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within? Her answer was, which were in them: And they were judged The Lord's Work in Dublin. "Yes"_“I do.” One day, telling me that every man according to their works. And her medical attendant (a christian,) had just death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. The Lord's work is deepening and extending

here. Every meeting the anxious face and before named to her the probable shortness This is the second death. of her life, she said, “I felt a pang just at And whosoever was not found written in weeping eye mark the opening heart; and the moment when Mr. B— told me, but I am the book of life was cast into the lake of when they find Jesus, their joy is most beau

tiful to behold. The Tuesday meeting, in sure the Lord will not forsake me." On an- fire.” (Rev. xx.)

E. P.

the Metropolitan Hall, Dublin, is a wonderful other occasion, “I am glad to see you"-"I

scene; about three thousand people sometimes long to be with Christ”-“ It would be glory" “The Lord sitteth upon the flood.” assemble. It is an open prayer - meeting, -"A Crown of glory." At one time when

He sitteth on the waterfloods,

lasting from 12 till after 4, p.m., and even I called, she was asleep; after sitting by the

And He is strong to save ;

then the people will not go away, but linger bed side a few minutes, she awoke; and when

He sitteth on the waterfloods,

about wishing to be spoken to. Again in the I began to speak about Christ, she exclaimed, " He is very precious"—“He will never leare

And guides each drifting wave.

evening we assemble from 8 till 11 o'clock, and me"_" He has promised." I replied, " Yes! Tho' loud around the vessel's prow

at that late hour the same unwillingness to

depart, and eagerness to hear more of Jesus, He will be with you to the end." She then The waves may toss and break,

makes us gratefully to wonder. All these repeated imperfectly part of a hymn

Yet at His word they sink to rest,

dear souls, too, who for months have been While on the verge of life [ stand,

As on a tranquil lake.

coming to Jesus, are walking so sweetly, And view the scenes on either hand; My spirit struggles with the clay,

He sitteth o'er the waterfloods,

maintaining much communion with Him, and And longs to wing its flight away.

When waves of sorrow rise,

glorifying God thereby in their respective Where Jesus dwells my soul would be,

And as He holds the bitter cup,

circles. You would be delighted to hear dear And faints my much lov'd Lord to see;

He wipes the weeping eyes ;

Mr. S- preach Christ, so fully, so clearly, Earth, twine no more about my heart,

so lovingly. He has been greatly honoured For 'tis far better to depart.

He knows how long the wilful heart

by his Master in being permitted to be an inCome, ye angelic envoys, come,

Requires the chastening grief,

strument for winning souls, yea, many souls. And lead the willing pilgrim home;

And soon as sorrow's work is done, Ye know the way to Jesus' throne, 'Tis He who sends relief.

CORRESPONDENCE. Source of my joys and of your own.

He sitteth o'er the waterfloods, Her countenance brightened up with hea.

As in the days of old,

Dear S--I have lately spent some of venly joy, as we spoke together about the

When o'er the Saviour's sinless head

the happiest seasons of my whole life. I was "glory to be revealed.” Asking her, if she would rather be in health and enjoying the

The waves and billows rolled ;

at on Sunday last, and enjoyed il de

lightful day; I went there for a brother in the world, or like she was then. She answered, Yea, all the billows rolled o'er Him,

Lord, who is away.

I found the distance "Oh! like this”—'Tis all of mercy.”

Our sins they bore Him down ;

rather great, but the Lord is ever good, and His Thousands make a wretched choice,

For us He met the crushing storm-- service is perfect freedom and perfect peace. And rather starve than come.

He met the Almighty's frown.

I am looking forward to see you soon at Whenever I visited her afterwards, she He sitteth o'er the waterfloods,

and I shall be delighted to tell, like spoke much of God's love, and his promises, Then doubt and fear no more,

Daviil, what the Lord hath done for my soul; saying, “I cannot read them now, but I can Since He who passed through all the storms by which I have obtained peace with God,

yer, a living work, wrought and completed, meditate upon them”—“I am on the sure

Has reached the heavenly shore ; foundation"_" It will be but a little longer.”'

through our Lord Jesus Christ; and have The 26 verse of the 73 Psalm was a very pre

And every tempest-driven bark,

access by faith in Him, to draw near to my cious portion to her soul. She had no doubts,

With Jesus for its guide,

heavenly Father, as He has invited me. Oh, no ansious fear. Satan sometimes did worry,

Will soon be moored in harbour calm, what a sweet privilege for a child to know but he could not devour “this little one of In glory to abide.

his Father's will, and 10 do it; and the Fathe flock;" she was secure in the hands of

ther's pleasure is that in Christ should all the Great Shepherd, and to the end of this

fulness dwell. Being washed in His blood, wilderness, He led her safely by His strong “Rejoice in the Lord alway.” I am fitted to be a partaker of His fulness, hand.

