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for peace.

The Homeless One!


avail to melt that frozen lieart? talk of something else.” “Why what One day, a little boy was sitting by his What! will you spurn Him from your did they want ?" he replied: “I premother's side, and with the deepest in- feet, when there He comes beseeching sented, to the best of my ability, the terest read the varied scenes of Jesus' you to turn and live? He asks a recom- most interesting subject in the world.” wondrous life while in this world of sin. pense for all His toil, --He seeks a resting“ But they wanted something different Once and again his eyes were filled with place within your heart! Ah, yes! it

a story.” “Well, I am sure I gave tears, but when he reached that touching was for this He bled, He died! This is

them a story - the most thrilling one verse, “The foxes have holes, and the the recompense He seeks! this will in

that can be conceived of.” “But they had birds of the air have nests, but the Son part repay Him for His sorrow here!

heard it before. They wanted something of Man hath not where to lay His head," Then tarry not, but rise at once and

new of a man who had just come from he was completely overcome, and wept yield yourself to Him!

Say not your heart is bad — unfit for have it to say, that a man coming from

the antipodes.” “Then I am glad they and sobbed aloud. The mother was concerned, and vainly Him. Quite true, indeed; but such the

the antipodes had nothing better to tell strove to soothe her child, -she feared hearts that JESUS saves! Take Him than the wondrous story of the dying he must be ill; but when at last his tears those sins, He will forgive and wash love of Jesus. My business is to preach were somewhat checked, in answer to her them all away. Take Him the cold in the gospel of Christ; and when I can

gratitude you feel, He will subdue, yea, speak at all, I dare not trifle with my anxious look, he said, “O mother! mother ! think of this! foxes had holes, and melt it all, and cause your soul to glow speak at all, I dare not trifle with my

I upon those with gratitude and joy. Think not birds had nests, but Jesus had not where 'twill be a gloomy path, the Son of

people to-day, and remembering where I to lay His head. I wish I had been

should next meet them, how could I God Himself will cheer you on. He there, for then I would have given Him

stand up and furnish food to vain curi. will stand by, revive, and bless; and my pillow to lay His head upon.”

osity - tickle their fancy with amusing Dear friends! this is a simple fact, and let you taste the deep, the lasting bliss,

stories, however decently strung together you perhaps may smile; but have you His voice. He has prepared for all who listen to

That is not ever felt for Jesus thus ? Ah! have you soon these gracious calls will cease! the what Christ meant by preaching the gos.

O tarry not, my friend; for on a thread of religion ? ever pondered His life of fearful suf door of mercy will be closed, and then pel. And then how could I hereafter fering here ? those three and thirty years 'twill be too late to seek for pardon or

meet the fearful charge, 'I gave you one of scorn and ridicule, privation, pain,

Then turn to Jesus now! opportunity to tell them of ME; you and woe.

Oh, have you watched Him weary, faint, and worn, treading the earth yen, give Him room within your heart; spent it in describing your own adven

tures."" He stands --He knocks - He longs to His hands had made; despised, defamed enter in, and make you sharer of the on every side? Say, have you marked rich amazing grace He freely gives to all

FAITH. His gentleness, His tender, patient love? who trust themselves to Him.

Faith is a very simple thing,

Though little understood; His meek and lowly mien? No angry

It frees the soul from death's dread sting,

Behold! a stranger at the door! words escaped His lips, - no just com

By RESTING in the blood. Exod. xii. 13, 23.

He gently knocks, has knock'd before ; plaints; but all He said or did was full

Has waited long, is waiting still,

It looks not on the things around, of grace and truth!

Nor on the things WITHIN;
You use no other friend so ill.

'It takes its flight to scenes above, Ah! have you traced Him to the

O, lovely attitude! He stands

Beyond the sphere of sin. Cross ?-- beheld Him scourged and spat With willing heart and open hands;

It sees upon the Throne of God, upon, reviled and nailed

0, matchless kindness! Jesus shews

A Victim that was slain; Heb. s. 12, 14. cursed tree? Oh, have you watched Him

It rests its ALL on His shed blood, there,- gazed on His agony,-o'erheard Admit Him! ere His anger burn,

And says, “I'm horn again." 2 Cor. v. 15, 17. the cruel taunts of those who stood Lest He depart and ne'er return;

Faith is not what we FEEL or see, around, and listened to that piercing cry,

Admit Him! or the hour's at hand,

It is a simple TRUST

When, at His door, denied you'll stand. “My God, my God, why hast thou for

Admit Him! for the human breast,

Of Jesus, as "the Just." saken me?

