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with me,


chair to the other platform. I could not want to ask for; I cannot but cry before meetings for prayer, &c. God does not dehelp shedding tears to see she had no thee; save this poor woman ;; and I felt spise the day of small things. I should like

but at present I cannot kind friend with her, only her two little the Lord would answer my prayer accord- much to come to helpless children, who needed much care. Jesus our Lord. ing to the riches of His love toward us in say when. I have much work here.

people are mostly poor, but I am truly happy Oh, I thought, the Lord will be your

with them; they have, God says, the Gospel

( To be continued, if the Lord will.) help, my dear friend. I offered up a

preached unto them. My kindest love to all

I know at H— Remember me to your silent prayer to the Lord before I could

A Letter.

dear family; I hope they are all well.
heart was full of sorrow for Dear S- I am glad to see and hear

I am, dear S

Yours ever in Christ Jesus, her. I said, “O Lord, help! and remem- that our kind and heavenly Father is still as ber this poor woman, for she is very ill; dew unto Israel; and as to you, oh, how good!

good as His word, in that He would be as a she has no kind friend with her, but these I heard from you before, but have been, as

Christ Crucified. two poor little children. Oh, that I may you know, busily engaged lately. We are DEAR READERS,– You may have listened be able to speak to her about her soul, beginning to feel at home here; as to myself, often to the glorious truths of the gospel, and

I was never better, and I am truly happy in perhaps daily read the word of God." Permit and shew kindness to her.” After re- the work of the Lord. We have at present me to ask you two questions, Have you as an straining my tears, for I could not help a room, in which we meet for worship on a wakened sinner felt the burden of sin, and weeping over her, I said, My dear wo

Sundays; and there are a few of us, who are believed God's record concerning His Son?

the Lord's children, who meet around His table Have you received Jesus Christ as your Saman, I feel for

dear chil-
every Lord's day morning, commemorating

viour to the peace and joy of your soul? “ For dren ; how far have you come? She the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ;

God so loved the world, that He gave His answered, “From Y—" “No friend

and endeavouring to realize (oh, that we could only-begotten Son, that whosoever believeth

more so !) our having died with Him on the in Him should not perish, but have everlasting with you?” She answered, “ No.” “How tree, and having been buried with Him. Truly life.” (John iii. 16.) How great, unspeakable, long have you been ill?” “About three baptized into His death, and also, as risen and precious this Gift!

We deserved not months.” “And where is your husband? with Him, through the faith of the operation such a Gift, but the grace of God abounded could he not come with you? how could that all our hopes and expectations as to this disobedience brought death into the world,

of God, who raised Him from the dead, so toward lost, ruined, perishing sinners. Man's he let you come such a long way by your-life may have met their end in Christ Himself. and each child of Adam is fallen very low, self, being so ill ?" · He put me in the He having appeared at the end of all here, as every soul by nature is diseased with sin, train and came a little


to eternal things, to put away sin by the under the curse and wrath of God. Christ's

sacrifice of Himself; so that our language obedience unto death brought life to poor, was obliged to go back again to his work.” may in truth be, as in the sight of God, • The dying sinners, and the only deliverance from | I said, “ Poor creature! the Lord knoweth life we now live is only by faith in Him who the curse and wrath is through the shed blood your weakness and will help you.” “She loved us, and gave Himself for us." Oh, of the only-begotten Son, who is able to save

Dear S-, how much trouble we should be to the uttermost, and willing to give everlastsaid, “ Yes, the Lord is very kind; but set free from, and how many difficulties we ing life to every believing soul. The Father where I come from they are bad people, should avoid, were more heavenly and gave His Son, and He who is mighty to save I hear nothing but swearing and cursing, dient children, in the power of our heavenly The salvation of the lost could be accom

more divinely taught; and live more as obe- came to rescue sinners from the pit of woe. and I could not stop any longer, I was calling, that we might be made useful in the plished by none other than an Almighty Said I should die in my sins.” I said, cause of our Divine Master, being daily and Person. One equal with the Father came for* Do feel yourself a sinner ?” She hourly fashioned more in His adorable and ward with a satisfaction to Divine justice, and said, with difficulty, being so very weak, at His feet, and learning His mind, oh, lovely image (as the servant of all). Sitting thus in a body prepared for Him made recon

ciliation for the sins of many. God was mani“Yes.” I said, “ Take courage, for Jesus we as individual souls, live nearer to Him, fested in the flesh. The beloved Son of God, Christ came to save sinners, such as you

and enter fully into that rest which Christ has became the Son of man. There could be no that feel you are a sinner! He did not dead in trespasses and sins, hath He quick - The Father found a ransom. The world could

purchased for us. For we who were as others, remission of sin without shedding of blood. come to call the righteous, but sinners ened.

He hath brought us nigh to Himself not supply a sacrifice for sin. to repentance. All that believe in His by His own blood. It is enough,-by the God Himself provides the victim; name have eternal life.” “Oh,” she said, disobedience of one Adam, many were made " that is what I want to hear; for no of Christ, the second Adam, many are made

sinners; so by the great and glorious obedience one has come to speak to me but once righteous.