Her Heavenly Father called that Though our God requires the sacrifice of a and to live now, by faith, in the enjoyment of blood-bought soul away from this evil world, broken heart, He delights not in the wailing my inheritance. Think of the privilege, to and, falling asleep in Jesus, she was “absent of joyless self-reproach; in that there is be truly a child of God, and an heir of glory. from the body, and present with the Lord." neither bliss for His creature, nor glory for How it tranquilizes the mind, and how calm **The Lord himself shall descend from hea- himself

. He reveals himself, as freely, and and satisfied the soul is, when the child is ven with a shout, with the voice of the arch- abundantly forgiving all who come to Him certain, and knows the Father's will. The angel and with the trump of God; and the through Christ; and such glorious mercy is Father has given all things into Christ's hand, dead in Christ shall rise first: then we which not fitly owned when, unmindful of its balm, and Christ has given all to me; and what do are alive and remain shall be caught up to- we persist in only bemoaning our sores.

I want more? Eternal life is mine, in Christ. gether with them in the clouds, to meet the One clear view of Christ's redeeming love Heaven is my home, glory is mine, and soon Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with does more to disengage our feelings from the I shall have a glorious body, like Himself. the Lord." (1 Thess. iv. 16, 17.)

world, than ten thousand dissatisfied verdicts God gave me to Jesus, and Jesus has pre"I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, upon their actual condition.

sented me to the Father, and now I have the and judgment was given unto them: and I Self-condemnation is just, and so far as it joys of heaven, as being blood-bought, and saw the souls of them that were beheaded for undoes all self- trust and self-glorying, in-redeemed; I am perfected in His love, for perthe witness of Jesus, and for the word of valuable ; but if it fixes the thoughts upon tect love casteth out fear, yea, even in death. God, and which had not worshipped the self, so as to divert them from Him that is

If God su loved us, as to give His dear beast, neither his image, neither had received greater than we, it becomes another form Son for us; will He not with Him freely his mark upon their foreheads, or in their of self-importance, another feint of self- give us all things: hands: and they lived and reigned with Christ righteousness; and you will never destroy self

It is God that does all things for us. He a thousand years. But the rest of the dead by scolding it, so long as you are chiefly has chosen, called, justified, and glorified us ; lived not again until the thousand years were occupied about it; however occupied, it will yea, the Almighty God Himself. Oh, may finished. This is the first resurrection. survive. It dies only when the soul, seeing we let nothing come between our souls and

· Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the wondrous God become a Father, a Friend, Christ, that will rob Christ of His glory, in the first resurrection: on such the second and a bosom helper, is absorbed in the Saviour telling us poor saved sinners, that Christ is death hath no power, but they shall be priests it has found, loving, rejoicing, beholding, and not sufficient at once, and for ever to com. of God and of Christ, and shall reign with imitating, till the old man disappears. plete His own work of redemption, in that Him a thousand years.

Dear reader, the more you see of the un. He offered Himself once without spot to " And I saw a great white throne, and Him worthiness of self, the more may you he led God, and has obtained eternal redemption for that sat on it, from whose face the earth and to prize that redemption which is in Christ us.

And now there remaineth no more of. the heaven filed away; and there was found no Jesus from all of it, and beholding His wor- fering for sin, for He hath perfected for ever place for them. And I saw the dead, small thiness as yours to stand in before God, and them that are sanctified. and great, stand before God; and the books His thus becoming a fitting Saviour for all

Now dear S. -, I commend you to God, were opened; and another book was opened, your need, you will be enabled to rejoice with and to the word of His grace, which alone which is the book of life: and the dead were joy unspeakable and full of glory.

can build you up, and give you an inheritance judged out of those things which were writ

"O God! we see thee in the Lamb,

among them that are sanctified. ten in the books, according to their works.

To be our hope, our joy, our rest, And the sea gave up the dead which were in The glories that compose thy name,

Yours very truly in Christ Jesus, it; and death and hell delivered up the dead

Stand all engaged to make us blest.”


I am,

28. per


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PRAYER, the Arrow of the Lord's Deliverance. EMM

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: the Impor:

MRP H. GOSSE is now, publishing a New

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WPATHYME, Gathered on the Mountains of
COTTAGE BREAD:--for Cottage Children. Fcap.


