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in us.

It is

in order to find peace and joy. “If thou knewest flows to us througli Jesus crucified, as we some

the gift of God, and who it is that saith to times si!lg “And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as thee, give me to drink, thou wouldst have asked crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the of Him, and He would have given thee living

" To Jesus we our praises bring, Lamb." (Rev. xxii. 1.)

For grace proceeds from Him." water.Here we see Ilim who was the Life, the There is peculiar solemnity in the closing chap-dispenser of living water to a sinner dead in Many confound grace in them with the grace ters of the Revelation. Salvation and Damna


and sins, and He also speaks of the brought to them, and they have not peace. They tion, Life and Death, grace and judgment, glory effects of this living water on the soul. Speaking must look clean out of themselves and receive and eternal torment, are the subjects of it; and of the water of Jacob's well, lle saith, “lle that righteousress and pardon from God through the whether the scene is heavenly glory, or the throne drinketh of this water shall thirst again, but Wood of Christ, and they will find their conof eternal judgment, the LAMB stands most con- whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall science purged. We must first drink living water, spicuous and exalted. Few people read the Reve- give him shall never thirst; but the water that I before it can spring up in us, or flow out from lation; the excuse of many is, it is so difficult to Shall give him shall be in him a well of water, as,

We must receive grace for us to have peace understand; whereas its title expresses its sim- springing up into everlasting life.” In the pre

“ The grace of God bringeth salvation;" plicity. Revelation does not mean that which is vious chapter, our Lord had told Nicodemus the and when the apostles wrote to their fellow Chrisdifficult, but something revealed, or made plain; Pharisee not only of the eternal importance of tians they disually commenced with “ Grace unto but the truth is, that however simple Gol's word the new birth, but that it consisted in being born you and peace from God the Father and from our is, “ the natural man receiveth not the things of of water and of the Spirit, which was known Lord Jesus Christ.” Yes, grace proceedeth “out the Spirit of God.” It is awful how even pro- only to those who believed in the Son of Man of the throne of God and of the Lamb." fessing Christians treat this blessed part of the lifted up; and the chapter is concluded by the eternal in its source, and carries our thoughts holy oracles, notwithstanding it is our Lord's last most positive declaration, that to be without back to God, God's purpose and grace, which was letter to his beloved church: ---God's last written Christ is to be without life. In the fifth of Jolin, given us in Christ Jesus before the world began," communication to man- and that it is prefaced we have Christ presented to us as the quickener and being eternal in its source, it is abundant, with, “ Blessed is he that readeth, and they that of whom He will, that every one who believes unchanging, and everlasting in its operations: hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those in IIim that sent Him hath everlasting life (living hence, we read, “The mercy of the Lord is from things which are written therein: for the time is water), and is passed from death unto life'; I everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear at hand.” Dear friends, how is it that we so also, the resurrection of believers is there called Him.", Yea, God himself is “ the God of all neglect the Revelation!

“the resurrection of life;" and the reproof of grace," and this is the glory of the gospel; it is It is wonderful how God blesses the reading Christ is, that persons would not come unto Him called “ the glorious gospel of the blessed God." of this book,. Many, a soul has been awakened that they might have life. In the next chapter, Could we but look into the heart of the invisible through reading or hearing the things that are

we again see Christ as the dispenser of living God we should see thoughts of grace and peace therein written; many a troubled conscience has water-eternal life-promising life for evermore to men as sinners, counsels of eternal redemption been quieted and comforted by seeinz, in the to every one that comes to him, and saying, between the persons of the Godhead, pardon for visions of glory there presented to us, especially “ The words that I speak into you are Spirit

, the guilty, salvation for the lost. Jesus came to in the 7th chapter, that the redeemeil multitudes and are life ;” and when Peter was asked if manifest this, and his blood-shedding upon the are before the throne of God solely on the ground he would go away, he exclaimed, “Lord, to Cross was the outflowing of this pure river of of the blood of the Lamb; while many have been whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of the water of life proceeding out of the throne of preserved from ten thousand snares of the devil, eternal life.” The seventh chapter shews us God and of the Lamb." Happy those who by keeping the things that are written therein. that Christ is the fountain to satisfy the thirsty drink freely. Nothing shews more plainly the real importance soul, and also that living water, taken in by

2. Observe that the water is living, it is called of this book than the command in the last chap- faith, sinks deep into the feelings and affections

water of life.” Ah, dear reader, nothing less ter, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this of the soul, and is felt to be so precious and tha life, lite eternal. could meet the need of us book; for the time is at band;" and also, “ Be abundant, as to flow out copiously to those who were dead in trespasses and sins. The law hold, I come quickly; blessed is he that keepeth around. " If any man thirst," said Jesus, “let could not make us righteous or give us life, it the sayings of the prophecy of this book.” What him come to me, and drink. He that believeth only made manifest our sin. But Jesus came to are we to understand by keeping the sayings of on me, as the Scripture hath said, out of his give life. lle as the overflowing fountain of the prophecy of this book? Surely this book helly shall flow rivers of living water." Would living water, and whosoever drank " passed from does not present to us a list of absolute commands that we knew more of this in our day, beloved. death unto life.” It is not life for a day or to be obejted, like the law of Moses did. No. It Why is it that there is not more testimony to two like the manna was to the hungry Israelites; does, however, present to us the working out in Christ? but hecause we so little go unto llim and no, it is everlasting life that Christ dispenses. result of the great principles seen around us, and drink. The 10th chapter of John shews us that lle could say, “Me that eateth of this breal so shews us the difference between truth and the sheep have life only through the death of the shall live for ever”—“ never see death”—"never error, the bride and the harlot, Christ and Satan, Good Shepherd, teaching us that Jesus crucitied perish" - not come into condemnation," &e. in such astonishing ways, that it does help in a is the only fountain of living water.