Ne'er entertain'd so kind a guest;

The PERFECT ONE that died for me, Dear friends, do pause awhile!-aye,

No mortal tongue their joys can tell,

Upon His Father's throne, pause and think why JESUS suffered thus?

With whom He condescends to dwell!

Presents our names before our God, Oh, why this life and death of woemthese

And pleads HIMSELF alone, Heb. iv. 14, 15. weary hours - this unrequited toil? It

Judson's Preaching.

What Jesus is, and that alone,

Is faith's delightful plea; was for sinners Jesus died; for sinners JUDSON the Missionary, having passed

Eph. i. 6,7.

It never deals with sinful self, He was slain. In richest grace He left through great hardships, and experienced

Nor RIGHTEOUS self, IN ME. His glorious rest above, to bear the guilt much success in Burmah, returned to

It tells me I am counted "DEAD” of ruined man; He saw our wretched America after an absence of thirty years.

By God, in His own word; Rom. vi. 6,7 state, and, filled with pity, came to give Announced to address an assembly in a It tells me I am

In Christ, my RISEN Lord. Rom. vi. 4, 5. Himself a sacrifice for sin ... ...And now provincial town, and a vast concourse He speaks to you, and asks admittance having gathered from great distances to In that He died, He died TO SIN;

In that He lives—to God; to your heart...... Say, have you room for hear him, he rose at the close of the

Then I am dead to NATURE's hopes, HIM? With words of tenderest love He usual service, and, as all eyes were fixed

And justified through blood. Rom. iii. 24, 25. seeks to bend that stubborn will of yours. and every ear attent, he spoke for about

If He is free, then I am free, “Why will you die?” He says, “why die fifteen minutes, with much pathos, of

From all unrighteousness; 1 Jolin iï. 3, 6, 7. when I have power to save? why turn the precious Saviour, of what He had If He is just, then I am just,

(2 Cor. v. 21.

He is My righteousness, 1 Cor. i. 30, 32; away from when filled with grace and done for us, and of what we owed to

What want I more to perfect bliss ? truth? I've power to burst your bonds Him; and he sat down visibly affected.

A body like His own

Phil. iji. 20, 21. and set you free.” “The people were very much disap

Will perfect me for greater joys Dear friend ! have you no gratitude, pointed,” said a friend to him on their

Than angels' round the throne. Eph. i 17-23. no love for Him? will not such match- I way home; "they wonder you do not

1 Cor. ii. 14.

Jer. xvii. 9.

Heb. i. 3.


This matchless kindness to His foes !

1 John i. 9. In what the God of love has said

1 Peter iii, 18.

Rev. iii. 21.

Rom. vii. 18.


Rom. vi. 10.


E. B.





to you

advice. He


from Him.

Listen to



Jesus only.
cheek unblanched, and heart firmly strung,

The Parting Promise.
he suffered HIS FATHER to put the rope

about him, lower him into the wild abyss, The first-born was about to leave home. The All men by nature are dead in trespasses and and suspend him there, while he filled his sias; they have no power to deliver them- little basket with the coveted flowers.

morning fixed upon had arrived. The family,

It selves from this fearful state; neither have

one after another, had said, “Farewell.” The

a daring deed; but his faith in the they the will or inclination to do so naturally; strength of his father's arm, and the love of

father accompanied his son a short distance, hence the apostle, writing to believers, says, his father's heart, gave him courage and and then said with a full heart, “ John, fare" And you hath HE QUICKENED, who were

power to perform it. It is thus with those well; cleave to Christ, walk with God, adorn dead in trespasses and sins; wherein in time whose souls are stayed on Jesus: they can

the gospel; anıl WHILE I HAVE A HOUSE, YOU past ye walked according to the course of

The boy this world, according to the prince of the when they have been able to perform in faith, and do attempt great things for God; and SHALL NEVER WANT A home.”

looked on his father through his tears, was power of the air, the spirit that now worketh then they expect great things from God

unable to speak, and so went on his way. in the children of disobedience."

from that God who has promised to grant all | Deeply was he affected by his mother's words, Ere we can be brought out of this state of which concerneth those who fear Him. What by the kindness of the whole family, but nospiritual death, we must be quickened by Jesus though difficulties assail the man who trusts thing touched him so much, or impressed him only. This is done by the operation of the in Jesus only; he smilingly overcomes them so powerfully, as his father's last promise, Holy Ghost, and is called by Jesus, a being all

, saying, My father will hold the rope.

