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methinks, the fact, that five were wise, and and for ever. How astonishing the marriage. Himself to do the work we could not do. five were foolish, should lead us to a diligent We now take Jesus' name, Jesus' nature, and He kept the perfect law of God! each precept examination as to the reality of our profes- Jesus' riches. We are made ready by the was obeyed by Him! No foolish word escaped sion ; for it is evident, that a large propor- work of Christ, and by the operations of the His lips ! no evil thought! no wrong desire! tion, IF NOT ONE HALF of the professing Holy Spirit, who supplies our lamps with the Ah, no, His life was pure, without a spot. His

oil of grace - keeps them ever burning, and every act was precious in His Father's eyes, Church, will come short of the glory of God,

makes us ready for heaven. The saints are and all He did, sprung from a perfect heart when the Lord Jesus shall come again.

now shut in with Christ -He is their head, within ! Ah, yes, He kept the law of God, The next great truth taught in this parable, their King-their all in all. Happy, happy and thus wrought out a perfect righteousness is the necessity of more prayerful watchful- prospect!

for us. Nor was this all; our guilt cried “While the Bridegroom tarried, they

Dear friend, what are thy thoughts concern- out for wrath; it shut us out from God, nor all slumbered and slept.” Fast asleep, may ing Jesus? Dost thou love Him, because He could we venture near, until atonement had be written on the brow of many a Christian is thy Saviour? Art thou watching with been made; and so He took this guilt upon now, not asleep, as it regards the world, the earnest anxiety for the second coming of the himself, became the sacrifice for sin, endured things of time and sense, but asleep, as it re- Son of Man? Dost thou desire his return, as the curse and shame, poured out His soul in gards the Lord's service. While Christians are thou wouldest the return of thy dearest earthly agony and woe, and thus obtained the right of * diligent in business," they are not (and the friend, were he absent? If so, thou art happy saving sinful man. Ah, yes, He has a right fact that they are not, is one calling for deep now --thou shalt be glorified hereafter ; but if to save! who dare deny His claim ? He fully lamentation) “ fervent in spirit, serving the thou thinkest not with pleasure on Jesus now, paid the ransom price—He bought the capLord.” And what is the reason of this sleepy it will go ill with thee when He appeareth ; tives back-and now it is His joy to pardon state? is it not that we do not really believe in therefore, now, call upon His name for pardon, sin! Yes, He has finished all! the work is the great truth, so often spoken of in Scrip- for now is the accepted time, now is the day done! the law fulfilled! the ransom paid ! ture—“ The coming of the Lord ?”. Did we of salvation. To-day, Jesus is willing to save and there He sits upon His throne of grace, actually believe this important doctrine, I feel all who are willing to be saved.

and freely, fully saves each one who comes to persuaded we should act far differently, even

Him. as we would not that Christ should find us What must I do to be saved ?

Salvation is by Christ alone! there is for. swallowed up in the great whirlpool of life's Is this your question, my friend? and do you giveness through His blood! He gives eternal busy scenes, and not watching unto prayer. ask how much you must do to be saved ? In life! a free, a precious gift! 'tis all of grace,

We now turn to a very solemn lesson de- other words, you wish to drive a bargain with from first to last! No works of rived from this parable—when Jesus comes, the Lord, and know the lowest terms on which do! oh, cast them all aside; they all fall many who are now content with mere forms you can be saved. You shrink from hell, you short, they will not reach the mark; but Christ of religion, will then discover their mistake, dread that lake of fire, but still you think has paid the debt of sin, and He has power but the discovery will be too late. When eternal life is not worth much, and so enquire to save: then trust yourself to Him, believe the Bridegroom came, then it was the foolish how much the Lord demands, before He His gracious words, and fly to Him at once. virgins discovered they had no oil in their grants a home above.

