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“Compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” Wm. YAPP, 70, WELBECK STREET, CAVENDISH SQUARE.]

(LUKE XIV. 23.)


No. 17.)

Registered for
Transmission abroad.

LONDON, MAY 1, 1860.

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! was

Ten years have passed away since then, found” in Jesus.

in Jesus. Oh, precious Jesus! thou Sy the donations received from several of our kind but I have never forgotten, and I think never pearl without a blemish. I might go on to Christian friends, we have had the pleasure of disa shall forget those words. The writer is now speak of his love,


with the poet, ributing many copies of “THE EVANGELIST" in arious parts of the United Kingdom. As yet, how: a minister of the Gospel, he remembers tell

“But oh! his love what tongue can tell? ver, we have been only able to meet, in a very small

Our Jesus has done all things well." the requests of Gospel Labourers, who feeling the anecdote soon afterwards to a dying he importance of thus scattering the truth among girl, whom he hopes believed on the blessed

His love is great and constant, He never le poorer classes. Further donations will therefore e thankfully received for this object.

Jesus as there presented, and he has several leaves his own. I might tell of the glory He

times quoted it in public ministration of the has procured for them, and to which He will rom M. M.

02 the Word; and to day, dear reader, would most surely bring them, but I fear to enlarge All orders should be addressed to the Pub_he declare it to you. He (that is the blessed further. shers, Mr. W. YAPP, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Jesus) is A MAGNIFICENT Saviour. Oh, And now, dear reader, believe on Him, rest quare, London, W.; or to Messrs. MORGAN & Chase, yes! He is— He is. If I would enter into on Him, trust in Him; but when I say this, I ichborne Court, 280, High Holborn, London.

details, I might speak of Him as the perfect don't mean that you are to make a Saviour of All Communications, Donations, Books for Re- man, His nature, His ways, His motives, His your faith, or depend upon your trusting; this ew, &c., should be forwarded, pre-paid, " To the words are all perfect. Truly with the Bride would be to turn your eye from Jesus to yourditor of the Evangelist,” care of Mr. Yapp, 70, elbeck Street, Cavendish Square, London, W. (Sol. v.) may we examine all His parts, and self, as we want to be occupied with Jesus,

pronounce each beautiful, and then anıl faith is then in exercise. Faith credits Our Contributors will oblige by sending their Papers as rly in the month as possible, and accompanied with the up as the Bride does, “ Yea, He is altogether what God says about Jesus, sees His preciWe do not undertake to return rejected articles.

lovely.” Yes, as man He was holy, harmless, ousness, His loveliness, trusts in Him, loves It would facilitate our work, if some writers would carelly revise their Papers before sending them.

undefiled, the just, the blessed one. And Him, and when faith overflows (for out of the We thankfully accept Mr. B.'s remonstrance, and regret ving inserted the letter alluded to. We have no doubt the then too He was God, co-equal with the Fa- abundance of the heart the mouth will speak), thor means well, but we entreat him not to write again on solemn a subject in such a light and irreverent style. ther, very God, and very man, in the person

it cries out “ He's a magnificent Saviour!of the one Christ. On seeing He is so spot- and so He is, so may we preach, so may you He's a Magnificent Saviour. less, and so divine, is He not a Magnificent believe. Amen. once my privilege to sit under the Saviour? And then look at his blessed work.

“Then will I tell to sinners round, inistry, have the counsel, and enjoy the "He died, the just for the unjust," to bring What a dear Saviour I have found; iendship of that beloved and honoured ser- poor sinners to God. His people are redeemed I'll point to the atoning blood,

And cry, behold the way to God." int of Christ, the late Thomas MORTIMER. with the “precious blood of Christ." His

J. T. M. W. onverted as he was when a youth, by the blood, shed once, did what the blood of thoupplication to his heart of those words, “He sands of bulls and goats could not do, put ned me and gave Himself for me,”-love to away sin. His death made the atonement,

Peace in Chastisement. je Saviour characterised his life, and deeply made the reconcilation. God was perfectly The Lord chastens those He loves, and I trust mbued his ministry. Ah! dear man! he did satisfied with the blood of His precious Son, I have received this affliction as a pledge of ve Jesus, and he loved Him, because he and raised Him from the dead because my adoption. Oh! how sweet to know we new his worth. After labouring more than His atoning work was perfect. Oh! dear have to do with one who has all power, and to quarter of a century in his Saviour's service, reader, it is not faith, nor tears, nor prayers, be able to call that same blessed all-powerful uring which time, perhaps, hundreds were led nor repentance, nor duties, nor alms-giving, one, “Our Father.” Yes, I feel He is mine,

Jesus through his instrumentality, he was that puts away sin, nor helps to put away for He has revealed his love unto me, and bliged to leave London, broken down in sin. Sin was put away when He died, and by given me the witness that I am his, and who ealth, and remove to Weymouth, there to his dying, “The chastisement of our peace shall tell me the contrary, or rob me of that est, though indeed his love to Jesus would was upon Him, and by his stripes we are

“Perfect Peace” which I enjoy, and which ot let him rest. Being in one of the Chan- healed.” If we believe, we have the blessing. has been purchased by the blood of Jesus? el Islands, I determined to cross over once Precious, precious blood, “the blood of Jesus No power on earth is able to shake my ore to greet my most kind friend, and late Christ, God's Son, cleanseth us from all sin.” hopes, for they are centred in Him, nor can inister. It was during one of the days that Then again there is righteousness-He, He, hell pull me down from that rock on which I spent with him, that, on my rising to leave is the righteousness of His people. God says, stand. How blessed is the meeting of His he house, with that politeness, and affection He is a precious corner-stone. God knows power, and my weakness, of His righteousir which he was so largely distinguished, his preciousness, and says, “to those who ness, and my vileness; what is there wanting