In the In Ezekiel xlvii., where we find a counterpart of wonderful manner to guide us in our heavenvard next chapter, we see Jesus the Life-giver, and the heavenly Jerusalem, in the prophetic testijourney, when we keep these sayings in our minds, raiser of the dead, eminently set forth; while the timony concerning the earthly Jerusalem, we before our eyes, and in our hearts.

12th chapter still more plainly shews us that life read that “every thing shall live withersoever The Revelation is divided into three parts. and union with Christ could only come to us the river comethi;” and so is Jesus crucified. 1. The things which Jolin saw. 2. The things through His death. “Except a corn of wheat fall You cannot come to Him, my dear reader, for 3. The things which shall be here into the ground and die, it abideth alone; but if pardon, without living for ever. “ He that

it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.” In the 14th cometi to me,” saith Jesus, "shall never hunger, The verse before us is among the things which chapter, Christ is emphatically called “the Life ;” and He that believeth in me shall never thirsi." shall be hereafter. The apostle had been carried and the next chapter' shews is that fruit-bearing on, beloved friends, this is a deep reality Re away into a great and exceeding high mountain, to the glory of the Father is only by living union ceiving Christ into the heart as a Saviour iş to behold the Bride, the Lamb's wife, and he saw with Christ the Life; and to pass on to the 20th always connected with inward experience, and her descending out of heaven, from God, having chapter, after the person, deathi, and resurrection eternal blessing: A change of heart, new birth, the glory of God.” We know, from other Serip of Christ have been set before us, the Holy present realization of life eternal, are connected tures, that, prior to this, she will be “

caught | Ghost, by John, says, “ These are written that ye with drinking living water—“If any man be in up to meet the Lord in the air.”

Now John might believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, Christ he is a new creature." "We know that we sees her coming forth in heavenly glory, mani- and that believing, ye might have life through his have passed from death unto life because we love fested to the earthly nations; having been made name."

the brethren." Oye feeble-minded, halting, partaker of the grace of God, she new shares

The water of life, then, is God's blessed grace fainting, doubting, fearing children of God! be with Christ the glory of God. She is presented unto life eternal

, Howing out to man as a sinner comforted, he happy, be assured, by the word of to us under the symbol of a city:.. But I do not through Christ, whether a profligate Sanaritan the living God, that you live for ever, because now propose to enter into that, but immediately or an outwardly decent Pharisee. Like the river you believe in Jesus; you have tasted the grace proceed to our verse: "And he shiewed me a pure in Eden was to water the ground, so living water of God in Christ, you have drank the living water, river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding is blessing, only blessing to the poor and needy. and your heart goes upward to the bolood stained out of the throne of God and of the Lamb." This seems to me proved from the many Scrip: mercy-seat,, outward in love to God's people, This is still a part of the description of the hear tures I have already quoted; and is it not blessed and onward to the coming glory. venly Jerusalem;, for the next verse speaks of to contemplate that the eternal occupation and Jesus now intercedes for you in heaven. “the street of it,” evidently identifying it with joy of the Church of God will be perpetually

3. This water is also abundant, not a pool, but what had gone before it in the previous chapter, drinking this living water ? ever having unfolded a river,” yea, as Ezekiel saith, “a river t

to us more and more of the love of God, and our swim in, a river that cannot be passed over." But what, I ask, does the water of life repre: souls ever rejoicing before Ilim with fulness of the depths of the riches of the grace of Goi! sent? Have we any Scripture proof as to what joy, when we shall sing

There is not only mercy with God, but with Him the water of life means? Let us see, and the

is "plenteous redemption.” The figure of a river Lord graciously help us !

For ever of His grace,

is very beautiful. Its origin is hidden, but the In turning to the gospel by John, it is said of

further you trace it from its source the wider and Christ, in the first chapter, “In Him was life,

deeper it becomes. So is the grace of God in and that He was full of grace and truth ;” and being abundantly satisfied with the fatness of Christ; yea, Jesus is full of grace. We none of in various other Scriptures, life and grace are

His house, and made to drink of the river of us know much of its depth, and height, and found together. For instance, in Rom. v. we

his pleasure, for the Lamb himself shall lead us length, and breadth; but this we know, that the read, that grace reigns, through righteousness, to fountains of living waters.

longer we live the more we feel that we need the unto eternal life, by Jesus Christ our Lord.” In But let us look a little more particularly at glorious doctrines of the sovereign and unchang: 1 Pet. iii. 7, we read of “the grace of life.In our verse, and first let us notice the origin of ing grace of God to sustain us, and the more we Rom. viii. 2, of the “Spirit of life in Christ this living water—"proceeding ont of the throne realize its vastness. And so we believe it will be Jesus.” My reader will remember how the Lord of God and of the Lamb.” God is the God of for yesterday the Holy Spirit said, “ He giveth himself spoke to the sinful Samaritan woman grace, and Jesus Christ is full of grace. Grace, more grace;" to-day He says, "He giveth about the necessity of drinking "living water,” I like every other good gift, is from above, and it I more grace;" to-morrow it will be, “He giveth

which are. after.

