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strong all night, and very changeable; it did not a brother in the Lord, and a partner with Mr. the maladies that 'flesh is heir to,' and blow from one point for many minutes together. 11

John H and wife came

that which entaileth and worketh eternal The pilot and crew up all night working very in the afternoon to see us. Mr. M hard. About 6 o'clock they cast anchor for the attentive. Also, the next day, Miss H- for- death, is directed by the blessed Spirit, first time since we left, waiting the return of the merly of Bristol, and Miss Elizabeth Ttide. It has been my prayer since I left not to came to see us, but I was in bed. I knocked to Him who once died on the Cross for be anxious about the future; now my thoughts the skin off my leg whilst on board, now it is sinners, and is now risen to intercede are about my next step, but ain comforted, be much inflamed, and has laid me up for a fort. in heaven for them that believe; and lieving that the Lord's children are helping me night. Bowinanville is a growing town, but I by their prayers. Yea, the faithful High Priest could get no employment there, as no man car- though there enthroned in highest bliss, is touched with the feeling of my intirmities. ried on business in my way; but an excellent His own glory, and His Father's glory, O Lord, give me thy peace! The dear baby has opening for any one that could commence for himgot the measles - -two young men also. The self. As soon as I was able, I went to Toronto; is to plead for guilty sinners that predoctor told me we should be detained at the but could get nothing to do, as trade was very cious blood, that flowed so free, so rich, hospital.

dull; then, to St. Catherine's and Hamilton. Tuesday, 26th. We anchored at the hospital. I might have had work at St. Catherine's, but from Calvary's tree. From thence its The officials from the island came on board at the wages were so low. From there I wrote to voice of love and mercy flies to the ends 9 o'clock. All on board ordered on shore; my Mr. D-, and waited his reply; and as he dear wife and Rhoda taken to the hospital. I offered me more, I thought it right to return as

of the earth, to cleanse sinners from all went on shore with them in the captain's boat, soon as possible. I returned to Montreal, but their sins, to save unto the uttermost all where a carriage was waiting to take them to my family remained at BJwmanville. the hospital. A steamer from Quebec took all day I went to work a large tool fell on my foot,

that come unto God by Him, to seek the passengers on shore at the island. It was which laid me aside again. Just as I was able out the lost, the undone, the cast out almost dark when we arrived. We had to take to work again, I received the contents of a all the things that were used on board. Some of pistol on my cheek bone. The Orange Men held one, and the one ready to perish the passengers assisted us in bringing our beds, their meeting that day, which exasperated the can come too filthy, too vile-and snatch &c., from the edge of the water to the house Catholics, and a disturbance ensued. I heard them from hell, and put them into His which was appointed for us to sleep in. The the noise, and looked out of the window. These children were by this time overcome with fatigue. things led me to ask the Lord whether I was bosom of love. God so loved the world, I was obliged to attend to them. John made where He would have me to be. A short time that He gave His only begotten Son, himself especially useful. After putting them after I called on Mr. B-, because I heard that to bed, I thanked the Lord for the mercies of the he broke bread in his own house. I told him I that sinners might not perish, but have day, and retired to rest.

thought we ought to walk in a more public way, everlasting life. See here, then, poor sinWeduesday, 27th. Rose early; took our break- which he also desired. We met at first in a room fast. I prepared dinner, and then employed a that a brother preaches in afternoons and even- ner, love's Almighty cure for the serpentwoman to wash our clothes. All the passengers ings; but now we meet in the Lecture Room of bite of sin. Look here for life and


. were busy washing, the weather being fine. Ithe Natural History Society. Many come to our took the children to the cemetery, thinking to meetings, truly spiritual brethren, who are not Millions have looked here—have obtained find something to mark the relations of Jane; happy in the present state of the church. About both - and are gone to glory. but could not; but saw a monument with this a month after I had been at Montreal, my wife

Z. inscription: “In this secluded spot lie the mortal and children came......

I think this is my place reinains of 54

persons, who, flying from pesti- at last. lence and famine in Ireland, in the year 1847, tound in America but a grave.” Four medical

of men died at the same time of typhus fever, con


the Epistle to the Galatians. By J. L HARRIS, Author tracted in the faithful discharge of their duty to“As Voses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness,