Oh! e rose to open the street door. The door believe He is precious," Christ's precious- in myself, that I fail to find in Him? ist opened, I was about to depart, when ness is theirs, His righteousness theirs, His when I look at Him, I see every grace and uddenly, a precious thought of Jesus flashed comeliness theirs. Oh, what a standing “in beauty that I am deficient of. cross his mind, and with (if I mistake not) Christ Jesus," - in this blessed one. “ The What a glorious, complete Saviour, and plifted hands, He gazed intently heaven- Lord hath made Him to be sin for us who this Saviour mine! I am complete in Him. rard, and with an earnestness which bespoke knew no sin, (that is, He knew none) that we is not this something to rejoice in? surely it ne utterance of his soul, he cried out, He's A might be made the righteousness of God in is, and while I mourn over my cold, wanderAGNIFICENT SAVIOUR, MY BOY.” Dear Him." Well might Paul count his own ing heart, yet by the Spirit I am enabled to ian, he is with Jesus now.

righteousness as “dung and dross” to “be triumph in Christ. - Extract from a Diury.

23, 24 )

to view,


The work of the Spirit IN us, and the work He dnes not find his sinful pursuits half so plea: a new creature, old things have passed away, beof Christ FOR us.


, disappointment seems far more frequently hold, all things are become new. The change

to cross his path, he never felt half so useless may be more distinct and remarkable in some If there be a messenger with him, an interpreter, one among

a thousand, to shew unto man bis uprightness: then he before, and the excesses of many of his com persons than in others, but every true Christian is gracious unto him, and saith, Deliver him from going panions now surprise him. Can my way of must have realized that he has been humbled be

down to the pit: I have found a ransom.” (Job xxxiii. going on be quite right ? Suppose I should be fore God, and withdrawn from his purpose. Some We are told in the book of Proverbs, that it taken befand die? Is there not an eternity of ears ago, a friend of mine, after living long in is the glory of God to conceal a matter," and I his mind. His bosom friends have no suspicion to be vet more zealons in carnal gratifieation, am sure that some of us have often proved the of his inward inisgivings and fears, but he feels decided on adding to bis country residence à truth of it in discovering in the Holy Scriptures seriously for the first time, that he must

, sooner large dining-room, of dimensions sufficier :tly comglorious truths, which lay concealed from the natural eye.

When we first set out in the or later, have to do with God. The truth is, the modious to entertain large hunting parties. The Divine life, we were instructed that the Scrip- Interpreter has opened his ear, and sealed in-room was built, and, if I remember aright, it tures testified of Christ, and though we did not and deeper in his heart and conscience, and give opened his ear and sealeil instruction. He was

struction, and He will continue to work deeper was not quite furnished, before the Interpreter find the words Jesus Christ mentioned in the him to know full deliverance through the ransom- humbled and abased before God as a sinner Old Testament, yet we soon found to our joy work of Christ. and profit, by the gracious teaching of the Holy

against Him, and finding peace with God through Ghost, that there was much there concerning One great principle of the work of the Spirit the blood of Jesus

, he was soon withdrawn from His glorious person and His finished work; and in the soul is to “ withiuraw man from his pur. his purpose, and during the remainder of his life the further we proceeded in our acquaintance pose, and hide pride from man.” A young man preached the gospel in that room, with the Lord's with the holy oracles, the more convinced were sets out in life, his prospects are as men call good, blessing, in the conversion of souls. we that the Scriptures did indeed testify of he promises himself that he will prosperously This operation of the Spirit of God, in shewing Christ; so that we long ago concluded, that we pursue a certain course without disturbance; but the utterly unclean and' depraved condition of cannot be rightly instructed in the truth of God, the Interpreter opens his ear, and seals instrue. the heart, is much more speedily accomplished

Sometimes unless we find Him in some way or other brought tion, and he soon finds that his purposes are in some instances than in others.

wrong, and that he must retrace his steps with years, many years elapse, before the soul is so In the verses I have selected for our medi- self-abasement before God. You remember Saul i horoughly instructed in the lesson of creature untation, the glorious mystery of the

of Tarsus, that energetic, talented, accomplished worthiness and sin, as to look, out of self, simply of the Godhead, Father, Son, and Spirit, are young man. See his untiring zeal against Christ to the finished work of Christ for peace. It is sever ly brought before us; for who can the and His saints. Behold the clothes of the martyr sometimes a long and humbling process before Interpreter be but God the Holy Ghost, who Stephen lying at his feet. What success he pro. some learn experimentally that they cannot in alone guides into all truth, and testities of Christ? mises himself in his ways of ignorance, blas- any way he justitied hy law — that no works, And who can it be hut God the Father who re- phemy, and persecution. See him full of life duties, ordinances, os aitainments of any kind ceives the returning prodigal safe and sound, and energy in binding God's people and thrusting can recommend them to God—tliat sin is such a saying, “Deliver him from going down to the them into prisons. At last he ihinks of a more principle of the human heart, that rebellion is pii?"" And where is the "ransom" found for successful plan of operation. “I'll go,” said he always set up in it against the word of the Lord. the deliverance of a poor guilty sinner, but in to the ligh Priest, and he will give me letters Some persons seem to go od priding themselves the crucified Son of God ? Oh, how blessed, to the authorities at Damascus.” The letters are in legal righteousness, they bolster theinselves up while beholding Jesus as the Lamb slain, to find. / granted, all is done that can be to further his in morality by comparing themselves with the also, the Father, and the Holy Ghost, each and plans, and a way he goes. See with what ardour lawless; but when the Spirit of God opens the all equally and effectually concerned in the de- he sets out on his journey, trace his unwearied ear and seals instruction, when they are taught liverance of a sinner from going down into the foot drawing nearer and nearer to the scene of something of the spiritu:il inport of the law, awful pit of eternal destruction and despair ! bis expected operations, when lo! at midday a that it exposes not only the outward actions, but