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2 Montbly Journal,



Compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” W. YAPP, 70, WELBECK STREET, CAVENDISH SQUARE.]

(LUKE XIV. 23.)


No. 21.)

Registered for
Transmission abroad.


[PRICE 1d.


By the donations received from several of our kind
Christian friends, we have had the pleasure of dis-

be thankfully received for this object.

Tichborne Court, 280, High Holborn, London.


We must make Jesus

for a little time, and then vanisheth dom, many bitter disappointments, and

away.” (James iv. 14.) Trifle not with severe soul exercises, to bring us to this. tributing many copies of “The Evangelist" in your soul's salvation. To meet death in But if brought here, and kept here, it is

Is there a blessed state. Absolute dependence is ever, we have been only able to meet, in a very small an uprepared state, how awful! degree, the requests of Gospel Labonrers, who feel anything that this world has given, or a blessed state. “Utterly helpless !” the importance of thus scattering the truth amefore shall give, which will prove a recompense Then we are safe, for we dare not look

for the terrors that shall alarm you in to self, depend on self, or rest in any All orders should be addressed to the Pub- a dying hour, if you are not in Christ? outward observances; we must look to lishers

, Mr. W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish How terrible, too, the hereafter! The Jesus, cleave to Jesus, live on Jesus: Square, London, W.; or to Messrs. MORGAN & CHASE,

prophet asks a most solemn question: the eye must be fixed on His precious All Communications, Donations, Books for Re. Who among us shall dwell with the blood continually, and the heart must view, &c., should be forwarded, pre-paid, “ To the devouring fire ? who among us shall rest on His finished work alone. Editor of the Evangelist;" care of Mr. Yapp: 70, dwell with everlasting burnings ?” (Isa. boasting is prevented, all confidence in Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square, London, W.

xxxiii. 14.) My fellow-sinner, in this the flesh is destroyed; we must come Man Goeth to his Long Home. the day of mercy, seek, and you shall to Christ for all we need, with all that Ay aged Christian was returning from find mercy. Through the finished work troubles us, and through all that opposes Chapel on the Lord's-day morning (July of Jesus upon the Cross, every believing our progress. 22), and had nearly reached her house, sinner hath eternal life, and “shall not our strength as well as our righteouswhen she was taken suddenly ill. A come into condemnation, but is passed ness, and look to Him as a fountain to neighbour, who was passing by, led her from death unto life.” I pray God that supply us, as well as a foundation to supin doors. She asked for some water, the Holy Spirit may in this very hour port us. Our strength arises from a and said, “I am going home to Jesus." awaken your slumbering conscience, con- sense of our weakness, our safety from After lying in an insensible state for vince you “of sin, and of righteousness, a sense of our danger, and our wealth about two days, her spirit quitted the and of judgment.” “This is a faithful from a sense of our poverty. Weak in earthly tenement and reached home. The saying, and worthy of all acceptation, self, we are strong in Christ. Exposed Friday before, I called to see her, and that Christ Jesus came into the world to to danger in self, we are safe in Christ. we conversed and prayed together: on save sinners.” (1 Tim. i. 15.) Jesus is Poor in self, we are wealthy in Christ. that day week I saw her body committed“ able to save to the uttermost;” and if

“Utterly helpless!" Then we cannot you trust in Him, you will be not only live without prayer, but must learn to "The storm is hush'd, and all is still, happy in life, and ready for death, but

cry to the STRONG ONE for strength. We Her conflicts are for ever past, made meet to dwell eternally in glory.

must pray always, and pray every where. And now, beyond the reach of ill,

“For all that trust in Jesus' blood,

The life we live must be a life of simple, She waits the trumpet's final blast.

Have everlasting light,

entire, and absolute dependence on the “The signal of our Lord's return,

A home with God in heaven above,

Son of God. And as we receive all from When all His saints shall rise again,

And robes of purest white." The mark no more of human scorn,

E. P. Jesus, so we must ascribe all to Jesus. But glorious like their Master then.”

“ Utterly helpless!” Oh, how painful !

Utterly Helpless ! The Preacher saith, “Man goeth to

yes, to the proud, unhumbled heart. his long home." (Eccles. xii. 5.)

“Utterly helpless!” Oh, how humbling! So wrote a godly young man, when dereader, are you a believer in the Lord

yes, self must be abased and laid low. Jesus Christ? If so, it is your glorious scribing the state of his soul.