London: W. Yapp. 4, Old Carendish Street, wards the sick. This is a beautiful island, and if

even so musi the Son be lifted up." we had been here under other circumstances, we should have enjoyed it much. A vessel, called How wonderfully is the Cross of Christ Europsy Queen, anchored. She luft Plymout la be: revealed throughout the word of God. CRUMBS FOR THE LORD'S LITTLE SPORTS on shore, and told me that fourteen had died of Both the Old and the New Testament original papers, on various Scriptural subjects, writscarlet fever while at sea; two were grown per

ten for the editication, exhortation, and comfort of There had also been three births. Tivo form one blessed Gospel-one full, rich, the Lord's people. persons also died before. The next morning, at perpetual stream of mercy to fallen man,

London: William Yapp, 4, 011 Cavendish Street, 4 o'clock, I saw my wife and child at the hospital; thankful to find the baby better. The which shall never cease to flow while one hospital is large, capable of accommodating : 030 prodigal remains to be gathered into

Pablished Monthly, in fcap. 4to., price 4d.. sick, with every necessary comfort and attend

THE BIBLE-READER'S JOURNAL: a medium ance. Emigrants have reason to be thankful for heaven. See it here, poor sinner; look


of Scripture Exposition, Christian Intercomsuch a place.

munication, and Biblical Research. Thursday, 20ti. We irere all ordered on board once more; for, may be, you once looked,

Communications for the Editor, and Books for Re. this morning. My dear wife and child were and saw no beauty in the Word, felt no view, to be a ldressed to 72, Hatton Garden, I ondon. brought again to the water's edge in a carriage.

London: Printed and Published by Morgan and Alter we were all on board we sailed for Quebec | concern about it, and are now awan: Chase, 72, Hatton Garden; Sold by Wm. Yapp, Old We cast anchor at Quebec at 9p.m. We have derer far from your Father's house by Cavendishi Street, Oxford Street, and all Booksellers. been 42 days, 5 hours at sea. O my God! we thank thee not only that we are arrived in safety.

reason of wicked works. If so, may you bue for shielding us from the many trials that now have faith to look up to Him-Him, NEW SERIES OF GOSPEL TRACTS, in others have been called to pass through. the glorious Son of His Father's bosom; general distribution.

Large Type, earnestly recommended for Friday, 29th.

The doctor came on board, and passed us all. I then went to the Post-office in Him, whom His Father spared not, but

(Exodus xii. 13). hope of a letter, but there wi's none.

Him gave

12. Self-righteous Lost, and tew lines to Miss W—, which I hope was re

to die the accursed death

UP ceivel, to say that we arrived in safety. Mr. on the Cross, that poor sinners might P— and myself were appointed by the pas not perish, but in Him and by Him

7. Liberty; or, the Captive sengers to buy something for the Captain, for his kindness and attention during tlie

have everlasting life. In the midst of bought a gold pencil-case, with this inscription, mercies Israel sinned, and God's right- 10. How can I approach God?

9. The Black Sheep.

20. The one Resting-place. * Captain C-, from the passengers of the ship

London: William Yapp, t, Old Cavendish Street, Eliza, as a mark of esteem, May 29th, 1857." eous anger against hier sin was revealed Dr. V-, of II, was presented with a gold in a sore visitation — He sent fiery serring, for his unremitting attention.

Second Edition, Demy 180o., cloth, 28. pents to bite them. But His mercy also Saturday, 30th. We did not leave the ship

) ECOLLECTIONS OF AN EVANGELIST: or until about 2 p.m. amined our boxes, we were taken in a steamer that none might die thereof. The divine / which are added some Extracts from his Diary. By to the station. We found refreshments very

('ONTENTS-The First Step. The first fruits of the Gospel. expensive. At p.m., we left by special train, command was obeyed; the serpent of

The power of the Word of God. The Waygoner. The Shoeand arrived at Montreal about 5 a.m. Mr. John brass, fixed upon a pole, was erected in maker The Midnight visit, Man's will and God's purpose. D- - came to see me, and offered me employ their midst; and it was — look thereon, The Home Missionary Stations

The Backslider. Gracey, the Schoolmistress. Reirospect. ment; but I thought it right to go to llamilton first. About eight the train again started; we and live. God directed the eye of the Farm. The Converted Publican, passed from place to place, and arrived at Bowinanville about 9 p.m. By this time we were dying Israelite to it, and that look Removal. A second Harvest season. A Cry for the Gospel.