Can for human guilt atone. since I have been ill, or to read to me.” No human process is needed, no human The Blessed Jesus surrendered Himself up I said, “ Well, I shall be very glad to call excitement is wanted, or can be tolerated in as a full satisfaction to the justice of God. The

any way; for the glory of the great whole Eternal Son of the Eternal Father paid a peron you where you are going.”

belongs to Jesus Christ. We are begotten fect price and offered up His body an unShe could not bear much talking at a unto a lively hope, or living hope, through blemished Sacrifice, thus making complete time. Her lips were dry. A little bottle His death and resurrection ; God does it all. reconciliation between God and man. was taken out from the basket with a cannot supply our wants, for Jesus is our only payment, and venture the salvation of their

We are not in any way debtors to the flesh, it are numbers who hope for pardon without sle drop of wine to wet her parched Shepherd, and alone can feed His sheep. He precious souls upon God's mercy. We cannot lips. She was much fatigued with her the Good Shepherd careth for them, and His separate the justice and mercy of God; but, journey, and it was painful to her to lean care is over them, and they know His voice wondrous work ! at the cross of Jesus in the chair, while waiting for her friend with His own blood for Himself. Oh, may peace have kissed each other.” To save sin

and follow Him, for He has purchased them and truth are met together, righteousness and to meet her at the station, and she felt it we enter more fully into these joys, and live ners, Jesus bore the curse: on the spotless the more as she expected her her

more in the life and enjoyment of that which Lamb the wrath of God was poured down. arrival. The omnibus came to take her is already given us by faith; and may the The Surety was stricken without mitigation or to her friend's house. I took her up in my Spirit, of which we are temples, take of the mercy. The sword of Divine Justice smote arns and placed her and the children in great things of Christ and show to us. the Shepherd; all the sensible consolations of the 'buss, laying her on the seat. At this Flesh will and does fail, however prominent the Father's love were withdrawn from His time her friend Mrs. T—- came; I it may be in operation, for God has cast flesh expiring Son. He prays, " Father, forgive charged her to be very kind. She said she out of his sight, and with Him it cannot them; for they know not what they do.” would, but she was not aware she was so dwell, but may we who have entered into Oh! the amazing love of Jesus, thus tó atone very ill. So she left the station with her God's rest in Christ abide therein. And let for the crimson crimes of sinners! Wondrous friend in the 'buss. I went immediately those dispute it who will, our only comfort is words ! "It is finished!"

pray for her to the Lord that He would to know what our heavenly Father says. Have you everlasting life? “I am the rel pleased to reveal Christ to her soul by God's elect" (when elected by Himself)? It me, though he were dead, yet shall he live :

· Who shall lay any thing to the charge of surrection, and the life; he that believeth in His blessed Spirit

, but my prayer was is Christ that died, yes, and has risen again, and whosoever liveth and believeth in me mixed with shedding of tears. I said, because of our justification; oh, shout to God shall never die. Belierest thou this ?" (John “ O Lord our God, thou knowest what I the triumphs of His own grace! We have | si. 25, 26.)



Jesus is the Lamb of God;
Heav'n, and earth, and hell aflict Him,

While He bears the sinner's load.
Jesus' blood, His blood alone,




E. P.


WHICH WAX opal's. Hetch them in, and tell them

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PRIESTHOOD AND ITS ADJUNCTS. A LetChristian bome, would accept a moderate salary, Unexcep: THE DUTCHMAN'S FAMILY. A Poem. By ter addressed to the Lord Bishop of Oxford. By

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London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. w. EIGHT LECTURES ON THE SCRIPTURAL IS

ON of




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W .

WILDPATHYALEGathered on the Mountains of

Morning Walk, xc. 10. Useful Lessons. 11. Sunday Musings: LAW AND GRACE: being Notes of Lectures on

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Jonx BERRIDGE. A New Edition. Price Is.

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Jesus. This sweet but fanciful idea must give place to the Just Published,

Written Word. Among the goodly branches borne by a reIsrael. Fcap. 8vo., cloth, 28.

rose the glad welcome whose still vibrate

or Who is the True Priest? . limp . 611.; cloth ,

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London: W. Yapp. 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. unit of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, ant &c. 2. The Chilil's Hand book of Praise. 3. How to give

made them white in the Blood of the Lamb, will for ever pleasure. 4. Useful Callings, Boys-Useful Callings, GirlsGood-for-nothings.

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The the midst of the Camp of Israel.

power of the Word of God. The Waggoner. The shoe

Narrative addressed to Young Men. Royal, 6s. Court. 4 The Brazen Altar and Laver. 5. The Golden

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The Buckslider. Gracey, the Schoolmistress. Retrospect.
London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. The Home Missionary Station. The Return. The Revel.

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Large Type, earnestly recommended for The Praying Wife. The Great Debtor. The Two Converted Literal Uses of the Tabernacle.

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1. The Fallen House.

11. The Blood for a Token | Dangerous Prosperity. Sudden Death. Conclusion. Diary. Spiritual Application of the Tabernacle.