Fear noi,

verse 21.

For ever of His love;


"This fountain, though rich, from charge is quite free,

The poorer the wretch, the welcomer he;

Yes, it flows from the

more grace;” and the next day still it will be, and peace with God? Are you not saying, Oh The penal consequence, death, was at once “He giveth more grace," and so on, until we see that I could find rest for my troubled conscience ? Jesus face to face, and find ourselves eternally If so, come just as you are to the Cross of Christ, reaped; not the “second death,” blessed happy in the bosom of His matchless grace. and there receive those eternal blessings that God be God, but death in the inner man ; the

4. But notice further, that this water is also so freely gives to sinners. “Ho, every one that pure. There is sometiines merey among men thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath moral nature was defiled and blighted when guilt is proved and the stain not cleansel. no money; come ye, buy and eat; yea, come buy by sin, and so death worked. Thus A prisoner is proved guilty of a capital offence wine and milk, without money and without and condemned to die, but just before the ex. price.”

the apostle writes to the Ephesians: “Ye, pected execution, il reprieve is sent, and though But I fear you are a careless sinner; you hear who were dead in sins.” Again : “Death the prisoner’s life is spared, the stain of guilt re- as if you heard not. You do not care to come mains--there is pardon but not purity. But the to Christ that you might have life. Oh, you little passed upon all men, for all have sinned.” grace of God is pure, it is clean and makes clean. think that Jesus said, “He that hath not the God is just, and the Justifier of him that be- Son of God hath not life, but the wrath of God There was the death of the inner man, lieveth. God is pure, Christ is pure, the be- abideth on him," O Christless soul! remember accompanied, in process of time, by the liever is pure-his heart is purified by faith; that the wrath of God abideth on you.You he is cleansed from all sin, justified from all may lie down on your bed this night and sleep, death, or dissolution, of the body: hence things.

but rernember the wrath of God abideth on you. the conclusion to be insisted on, that Again, God's grace is pure because of its per- You may go to your business or pleasure on the fection. It is not a mixture of man's doings and morrow with a smiling countenance, but the man, all men, everywhere are, since the Gud's work, not a compound of law and grace, wrath of God abideth on you. Time may roll first man sinned, constitutionally sinners, but pure grace, the simple outflowing of the over you, and you may find yourself on a sick and as sinners, are actually under the heart of the pure and holy God, freely giving full bed; kind friends wait upon you, and smooth forgiveness of sins to every one that believeth. your dying pillow; hut you have no consolation law of death; that which characterizes O dear children of God, do not join together law -the wrath of God abideth on you. Your weak- death being true of the soul by natureand gospel; there is an amazing distinction be- ness increases, your limbs rapidly emaciate, your tween them. No two things can more differ. strength declines quickly, your fleshı quivers, the blind, deaf, corrupt, without understand“ The lar was given by Moses, but grace and joints of your back are loosed, your breath be- ing, and going astray from the womb. truth came by Jesus Christ.” The deadliest cup comes more and more ditficult, and, solemn to of poison that Satan can present to a sinner is a relate, the vital chord, snapped by the chilly The ultimate end of all such - except inixture of law and gospel, which gives him nei- hand of death; and then you will awfully and those saved by the grace of God-is the ther law nor gospel. Blessed be God, the water eternally prove that the wrath of God abideth on of life is pure; let us beware or any corruption you. o that you may now take warning, and

lake of fire, the second death. of the pure doctrines of the unmerited love of flee from the wrath to come. Do you not know The few small and livid spots on the

that almost the last words in the Bible are, 5. Lastly, the water of life is presented to us "Whosoever will, let him take the water of upper part of the leg of our poor friend, as “clear as crystal,” which, I apprehend, teaches life freely?" If you were passing near some the sure indication of death, did not us not only that it'is pure and transparent, but sparkling, crystal-like fountain of water, and themselves produce death, but were really also that it is glorious. When first John saw saw it labelled, "Drink freely," would you not the city, it was “like unto a stone most pre- taste the pure, clear stream? Then why will ye formed by death. Mortification was incious—even like a jasper stone clear as crystal.” any longer reject the water of life? why will yg ternal; it was corruption working, and Ah, dear reader, tlie grace of God is truly glo- be deaf to that lovely voice which says, “I will rious, hence we read of the “glory of his grace.” vive unto him that is atlıirst of the fountain of must come out. The spots were the first The Lord will give grace and glory. There is the water of life freely ?”

outbreak of corruption; corruption was majesty in grace, for heaven's throne is called s the throne of grace.”

there, and in due time would be mani.

