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PLAIN FACTS on Simple Words concerning the MY .

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name is Legion. By CATESBY PAGET. 48. per 100.
JOHN BERRIDGE. A New Edition. Price 1s.

of Jesus. Royal 32mo. Price 2d.
Fcap. 4to., cloth bds., gilt edges, 28. 6d.

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W.
A Poem in blank

Just published, royal 32mo.,

Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Royal 32mo. Notes.

FIRST STEP INTO THE 'REFINER'S Price ld. Truly this was the Son of God."--Matt. xxvii. 54. “Truly this man was the Son of God."-Mark xv. 39.

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. " Certainly this was a righteous man."-Luke xxiii 47.

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W.

Demy 4to., cloth boards. gold lettered, price 7s. 6d. Second hand, nearly as good as new, Subscriber's THE DUTCHMAN'S FAMILY. A Poem. By

THE TABERNACLE: THE PARKER SOCIETY Publications, contain: ing 54 volumes, with Index complete. Cost upwards of SHE C10 HE LOOKED OUTSIDE HERSELF. Price ITS LITERAL USES AND SPIRITUAL APPLICATION,


1. The Tabernacle at Rest London: W. Yapp, 10, Wetteck Street, Cavendisha Square. W. THE LITTLE STRICKEN OG NED Anitawat bintic the midst of the camp of Israel. 3. Plan of the Table and

2. Plan of the Tabernacle in

5. The Golden А. FEW WORDS ON CHRISTIAN FELLOW. Irelanıl, 5 years old. Price ld.

Altar. 6. The Ark of the Covenant.
SHIP, and on the obedience which the Lord Jesus
Loudon: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W

Christ requires of those who become His Disciples. Second
Edition. Price Threepence.
Just Published, a new edition, royal 32mo.. price 2d.,

PART I. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. THE COMMERCIAL; or, the Broken Leg and The Tabernacle in its Dispensational Aspect. the Broken Heart. Reprinted from “The Evangelist."

Fcap. 8vo, price ls.
Also demy 32m0., price 48. per 100.,

Literal ases of the Tabernacle.
THIS WOR WRKANN the THE NEXT some Toppos. THE FIRE ESCAPE. Reprinted from “ The

Mr. Binney's Lecture, entitled “Is it Possible to Make the

Royal 32mo., price 2d.

Spiritual Application of the Tabernacle. Best of Both Worlds ?


LOD IS AS GOOD AS HIS WORD. FIRST LOVE- They forsook all and followed Him.

Israel in their separation in the wilderness-Outside the

Camp-Tne Sin-offering and Ashes of the Red Heiler-The DECLENSION- They all forsook Him and tied. APOSTASY- Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this Loudon: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

Gate of the Court - The Brazen Altar - The Laver-lhe

Tabernacle - First Covering of Blue, Purple, Scarlet, and present world. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W.

Just Published,

fine-twined Linen--Second Covering of Goat's Hair-Third

Covering of Rams' Skins dyed Red - Fourth Covering of Just Published, royal 32mo.,


is Worth Saving." A Tale of Age. A True Narrative. Brend --The Golden Candlestick — The Ark of the Covenant, WIDOW GRAY and the Little Song- bird. A Price 3d.

&c., &c.

London: W Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. The value of this Book for spiritual instruction and interpreLondon: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

tation cannot be over-rated.

Just Published,
Just Published,

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W. or, Who is the True Priest? By CATESBY PAGET.

Just Published, to Christians on Dress, the pompe and vanities of this Price 61., or 4s. 6d, for 12 copies for gratuitous distribution. tvil world, &c., &c., by a Disciple. Price One Penny. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

ter addressed to the Lord Bishop of Oxford. By London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.


Just Published, 18mo., cloth, price 1s. 6d. Just Published, price 18. 3d. A Revised Edition.

the Epistle to the Galatians. By J. L. HARRIS, Author between God and the Sinner. By J. Eliot HOWARD. Children of God. Alphabetically arranged under the of " The School of God," " On Worship," Heavenly-mind. Price 6d. following heads:

edness," &c. 211 Worship.

4 Bringing Little Children London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. 13 Scripture Reading and to Jesus. (Matt. xix.)


1. Justification by Faith. 68 Private Use. 7 Burial,

PRAYER, the Arrow of the Lord's Deliverance. 6 Meals.

2 Contrast of Judaism and Christianity. 5 Missions.

A remarkable Narrative of the Conversion of six chil. 4 Marriage.

3. Christian and Jewish Worship.
48 The Gospel.

dren by the grace of God, in answer to a mother's prayers.
Cloth boards, Is.

4. Priesthood.
Total, 402, with one Index to all the first lines, Names of
London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

5. Baptism and Regeneration. Authors, Index to Subjects, aud third Index to all the verses,

6. Upity of the Church except the first, in each hymn.

7. Failure of the Church, and its Results.

Just published, price 4d. This Hymn-hook has been undertaken in dependence on

8. Hopes of the Church. the Lord. It is not the work of one compiler, but the result THE LAND OF CANAAN and the Restoration

By J. Eliot HOWARD. Second Edition. Price 1s. of the communiou of many Christians, with the desire to of Israel. Reprinted from "The Bible-Reader's Journal," promote the joy and edification of the Church of God. with additions, and Outline Maps of the Past and Future

THE SHEPHERD-THE STONE of ISRAEL. A selection of the best lunes, suited to these hymns, is in Position of the Twelve Tribes.

TAI conrse of preparation. London: Morgan and Chase, 280, Tichborue Court,

By J. Eliot Howard. 8vo, bds. Price 28. 6d.
The Gospel Hymns are published in a separate form.

High Holborn.
London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, ('avendish Sqnare. W.
A supply of any number, not less than fifty, may he had at

Just Published,

MINISTRY. A New and Revised Edition. Price 4d Somersetshire, ria Bristol.