2. The Stray Sheep.

(Exodus xii. 13).

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. Israel in their separation in the wilderness-Outside the 3. Thy Kingilom Come. 12. Self-righteous Lost, and Camp--Tne Sin-offering and Ashes of the Red Heifer- The 4. 'The Scoffer Silenced.

Sinners Sased.

A NEW EDITION. Gate of the Court -- The Brazen Altar -- The Laver - The 5. Utterly Unclean.

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Soldier. Bread - The Golden Candlestick --The Ark of the Covenant,

18. Grace.

1 to 12. &c., &c.

9. The Black Shepp.
19. Why will ye Die ?

1. Frederick and his Wife; or the Two Hopes. 10. How can I approach God? 20. The one Resting-place.

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3. John Clarke; or the Ground of Confidence.

struction, edification, and comfort of the Children of

God. Popular Objections to the Premillennial Advent, 3d.

4. John Clarke's Wife; or, the Marriage Register.

5. The Christian Soldier. The Personal Coming and Reign of the Lord Jesus Christ, 2d.

Righteousness without Works, 20. 6. The Eleventh Hour. The Rupture of the Church; or, Are any Events to be ex

Assurance of Salvation, 2d pected before the Rapture of the Church, ld. 7. The Young Guardsman of the Alma.

Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, 3d. PLAIN PAPERS ON PROPHETIC SUBJECTS, 38, 8. The Reapers

Christ and the Church, 341. CONTENTS - What is the Hope of the Christian? What is 9. Tom Fowler, the Bontman.

The work of the Spirit and the Work of Christ10. The Two Maniacs. the Hope of the Church? Approaching Judgments. The

their distinction and their connexion, ld. Coming Crisis and its Results. The Doom of Christendom. 11. “Oh! That Night!"

Christian Devotednese, ld. 12. A Dollar's Worth. Christ and the Church. Same subject, concluderl. Israel

The Eternal Purpose of God, Id. in the Past and Present. Israel's Future Restoration. 13. The Fall of the Rossberg.

The Heavenly Hope, ld. 14. The Faitlıful Nurse. Israel's Restoration Introductory to Millennial Blessed

The Love of Christ to the Church, ld. ness. The Great Prophetic Question: Is the Millennium, 15. The Portuguese Convert.

Divine Canons for the Church of God, 3d. 16. The Suicide. or Christ's Second Advent, to be expected first? Further

Heavenly-minderiness, 3d Pre millennial Evidence. Waiting for Christ. Ecclesias. 17. The Consumptive Death Bed.

A Call to the Converted, 4d. tical Corruption and Apostacy. The Last Days of Gentile 18. Is Christ Willing?

The Vision of the Glory of God, 3d. Supremacy. Israel in the approaching Crisis. The Spared 19. The Towing Net.

Resnrrection Life, Id. Remnant. The Martyred Remnant: with Remarks on the 20. Dying by Proxy.

Precious Truth, Is. Earthly Calling of Israel and the Heavenly Calling of the A liberal allowance on quantities, for gratuitous distribution,

What is it that is to be believed in order to Church. Apocalyptic Interpretation. The First Resaron application to Messrs MORGAN and CHASE.

Salvation, ld. rection Saine subject, concluded. The Millennium. A

Eternal Lite and Eternal Punishment, ld. London: Morgan and Chase, Tichborne Court, 280, High Recapitnlation: or, a general Outline of Prophetic Truth. Holborn; Nisbet & Co., Berners Street; William Yapp. 70,

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London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendisb Sgaare.


ITS LITERAL USES AND SPIRITUAL APPLICATION. THE OPEN WINDOW: A Narrative addressed which are added some Extracts

3. Plan of the Table and TELL HIM JESUS

per 100.


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“Compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” WM. YAPP, 70, WELBECK STREET, CAVENDISH SQUARE.]

(LUKE XIV, 23.)


No. 16.]

Registered for
Transmission abroad.

LONDON, APRIL 2, 1860.

[PRICE 1d.




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JOHN xiv. 3.

one has



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Christ, and by Christ alone. It is God's concerns to Him. Blessed be God for Br the donations received from several of our kind greatest blessing, and man's highest pri- Jesus Christ

for Jesus Christ as Christian friends, we have had the pleasure of dis. tributing many copies of “The Evangelist" in vilege. To say that a man is saved, and Saviour, and for a free, full, and everFaribus parts of the United Kingdom. As yet, how. ever, we have been only able to meet, in a very small saved by Christ Jesus, is to say that lasting salvation by Him! Blessed be degree, the requests of Gospel Labourers, who feel he is blessed indeed - blessed with all God that Jesus can save—that Jesus will

save-that Jesus waits to save! Blessed the poorer classes. Further donations will therefore spiritual blessings in heavenly places. be thankfully received for this object.



be God if Jesus has saved us, and if we one can save but Jesus, for He alone feel his subduing power, his cleansing From C. J., Winchester

could make a satisfactory atonement for blood, and sanctifying grace! Blessed TAI. orders should be addressed to the Pub onr sins; He alone could produce the be God, that if we are not saved, we may

be, and be saved now and for evermore! quare, London, W.; or to Messrs. Morgan & Chase, righteousness necessary to justify our Tichborne Court, 280, High Holborn, London.

souls; He alone can exert the power All Communications, Donations, Books for Reneedful to raise us from death in sin, E titor of the Evangelist," care of Nr. Yapp, 70, rescue us from Satan's power, and con- I am waiting 'neath the storm-cloud-waitingWelbeck Street, Cavendish Square, London, W. duct us safe to glory.