But why an Interpreter ? As long as persons light from heaven suddenly arrests him, he is condemns the inward desires of the leart, saying, can comprehend each other, an interpreter is not struck down to the earth, and soon he finds him-“Thou shalt not covet”-the soul then becomes used; but when they do not understand each self at the feet of One transcendently glorious, sensible of its weakness, vileness, iind guilt, and other's statements, then intercourse must be sus- who knows the thoughts and intents of his heart, after all its strugglings for self-justification, is pended until an interpreter be procured. Were and says, “Saul, Saul, why presecutest thou so sensible of " drawing near unto the grave, and any of us to go to China to have intercourse with me?" And he soon knows that this is Jesus his life to the destroyers,” as to be compelled to the people of that country, we should need an Himself who thus addresses him. Saul's ear is cry out, “O wretched man that I am, who shall interpreter, and, unless we had one, we should opened, and instruction is sealed; for three days deliver me from the body of this death?" be unable to understand them, though they spoke he neither eats nor drinks, his cherished plains But the Spirit of God does not stop here. He according to their own language in the plainest are all frustrated, he is withdrawn from his pur- leads the perishing prodigal, through the blood possible terms. We are told, that when Jacob's pose, and bumbled and anased before God, he soon of Christ, to the Father's bosom.

He empties sons went down into Egypt for corn, they preaches the faith which once he destroyed. the heart of self-love and creature-confidence to held conversation with Joseph hy an interpreter; Under Divine teaching, he learned that his make room for the Saviour. He is the Gloriter and, in the present day, when foreigners meet, it fancied gouiness, and creature-righteousness were and Testifier of Christ. The Interpreter shews is usual to hold intercourse by means of an in all dung and «ross, and that no flesh should glory us Goi's uprightness. Jen compare themselves terpreter... Now, so foreign, and strange, and in God's presence, but if any man glory he should with each other, and in this way the natural unintelligible are the things of God to man, so glory only in the Lord.

conscience of the profligate and sensual are lealienated and blind is man's heart, that we are Look at another instance. See how diligent proveri by the chaste, moral ways of their neigia told in v. 14, that “God speaketh once, yea that Philippiin jailor is. These gospel preachers, bours. But when the Spirit of God works, ile twice, yet man perceiveth it not.” It is not said he, are bad people. Many stripes are in- makes the soul teel what it is before God, He merely that man says, “I hear and I will con- flicted.' Ile puts them into the inner prison, and shews that we liave come short of Got's perfect sider," or, “I hear and I will obey.” No, it is thinking that not enough, he makes their feet standard, and makes us feel guilty before Ilin. as if a voice called into the ear of a breathless fast in the stocks. He retires to rest, while his The Interpreter, I say, shews man Coul's uprightcorpse, or as if the deafening hurricane passed prisoners feel that their best repose at midnight neos, He brings the conscience into exercise with over the massive rock, and it was not perceived is in singing praises to the God of their salvation. God, the Holy and omniscient Judge of all

. lle by either. Why is this? Why is man's eye Suddenly, however, an earthquake shakes the shews us that Gol is of " purer eyes than to behold so entirely dim to the glories of his Creator ? foundations of the building, every loor is thrown evil

, and cannot look on iniquity,” that He reWhy is his heart so unimpressible to the melo- open, and every prisoners honds are loosed. The quires holiness according to His own priet dious sound-the still voice of redeeming love? noise and confusion a wake the jailor, a crowd of standard, for a false balance is abomination to God's eternal power and Godhead have once been alarming thoughts pass through his mind, and the Lord, but a just weight is llis delight;' am everywhere proclaimed in the visible things of he is filled with fear and anguish at supposed under His teaching we are convicted of liaving His creating hand, but man perceives it not-consequences. The best thing for himself, he

come short of the glory of God.” “ The fool hath said in his lieart, there is no God.” | concludes, is suicide, and he draws out his sword “God is light, and in Hin is no darkness at Again, in Calvary's Cross, the wonders of redeem to accomplish his awful purpose; but the Inter- all.” Christ crucified is the light of the glory ing love cry intensely loudl, but man perceiveth it preter opens his ear, and seals instruction. The of Goul. Liglit makes manifest. If we woul not; and why is this? I ask, but because he is very prisonor that he had dealt so hardly with know the exact qualities of any thing, we mu" dead in trespasses and sins.” “The natural cries out, “ Do thyself no harm, we are all here." bring it to the light. It is by seeing God, as reman receiveth not the things of the Spirit of He is withdrawn from his purpose. His condition vealed in the person and work of Christ, that we God; they are foolishness unto him; neither can before God now ́occupies his mind. A sense of get into the light which makes manifiest. Bere he know them, because they are spiritually dis- sin fills his heart. Salvation is the one press- we see everything exactly as it is '1h work, cerned.” “For what man knoweth the things ing desire of his soul. He calls for a light, man, sin, Satan, truth, error, are bere dis overed. of a man, save the spirit of man which is in rushes into the presence of Paul and Silas, and, God's attributes shine forth in th. Cross of Christ. him? even so the things of God knoweth no with trembling, falls down before them, saying, The Spirit of God brings men here to slielo man, but the Spirit of God.” It is because you “Sirs, what must I do to be saved ?" Surely, them God's uprightness. He she's us that Gol are dead in trespasses and sins, my friends, that when the Spirit of God works, He withdraws is upright in saving the siner that believes in you hear the gospel preached, and go away as if man from his purpose, and hides pride from Jesus, and that He is upright in contenirgt) you heard it not.

