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likewise."-Luke x. 25.37.

As the


question : “What shall I do to inherit eternal ler; and that He that was speaking to him was life?” The point was about doing something to the neighbour,” ready to bind up his wounds

, “ And, behold, a certain lawyer stood up, and tempted him, entitle to life ; our Saviour, therefore, could only and pour peace and joy into his wounded con

said unto him. What is written in the law ? how readest refer him to what God had written in the law of science. Thus, he would be taught the true thou? And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord Moses, in which it had been repeatedly declared, secret of the gospel, that while he could not all'hy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighvour that the man that doeth these things shall live inherit eternal life,” by doing, nevertheless it as thyself. And he said unto him, Thou hast answered in them. The vain confidence of this inquirer could be had "without money and without justify himself, said unto Jesus, And who is my neigh was best met by thus directing him to God's own price,” from the Saviour of sinners, as the free bour; And Jesus angwering said, a certain man went standard of righteousness ; for when men sup- gift of God.

In contemplating the parable, we may notice, which stripped him of his raiment, and wounded him and pose that they are capable of doing that which departed, leaving him half


. And by chance there will entitle them to eternal life, the just balance 1. Man's fallen and helpless condition. 2. The caine down a certain priest that way; and when he saw him, of God's law and testimony can alone determine inability of law or ordinances to meet his need. he passed by on the other side: Auch likewise a Levitohen the question. Our Lord's reply, therefore, was 3. The depth and suitability of the Saviour's by on the other side. But a certain Samaritan, as he “ What is written in the law? How readest love. 4. The security and prospects of the journeyed, came where he was: and when he saw him, he thou ?The lawyer's response shewed that, healed and rescued sinner. his wounds, pouring in oil and wine, and set him on his like many in the present day, he was acquainted 1. Max's FALLEN AND HELPLESS CONDITION him. And on the morrow when he departed, he took out of its killing, condemning power, in laying bare own beast, and brought him to an inn, and took care of with the letter of the law, while he knew nothing is most strikingly set before us in the wounded

“A certain man went down from JeruTake care of him; and whatsoever thou spendest more, the conscience, and exposing to his view the de- salem to Jericho, and fell among thieves, which three, thinkest thou," was heightour unto him tvíat fell pravity of his own evil heart

, He unhesitatingly stripped him of his raiment, wounded him, and on him. Then said Jesus unto him, Go, and do thou with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and minded here that man is a fallen creature. God

with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; made him upright, and pronounced him, with Christ came into the world to save. He died for and thy neighbour as thyself;" to which our every other part of creation, “. the ungodly. Prophets had repeatedly declared Lord replied, “Thou hast answered right; this was a stranger to guilt, and knew nothing of

very good. He that “salvation is of the Lord, and had long do, and thou shalt live.” Thus the righteous death's terrible sting; he was clothed with innospoken of Jehovah as “a just God and a Saviour," balance of God's holy law was brought forth, cence, and no stain had ever sviled his pure The gospel also prominently set this forth. He and the only question was, whether the lawyer, mind. But the great enemy, like a thief, came was called Jesus, or Saviour, because He would if weighed, would be “found wanting.". He upon him, and he disobeyed God's command. “save His people from their sins ;” and when brought forth the required standard himself, and This is sin'; and in this way he was stripped of the angel of the Lord announced His birth to the the question was, did it pronounce him righteous his robe of spotless purity; he was sensible of shepherds, he said, “ Unto you is born this day, and entitled to life? or did it prove him to “have his wickedness, felt the deep wounds of fear and in the city of David, a Saviour, which is Christ sinned, and come short of the glory of God ?" guilt, and knew that death claimed him, without the Lord.” Jesus himself taught His disciples for the heart-searching demand of that law was, having any prospect of restoration. that He came “not to destroy men's lives, but to to “love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, Scripture saith, “By one man sin entered into save them;" and when a sin-convicted woman re- and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, the world, and death by sin; and so death passed ceived him as such, He pronounced her “saved ;” and with all thy strength; and thy neighbour as upon all men, for that all have sinned.” Thus and when another joyfully received him, He de; thyself.Thus perfection of devotedness to God, un- man is a fallen creature, and he is also “without clared, “This day is salvation come to this house." ceasing and unfailing in its continuance, with self- strength;” he is gone astray from God, and sin Paul testified that the grace of God bringeth sal- sacrifice for our neighbour's benefit, were involved reigns in him unto death. All mankind are alike vation, and He counted it “a faithful saying, and in the law. Is it not strange that the lawyer, bel in this respect, all are naked, wounded, helpless, worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came fore such demands, did not fall down, pricked in needy sinners. It is very important to see this, into the world to save sinners.” How blessed is his heart, and exclaim, “God be merciful to me because it withers up all thoughts of creature the contemplation of the fact, that God still pro- a sinner!" but he did not. So-blind and igno- ability, makes us conscious of being outside claims salvation for the chief of sinners, through rant is the natural man, that he perceives no- Eden's blessings, and lays us prostrate by the the atoning blood of Christ! Well may we sing thing spiritually, except the Holy Ghost enlighten wayside, helpless, and sinking under the effects “Salvation! let the echo fly

his understanding, and open his heart! The law- of 'the mortal wounds we have received. The spacious earth around;

yer was still willing to "justify himself.". low birth-condition being a fallen one, teaches us the While all the armies of the sky

great is the blindness of the human heart! But absolute necessity of being “born again,” and Conspire to raise the sound.