“Utterly “ Utterly helpless!" Oh, how blessed ! privilege to rejoice whilst journeying helpless!” So all feel that are at all yes, to the soul that wishes to see grace

Whether in health or sickness, deeply taught of God. “Not sufficient reign through righteousness unto eternal if

know Christ as your Saviour, you of ourselves to think," said Paul; “utterly life, by Jesus Christ our Lord. “Utterly may truly say, “I am going home to helpless !" So we feel more and more as helpless!" Oh, how preserving! yes, like Jesus." Yes, each moment brings the we grow in grace, and in the knowledge the feeble branch, it will be sustained child of God nearer to his Father's of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. and supplied by the parent stem, and home. May our gracious, loving Lord But it is with us, as it was with the like the helpless infant, it will be tended strengthen and bless your soul even unto Lord's worthies of old, of whom we read, with all the kindness and watchfulness the end! It may be that you are an un- " Out of weakness were made strong;” of a mother's love. O my soul ! be not believer. Is it so ?

Are you enjoying and as it was with the apostle, who said, afraid to feel thy weakness, thy utter natural life, but spiritually dead? I can- " When I am weak, then am I strong.” helplessness! but cling to Jesus, lean not tell, God knoweth. “What is your But it requires much stripping and on Jesus, and His strength will be made life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth emptying, much bafiling of our own wis perfect in thy weakness!

to the grave.





I vi. 5-8.

to shew us that ble



God in Christ is

Iniquity Taken Away, and Sin Purged. ing the place of profoundest reverence, covering their will of Him that sent Him, and finished His work ;

faces with two of their wings. He saw also that each yea, He delighted in it, however much suffering it "They said I, Woe is me! for I am undone ; because I am & man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of them covered his feet, to shew that, while they hnd entailed; He never uttered an unclean word, or of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the king, the always walked obediently, they did not glory in their cherished an unholy thought, but from first to last having a dire cowl in his hand, which be had taken with service, but with greatest humility gloried only in the yielded an unblemished life of holy obedience, sealing off 'and it .

When our thoughts thus mouth, and said, Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is lakon away, and thy sin purged. Also I heard

to signify their delight in doing God's will, and that contre around Him, a Lamb as it had been slain, the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who they held themselves in readiness to fly swiftly at His now in the midst of the throne of heaven, we are Then suid 1, Here um I; send me."- bidding. He heard also the words uttered before bound to exclaim that, “Al we like sheep have

the throne; he listened to the converse of creatures gone astray, and turned every one to his own way!" It is very blessed to trace, in the Old Testament there, and found it was “ Holy, holy, holy is the Lord and that all our best works are unclean before God. Scriptures, the gracious way in which God has ever of hosts; and, at the voice of him that cried, the How is it that people are not sensible of their guilt: been ready to meet man as a sinner, and to contem- posts of the,door moved, and the house was filled Because they do not fear God,—they do not consider

These things the prophet saw and what they are in God's sight,—they do not come into plate that way which has always been through the heard. It was indeed an infinitely holy place. No His holy presence, and weigh in the balance of true sacrificial work of His beloved Son. When our first unclean word was heard there; nothing impure holiness. When men begin to fear God, they con parents had garments presented to them to cover escaped the lips of any; no irreverent action was sider that it is to Him they are responsible, as His their nakedness, they were formed of coats of skins, foolish actions, no indolent habits, no self-willed man. He is the Judge of all; and that the holiness of

seen; po presumptuous ways, no angry passions, no creatures; that to Him they must give account; that could only flow from God ners, were beheld there; for God is holy, and nothing heaven is the only true standard. Then they feel to man through sacrifice. When Abel obtained unclean can abide his presence. The prophet was that they are sinners, rebels, unworthy, and have witness that he was righieous, it was because of the in the light, for God is light. He was beside the justly merited banishment from His glorious presence. excellency of the sacrifice which he offered.

balance of the sanctuary, and all was love, and holi. Then they are awakened to their real danger, they ness, and truth.

become deeply anxious about their eternal state, and whole ritual of the last dispensation teaches us that

Deeply serious feeling despair in self, they come to the throne of God can only be approached by man through the and personal reflections occupied the prophet's mind. God, exclaiming, Woe is me! for I am undone ! sacrifice of a life. Hence it is thai there is so much Man never rightly learns what he is, except in God's In this way only we are taught by the Spirit that in the ancient Scriptures about dealing with God presence. It is a well-known fact among men, that we are lost and undone. Men may kvow that they

if we would understand the true qualities of any are sinners by comparing themselves with others: through the blood of the sacrifice; all intended to thing, we must bring it to the light. So it is as thus the thiet knows that he is a sinner, because he shew forth that in due time God would provide an regards things spiritual. We may compare ourselves is surrounded by many who are honest; the unjust all-sufficient sacrifice for man as a sinner. But it is with onr, and arrive at most erroneous knows that he is a sinner, because he is acquainted here that people so mistake; and Christ crucified is conclusions; thus, the temperate man; measuring with some who are upright, &c., &c. In this way

