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Mark v.



'Tis with the righteous well."

And you,

Is it well with thee ?
Christ, in the gall of bitterness, and the

The Captive Freed. bonds of death? Is it well with thee, “How are you? I hope you are well,” is while thou art in danger of hell-fire, as a You know this story, dear friends; but the frequent enquiry of friends when they sinner against God? Oh, no! believe have you ever thought how much this meet. I would put the same question to me, it is far, very far from well with thee; man resembles you? He dwelt among you, dear reader, at the present time. I for thou art preparing thyself for the pit the tombs, and devils filled his heart; hope you are well in body ....... but most that is bottomless-for the fire which is and day and night his time was spent in of all, I desire you to be well in soul. unquenchable — for the gnawing worm fearful cries, and wild attempts to harm If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, it which dieth not-for everlasting burn- himself and all around. And is it not is well with you; for

ings. But notwithstanding thy fearful the same with you? Oh does not Satan “In time and to eternal day,

condition, yet it shall be well with thee, hold you fast? Can he not lay his hand on

if thou repentest of thy sins, and be- you, and claim you as his own? Have A believer is a new creature—he has lievest in the Lord Jesus Christ ; for then you not vainly tried to cleanse your sins, been born again, by the power of the thou shalt be pardoned, saved, and made and only proved that nought can tame Holy Ghost, as displayed by regeneration. perfectly happy. Jesus is able and will the wild unfettered evil of your heart? In his experience, old things have passed ing to do all this for thee, if thou wilt Is not your strength employed to harm away, and all has become new; he has a call upon his name, trust to His blood, yourself? Have you not spent your time new nature, new desires, and a new heart. and believe in His grace.

in sin, and used your influence far too Concerning such an one, we can always O poor sinner! it is well with thee, that much to draw your friends away from say, “It is well,” and “It shall be well." thou art out of Hell ; but it is ill with God? Ah yes! your dwelling is indeed He may mourn over the remains of sin thee, that thou art out of Christ. O let among the tombs; and all your joy and within him, but still—all's well, for the me urge thee at once to repent of thy pleasure found in that which must bring end therefore is eternal bliss. It is al- sins toward God, and believe on the Lord judgment by-and-bye! ways well with the Christian, for he is Jesus Christ, that thou mayst be able to

And will you be content to stay like loved by an immutable God, blessed say, it is well. Do not delay this matter,

this? Oh, will you close your eyes, with all spiritual blessings, in heavenly but at once see to it, that thou hast lost and turn away from Him who comes to places, in Christ Jesus, chosen by grace, much precious time; but bear in mind give you life? Look at this man - He to everlasting life, peace, rest, and un- thou mayst not have much more to lose. saw the Saviour yet a great way off

, and mingled satisfaction. He is predestinated Alrendy, this year, the writer has heard with a piercing cry, he ran and worshipped to be conformed to the image of Jesus, of five persons, well known to himself, Him: down at His feet he fell and with and all the trials, difficulties, and tempta- who have died suddenly, and that in the a trembling heart exclaimed, “Torment tions of his pilgrimage shall work short space of one month, and thou canst me not... Torment me not.” together to produce this desired object of not tell thou wilt not be summoned next- my friend — have you thus cast yourself a loving Father's wise dispensations. He for die soon thou must. Again, I would at Jesus' feet? Oh, do you not deserve is preserved in Christ Jesus blameless. bid thee at once to look to Jesus—at once

His wrath ? and may He not justly say, He is guided by the Holy Spirit, through believe in Jesus, for the blood of Jesus "Depart from me"....and send you to the all the intricacies of his way, and has a Christ, God's well-beloved Son, cleanseth

But hark! that blessed certain hope of being with Jesus for ever; from all sin; and 'tis only as thou art Jesus calls you near; He offers you etertherefore, to the believer," It is well."

washed in that blood, that thou canst say nal life! He has the power of life and Poor backslider, is it well with thee, truthfully, I am happy-it is well. Jesus death; He holds all judgment in His while thou art proving sin to be exceeding and Jesus only, is the Redeemer of lost, hand; and He has power to save: He bitter, and art wandering from the fold of sinful man; and He is able and willing scatters blessings round, and freely parJesus? Alas! it is not well with thee, to save unto the UTTERMOST all that come

dons all who come to Him. Ah yes! He for thou art sick, and needest the care of unto God by Him. Dear reader, once holds the keys of death and hell, and Jesus, the good Physician, ere thou canst more, is it well with thee?

gives forgiveness, joy and peace, to every again be well; and yet, though 'tis not

one who falls before His face, and seeks now well with thee, yet it may be well,

His mercy now. for Jesus now invites thee to return; He

Oh hear that piercing cry, “torment is stretching out His hands of mercy in Is He who sits beside me now,

me not! torment me not!" and what will the gospel, pleading with thee, saying,

And tells me all my sin,

Jesus do? Ah will He turn away? will

The Lord before whom angels bow, “Return unto the Lord thy God; I will

He refuse to hear, and thrust him from heal thy backsliding, I will love thee

His feet? No-no indeed! He saw his

And can He all the darken'd page freely, for mine anger is turned away.”

helpless state, and felt His pity more.