The dawn of the coming day to see! authority to save but Jesus. He is giren | As the weary child sits weeping for its mother, The Only Saviour. to save, given under heaven, among Down here--the shadow and the sadness,

I am watching, O my Lord Christ, for thee! men; being intended for fallen man, not

The conflict with the foe in fierce array; It is remarkable with what ease and fallen angels. There is no other name Up there—the joy of sinless service, readiness a spiritual mind turns from a or person, whereby we must be saved,

Never to pass away! temporal to a spiritual subject. When but Jesus only. He saves such as we I am waiting in the sunshine-waitingPeter and John had saved the


He saves freely, whosoever will. A gleam of the starry cloud to see! man at the beautiful gate of the Temple He saves fully, by grace and not by That shall bring to us the brightness of thy glory; from his lameness, and conferred on him works.

I am waiting, O my Lord Christ, for thee! He saves eternally, not for

Down here--the Tempter and the Accuser, perfect health and strength, being ques. time, but for erer. Any one may be saved

With wiles that unwary feet betray; tioned thereupon by the priests and cap. by Christ, but no one can be saved with. Up there--the smile of the Beloved, tains of the Temple, they vowed that they out Christ. His blood can cleanse any

Never to pass away! had healed the poor man in the name of conscience. His righteousness can justify I am waiting on the fulness of thy promise, Jesus Christ of Nazareth; and then by a any person. His power will reach any Where thou art shall thy longing people be; happy turn they asserted that he was the case. If, therefore, anyone is not saved, I am leaning on the hope that shineth fairest, only Saviour of the soul, saying, “Neither it is because he has not heard of Jesus;

I am waiting, O my Lord Christ, for thee! is there salvation in any other; for there or hearing, has refused to come to Him | Up there—the long and cloudless morning,

With delights that never shall decay; is none other name under heaven giren for life.

Down here--the scoffing and the scorning, among men, whereby we must be sared." To be saved, we must receive the

Soon, soon to pass away! Acts iv. 12.) Man needs salvation - he Spirit; for we are saved by the washing cannot save himself. Jesus is appointed of regeneration, and the renewing of the

How do you Hear ? to save, and He is the only Saviour. Holy Ghost. To receive the Spirit, we BEWARE of judging the merits of the

SALVATION! What is it? It is a deli- must come to Jesus, for He has the bless- preachers you hear, rather than your own Ferance from sin, in its guilt, power, and ing, and has promised to give the Holy self by the word preached. Men whose penal consequences. It is a deliverance Spirit unto them that ask Him. Coming minds are callous to the power of the from Satan, his authority, power, and to Jesus, is believing on Him, trusting in word, can sit in judgment thus on the dominion. It is a deliverance from the Him, confiding in His person, work, and wrath of God, and the bestowment of His word. When we do so, then we appeal preacher, and compare him with some best and richest blessing. Salvation is a to Him, receive from Him, and realize other, just as they would their own with restoration to the image of God, the smile that we are saved by Him. Come then, other men's possessions. This is a sort of God, and the presence of God; or, a reader, come to Jesus--come to be saved. of Sunday business with some. Little, restoration to holiness, happiness, and Come now, delay not a moment.

Rest little, do such reflect that the Gospel, if safety. Salvation is for man, for sinners— not until you are saved. If you are not not embraced, shall condemn in the day for sinners, as sinners. No qualification saved by Jesus, you are lost for ever, and of judgment. Oh! sit not to hear as a is required, no conditions are made; for you cannot be saved by Jesus, without critic, or as a judge, of well-rounded senthe gospel says to all, and to each one faith in Him; and, as we have said, faith tences, eloquence, or attitudes; but listen that it addresses, “Come, and be saved; is the heart going out to Him, resting on as for your life, and flee to Jesus from come, and be saved." Salvation is in Him, and committing itself and all its the wrath to come.

J. B. I.

xvi. 30,31.