The Praying Wife. The Great Debtor. The Two Converted very much fatigued. My dear wife and I have brought the cure. So the sinner, born Husbands: The Converted Farmer Master and Servant. had but little rest for three nights past. We in sin, afflicted with that deadliest of Dangerous Prosperity. Sudden Death. Conclusion. Diary. slept at a tavern that night. In the morning

London : William Yapp, 4, Old Cavendish Street, Mr. H. got lodgings for us at Mr. R- 's, | maladies, that universal parent of all

Oxford Street. W.

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11. The Blood for a Token

I wrote a

1. The Fallen House,
2. The Stray Sheep.
3. Thy kingilom Come.
4. The Scotter Silenced.
5. Utterly Unclean.
6. Christ my Glory.

Slave maile Free.
8. Peace: or, the Dying


Sinners Saved. 13. Be ve Reconciled. 14. The Riddle Solved. 15. The Storm Hushed. 16. AWell-remembered Hour. 17. “I was Busy, Busy." 18. Grace. 19. Why will ye Die?



Oxford Street. W.

As die orice he thot se provided a remedy for the deadly sting, R" Cocidents connected with Sivage EnisTy;

Robert Gribble.

The Return. The Revel. A new scene of service. The Little

The Contrast. Harvest Time. The Baptism. The Chapel. The Consumptive. The



“Compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.”

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gelist to any part of the United Kingdom, post free,

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23. Od.


12s. 108.

Luke vii. 12.

touched the border of His garment, they lous light that reveals Jesus in all the The Publisher will forward parcels of The Evan- believe His word of promise and are fulness of His love and grace, as the on the undermentioned terms :saved.

Lamb of God which taketh away the sin The following circumstance which oc- of the world. It was but a day after, curred a few weeks ago, may illustrate when she retired to rest earnestly crying

this. I had occasion to call on one whose to the Lord for deliverance, and during A single copy will be sent to any British Colony conduct as a wife and mother is most ex- the night watches her prayer was anor 12 months for 2s., paid in advance.

emplary, and who has for several years swered, her fears were gone, and she was All orders should be addressed to the regularly attended puplic worship anxi-enabled to cast herself on the mercy of Publisher, Mr. W. YAPP, 4, Old Cavendish Street, Oxford Street, London, W.

ously desiring to realize peace with God, Him who came to seek and save the lost.

but hitherto in vain. The secret of her Her sorrow was turned into joy, and she All Communications, Subscriptions, Books for Re disappointment is perhaps that she does was constrained to lean her head that view, &c., should be forwarded, pre-paid; To the not fully understand the words’“Nothing she might kneel down and pour out the Editor of the Evangelist," 4, Old Cavendish Street, Oxford Street, London, W.

to pay,” like many others who have not thanksgivings of her heart to Him who

learned the desperate wickedness of their had done such great things for her. She “Nothing to Pay.” own hearts, and their utterly lost and has since been quite happy in the know

ruined condition as sinners before God. ledge that her sins which are many are It is much to be feared that the very She has been seeking something in her- all forgiven, and the change in her whole freeness with which the blessings of the self on which to build her hope, instead conduct has been so manifest as greatly gospel are offered to all, “without money of the complete and perfect work of the to affect the mind of her relations. Her

aged mother, who has heretofore been and without price,” is to many a hin- Lord Jesus, "who of God is made unto

quite opposed to the truth, and did not drance to their reception. The pride of us wisdom, and righteousness, and sancti. for many years attend any place of pubnature rejects the thought that there is fication, and redemption; that, according lic worship, is now deeply sensible of her “nothing to pay." Naaman would gladly as it is written, he that glorieth, let him lost condition and embraces every ophave “done some great thing” to get rid glory in the Lord.” (1 Cor. i. 30, 31.)