Here's strength for the weakly that hither are led, eternal counsels of God, and redounds to His

Here's health for the sickly, here's life for the dead. fested. The outside spots shew what eternal glory; and, in ages yet to come, He will

was the inside condition. So also of sin. shew the exceeding riches of his grace, in bis kindness toward us through Cirrist Jesus. It is

The water flows sweetly with virtue divine,

Little or big sins, as they are called, are to fountains of living water that the Lamb will be ever leading, and ever refreshing his people

Oh, Jesus is quickly coming. If you do not the natural outflow of a corrupt nature.

repent, and turn to liim now, He will, lle must Spots may be large or small; but they 6 There we shall see his face, come upon you with fiery wrath then.

are the natural and necessary produce of There from the rivers of His grace Drink endless pleasures in."


corruption, and not to be judged by And now, dear Christians, let us remind ench other that salvation is by grace alone from first OR, THE BROKEN LEG AND A BROKEN HEART. themselves only; but the nature producBy grace ye are saved through faith.”

ing them must be judged; and hence Here let us abide. Our eternal occupation will

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the difference between six and sins. We be drinking more deeply these streams of living Who can describe DEATH ? who speak are prone to judge sins only, leaving the water, then let us now, under the Spirit's teaching, seek to learn more and more of the love of rightly of what it is ? God has written nature which produces them untouched. our God to us. This alone will cheer us when of it thus: “The wages of sin is DEATH.” God always judges sin, and hence the before God, make us sympathizing and tender What is sin? Men differ, wide as the blessed Lord's word to man, in his pretoward others, and strong for the service of God poles, in their interpretation; each man sent condition, is, “Verily I say unto you, and conflict with Satan. Grace alone enables us to bring forth fruit unto God. “The grace of has his own definition. God gives his ye must be born again;” that is, you God which bringeth salvation......techeth us, definition of it: "All unrighteousness is must have a new nature. So long as sins that denying ungodliness and worldly lust, we

sin.' Every thing, then, not strictly in only are judged and spoken of, the corshould live godly, soberly, and righteously in this present world, looking for that blessed hope, and accordance with God's perfect law of rupt nature is left untouched. Now, as the glorious appearing of the great God and our rectitude is sin; and the wages of sin, nothing but corruption can come from a SaviourJesus Christ,” &c. Oh! beloved, this pure river is ever flowing, and when we feel barren God says, is DEATH; and the full wages corrupt nature, whether it is decent forand dark it is not because God hath forgotten to paid to sin, as stated in Scripture, is “the malism, adultery, or the murder of the be gracious, but because we have forgotten his

o think often of the riches of grace, second death," an awful result of un- Son of God, all is alike the product of surely it is a river to swim in, a river that cannot righteousness indeed, “the lake which an evil heart of unbelief. Our friend " He giveth power to the faint, and to them that burns with fire and brimstone for ever was a decent formalist, and sometimes have no might He increaseth strength.” 0 to be and ever.” Sin began in paradise, and judged sins which he committed; but strong in the grace which is in Christ Jesus;"

its first consequences in this world were he had never judged, that as a natural “ Though all things change, He changeth not,

seen there.

Man disobeyed, was proved man, HE COULD DO NOTHING BUT SIN. He ne'er forgets, though oft forgot; His love's unchangeably the same,

guilty, and came under “ the law of sin The importance of these truths is my And as enduring as His name."

and death.” He voluntarily put himself reason for introducing them here. The Now let me address myself to the unconverted. under the law of sin, by disobedience to illustration of spots, the produce of corYou have heard of Christ crucified as a river of living water, and be assured that there is salva- God's righteous enactment, and neces- /ruption, or mortification, with sin and ten in the wilderness, to give water to the thirsty sarily came under the law of death, God sins, seems apt. people to save them from death, so Christ cruci- having said (and He cannot change), “In I went with the surgeon from the pafied' is a river of life, and every needy soul that the day thou eatest thereof, thou shalt tient's bedside, and when out of hearing, comes to Him finds it to be so of a truth. Are you, my reader, thirsting for forgiveness of sins, surely die.” Sin ruled in his members. the verdict given was, “He must die.”

This fountain in vain has never been tried ;
It takes out all stairs wherever applied;

To cleanse souls completely, though leprous as mine."

And never, never sin;


to last.



one was





At his request, I undertook to convey sinners to himself, and cry aloud, “Come ing? On what rests thy everlasting all ? these terrible tidings to the wife, mother, UNTO ME, all ye that are weary and heavy- "I build on Jesus, and on Jesus only. I and finally to the patient himself. I need laden, and I will give you rest.' He died rest on what He has done and suffered not describe the anguish of heart felt by in the place of the sinner, and bore the in my stead. I have no righteousness in the relatives; but on going to the patient, wrath of God, which was due to sin.” which I dare to trust, therefore I depend in answer to his question, "What does " Why that is substitution,” exclaimed on the atonement Christ has made. I the doctor say is the cause of this faint- my friend, his eye beaming with intelli- feel that I am on a perilous sea, amidst ness ?” “Shall I tell you the exact truth? gence, and his face glowing with delight. rocks, and storins, and breakers, and I --will you be able to bear it?" Yes, “I know what a suBSTITUTE is-an inno- have no hope but in my life-boat, and yes, let me know the worst.” “The doc. cent one dying for a guilty one, and that that life-boat is Jesus. If this can fail, tor fears mortification has taken place." innocent one no less than the Son of I am lost, and lost for ever. But it “And what then?” “It is beyond the God. I understand it now; it comes to never swamped yet; no reach of human remedy.” “And, and”- me clear as light; but may any one come washed out of it, or perished in it, and said the poor fellow, as though gasping to Jesus? I have been such a sinner. therefore I believe I am safe.” for breath —“I must die.” “Yes, you Oh, my dear friend!” and he clasped my