While I hare a house, you shall never want a born again. All who are the subjects of this


My reader, are you sared? This question new birth have repentance worked in the soul.

is of all importance; upon its answer

Believer, God is thy father; and wher God does not repent for them, but God is the depends your happiness in this life, your going forth into the world, or to daily duties, efficient cause of their repentance; He pro- peace in the hour of death, and your pros- you may hear Him give you just the same duces it, by revealing sin, and leading the

** Cleave to Christ." Let pects through all eternity. If you are not sinner to the Cross, whereon Jesus died, as

saved, you may be saved; but bear in mind, nothing divert your attention, or draw away the bleeding God-man-mediator. A sight of

Live in the the Saviour suffering for us, is sure to produce The blood of Jesus Christ, and His blood you can be saved by none save Jesus only. your affections, from Him.

closest fellowship with Jesus, carry all your sorrow in our hearts, when all other means alone, cleanseth us from all sin. By faith in cares to Him, and draw all your supplies have failed. 'Tis a view of Calvary which Jesus, you shall be pardoned, cleansed, justi

Il'alk with God," as a child declares pardon; 'tis a sense of pardon which fied, sanctified, and glorified, but in none

with a parent, in earnest, constant, and condissolves the heart; hence it is that repentance other way.

fidential intercourse with Him. is produced by Jesus only.

His voice; watch His hand; catch His

Christian, from whence do When a knowledge of guilt enters the heart. comfort? Is it from Jesus only? It is from Spirit ; consult His will; aim in every a sense of unworthiness prostrates the whole Jesus only the writer can receive consolation, thing to please Him.

" Adorn the gospel," man, causing it to cry in anguish, “What and to him, Jesus has at all times been an by a mevk and quiet spirit, by a loving and must I do to be saved ?"

Jesus answers, all - sufficient source of joy. Seck, O child forgiving temper, by honest and uprighi “Believe in me. Look unto me, all ye ends of God, thy pleasures from Jesus only; thou conduct, by a wise and intelligible testimony of the earth, and be ye saved; for I am God, shalt find Him to be a satisfying portion.

for God, by submission to superiors, by and beside me there is no Saviour."

affection to equals, and by humble and cour Fix thine eye on that sweet word of Jesus, soul hears this gracious invitation, turns its

teous conduct toward all who are beneath you “I WILL COME AGAIN, and receive you unto faith, and is sared; hence it is that faith is Watch with eager expectation for the fulfileto Jesus, trusts . in Him, conquers sense by myself , that where I am, there se may be also." in station, or talents, or education. Live af

Jesus lived. Imitate God as His beloved produced by Jesus only. The faith which is ment of that gracious word whereon Jehovah children. Adorn the doctrine of the gospel,

So shalt produced by Jesus must ever live on Jesus. hath caused thy soul to hope. Amid all the by carefully observing its precepts. The Christian is apt to turn to himself, to disquietudes of life, all the unkindnesses of thou make thy father's heart glad. As Sololean to his own understanding, to seek con

mon said, Vy son, if thy heart be wise, my thy professed friends, all the persecutions of solation from his own feelings; but so sure

heart shall rejoice, even mine." thy avowed enemies, all the assaults of the as he does so, so sure will he, by a bitter ex- world, the flesh, and the devil, fix thine

As our heavenly Father gives us the same perience, prove that he is trusting to broken

advice, so he makes the same promise, While on that sure promise, and expect, desire, and reeds, that he is seeking water from empty wait for the all-glorious appearing of JESUS

I have a house, you shall nerer want a home." cisterns. None but Jesus can preserve faith

Home is where our father dwells, and where ONLY. in healthy exercise; none but Jesus can fill

the family resides; and this is the scriptural the whole soul of the Christian. I have met

representation of heaven. Jesus Calls it, with a beautiful illustration of real failh, in

" Felix trembled, and answered, Go thy way for this time: My Father's house ;' and He informed His the following circumstance. In the highlands

disciples that He was going to prepare a of Scotland there is a mountain gorge, twenty But soon dismiss each gloomy thought and fear, Many, like Felix, tremble while they hear,

place for them. The real Christian can never feet in width, and two hundred feet in depth. And say to those that warn them, “Go your way, be homeless, for God will be his refuge and Its perpendicular sides are bare of vegetation, I'll call ye on a more convenient day.”

strength-a very present help in trouble. Yea, save in their crevices, in which grow nume. But, ah! the gospel says

, to-day be wise; To-morrow I'll repent, the sinner cries ;

as the Psalmist prayed, He will be for him rous wild flowers of rare beauty. Desirous To-morrow's rising sun thou ne'er mayst see,

a strong habitation, whereunto he may conof obtaining specimens of these mountain This night thy soul may be required of thee!