Of my past hist’ry read, Do not tarry longer from thy God, do

He saw this wretched one, fast bound in

Yet deign to talk with me so vilenot longer grieve thy Saviour, do not

Satan's chains, and spoke the word that longer peril thy soul, but at once say,

mighty word, which set the captive free. “ I will arise, and go to my Father, and

"Come out of him," he said, and Satan will say unto Hinn, 'Father I have sin

And where the mighty thunderings must obey. Ah yes, he did not dare disned.'” Go thus in humility of soul, then

E’en huly Moses saw ?

pute His power; he knew Him as the shalt thou be enabled to say, it is well No lightning flashes from those eyes, Son of God; he knew he had his master with me, for Jesus has proved himself to Which all my sins can view ;

there, and with entreaties, prayed he

His holy lips pronounce no curse be a God ready to pardon, and mighty to

might not yet be cast into the deep. To pierce the sinner through.

And you, my friend, can you cast out

O come and see this, wondrous Man, Ungodly reailer, is it well with thee,

that wicked one that dwells within your

He told me all I've done ; while plagues and deaths are flying

heart? Can you upset the throne where

O must not this the Saviour be, around thee, and thou art still careless ?

This Great yet Gracious One.

Satan sits supreme? Ah no. In days Is it well with thee, while thou art out of

gone by, man listened to his smooth de

lake of fire ?

JOHN iv. 26.

"I that speak unto thee, am He."

And Ileaven itself's unclean?

O this is Grace indeed !

Where are the curses I have heard

Attend His broken law?


A. A. W.

Nature never will be

your choice!


What a rich faith has he !


For Christ and he are now but one.

ceitful words; he promised you a light and set you free! oh do not put it off, self to be in yourself nothing but a mass and easy yoke; he said that he would and think it matters not, for soon the of corruption. leave you free to please yourself, and door of mercy may be closed ! Now, reconciled to this, therefore to live by begged admittance to your heart : he Jesus sits upon a throne of grace and faith is wholly of the Lord. 'Tis to repromised pleasures fresh and new, de waits to pardon sin: now, He declares nounce self in all its varied forms, and to clared he would not be your king, but that he will freely save, and shed His live out of all you see and feel in yourself just a friend to help you to those sinful love within the heart of every one that on your Jesus. “Likewise reckon ye also jors which would not harm you much; comes to Him. But judgment is at hand; yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, and then with cunning subtlety he said, the day of grace will soon be past; then but alive unto God, through Jesus Christ he would not hold you fast, but any hour seek. Him now--cry out to Him for help, our Lord." What He is, you are in Him rou should be free to cast him off. But and with an earnest heart, resolve you by virtue of an eternal union. have you found it so? Oh, did he speak will not rest, until your soul is truly Whether you live in the enjoyment of the truth? No, no indeed — he has ensaved from Satan's power.

this fact or not hath nothing to do with throned himself, nor can you break his

What! do you linger still? Are you the thing itself, for if we believe not, yet yoke! How often have you longed and afraid that blessed Jesus could not satisfy He abideth faithful, His word is still the vainly tried to get the mastery over sin! your heart? Do you still fear that sin same; but it would tend nuch to the It will not be controlled; and you, its would claim its wonted power? Then establishment of your mind in the Lord, groaning slave, must smart beneath its turn again, and see this rescued one. O and increase your joy and comfort. May wounds, and deeply mourn the folly of watch him seated at the Saviour's feet ! you be enabled by the Holy Ghost to say,

with loving grateful heart he sits, and “The life I now live in the flesh, I live But still there is a way of safety left! gazes upward on the One who had done by the faith of the Son of God, who loved Yes, JESUS still has power to save! so much for him. O see him clothed me, and gave Himself for me.” One word from HIM, and you are free! once wild with rage, but now with listen.thus on the Lord as your Lord, and you He can dethrone that tyrant from your ing ear and peaceful smile--a picture of will not fail of rejoicing; yea, always heart! He can upset his power and claim the wonders grace can do! And whence according to your faith, so be it unto you as His own! You have indeed de this change-this mighty change ? Ah! you. stroyed yourself, and sold yourself for JESUS had revealed Himself to him, The Poet says sweetly : nought; but HE has given Himself a

and His amazing love had calmed the “He that now in Christ believes, sacrifice for sin, and He can

fury of his soul.
And has this precious

In Christ he moves, and acts, and lives, you; yes, every one who calls on Him Saviour altered since ? Is not His power,

From self and bondage free. will be most surely saved! You do de. His love, the same? Then yield yourself

He hath the Father and the Son, serve His wrath, for you have thrust His to Him. Go, test His power, and let laws behind your back, despised His love Him cast the tyrant out! He will not

Till we attain to this rich faith, and grace, and turned away from Him: turn away; ah, no! but will forgive each

Though safe, we are not sound; but, oh, rise up, and seek His mercy now! sin, and fill your soul with wondering

Though we are saved from guilt and wrath, Will He torment, or cast the arrows of grateful love; yes, He will whisper words

of peace, and bid fear no more. He His righteous anger forth ?

Lord, make the union closer yet,

And let the marriage be complete.” but with the tenderest love will break will attract you to Himself, and make your bands in twain, and set your spirit you prove how rich the joy He gives;

Grace Abounding; or, "I've found Jesus." free! Yes, He who saved that wretched and as you learn of Him, you will declare,

(Continued from page 23.) one will love to save you too: He will His ways are ways of pleasantness, and repeat that word, “Come out of him!” all His paths are peace.