Crossod. By the Author of “The Scarlet Line." 321n0., THE INCOMPLETENESS OF THE REFOR

MATION (80 called); or a Scriptural Appeal to the MR. PRIDHAM'S WORKS.

Church of God. Second Edition. Price ld. A FEW Copies, of Mr. PRIDHAM'S VALUABLE THE OPEN WINDOW. A Narrative addressed London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W.

to Young Women. Royal 32mo., 69, per 100. BOOKS can now he had at the following Reduceri

А Fcap. 8vo. cloth boards, 39. 60.; Crown 8vo. cloth gilt, cation should be made.

addressed to
Royal 32mo., 68.

elegant, 5s.
Offered at

CHISPERS IN PALMS: Hymns and Notes and Reflections on the Psalms

10 0 7 0 Notes and Reflections on the

Just published, price ls, od. per packet, assorted,

"There is an eastern tradition of the Palm Tree, that when Epistle to the Ephesians 4 6 3 6

its leaves quiver in the wind, they whisper the holy name of

NEW SERIES OF GOSPEL TRACTS, in Jesus. This sweet but fanciful idea must give place to the London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square W.

Large Type, earnestly recommended for Written Word. Among the goodly branches borne by a reTHE LATE MR. SABINE'S WORKS. general distribution.

joicing multitude, and strewn at the feet of the Lord, onee

rose the glad welcome whose echoes still vibrate in every ILD THYME, Gathered on the Mountains of 1. The Fallen Honse.

Jl. The Blood for a Token believer's heart, Hosanna! Blessed is the King of Israel 2. The Stray Sheep.

(Exorine xii. 13).

And amid the waving palms of the redeemed hosi, #bo cane 3. Thy Kindom Come. 12. Self-righteous Lost, and out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and 4. The Sroffer Silenced.

Siniers Saved.

male them white in the Blood of the Lamb,' will for ever 8vo. limp cloth, 1s. 6d.; cloth boards, 29.

5. Uiterly Unclean.
13. Be ye Reconciled.

ascend, Salvation to our God which sitteth on the Throne, CONTESTS -- Part I. Feeding Lambs - The Cottage Poor, 6. Christ my Glory.

14. The Riddle Solved an dunto the Lamb.'"-Ertract from Preface to Second Edition. &c. 2. The Chili's Hand-book of Praise. 3. How to give 7. Liberty; or, the Captive 15. The Storm Hushell.

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. pleasure. 4. Useful Callinga, Boys–Useful Callings, Girls

Slave made Free.

16. A Well-remembered Hour. Good-for-nothings. 5. Rugged School Rhymes. 6. Photo 8. Peace; or, the Dying 17. “I was Busy, Busy." graphs. 7. The Corn Field. A. Nature's Picture book.

18. Grace.

Second Edition, Demy 18mo., cloth, 28.
Moruing Walk, &c. 10. Useful Lessons. 11. Sunday Musings. 9. The Black Sheep.

19. Why will ve Die ? 12. Praver and Praise.

ECOLLECTIONS OF AN EVANGELIST: er 10. How can I approach God? 20. The one Resting-place. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

which are added some Extracts from his Diary. By Israel and the Disciple whom Jesus loved. Price 3d.

Robert Gribble.
London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W.

CONTENTS—The First Step. The first fruits of the Gasp:1

Edition of the GOSPEL TRACTS of the late Mrs. maker. The Midnight visit. Man's will und God's purpont,
Gosse, revised and corrected by himsell; together with a

The Backslider. Gracey, the Schoolmistress, Retrospect CHRIST. few of his own.

The Home Missionary Station. The Return. The Revel One Shilling's worth and upwards of these Tracts sent free

The Firat Series, consisting of Twenty Narrative Tracts, is The Missionary Tour. A new scene of service. The Little of Postage to any part of the Kingdom,

now readv, price ls. 64. per 100 ; or, in Packets, containing Farm. The Converted Publican. The Contrast. Harvest The Second Advent and Reign of the Lord Jesus Christ, ld. Three of each, One Shilling.

Time. The Baptism. The Chapel. The Consumptive. The The Premillennial Advent, Ad.

Removal A Second Harvest Season. 1. The Railway Ticket.

A Cry for the Gospel. God's Eternal Purpose and Christ's Everlasting Kingdom, 2d.

2. The Sinking Ship.

The Praying Wife. The Great Debtor. The Two Converted The Things which are coming on the Earth, 3d.

Husbands. The Converted Farmer. Master and Servant

3. Jobo Clarke; or, the Ground of Confidence. The Better Country, 3d.

4. John Clarke's Wife; or, the Marriage Register.

Retrospect. A Depraved Village. The Conrerted Blind Boy. Popular Objections to the Premillennial Advent, 3d.

Dangerous Prosperity. Sudden Death. Conclusion. Dias,

5. The Christian Soldier. The Personal Coming and Reigu of the Lord Jesus Christ, 2d.

6. The Eleventh Hour.

London : W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. The Rapture of the Church; or. Are any Events to be ex.

7. The Young Guardsman of the Alma. pected before the Rapture of the Church, ld. 8. The Reapers,


9. Tom Fowler, the Boatman. CONTENTS-What is ihe Hope of the Christian? What is

Crimson cloth, gilt edges, Is ; also in packets, containing

10. The Two Maniacs. the Hope of the Church? Approaching Judgments. The

24 Books, ls. 11. "Oh! That Night!" Coming Crisis and its Results. The Doom of Christendom. 12. A Dollar's Worth.

INTOLD PLEASURES MADE KNOWN. Nos. Christ and the Churel. Same subject, concluded. Israel 13. The Fall of the Rossberg.

to 12. in the Past and Present. Israel, Future Restoration.