Oh! do not wait for works or prayers, or lamps—they seek to borrow, but cannot suc- Well, be it so, and let us see what God has look within for something good; go as you ceed, they go to buy-but it is too late; for said. He has declared the terms, and says, are-all vile and worthless-good for nothing, when they return, the door is shut — they that those who wish to merit heaven must but His precious blood can wash away all sin. knock for admittance, but it is unavailing—“I keep His perfect law; a law which reaches to It is not prayer, but Christ who saves. He know you not,scals their doom. Ah, poor the thoughts and feelings, which will not pass sits at God's right hand, and there receives misguided formalist, such, if grace prevent a single weakness by; this law must be the prize for which He toiled and died: ah, not, must be thy sad case ere long. Now obeyed. One sin-one failure—one mistake, yes! He lives to pardon sin, and bring the thou art satisfied with the mere shell, the out- and you are lost; for “ whosoever shall keep sinner near to God. His heart is filled with side show of christianity; but, alas! alas! thou the whole law, and yet offend in one point, is tenderness, and gladly does He hail each hast still an evil heart of unbelief-thou hast guilty of all." Nothing short of this will do, feeble cry, while songs of joy are raised over not yet been born again-Christ is not formed for “Cursed is every one that continueth not all who come to Him. in thy heart the hope of glory. Thou dost in all things which are written in the book of

Away then with your works and prayers ; now, perhaps, pass muster among the saints; the law to do them;" these are the lowest oh, count them all as filthy rags, and fly at but, ah! be warned, thou wilt not be able to terms; and in this way alone can you deserve once to Christ, and look to Him to save your deceive the piercing eye of King Jesus, when eternal life: do this--and you shall live; fall guilty soul! Oh, do not put it off, for fear His He cometh; then thou shalt surely discover short-and you are lost, yea, ruined evermore. wrath should rise, and you be left to perish thy lack, and curse thy folly, while thou hearest But you declare, " this is not possible ;


power to save yourthy condemnation. Oh, let me entreat of thee, cannot keep God's holy law, indeed, I have self, you might delay; but since salvation is that thou wouldest now repent of thy sins already sinned; and if you speak the truth, of Christ alone, beware-do not despise His toward God, and believe in the Lord Jesus no human being will ever merit heaven.”

grace, nor slight His wondrous love, but seek Christ, so shalt thou stand accepted in that Quite true, quite true: it is not possible Him now, before it be too late. great day; but if thon now despisest the pro- for you to gain eternal life by anything you

And will you ask again, what must I do? clamation of free grace, and turnest a deaf do; you are already lost and ruined, you have Oh, rather think, what Christ has done-you ear to the voice of Jesus' tender merey—then an evil heart, and all you do is mixed with cannot do the work yourself, nor will your know, that for thee, there remaineth nothing sin, and no amount of works can ever save utmost efforts ever make amends for sin. but a gloomy looking for of fiery indignation, your soul; the past is written down, nor can Then cease these vain attempts, give up your which shall surely devour thee, and that for it be effaced by all your prayers or tears ; you filthy rags, and cast yourself, all vile and

are even now condemned, and, Satan claims wretched as you are, at Jesus' blessed feet! We learn in the last place, from this para- you as his lawful prey. ble, that true Christians shall be fully blessed “Well then," you exclaim, “what can I

An Alarm. at the return of their Lord and Saviour Jesus do? is there no ay of safety? no hope of

“Fire! Fire !! Fire !!!” Such was the cry Christ. Then they that were ready went in escape?" Ah, yes, indeed there is; but not by which the inhabitants of our town were with him to the marriage; and the door was by works of yours! The Lord has formed a lately disturbed, near midnight; and then the shut.” What an astonishing display of mercy way, in which you may be saved! A won-fire-bell rang, and in a few minutes half the and matchless love have we here. The Lord drous way, in which He can forgive, and yet men of the town seemed to be assembled at

the scene of the conflagration. of boundless glory, united to worms of the be just! He saw you had destroyed yourself,

And then the bustle,-the haste to get the earth-to whom he betrothed himself in faith- and so the Son of God came down to save ! water supplied in order to quench the fire fulness, in loving kindness, in tender mercy, He left His glorious home above, and came the means employed to rouse those persons in