tinually resort. And often will he find ocflowers, a scientific tourist once offered a I must address a warning voice to such,

casion to exclaim, “How excellent is thy 'Tis an important point on which I touch; highland boy a handsome gift, if he would I would ask, will aught below the skies loving-kindness, O Lord; therefore the chilconsent to be lowered down the cliff by a Bear competition with the heavenly prize? dren of men put their trust under the shadour rope, and would gather a little basket of For which the joys of angels you forego! What are the trifles of this span below

of thy winys:" Therefore every believer may them. The boy looked wistfully at the money, Will the low streams of bliss on earth that roll, say, “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow for his parents were poor; but when he gazed Eer quench the thirst of an immortal soul ?

me all the days of my life, and I will dwell at the yawning chasm, he shuddered, shrank But felt the raging fever till they died !

What multitudes have drank, and drank and tried, in the house of the Lord for ever." No, the back, and declined. But filial love was strong Ere sin had spread its baneful, deadly blight, Christian shall never want a home, for it is within him; and after another glance at the The knowledge of his God was man's delight;

his Father's good pleasure to give him the gifts, and at the terrible fissure, his heart He knew no evil, but was truly blest. His Maker's image on his soul imprest,

kingdom. He shall never want a home, for grew strong, his eyes flashed, and he said, His upright mind no vain inventions sought, Jesus has prayed, " Father, I will that they But was obedient in each wish and thought ;

also, whom thou hast given me, be with me And till that image is restored, we find And then, with unshrinking nerves, l That nought can satisfy his craving mind.

where I am, that they may behold my glory,





when I have a convepient season, I will cail for thee.
Acts xxiv, 25.

" I'll ROPE."


Come unto me,


say you


We must not look

for we



Let us,



which thou hast given me; for thou lovedst Dear reader, have you found peace ? Are Go to Jesus ! for He says, me before the foundation of the world.” To you happy? All in this world is but yanity. all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and i dwell in God's house for ever, to be where Nothing in it can make you really happy. will give you rest.” Are you rich? Your riches cannot save you.

Go to Jesus! HUMBLY casting aside your Jesus is, to inherit the kingdom, will be to be You may be very kind to the poor, and give own fancied goodness, and as a needy, lost, at home in the highest and best sense of the largely to this charity and that hospital, but hell-deserving wretch, ask Him for compaythat will not save you, or help to save you. sion: He will not despise the broken-hearted.

Go to Jesus! OBEDIENTLY submitting to While our heavenly Father has a house, we You can only be saved by faith in the Lord

Jesus Christ. Are you poor? Perhaps you His authority in all things. shall never want a home; for He will have

your family to attend to, and to Go to Jesus BELIEVINGLY! for by faith all His family around Him at length. From work hard for your living, so that you have you must be saved.

“ He that believeth, and all places and all periods He will collect not time to attend to these things. My dear is baptized, shall be saved; he that believeth them, that they may inherit glory, and share friend, be not deceived. You cannot de- not, shall be damned."

“ Beliere on the in the honours and happiness of His only ceive God. If you really wished, you would Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shall be saved."

find time to think about your soul, and remem- Go to Jesus JUST AS YOU ARE! Think begotten Son for ever.

ber, God can hear you wherever you are, or not you must make yourself fit ere you ask for a home on earth : if we have comfortable however hard you may be at work. You His aid, but go just as you are, a sinner, for lodgings, we should be grateful, and if our may soon be on your death bed, and then,

“ If you tarry till you're better, accommodations are few, and our privations perhaps, you will wish you had thought about

You will never come at all;" these things. “Believe on the Lord Jesus and many, it is not worth our while to fret;

“All the fitness He requireth, are only like the traveller who has turned Christ, and thou shalt be saved.” Are yon old, and soon about to leave this world? Where

Is to feel your need of Him." aside to tarry for the night. Our journey will will your soul go? Have you fled to the Then mark ! soon be ended, and we shall have done with Lord Jesus Christ to save you?

“ This He gives you,—'tis the Spirit's rising beam." inns and hotels for ever. Our goal will soon aged friend, if you do not flee to Him, you

" Come unto

Go to Jesus now, “to-day.” The Bible be reached, and we shall be at home, and at will be lost for ever. Jesus says,

Now is the accepted time, now is the home for ever. Our Father's house is mag- me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and says,

To-day if ye will hear nificent. Our family gathering will be large I will give you rest.” Are you young? Per-day of salvation.'