14. The Faithful Nurse. Israel's Restoration Introductory in Millennial Blessed.

1. Frederick and his Wife; or the Two Hopes. 15. The Portuguese Convert. ness. The Great Prophetic Question: Is the Millennium,

2. An Evening worth Remembering. 16. The Suicide. or Christ's Second Advent, to be expected first! Further

3. The Anxious Heart made Truly Glad. 17. The Consumptive Death Bed. Pre millennial Evidence. Waiting for Christ. Ecclesias.

4. The Brother's Return. 18. Is Christ Willing? tical Corruption and Apostacy. The Last Days of Gentile 19. The Towing Net

5. Was he Really Happy? Supremacy. Israel in the approaching Crisis. The Spareid

6. Rest in a Wearisome World. 20. Dying by Proxy. Remnant The Martvred Remnant: with Remarks on the

7. Joy! Joy! both here and hereafter. Earthly Calling of Israel and the Heavenly Calling of the A liberal allowance on quantities, for gratuitondistribution,

8. The Silent Voice. Church. Apocalyptic Interpretation, Th Firet Resur

on application to Messrs MonGaN and CHASE.

9. Who Cheered this Old Man's Heart? rection Same subject, concluded. The Millennium). London: Morgan and Chase, Tichborne Court, 280, High

10. “Oh, what a Precious Gift!" Recapitulation : or, a general Outline of Prophetic Truth. Holborn; Nisbet & Co., Berners Street: William Yapp, 70, 11. "I have Joyous News to tell." Objections Answered. Further Answers to Oljections. Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square; J. F. Shaw, Paternoster

12. Her Loss was Endless Gain. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. Row; and all Booksellers.

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.



Souterries her cantido

. Lo J. U. S., The Lodge, Hailatrow, THE STROKE OF A STICK.; and in the Line

price ld.

Particemi shas nemue, but few copies remaining early appli. TELL HIMANJESUS HAS FOUND ME.

Published at

S. 2.

per 100.

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WLSPROT. Fcap. Svo., cloth, 25.

. Fcap.



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A Monthly Journal,



“Compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” Wu. Yapp, 70, WELBECK STREET, CAVENDISH SQUARE.)

(LUKE. XIV. 23.)


No. 19.)

Registered for
Transmission abroad.

LONDON, JULY 2, 1860.

[Price ld.


Br the donations received from several of our kind

Tichborne Court, 280, High Holborn, London.

“No man,

Dear reader, would you be an inhabi- Christ to you the true riches ? DO YOU

tant of that city ? You must flee to trust in Christ, and not in ordinances ? Christian friends, we have had the pleasure of dis- Jesus the Son of God; you must be ARE you following Christ? or loving and tributing many copies of “The EVANGELIST" in washed from your sins in His most pre- living for this present world ? If found various parts of the United Kingdom. As yet, how. cious blood, or you can never enter there. turning aside from and rejecting THE ever, we have been only able to meet, in a very small degree, the requests of Gospel Labourers, who feel All there have been “ born of God;" they Lord Jesus Christ, or, what is, if posthe importance of thus scattering the truth among were washed, justified, sanctified in the sible, worse, hypocritically confessing the poorer classes. Further donations will therefore name of the Lord Jesus, and by the His name, while in works you deny be thankfully received for this object. Spirit of our God.”

Him, what other portion can you expect ? All orders should be addressed to the Pub

Dear reader, if not in that city, you but, alas ! alas! the lake which burneth ishers, Mr. W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish must have your part in the lake, which with fire and brimstone for ever and Square, London, W.; or to Messrs. Morgan & Chase, burneth with fire and brimstone, and, ever. May God in His grace, dear

awful reality! be lost for ever and ever. reader, preserve you from such an awful All Communications, Donations, Books for Re

judgment ! Fiew, &c., should be forwarded, pre-paid, " To the The Lord Jesus Christ, and those Editor of the Evangelist,care of Mr. Yapp, 70,

He met with.

The Love of God, and the Wrath Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square, London, W.

of the Lamb !
A poor leper said to Jesus, "Lord, if
wilt, thou canst make me clean."

“God so loved the world, that He gave

“I God's Royal City of light and

WILL: be thou clean," was Christ's an. His only begotten Son, that whosoever glory.

believeth in Him should not perish, but swer; and immediately his leprosy was Dear reader, have you ever thought of gone. The LORD JESUS said to a woman

have everlasting life." (John iii. 16.) the glorious home the Lord is preparing taken in adultery, “Woman, hath no lieved this love of God to sinners ?

Dear reader, have you known and befor those who know and call upon His man

condemned thee?"

Have you everlasting life? Sinners all name? I would beseech you to think Lord.” “Neither do I condemn thee:

A poor thief, ex

are by nature and practice, DEAD in tresof God's wondrous purpose of love and go and sin no more.” grace. He is building a city, “the length, piring on the cross, in the very agonies passes and sins. By God's grace, some of death, cried, “Lord, remember me,

are made alive---quickened together with and the breadth, and the height of it are when thou coinest into thy kingdom." / Christ. Are you alive unto God through equal." It will be illumined with light Quick as lightning the dying Lord re

faith in Christ Jesus? Is there a reand glory for ever and ever; “and the plied, “This day thou shalt be with me

in you to this wondrous LOVE of city had no need of the sun, neither of in paradise.” Reader, has Christ met

God? If not, you may have a name to the moon to shine in it; for the glory with you? What did He say? What live, but you are dead; and oh! most 07 God did lighten it, and the LAMB is has He done for you?

solemn and awful is your state. For “if the light thereof." A countless multi

Now, mark the awful contrast, and any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ,

let him be Anathema Maran-atha.” Are iude, which no man can number, will be look at those who turned away from there, each and all being more bright Christ.

you alarmed? Do you tremble ? Say od glorious; and yet every one of them

A rich man went to Jesus; and when you, is there no hope? bad been sinners, and many had com- the Lord answered his questions, the

Oh, yes, yes, yes! a bright hope, glowmitted awful crimes -- thieves, liars, har rich man went away sorrowful, for he ing with life and immortality. Our holy, buts

, murderers, sinners of every sort ; had great possessions. Where will such loving God says, Behold the Lamb of but when in that city, they are without an one be found at the last day? The LAMB without blemish and without spot.