If you




W. A. S.





May 1, 1860.] the vicinity that had retired to bed, - the longer of making yourself happy in a world the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly despatch shewn in removing the goods from that “lieth in the wicked one," that is now men.” (2 Peter iii. 7.) the houses that were in danger, all seemed to under judgment, because " the prince of this May the Lord, in His mercy, cause you to show that people felt there really was danger, world is cast out; and if you have not yet think about these things, and so to lay them and that they saw the importance of avoiding received Jesus as your Saviour, you too are to heart that you may act upon them, and

included in the general condemnation; for "he seek and find refuge in a crucified and risen In a little while the fire was subdued, and that believeth not is condemned already." the adjoining property was saved. But it was Oh! that awful word already: to be already striking to notice the speed with which those exposed to the just anger of that God whose who were in the adjoining houses left them, laws you have broken, whose authority you when they were told that their houses were in have despised, and whose vengeance is delayed, danger. "Some came out partly dressed, and because of His immense goodness, His for- MY DEAR S-,--I take the earliest opthey did not seem to mind what others might bearance, and because " He is long-suffering portunity of giving you a reply to your kind think of their doing so; their object was to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, letter. I was glad to hear so cheering an actheir mon safety, and this being secured, others but that all should come to repentance." |count of the work of the Lord at Tmight think what they liked.

(2 Peter iii. 9.) And now, dear reader, whoever you may Oh, poor sinner! close with God's offers of May God carry on his own work, for his own be, I would desire to impress upon you the mercy. “Agree with thine adversary quickly.glory, by whom He may see fit to send for importance of being in earnest about your Remember that God is not naturally an enemy the work. Oh! may He help us to hold soul's salvation, if you are not yet saved ; and to you, although you, if still carnal, are “ at forth the great love of Christ as the alone to impress you, if you are saved, with the enmity against God." He is only angry with importance of warning others around you of you on account of your sins, and because of power to draw his sheep to himself. their danger. your long-continued rejection of the blood of

I feel daily how unfaithful, and unworthy What is it that makes men so careless about His dear Son, whom He gave to make recon- I am, living too far from Jesus, and not their own souls, and the souls of others :, ciliation for sin, and through whom He can getting my supplies from the right source, What is the reason that Christians are not offer mercy to the vilest, even though they be Head, even Christ, and thus failure is the more earnest in seeking to rescue souls from persecutors, and blasphemers, and injurious. daily result. Oh, how lamentable! May God everlasting burnings ?" Surely, if we have Dream not of being happy without Christ. It much of " the mind which was in Christ Jesus," is a delusion of Satan to make men as happy help us to take higher ground, and may we of that loving spirit of Christ which led llim as he possibly can, but still to leave them stand on the Rock Christ Jesus, and draw all to weep over Jerusalem, we too must weep" without hope and without God in the our resources from Him, for we are blessed in over sinners, who, regarilless of their own world."

Him, with all spiritual blessings in heavenly safety, and of the future, are rushing mally - He (or she) that liveth in pleasure, is dead on to destruction.

while he liveth ;” but Christ has said, " He places. Surely we ought not to complain, If the one whose eye may now be resting that believeth in me, though he were dead, for the want of fulness and fitness to every on this paper, has never yet felt the importance yet shall he live: and whosoever liveth and good word and work; but you and I have of fleeiny from the wrath to come,'' — if he, believeth in me shall never die.” (1 Tim. v. to complain over an evil heart of unbelief, or she, has not yet been reconciled to God by 6; John xi. 25, 26.) faith in Christ Jesus, --has not yet been jus- Only think of the company that you will

and this ever proves a hindrance to us, the tified by His blood; I would entreat you 10 have to endure, if you are cast into the daily evils take the upper hand of the good, flee noue to that Saviour who stands with arms" lake of fire.” “ That old serpent, the devil,” and traps are laid by Satan to ensnare u8, outstretched, waiting to receive poor sin- will be there. Those with whom, perhaps, you thus we fail in the good fight of faith.

may have joined in sin, and in “ despising the I find the best and only remedy for this My dear, dear friends, if you are still slum- riches of God's goodness and forbearance and bering in sin, and ignorant of the danger that long-suffering," will be there; and there great evil, is, to spend more time in prayer, awaits you, I would desire to sound an alarm shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth." having more communion and fellowship with in your hearts. May God's Holy Spirit help (Matt. xviii. 12.) Do you desire such com- God our Father in Christ, thus we shall be me in the endeavour, and may He, ho alone pany? be pleasant to you?

more attracted to Christ, and the things which can convince of sin, carry home these words Oh, my friend! whoever you are, be per- belong to Him will occupy a greater portion of with convincing power to

suaded, if you are still living unforgiven and There is a fire which is daily and hourly unregenerate, to forsake your present way,

our allotted time here, and we shall become anproaching you, to which you are not only and "return unto the Lord, and He will have more familiar with Himself, and the things exposed, but so much so that nothing save mercy upon you, and to our God, for He will immediately connected with eternity, and being in Christ can shelter you from it. Hear abundantly pardon.” (Isa. lv. 7.)