has it not always been the way of man to seek shews us the correctness of the Divine verdict, Salvation! ( thou bleeding Lamb, to excuse and justify himself ? Do we not see that “the whole head is sick, and the whole heart To thee the praise belongs;

multitudes around us, having the law of Moses faint,” and that “from the sole of the foot even Salvation shall inspire our hearts,

on their lips, but so destitute of the sense of its unto the head there is no soundness in it; but And dwell upon our tongues."

perfect requirements, as to attempt self-justifica wounds, and bruises, and putrifying sores.” It is the fact of God having provided a Saviour tion, by endeavouring to scrape together a righ- How humiliating to the proud, self-sufficient for sinners, that so richly manifests divine love, teousness by that very law which so thoroughly lawyer, could he have traced his own portrait in and when received into the heart by faith, the proves man to be a transgressor, as to be to him this picture of the traveller by the wayside

, ruined and lost become attracted to the bosom of a ministration of condemnation and death, so that naked, fainting, gasping, lingering in helpless

Every mouth may be stopped, and all the world ness and misery, without any resources for healGod had such love in his heart for sinful man, may become guilty before God.”.

ing or comfort; and without a friend to help or as Jesus revealed. To condemn sin in His only

Such is the law. Its demands are strict, its sympathize, till the Saviour of sinners came begotten Son, that He might bring us to glory, measure perfect, its standard unalterable, inflict- where he was. Ah! man may boast of his noble instead of eternally condemning us, as we so ing death on the transgressor, without any pro- faculties, and vast capabilities, as if he were unjustly deserved, was such a deep thought of un- mise of mercy. Holy, just, and good in itself ; fallen; but what is he in the sight of God? Hur utterable love as the Cross of Christ alone could but capable of showing man's sinfulness, without does the pure light of heavenly truth manifest fully set forth. : “ No man hath seen God at any giving him life or righteousness; for the Scrip-him? What is he when weighed in the balance time, the only-begotten Son, which is in the ture saith, “If righteousness come by the law, of the sanctuary? What can be more humbling bosom of the Father, He hath declared Hiin.”

then Christ has died in vain.” Who then can than the Lord's concise description, “stripped, Man's estimate of God generally is, that He is lay claim to life on the ground of the Law!" wounded,” and “half dead"? This is God's a hard master, demanding and expecting great I have glorified thee on the earth, I have fin- verdict, and this, I am sure, every Spirit-taught things from him ; hence, when he thinks of God who can say, I am clean, I am pure, I have conscience acknowledges as true and righteous at all

, it is commonly associated with the idea of never transgressed thy commands at any time? altogether. bringing something to God, instead of receiving Blessed be God, there was one who could say, 2. THE INABILITY OF LAW OR ORDINANCES from Him. Paul met this thought in the idola- ished the work which thou gavest me to do." to meet his need. Redemption by grace was trous Athenians, by telling them that “God is Yes, “ He magnified the law and made it honour, an eternal purpose in the heart of God. The not worshipped with men's hands, as though He able,” for He loved the Lord His God with all Lamb was fore-ordained before the foundation needed anything, seeing He giveth life, and breath, His heart

, and with all His soul, and with all of the world; and when God pronounced to and all things."" It is this proud thought of man's His mind, and with all His strength; and He fallen man the promise of redemption, there was ability, that is such an impenetrable barrier to proved that He loved His neighbour as Himself, no reference to the law. It was not until 400 the entrance of the gospel into the heart, and it by redeeming him with His own precious blood. years after the call of Abraham that the Law is this that the Spirit of God breaks down, by Though the lawyer was so willing to "justify was given, and the reason of its being given was convincing men of their sinfulness and need of a himself,” yet he failed to do so, for he was stand- to make sin manifest. “The Law entered that Saviour, and shewing them that righteousness is ing before the light of truth; and the proposed the offence might abound.” Hence we read, to be had only by faith in Him, who is now at question, “Who is my neighbour?" seems to "By chance, there came down a certain priest the right hand of God.