himself with a drunkard, believes himself righteous; only can we account for so many persons who evince to many still a stumbling-stone and rock of offence. and the chaste fatter themselves with thoughts of no soul-distress, being so ready to say, " I know I am Man's thought in general is, if he think of God at superiority over the licentious; while all may be a sinner.” But when we are brought to think of ourall, abont his sacrificing for God; thus vainly hoping equally guilty of covetousness, and other unclean. selves as in God's holy presence, then whatever hare to appease God, and procure rest for his conscience ness, in the sight of God. It is therefore not wise been our previous conceptions of our faucied good.

to compare ourselves with our neighbours, but, ness, we are made to feel guilty before God, and by some works of self-denial; but God meets such a coming into the light of God's holy presence, we exposed to His coming judgment and wrath. Then, false thought at once, by saying, “I will have mercy, shall be truly made manifest. When Isaiah con. I say, our cry is, Woe is me, for I an undone! and not sacrifice." This entails the most perfect sidered the peace, love, humility, holiness, purity, Brú. Now let us consider TAE ASSURANCE OF FORself-sacrifice, because it lays on man the absolute ne. Jehovah's glorious presence, what could the prophet's a blessed refuge for a sin-troubled soul, for He will

and truth that characterized all those who dwelt in GIVENESS THE PROPHET OBTAINED, cessity of setting self aside altogether, to confess the reflections be? How could he fail to ask himself be merciful to our unrighteousness, as was beauti. utter unworthiness of all self-righteousness, as well such questions as, “ Am I truly humble before God? fully expressed by Elihu to Job: “God looketh upon as self in its worst forms, and to rest only in Divine Do I serve Him with reverence? Do I delight to do men, and if any say, I have sinned and purverted mercy, and that sacrifice which God has so graciously the will of God? Hus my conversation been holi that which is right, and it profited me not, He will provided. This has always been the teaching of God; ness to the Lord?" Surely the prophet felt the light deliver his soul from going down to the pit, and his

of God's presence to be a heart-searching region! It life shall see the light.” He will say, "Deliver him and the same prophet, whose experience in the Lord's was enough to shew him that he was “unclean! from going down to the pit, I have found a ransom"! presence we are about to contemplate, was afterwards unclean!" that he had come short of God's stan: This seems to be the rule of the throne of grace, and instructed to publish the solemn declaration, that dard. It was enough to make him feel that he stood was just what the prophet experienced; for while he "all flesh is grass, and all the goodliness thereof is “justly condemned" before God, and righteously ex. stood thus consciously before the King—the Lord

posed to His judgment and wrath. Hence he cried of Hosts - in a repentant mind, confessing his unas the flower of the field; the grass withereth, the out, “Woe is me! for I am undone ; because I am a cleanness, groaning over his sin, condemning himflower fadeth, because the Spirit of the Lord bloweth man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a self, acknowledging his undone state, we are immeupon it: surely the people is grass. The grass people of unclean lips."

diately told, “Then (mark then!) flew one of the

Now notice here, dear friends, that the prophet's seraphims unto me, having a live coal in his hand, withereth, the flower fadeth; but the word of our intense distress was concerning himself: Woe is ME! which he had taken with the tongs from off the God shall stand for ever." Thus we find that the for I am indone, because I am unclean, &c. He did altar; and he laid it upon my mouth, and said, Lo, Spirit of God, in olden time, convinced men that they not say, Woe are we, we are undone, because true this hath touched thy lips, and thine iniquity is taken were sinners, and that their most goodly things were religion is a personal thing.--" The heart knoweth away, and thy sin purged.” This is very blessed.

its own bitterness." Many a sentimental professor This shews us that God waiteth to be gracious. It perishing and passing

away; and gave them the un. in our day may be found ready to say, we are all is a fine instance of the mercy of God to sinful man, alterable word of the Lord, as an immoveable rock sinners, we are not what we should be. They talk and shews us His readiness to pardon and accept for their souls to stay upon. And so it is now. about our Saviour, our Church, our society, &c., thus those who take a right place before Him.

The chapter 'before us begins very abruptly. It casting themselves in with others in a lump. But phet had an unmistakeable warrant for the fullest tells us that the prophet had this vision of glory in this will not do for God. This is not as the Spirit assurance of his sins being put away, and of standing

The prosay so.