eternal life; thus our vacant hours, whether God speaking to you, poor slumberer, and One would rather draw you to Christ by a few or many, will glide peacefully away, saying, "Awake thou that sleepest, and arise recital of His love — by telling you of “ His from the dead, and Christ shall give thee goodness and wonderful works to the chil- because we shall have, even now, by faith in light." (Eph. v. 14.)

dren of men." But if these fail to move Him, and his work, such increased strength; God has said in His word that “the wicked you, if you know not that "the goodness of and God has condescended in his precious shall be cast into hell,” (Ps. ix. 17,) and that God leadeth thee to repentance," we must, kindness, to be in our midst, and with us, all those whose names are not written in the must tell you that you are, “after


hardLamb's “ book of life” shall be cast into the ness and impenitent heart

, treasuring up for unto the end. Oh! if God be for us, who -- lake of fire,” (Rev. xx. 15,) a fire which all yourself wrath against the day of wrath and can be against us? What power can compete the groans and tears of impenitent sinners, revelation of the righteous judgment of God." with his authority? for all must bow the knee and which all the cunning and exertion of the We cannot let you go to destruction without to him at last. There are some here, who devil and his angels, can never quench. It is raising a warning voice. “Knowing the ter- say they believe in a Deity, but have no heart the lake of fire into which the beast and the rors of the Lord, we persuade men.” false prophet shall be cast, where Satan shall

to love God, nor believe in the power of the And now, do not throw this

aside, be bound ; where the smoke of the torment of unless you determine to make sure of your precious blood of His dear Son; they do not those to whom it shall be appointed to drink soul's salvation. Let your cry be, “ Lord, acknowledge themselves to be vile, polluted of the wine of the wrath of God, shall ascend save me, or I perish ;” and if you feel that sinners, both by birth and practice, and thus for erer and erer. It is that place where their Jesus, in His great mercy, is calling you, re- they need no Saviour. worm dieth not, and where the fire is not spond to His call, and go to Him just as you quenched.” (Mark ix. 44.) It is such a fire are, to be cleansed in His blood, and washed

Let me say, in conclusion, dear S-, as man has never yet witnessed, for it will from every stain of sin. He will receive, and has given all judgment into the hand of the both body and soul.”

pardon, and love you, and will implant in Son; and though they now dishonour him, all Think not to lessen the awfulness of the your heart a love to himself, which you have shall in the end, honour the Son, even as they idea of eternal punishment, by saying that it hitherto wanted. is merely the pangs and reproaches of con- And whether you are young or old, as all science, and the knowledge that God is angry are in danger of being burnt by this fire of

I am sorry to hear that you are not well, with you. There is no warrant for any such God's wrath, unless you are hid in Christ, may the good Physician with his Almighty softening, for any such reasoning as this, to who is a refuge from the heat, I would say to

power soon heal

May the Lord bless be found in the word of God.

• Haste, get thee up out of this city; and keep us nearer to himself; there is, thauk Oh, my friend! (for I desire to prove a scape for thy life;" for as certainly as God friend to you.) beware how you trifle with the said of Sociom, - The Lord will destroy this God, in Himself, abundant grace suited to interests of your soul, or you may be caused city," so certainly has He told us in His word all our need, which never fails; then go to to know what it is by bitter experience. that “the heavens and the earth which are now, Him, is the prayer of Awake, poor sleeper, awake! Dream nol are kept in store, reserved unto fire, against

Yours in Christ, &c.







honour the Father.


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(NTOLD PLEASURES MADE KNOWN. Nos. in the Past and Present. Israel's Future Restoration. 13. The Fall of the Rossberg.

I to 12. 14. The Faithful Nurse. Israel's Restoration Introductory to Milleunial Blessed.

1. Frederick and his Wife; or the Two Hopes. 15. The Portuguese Convert. ness. The lireat Prophetic Question: In the Millennium,

2. An Evening worth Remembering. 16. The Suicide. or Christ's Seconul Arivent, to be expecter first? Further

3. The Anxious Heart made Truly Glad. Ecclesias Pre pillennial Evidence. Waiting for Christ. 17. The Consumptive Death Bed.