imply that he had some misgiving about being that way; and when he saw him, he passed by It is recorded that, on more than one occasion, able to meet this part of the Law's demands; on the other side.” This legal official bad no persons came to Jesus in this erroneous condition and when the Lord drew a picture of one loving remedy for the fallen and helpless, and he could of mind. Their enquiry was about doing some- a neighbour as himself, and added, “Go and do only be a wituess to the fact, that there was a thing to entitle them to eternal life; which served, thou likewise,” the lawyer was unable to ask "wounded,” “half-dead” traveller there. The in the case before us, as a fit opportunity for our any more questions, for guilt of conscience, man needed life, peace, healing, saivation, which Lord to unfold the difference between law and under the power of God's holy truth, stopped the priest under the law was unable to minister; gospel, and to shew that He came not to call his mouth. If his heart was opened to receive "he therefore passed by on the other side." the righteous, but to seek and to save that which the blessed instruction set before him, he could The Levite was equally unable to meet his need, was lost.

not have failed to feel self-condemned, in coming for he had no healing balm for a sin-wounded The touching parable of the good Samaritan so far short of God's standard of righteousness, and conscience. His sacrifices only brought sin to was drawn forth by the lawyer's self-righteous would have perceived in the parable, that Christ remembrance

, and could not give remission; " for enquiry. In the darkness of deep ignorance and had drawn a life-like portrait of himself in the it is impossible that the blood of bulls and of idle curiosity, he tempted the Lord with this fallen, naked, wounded, needy, half-dead travel-goats should take away sin.” He therefore only

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God. No one ever could have conceived that

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Thus it was His counsel brought us



and Levite.

looked on the dying sinner, “passed by on him from the wayside to his own seat_“set him

“Oh, what Love!" the other side," and became another witness that on his own beast,” and undertook to care for him,

stripped," "wounded,” and under making provision for the whole time of his ab- “The entrance of thy word giveth light, sentence of death, needing remission of sin. Thus sence from him; and the chief prospect before it giveth understanding to the simple.” we see something of what man's real state before him, was the hope of his coming again. God is, and what a united testimony there is to might enlarge to shew the responsibility of the Often has this Scripture been made good his being a fallen, and helpless sinner, and the Church, symbolized by the inn, to care for the to the honour of God, and the salvation inability of rites or ceremonies to meet his need. lambs of the Lord's flock; but we can only now Sad indeed would it be if the Divine record simply refer to it. The Samaritan's care of the and joy of the poor sinner. stopped here; but, blessed be God, it does not; restored man is brought out not only in the

How sweet it is to witness the opening for our deep necessity has been God's oppor- statement that he “took care of him," but also tunity of displaying the riches of His grace in in committing him to the ministration of others, up of day in the dark soul of man, to see the salvation of those who could not save them on whom he had bestowed gifts for the service, the power and love of God triumphing

“Though our nature's fall in Adam that the kind friend, who had so mercifully res- over the ruin and guilt, the blindness and Seem'd to shut us out from God, cued him from death, had made arrangements alienation of the sinner's heart; to per

for the supply of all his present and future need, ceive the thick darkness broken by those Nearer still through Jesus' blood."

must have been very consoling, and calculated to 3. This leads us to consider next, THE DEPTH, deliver from all fear and distrust; while the ex- rays of heavenly light and love which

Of The Saviour's Love, pectation of his coming again, could not fail to shine from Calvary, by which the deathso blessedly presented to us in His own ways be an object of the deepest interest. When the and words, and standing in the widest con- shepherd found the lost sheep, and laid him on like gloom is chased away, and life, and trast with the cold, heartless look of the Priest his shoulders, the security of the sheep was, that light, and order, and beauty are restored.

“But a certain Samaritan, as he he was borne up by the strong arm of the good journeyed, came where he was; and when he shepherd. The security of Noah, when he

How blessed is that power which the saw him, he had compassion on him, and went entered the ark was, that “God shut him in.” gospel of the grace of God exerts: breakand wine.This is what the half-dead traveller destroying angel came in judgment, was the ing down the pride, the enmity, and selfneeded. It suited such a helpless one. It ex- Blood of the lamb sprinkled on their lintels and sufficiency of the sinner, and at once actly met his case. Nothing more could be desired. What un- liever is, that he is in Christ, justified by his turning the heart and mind; making it utterable grace! How great, how free, how blood, upheld before God by the perfect love and ready to receive Jesus, and the salvation deep the love of Christ to ruined sinners! Deep almighty power of the great High Priest. Most indeed, for lle came down to us where we were, blessed it is for every true believer in the Lord

Jesus brings. in our sin, guilt, and ruin. He saw, He had Jesus to know that, by the one offering of Christ, This was strikingly exemplified some compassion, and came to us with healing and he is “ perfected for ever," and that God hath made time ago in the case of a poor dying man beheld the misery and helplessness we were in, sanctification, and redemption." In Christ he in the Union-house at C— He lay and His loving heart so melted with compassion, has life, righteousness, and completeness, and that when nothing less than the tremendous can never be separated from His love. Christ upon his dying-bed apparently friendless agony, suffering, and death of the Cross would will care for him continually, help in difficulty, and hopeless; he had looked at the grim deliver us from wrath, He freely laid down His comfort in sorrow, restore when erring, and lead monster death in his near approach, and life for us, even when we were dead in sins. The him into paths of righteousness, for His name's Holy Saviour was willingly made sin for us, sake. Christ who died for him, ever intercedes was filled with dismay: his sins stood that we might be made the righteousness of God for him, and will come again for him. Christ before him, and he dreaded death with in Him; and now being raised from the dead, dwells in him, and he dwells in Christ, and the He lives at God's right hand to be a Prince and love, wisdom, work, worth, and power of Christ such a burden of guilt upon his soul. a Saviour to give remission of sins. His blood are all for him.