"I may be a corpse before night.Yes, must die." “How soon ?—can he tell ?” hand in his, “Do not for worlds deceive it is not impossible, it is not improbable. Probably in twenty-four hours,-possi

Can a sinner, such as I am, hope But if I should, what a change will take bly a little longer.” “Die in twenty-four for the mercy of God ?" And then, for place! In what different circumstances hours ! Is it possible ?" "My dear friend, a considerable time, he unburdened his I should be. There is something solemn it is too true.” “One more day, one more whole soul to me (such a catalogue of and solemnizing in the thought. To have night, and then-eternity." "Exactly; evil). “Can such a wretch hope for for- taken the last look at my nearest and and now, my dear, dear friend, your soul giveness ?” Any one who knows the dearest earthly friends. To have spoken

- your soul -- what will become of your joy of this precious salvation will sym- the last words I shall ever utter in this soul ?”With the solemnity of one who pathize with the delight and joy I had, world. To have written the last line I knew his hours were numbered, he re- in hearing this poor sinner confessing his shall ever trace for the good of my felplied, “If what you have often told me sins, which were many, knowing that this low-men. To have given up everything is true, I am going to perdition, and there is the first step in the Holy Ghost's teach-earthly, and to have lost my interest in is no hope for me; and I now feel you are ing, when God takes the poor sinner in everything below. To close the eyes on all right, and I have been ALL WRONG.

He shall convict the world of the old sights, and to shut the ears on all have gone to church when I could, with sin," is one part of the blessed work of the old sounds, and to feel that one has my wife — often to the Sacrament; but God the Holy Ghost. And here was a

done so for ever. These are serious you say, that's of no use, — my sins are poor sinner, thus convicted, and asking things, especially as introductory to what only increased by so doing.” “My dear the question with this load of sins, con follows. Eternity treads on the heels friend, when such things are presented tracted for years and years, and constantly

The things seen

are temto God as a reparation or atonement for accumulating-is it possible for such a poral, the things that are not seen are your sins, they are obnoxious to God, and sinner to be forgiven ? How precious eternal. Eternal! How solemn! How entirely displace the Lord Jesus Christ. the gospel of the grace of God comes in impressive! Yes, the joys of heaven are He died on the Cross for sin; and if to meet such a How impotent

eternal, and the pains of hell are eternal! anything short of the death of the Lord all means and efforts devised of men

Our state once fixed, is fixed for ever. Jesus Christ could have put away sin, for such a purpose. Who can forgive Here I may repent, flee to Jesus, and do you think Almighty God would or sins, but God only? Blessedly true. obtain deliverance from the wrath to could have given his only begotten Son The forgiveness of sins is God's pre- come; but, after death, there can be no to die an ignominious and most dread- rogative. Yes, there is “forgiveness change. Hell is the worst place in God's ful death? No, no; He gave his Son with Him, that He may be feared." universe, we can go to no worse; and to be a propitiation for our sins, to die First, forgiveness, then tħe fear of the heaven is the best, there can be no better. the just for the unjust, to bring sinners Lord. “Believe on the Lord Jesus

"I may be a corpse before night." Then to God. Christ, and Christ only is “the Christ, and thou shalt be saved,” is God's surely I ought to be serious. Then, way, the truth, and the life.” Come to answer to man's question. “The blood whatsoever my hand findeth to do, I God through Jesus Christ our Lord of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth from should do it with my might; for there is • for no one cometh unto the Father but all sin,” is the blessed and only means

no work, nor device, nor wisdom in the by Him'- your sins then are forgiven; devised and applied by the triune Jeho grave. Then I should set, and keep my for the blood of Jesus Christ his Son vah for this purpose.

house in order, that nothing may be left cleanseth from all sin. Come thus, and

in disorder, so as to cause confusion, or

(To be concluded, if the Lord will, in our next.) you are saved; come in any other way, and

contention after I am gone.

Yes, I you are irretrievably lost for ever.” “This

should live every day, as if it may be

A Morning Thought. seems wonderful; and as you speak, it

my last day, or as if I should have the comes with new light to me.

sound of the last trumpet before bedone come to Jesus ?” “Any and all who “I may be a corpse before night.Many time. What a change will take place in feel they have a debt to pay to God, and who appear as well as I do will — Yes, me when I die. In this poor body, all its have no means -- a burden to get rid of, many will die to-day. I may, and if I aches and pains, and all its gratifications and have no power. The debt is all we should, am I ready? Am I safe for and pleasures, will be for ever ended. owe to God — can we pay it? The bur- eternity ? Are my evidences of interest And in my soul, all its dulness and deadden is all the sins we have ever com- in Jesus sure ones? Is my title to ever-ness, all its sorrows and sadness, all its mitted—can we get rid of one of them ? lasting life unquestionable ? My soul, hopes and fears, all its doubts and diswhen? where ? how? 'Christ bore our see to it that all is right; that all will be tresses, all its gloom and griefs, will be sins in his own body on the tree;' there. well with thee in death, and well with brought to a close. It will burst its prifore He could invite weary, heavy-laden thee for ever. On what art thou build- son, it will escape from its cage, it will

of time.