Gop!- the LAMB that was slain -- the spot or blemish, “unreprovable and un- religious men of Christ's day, the Scribes That Lamb is God's Son--God's equal--rebukable in God's sight," sinless and and Pharisees, would keep the Sabbath.God's fellow; for He was, and is, over perfect for ever and ever.

and judge sinners, while they despised all, God blessed for ever. He gave His Dear reader, all the inhabitants of that the Lord of the Sabbath, and rejected declares, without shedding of blood there

life a ransom for many; and as the Bible city sing one song, “ Unto Him that and put to death the Saviour OF SIN is no remission, our gracious God as loved us, and washed us from our sins NERS. Were will they be found when clearly affirms, the blood of Jesus Christ, in His own blood, and hath made us Christ comes to judgment ? Many of His Son, cleanseth from all sin. Now, kings and priests unto God and His His disciples walked no more with Him reader, will you still turn away from the Father, to Him be glory and dominion (John vi. 66); and having turned away Christ in your heart? If so, you must

Son of God? Is there no room for for ever and ever.” Yes, God loved sin- from Jesus, where will they be found

die in your sins. The WRATH OF THE ners, and gave His only Son to die for when the judgment is set, and the books LAME must be poured out, and the wrath

are opened ? (Rev. xx. 12.) Reader, is of God will abide on you for ever!


their sins.

ARE YOU READY? Prepare to meet thy God. (Amos. iv. 12.)

aroused to meet their God!


ju igment, of life and salvation through the grace the prophet, “PREPARE TO MEET THY

of an offended God. He could faithfully draw GOD !” These words, dear friends, are few, but very he could pronounce the awful sentence of coming coming, when every eye shall see Him, and all the dark picture of their iniquity and rebellion,

Others will be called to meet Christ at llis solemn. They are calculated, when applied by judgment, and yet point to the willingness of the kindreds of the earth shall wail because of Hiin. the Spirit of God, to soften the hardest heart, |God of Israel to welcome those who put their Then He will put all enemies under His feet. and awaken in the most drowsy conscience feel. ings of unutterable concern. The thought of a

trust in Ilim. Like another weeping Jeremiah, For “the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from finite, helpless sinner being brought into the im- he could say even at the eleventh hour, “Only heaven, with His mighty angels

, in faming' fim mediate presence of the Almighty God, in whose velical Isaiahi, " Return unto the Lord, and He and that ohey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus

your iniquity,” or with the evan- taking vengeance on them that know not God, sight the stars are not pure, must beget a thrill will have mercy upon you, and to our God, for Christ, who shall be punished with everla-ting ing interest, and stir up feelings of intense exercise. How much such a word is needed now He will abundantly pardon."

destruction.” Yes, sudden destruction shall come is very manifest. May the Lord the Spirit so

And is it not so now? Could we not speak of upon them as travail upon a woman with child, apply His truth, that many may be effectually God's solemn dispensations towards the children and they shall not escape. Then the meet and

of men, in famine, pestilence, sword, earthquakes, lowly Lamh, who died for the ungodly, and who The prophet Amos lived during the reign of and the like; and, concerning most, may it not now preaches peace and salvation to the chief of Uzziah, king of Judall, and in the days of Jero be truthfully declared, yet ye returned not sinners, will wield the sword of justice, and boam, king of Israel; when, with inuch that unto me, saith the Loril." But with all the thrill- execute the wratli of the insulted Majesty of

The sun will then bide his cheering was very evil, there was a good deal of outward ing denunciations of the wrath to come, blessed heaven. prosperity. God had repeatedly sent chastise- be God, the sweet sound of redeeming love is rays, and be wrapt in blackest sackcloth the inent upon His people, but they did not repent. still heard; the voice of pardoning mercy, through silvery moon only tell out the lesson of divine They were the people of God in little more than the blood of Jesus, is still sounded out; the will. vengeance, by being turned into blood; and the

They were idolaters, with Jehovah's ingness of an offended God to welcome, pardon, multitude of bright stars fall down upon the holy name attached to them. Their condition and save to the uttermost all that come untó angry scene, as if indignant at man's vileness

. serves to teach us the folly of resting in any God, by Jesus, is still proclaimed, and the wounded Then dismay and anguish will fill man's lofty thing outward, while destitute of the power of side of the Lamb of God still shielters many a mind, every resource will utterly fail, and all godliness, or of regarding prosperity as a ground returning prodigal ; still witnesses that wliere their entreaties of the rocks to fall on them, and for rejoicing and confidence; or of supposing sin abounded, grace hath much more abounded. the hills to cover them from the wrath of the that, because God has honoured people in His This is most blessed ; but yet we must not hide Lamb, will be utterly unavailing; for nothing service in times past, lle must necessarily do so from us that the axe is laid at the rout of the can hide from His faming eye, nothing pass again ; and we also learn that God is able to tree, the chariot wheels of the righteous Judge over the limits of His omnipotent arm. My call out and raise up for His work the most un- may be almost heard rumbling in the distance, fellow-sinner! do not say this awful scene will likely instruments. When Amus was excluded and the wide-spreading testimony of his faithful not be in your day. You may be among those fron prophesying at Bethel, because it was the servants is, PREPARE TO MEET THY GOD! who live to witness the great day of the wrath

Oh, how will you meet Him? king's chapel, he did not liesitate to acknowledge. The hour cannot now be far distant, when those of the Lamb. to the idolatrous priest that he was " no prophet, who have despised or rejected the sweet message How can you any longer refuse His mercy, and neither a prophet's son,” that is, that he had no of pardoning mercy, must be judged according rush on to this terrible judgment? We attectionclaim to the prophetic office, either by lineal to their works, and every tree that bringeth not atoly say unto you, PREPARE TO MEET

THY GOD! descent, or by educational attainmenis; but forth good fruit be hewn down, and cast into though a man of humble birth and occupation, unquenchable fire.