He convinces each one of his own sin. in the favour and blessing of God. the year that king Uzziah died.” But why is Uzziah He so makes the conscience sensible of its guilt, as This assurance was based on two things the ap. thus introduced? May it not be, among other things, to cause it to cry out, What must I do to be saved ? plication of the live coal from off the altar, and the to remind us, that the very best man on earth, the “God he merciful to ME a sinner!" "If I may but Word of the Lord. By the altar we are to under

“Woe stand a place where the sacrifice was burnt and highest potentate of Judah's kingdom, the most touch His garment, I shall be made whole." is ME, for I am undone!"

presented to God. honoured man in the world, stands in widest contrast

But more than this, he felt he was unclean before only altar of New Testament days, and the various with the KING THE LORD OF hosts. King Uzziah God a man of unclean lips. Those lips which ought altars of the Old Testament were only types of it; was a leper, and dwelt outside the camp: which to be, like the seraphim's, consecrated to His praises, and the coals of fire which consumed the sacrifices, shews us ihat sinful man, however high in office and had given utterance to the unclean thoughts and and caused their savour to ascend to God, were diguity, is unfit for the presence of God; that man feelings of the heart, for "out of the abundance of figurative of that fierce wrath, which went over has no resources at all for cleansing the le prous, and the heart the mouth speaketh.” Like another Job, Jesus, when He was made sin and a that except God undertake to meet him with healing he could say, “I have heard of thee hy the hearing us upon the Cross of Calvary. The application, mercy, he must still remain unclean, and unft for of the ear: hut now mine eye reeth thee, wherefore therefore, of the " live coal" to the prophet's “ unassociation with the God of holiness. Hence, on re- I abhor MYSELF, and repent in dust and ashes." clean lips," teaches us that God has in His grace ferring to the king's history, as recorded in 2 Chron. The light of God's holy presence made his un provided an all-cleansing remedy for sin; that that xxvi., we are told, that " Uzziah the king was a leper cleanness manifest, he felt its depths so great, its remedy is found only in the sufferings, blood-shed. into the day of his death, and dwelt in a several blackness so foul, its wounds so incurable, that he ding, and death of the Son of God; and that the house, being a leper; for he was cut off from the condemned himself as undone, hopelessly and help moment the sin - burdened conscience realizes the house of the Lord." Thus we find, on the very lessly unclean before God;—ungodly, unholy, with virtue of that blood, the soul is at once at peace with threshold of our subject, a humbling intimation of out strength, without any help of recovery in himself. God. It is the blood of Christ which maketh atoneman's real character of uncleanness and distance Having thus learnt himself in God's presence, he ment. It is the blood of Christ which has made from God, though he stand in the highest position of was then able to discern that the people by whom he peace between the sinner and God. It is the blood society, and hold the most exalted office, and that was surrounded were unclean also.

of Christ which brings the far-off sinner to the bosom even among the most highly favoured people on Such were the lessons that the prophet was effec- of God. It is the blood of Christ alone which clean

tually taught in God's presence. And so, in measure, seth from all sin. It is only by the blood of Christ In considering this very instructive portion of the all learn now, who are under Divine teaching: for that any sinner has liberty and confidence in God's Holy Scripture, we shall notice, 1. The prophet's though we may not be favoured with such a vision of presence. vision of glory. 2. The effect of it upon himself. glory as the prophet had, yet the Holy Spirit makes The prophet felt his uncleanness was purged by 3. The assurance of forgiveness he obtained. 4. His ns feel that we have to do with God, and that every the application of the live coal from off the altar; willing obedience.

creature is manifest in His sight. Moreover, when and the sinner that believes in Christ feels also that 1. THE PROPHET'S VISION OF GLORY. He saw the we now think of the presence of God, we see by faith he has peace through the blood of the Cross. But Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and the risen, ascended, and glorified Man-Christ Jesus. the prophet had also the word of the Lord to assure his train filled the temple.There, in spirit, before We see ihere, besides the holy seraphims, one who him of his pardon and acceptance: and, blessed be God, the prophet took his place. There he saw the was a Man of Sorrows in this world of sin, one who God, so have we. Some will try to persuade us that seraphims, the servants of the most High God, His was exposed to Satan's temptations, man's deceivings, no one can know his sins are forgiven till after death, ministers that do His pleasure. He beheld them tak. I and the world's unholiness; but He always did the and therefore it is great presumption for any one to


The Cross of Christ is the

curse for


it is not so?

believeth on Him.