May any


lay down its burden, and it will escape Lamb," and that the guests were seated; dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepfor ever from the windy storm and tem- she immediately felt conscious she should herd of the sheep, through the blood of pest. Then Satan will no more tempt not be there, but looked earnestly for my the everlasting covenant.” (Heb. xiii.) or torment me, sinners will no more sister, whom she saw seated up near the 2. We are also told that Christ, as the wound or vex me, providences will no head of the table. This gave her confi- great High Priest, entered into heaven more bafile or try me, corruption or sin dence, and she purposed to go up; but, itself by his own blood ; that precious will no

more harass and distress me; after taking a few steps, was met by the blood securing the acceptance, and adbut I shall be free from the whole, and Lord Jesus, who said to her, she could

mission into God's presence, of all free for ever. With such views, I ought not sit down there, not having on a "wednot to fear death. I ought not to be ding garment.” With terror, she asked those for whom the High Priest pre

sented the offering. This was formerly alarmed if it should suddenly take me. where she should go; but before any anNor ought I to be anxious to live; but swer could be given, she felt herself fall- typified by the High Priest, on the great only desire to glorify my God, whether it ingthrough space, and beneath hera yawn- day of atonement, only being able to be by life or by death. O to be quite ing pit, into which she was going to fall. enter into the holiest of all, and stand ready, if I should be a corpse before night! Her distress of mind awoke her. With a there, by burning incense, and present

pale and haggard countenance, she related ing the blood of the spotless sacrifice, The Jostle of the Crowd, and the her dream to me in the morning; her con- which he sprinkled with his finger seven Touch of Faith.

science seemed roused afresh; would I times upon the mercy-seat, and before the When the woman among the crowd, with could add, she came with all her terror mercy-seat. (Lev. xvi. 14, 15.) Hence the issue of blood, was made whole, the to Jesus. Alas! for take heed to the we read, that Jesus, " by his own blood, disciples were astonished at the Lord's word, “Now is the accepted time." In

entered in once into the holy place, havquestion, "Who touched me?" Their a few years she went to Australia; she reply was, “Thou seest the multitude constantly wrote to my sister, to whom ing obtained eternal redemption for us.”

(Heb. ix.) thronging thee, and askest thou who she was much attached; she related her

It is, then, to the sprinkled blood that touched me?” But Jesus knew the dif- marriage, her trials in life, &c.; but to

we are come. It is here all believers have ference,-- He had felt the virtue go out any questions asked her about the “one

a place. By virtue of that blood we have of Him. He knew the touch of faith. And thing needful,” she made no reply. In her

liberty of access into God's holy presence; is it not that in these days many are last, she said she would very soon write

not because of any goodness in us, but mere jostlers ? They crowd, it may be, again, but never did. There is every entirely on account of the infinite value to places of worship, say many prayers, reason to suppose she died soon after.

and perpetual efficacy of that blood. By

READER! SEEK YE THE LORD WHILE and do many things. They call Jesus

faith in that sprinkled blood, we find Saviour, too; but they know not the vir- HE MAY BE FOUND, CALL YE UPON HIM

ourselves in a region beyond everything tue that is in His blessed self; they know WHILE HE IS NEAR.”

seen and temporal, even beyond deathnot that in Him is life and salvation, as the one who shed His precious blood for

The Sprinkled Blood.

in spirit, in heaven itself, where Jesus

is. The blood-stained mercy-seat wel“Ye are the blood of sprinkling, that sin, and rose again, because He had put

speaketh better things than that of Abel.” (Heb. comes us there now. We are brought it away by his one precious sacrifice; and

thus nigh to God by the blood. There so they never touch Him. But He is not There is a similarity in the death of is no lower ground for any true believer, deceived. “ The Lord knoweth them Abel and the death of Christ. Cain slew however weak in faith, because it does that are his.” He says, “I know my Abel, because his own works were evil, not depend on our measure of faith, but sheep, and am known of mine."

He and his brother's righteous; so Christ on the value of the blood. There is no speaks comfortably to those who believe. was slain by wieked hands, because his other ground for any believer; for we are “Daughter" is his word of peace, whilst holiness and grace brought out the en- not come to the mount that might not be the crowd are cast out. They jostle, but mity of the human heart, -- they hated touched, but we are come to the blood of do not touch — they are near, but do not Him without a cause. But there is the sprinkling. Fellow-Christians! Are we believe. greatest contrast in the two deaths; for consciously there now?