4. The Brother's Return. 18. Is Christ Willing? tion Corruption and Apostacy. The Last Days of Gentile

5. Was he Really Happy? 19. The Towing Net Supremacy. Israel in the approaching Crisis. The Spared

6. Rest in a Wearisome World. 20. Dying by Proxy. Remnant The Martyreri Remiant: with Remarks on the

7. Joy! Joy! both here and hereafter. Earthly Calling of Israel and the Heavenly Calling of the A liberal allowance on quantities, for gratuitous distribution,

8. The Silent Voice. Church. Apocalyptic Interpretution. The First Resur

on application to Messrs MORGAN and CHASE.

9. Who Cheered this Old Man's Heart?
rection Saine subject, concluded. The Millennium. A
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10. " Oh, what a Precious Gift!"
Recapitnlation: or, a general Outline of Prophetiş Truth. Holborn; Nisbet & Co.. Berners Street; William Yapp, 10, 11. "I have Joyous News to tell."
Objeclions Answered.
Further Answers to Objections.
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12. Her Loss was Endless Gain.
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20. The one Kesting-place. RECOLLECTIONS OF AN EVANGELIST: or


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divine - the word of God-and as such which is set before them, and is promised By the donations received from several of our kind should be most surely believed by us. to every one that believeth. Who are Christian friends, we have had the pleasure of dis- They were written for us, for our instruc- fools? The daring, who set God at devarious parts of the United Kingdom. As yet, howtion, consolation, and correction; that fiance, and trifle with their eternal destiny. ever, we have been only able to meet, in a very small we may be prepared for every event, and O fools !who do not believe all that degree, the requests of Gospel Labourers, who feel be fitted for every duty. The writings of the prophets have spoken! you rob yourthe importance of thus seattering the truth among the prophets contain the most important selves of comfort, peace, and safety. Ye the poorer classes. Further donations will therefore be thankfully received for this object.

truths -- truths that affect our present rob God of the honour due unto His

happiness, and our everlasting welfare. name, and of the service which faith All orders should be addressed to the Pub. If, therefore, the prophets were inspired would render. Ye put a weapon into the lishers

, Mr. W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish by the Holy Ghost -- if they wrote the hand of Satan, and arm the prince of Square, London, W.; or to Messrs. Morgan & Chase, most important truths; and if they wrote darkness against yourselves; for nothing Tichborne Court, 280, High Holborn, London.

for us, it is most assuredly both our duty gives the devil so much power over us and our wisdom to believe them.

as unbelief. Do you believe the proAll Communications, Donations, Books for Review, &c., should be forwarded, pre-paid, “To the

WE SHOULD BELIEVE ALL THE PRO- phets? Do you believe all that they have Editor of the Evangelist," care of Mr. Yapp, 70, PHETS WROTE. Therefore we should read written? Do you carefully read and pray Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square, London, W.

all, and endeavour to understand all. But over their writings, in order to under

we should especially believe what they stand them, that your faith may become early in the month as possible, and accompanied with the have written respecting God — His ma- particular? God's word is a most pre

jesty, His mercy, and His will. Respecting cious gift, but it brings with it a great

the Lord Jesus - His person, His will, responsibility, and lays us under the most We should believe the Prophets.

and His kingdom. Respecting sinners— solemn obligations. It will be to us, either their state and doom. Respecting seek- a savour of life unto life, or a savour of

ers—their encouragements, and certainty death unto death. It will acquit and UNBELIEF is a great sin. A man of

of finding. Respecting saints

Respecting saints - their justify us at the bar of God, or it will honour cannot be insulted more, than by

privileges, and prospects. We should accuse and condemn us there. doubting or questioning his honour; and believe all that the prophets have spoken, Reader, are you acquainted with the if we believe not God, we make Him a because all is true, all is important, and prophetic writings? Do you read and liar, and offer Him the grossest insult. all is calculated to do us good. Their search them? Do you believe and exYet we often do this, and do it very communications are calculated to inform pect the fulfilment of them? The literal thoughtlessly. We do not exercise that the intellect, regulate the expectations, fulfilment of so great a part of them, is faith in His word which we should, and sanctify the heart, and rule the life. one of the most powerful proofs of their therefore do not enjoy the comfort and Therefore, said the apostle, “Let the inspiration. The fulfilment of so much, peace to which we are entitled. We are word of Christ dwell in you richly.” is also a pledge for the fulfilment of the like the disciples, who, because they did IT IS GREAT FOLLY TO DISBELIEVE THE rest. To the believer, they are a mine of ut receive with simplicity, and believe PROPHETS. “O fools !” This is not used wealth, a garden of pleasant fruits, and heartily the testimony of the prophets