Just at this period (under the guidance has been shed for undone, guilty sinners, and

“Once in Christ, in Christ for ever; His blood gives peace to the wounded conscience.

of the God of love) two of the followers

Nothing from His love can sever." His blood can heal the broken heart, and His

of Jesus visited the place, and were led blood testifies of a better robe than unfallen Such is the believer's security, and the chief man ever knew; for it speaks of “the righteous- prospect of his soul is, that Jesus will come again, to the bedside of the dying man; they ness of God, which is by faith of Jesus Christ and receive him unto himself. He knows that warned him of his danger, pointed out unto all, and upon all them that believe.”. This the same Jesus who went into heaven, shall so his guilt; and then freely declared the is what Jesus gives. The testimony of the God come in like manner, as the disciples saw Him go of truth to the value of His blood, is the oil and into heaven. (Acts i; 11.) He looks for the love of God manifested in the gift of the Holy Spirit bears witness to the broken knows that Christ will see of the travail of His Jesus, who came to do, and to bear, all heart of the law being fulfilled, its curse borne, soul and be satisfied," and, like the Psalmist, he that was needed to open a way through sin condemned, and death endured by the Son of says, “ As for me, I shall behold His face in which God could be just while justifying God for the sinner, and that now there is full righteousness; I shall be satisfied when I awake liberty for those who believe to enter into the with thy likeness.". Time was when God's dear the ungodly. holiest of all, hy the blood of Jesus, this is like people were so living in the power of divine The substitution of Jesus as the Sinoil and wine poured into the sinking soul, filling truth, that they “turned it with joy and peace. What amazing kindness ? the living and true God, and to wait for His bearer was specially pointed out, shewing What sovereign love ! How deep! how suitable! Son from heaven." Oh that we who have Jesus the righteous One taking our sin But who can speak of its power and virtue, but tasted that the Lord is gracious, were so much the wounded that have been healed by the loving in love with Christ, so rejoicing in His finished and guilt as His, and standing before

work, so sensibly affected by His amazing grace, God for us, receiving the punishment "Nothing but thy blood, O Jesus,

as to be continually rejoicing in hope of His
Could relieve us from our smart;
glorious appearing!

we deserved, and having exhausted the Nothing else from guilt release us,

But perhaps my reader is a stranger to grace. penalty of the broken law, having reNothing else can melt the heart.

You, perhaps, are so far dead, as not to be sensi-ceived the "wages of sin,” which is death, “ Law and terrors do but harden,

ble of your naked, wounded, perilous state. Is All the while they work alone;

it so? Then let me ask you to consider how you He rose again for our justification; and But a sense of blood-bought pardon will bear the light and terrors of the judgment now we who believe are justified from all

seat, and be judged according to your works! Prospects of the Death steals slowly but surely over you, and will things, and know that His perfect right

Christ saves quickly hurl you far from the reach of mercy, to eousness is unto all •and upon all them

He not only begins a good stand before God. But, dear fellow sinner, you work, but He perfects it. He not only cleanses, are naked, wounded, and dying, though you

that believe. but He brings nigh to God, by union with think little of it. Do ponder these things. God

This was plainly told out to the trouas beggars on the pronounces all to be guilty before Him. And dunghill, and sets us among, princes. He is not Jesus, the Good Samaritan, able to heal bled sinner, and he was enabled to bequickened us when dead in sins, and raised you ? · Did not He die for the chief of sinners ? lieve; and while entering into these us up together, and made us sit together in Does not He delight to pardon iniquity? Does heavenly places in Christ. We thus become He not now

come where you are, with the words, And so we read, that after the sweet balm of His blessed gospel? Does not “Our sins were His, we bless His name, wounded man had been bound up, and oil and His precious blood cleanse from all sin? Does His righteousness is ours." wine had been poured in, “he set him on his own He refuse one sinner, however vile, that comes beust, and brought him to an inn, and took care of to Him? Then why not believe in Him to save He cried out, “Oh, what love! oh, what him, and on the morrow, when he departed, you, that He may bind up your wounds, pour love! to think that He should chock and he took out two pence, and gave them to the joy and peace into your soul, and make you host, and said unto him, Take care of him, and happy in the presenť enjoyment of His perfect change with us in that way." His poor whatsoever thou spendest more, when I come and unchanging, love, with the joyful prospect heart and mind were filled with light and again I will repay thee.” The security of the of being with Him in glory for ever. healed man was, that the Samaritan had exalted May God grant His blessing. Amen. joy, tears of gratitude flowed down his

idols to serve


Soon dissolves a heart of stone."



