the house not made with hands, God; seek it in a deep and abiding sense

The nature of that great change, which we eternal in the heavens. A visit from God, of your union to Jesus, and you will find call

, being born again, cannot be minutely how blessed! To have a glimpse of His it. You must be pardoned of God, anderplained, but must be personally felt. Our glory, a taste of His love, and a sense of know it-you must be accepted of God, ears must be opened to enable us to listen to His favour, how sweet! But what will and enjoy it; you must walk in fellow- the sweet invitations of the gospel, such as, it be to be for ever with the Lord? for ship with God, and maintain it-or you - Whosoever will, let him take the water of erer with the Lord, where there are no cannot thus live. Rest not, then, without life FREELY.” Our eyes must be opened clouds to veil Ilis glory, no thorns to a sense of pardon, without a knowledge that we may gaze on Jesus, as He hung on wound our feet, no sorrows to pierce our of your acceptance, without daily fellow. Calvary's cross, dying for rebellious man, that hearts, no tempter to endeavour to lead ship with God; if you do, you will not we may look on Him whom we have pierced, us astray, no sin to wound our con- be very holy, very useful, or very happy. sciences, or dishononr our God. With Should an invalid read these lines, who opened, enabling us to cry with the publican,

to a " God! What can we want or wish for is altogether a stranger to these things, drowning Peter, “Lord, save or 1 perish.” more? With God! What can onr God to such an one, I would say; my dear Our understandings must be enlightened, that confer on us better than this ? Nothing fellow-sufferer, look to Jesus— look to we may behold sin's demerit, and the value of would satisfy is without this, and with Jesus as the one great Saviour; look to a Saviour's merit. Our lives must be changed, this we could part with every thing. Him for immediate salvation. He can for without holiness no man can enter heaMy God!" what does not this compre- save you, and if you look to Him Heven: and none but Jesus can make us holy. hend? My God!” what does not this will. Your salvation is in His power, All this, and much more is comprised in the insure? “My God!" then my Friend, but it is not in your own. Entrust your new birth, and all this shall be experienced by my Father, and my portion for ever. “I soul to Him, and you are safe; but there all who call on the name of Jesus for salvation. shall duell with my God." Yes, He has is no safety for you in any other way.

We can never be really happy, unless we said the word, He has prepared the There is no pardon for sinners, but are made perfectly holy; we cannot make

ourselves holy, but Jesus can, and will if we kingdom, and Jesus is gone to prepare through His blood; nor justification, the place. O believe! look not at death, but through His righteousness; nor shall be saved with an eternal salvation; they

ask Him. All who pass through this change but look beyond it, and anticipate with sanctification, but through His Spirit; shall never come into condemnation, neither pleasure and delight the glorious pros. nor leaven, but through His merits. shall sin ever be laid to their charge, for the pect--the prospect of dwelling for ever Your salvation is quite possible, if you work of Jesus by the Holy Ghost is perfect with thy God.

look to Jesus. Possible! did I say,-it is and everlasting.

and mourn, and live. Our mouths must be


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