Doth our eye there was nothing atoning in the blood of rest upon the blood upon and before the A True Narrative.

righteous Abel, whereas the blood of the mercy-seat now ? It is here we learn When we lived in the village of S- Son of God was shed for many for the deeper and deeper lessons of the grace near Dublin, I well remember this re- remission of sins. It therefore “speak- of the God of peace; here abiding, our markable circumstance, concerning aeth better things than the blood of Abel." hearts are softened, our souls humbled, parlour-maid which then lived with us. But the blood of Christ which as and we learn to hate sin, and to love the My eldest sister, being a converted per- shed is now sprinkled the blood of the sin- bearer. The vastness of the ransom son, and having much desire for the sacrifice now pleads for us before the tells us of the horrid blackness of our salvation of souls around her, used fre- throne. There are two points mentioned, sins; and the contemplation of His sufquently to speak to this girl, who soon in the epistle to the Hebrews, between ferings and death teaches us the depth shewed much concern for her salvation, the blood-shedding and the sprinkling of degradation and guilt in which we and alarm at the thought of eternity, so 1. We are told that the resurrection of were involved. There is the greatest that she would constantly weep, and seem the Lord Jesus was because of the amaz- tendency in us all to slide away from the to “strive to enter in at the strait gate;" ing virtue of the blood shed; that is, throne of grace, and sometimes, perhaps, but did not really come to Jesus, "the that Jehovah's righteous estimate of the under the false plea of trying to humble way, the truth, and the life.” One night blood of the Cross was, that it so per- ourselves; but it is not the ground of she dreamt she suddenly entered on a fectly atoned for the iniquities that were faith. The grace of God has met us as beautiful place, and saw a number of laid upon Him, and so fully justified his lost sinners in the blood of the Cross, persons going into a very spacious apart. people, that the Surety could be most and made us nigh to himself; and the ment, into which she entered, and was justly set free; hence we read, that "the great High Priest ever presents to God, told it was “the marriage supper of the God of peace brought again from the forus, the infinite virtue of His own blood

vii. 24.)

any refl

tried him." Ps. (v. 19.

Where all

Here, then, fellow-Christians, “we are the just for the unjust, and He will bring West of England--a spot much resorted to come,” and here may we abide!

rest unto your soul. The rest which Jesus by visitors. The thought that principally oc

hath purchased for his people by his own cupied his mind at the time was, whether or But there is another point here,- the blood, is a gift. Believe the Saviour's words, not God did own the instrumentality of tracts blood “speaketh." Yes, it speaks to God, go to Him, He will “ gire you rest.” in winning souls, for "Faith comes by hearing, and it speaks to us.

The blood, as we

Dear reader! it may be that you are busily and hearing by the Word of God.” Again,

engaged in the pursuits of this perishing how shall they hear without a preacher?" have seen, in the last dispensation, was world, living day by day regardless of future and that one too must be sent of God. sprinkled upon the mercy-seat, before consequences. I must ask you one question, Preaching, thought he, does appear to be God, and before the mercy-seat, to meet Are you a thoughtless, careless sinner? It is God's way of publishing glad tidings, and, the eye of the worshipper that approached love to your soul which causes me to put so reasoned he, “ I can and do bless God that i

plain an enquiry. Come to Jesus and you see one and another believing to the saving of it. So the blood of Christ ever speaks secure eternal life; reject Jesus, and you must the soul through the instrumentality of the to God of sin judged and put away, and die eternally under the sentence,“ Depart human voice; but never have I personally

To live without known an individual converted through the of his people for ever reconciled to him- from me.”. (Matt. xxv. 41.)

tion on the past, or consideration of reading of these little messengers, of which I self; and it speaks to us of pardon, peace, the future is an awful state of soul. Heaven's disperse so many.” Half discouraged, and and salvation to the uttermost.

glory and happiness are realities. Will you almost deciding to give away few or less in still press forwards amongst the evil multi-future, he still could not leave the spot with

tude, enjoying the pleasures of sin, which are out placing one book (entitled Poor Tom ; or, Come unto me.

but for a season? Such things do not satisfy What can I do?) in a chink in the bench. God is love. Oh! the amazing depths of such now; in the end of life what will they profit In the first page, also, he wrote in pencil, love, for when man by sin had placed himself you? I would warn you. The path chosen “ For you, poor sinner, for you.” Breathing a at a distance from God, He who is rich in by you is a dangerous one. It leads to death, fervent prayer that the Lord would graciously mercy sent forth a Redeemer to bring the sin- hell, and wrath. " The wages of sin is death, bless the reading of it to some poor sinner, ner nigh. It pleased the Father that in the but the gist of God is eternal life through he returned home, and soon after went into Son should dwell all the fulness of the God- Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Rom. vi. 23.) Many another part of the country. head bodily, and by the well-beloved One was are your sins; the precious blood of Jesus can An unexpected circumstance, however, the love-message sent. God manifest in the blot them out. Sinner, He says to you now, called him back to the same place after a flesh, even Jesus, just such a Saviour as every “Come unto me.” May the Holy Spirit short time; and very soon after his arrival a lost and guilty sinner needs, came from hea- quicken you to know the voice of Him who to Christian lady requested he would call upon ven's glory, bringing grace and truth down his great


says, " Come unto me." Amen. a gentleman, a visitor at the watering - place, into this fallen world.

who had been in ill health as well as under Well might the people, as they listened to

deep exercise of soul. Losing no time in

Glorying in Tribulation. the good news from heaven, wonder at the

doing so, he met with a kind reception; the gracious words which proceeded out of his “Until the time that his word came, the word of the Lord invalid spoke as one who had been indeed mouth, Come unto me.” It was only from

"Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall made to know and feel the vileness of self, the meek, lowly, loving heart of Jesus that strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord." Ps. xxvii. 11. and the blessedness of being united to Jesus. such sweet and encouraging words could In heaven the Christian pilgrims rest,