His voice, harden dot your hearts.” and glorious. Our joys will then be perfect, haps then you say, I mean to think about

Go to Jesus for MERCY! This is your need, and our happiness perpetual

. Not one, of all these things some day, but I am not going to and this He alone can give, for mercy first the millions who will be there, will drop a trouble myself about them until I am older,

with Him begins. one will be distigured by a wrinkle of care, my dear young friend, remind you that you pardon all sinners who sincerely ask. "Whotear, or heave a sigh, or utter a groan; not and have seen more of the world? Let me,

Go to Jesus for PARDON! He can and will a spot of pollution, or the least stain of sin. are not too young to die.

soever will, let him take the water of life Perfection, absolute perfection, will be stamped

Once more I ask, Are you prepared? If freely." Whosoever shall call upon the name on each, and all will be satisfied, as they you die without coming to the Lord Jesus of the Lord shall be saved.” appear in the Saviour's likeness.

Christ, will be lost for ever. Believe me, Go to Jesus for WaSHING! for sin has de. then, attend to our Father's admonition ; let the world cannot last for ever; and, "what filed your soul, and His blood is “ a fountain, us daily hear him say to us, "John, James, shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole opened for sin and uncleanness.” Say, Sarah, cleave to Christ, walk with God, adorn world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a

“ Black, I to the fountain fly; the yospel; and while I HAVE A HOUSE, YOU man give in exchange for his soul?” The

Wash me, Saviour, or I die." word of God says, They that seek Christ

Go to Jesus for DRESS! You are naked, early shall find Him." But if you still inAre you prepared ? tend to walk in pleasure and sin, hear what yet He gives a perfect righteousness to corer

all who from need apply. the scripture saith, “Rejoice, O young man, Allow me to say a few words to you about in thy south, and walk in the ways of thine

Go to Jesus for A NEW HEART! Your your never-dying soul; and let me beg of you heart, and in the sight of thine eyes ; but present heart is sinful

, hard, yea, stong: You

. not to put this paper down till you

Jesus will give it; ave read know thou, that for all these things God will it through. My friend, Are you prepareil to bring thee into judgment." "Then shall He

ask Him! die? You hear of this person, and of that

Go to Jesus for HEALING! for sin has

unto them on His right hand, Come, ye wounded you. person dying, perhaps the next bell that tolls blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom pre, hearted;">' " He will not quench the smoking

“ He will heal the brokenmay be for you; I ask you again, Are you pared for you from the foundation of the world.” prepared ? God says you are a sinner, and then shall He say unto them on His left hand,

flax, nor break the bruised reed." that the wicked shall be turned into hell, and Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting remaineth a rest for the people of God.”

Go to Jesus for Rest! He says, “There all the nations that forget God.” Have you fire, prepared for the devil and his angels. ever thought about hell, where their worm (Matt. xxv. 34, 41.)

That rest you


Believe on the Lord dieth not, and the fire is not quenched :” Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.”. (Acts been seeking happiness all your life ; you

Go to Jesus for HAPPINESS! (Mark ix. 46.) Do you ask, How am I to xvi. 31.) “Neither is there salvation in any never find it till you know Jesus is your escape hell, and be saved ? the answer is, other, for there is none other name under - Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou heaven given among men, whereby we must true religion is a gloomy thing; that is s

Saviour_God your

friend. Do not think that shalt be saved.” (Acts xvi. 31.) Nothing but be saved.” (Acts iv. 12.) " The blood of the blood of Jesus Christ can put away your Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all

mistake; it is the only true way of being You may be honest, straightforward, sin. (1 John i. 7.)

happy, cheerful, and joyous. industrious, sober, kind to your relations and

Before you can enter heaven, you must friends, and go to Church or Chapel and say

know your state as a sinner; you must repent your prayers, but all these things cannot sare

Go to Jesus.

of your sins; you must believe on the Lord or even help to save you. There is only one My fellow-sinner,-Permit me to direct your Jesus Christ. Therefore I would beg of you way of being sared, and that is by coming to thoughts to a subject worthy of their closest that you would ask yourself the question, the Lord Jesus Christ as a poor, lost, helpless attention. You are dying ; every beat of your Am I prepared to enter heaven, or to enter

hell? sinner, and casting your soul on Him, and pulse brings you nearer the grave. You need then you are safe for ever. Unless you are preparation for death; Jesus alone can give

Bear in mind, Jesus is the only one who

" there is clothed in the spotless robe of the righteous- you this; therefore go to Him. If you do can prepare you for heaven, for ness of the Lord Jesus Christ, you cannot not overcome the world, the world will over- none other name whereby men can be saved, enter heaven, and must be lost for ever, eter-| come you, as the world is too strong for you save the name of Jesus.”'