He meets us

His for ever.

Rom. viii. 17.

“If so be that we soffer with him, that we may be also

glorified together."

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face, and words of joy fell from his stam- “ the soul that sinneth it shall die;" but GOD gave His Son to die for sinners

. mering tongue. He had seen Jesus bear-“God so loved the world that He gave The Son of God came forth from the ing his sins, he believed they were put His only begotten Son, that whosoever Father, to seek and to save that which

You have dishonoured God, away for ever; he saw himself arrayed believeth in Him should not perish, but was lost. in the best robe, and gladness filled his have everlasting life.(John iii. 16.) In but He is satisfied with the honour and soul.

the obedience unto death of Christ, atone- glory that has been brought to Him by “Oh, what love!” Could any thing|ment has been made, because of your the Man His fellow, (Zech. xiii. 7,) even else have met this poor sinner's case ? wretchedness and guilt ; whether you Jesus, who fulfilled all righteousness, and Would any thing short of this have been feel it or not, whether you submit to it suffered in Himself the judgment proa gospel to him? But in the fact that or not, such an atonement by blood was nounced against sin; and now God, Jesus took the sinner's place, and died necessary. Because of the infinite value against whom you have sinned, and of in the sinner's stead, he saw deliverance, of the blood shed, being the blood of whom you are tempted to be afraid, is full deliverance from all his sins; and in God's own Son, the atonement is effica- He who publishes salvation to you through the precious fact that the righteousness cious; and God has raised up His Son the blood of the Lamb. Believe in the of Jesus is reckoned ours, he saw how from the dead, and given Him glory, that Lord Jesus Christ, that is to say, trust the sinner is accepted in the Beloved, the faith and hope of the sinner might in Him, rely upon Him, look to Him, complete in Him, and thus proved the be in Him. (1 Peter i. 21.) That is to and you shall prove whether He is not truth of the words uttered by Jesus, say, the resurrection of Christ is the proof able to save to the uttermost all who “Come unto me, all ye that labour and given by God of the satisfaction which come to God by Him. Yes, God will are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Divine justice has found in the death of and does abundantly pardon every SIN

And when The finished work of Jesus was a rest- that ONE who voluntarily undertook to NER who trusts in Jesus. ing-place to this poor burdened soul; suffer for sins, the just FOR the unjust. you have believed to the saving of your he wanted nothing more—any thing less (1 Peter iii. 18.) If your confidence in soul, you will then be careful to maintain would not have been sufficient.

God is on the ground of this prevailing good works, because God HAS SAVED Have you so seen your need of salva- atonement in the death of His Son, you

YOU; and whom He saves He delivers tion, and so seen the suitableness of have no reason to be afraid. God him- from the love and power of sin. Christ, as to be led involuntarily to cry self pronounces that sinner to be justified May the Holy Spirit teach you, for out, “Oh, what love,” &c.? If so, you from all things who trusts in Jesus. (Acts Jesus' sake. Amen. may well rejoice and be glad in the sal. xiii. 38.) You cannot trust in Him and vation of Jesus. It is the first gushing perish. You must perish, if you do not forth of that joy which is unspeakable trust in Him. and full of glory. But if you have not If you have confidence, a sort of vague

Thy tender feet, O Lord, have trod been attracted, charmed, and subdued by hope that somehow all will be well here

Each step of sorrow's way, the love of God manifest in Jesus dying after, be assured that this is not confidence

No light of earthly joy broke through

Thy dark and clouded day. in our stead, what can be presented that in Christ; and whatever your thoughts

And hence Thy sympathizing eye will suffice? This is God's own remedy; may be about yourself, except you be Looks back with tenderest care, by this He would draw, and woo your converted, and trust in Christ, you will Along the dark and troubled path, poor heart; by this He would make you perish. If you allow that you may have

O'er Thine now walking there. His own; nor will any thing more power-been bad and thoughtless, but have now And hence Thy promises we see, ful or attractive be given you. Receive turned over a new leaf, and that therefore Like guide-posts on the road; Him by faith, and salvation is yours; but you have hope, you are deceiving your

To lead each trembling sufferer there, he that believeth not shall not see life, self, and the truth is not in you; for all

To put His trust in God. but the wrath of God abideth on him.