There are others who may live out their threehe could boldly affirm that his commission was We are here reminded by the prophet, ist, score years and ten. Providential mercies strew from the Most High God., “I was an herdman, that all MCST meer God. None can escape their path. Youth has been enlivened with its and a gatherer of wild figs,” said he; “but the Lord this. Neither time, nor place, can hide from this pleasures and pastimes; manhood has been inet took me as I was following the flock, and the Lord Neither the depths of the sea, the ravages of with earthly honour and prosperity; their grey suid unto me, Go, prophesy unto my people Israel.” many centuries, the seclusion of the grave, or bairs were associated with every natural comThis is very important. The king and people the powerful grasp of death itself, can prevent fort; their dying pillow smoothed with longhad departeil from God, and were not in a state this.' Each and all of us must yet be brought loved friends, and many a weeping eye tollower to be used by Him; hence the Lord calls out the into God's immediate presence. 'l'o the believer, them to the grave; but they must yet meet God. humble herdman to witness for Him; and it it is a prospect that often kindles within him the Yes, the time must come when the dead, sinal/ seems to be God's way to accredit in his service happiest feelings, for he knows God in Christ to and great, shall stand before God; when the books those who depend upon himself, and to lay aside be bis Savivur und Father. Like the Psalmist, shall be opened, and they shall be judged out of such as are not going forward in dependance and he can exclaim, “When shall I come and appear those things which are written in the books, acfaith, but whose energies are carnal, and therefore before God? As the hart panteth after the cording to their works. They may escape being impotent. Another prophet reads us a similar waterbrooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O cut off by sudden judgment, and be consignei to lesson., “Ile says, " Israel is an empty vine; he God!” But to the unbeliever it is far otherwise, the grave before the glorious appearing of the bringeth forth fruit unto himself," arid azuin, for he knows not Gri, and he will only enter great God and Saviour; yet they must meet “When Ephraim spake trembling, he exalted into His infinitely boly presence with guilt and God. All that are in their graves shall come himself in Israel; but when he offended in Bital confusion of face; nevertheless, he must meet forth, the sea shall give up the dead in it, and he died.” Let these things serve tv warn us, God. Some try to persuade themselves that it death and hell deliver up the dead in them, ant beloved, as well as to encourage us to depend will not be so, but in this they only betray their they shall all stand before God. Oh! my friends

, upon the living God!

folly and ignorance ; for God hath said that do solemnly consider these things; för "Ilow Before Ampos pronounced this solemn denu- “every one of us must give account of himself shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation ?" ciation against the kingdom, and called upon the to God;” and to prevent any doubt whatever on 2. The prophet exclaimed, “PREPARE!" pople to meet their God, who had rained fire the sulject, our Lord declared that for "every for he knew that they were unprepared to meet and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed the idle worl that men shall speak, they shall give God. Many now are not prepared. They try sinful cities of Sodom, he reminded them of God's account in the day of judgment.” This is con- to harden themselves against de:th, and do ail ling-suffering toward them. He had smittenclusive. This is enough to lead us to go into the they can to banishi judgment to come from their tiren with famine, yet have ye not returned unto north, south, east and west, and cry out, PRE- thoughts; thus they live and die, unconcerned me, saith the Lord. He had withholden rai PARE TO MEET THY GOD! Oh, ye Christ- and unprepared. They are born in sin, they from them, and caused it to rain in some cities less souls! www can ye endure the thought of live in sin, and die in sin. They are enemies to and not in others, so that two or three cities ineeting God? On, ye unconverted, who love God by wicked works, and condemned alrealy, Wanlered into one city to drink water, but they the pleasures of sin, and post your way so zeal. because they have not believed on the name of were not satisfied; yet have ye not returned untiously on the bral road, how will ve bear the the only-begotten Son of God. God is not in all

Sarith the Lord.' !le had smitten them with bright light of God's glorious presence? What their thoughts, they say, our tongues are our own, blasting and mildew, yet have ye not returned account will you render to Hin? Dear fellow- who is Lord over uis ? Should a sense of sin cross unto me, saith the Liri. He hart sent pestilence sinners, azuin I say, you must meet G». the mind, they vainly endeavour to cover the among them, and slain their young men with the It appears as if God now stopped some sud- spot with some outward act of devotion or benesword, yet have ye pot retuuned unto me, saith Jenly in their sins, and called them in a moment volence; or they may perchance invest them

But further, God had smitten some from time into eternity. The pestilence cuts selves with an air of sanctity, and minule with of them as when He overthrew Sodom and them down, or the sword devours them, or some the people of God; but, alas! still unprepared Guinorrah, and those spared were as a firebrand other instrument is used to fuitil the sentence- to meet God. When the Lord Jesus comes, His p.ucked out of the burning; yet lle hail again to “This might thy soul shall be required of thee." | Haming eye will be able to pierce through the say of them, ye have not returned unto me. They may be revelling at Bels'izzar's impious innumerable guests of the marriage supper, and