“That evening, when I left my duties, I and Satan must obey; ah, yes, he will

went to see her. On my way I called on

'We walk by faith, not by obey--and your poor heart, where Satan

our brother, Mr. I- I stated the

sight." dwelt, will be completely cleansed from

case to him, and told him that she and God's chosen heritage are too prone to her children stood in need of something. sin, and filled with joy and peace.

But mark these devils - where they be looking at themselves instead of the I said I was going to see her, and would went, and what they did. The blessed Lord Christ, and poring on themselves be glad if he would do so on the morrow, Jesus let them go into the swine, that we and judging of their state in the Lord by which he did, and prayed for her. I told might read in them the fearful end of their feelings; but sure I am, this is him also that I was going to give her those whom Satan leads. With headlong wrong. Sweet and blessed as it is to something; he said, "How much?” I laste they rush into the sea; faster and have enjoyment, yet there is a subject replied, “A shilling.” He very willingly faster on until they could not stop; down beyond it, for the savour may be lost for gave a shilling also, which I took with the steep plane without a thought or a season, yet the union stands the same. me, and gave to her. After speaking to care, till suddenly the waters close above Do you complain of darkness? Your her about Christ the Saviour of sinners, their heads, and they were drowned be. Lord is teaching you a lesson, to which how willing He was to save all those who neath the flood! Oh what a picture of flesh and blood will ever be found op- feel their need of Him, she said, “Oh! I the downward road to hell! urged on by posed and fight against - living by am a great sinner." "Take courage," I him, who only seeks to slay, what thou- faith, and not by sight. You are called said, “ Christ will in no wise cast out. sands rush along without a thought, and upon to live out of yourself, wholly on Believe only, and thou shalt be saved. laugh and talk as if this fearful race were Him alone; to live by faith is to reckon The Lord is faithful to his promise ; He but a game of play! My friend, do stop yourself before God as in the position of says, 'Come unto Me, all ye that labour before it be too late! do stop and ponder Christ, for He actually took your place and are heavy laden, and I will give you where your footsteps tend; are you still as bearing your sins, and gave you His rest.' Christ became a substitute for us, on the downward plane? oh pause awhile place before God; and you now stand bearing all our iniquities and sins in His

to Jesus now; He, He alone can before the Father in the same position as own body on the Cross, so our sins have stay your feet, and break those chains, Christ Himself, even when you feel your been imputed to Him, and His righteous

Perfection is not found.






say were,

and needs no comment.


hide her dead.




died in the Lord.

She said,

" I see my

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ness imputed to us, for He died for the friend saying, “Are you ready to die?” ringing in my ears, If they could all come express purpose that sinners that believe she replied, though much exhausted, up, sir." in His name might be saved.” I went to “Yes, I

Jesus never leaves me.

Reader! the half doubting expression of

I prayer by her, and entreated the Lord to am very happy going home.” The last this countryman will soon have a living reality

, for “all that are in the graves shall hear His

heard to revenl Christ to her by the Holy Spirit, words she was that she might find peace and pardon of “Coming, coming!” She rose from the voice, and shall come forth.” (John v. 28.

Have you ever, with a sober mind and solemn sins through believing in His name. pillow to kiss a friend, and immediately thought

, contemplated that great morning of About this time a Christian woman also departed to be with Christ.

the resurrection, when the dead in Christ shall

Thus we record another instance of the visited her, to whom she said, “I tremble

come forth ? Have you ever seriously given to think of the way in which I have been abounding grace of God, another proof heed to the Word of the living God, which living; no one has been such a sinner.” that He takes beggars from the dunghill declares that some will rise to everlasting joy, She then read to her part of the eighth of sin, and sets them among princes, glory, and happiness, others, alas! to shame chapter of John, about the woman taken another testimony that God loves sinners and everlasting contempt? That day will most

The great white throne will in adultery, and when she came to that -yea, the vilest of sinners-though He certainly come. passage, “neither do I condemn thee,"

hates their sins. It is a plain statement, be erected. The heavens and earth will fly

We do not away from the presence of Him that sits she lifted herself up in the bed and said,

The dead, small and great, will "" then I'm sure He will have mercy on publish it because it is something extra

stand before God. The sea will no longer me.” The next evening she suddenly ordinary, for all who are taught of the

will give up her cried out, “Oh! I'VE FOUND JESUS! I Holy Spirit know that they are saved

dead. This earth, which is one vast charnel see Him. He hath forgiven all my sins. only on the ground of God's free mercy house, will not afford shelter, or provide a I am happy now.

I shall soon be with in Christ. Our condition as sinners hus hiding-place, to one who has ever trodden Him. He is all round me. Oh! He is long been judged, and sentence of guilt upon its surface. Now, the ashes of the so smiling. I am not afraid to die now. and condemnation been pronounced on wicked and the just lie commingled together. I am going to be with Christ in glory. I us all; but the gospel of remission of At the first blast of God's trumpet the bodies want to go now. I feel no pain now. sins is still preached to every creature, of the dead in Christ shall rise first."