Yes, dear friends, when He works in the everlasting punishment those who believe wo: Blessed be God, there is an Interpreter! The soul, it is to expose the conscience to the truth, 1. As to God being upright in swing a belitian Holy Spirit opens the ear, and lle seals instruc- that the carnal mind is enmity against God, that in Christ. Girl is infinitely by adjusi; .2009 tion. He quickens the dead soul to life. A man it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed | thien can Gol, consistent iith these a:tributes is living in sin, zealously pursuing the same can be, and that all fleshly pretensions and crea- save a sinner? We reply, by substitution; ! carnal, sensual path, that he has for many a long ture resources are refuges of lies, and call for imputing sin, hating sin, contemning sill, and year, fulfilling the desi: es of his fleshly appetite; humiliation before God. Oh! depend upon it, putting it away judicially in a fit Surety. But at last he feels a troubled conscience, an unhap- that where there is true religion, there will be where could one be found who was able to be a piness of spirit that he never before experienced. I the new-birth; for if any man be in Christ he is substitute - one who could siand in the siuner's



צנון ,Ah


From love to God's dear Son."

Mar 1, 1860.] stead

, and drink up all that bitter cup of infinite your tongue; you do not wish to part with your Holy Ghost is, that the blood of Jesus cleanseth wratli, and fiery indignation? No mere creature sinful pleasures, and love sin you will, until you from all sin, and gives boldness and confidence to could accomplish this mighty work. All the are brought to Calvary's Cross, and see sin there, those who draw nigh to God. This is deliverance hosts of angels together would fall under its in its dreariful blackness, bringing down the just indeed! Perfect, happy freedom and blessing ! awful weight.

The whole universe would be vengeance and unsparing wrath of God upon His The prodigal went from the swine trough in all insufficient to bear the intolerable load. There beloved Son in our stead. God is then upright his filthiness, and when he was a great way off, was One, and only One, who could undertake this in saving the believer, and upright in condeinning the father ran to meet him, saying, “ Deliver him stupendous work, and He lay in the bosom of those who are in their sins.

from going down to the pit; I have found a ranthe Father before the world was. He came forth When a soul has been taught by the Holy som. O ye people yet in your sins ! see what a according to the eternal purpose; He was made Ghost God's uprightness-His intinite holines3=- great salvation there is in Christ! for all is Aesh, born of a woman, and dwelt among us, God His stern, intiexible justice-His absolute will, yours, the moment you take refuge in the blood sud man in one glorious person. As perfect, demanding implicit obedience—how can crear of the Cross. spotless man, death had no claim on Ilim ; ture confidence, and self-righteousness, be I notice that the word "pit" is mentioned four Hle, therefore, could be a substitute for sinful longer relied upon ?. All their stru-gles to attain times in the space of a few verses. man; and being “God over all, blessed for ever,” | anything in God's sight, by their own obedience, friends! it is a bottomless pit; those who go He was able to render full satisfaction to Divine must end in fearful disappointment. Every re- there, have no rest for their feet, they sink justice. He came forth from the Father to resolve, and each renewed effort, only expose their lower and lower under the wrath of God in darkdem all that the Father had given Him. “God weakness and sin. Such find that their holiestness and anguish, where there is weeping, and wil on Him the iniquity of us all,” and He endeavours are mixed with sin, their purest at. wailing, and gnashing of teeth; and how can any willingly died in our stead. God made Him to tempts accompanied with evil, their most earnest of you escape, if you neylet this great salvation ? be sin for us, who knew no sin, that we might endeavours continually falling short, so that their

Lastly, what are the effects of deliverance be made the righteousness of God in Him. He mouths are stopped, guilt more and more fixes bare our sins in His own boly on the tree, and itself upon the conscience, and, almost over in the chapter before us helps in that also:

through the ransom-work of Christ? The figure was made a curse for us.

come with feelings of despair, their cry is, “O His flesh 'shall be freslier than a child's; he On that Cross Jesus suffered death, the just for wretched man that I am!” till they happily find shall return to the days of his youth.” Yes, the unjust, to bring us to God. There the wrath, that they are delivered from deserved eternal that man only is living who is in Christ

. for sin. He poured out his soul unto death. hope, when they first shine upon the disconsolate asked him how old he was, that he was four Him. His soul and body were made an offering Jesus Christ

. "On: how blessed are the rays of only begin to live when first we receive Christ. He endured the penalty due for our sin. He soul, when peace first takes possession of the drank up to the dregs all the cup of wrath that troubled conscience, when the weeping eye first years old, meaning, he had been converted four we justly deserved. Ah! who can tell the depths reads in the Cross of Christ that God is love, years. When Christ is in our hearts, we live, of unutterable anguishi Jesus endured, when He when the burdened heart first lays hold of the and love, and serve, and worship, in all the said, “I thirst?" or who can conceive the amaz- blessed truth, that God is Just, and the Justifier daughters of the living God. The true believer,

liberty of blood - bought, heaven-born sons and inz sorrow of His heart, when He exclaimed, of him that believeth in Jesus!

conscious of being saved by grace, joyfully says" Aly God, my Gol, why hast thou forsaken The Holy Ghost thus learls us to Christ, for ne!” But what comfort to us there is contained He is our peace --- Hle hath made peace by the

“I dare not work, my soul to save, in Alis cry on the Cross, “ It is finished !” when blood of His Cross. Ile is the Prince of Peace.