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It was salvation

Salvation; or the Philippian Jailor. we may gather that he was diligent in his callvulsion of an earthquake might have consigned

ing, and that he shewed no more interest in the him at once to a dark eternity, another shock “What must I do to be saved ? And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shall be saved." Acts apostles of the Lord Jesus than in the worship- and he may be called to give an account of him

It is very self to God. He is assured that Paul and Silas I desire to address myself especially to the likely that he had heard something of Paul's have that peace and joy which he is a stranger

pers of the great goddess Diana. unconverted. Many will read these are unconverted. Some know they are uncon- and her household.

ways, if he had not of the conversion of Lydia to, and that they are the servants of God. le

He knew, also, why Paul feels now that he is an unsaved man; that if he verted; their daily pursuits shew it; they are and Silas were imprisoned; and appears not only die, he must go where hope and mercy never can conscious that they have not yet tasted the joys to have acquiesced in the propriety of punishing come. His case is urgent, danger imminent, of redeeming love: others despise and discard and restraining such men, but also of preventing, position most perilous, for he now knows that the subject altogether. There was a time when

as far as possible, a recurrence of their preach- he had been sleeping on the edge of an eternal every Christian in the world was unconverted; ing. They were brought to the prison, with a precipice. Not a moment then can be lost. A for we were all by nature children of wrath, charge that the jailor would " keep them safely;" | light! a light! he cries. His very joints are even as others."

but to shew us that they had then no favour in loose, and every fibre of his body seems to quiver. What an awful condition it is to be uncon: the jailor's eyes, we are told that “he thrust Salvation, salvation is the longing of his whole verted ! and yet how many are careless about it! them into the inner prison, and made their feet soul. He springs at once into the inner prison, The Jailor åt Philippi was unconverted; but fast in the stocks.” This is enough to shew us the and falling down before these servants of Jesus, when he felt the reality of the state he was in, condition of his heart. He knew not, felt not cries out, “Sirs, What must I do to be saved ?" he sought salvation, and found it, to the joy and God's love; therefore his heart was destitute of Here I would pause, and kindly ask the reader, rejoicing of his heart. One thing is certain, that that love to the brethren which al ways marks what profit has the sweet voice of God's redeemall who would enjoy the blessings of eternal sal. the regenerate. He had, very probably, heard ing love been to you? You read of Jesus in vition must be converted; for Jesus said, “Verily Paul and Silas praying, and singing praises unto this paper, you have often seen His servants, I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and be God at midnight; for we are told that the pri- and heard them testify of forgiveness of sins Cume as little children, ye shall not enter into the

soners heard them. But none of these things through His blood, but has it aroused you? Will kingdom of heaven.” This is very plain and

seem to have moved the jailor. Like a thorough you, by your indifference, compel God to visit Many persons are really ignorant of the ter- bed that night with as much composure as on dispensation, before you consider your state be

man of the world, he appears to have retired to you with some painful affliction, some distressing rible danger they are in; they see not the preci- any other occasion. All he heard and saw of fore Him? Must He snatch away from your pice on which they stand; they perceive not the the servants of the Saviour were insufficient to eyes the dearest object of your life ? Must He brittle thread on which they are suspended; they awaken his dark mind, and arouse his conscience. lay you prostrate on a bed of languishing? know not that they live on the very threshold But God had a purpose of blessing in store for Musť Ile shake the universe, and make the earth of eternity; they feel not that they are distant him. God's eye was upon him for good. God's to tremble before you turn to Him for sulvation? from God, rebellious against God, and guilty good pleasure was to glorify His own name, in It seems to me that these bitter ways are before God; therefore they cannot be anxious making the wrath of oman to praise Him, and sometimes necessary, before men will incline about salvation. They may think of outward

The holy, godly testi- their hearts to seek the Lord. Oh, my reader! propriety before men—of religious forms, ordi- hiding pride from man.

of faithful ministers had not impressed his do consider how matters stand between you and nances, and the like—but they are not concerned heart; therefore other means must be used to God, and turn to Him at once for the silvation about salvation from sin, and its eternal desert. alarm' his benighted soul. That jailor who had of your soul, lest. instead of an earthquake being The Bible, however, speaks to us of salvation. so cruelly thrust them into the dungeon, and sent to alarm your conscience and bring you to God's servants publish salvation. The grace of chained them to the stocks, must yet be brought the Saviour, a messenger be dispatched in judg. God provides salvation. The gospel is a message to fall down before them, and acknowledge them ment to hurl you into an eternity of blackness from God to men about salvation. Jesus himself as the servants of the Most High; and Paul and and despair! preached salvation; Ile said to a weeping woman Silas, who appeared to be interrupted in the

2. THE GOSPEL PREACHED. he lis feet, “ Thy faith hath saved thee," and to faithful discharge of their gospel ministry, were that occupied the jailor's whole soul, nothing a repentant publican, “Salvation is come to this also to prove, that, like their laster, each step of less than salvation; not religious ceremonies, but house.". Paul exultingly exclaimed, “ I am not cruelty and oppression only led thein forward in salvation. What must I do to be saved? This too ashamed of the gospel of Christ; for it is the the path of true service, and not out of it. Their is the anxious enquiry of every truly enlightened power of God unto salvation to every one that midnight prayer and praise, too, seem to indicate soul; and we need not go to commentators or believeth." Those who received the gospel in that they were in the lively attitude of faith, learned doctors for a correct answer to the quesapostolic times felt that they were saved; they and in full expectation of the blessing of the tion, for the Scriptures plainly tell us. The realized a present salvation; they regarded them

apostolic reply was, “ Believe on the Lord selves and fellow-believers as saved; hence, we