Reader! what place will you occupy in am very happy.” She sent to a friend and blessed indeed are those who can say to say she had found Jesus. Then she with the Apostle, “This is a faithful resurrection?

This is a faithful resurrection ? Are you a poor sinner saved spoke of her mother and sister, who had saying, and worthy of all acceptation, through the blood and righteousness of Christ? that Christ Jesus came into the world to

Are you humbly trusting in His finished work,

and endeavouring to walk in obedience to dear mother and sister with Christ in save sinners, of whom I am chief.”

His Word and will, leaning only upon Him glory. I shall soon be with them.” A

who has promised to guide you with counsel

“If they could all come up." friend that was with her went to the other

here, and after that receive you to glory? In end of the room for a few minutes, when One evening in the month of June last, I

one word, are you a believer on the Lord Jesus she called aloud for him by name, and was, in the course of my profession, riding Christ? Do you know Him and the power of

through one of the rich and picturesque His resurrection? If you have no other hope, said, “Come over, don't be afraid of a valleys on the borders of South Wales, I

no other Saviour, happy are you; you may dying woman. I am going to be with

had reached a very secluded spot, all was Jesus.” She said to another, “Mary, do quiet and serene, evening was fast closing that you will be satisfied when you wake up.

go down into the grave with the certainty bring over my red book, that I may read in, and all nature was sinking into repose.

Reader! do you still belong to that number those pretty hymns.” She did read them, I felt very tired and exhausted, having tra- who see no light beyond the tomb, who have and praised the Lord with such a loud velled a great distance during the day; never

not yet found peace in Jesus ? voice, that the neighbours were struck theless, the beauty of the scenery was most trusting to yourself, to what you have, or may with surprise and astonishment at the refreshing, and the solitude of the path I was accomplish? Are you yet in your sins, living wonderful goodness and grace of God to treading was favourable to Christian meditation. without God in the world? Oh! it is a her. She continued in this happy state After I had pursued my journey some dis- miserable thing to live without hope, or to be of mind nearly all through the remainder | tance, I came to an old church, and in passing trusting to the hypocrite's hope which will of her life. For about twenty-four hours, the churchyard I pulled up my horse, being perish, to lie down in sorrow, and rise to shame

much struck with the immense number of and contempt. Well, dear reader! this will she suffered a little pain, and asked her

gravestones erected. In a small churchyard, be your portion, if you turn away from Jesus, cousin if her mother had suffered

of not more than half-an-acre of ground, there who is the resurrection and the life. Accept much. She said, “The road is rough. must have been at least five or six hundred God's free grace --- His blessed Lamb. That wicked one, I mean Satan, wants to headstones standing closely together. I felt lieve in Him, poor sinner, as the One that call me back again, but I will not; he compelled to stand and contemplate the scene, taketh away the sin of the world. Look and offers me money, but I see my dear Lord; and I read many of the inscriptions upon the live, and at once pass from death unto life. He is with ine, I shall soon go with Him. tombs. Most of them were erected to the There is a sting in death ; get rid of the sting Tell all the dear friends that spoke to me memories of persons of great age.

Some of

you get rid of all that which makes death about Jesus, and that dear man that met the epitaphs spoke of the departed as “ Sin

to be dreaded. The poor countryman spoke me at the station, that it was the Lord ners sared by grace.” Some spoke of Christ of the resurrection in the language of unbethat brought me to see him, and that I Jesus the Sarzöur.” Others, alas! as is usual lief

, If they could all come up." Remember, shall meet him and them all in heaven; in most places where the ashes of

the alternative is not left to poor mortal man. my very kind love to all.” She named man are deposited, spoke of the virtues of The dead shall be raised. "

the deceased. While I was thus occupied, a the man with whom she had been living,

no power to remain in the bowels of the earth, countryman came up to me from a neighbourand besought her friends not to be unkind

or the recesses of the deep, and hide yourself ing cottage, and observing me looking with from the presence of God in that day Now to him, for he had done all he could for intense interest at the gravestones, he said, is the time to settle the great question of how her. She said, “We have both been

There would be a pretty regiment of them you will meet Jesus. Cast your poor helpless wrong, but I have prayed for him that if they could all come up, sir.I made some

soul on God's mercy in Christ Jesus now, and the Lord will have mercy on him; write slight remark to the man in reply, and passed you shall hear those cheering words, -- Come him about His soul. How good of the on, for I thought he had been drinking, but ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom

, .” Lord to bring me to T-" On a after I had left him his words appeared to be









You will have

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Here then are no

storm ;

use to her.

Jesus Christ is in


G. R.


Himself the fountain.

Encouragement to Tract Distributers. refuge.” Oh! what a safe City to flee to ! shall pass away, but my word shall not pass

Nevertheless the foundation of God No one can tell the value of a good gospel what a sweet home to go to! when all else fails. away.'

standeth sure, having this seal, “ the Lord tract, or how much good is done by tract dis- Oh! yes, and our Father invites us to come.

knoweth them that are His."