Hast Thou not said, “I'll be with thee such pretended confidence has no ground

When passing through the deep;
to stand on; it is not based on that foun-

I'll never leave thee, nor forsake,
Sin and Salvation.

dation which God has laid,- it is based Then wherefore dost thou weep?" My fellow-sinner, of high or low degree, on sand, and terrible must be the fall Hast Thou not said, “All things are yours, are you learned or unlearned, has your thereof; for “other foundation can no Things present, things to come;"

O let this thought the spirit cheer, life been moral or profane, you are a man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus

Though dark the pathway home. SINNER! God says so; your own con- Christ.” (1 Cor. iïi. 11.) Nor will it do

O raise the fallen, cheer the faint, science testifies the same, whether you to mix anything of your own with the

Confirm each feeble knee; allow it or not to others. Now, what work of Christ. It will not do to say

And tell them, Lord, that grief's full cup does a sinner mean? It is well to con- you trust in Christ, and yet, in the secret

Was drunk alone by Thee. sider this. Man was not made a sinner; of your own soul, be really trusting in

That very brier which wounds their feet, he was made good, and was so pronounced your tears, or prayers, or alms - deeds, Was blunted 'neath Thy tread; to be by God; but he continued not in if you are rich; or in your poverty and And ev'ry thorn which pierces them,

First pierced their living Head. that state,-he disobeyed God; thus did troubles, if you are poor. Neither tears,

That all along, the rugged path he become a sinner, and thus did you nor troubles, nor yet gratitude to the

Is softened by Thy tears, become a sinner; for it is written, “By Almighty for daily mercies, will wash

And many a spot a witness bears one man sin entered into the world, and away sin: the blood of Jesus Christ alone

Of all Thy groans and tears. death by sin, and so death passed upon doeth that. (1 John i. 7.) The best, nay, “A little while," the journey past, all men, for that all have sinned.” (Rom. the only way to please the Almighty, is to They'll rest with Thee on high, v. 12.) It is no use cavilling at this so trust in His Son, Jesus Christ; but if Where God's own hand shall wipe at last,

The tears from ev'ry eye. it is; and the sooner you are brought to your conscience is alarmed because of humble yourself under the mighty hand the badness of your past and present

And then Thy pathway tracing o'er,

'Twill be their joy to see of God on account of your own state, as life, and that on this account you are

That sorrow only made them more a sinner, the better. A sinner you are, afraid of God, I would say, "Trust, and

Companions, Lord, for Thee. and sinned against God you have, and be not afraid.” God is a refuge for you;


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A. A. W.


How I found Happiness.

* Dear Sir,-I am glad that you have minister announced his text: 'All that

been able to write to me, and state your the Father giveth me shall come to “Good morning, Thomas, how is it you feelings. Though my hands are always me; AND HIM THAT COMETH TO ME, I are always looking so cheerful ?”

full, it will always give me joy to re- WILL IN NO WISE CAST OUT. That was “ Because I know, that whether living ceive such notes as yours. You ask me enough, the burden was gone; Jesus had or dying, I have found happiness, Henry.” a very important question, “ Are you one done it all, He had received me, I could

Why, I have been seeking after hap- of God's elect?Now this is a question not doubt. I saw I was a sinner saved piness this long time, but have not found neither you nor I can answer at present, by grace, and from that time to the preit YET ; do tell me, Thomas, how it is you and therefore let it drop. I will ask you sent I HAVE FOUND HAPPINESS — REAL have been so successful ?"

an easier one, Are you a sinner ? Can


HAPPINESS." “With all my heart, Henry; if you say, “ Yes"? All say yes, but then they “O Thomas, would that I could find will listen patiently, while I tell the story do not know what the word “sinner” | happiness too!” in my own way. I was from childhood a means. A sinner is a creature who has "LOOK TO JESUS, Henry, and you shall wayward youth ; true, I attended a place broken all his Maker's commands, de- find it. The same Saviour who has made of worship on the Lord's-day, but soon spised His name, and run into rebellion me happy will make ALL happy — WHO forgot all I heard after I had left, till against the Most High. A sinner deserves ASK HIM. BELIEVE ON JESUS, THAT IS one day I thought I would go and hear a hell, yea, the hottest place in hell; and if How I FOUND HAPPINESS.” young man preach, whom I was told would he be saved, it must be entirely by unastonish me.

I went, and never shall I merited mercy. Now, if you are such a “She looked outside herself." forget the time. The text was, “Then sinner, I am glad to be able to tell you A Few days ago, when talking with a shall we know, as we follow on to KNOW the only way of salvation—“ Believe on poor afflicted child, I asked her if she THE LORD. Know the Lord, I thought; the Lord Jesus." I think you have not thought she could find anything good why, that is a knowledge I have not. I really yet understood what believing enough to present to God: I reminded tried to banish the impression, but all means. You are, I trust, really awakened, her of her countless sins, spoke of the was unavailing. Something told me I did but you do not see the door yet. I advise worthlessness of all her works, and then not know the Lord, and till I did I should you seriously to be much alone; I mean, again enquired if she had any thing not be happy. In this distressed state of as much as you can. Let your groans go which she could take to God. Her mind, I sat down and wrote a note to the up, if you cannot pray; attend as many answer was most striking; for with a minister I had heard preach. Stop a services as possible, and if you go with peaceful smile she sweetly said, “Yes — minute, and I will read it to you. Here an earnest desire for a blessing, it will JESUS.” it is: —Dear Sir, — Would you be kind come very soon.