But there is something very solemn in this Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.” This are told that the Lord arded to the church such period of the jrilor's history, for it seems to tell was the gospel that Paul and Silas preached, as should be saved -- saved ones. Paul addressed

us, that if we reject the quiet, holy testimony of and it was an echo of their Master's voice, for the Corinthians, saying, “Ye are washed, ye ore the servants of Christ, God has other means of when He was asked the question, "What shall sanctified, ye are justified: " and that the preach:- bringing down man's lofty looks. God's power we do, that we might work the works of God? ing of the Cross is, “ unto us, which are saved, is unlimited, both in mercy and judgment. In Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the the power of God;” and writing to Timothy, he this case it was to be made bare in grace. He work of God, that ye believe on Hiin whom He said, “Who hath saved us," &c. And so, also, who siote Paul with blindness, and brought hath sent.” the Old Testament taught; for the Israelite in him to the Saviour's feet, could also bring the The gospel then preached to this awakened Erypt, whose lintel and door post were şprinkled jailor there. That almighty arm might justly sinner of the Gentiles was salvation by faithwith the blood of the lamb, was saved. When have been lifted up with the sword of vengeance, not by doing, but by believing on the risen and Gols angry judgments were all around, he was perfectly safe, because of the sprinkled blood; dared to chain the feet of His dear servants, many others, was that salvation was by works;

and, piercing the heart of that man who had ascended Lord Jesus. The jailor's thought, like ho miglit feast on the roasted lamb, and rejoice, have at once hurled him to the pit of eternal what must I do? But Paul and Silas assured because he was sheltered by the blood.

destruction; but mercy rejoiced against jud . him that he could be saved only in the way of fleeing man-slayer was saved the moment he ment. In the darkness and stillness of the night, faith. They presented the Lord Jesus Christ to entered the city of refuge. The avenger might without any warning whatever, a trenendous him as the object of faith, and His finished work; seek to alarm him, but he was safe, because convulsion threatened to rase the whole building and God's acceptance of it, as the ground of salhe was inside the city. Noah was saved as to the ground, and to bury every inmate in its vation, and warrant for perfect peace—“thou soon as he entered the ark, for God shut him in; ruins. We are told that "suddenly there was shalt be saved." This is very simple, and comthough afterwards he was in the midst of destroy- a great earthquake, so that the foundations of mends itself to the confidence of an anxious ing vengeance. Rahab the harlot, whose house the prison were shaken, and every one's bands enquirer. The gospel really excludes all idea of was on the wall of the city which fell down flat, were Joosed.” This was God's way of shewing creature-doing for salvation, because it testifies was saved, for the scarlet line was in the window. that lle is greater than man. This was Mercy's that Jesus the Son of God hath so completely All these persons, I say, were saved.

of bringing salvation to that house, and of finished the work of our redemption, so thoroughly security was unquestionable. Whatever judg- honouring the Lord's faithful, suffering servants. purged our sins, that He has sat down on the ments happened to others, they were taught that This was the very weapon that would arouse right hand of the Majesty on high, is proclaimed they were perfectly safe. They so understood the hard and unfeeling jailor. He awoke out Lord of heaven and earth, and that all who bethe matter, and the result confirmed it. And so of sleep-- his conscience owned it as God's dis, lieve on Him have at, once an eternal interest in now, God so values the shed blood of the un

pensation. His first feeling was despair and that blessed work. The Lord Jesus having fulblemished Victim, the One Perfect Offering of self-destruction. He drew his sword, and would filled the Law and borne its curse, put away sin, His well-! «loved Son, that lle pronounces a full, have killed himself, when he saw the prison brought in everlasting righteousness, abolishe. free, present, and eternal salvation to every sin- oors open, supposing the prisoners had all fed. death, burst the bars of the grave, and triumphed ner that believes -perfect safisty, come what may, His heart sunki, terror filled his mind; hvis over Satan, hell, and the grave, has entered into because of that blood which cleanseth from all imagination drew the most hopeless conclu- heaven itself with His own blood, having ob

There is now no condemnation to them sion, and Satan's last effort with him was the tained eternal redemption for us, the resurrection which are in Christ Jesus.

foul suggestion, "Kill thyself.” A loud voice, and glorification of Christ being God's public Happy Christian, God's own child,

however, suddenly altered his judgment, and testimony of Ilis acceptance of the Saviour's Cailed, chosen, reconciled;

produced an instantaneous revolution in his all-sufficient work. What is then to be done for Once a rebel, far from God,

mind ? Are not all the prisoners gone? No. salvation ? Nothing; it is done already, and we Now brought nigh, through Jesus' blood.

“ Paul cried with a loud voice, Do thyself no have the warrant of God's word to receive and In our remarks on the text we shall notice, harm, for we are all here." This was a sweet enjoy it by faith—" Believe on the Lord Jesus 1. The jailor's awakening. 2. The gospel and heavenly way that Paul took with his jailor. Christ, and thou shalt be saved.” Faith reads preached to him. 3. Its effects.