His purposes tribution; it is not often that a week passes Oh! sweet retreat! is it not? And He is

are unchangeable—“ They that trust in the away without my hearing of tracts being used not only our refuge, but our strength for con- Lord shall be as Mount Zion, which eannot be for blessing to souls in Derbyshire. Calling Alict with every foe, and is always at hand to removed.” His grace—“My grace is sufthe other day at a house in the village of Aan aged Christian told me that she had been help His children, if looking alone to Him; ficient for thee, for my strength is made a Christian about 50 years, but that she had for He is a present help in trouble, why perfect in weakness.” “ As thy day, so shall

thy strength be.” His power is unchangeable got more light and had felt more joy in the should we fear? Though every object of L' Twice have I heard this, that power Lord during the last few months than ever be our affection which binds us to earth be belongeth unto the Lord.” His arm is not fore; and that gospel tracts which had been given away in the village, had been of great removed, we have a safe anchorage, a safe shortened or weakened. His wisdom-He is haven of rest, and a refuge from every

" the only wise God.” She also told me of a young

falling bridges, no sliding embankments, no man, a relative, who visited her a short time for our Father is at the helm of all our affairs, running sands, no cracking, no dark tunnels, since, and read all the gospel tracts she had nothing happens by chance, or without His no false signals, no curves. It is a straight in the house, comparing every statement with the Bible; and that he has now written to her knowledge; “ for all things are naked and way, all the rails are good, and they are laid to say, that those tracts were the means of his open to the eyes of Him with whom we have on the best materials—the divinity of Christ.

We have no turn out-one line-all trains run conversion to God. I have just heard of a to do.” The waters may roar, and be troubled;

the same way-no collisions. The carriages man, not far from here, who was converted by the mountains of difficulties may shake us

are all bomb proof; “nothing shall harm you, means of a precious litttle tract, headed with the swelling thereof, but there is a river, if ye be followers of that which is good." " Prayer no Saviour." I have heard of five

a continual stream, ever flowing in Christ; an Angels are guards. persons who have been blest through reading å tract called, “ Peace in believing." These inexhaustible stream of life and love, and He front; He clears our way. No snow drifts.

The devil would be glad to tear up the line, are a few out of many cases where I have causes it to flow, as a proof of His love. For and upset all the trains, but he cannot. “The known that tracts have been used of the if He spared not His dear Son, will He not gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Lord; and I find that in those places where with Him freely give us “ all things ?And Glory to God! Hallelujah! All bound for God is working very much among the people, this river is ever running, and so sweet and glory! We are all insured. But we must that pure gospel tracts are much sought after, especially those which contain short and sim- precious is it, that it maketh glad the city of not lose our ticket. Oh! no, mind this! We ple statements of gospel truth; such as tell God. How blessed to live in this city, to be must not let go our confidence, but keep up

our assurance by continual faith and prayer. a poor sinner that the blood of Christ has put one among the number of the happy citizens If we want instruction, we go to the feet of aray'all sin, and has left him nothing to do of that blessed country, and to drink those Jesus; if water, we go to Horeb; if fuel, to but believe the fact and be at peace.

sweet waters, ever new and precious from the Gethsemane, and ascend the incline fountain head, even Christ, each one for him- Calrary; there we have it in abundance-if

we want more fire, we go to the love of Christ. Behold, the Bridegroom Cometh. self! May God find you and yours often

The refreshment rooms are all free: best * At midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the Bride there. We are entitled to it in Christ Jesus. entertainment-all that is required is merely

His blood has introduced us there. He is to give a little to keep them in repair, and a AWAKE! awake! ye slumb'ring saints,

He is God's holy little to those who serve.

The provisions are Rise to the midnight cry;

all gratis, but over the door is written, place, and there is no other. Christ is my Lift up your hearts in joyful strains,

" admittance by the blood of Jesus.” A ticket tabernacle and dwelling place. He is the signed in blood at Calvary will give you a seat For oh! the Bridegroom's nigh.

way into the holiest of all. He is the dwell in our train, admittance to all the refreshment Let not the passing dreams of earth ing place of the most high.

rooms, and will entitle you to the protection For one hour satisfi;

rest, and provided by God too for my rest, and of Him who rides in front. No changing or Rise to behold His glorious face, the rest of the whole family of God. It is

snipping of tickets—the same ticket throughFor oh! the Bridegroom 's nigh.

here that we have fellowship with the Father
and the Son. Oh, drink of these waters obtain a renewal of it by making earnest

But you must not lose it.
Awake! and trim your glimm’ring lamp, they will well up into everlasting life. It is application at the office on Calvary, for there
Look to the breaking sky;

a free gist, and you and I are made glad when all such must apply. It is the only office Haste to receive His fond embrace, we drink of it.

where tickets are given or renewed. For sure the Bridegroom's nigh.