That work my Lord has done;

But I will work like any slave,
He howed His head and gave up the ghost. Yes, The Father's love in the blood of His dear Son
He did finish the work that the Father gave Him speaks peace. Oh, beloved friends, do not look
to do-After He had hy Himself purged our sins, within for peace! Do not even look at the Spirit’s
He sat down on the right hand of the Maje-ty on work for peace! Do not look at your frames

Praise. high. Moreover, sin is not only put away, but or experiences for peace, but do look straight to righteousness is brought in. Jesus was obedient Christ crucified; yes, look wholly to the Cross KRUMMACHER says, “ when God tuned the unto death, even the death of the Cross; and by of Christ for peace, for there you see that God life-harp in our hearts, He tuned it not to the His obedience many are made righteous, for Himself removed your sins from you, and put moaning of complaints, but to the cheerful Christ is made unto us righteousness. Yes, them away for ever. Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to

Oh, remember Christ's work is perfect. No. notes of praise.” And this is exactly in acevery one that believeth. There is everlasting thing need be added to it. Nothing can be taken cordance with what David says in the 40th virtue in His blood, for the Child born was the from it. It is done. It is an already accom- Psalm, mighty God, and there is also Divine and ever- plished work. It is finished. He is able to save ble pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet

He brought me up out of an horriListing worth in His righteousness; the right-them to the uttermost that come unto God by eousness of God is ours by faith. It is clear, Him. When the apostle enquires, “ Who shall upon a Rock, and established my goings, and then, that God is upright in justifying and ac- lay anything to the charge of God's elect? He He hath put a new song in my mouth -even cepting the sinner that believes in Jesus, because does not say, look to the work of God in us, most God's holy and just wrath, on account of his sins, blessed as it is, but look to the work of God praise unto our God." The result is, “ Many has been borne by Jesus, thus removing his for us—“It is Christ that died, yea, rather that shall see it and fear, and shall trust in the transgressions from him as far as the east is is risen again, who is even at the right hand of Lord.” But how few there are who sing this from the west; and Jesus his surety being raised God, who also maketh intercession for us.” The from the dead, and crowned with glory, He now finished work of Christ then answers new song, consequently not many see it or bear appears in the presence of God as his wisdom, charge, and is the only ground of peace with it; they seem to be employing their harp to righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. God. Moreover, our liberty of access into God's the moaning of their complaints alone. Oh,

2. Is God upright in punishing the unbeliever ? presence is hy the blood of Christ. (Heh. x.) Assuredly He is. If you and I, dear friends, When Christ died upon the Cross, the veil of the believer in Jesus! it is you I am addressing; were shut up in the lake of fire for ever, what temple was rent in twain from the top to the consider how much you have to rejoice in, could we say, but that we have deserved it bottom. That veil did not refer to the Spirit's think of the positiveness of your life in Christ, 8 thousand times over ? How could God take work, but to the flesh of Christ; so that when an uncleansed sinner into heaven? Would it that Sacrifice was offered, the veil was rent, to for it is life eternal to know Him; then Christ not spoil the joy of all to have sin there? And shew that there was now full liberty of coming known is forgiveness known, one goes with would the unpardoned sinner find rest there, in into God's presence. By the blood of Christ we the other, and it is this fact that you are called seeing all around him pure and happy,and himself come at once to the Father's bosom. having no part in it? But the decree is gone again, then, that, blessed, most blessed as it is to upon to believe, and in believing it, you canforth, that nothing that worketh abomination, or realize the Spirit's work in us, yet it is not not help rejoicing in it. Would you, my reader, maketh a lie, can enter there. No, dear friends, the the ground of our peace, but the Holy Spirit truth is, that man has broken God's holy laws, and ever leads us to the blood of the Cross for peace. not wish to be among those true worshippers, God is just and upright in condemning. When Our acceptance is in the Beloved. We have re. whose rejoicing is in Christ Jesus, having no

person transgresses the laws of this country. demption through His blood; and the testimony confidence in the flesh? Think, then, again all agree that he deserves punishment; and is of God in the Scripture before us is that of deGod less just than man? The formal inoralist liverance on the ground of raisom:" Deliver of the veracity, the faithfulness of Him, who, says, “I have sinned so little, I have broken the him from going down to the pit ; I have found by His own grace, calls sinners unto His laws of God so seldom!” But stop, I say; do you a ransom, o ye unconverted people how you eternal glory by Christ Jesus. Be not afraid tell a thief, you have only stolen a few times, dread God's justice, when you think of it! You therefore the law cannot apprehend you? No, fear death, hell, and juigment, because you to have this new song put into your mouth, my friend ; you say he has broken the law, and think that God is just. You like to banish from for you cannot truly know Jesus without havhe must bear the consequence. And the Scrip- your minds the thought of God's justice and ture says, concerning God's laws, that he who holiness; but the glorious attributes of God, which ing some measure of this blessed confidence; breaks one is guilty of all; “ cursed is he that ye so much dread, give to the children of God and his positive, solemn declaration, that this continueth not in all things which are written the sweetest consolation, for they know that God knowledge is eternal life, affords ground amply in the book of the Law to do them.” Surely, has found a ransom in the blood of Jesus, and then, God is upright in condemning the sinner He is faithful and just to forgive sins for Christ's sufficient on which any sinner may safely rest. for his sins; and above all, because Christ cruci- sake. And let me here say, dear friends, that it Oh, may you be brought, like the beloved fied is preached as the sinner’s Saviour, and men is not what we think of the blood of Christ that John, to say, “ We have known and believed life