It was returning good for evil, and blessing one the lessons of redeeming love in letters of blood

With regard to the who had treated him so cruelly. But more than in Christ's cross; and those who can say, “we Philippian jailor, we know but little of his for this. His conscience is awakened, a crowd of have known and believed the love that God hath mer history. From the few materials we have, solemn thoughts press upon his mind. The con- | to us,” liave peace; they see that God's love has








brought salvation to them, even when sinners, in abideth in death.” But in the jailor's case the

Life Eternal. the Cross of His Son, and they approach God entrance of God's word had given light, it had with confidence; they know that Ile declares them given understanding to the simple, it had by the Are you seeking after salvation? If so, let saved by grace, through faith. What, I would Spirit quickened him when dead in sins, he thus me remind you that there is a possibility of ask, can exceed this boundless love? What else had divine life, therefore there was divine love, could bave really met us in our low estate ? fruit in season, self-denial for the sake of Christ's one who is even searching after a knowledge What could so redound to the glory of God ? servants.

of the truth being led away “after the comWho so thoroughly reject the gospel, display But more than this, he obeyed the word of the mandments and doctrines of men.” These self- ignorance, and despise the unsearchable Lord—“ he was baptized.". This Paul and Silas teach us only that wisdom which “is foolishriches of Divine love, as those who talk of doing had doubtless set before him, and it came with for salvation? “Where is boasting?”, said the authority to his conscience, because the love of ness with God, for the Lord knoweth the apostle. “ It is excluded. By what law? Of Christ constrained him. His heart was full. thoughts of the wise that they are vain”works? Nay; but by the law of faith. There- His whole soul was influenced with the Cross of fore we conclude that a man is justified by faith, Christ, and the power of His resurrection. He

· By one man sin entered into the world, and without the deeds of the law.” (Rom. iii. 27, 28.) knew that he was saved by the Lord Jesus death by sin, and so death passed upon all Blessed gospel for a sin-convicted, heavy laden Christ, that he had redemption through His men, for that all have sinned.” (Rom. v. 12.)

blood, the forgiveness of sins according to the How proud is man of his virtues and attain3. The Effects. The gospel is the power of riches of His grace; it was therefore not arduous, God unto salvation, and when received into the but a sweet privilege to attend to an ordinance ments, but here is the place to which sin has 1.eart brings forth fruit

. It is God's means of which would enable him to realize so personally brought us all, and to be delivered out of this bezetting new creatures-"Of His own will,” that he had been buried and was raised up with suis James, " begat He us by the word of truth.” | Christ. The Lord Jesus had commanded His state of guilt, condemnation and death, should l'also gives liberty and peace—“the truth shall servants to make disciples, and baptize them in be the anxious desire of every soul who is

. All this we should expect, the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of still far from God by sin and wicked works. when a sinner is brought to realize that he is the Holy Ghost, and this was enough; Faith Some feel themselves to be sinners, and tell saved. Who so grateful, so dutiful, so happy, so does not argue, it simply believes God's word, free! Some hear the truth of the gospel, and and obeys it. Nor was the jailor alone in this, us that they would welcome salvation; they the only apparent effect is that it hardens them. the whole congregation, even all his household hope day by day for the knowledge of deliThis was not the case with Lydia, for her heart bail received the gospel too, were happy in the kus opened, that she attended to the word min- Saviour's love, and obeyed His word in being verance from death and entrance into life, but istered by Paul, and so the jailor, for his whole baptized. (See verse 34.). Hence we see there know not Christ as the wisdom and power of sul was filled with anxiety; he therefore re

was not merely a confession of faith, but the God unto salvation. The farther a poor sinner ceived the truth at once in the love of it, and its obedience of faith, not only an attentive ear to itficts were most manifest. What could be so listen to the word of the Lord, but a grateful goes on in the pursuit of knowledge out of het to such an one as the story of the Saviour's response in obeying it. In spirit they might Christ, the greater will be the disappointment love! With what intense interest the trembling say—

of his hopes of salvation. "Into thy death baptized,

“ As sin hath jailor must have listened to these servants of the Lund while declaring to hin the way of salva

We own with thee we died ;

reigned unto death, even so might grace reign

With thee our Lord are risen, tiun! and what grateful surprise must have filled

And in thee glorified.

through righteousness unto eternal life by his heart at hearing that the way was so simple,

From sin, the world, and Satan,

Jesus Christ our Lord.” "He hath made su free, so full of blessing, and so suited to a lost,

We're ransom'd by thy blood; lielpless sinner!