But I reply, Who says I am forgiven? God On my first visit, I found him sitting up He often expressed his simple and entire says so; and if God says, “Thy sins are forgiven thee," why need I fear, even if the whole world says copying a print from a book on perspective, trust in Him, as the one Mediator between

He tells us that Christ hath put away which his kind friend had lent him. He was God and man, and that he had “ thrown his sin by the sacrifice of Himself, and that my sins are forgiven, if I believe in the Lord Jesus; for “to

more than ordinarily intelligent for his posi- whole soul upon Him,” and “ that he did Him give all the prophets witness, that, through His tion in life--a foreman at a plasterer's. trust Him entirely." name, whosoever believeth on Him shall receive

He had never had his attention earnestly The day before his death, my wife came to remission of sins." Let God then be true; for He who said to the prophet, “ Thine iniquity is taken called to his lost state by nature, and his need my office at about twelve o'clock in a cab, to away, and thy sins purged,” says also now to me, of a Redeemer, and the few religious pro- tell me that W- had sent for me, as he and all that believe in the Lord Jesus, “Be of good cheer, thy sins are forgiven thee." We wait not for fessors he had met with had evidently not felt that he was dying. dreams, or visions, or some miraculous actings upon recommended the Gospel to his heart; for he When I got to his room he was much the senses, but we rest on the precious blood of Christ, and are assured by the unalterable word of spoke of them as inconsistent in their con- changed, yet able to whisper to me, “[ trust the Lord that our sins are forgiven.

duct, “professing one thing and practising in Him." Oh, I hope this babe in Christ “Oh! how sweet to see the flowing Of His soul-retleeming blood;

another;" at length he had become sceptical, was also bringing forth fruit, for he said, "I With Divine assurance knowing, That it made my peace with God!"

and thought it a great liberty for any one to could only wish to live to speak of Jesus, and But there are some who, though they do not deny ask him about his religious state. My en. say what He has done for me, to tell of my conthe present knowledge of forgiveness of sins, yet deavours in my first conversation to combat the version to others. I thank God, I have said a forget that the object of Christ's incarnation and ordinary objections to the inspiration of the little, a little to my own family. His weeping death was to save, that He came to save the lost Holy Scriptures, were impatiently received, wife told me, that he had spoken to several

Hence He told the weeping and I left him somewhat discouraged; but I relatives, especially his brother, a thoughtless woman at His feet, “ Thy faith bath SAVED thee!” lifted up my heart to the Lord for him, know- young man, as well as he could in his weak And when Zaccheus received Him joyfully, Jesus said, This day is SALVATION come to this house." ing that nothing is too hard for Him. The work of Christ saves, and the word of Christ Between my first and second visits, the would talk to this brother after his death.

He expressed great pleasure when I said I says you are saved by faith! “But shall I after all be in glory?” exclaim some dear sister in the Lord, who had spoken to

I called again about five, he was still of the ill-instructed and feeble-minded of the house, me about him, had seen him again, and her weaker, but desired to hear the Word, and hold of faith. “Though I now rest in Christ, and am at peace with God, may I not after all be lost?" loving ministry had evidently made a deep shewed his deep enjoyment of prayer by No, no, dear child of God, for the blood of Christ impression upon him.

waving his poor weak hand and moving his that speaks before the throne on thy behalf now, will


When next I saw him, he was more willing speak there for thee for ever; and Christ, who is thy

I hardly expected to see him alive the next righteousness now, will be thy righteousness for to listen to me. I greatly desired to pray with morning, but when I called a little after nine though grieved and quenched, will dwell in thee for him, but I found, without directly asking he was still conscious, and evidently knew me, ever; and Christ, who pleads for thee in heaven now, him, that he had a great distaste to the idea, though too weak to speak. will continually intercede for thee. Jesus hath thee securely, and will never let thee go, none shall pluck

During the preceding night, he had been, I therefore departed without doing so. Be

as his wife and a female relative said, gasping thee out of His hand; for thus saith the Word of the fore I saw him again, I prayed the Lord to for breath; yet at times he uttered these Lord, “ He is able to save them to the uttermost (i.e, right on to the end) that come unto God by give me some portion of His Word, that words : "Jesus; all Jesus! He is with me, I Him, seeing He ever liveth to make intercession for might be profitable to his soul, and imme- have my feet on a rock, He is the rock, and them.” (Heb. vii. 25.). "The work which His goodness began, diately John xiv. 1, came to my mind, and the corner stone! I love Him, He is all in

The arm of His strength shall complete;
I opened it to him in this way: “You be-

He passed away so gradually and so peace-
lieve in God, you cannot help acknowledg- fully, ihat we could hardly say at what mo-
Things future, nor things that are now,
Nor all things below nor above,

ing a God of nature; but yet your heart is ment his spirit left him.
Can make Him His purpose forego,..
troubled; the God of nature is no comfort to