Oh, what a truth is hidden in these enough candidly to inform me whether * But why not believe now? You have words! Do pause awhile, and ponder there is any hope that I belong to the only to believe that Jesus is able and what they mean. This child had learnt elect family of God; whether Jesus Christ willing to save, and then trust yourself the secret of the way of life; she had His Son has ever died for me, while my to Him. Harbour not that dark sugges- found the Sacrifice for sin; she did not affections are in the world. I try to pray, tion to forsake the house of God. Re- bring her works or prayers to God, nor

I make resolutions, only to member you turn your back to heaven and did she search her heart to find some break them. I listen, from time to time, your face to hell, the moment you do offering fit for Him; oh, no, she looked when you speak of the glory set apart for that: I pray God that He will keep you. outside herself, for well she knew that all the saints, when you describe their feel. If the Lord had meant to destroy you, He within was vile. She looked to Christ, ings, their joys, but feel that I have no- would not have shewed you such things and saw Him as the spotless Lamb of thing to do with these things. Oh, Sir, as these. If you are but a smoking flax God, who died that she might live; she that Sunday morning you spoke of the there is hope; touch the hem of His gar- listened to His gracious words, gazed on hypocrite, I felt you were describing me. ment, look to the brazen serpent.

His loving smile, and heard Him say I to chapel; hear the Word preached; 'My dear fellow-sinner, slight not this He would in no wise cast her out. This go home; make resolutions; go to work? season of awakening-up, and be in earnest. drove her fears away, and so with joyful out in the world, and forget all, till the 'Tis your soul-your own soul-your eter- heart she came and laid her hand on time of preaching comes again. I read nal welfare-your heaven or your hell— Him. She did not wait to cleanse her the Bible, but with no interest; it seems which is at stake.

heart, but came polluted as she was. no more to me than any other work that There is the Cross, and a bleeding Why should she wait? She had an I have read before; it is to me dry and God-man upon it-look to Him and be offering to bring; yes, Jesus was her insipid. Christ has said, that of all who saved. And there is the Holy Spirit, able offering! She knew a little of the value . come to Him He will send none away. to give you every grace. Look in prayer of His precious blood, and sought for How am I to come? I would if I could; to the Sacred Three-one God, and then pardon for His sake. She marked His but I cannot. At times I think I will you will be delivered. I am, your anxious wounded hands and feet, and, when her give all up, and not go to chapel any friend, C. H. S.””

sins were nained, could point to Him, more; but when the time comes I cannot "Well, that is an encouraging letter, and plead that He had suffered in her stay away, but feel compelled to go again Thomas. How did you feel after reading stead. Do, dear Sir, tell me how I it?"

O happy child! yes, happy, though am to find Jesus? how I can know He “I thought at first, Henry, that I would upon a bed of pain; no hope of health died for me? and that I belong to His believe; but it was to no purpose; I was below, but glorious hopes above! There family? Dear Sir, tell me, am I a hypo- still miserable, till one Sunday evening, will she see her Saviour's face, and never crite? I remain, yours to serve, in I shall never forget it-I went to Chapel grieve Him more! There will she walk anxiety. T. W. M.'

with a broken heart, having made up my with Him, and share His endless joy! “I sent this note, Henry; and after mind to go no more after that once. I No sin to mar, no grief or woe, but all waiting a few days received the following took my seat at the back. All the first be happiness and boundless love! What

part of the service I heard not, till the need she fear ? Her Jesus ever lives;

but cannot.


once more.



there is time.

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He changes not, and none shall ever and only hope, and you are saved at salvation ; here is peace for the con. pluck her from His hand. Oh, who can once! No fear of condemnation then ! science, and joy for the heart ; here is, tell the joy prepared for those who love No hell , no wrath for you! but perfect in one word, all that man, as a sinful

, this precious Saviour now? And is this rest and peace, because you come to God accountable, and immortal being, can Saviour yours, my friend ? Have you in His appointed way! Oh do not rest need, or wisely desire. Here the fulness yet fled to Him, and sought His pardon- till with delight you can exclaim, “Jesus of God is brought to supply man's emptiing love? If not, your soul is lost, and is mine, and I am His! He has "saved ness; and the wealth of God, to meet man's you are on the brink of hell; the sword my soul from hell !”

poverty. The fulness of the gospel disof justice hangs above your head, and

plays the wondrous riches of His grace.

The Fulness of the Gospel. any hour it may descend and strike you

That fulness is for man as a saint-a dead. O fly to Jesus now! yes, fly while

believer in Jesus-a Christian. It furHe stands with open

The gospel is one of the greatest blessings nishes him with motives, and with motives arms, and waits to save your soul! He which God ever conferred on our world. sufficiently pure and powerful to lead to calls, and bids you come; and will you

It comprises God's loftiest thoughts, re- the performance of the most painful duturn away? Do not despise His love, veals God's deepest love, and sets forth ties, and to make the most costly sacribut seek His mercy now, and then you'll in the simplest strains God's richest pro. fices. It furnishes him with rules, rules prove how truly blest are they whose sins vision for his creatures. For, whatever to regulate his conduct towards himself are washed away.