But now the God of Israel pronounces by His banquet, and suddenly the hand-writing appear-make manifest every one that has not on the weda prophet the sole un sentence, “Thus will I doing on the wall makes them feel that the God of filing garment, and say, “ Friend, low camest un!v ihre, and because I will do it imt« thec. ljudgment is at hand; or, like the sons of Kora, thou in hither, not having a wedding garment!" * PREPARE TO MEET THY GOD!" llow wan's presumptuous heart may be exaltmy it- and then command the servants to " bind his verv solemn!

self on a platform of mock religion, when the hand and foot, and take him away, and cost him But, as usual, God's denunciations are mingled vtwning earth exclaims to every conscience, that into outer darkness, where there shall he weeping with testimony to lis mercy. Hence we find God is the judge of all; or, like another Herod, and gnashing of teeth.” This is an exam le of the prophet, almost immediately after, saying, they may he found dignified with princely one not prepared to meet God. He might have - Thus saith the Lord unto the house of Israel, honours, Hattered by assembled hosts, and mani- flattered himself with his goud intentions, and Seek ye me, and ye shall live,” and aguin,“ S.ek festing, in man's esteem, inore than seraphic have made great alterations in his mode of living, the Lord, and ye shall live.... seek good and not eloquence

, when an angel' is dispatched to bring still he was unpardoned, unwashed in the blood evil, that ye may live, and so the Lord, the God the proud ruler to the grave. O, my frienis, of atonement, unsaved, ani therefore unprepared, of Hosts, shall be with you," &c.

how could you answer the sum'nons of the great | O my reader, whether you are rich or podi, This was the Gospel in the days of Amos. God, “ This night thy soul shall be required of or young, inoral or immoral, let me again 6xy The prophet could tell sinners that were ripe for thee ?" We beseech you to ponder the words of unio you, PREPARE TO MEET TIIY GOD!


the Lord.


to save.

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JULY 2, 1860.)
3. Some may ask, WHO IS PREPARED TO Christ, and looking for Christ? Are we working

He who knoweth Jesus as his Saviour ueet God! We reply, every one who helieves in His vineyard ? not idle in the market place, on the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. For the but, as the servants of Christ, doing His will i hath wisdom, for he is made wise unto scripture saith, that “if thou shalt confess with day by day serving Him, labouring for Him, ac

salvation; therefore JESUS CALLS -- He thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in cording to His Word? Are we steadily perseverthine heart that God hath raised Him from the ing in His service, through evil report and good calls without; He uttereth His voice in

divu shalt le saved; for with the heart report, through honour and dishonour, through the streets; He crieth in the chief places man lielieveth unto righteousness, and with the suffering and loss, through pain and weakness ? mouth confession is made unto salvation.” All, Are we stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding of concourse; in the openings of the then, who have received that Saviour whom God in the work of the Lord ? hath sent are prepared to meet God, for they are Are we faithful stewards ? Are we using our

gates; in the city He uttereth His words, born again, accepted in the beloved, justified from gifts, both spiritual and temporal, time, substance, saying, “How long, ye simple ones, will all things, children of God, indwelt by the Spirit, health, strength, knowledge, experience, &c., in presented in the heavenly places by the great obedience to His truth? Are we fervently, faith- ye love simplicity ? and the scorners defligh Priest, who ever lives to make intercession fully, wisely, prayerfully, humbly, occupying till light in their scorning and fools hate fur them; and their blessed hope is, that when He come? Are we laying up treasures in heaven? knowledge ?" Jesus calls to us by our the Bridegroom comes they will behold His face Are we so using the talents committed to our trust, with joy. These are some of the blessings the that we can confidently look for His “Well done, parents; our mother's knee is generally grice of God bestows on every guilty sinner good and faithful servants ?”

the first shrine at which we kneel to lisp that helieves on the Lord Jesus Christ for salva- Are we caring for His people? Are His saints tion. They are not foolish virgins, who merely dear to us for Christ's sake? Do we weep with our infantile prayers.

Often have we have a name to live; but they have tasted that His

mourners? Do we comfort His feeble ones ? heard a father's voice bidding us seek the Lori is gracious, and know assuredly that Do we burn for His offended ones? Do we restore Carist is precious to their souls; and their con. His blacksliding ones? Do we support His weak, Jesus in the days of our youth. Jesus fidence is not in themselves, but in the already visit His sick, clothe His naked, and feed His calls by nature; the seasons each preach accomplished work of the Lord Jesus. Thus, hungry? Do we pray for all saints ? though vile and worthless is themselves, God Are we confessing Iris nume? Do our relatives, a sermon from that text which bids us himself graciously gives them a title to meet acquaintances, neighbours, and fellow-townsmen prepare to meet our God. Jesus calls Him on the ground of the blood and righteous know that we are on the Lord's side? Do we give by His word, where He bids the wicked ness of the Lord Jesus Christ. The matchless a certain sound, an unmistakeable witness, that story of grace is not merely that which informs Christ himself is our Master and Saviour?' It is forsake his way, and the unrighteous the intellect, but it softens and subdues the heart, comparatively easy to talk about religion, and to wins the affections, pacities the demands of con- tell persons that they should pray and read their man his thoughts, and turn unto the science, and constrains us to live unto God. Bibles ; men will not object to this : but do we Lord, who is ready to pardon, and mighty Blessed preparation! the work of God himself, tell them that Christ Jesus came into the world hy His Spirit, through Jesus. Such are cleansed to save sinners ? Are we seeking to win souls to

Jesus calls by providence, when by the blood of Jesus, have peace with God Christ, and to exalt the precious name and pre- He causes our prospects to fail, our through the blood of Jesus, they are justified cious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ ? hv the blood of Jesus, sanctified by the blood of Fellow Christians! If thus we are running the

riches to fly away, and our substance to Jesus

, made nigh to God by the blood of Jesus, race, our cry is, “Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly!" diminish, in order that we may see the and have liberty to enter into the holiest of all and, with the Psalmist we may each say,

vanity of the creature, and be led to set by the blood of Jesus."