“ Without shednally lost. O my dear friend! flee from the to overcome. Go to Jesus, who will save ding of blood there is no remission of sins." wrath to come. Hear what the Lord Jesus yon. You are a sinner; you have rebelled " The blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, cleansChrist saith, “God so loved the world, that against your Maker; you need another right- eth us from all sin.” Nothing can save you He gave His only begotten Son, that whoso. eousness to cover your soul. Go to Jesus; but Jesus' blood. ever believeth in Him should not perish, but He alone can clothe you in this needed robe.

Remember again, if you are lost in hell, it have everlasting life.” Would "God have Satan is your adversary; he is seeking your

is because you have sinned. You are damned given His ONLY Son to die for sinners, if their soul to destroy it. Go to Jesus! He will hide by your own acts. As a responsible being, prayers, or tears, or any of their doings would you in His own person. Your conversation you have sinned, and, as a sinner, you must save them? I was lately telling a poor man has been, and is, most sinful. The Bible be punished, if you never go to Jesus.

6. Wherefore He is able to save them to that God gave his Son to die for sinners, and says, you will have to give an account for he said, “I would not give my son.” But, oh! every idle word you have spoken: go to the uttermost that come unto God by Him, God loves sinners. He who now addresses Jesus for forgiveness! You are under con- seeing He ever liveth to make intercession you his found peace through the precious demnation, having broken God's law. blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

go to Jesus! He alone can save you from hell. POOR SINNER, GO TO JESUS!


You have



Oh, for them.”

its pow

He arose.

The Two Praying Willys.

mustn't be said Christian soldiers do not fight as "Nay, then," said Reynolds, “it ill becomes me to Continued from page 55. well as others." So they all three lay down together. speak a word to you; but yet it seems to me as if you

Walter's safe home. I saw, on coming into the ward next morning, that But Willy could not sleep. Only a short time had you wouldn't choose prin rather than glory for him a stranger lay on the boy's charpoy. Reynolds was elapsed since he had been first awakened from his You will come soon.

But there are many souls to sleep in sin, and so he could feel for one still under be sought out. Won't you be glad to work again? just ready to start,

“I can't sleep, Reynolds. Just think how when I get to glory I'll tell Jesus all "I was just waiting to see you, ma'am; for I Wbat, o what, if you should be killed to-morrow? I the pains you took for me; and won't it add to your didn't see as how I could go till I had thanked you Have you never been taught about Jesus?" Gradu- joy to see me there? Now go and speak and pray for cheering up my child."

ally he drew from the recumbent soldier the history the same with others.” "Ah, Reynolds, where is the boy!"_“Indeed, no above related. The mention of the prayers of little

“I will stay beside you till you go," said Willy: one could mistake where he is; if ever any one went Willy drew tears from the eyes of this devoted young “Yes, do, and tell me the hymn again. I know lo heaven he did. He died about a quarter of an soldier.

the texts. And, Willy, pray for me, and thank the hour after you left. He never moved again.

Reynolds, those prayers must be heard.. You Lord for turning such a stony heart." Presently lie "Well, Reynolds, and will you join him where he must come with me to Jesus. Do get up and kneel, said, " Willy, if you get back to again, will you is?" — “No, ma'am, no, I'm do bypocrite; I love my and we'll pray that you may be disposed to love Him. give the lady a message for me?"_" Oh, no, I can't own ways too well yet. Won't I have a swing of Why shouldn't the love of Christ constrain us all indeed. My brother gave me one for her; and if I them when I get away?" Yet with unwonted patienoe alike?" " I don't want to be a Methodist; if I'm get back, I'll try to give it right. But my memory he allowed me to tell him once more of the redeem content, I don't see why you should worry the very seems all going. Indeed, I couldn't remember any ing love, which waits to be gracious. "Please, | life out of me."

other message than his." ma'am," said he, “may I have the Bible as you gave For a while they talked thus together, Willy sitting

"I happened at the time," said the soldier who Willy:"-"Surely, Reynolds; and you will read it." beside Reynolds. Presently Willy said, “I

mustn't told me these particulars, “ 10 be on guard over the “Vay then, I didn't say that, for I won't. But I'll let your precious time go away so; I must pray. If wounded, and offered to bring down any message, tell you what

, I won't let it be ill treated; it shan't you won't kveel with ine, why I'll pray alone.” And if my life was spared. So he asked me to tell you be torn up for lighting the pipes. I'll keep it for so he did. Rising, he asked Reynolds if now he all this about him, because he knew you would keep Willy's sake.”

wouldn't go with him. “No, I didn't listen to my on praying, as you had promised his box: And be “Da, my friend, and may your Willy's Saviour be own child's words, so it isn't likely I'll heed you.” thought, it would cheer you to bear of such a change soon all in all to you."