as a term of contempt or reproach, but an ocean of comfort and joy. To the respecting Christ, were filled with confu- of reproof; and is intended to blame sinner, they are a solemn warning, an

them for thoughtlessness and inconsis. earnest entreaty to turn to God, and a sion, sadness, and sorrow; for which He rebuked them, when He said, “O fools, who are fools in this sense?

tency, rather than gross wickedness. death warrant, if he obstinately refuses.

The Most of us have foolishly neglected the and slow of heart to believe all that the despairing, because however great their prophets. We have neglected to read prophets have spoken." (Luke xxiv. 25.)

sins, however base their character, there them, with that care, thought, and devoIT IS OUR DUTY AND WISDOM TO BE-l is not the least ground for despair. tion which we should. We have neglected LIEVE THE PROPHETS. They spake and Pardon is promised to the vilest, and to believe them, and apply their warnings, wrote under the inspiration of the Holy mercy will be shewn to the very worst. predictions, and precepts to the common Spirit, who suggested the ideas, directed Who are fools ? The desponding, because concerns of life. But whether we regard in the choice of the language employed, every promise made, and every invitation or neglect, whether we believe or disbeand superintended the formation of the given, is intended to prevent despon- lieve the prophets, all that they have letters. Every word, every letter, in the dency. Indeed, if we only believed what prophesied, shall come to pass; all that original Scriptures, proceeded from the the prophets have written, we could not they have promised, shall be made good; Holy Spirit, and is therefore holy. The despond. Who are fools? Those who all that they have threatened, shall be whole of the prophetical writings are neglect to secure the great salvation, accomplished.


viii. 3, 4.)

The Law could

Christ is the truth.


If the

demnation. Nor is it reasonable. Man's sense Even those who lived under the Law were saved “ For what the law could not do, in that it was wenk through breaker of one of the laws of the country has blessedness of the man unto whom God imputeth

of justice towards his fellow man is, that the by grace; for instance, “ David describeth the sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh: that committed an act of rebellion, and is therefore righteousness without works, saying, Blessed are the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us, who deservedly exposed to punishment. It is not they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose , the Spirit.”

necessary for a man to have perpetrated robbery sins are covered; blessed is the man to whom the It is not by persuasive eloquence, clear reasoning, twenty times before he is pronounced guilty; but Lord will not impute sin.” The Lord Jesus was appalling sights, or by thrilling appeals to the if in one instance he is proved to have committed the only law-fulfiller, He obeyed every jot and natural feelings, that people are converted to God. an act of robbery, he is liable to punishment as tittle of it; but we have all sinned, and become No. It is by the word of truth that souls are a breaker of the law. And is God less just than subject to the wrath of God. regenerated. Our Lord taught this. He said, man? Certainly not. He is just in condemning only make sin known, but could not put sin “ If they hear not Moses and the proplets, nei- and executing vengeance on all breakers of His away. ther will they be persuaded though one rose holy law. The question of the law is not, how The blindness and ignorance of the human from the dead;" as much as to say, they have much have you transgressed, or how many heart is seen in the readiness with which men the Bible, they hear sound gospel-preaching, and breaches of the low are you guilty of? but have put themselves under Law. Though the trials if the truth does not move them, nothing else you sinned at all? for “the soul that sinneth, it the children of Israel had experienced after they will make them flee from the wrath to come.

shall die.” God has only one punishment for left Egypt had so proved their weakness, and The Holy Ghost is the sin, that is, death-eternal death. “The wages brought out such murmuring, yet, directly the Spirit of truth, and it is the truth that He uses of sin is death.”