Let us not be moved, though the heathen may rage, and the kingdoms of men be moved. will not refuse you, but you had better be

keeps that office knows all about you, and He His finish'd work-His bleeding wounds, God is in the midst of us, and He will help careful, and look often and well

to your And groans on Calvary,

When He utters his voice, the earth ticket, for there is generally more sorrow in Bid us with joy receive the cry— (man) must melt at His presence, for He will renewing the ticket than even in obtaining it "Behold, the Bridegroom's nigh." destroy it all by the brightness of His coming, at first. And what if you should feel no

even the devil also. Say to the “foolish,” Be alarmed,

inclination to renew it, or the office door God will be then indeed in our midst, seen should be shut? If you would prefer going Tell them they soon must die,

and enjoyed by His people. Then we shall by Express, there have been some Express Unless they fly to Jesus' blood,

be capable of fully enjoying His glorious pre- trains, but they are very few now. Stephen For oh! the Bridegroom's nigh.

sence, beyond the reach of sin, which now so and the martyrs went by Espress. Oh, yes;

much hinders us. Compel the careless and profane,

Then we shall repeat, and the thief went all the way to glory in less The vilest, now to cry; “The Lord of hosts is with us, the God of

than a day! He did not stop at all, all the For mercy's door is open still,

Jacob is our refuge.” We can see the glo

rious victory of our Lord Jesus in the end. way from Calvary to Paradise. GLORIOUS But oh! the Bridegroom's nigh. Christ is with us. Fear not, then; He will

I have no particular desire to go by exHow short the time ere Christ will come,

All must be still at last,


should it be needful I would not And take us up on high; and know that He is God. May you and I

object, for it is perfectly safe. Let us then live as those who know, walk worthy of our position, that we may

another comfort-all classes ride together. And feel the Bridegroom's nigh.

be ashamed when He comes; our reward is
With best regards to you

Yes! Philip and the Eunuch--David the dear S. thus prays, yours ever faithfully in King and Lazarus the beggar-(though the

rich man got no ride)-Paul, and you, and I

all ride together. Come, there is the TerVy DEAR S-,--Now after all other re

minus: come, make haste, get up. ports of the various trials and troubles, and

MY DEAR BROTHER IN JESUS,– Grace, great civility on this Line-all the carriages ibe tossings up and down, amongst the changes mercy, and peace be with you and yours

: carry a light. Mind and ride near the win

dow, but don't look out. Look up, there's of this mortal life, you and I must come to Amen and Amen. but one conclusion, “Here we have no con

The world in which we live is full of danger outside. Good bye, we are travelling

60 miles an hour-fast as time can carry us. * tinuing city, but we seek one to come.” May is changeable, but there is great consolation changes-indeed everything connected with it

I've got my ticket. The steam is up. I am we have the same confidence with David in God is unchangeable. “I am He that

bound for the Kingdom! the 46th Psalm, when, after proving the failure changeth not, saith the Lord.” The promises

Very affectionately yours in Christ, other refuge, he said, “ God is my of God are unchangeable. “Heaven and earth

He is God's


You may

He that

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make wars to cease.

There is









There is



T. M. W.


By [ WHICH WARozalas. Betch the main, and tell them

PLAIN FACTS on Simple Words concerning the

laverelishe square and Apply to A. W., 70, Welbeck Street, MY FIRST STEP INTO THE REFINERS

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per 100.

THE COMMERCIAL pinay hom Broken legenda TAB; J. Etl0r Howard

bro. bds. Price 29. va


middle in JOHN BERRIDGE. A New Edition. Price Is.

of Jesus. Royal 32mo. Price 2d. some situation where she can obtain a livelihood. Has had

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W. charge of cluildren iu most respectable families. Cau teach music, the elements of the English and French languages,

Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Royal 32mo. but woulil thankfully accept any kind of employment to al.

Just published, royal 32mo.,

Price ld.

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. Cavendish Square. W.

Ones Reunited.
London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

Just Published,
Just Published, royal 32mo.,
CIDOW GRAY and the Little Song - bird. A



ter addressed to the Lord Bishop of Oxford. By New Edition.

WILLIAM HEN:ox. 48. per 100.

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.


YHRIST CRUCIFIED: the one Meeting - point Shortly to be published, a 2nd Edition, revised and enlarged,

between God and the Sinner. By J. Eliot Howard. HYMNS AND SPIRITUAL SONGS for the Chil- THE LITTLE STRICKEN ONE. An authentic Price letos

Narrative of the Lord's Dealings with a Little Girl in dien of God. Alphabetically arranged.

Ireland, 5 years old. Price ld.

London: W.Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. w. EIGHT LECTURES ON THE SCRIPTURAL
Just Published,


A solemn Appeal
Just published, royal 32mo., price 3d.,

1. Justification by Faith.

2. Contrast of Judaism and Christianity. to Christians on Dress, the pomps and vanities of this N THE CONSTRAINING LOVE of CHRIST;

3. Christian and Jewish Worship. evil world. &c., &c., by a Disciple. Price One Penny.

4. Priesthood.

abridged, with some alterations, from a translation of London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. the treatise, in German, by Gerhard Tersteegen, 1750. With

5. Baptism and Regeneration. Preface by Catesby Paget.


7. Failure of the Church, and its Results. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

8. Hopes of the Church, SHIP, and on the obedience which the Lord Jesus Christ requires of those who become His Disciples. Second

By J. Eliot Howard. Second Edition. Price ls.

Just Published, royal 32mo., price 2.,
Edition. Price Threepence.
Loudon: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

the Broken Heart. Reprinted from "The Evangelist."

Also demy 32mo., price 4s. per 100., FEW Copies of Mr. PRIDHAM'S VALUABLE

MINISTRY. A New and Revised Edition. Price 40 BOOKS can now he bad at the following Reduced THE FIRE ESCAPE. Prices. As there are but few copies remaining early appli.

Evangelist." catiou should be made.