God may have provided for the glorious and others, toward God and man, toward “But,” you may ask, “how could this inhabitants of another world, it will bear good men and bad men. Perfect, unexchild be sure her sins were all forgiven?” no comparison with what He has pro- ceptionable rules, so that, on this point, Because she understood what Christ had vided for us. He had but one Son, and He he has nothing to desire. It furnishes done; she saw that God had given His gave that Son for us. He had but one him with comforts, rich and costly comown beloved Son to be the sacrifice for Spirit, and He gave that Spirit to us. forts. Comforts for dull nights and trywretched, ruined ones like her; she did O the riches of His grace! Truly he ing days; comforts for life and its trials, not turn away, and slight this precious hath abounded towards us in all wisdom for death and its pains; comforts which, gift, but clasped Him to her heart, and and prudence. Let us for a few mo- like cordials, will revive, stimulate, and brought Him as her offering to God; she ments contemplate THE FULNESS OF THE strengthen, so that he shall conquer every did not come alone, nor with an empty | GOSPEL.

foe, and be more than conqueror. It furhand, she came in company with Christ That fulness is for man as a sinner, nishes him with supplies, supplies for the --with Him to plead her cause—the One and provides for his spiritual wants. It intellect and the heart; supplies varied who had been slain, but who now lives provides for his guilt, a glorious atone and sufficient; supplies deeper than his again, to bring the sinner near. This ment; which, the moment he believes miseries, and more numerous than his gave her confidence and joy! How in Jesus, is removed from him com- wants. The fulness of the gospel concould she doubt? The King himself pletely and eternally. So that he is as tains God's provision for all His people, was on her side! He had become her guiltless before God as if he had never for all times, and to meet all circumstanadvocate and friend! the very Son of sinned. The perfect work of Jesus, per- ces. Let us then admire, adore, and make God was He who brought her nigh, who fectly removes all guilt from the believer, daily use of the fulness of the gospel. washed her from her sins, and bid her and removes it forever. Therefore we read

Reader, the fulness of the gospel is for fear no more! Oh what could shake her that, “by one offering he hath perfected You -- for you as a sinner, and provides peace! She came to God through Christ for ever them that are sanctified.” It for your guilt, however great; for your alone, she rested in His finished work, provides for his weakness, in the gift of degradation, however deep; for your and trusted to His own unchanging word. the Holy and Eternal Spirit; which weakness, however extreme; your Her sins were gone, -all washed away in Spirit helps our infirmities, quickens ignorance, however stolid; and for your Jesus' precious blood, -and she embraced our graces, restores our comforts, and desires, however vast. If with everlasting love, and called to know prepares us to do and suffer all the Christian, this glorious gospel furnishes the richness of this grace.

righteous will of God. The Spirit of you with the most powerful motives to Oh, is this portion yours, my friend ? Christ is the strength of the believer. It holiness, the wisest rules for your conHave you yet found the way to God ? provides for his ignorance, in the gift of duct, the choicest comforts for your tryThe day will come when you must stand his word; which word contains all that is ing days, and the richest supplies for life before His face, and then how deep your necessary for him to know in reference and death, for time and eternity. Let us, agony, if you reject His mercy now! No to God, himself, the law, grace, time, and then, make use of the fulness of the gosmercy then; but fury, wrath, and fearful eternity. It is sufficient to make him pel, by coming to it, receiving from it, woe, and punishment for every sin! But wise unto salvation, and to make him and walking by it. All we want is there; now there is a way of life! the door is perfect in every good work. It provides all we can wisely desire is there; more open still! and Jesus waits to lead you for his degradation, by introducing him than we can at present comprehend or safely in! He is the way—the only way unto the family of God, and making him make use of is there. As it flows from to God! When Cain came near with a son of God, and an heir of God. So God, it is filled with God, and has a fruits and flowers, he could not be re- that he rises from the dust and the direct tendency to make us like God. It ceived; he brought the produce of his dung-hill, to sit with princes; and, being commands our reverence, it demands our toil, but that could not atone for sin; washed, sanctified, and justified in the faith, and requires our constant study. and so with you, if you draw near with name of the Lord Jesus, and by the We shall need it in prosperity to guard works and prayers, you cannot be re- Spirit of our God, he is meet to be a us, in adversity to cheer us, in perplexity ceived; you must draw near through partaker of the inheritance of the saints to direct us, in ease to stimulate us, in Christ alone! He is the Lamb of God! in light. It provides also for his desires. sickness to generate hope, and in death He died for sinful man! accept and use Here is the bread of life, and here the of the blessed God, thou shalt be my

to assure us of victory. Glorious gospel Him as your sacrifice; present this Spot-waters of salvation; here is the robe of confidence and comfort, my solace and less One to God; make Him your one righteousness, and here the garments of my song!


you are a

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