Law was given, notwithstanding the dreadful in converting souls. It is the Spirit's office

The Law of Moses consisted of two tables, one

terrors of Sinai, they unhesitatingly covenanted to guide into all truth; and surely in these days containing laws relating to man's conduct toward to fulfil all its demands, and said, “AU the words we are made to hear the voice of God very pecu-God, and the other to his conduct toward his which Jehovah hath said will we do.” It was an liarly, saying, “ It is not by might, nor by power, neighbour. "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God easy thing to say this, but, alas! their subsequent but by my Spirit, saith the Lord of hosts." And with all thy heart

, and with all thy soul, and history proved them to be a disobedient and a at a time like this, when we see inen using human with all thy strength, and with all thy mind, zainsaying people." And is unregenerate man appliances, so contending for expediency, and and thy neighbour as thyself." These were the less so now? Is he not the same still? Hath when we so often hear of such sad statements as demands of the Law. There was nothing un

the Ethiopian changed his skin, or the leopard “handmaids of the gospel,” “stepping-stones of holy or unjust in it, and a person coming up

his spots ?

Has fallen man changed his own the gospel,”, &c., it is most important to see that all times, and in all things, to this standaril, heart, or proved himself otherwise than a breaker of God. We find this often brought before us in would live. We may try to modify the Law, or and with all my soul, and with all my strength, it is the truth which really accomplishes the work would prve himself a righteous person, and of God's laws?. Where is the man that can say, the Scriptures. Peter informs us that we “are to pare down its sweeping demands, or endeavour born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incor to excuse ourselves for not complying with it, in and with all my mind, and my neighbour as my ruptible, by the Word of God, which liveth and order to meet the exercises of conscience; but self?. Oh, it is well to see what the Law is, and abideth for ever." James says, “Of His own the Law permits nothing of the kind.

what its workings have always been ; for perhaps will begat He us with the word of truth.” Paul Law is broken, curse must follow. Neither did the deadliest cup of poison ever put into the declares. “In Christ Jesus, I have begotten you all the ordinances and sacrifices offered under the hands of sinners is a mixture of law and gospel, through the gospel.. And our Lord's promise to Law alter this, or remove the guilt, because it is calculated to deceive, because it is truth perHis disciples was, “Ye shall know the truth, and impossible that the blood of bulls and of goats verted, and to leave the soul in the fatal snare of the truth shall make you free.” These inspired could take away sin; the most these things could being neither consciously guilty nor pardoned testimonies should be carefully pondered, because do was to point to that future Sacrifice which neither a sinner nor a saint; thus, blinded by they shew us the immense value that God puts would make an end of sin, and bring in ever

tradition and mere nominal religion, they hasten on the truth, as well as our deep responsibility in lasting righteousness. The Law was a rigid test onward to the great white throne, to be judged relation to it. And, oh! how thankful should to try and make manifest. If there were no every man according to their works, where they we be for the Bible! How blessed to have such laws in a country, there could be no transgres- will, when too late, prove that " as many as are an unalterable standard of truth! What con- sion, and, consequently, no punishment; but if of the works of the Law are under the curse " descension of the Holy Spirit to come down to laws were made, the offenders would be made How very solemn this is. reveal and apply the truth to us! How careful known, and its demands executed, for such is 3. WHAT IS GRACE? “God sending His should we be to ascertain what the truth of God the nature of law: therefore it is written, “ The own Son, in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for is! How prayerfully should we search the Scrip- Law worketh wrath ; for where no law is there sin, condemned sin in the flesh, that the righttures, in dependance on the Spirit's teaching, for is no transgression.” (Rom. iv. 15.)

eousness of the law might be fulfilled in us,” &c. the truth! How important that those who preach

2. THE EFFECTS Of the Law. “It was weak | Grace is the wondrous love of God in saving should " preach the Word;”, and how necessary through the flesh,” that is, it was unable to meet man, when a sinner, by the death of His only. that those who listen should take heed to what man's need, because he was a fallen, helpless begotten Son.

Man had been responsible for they receive, so that their faith may not stand sinner. Scarcely had the terrible thunders and fulfilling the Law, and man must obey; man in the wisdom of men, but on the word of the terrors of Mount Sinai passed, and the people had sinned, and man must be made a curse; living and true God, which will never pass away! put themselves under the obligations of the Law, therefore, the Son of God became man.