Royal 32mo., price 20.

Offered at

MATION (so called); or a Scriptural Appeal to the

The Notes and Reflections on the


Church of God. Second Edition. Price ld.

10 0 7 о
Brief Memoir of a Ragged School Boy.

London: W. Yapp. 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W. Notes and Reflections on the

London: W. Yapr, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.
Epistle to the Romans
60 4 0
Just Published,

Fcap. 8vo. clotb boards, 3s. 60.; Crown 8vo. cloth gilt, Notes and Reflections on the

elegant, 5s. Epistle to the Ephesians

4 6 36 THE VOICE IN THE DREAM; or, “ Fler Soul London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W.

Meditations. By ANNA SHIPton. Second Sdition, Price 3d.

“There is an eastern tradition of the Palm Tree, that when London: W Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. THE LATE MR. SABINE'S WORKS.

its leaves quiver in the wind, they whisper the holy name of

Jesus. This sweet but fanciful idea inust give place to the Just Published,

Written Word. Among the goodly branches borne by a re. Israel. Fcap. 8vo., cloth, 2s.

rose glad welcome whose in every orWho is the True Priest ? By CATESBY PAGET. .; ,

believer's heart, • Hosanna! Blessed is the king of Israel. Price 6d., or 4s. 64, for 12 copies for gratuitous distribution.

And amid the waving palms of the redeemed host, who came CONTENTS — Part 1. Feeding Lambs - The Cottage Poor,

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. out of great tribulation, and have washed tveir robes, and &c. 2. The Child's Hand-book of Praise. 3. How to give

made them white in the Blood of the Lamb,' will for ever pleasure. 4. Useful Callings, Boys-Useful Callings, GIRLS--

ascend, Salvation to our God which sitteth on the Throne, Good-for-nothings. 5. Ragged School Rhymes. 6. Photo

Just Published, 18mo., cloth, price ls, 6d.

an dunto the Lamb.'"-Ectract from Preface to Second Edition, graphs. 7. The Corn Field. 8. Nature's Picture book. 9. the Epistle to the Galatians. By J. L. HARRIS, Author

By the same Author. 12. Prayer and Praise.

of “The School of God," " On Worship," Heavenly-mind. THE EMPTY GRAVE. A new Edition, royal 32mo, ld. DA AVID AND JOHN — The sweet Psalmist of -dness," &c.

A RAINY DAY. 18mo. 3d. Israel and the Disciple whom Jesus loved. Price 3d. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Carendish Square. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W.

Just Published,

Second Edition, Demy 18mo., cloth, 2s. Demy 4to., cloth boards, gold lettered, price 7s. 6d.


price ld.


Published at

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is Worth Saving." A Tale of Age. A True Narrative. W HISPERS IN THE PALMS: Hymns and

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WILD THYME, Gathered on the Mountains of
COTTAGE BREAD-for Cottage Children. Fcap. CONFESSION AND THE CONFESSIONAL; jove in the engilsitude and strewn at the feet of the Lord,

Aloruing Walk, xc. 10. Useful Lessons. 11. Sunday Musings

: LAW AND GRACE: being Notes of Lectures on

ITS LITERAL USES AND SPIRUTGAL APPLICATION. THE OPEN. WIN ROW: A. Narrative addressed hoberta cerimbled some Extracts from his Diary. By the midst of the Camp of Israel. 3. Plan of the Tableau TELL


per 100.



to 32mo.,

Robert Gribble. 1. The Tabernacle at Rest 2. Plan of the Tabernacle in

CONTENTS-- The First Step. The first fruits of the Gorpul. HIM JESUS HAS FOUND ME. A

The power of the Word of God. The Waggoner. The shoe. Court. The Brazen Altar and Laver.

Narrative addressed to Young Men. Royal 32mo., 6s. 5. The Golden

maker. The Midnight visit. Man's will and God's purpose, Altar. 6. The Ark of the Covenant.

The 'Backslidler. Gracey, the Schoolmistress. Retrospech,
London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. The Home Missionary Station. The Return. The Revel.

The Missionary Tour. A new scene of service. The Little
Just publisbed, price ls. 6d. per packet, assorted,

Farm. The Converted Publican. The Contrast. Harvest The Tabernacle in its Dispensational aspect.

Time. The Baptisın. The Chapel. The Consumptive. The NEW SERIES OF GOSPEL TRACTS, in Removal. A Second Harvest Season. A Cry for the Gospel. PART II.

Large Type, earnestly recommended for The Praying Wife. The Great Debtor. The Two Converted Literal Uses of the Tabernacle. general distribution.

Husbands. The Converted Farmer. Master and Servant. PART III.

Retrospect. A Depraved Village. The Converted Blind Boy. 1. The Fallen House.

11. The Blood for a Token Dangerous Prosperity. Sudden Death. Conclusion. Diary. Spiritual Application of the Tabernacle.

2. The Stray Sheep.

(Exodus xii. 13).

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. Israel in their separation in the wilderness Outside the 3. Thy Kingdom Come. 12. Self-righteous Lost, and Camp--Tne Sin-offering and Ashes of the Red Heifer-The 4. The Scoffer Silenced.

Sinners Sared.

A NEW EDITION. Gate of the Conrt- The Brazen Altar- The Laver-- The 5. Urterly Unclean.