. Oh! who among us shall dwell with the mate of that blood is; and He judges the work the love that God hath to us;” thence devouring fire? who among us shall dwell with of Christ in redemption so infinitely meritorious, forward you will blend your harp's song with everlasting burnings? Oh! my friends, how can as to exalt Him to the highest pinnacle of hear the glad choir of victory. God grant it for you escape, if you go on in your sins ? alas! you love sin; it is a sweet morsel under | powers subject unto Him. The testimony of the Christ's sake. Amen.


I say


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She truly


The Last Days of Miss P.

on this subject one day, she said, “Never mind though I walk through the valley of the On Lord's Day, February 20th, when I called it, that is gone,” and then repeated a verse shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for those to see her, I found her weak, but very bright from one of her favourite hymns

art with me, thy rod and thy staff, they com“ Ye palaces, sceptres, and crowns,

fort me." She said also, “Dear aunt, if you and happy. She repeated a verse from one

Your pride with disdain I survey;

feel His presence, just raise your hand." of her favourite hymns :

Your pomps are but shadows and sounds, Never can we forget that expressive sigh. As “ All my capacious powers can boast,

And pass in a moment away.

if with nature's failing powers she would try In thee do richly meet;

The crown which my Saviour bestows,
Nor to mine eyes is light so dear,

once more to express the joy of her spirit, she

Yon permanent sun sball outsbine;
Nor friendship half so sweet."

raised her arm quite high, and waved it twice.

My joy everlastingly flows, I said, “How sweet the name of Jesus

My God, my Redeemer is mine."

It seemed to speak in striking accents: " He sounds." She responded, quoting different In the evening of Wednesday, dear E-is faithful that promised."

She said, “I want to sleep ;” and on portions of Scripture on the name of Jesus, who had just returned from a prayer-meeting, such as —" There is no other name under remarked that Mr. S— had been expound-being told she would soon sleep in Jesus, she heaven given among men, whereby we musting the 8th Romans. Dear aunt, immedi. immediately responded in a whisper, be saved.” “His name shall endure for ever.” ately took up the words: “There is now no

• They sleep in Jesus and are blest,

How soft their slumbers are!" His name shall be continued as long as the condemnation to them which are in Christ sun.' “ Blessed be His glorious name for Jesus.E

At about twenty minutes after three, she

said the hymn had been sung ever,” &c. Her mind continually dwelt on “ He lives, the great Redeemer lives."

fell asleep, to wake no more until the morning

Dear precious passages of God's Word. A Chris- aunt immediately responded, “What joy the of joy, when those who sleep in Jesus God will tian friend enquired, “ Are you happy in the blest assurance gives.” When E

bring with Him. The conflict was over, the

took prospect before you?” “Oh, yes!"

Are leave of her, she said, “The blessing of the victory won; after all the varied trials of the you able to leave yourself in His hands?" | Lord go with you, my dear, and bless your way, she had come off more than conqueror, “Yes, .my times are in his hands.' household; and bless the dear children com

through Him that loved her.
• My times are in thy hands,
mitted to your care.”

finished her course with joy, and was gathered

That evening our
O God I wish them there;

beloved one seemed so full of joy, that she into the garner, as a shock of corn fully ripe, A Father's hand will never cause

in her 77th year.
attempted to sing. E- asked her the
His child a needless tear.''
words of her song; she replied-

Be patient, be stedfast. Then she repeated, in a low tone, a part of

“Come, let us join our cheerful songs, John xv., “ Every branch in me that beareth

With angels round the throne;

Many of the exhortations of the New Testa. not fruit He taketh away,” &c. To a friend, Ten thousand thousand are their tongues, who asked what message she should convey

But all their joys are one."

ment are founded upon, or enforced by, the to her sister, she said, “Give her my dear Dear E said, you remind me of our prospect of the Lord's coming. This is the love, and say, “Surely goodness and mercy dear papa, when very weak, repeating aloud hope of the Church, and the stimulus of the

Christian. have followed me all the days of my life.'” while asleep, “Crown Him, crown Him."

To this our eye is frequently On Tuesday afternoon, appearing much Dearest aunt replied,

directed, and by this, practical holiness is

enforced. the same in body, and still very happy, she

Waiting for Jesus is a holy pos

“Soon we, with yonder sacred throng, said, “ That is a world of love, for God is

Low at His feet shall fall;

ture. Looking for God's Son from heaven is love." Often would she repeat, “ Whom have

We'll join the everlasting song,

a blessed exercise. But especially in trials

And crown Him Lord of all.I in heaven but thee, and there is none upon

and troubles, in sufferings and sorrows, should earth that I desire beside THEE." On askOne night while sitting with our dear aunt, I we be directed to this subject, as the apostle

• Be ing her what message we should send for her thought she was asleep, when she said almost directed sufferers in his day:


ye to our beloved ones far away, she said, with

in a whisper, “ My sins are all forgiven.” 1 patient; słablish your hearts; for the coming much earnestness, “ Give them my dearest, repeated the text, “ He hath made Him to be of the Lord draweth nigh.(James v. 8.)