Perhaps nothing has so corrupted the truth of when they were found dancing round a golden sent forth His Son made of a woman, not in sinthe Gospel as the common practice of blending calf, exclaiming, “ These be thy gods, O Israel, ful flesh, but in the likeness of sinful flesh; thus and kept so distinct in the Scriptures, yet they violating the first sentence of the Law, which the stead of the unjust and unholy, so as to bring are often so mingled together in the present day said, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

us to God. Thus the grace of God brings salva. as to destroy the simplicity and truth of both (Ex. xx. 3.) The Law, then, at once proved man

Sin having been law and gospel. It was in this way the truth a transgressor, and justly called for the execu- condemned in the flesh, by the Cross, God can of Christ was so corrupted among the Galitian tion of the sentence of death; accordingly we justly pardon the sinner; and the Righteous One saints, that the apostle faithfully told them that are told, that “there fell of the people that day having fully obeyed unto death for us, righteousChrist had become of no effect unto those who ahout three thousand men."" (Ex. xxxii. 28. ness can justly he imputed to us: were justified by the Luw, for they were fallen The subsequent history of those under the Law dience of One shall many be made righteous." from grace. It is then a matter of great imwas very similar, consisting chiefly of a succes

Thus we see that grace was manifested in the portance to be able clearly to distinguish between sion of rebellions and judgments, so that instead Cross, by God condemning our sin in the flesh law and gospel, for the believer is not under the of life and righteousness coming by the Law, it of His own Son, and making us righteous in law, but under grace. wrought condemnation and death; no one was

Him whom He raised from the dead, thus doing In pursuing our inquiry after the truth of justified by it, but every one proved guilty. The what the Law could not do. The work of Christ's God concerning these subjects, it will be well to demands of the Law served to shew what was in Cross, then, is the ground of our peace and conconsider, 1. What we are to understand by the man, as Paul said, “I had not known sin, hut fidence in God. It is in the Cross we see that law? 2. What were its effects? 3. What is by the Law; for I had not known lust, except God is the God of all grace, and that Christ's grace, and its effects? 4. Notice some points of the Law had said, “Thou shalt not covet." Thus, death is our life and peace. special contrast between the law and the gospel; | holy, just, and good as the Law was, it proved

“ From the Cross our hope we draw, and, lastly, make some application of the subject. an insufficient instrument to meet man's necesI. WHAT ARE WE TO UNDERSTAND BY THE sitv, by reason of the weak and corrupt character

Jesus magnified the Law, LAW?—“ What the law could not do." By of the fles!. A man might be a most efficient the law, in this text, is evidently meant the seulptor, but if the marble was not able to bear

What a joyful truth is this,

O how full of hope it is!" commands given to Israel on Mount Sinai, four the touches of the chisel, the work would be very hundred and thirty years after the call of Abra imperfect. Another man might be an elegant The grace of God in Christ exactly meets the ham. (Gal. iii. 17.). It made righteous demands writer, but the paper and ink might be most un sinner's necessities. It needs a sinner to disupon man, promising life to those who fully fit for him to carry out his design. Every touch play itself upon, A spotless holy angel before obeyed- This do, and thou shalt live ;” and of the sculptor's chisel, and every stroke of the the throne may be the subject of Jehovah's love, pronouncing curse on those who were disobedient artist's pen, would thus only shew the worthless- but cannot taste that the Lord is gracious: for in any degree-"Cursed is every one that con- ness of the marble, and the inferior quality of man, sinful, rebellious man alone is the throne tinueth not in all things which are written in the the paper. So man, shapen in iniquity, and by of grace established,

Other creatures of God book of the Law to do them.” Thus we see that nature a child of wrath, with a heart alienated will behold its wonders, but man only realizes the Law knew nothing of mercy, but its demands from God, when tried by the standard of God's eternal redemption through the blood of the were so strict, that an offender in one point was boly law, is made manifest as coming short, Lamb:-, hield guilty of all. (James ii. 10.) It is there and found wanting.” “Therefore,” saith the

“For man, O miracle of grace! fore vain and delusive for persons to try to shelter apostle, " by the deeds of the Law there shall no themselves under the idea that because they are Hesh he justified in His sight, for by the Law is with regard to the effects of the grace of God not conscious of having broken all the laws of the knowledge of sin.

on souls, eternity itself will only be long enough God they are not exposed to His just con- No persons, therefore, were saved by the Law. I to unfold; but suffice it to say at present, that

tion to the chief of sinners.

By the obes

'Tis the sinner's sure resource;

Jesus bore its awful curse;

For man the Saviour bled!"

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