13. Be ye Reconciled, Tabernacle--First Covering of Blue, Purple, Scarlet, and 6. Christ my Glory.

14. The Riddle Solved.

Crimson cloth, gilt edges, Is ; also in packets, containing fine-twined Linen-Second Covering of Goat's Hair-Third 7. Liberty; or, the Captive 15. The Storm Hushed.

24 Books, 1s. Cuvering of Rams' Skins dyed Red-Fourth Covering of Slave made Free.

16. AWell-remembered Hour. Badgers Skins -- The Golden Altar - The Table of Shew 8. Peace; or, the Dying 17. “I was Busy, Busy."


1 to 12. Brean - The Golden Candlestick-The Ark of the Covenant,


18. Grace. &c., &c.

9. The Black Sheep.
19. Why will ye Die ?

1. Frederick and his Wife; or the Two Hopes. 20. The one Resting-place.

2. An Evening worth Remembering. The value of this book for spiritual instruction and interpre- 10. How can I approach God?

3. The Anxious Heart made Truly Glad. tation cannot be over-rated. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

4. The Brother's Return. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W.

5. Was he Really Happy? MRS. GOSSE'S TRACTS.

6. Rest in a Wearisome World.

7. Joy! Joy! both here and hereafter. R.

8. The Silent Voice. KINGDOM OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS Edition of the GOSPEL TRACTS of the late Mrs.

9. Who Cheered this Old Man's Heart? CHRIST. Gosse, revised and corrected by himself; together with a

10. “Oh, what a Precious Gift!" One Shilling's worth and upwards of these Tracts sent free few of his own.

11. "I have Joyous News to tell." of Postage to any part of the Kingdom. The First Series, consisting of Twenty Narrative Tracts, is

12. Her Loss was Endless Gain. now ready, price is. 641. per 100 : or, in Packets, containing The Second Advent and Reign of the Lord Jesus Christ, ld. Three of ench, One Shilling.

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. The Premillennial Advent, 21. God's Eternal Purpose and Christ's Everlasting Kingdom, 2d.

1. The Railway Ticket. The Things which are Coming on the Earth, 3d.

2. The Sinking Ship. The Better Country, 3d.

3. John Clarke; or, the Ground of Confidence.

struction, edification, and comfort of the Children of

God. Popular Ohjections to the Premillennial Advent, 3d.

4. John Clarke's Wife; or, the Marriage Register.

5. The Christian Soldier. The Personal Coming and Reign of the Lord Jesus Christ, 2d.

Righteousness without Works, 2d. 6. The Eleventh Hour. The Raptıre of the Church; or. Are any Events to be ex

Assurance of Salvation, 2d. pected before the Rapture of the Church, ld. 7. The Young Guardsman of the Alma.

Inspiration of the Holy Seriptures, 3d. PLAIN PAPERS ON PROPHETIC SUBJECTS, 38. 8. The Reapers.

Christ and the Church, 3ii. CONTENTS-What is the Hope of the Christian? What is 9. Tom Fowler, the Boatman.

The work of the Spirit and the Work of Christthe Hope of the Church? Approaching Judgments. The 10. The Two Maniacs.

their distinction and their connexion, ld. Coming Crisis and its Results. The Doom of Christendom. 11. “Oh! That Night!"

Christian Devotednese, Ill. Christ and the Church. Same subject, concluded. Israel 12. A Dollar's Worth.

The Eternal Purpose of God, 1d. in the Past and Present. Israel's Future Restoration. 13. The Fall of the Rossberg.

The Heavenly Hope, Id. Israel's Restoration Introductory to Millennial Blessed14. The Faithful Nurse.

The Love of Christ to the Church, Id. ness. The Great Prophetic Question: Is the Millennium, 15. The Portuguese Convert.

Divine Canons for the Church of God, 3d. or Christ's Second Advent, to be expected first?_ Further 16. The Suicide.

Heavenly-minde lness, 31. Pre inillennial Evidence. Waiting for Christ. Ecclesias- 17. The Consumptive Death Bed.

A Call to the Converted, 4d. tical Corruption and Apostacy. The Last Days of Gentile 18. Is Christ Willing?

The Vision of the Glory of God, 3d. 19. The Towing Net Supremacy. Israel in the approaching Crisis. The Spared

Resurrection Lise, Id. Remnant. The Martyred Remnant: with Remarks on the 20. Dying by Proxy.

Precious Truth, ls. Earthly Calling of Israel and the Heavenly Calling of the A liberal allowance on quantities, for gratuitous distribution,

What is it that is to be believed in order to Church. Apocalyptic Interpretation. The First Resuron application to Messrs MORGAN and Chase.

Salvation, Id. rection Saine subject, concluded. The Millennium. A

Eternal Life and Eternal Punishment, id. London: Morgan and Chase, Tichborne Court, 280, High Recapitulation : or, a general Outline of Prophetic Truth. Holborn; Nisbet & Co., Berners Street; William Yapp, 50, One Shilling's worth of any of the above sent postage free Objections Answered. Further Answers to Objections. Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square; J. F. Shaw, Paternoster

to any part of the Kingilom. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. Row; and all Booksellers.

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square,

BOOKS AND TRACTS recommended for the in

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