HERE IS A FACT,ANNOUNCED, The coming dearest love;” and being asked for a text of sin for us, who knew no sin, that we might

She of the Lord draweth nigh." The Lord Jesus Scripture, she replied, " The Lord is my por- be made the righteousness of God.” tion, saith my soul, therefore will I hope in immediately added, “in Him.” On Friday is now absent, in the sense in which He was Him."

night, a kind aged friend, Dr. B-, called once present; He is personally in heaven, After a pause

Hope in Him; as the to see her, he said, “ You will soon see Jesus!” seated at the right hand of the Father. There anchor to the ship, so is hope to the soul.”

She answered, “I know it, I feel it.” She He has taken His body, on which He bore

much enjoyed a little hymn that was read, our sins, and there, body and soul, He waits “Put thou thy trust in God, In duty's path go on;

repeating the words with much emphasis. until His enemies are made His footstool. Fix on His word thy steadfast eye,

On Saturday, it became evident that our His absence causes grief to His espoused So shall thy work be done."

beloved aunt was sinking; we watched by ones, for how can His bride be happy, while On Wednesday afternoon, our beloved Aunt her couch for many hours, and dear E-her bridegroom is away, seeing it is His preseemed a little revived, still very peaceful and continued through the night.

sence, and His presence alone, that fills her happy, resting on the promises. She repeated

On Sunday morning, February 27th, I with joy, peace, and satisfaction ? His enethe 23rd Psalm with great emphasis, finishing hastened to her bedside, and found her look- mies take advantage of His absence, to insult at the verse, “Yea, though I walk through ing much weaker, but very calm and peaceful. His people, and in many places to oppose and the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear When reminded it was the Lord's day, she persecute them ; so that His people must sufno evil, for thou art with me,” &c. At an- appeared pleased at the thought. On this fer, more or less, while He is a way. But He other time, as if meditating aloud, she said, day she was to commence her eternal Sabbath has promised to return-10 return and receive “ The silver and the gold are His.”

Jeho- of rest. We continued our watch by her us unto himself; and He will soon come now, vah Jireh still.“My Father and your side, the powers of nature were fast failing; for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh." Father, my God and your God.” Once she but the lamp of life, that hidden life, appeared When He comes, He will make all straight, repeated

to burn brighter. That faithful Lord, whom for He will judge and punish His foes, and “Christ shall the banquet spread

she had so long known, and loved, was very vindicate and reward His saints. Oh, what a With His own royal hand,

near his aged servant, illuminating the dark glorious sight it will be, to behold Jesus de. And raise that favourite Servant's head, valley with beams of His own glory. At scend into the air, gather His saints together High midst the angelic band.”

intervals we repeated portions of Scripture, unto Him, clothe them in His glory, and be It was striking to witness how beautifully and hymns, to which she feebly responded, but admired in them by all beholders! Well may she had learnt submission to her Father's will we could not catch the words. Once she was His people weary for His coming, well may in the loss of some things which once we heard to whisper, “Heavenly Father." E- His Church cry out, “Come, Lord Jesus, prized, and fondly called our own. Speaking repeated the words of Scripture : “ Yea, come quickly!"

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HERE IS AN EXHORTATION BASED ON THE will judge His people.” Is not this enough and work diligently. The time is short. The

Be patient." They were oppressed Cannot you leave your cause with Jesus? sun is going down. The night is far spent. and tried, and perhaps tempted to droop or Cannot you leave the correction of your breth- Let us work for Jesus. Let us work for souls. repine ; therefore the apostle reminds them ren, or the punishment of your foes to Him? | Let us work as those who must give account

to the Master when He cometh. Let us ever that Jesus will soon be here, and says, “Be Stablish your hearts against repining at your patient, the coming of the Lord draweth lot. It may not be the most pleasant to flesh keep in mind, that Jesus has told us himself,

that He will come to take account of His nigh.” So we also should exercise patience, and blood. It may not at present be pros

servants, and ascertain what every one hath in the prospect of that glorious event. Be perous. You may have much pain, and few gained by trading. Does the coming of the patient in suffering wrong. Are you perse- pleasures-many losses, and few gains—much Lord draw nigh? then let us warn his foes, cuted, or slandered, or misrepresented ? Be sickness, and little health. But, remember, and animate his friends. Let us warn all who not vindictive, or revengeful, or even too there is no chance in all this. The whole is

are opposed to Him, or are careless about anxious to clear yourself, if you know you arranged for you, by Him who loves you--by Him, that He is coming in flaming fire, to are innocent. Commit the matter to the Him whose wisdom is infinite, and whose take vengeance on them that know not God, Lord, encourage a forgiving spirit, and leave whole heart is set upon doing you good. and on them that obey not His gospel. Let vindication to providence, or until Jesus Stablish your heart against idling away your us exhort them to seek Him, to be reconciled

Be patient in labouring for God. time. Time is precious. There is much to to Him, and to yield themselves up to be Success may not immediately crown your be done, much that we may do, much that saved by Him. And let us cheer and animate Like the husbandman, who has to we ought to do.