for me, I shall behold thy face in righteousness; *Happy Christian! God's own child ! I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy like our affections on things above, where Called, chosen, reconeiled;

ness.”. Only a little while, and heaven itself shall happiness is only to be found. Jesus Once a rebel far from God,

ring with hallelujahs and rejoicings, because the Now made nigh by Jesus' blood !"

marriage of the Lamb is come, and His wife hath calls by afflictions, as He did to you, dear Yes, it is God that justifieth them. It is God made herself ready."

reader, when you were stretched on the who has pledged himself to save them from the " A little while, He'll come again!

sick bed, and imagined you were dying; wrath to come, and bids them even now to re

Let us the precious hours, redeem; joice in hope of glory. God himself has made

Our only grief to give Him pain,

but you did not die, you are spared. Oh, Christ to be unto them righteousness, sanctifica

Our joy to serve and follow Him.. tion, and redemption. God himself has provided

Watching and ready may we be,

yield obedience to that call, and at once for them a great lligh Priest, who entered into

As those who long their Lord to see!" trust in the Redeemer! Jesus calls by lieaven on their behalf with His own blood, and who ever lives to make intercession for them.

“Ye Refused."

bereavements, He takes our companions Their salvation and everlasting security, then,

from our side by the cold, irresistible rest not in their frames, experiences, love, or 'Tis strange, 'tis passing strange, 'tis hand of death, that he may be led to ask, aithfulness, hut on the grace, faithfulness, and immutability of God himself. If God justities wonderful, that Jesus should call, invite, am I prepared for death? Jesus calls the poor trembling heliever, who can condemn ? and plead with outstretched arms with with outstretched arms; as on the Cross If God inputes righteousness, who can lay an sinners, and yet that sinners should re. He hung, He pleaded earnestly with sincharye! It God gives eternal life, why need they fear death? olf God welcomes, who need fuse. But strange as this is, yet 'tis ners, saying, “ For you I am now dying, lesizate to recline on His bosom of eternal, unaler ble love?

strangely true, that Christ Jesrs, the that you might come with me and live." Dear friends, are you thus prepared to meet Lord from heaven, is willing to save sin- Jesus not only calls, but He likewise Gul! Be assured that nothing but the blood of Jesus can shielt pru in that day. Do you say

ners, while sinners are unwilling, and counsels guilty, rebel man to buy of Him that you hope to be prepared? The question is, refuse to be saved. In the first chapter gold tried in the fire, that he might be Are you now prepared to meet God? Your post. fuf Proverbs, from the 20th verse to the rich; to buy raiment, that he may be prsnement of the suject only betrays the unreliet of your heart, and proves thit you still end of the chapter, this sad truth is clothed; to seek the Spirit's anointing, reject God's testimony to thi, sin-cleansing etli declared. Jesus calls on three distinct that he may see his own sinfulness and they of the blood of the Cross. In that Cross, Grad manifests himself in boundless love to guilty classes-the simple, who are learning to need of salvation. “Come now, and let man, and presents atoning blow, everlasting sin, but whose lives are not as yet con. us reason together," says Jesus; “though chosoever will accej t it. Orice more, dear realer, taminated by open vice; the scorner, who your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as I beseech you to solemnly consider these things, has despised a mother's tender instruc. white as snow; though they be red like and PREPARE TO MEET THY GOD. Lastly, it strikes me that there is also a sense in

tion, and passed by with negligence a crimson, they shall be as wool.” Jesus which we, who are true believers, may profitably father's earnest prayers; the fools, who reprores by His threatenings, when He apply these words of the prophet. We know we moek at sin, and laugh at the religion of declares, “The wicked shall be turned are secure as to our salvation, but are we at present prepared in heart for the glorious appear- Jesus. To each of these, Jesus, in the into hell, with all the nations that forget ing of our great God and Saviour? Are we loving character of wisdom, presents promised God;" and, “The soul that sinneth, it His appearing?. Are we worshipping, adoring; blessing to those who obey : “ Turn shall die.” My dear reader, shall it be, praising Him with our whole heart ? o-flections set upon things above, where Christ you at my reproof; behold, I will pour that after Jesus has thus declared His of the day, because Christ Himself is to us the out my spirit unto you; I will make readiness and willingness to save, He chiefest among ten thousand ? Are we living for known my words unto you.” After Jesus shall at length have to say, “I have His glory? Are we aiming to exalt Christ, to has thus pleaded, He waits awhile, and called, and ye refused"? Will you concommend Christ, to spread the sweet savour of the name of Christ, denying self, hating sin, mor- then expostulates. “Whoso hearkeneth tinue to listen to Satan and the world, tifying the deeds of our body, so that Christ may unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be and yet refuse Christ Jesus, who is the death ? Are we living upon Christ, abiding in quiet from fear of evil.”

only way of salvation ? Will you still


“I am

“I am

despise His gospel ? When angels won- sins of all who believe. At once flee to among my children, such as no one else der at God's willingness to save; when Jesus, and you are safe. Are you saying, would notice or regard. I am God.