“ Then I must pray alone.”

in him; and he hoped you would hold on praying

“What, not again? You'll be worn out all to no hard all your life, “because,' he said, if a heart so For some weeks I heard no more of Reynolds. At purpose.” “You're wrong as to the last thing; it set up strong in wickedness as mine has been brought length one afternoon a soldier came up to me in the will be grand to see you converted."

down low, she need never feel so anxious about hospital, and saluting me, asked if I had been there “But that you never will." "Yes, but I shall." others. None could be harder -- few so hard. She in September. “Yes,"-" Then you must be the lady " You speak too boldly; I tell you you'll be dis need only pray, and of course as the Lord's mind is I want," mentioning my name. Answering him in appointed.”

of the same wish, she must always get her answer.' the affirmative, he begged pardon for his boldness, “ No, but I can't be. This is the confidence I He died that night in calm assurance that all his sius but he said he had been intrusted with the last mes have in Him, that because I ask according to His had been wiped out of the book before God. And sage of a man named Reynolds.

will for a poor sinner's soul, I shall be heard, and so, ma'am, I've given his message. And I hope it “The last message! why, is he dead?” -“Yes, the thing want given," Jesus said, “Ask, and it has not kept you tro long." ma'am,"

shall be given you.' I tell you, Reynolds, I won't The reader may believe that I earnestly assured With a faithless shudder, fearing the answer, I leave off praying to-night till your heart is turned."

him that I was not wearied by his tale; and gratefully asked, “What kind of death did he die?" — “The "Well, then, you'll pray till morning, and find me thanking him for the trouble he had taken, proposed most blessed I ever saw."

all the same then." "No, I'm sure I need not pray we should read a little of God's word together. We "Thank God! Will you tell me all you know about so long; but if I do, I know you'll be brought round thus enjoyed a few minutes' converse on those truths him?"_“With pleasure, ma'am, if it's not taking up some day. You will have a soft heart soon." And and that Saviour so dear to each. May we have tuo much of your time.” He then gave me the fol. again Willy knelt down, and poured out with intense grace soon to join those gone before to glory! Perlowing particulars, which I have put together in a longing his prayer for Reynolds. Before morning haps while I write, the pious narrator of Reynolde's connected form, with a strict regard to accuracy, light appeared, Willy felt the hand of the old soldier conversion and death is already there. After leaving hiere, Reynolds followed his own ways. on his shoulder, who in a choking voice said, “Siop,

Dear believing render, is there not a lesson and a On arriving at Cawnpore he had immediately to join stop, don't pray any more for me Tell me what precions encouragement for you?. You are daily General Havelock's advancing column to Lucknow. words to pray: Oh, I want to pray, but I can't approaching a treasury of grace, whose contents are At the end of the first day's march, just as the men You must teach me-give me words." And humbly boundless, because the Lord of that treasury is Himwere settling round their fires to cook their supper, a did he repeat after the lad simple petitions for self a God of infinite mercy. Oh, why is it that you young soldier called out, “Come, comrades, I've got mercy. When marching time came, he pleaded to draw so little out of its priceless stores? Why is it some news to read to you; will you come and sit be allowed another such night. “ Yes, if we are all that the little flock” is so lifeless, so little full of down here." spared to see it."

the Spirit, so little constrained by redeeming love? "What kind of news!" said Reynolds. “Come, At night, after the usual reading, Reynolds im. Why is it that it numbers so few amongst the multiand you shall hear.” was the reply.

plored Willy to pray again with him. Walter said tudes of earth? Is it not in part that we fail to lay "Well," said Reynolds, n't often get a sight Willy was not fit for night work, nor he either, for hold of the promises with the strong hand of faith? of a paper; it's sure to be better than nothing." the journey had nearly exhausted them.

We ask little, and therefore get comparatively little. And so he and a few others sat round the little fire of “Oh, but I am a miserable sinner; I cannot sleep; Walter and Willy, two young soldiers between whom I cannot pray as I need. Oh, do prav. do: if I die, there existed a deep and brotherly friendship. what will become of me?" “ Weil," said Walter,

The Pilgrim's Song. Taking from his breast a slip of paper, Walter read we'll take it by turns to pray with you." And thus “I am a stranger in the earth.- Psalm cxix. 19. some texts from 2 Corinthians, chap. v, and the hymn they spent what proved to be their last night together.