And now would walk as strangers,

Him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that It at once engaged his attention, and made him

Alive with thee to God."

we might be made the righteousness of God long to hear more about such glorious tidings,

And yet further. There was not only love in Him.” (2 Cor. v. 21.) “And this is life and soon, by some means or other, all his house1.old too were attentive listeners to Paul and and peace now anjinating the jailor’z soul, there eternal

, that they might know thee the only bulas , while they further opened up to them the with all his house." This seen is to complete

the true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast mined jailor, who, only a few hours before, had picture. There was now nothing wanting to sent.” (John xvii. 3.) so rudely thrust them into the inner prison, re- in this new-born soul. It was indeed bringing

shew forth the fine workmanship of the Spirit A knowledge of Jesus brings to every sincariless of their lacerated backs, now.sat like a forth good fruit. He could clearly see that there ner who trusts in Him all that is necessary for little child feet, and gathered others to partake also of the bless

was only a short space of time between him and the soul's salvation. To know Christ is death ings of the gospel" They spoke unto him the pleasure for evermore, so that he could rejoice in to the flesh, and life to the soul, and thus curiod of the Lord, and to all that were in his hope of the glory of God. He cóuld anticipate house.**

entering the pearly gates of the golden city with being born of the Spirit, we enter into newAmong the first effects then of the jailor's all his sins had been atoned for, all his debt had the burden-bearer of his sins, he feels all

unhesitating confidence, because he believed that I ness of life. The believer knows Christ as freeption of the gospel of Christ, we may notice been cancelled, and being united by faith to Ilim hisivee for the truth, a child-like enquiring mind, who is Lord of heaven and earth, and sented in guilt removed by His precious blood, and the and concern for the spiritual welfare of others. Him in heavenly places, he could survey the leprous disease of the soul healed by the The good news of salvation by Christ had been future with a hope and confidence blooming as applied to his conscience by the Holy Spirit

, with immortality and glory. We are told he great restorer of spiritual health. By a knowthat it came to him as cold water to a thirsty was believing in God,” how could he then fail ledge of Jesus, the pardoned sinner has not soul, and he was immediately like a dead man

to rejoice? raised to life. He was born again of the incor

only peace through believing, but looks to Ilim

" Who have such reason to be glail ruptible seed of the word, he was a new creature,

as the author and finisher of faith. The preaid things had passed away and all things were becoine new; he therefore had an ear to hear, a Thus we have traced in the narrative of the sence of the Loving One is enjoyed in times of irind to understand, a heart to receive, and desire Philippian jailor the various workings of the sorrow, through days of suffering; and when ahore and more, the sincere milk of the word, Holy Spirit in awakening one dead in trespasses temptation assails us, we know the Son of God ad such a sense of its value, that he wished and sins, giving peace through the gospel ot to be our shelter and strong tower from the his whole household to receive the same blessed Christ, and its blessed power in regenerating the enemy; "for in that He himself hath suffered gospel,

soul, and bringing forth fruit God. But the being tempted, He is able to succour them The next thing we may notice among the thought crusses my mind that perhaps my reader that are tempted.” (Heb. ii. 18.) In the hour imits of faith in our Lord Jesus, is his love to is unconverted, still dead in sins, still seeking of trial, or season of aflliction, the sorrowing iłe Lord's servants

. He is begotten by the word ease and satisfaction apart from God and Christ. saint knows Christ " who was afflicted," and of truth, is a thoroughly changed man; he has Is it so? Is it possible that you are going on to passed from death unto life, therefore he loves eternal ruin without seeking salvation, without ever promises to succour and support those the brethren. A few hours before, he saw nothing once anxiously crying out, "What must I do to who are called to endure such things. more in Paul and Silas to call forth affection and be saved?” Is it true that you hear of sılvation know Christ is the beginning of bliss here, sympathy than in the other prisoners, but now by Christ and heed it not? that you know there which will be fully realized in glory. Life eterhe views every thing with new eyes. Having is a fountain open for sin and all uncleanness in nal is connected with the knowledge of Christ received the word of truth, the gospel of the the Saviour's blood, and wash not? that the glo- Jesus our Lord. grace of God, his heart is so changed that he rious sound, " Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ

, God is come, and hath given us an understandloves not only Him that begat, but them also and thou shalt be saved," rings in your ears, and ing, that we may know Him that is true, and that are begotten of Him; hence we are told you put it far from you? O my friend, heware, that “ he took Paul and Silas the same hour lest the Saviour have to say to you as to them or we are in Him that is true, even in his Son

Jesus Christ.” “This is the true God, and of the night and washed their stripes....and old-“ Ye will not come unto me that ye might brought then into his house, and set meat before have life--how ofien would I have gathered thy eternal life.” (1 John v. 20.) them.” This was blessed. This was a fine ex- children together as a hen doth gather her My dear reader, Have you this blessed ample of the fruit of the Spirit, and it proved chickens under her wings, and ye would not?" knowledge of Jesus in the application of his tle sincerity of his profession, for it was not love DEAR READERS! ponder the Lurd's awful atoning blood which can sanctify the heart, ins word and in tongue, but in deed, and in truth. words, YE WOULD NOT!

purify the conscience, and cleanse from all sin? Leis a vital point. Religious profession, with

“ Ye sinners, seek His grace,

Are you happy in the Lord? You cannot be out a loving heart toward God and His people,

Whose wrath ye cannot bear; is but a sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal;

unless you know the Lord Jesus as your Sa

Fly to the shelter of His Cross, the apostle John declares, that, whatever any man

As those redeemed to God?"


"We know that the Son of

And find SALVATION there."

viour, whom to know is life eternal. may profess," he that loveth nut his brother

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