, devils tremble at His almighty voice; “I would go to Jesus, but cannot.” Then and not man,” and therefore I pardon when saints weep and rejoice, because seek the Spirit's promised aid. “Be- again and again, not only first offences, Jesus is so ready to save; will you alone hold,” says wisdom, “I will pour out but repeated transgressions, forgiving continue careless, despising His plead- my spirit upon you, I will make known and forgetting them for ever. ings, rejecting His reproofs, and setting my words unto you.” Are you saying, God, and not man," and therefore I bear at nought His commands ? If you are "I would seek the salvation of my im- with such numerous affronts, such gross so foolish, so besotted, so mad, then hear mortal soul, but alas! alas! I am too great ingratitude, such inexcusable conduct in the consequences of your refusal. Jesus a sinner to hope for mercy.” That is

my people. I am God, and not man," says, “ Because I have called, and ye re impossible; great sinner though you may and therefore I invite, entreat, and befused; I have stretched out my hand, be, yet Jesus is a greater Saviour ; His seech such base backsliders to return and no man regarded; but ye have set at blood cleanseth the vilest from all sin. unto me, and prove the power und free. nought all my counsel, and would none of Are you saying, “So many have been to ness of my forgiving love.

I am God, my reproof; I also will laugh at your cala- Jesus, that I fear He will now reject my and not man,” and therefore I save freely

, mity; I will mock when your fear cometh; petition." Oh, believe me, He will not; fully, and for ever, such degraded, de when your fear cometh as desolation, He casteth out none who come to Him. praved, and desperate sinners, to the and your destruction cometh as a whirl- “While the lamps holds out to burn, praise of the glory of my grace. wind; when distress and anguish cometh

The vilest sinner may return."

God, and not man,” and therefore I upon you. Then shall they call upon But perhaps the reader is saying, “I desplay such patience, long-suffering, me, but I will not answer; they shall have come to Jesus; I have found mercy.” | and forbearance toward both friends and seek me early, but they shall not find Right glad am I to hear you say so; but foes. me; for that they hated knowledge, and oh, will you not make your salvation "I am God, and not man," and there. would none of my counsel: they despised known, that others might be encouraged fore I remain faithful to my promises all my reproof: therefore shall they eat to come likewise? Will you not seek and covenant engagements, midst all the of the fruit of their own way, and be to bring others to Jesus, that they also changes and faithlessness of my fickle filled with their own devices.” Thus might hear the welcome message from people. I am God, and not man," and solemnly does Scripture set before us the Calvary? “This is a faithful saying, and therefore I give such rich, costly, invaluawful results of refusing Christ. The worthy of all acceptation, that Christ able gifts to the poor, destitute, and unsinner may succeed for a time in the Jesus came into the world to save sin-worthy sons of men. I am God, and hour of prosperity, but the hour of ad- ners, of whom I am chief.” Poor sin. not man,and therefore I hear, accept, versity will come, wherein he will find ner, however vile you are, there is hope and answer such poor, imperfect, and none to help. The ungodly may, per- for you, if you BELIEVE ON THE LORD worthless prayers, which no chance, banish fear in the day of health, JESUS CHRIST. TRUST YOUR SOUL TO would tolerate, much less approve. I but vainly will they seek to do so in the JESUS, AND YOU SHALL BE SAVED. am God, and not mun," and therefore I hour of death. If you delay repentance

work such wonders; wonders in provitill a dying bed, you shall then find that I am God, and not Man.”

dence, and wonders in grace; wonders all help from Christ has ceased, your

in the world, and wonders in the heart. prayers will then be in vain. Oh, I be. Thus spoke the Lord, when assigning a “ I am God, and not man,” and therefore seech you, put not off repentance until reason for not executing the fierceness I have prepared such mansions, and will too late shall ring in your ear, sounding of His wrath upon guilty and rebellious confer such kingdoms on sinners who your death knell. True, the thief found Israel. A God can do what a man can- have no claim upon me, nor the least mercy at the eleventh hour, as an en-not; and a God can bear what a man reason to expect any good thing from couraging proof to the penitent, that cannot. The God of Israel always acts me. Jesus is able and willing to save unto the in accordance with the grandeur, glory, Holy Spirit, fix my eye and my heart uttermost; yet, bear in mind, the thief and greatness of His nature. Every upon this glorious truth, that God acteth is the only one of whom the Scriptures thought of His heart, every word of His from himself, and like himself, in all speak as having found mercy in such a mouth, and every work of His hand, is things, and at all times, and therefore I time; therefore do not presume, do not

worthy of himself. If we bear this in may expect Him both to do and gire, procrastinate, but now seek mercy, while mind, it will fortify our minds, strengthen what on no other principle I could. He inercy in the person of Jesus waits to

our faith, and comfort our souls. Why is not a man, that He should lie, or save the guilty. Remember yet once does not God cut down the wicked at under any circumstances, forfeit His

Because He is God, and not word; nor is He the son of man, that “ There are no acts of pardon past,

Why does He try His people so He should change His mind, because of In that cold grave to which But darkness, death, and long despair,

greatly, and allow them to suffer so any thing that can possibly occur. No, Reign in eternal silence there."

much ? Because He is God, and not He is of one mind, and none can turn The rich man in hell, lifted up his man. Let us meditate on this declara- Him. He is without variableness, or

shadow of a turn. Because He is Jeho. eyes, being in torments, and was denied tion of our God for a few moments. a drop, one single drop, of water to cool I am God, and not man," and there- vah, and changes not, therefore we poor, his parched tongue.

fore I am not soon moved to take ven- sinning, changeable creatures, are not Oh, my friend, be warned; if you geance upon my sinful and rebellious consumed. Believer, to thee the Lord perish, you will be without any excuse, creatures. I am God, and not man,' says, “I am God, and not man," therefore because when Christ Jesus called, “Ye and therefore I am ready to forgive, and expect from Him as God, and act to

Turn your eyes now to receive back the returning prodigal to wards Him as God. Sinner, to thee the Mount Calvary; behold there the bleed- my heart and home. “I am God, and Lord says, I am God, and not man;" ing Jesus, with the thorn crown around not man," and therefore I receive great expect Him, therefore, to pardon like a His brow, making an atonement for the sinners, taking to my heart, and putting God, to bless thee like a God, and to ful

one else



once ?





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