Even in the midst of their grief, his wife 4th. HIS WILLING OBEDIENCE. Some may say, you

and the two other women present, could not should preach Christian duty. So say I, only put it in you, but if you believe also in me (Jesus),

help bursting out in wonder at his deep and its right place. Jesus said, “ If ye love me, keep my then indeed your feet will be on a rock, and


peace. commandments;" for He loves the “willing heart,"

When I thanked God for him, just before and the cheerful giver.” When we know peace with you will have all fear and trouble taken away God, through the amazing sacrifice of His beloved for ever. You know that you must shortly die, leaving, all were much affected, and ready to Son, it constrains us to love and serve Him to whom your complaint is bringing you daily, by rapid say, " Let me die the death of the righteous,

and let my last end be like his." in this spirit, for after he had received an unmistake strides, nearer to death, the king of terror to

I reminded them that no one knew better able assurance of pardon and peace with God, he the natural man.” had a willing, grateful desire to addict himself to the

than he who had just left us, how entirely Lord's service. He says, “I heard the voice of the

“Ah! true,” said he, “I find I have no hope that righteousness was Christ's, and how Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go to rest upon in that dark hour."

worthless we are without him. for ns? then, said I, Here am I, send me." This

“ Then, even with all your doubts and dif- Thus happily died one who will always live surely is willing service, happy duty; it is like taking the yoke of Jesus, whose yoke is easy and whose ficulties, cast yourself upon Jesus, as the only deeming love can do, and who, two short

in my memory as a monument of what reon us, it constrains us to love Him, who has so loved name ever given among men whereby a sin- months before was an utter unbeliever, withus; it calls upon us to praise and glorify Him, who ner can be saved.

out God and without hope in the world. bas loved us and washed us from our sins in His

“Are you not like a man who has been ex- But, dear reader, you say, I am not an unown blood, and hath made us kings and priests unto God and His Father; to Him be glory and dominion ulting in the good ship of youth and strength, believer. I believe in my Bible, and in Jesus

Christ. Stay a little! Have you found out and has suddenly fallen overboard, and found Dear reader! let me affectionately ask, if you have

that you are utterly worthless, incurabiy sinsolemnly considered how matters stand between you himself struggling in a foaming sea ; just as ful by nature? and have you fled to Jesus as and God? Does He now behold you as at peace he is perishing he sees one rope, and this is

What is the great object of with Him? Are you sure that God says of you as He did of His prophet, “Thine iniquity is taken all he sees except the sky above, and the existence? To serve God? If you live to away, and thy sin is purged”? This is peace with ocean in which he is sinking. Now in such serve yourself, you put self in God's place, God-peace through the blood of Jesus - peace in the confidence that your sins were transferred to a case as this, the man would grasp the rope, uplift yourself to the pinnacle of Deity.

and you are practically a sheer atheist; you Jesus, and borne by Him, and that you are made the even though he knew not whether it was Thus did Satan, and this is what he is erer

Oh! my friends, ye who feel the burden of your floating in the water or fastened to a boat, tempting us to do, and no sin is greater than
sins, and have not peace, come to Jesus at once, just and Jesus will not cast you out; even in this to attempt to dethrone God, and set up self in
as you are
way, come to him because

His place.
have no other

If you have “passed from death unto life,”
hope, and you will soon find there is indeed
If you tarry till you're better,

you are “a new creature;” old things hare help in Him, that He is mighty to save, and passed away, and all things have become new.” SINNERS Jesus came to call !"

that His blood cleanseth from all sin." But, if you are still prefering your own will

This appeared to strike his attention, and to His will, you are dead in trespasses and The Consumptive.

on my next visit, to my great joy, he wished sins,” you have “not the Son, and the wrath ABOUT two months ago, a Christian lady reme to pray for him.


of God abideth on you." Therefore,

After this he thirsted for the word, and I from the wrath to come,” and go at once to quested me to see an interesting young man

rejoiced to see that he was growing in grace, Him, who never yet cast out any poor tremin the last stage of consumption, who had and in the knowledge of his Lord and Savi- bling sinner who came to Him as his only most lamentably imbibed infidel opinions. our Jesus Christ.


His promise is Yea and Amen,

Anii never was forfeited yet.

Or sever our souls from His love,"

for ever and ever. Amen.

your Saviour:

Come, yo weary,

heavy laden, Lost and ruin'd in the fall!

You will never come at all:

Not the righteous,

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