This kind of conversation led the visitor to proceed. He, who gave up his life for Where all are holy, all are blest:

speak of the simple narrative contained in the transgressors, sees the helpless one afar off

There is no night.

little book, “ Poor Tom," saying, moreover, awakened to a sense of sin and misery, groan

Nor sun nor moon could add one ray

that it would be well worth his while to read ing under the felt burden of guilt, eren ready

To that effulgent, endless day,

it, being such a wondrous instance of the

bright, to perish: and oh! the tenderness of his

And saints behold, with open face,

power and grace of God. In it, moreover, is soul. He beholds, pities, speaks, not words

The glories of redeeming grace.

shewn to what a pitch of glorious experience of upbraiding, nothing to disturb or distress

a simple soul may attain- Christ to be all, I the broken-hearted, but encouraging words, And why should there be night below to be nothing. The gentleman smiled, and at “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are (Even in this world of sin and woe)

the same time reaching from a shelf a book

Where Christians dwell ? heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matt.

When Egypt felt that darksome night,

(in which, as it fell open, his visitor read in xi. 28.) In Goshen all was clear and bright;


pencil, " for you, poor sinner, for you." The invitation seems to remove out of the

Here it is said he. * And this little book

And joy could swell way all distance between the holy and the

From grateful hearts securely kept,

has been made a very great blessing to my guilty. The call is graciously made to every While judgments all around them swept.

soul.” Lost in wonder, praise, and gratitude, one who labours and is heavy laden, and

his friend said nothing, so the other proceeded such an one coming with nothing in the

There is no cloud that shrouds our view, to inform him, that coming to -5, a great

But's fringed with rays of heavenly hue, hand, for no qualification is necessary, will

Earnest of day.

invalid, in body and mind, the change of scere have the promised blessing-rest. Happy,

When most we're tried, cast down, bereft,

and pure air soon were the means of restoring and blessed indeeil, is any poor sinner, whose Some gleam of mercy still is left,

a little strength, so that he was cnabled to go heart, although once “not right in the sight

To gild the way;

hither and thither to see the beauties of the of God,” has been disquieted by godly sorrow, Some trace of that bright sun that glows neighbourhood; but sin, an intolerable burby faith obeyed the invitation, and now is Behind the clouds which interpose.

then, lay heavily upon his mind, which all this enjoying rest in a Saviour's love. Fellow

could not remove. Wherever he went it fol

'Tis good to knock at mercy's gate, Christian, you can go on ward, leaning on the

And long, if needs be, there to wait,

lowed him, and being quite a stranger in the arm of your Beloved, and soon you will come

And feel ou need ;

place, he indeed felt lonely and depressed. entirely up out of this wilderness and take

Though praying souls may oft be tried, His first step in seeking relief of mind was possession of the promised inheritance-the The good they crave is not denied,

to read the news of the day, but that soon land of rest. Reader! it is the believer only

If still they plead;

proved a broken cistern ; instead of obtaining who has rest-" we which have believed do

For there's a season fixed on high,

comfort, the horrible accounts of crime and enter into rest." (Heb. iv. 3.) What is

To grant the humble suppliant's cry. your

sin in every shape there detailed filled him present spiritual condition? “ The Lord seeth

Let that sweet word our spirits cheer,

with horror and disgust. This plan, then, was not as man seeth; for man looketh on the

Which quelled the tossed disciples' fear-- speedily abandoned, and not renewed. Very ontward appearance, but the Lord looketh on

Be not afraid.

soon after this he experienced such a fearful the heart. (1 Sam. xvi. 7.) Perhaps you

He who could bid the tempest cease sense of sin, that (not knowing the remedy) feel that you are sinner and need salvation. Can keep our souls in perfect peace,

he feared he must sink down in his wretchedIs it that you anxiously desire rest for your

If on Him stayed ;

And we shall own 'twas good to wait, troubled spirit, and hitherto cannot find such?

No blessing ever came too late.

Wandering about lonely and sad, he at Where are you seeking it? Works are of no

length came to the hill and bench referred to avail. Merit or worthiness of your own cannot

From Capt. Gardner's Journal.

in the commencement of this narrative. The assist you in the work of salvation. Jesus

magnificent prospect now before him seemed says, "Come unto me.” Jesus alone can give Encouragement for Praying Tract for a few moments to arrest his attention. He He lived for sinners, and when

was struck with wonder whilst he pondered expiring on the Cross to save sinners from ONE who had been scattering the precious upon the power and goodness of God in creaeternal death, exclaimed, "It is finished." seed of life by speaking of Jesus from house tion. Earth, sky, and ocean, all spoke loudly Anxious sinner, the work is completed by to house, as also by the distribution of gospel of this, but still he was wretched and vile, Jesus; the one great and perfect sacrifice for tracts and books, being wearied, sat down to and knew no way of relief. He longed for sin has been accepted by God himself, and rest for awhile on a bench placed upon the company, but no one visited the spot. He the words of Jesus to you are, “ Come unto summit of a hill commanding a magnificent regretted he had brought no book, for he could me." Trust, then, in Him alone who died | prospect, and near a watering - place in the not bear his own thoughts. Turning his head,



you rest.

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