A CHANGE has taken place with me, beginning, “How sweet the name of Jesus sounds." At first, the agony of Reynolds's mind mocked all

feel I am alone; As he was reading Reynolds said to his next neigh. attempts to comfort it; and Willy felt it was right to

The spell of mutual sympathy, bour, “I say, I didn't come for a sermon: pretty old plead that this sorrow might deepen and not pass With comrades old I can't agree, news this!" away. He feared to heal the wound too soon, and

Is going, going, gone. “Hush," said the other, angrily, “hold your tongue, therefore strove to set vividly before Reynolds's mind

In solitude I love to dwell, No more did I expect it; but it can't all the travail of soul Jesus endured for sinners, do us no harm." contrasting His love with man's ungrateful uncon

And muse in secrecy; Again Reynolds said, “Well I don't want any more; cern for his own salvation. But as the Cross was

Sweet, solemn feelings o'er me steal, it seems as if, wherever I go, I'in to lienr of such held up to his view, faith was given Reynolds to look

I am conversant, then I feel things. I'm tired to death of such croaking. It's up and believe all his sins had heen nailed there.

With Thee, my God, with Thee. not the way to put one in spirits for such dying work This night of prayer was a blessed season to each Men's sniiles I lovd, their frowns I fear'd, as we've got before us." of these men; and when, just before marching, they

Beneath their scorn I've bled; "Well, go away, can't you? and don't stop 11s, who united in one last pouring forth of their souls before This feeling, which I often shared, trant it, froin henring." But some new, strangely their Master, they felt strengthened for whatever When cold neglect upon me stared, powerful thoughts bonud Reynolds 10 the spot, where cross the day might bring. They parted in sure hope

Is dying, dying, dead. hie sulkily sat with folded arms, whilst the two lads that they should meet in glory. “Not again on

I live not now on human smiles, simply explained the way of salvation by Jesus, and earth," was Walter's impression : something whis

From scorn I am set free; praved. All night long Keynolds dreamed of juig pered in bis heart that he was almost home. But

I get a tear of strange delight, ment; and as he rose in the morning from a dis. Willy could not believe a trial so fearful could be

Instead of writhing under slight, turbed sleep, he resolved to himself, "Well, I'll go near, as parting with his only earthly friend.

From Thee, my God, from Thee. and hear that paper again lo- night. I'll go after That day, two of the three fell in the fierce con

The world behind me now I see, dark, else they'll say I'm growing chicken hearted; flicts they were engaged in. Reynolds was borne to but somehow those two boys' spenking and praying I a hospital tent, where he lingered in much suffering

I'm lonely, lonely, lone; can't forget; it minds me of my own Willy, and his about forty-eight hours. As he looked back on the

Its hopes, its fears, its company, prayers for his father. But they'll never be answered. past, he could hardly believe that he was going to

Its mirth and grief, away from me I only want to listen." That evening as the field was his Willy's Saviour. Bitterly did he regret having

Are flying, fiying, fiown. covered with the sleeping forms of England's noble. left the little Bible at Cawnpore, with his other things. But rays of light, from glory bright, hearted solliers, Reynolds walked round to the two He was enabled patiently to bear his pain, and told

Are falling now on me; young comrades' resting-place. Their fire was almost those about him that it gave him real joy to suffer; On hopes divine I've fix'd my sight, out. Touching Walter on the shoulder, he said, “I for putience and thankfulness were all the proofs he Long vistal stream with golden light, want you just to read me the words you read last could leave to his comrades that his conversion was

From Thee, my God, from Thee. night. But you can't see, can you?”.

On the second day, to his glad surprise,

The calm that war can never mar, “Oh, that's no matter, comrade," said both, jump Willy walked in; but oh! so unlike his former self

Shall be my endless home; ** we know it off by heart. Sit down and ghastly white, his eyes swelled and red withi weeping.

Heaven's music wasted from afar, welcome." After repeating it, “Now will you pray “Why, Willy, what's come over you !" said Rey

!Ls glories flashing like a star, with us !" said they. “No, I'll never pray." nolds, frightened at the intensity of sorrow he he.

Are coming, coining, come. “Then we will pray for you;” and together, by held. “I only heard this morning that you were turns, they besought God to turn his heart to Him. dying." said Willy.

And soon my throbbing heart shall stop, xelf. When they rose from their knees, Willy saw a “Where's Walter ?Kneeling by the charpoy,

My dars and years shall fee; tear on Reynolds's cheek. Taking him by the hand, Willy whispered, “ Gone home to Jesus. The love

The weal and woe that fill my cup, he cried, by every argument he could think of, to win of Christ has taken him safe there." Then bursting My time and all be swallowed up him to Jesus. At last Walter said, “We must sleep into a flood of tears, he said he was leiri-b oken,

In Thee, my God, in Thee. now, or we shan't be fit for to-morrow's work; and it I he should soon follow.


can't you?


ing np;



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