Let us not then lose too his friends, reminding them that at His comwait for rain, wind, and proper seasons, so much time in sleep, in recreation, or in plea- ing, Jesus will bring to light the hidden you may have to wait for the power of the sure. But let us live for God, live to serve things of darkness, and then shall every man Spirit, or the putting forth of the blessing of our generation according to His will, and live have praise of God. God, to render your work successful. But to gain the commendation at last, “Well done, labour on-labour on in hope ; labour on with good and faithful servant, enter thou into the The Parable of the Ten Virgins; patience. Remember, “they that sow in tears, joy of thy Lord.” shall reap in joy. He that goeth forth and Is Jesus coming? Does his coming draw weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubt- nigh? Then let us be glad and rejoice, for our “All Scripture is given by inspiration of less come again with rejoicing, bringing his redemption draweth nigh. Until Jesus comes, God, and is profitable;" hence all who desheaves with him." Be patient in waiting storms will grow, sorrows will flow, wars will light in the word of God should attentively for the reward. It is promised. It is certain. rage, devils will tempt, and men will perse- and prayerfully consider the distinct instrucEvery act of kindness, every deed of mercy, cute and hate each other. But when Jesus tion imparted in each part of the Word. Ineven the smallest benefit conferred on a be- comes, instead of the thorn, shall come up the stead of this, bow many are there, even liever, out of love to Jesus, and for His glory, fir trce; and instead of the briar, shall come among true Christians, who practically ignore shall be rewarded. You may meet with in- up the myrtle tree: the cow and the bear and omit a great portion of Divine revelation. gratitude from man, you may forget what you shall feed, their young ones shall lie down I allude at present more particularly to have done yourself, but Jesus will never for- together; and the earth shall be full of the the prominence given in the Bible to the get. He is coming to give reward unto His knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover second coming of the Lord from heaven. The servants the prophets, and to the saints, and the sea. Does the coming of Jesus draw whole of the writers, both in the Old and to them that fear His name, small and great. nigh? then let us prepare and be ready for it. New Testament, are continually referring to Wait, therefore, patiently, for in due season Let it not find us sleeping. Let not that day this event, as the all-important hope of the you will reap, if you faint not. Be patient in overtake us as a thief. But let us have our Church; notwithstanding which, most Chriswaiting for the event. Do not get weary; do vessels filled with oil, our lamps bright and tians seem either to forget the subject altonot fall asleep, as the virgins are represented burning, our garments white and clean, and gether, or else to imagine, that it is wrapped as doing. Be watchful; be wary; be on the our loins girt with truth. Let us be quite about with so much that is dark and mystelook out for Jesus. Soon, and perhaps sud- ready to hail the return of Jesus at any mo- rious, as to render its study of no real benefit. denly, you may hear the midnight cry, “Be- ment, in every place, however engaged. 0 I feel persuaded, that all who candidly hold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to to have the heart right, and the eye fixed, study the teachings of Holy Writ on this meet Him." He that shall come, will come, looking for His appearing. Does the coming point, will come to just the opposite concluand will not tarry; be ye therefore patient. of Jesus draw nigh? then let us expect and sion to all this, for they will soon discover,

Stablish your hearts" for the truth of God, desire it. It should be the object of our hope that the doctrine of Christ's second coming in expectation of the Lord's coming. By We should be looking for God's Son from is both practical and consoling in its results, faith in the promises, by fellowship with God, heaven. We should desire it, as the prisoner and that in an eminent manner. and by communion with saints, stablish your desires the day of liberation; as the encum- The parable of the “TEN VIRGINS” is pecuhearts. Let nothing move you; but be sted-bered Jew desired the Jubilee; and as the liarly solemn and awakening in its teachings fast, immoveable, always abounding in the espoused bride, whose heart overflows with love on this subject. We there plainly discover work of the Lord; forasmuch as ye know to her bridegroom, longs for her wedding day. the great fact, that when Christ comes the that your labour is not in vain in the Lord. Let us look, and long, and hope for the ad- second time, without sin unto salvation, He will Stablish your hearts against error in doctrine. vent of Jesus, every day, and all day long. find His Church a mixed body. The Church Every gospel doctrine is precious. It is a ray Does the coming of the Lord draw nigh? then is compared to virgins; all outwardly profrom the orb of truth, a stream from the river let us bear and endure our trials patiently. fessors of religion, and members of one body; which maketh glad the city of God. Errors They may be sharp—they must be short. They all apparently desirous of going forth to meet will abound. Error is often impregnated with are limited as to direction and degree. When the Bridegroom; but alas! all are not what

Error is generally fascinating and Jesus comes, all our trials will be past; and each professes to be, for five of them are pleasing to the flesh. But error clouds God's then joy, gladness, and pleasant songs will be foolish. These have lamps, the external form glory, more or less dishonours Jesus, and must our portion. Look not then, my poor tried of Christianity, but they have no oil in their injure the Christian's mind. Keep close, there- brother, my poor afflicted sister, look not lamps, the internal life of the true believer. fore, to the written word, reject tradition, yield much at your trials and afflictions. Bear up A lamp is useless without oil. Having a to no human authority; but let the word of under your trials a little longer, and you will name to live is of no avail, if real life be God alone be your standard. Stablish your soon prove Paul's word to be true, I reckon absent; nothing will stand the test of that hearts against temptations to avenge yourself. that the sufferings of this present time are great, great day, wherein Jesus shall come, Let Jesus bear the sword, and Jesus alone. not worthy to be compared with the glory but real living faith, called by the Apostle,

says, " Vengeance belongeth unto me; I that shall be revealed in us.” Does the com- " Christ in you the hope of glory.” I would will repay, saith the Lord. And, again, the Lord ing of the Lord draw nigh? then let us work, not make too sweeping an assertion, but yet,



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