portunity of hearing the gospel, so that of his leprosy, yet he "went away in a

A few days after this interview, when there is much reason to hope that the rage” when he was simply told to “wash | returning from our prayer - meeting, I Lord has commenced a work of grace in in Jordan seven times.” (2 Kings v. 10.) overtook two of the hearers, who were her soul. How truly may it be said to But he was obliged to humble himself, or engaged in earnest conversation. One of any who, like the Pharisees of old, are he would never have been cleansed from them was an aged Christian on the verge trusting to the works of the law, “The his filthy disease. All his wealth could of fourscore, the other a young woman publicans and the harlots go into the not avail him, nor the favour of the king of very disreputable character, who had kingdom of God before you." his master; he must wash in Jordan. lately been awakened and convinced of How plainly do we here discern as in a sin. She was complaining of the hardglass the way of salvation. The sinner, ness of her heart, and expressing her“: It is not what we observe, or suppose that we whether rich like Naaman, or poor as fear that she was too vile to be saved. observe of fruits, and effects

, which become the

foundation of hope ; but what Christ is, as Lazarus who sat at the rich man's gate, It was perhaps in reference to her expe- our Head and Representative in God's esteem. is alike tainted with the leprosy of sin. rience that I was led the next week even

Experiences are very well in their way; but The blood of Christ is the only remedy, ing service to make some remarks on they are never well, nor ever properly in the and faith in that precious blood brings the woman that was a sinner”. (Luke vii. way, when we put them in Christ's way, and healing and cure to those who are con- 37); and on my way home I again passed in the place of Christ. And whoever sends tent to receive it as debtors to free, her on the road conversing with two men to form a judgment of their state, as

they stand before God, by consulting what others. The dark cloud of unbelief was sovereign, and unmerited grace. Through now beginning to break, and she ex- hearts, instead of sending them to the enjoy

they call the gracious disposition of their own ignorance of this, many anxious souls

pressed her hope that she might be ment of God's perfect approbation of the are kept in bondage, while others, who

pardoned; but, being such a great sinner, Church in Christ, is sending them to the feel they are utterly ruined and undone, she could not expect to be forgiven yet. shadow instead of the substance; so that, gladly embrace the welcome tidings, that This was the early dawn of the Spirit's when at any time an intervention takes place “the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses from work on her hitherto dark mind, which to the substance, the shadow is instantly lost.” all sin," and like the woman who simply was soon to be followed by the marvel- Dr. Hawker.

R. G.



inherit it?"-GEN. XV. 8.


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justified by the blood of Christ. In the Cross, experience, or duties, or the like? No; He

Christ put away their sins, that they might be taught Abram, that blessing comes to fallen man “ And he said, Lord God, whereby shall I know that I shall made the righteousness of God in Him. Hence only through sacrifice, that God's promises are

we are further told, that “Christ is the end of the made sure to us by sacrifice; therefore God sent We read in the Gospel by John that "the law law for righteousness to every one that believeth.” | him to the sacrifice to realize assurance. was given by Moses, but grace and truth came This is blessed. This is the true grace of God reply was, “ Take me an heifer of three years by Jesus Christ;” and while it is blessed to con- wherein we stand, and the reception of this old, and a she-goat of three years old, and å ram template the glorious testimony of divine grace glorious truth into the heart gives assurance. of three years old, and a turtle dove, and a young coming in after man had proved himself so help- Here is ground for unwavering, unceasing assur-pigeon." There, at the sacrifice, Abram was to less and guilty under the law, yet we must not ance; for it springs from God's sovereign grace, | learn God's character and mind, whereby he suppose that the gospel was not preached before it is manifested in Christ's perfect work, and might have the assurance that he would inherit Christ came.

It was preached to Adam, after he based, not upon our frames, feelings, or even the land. had fallen beneath the power of sin and Satan, measure of apprehension of it, but on the per- It seems to me that we learn from the case before in the promise that the seed of the woman should fect righteousness, unchangeable love, and never- us, that there are two things needful for any one bruise the serpent's head. It was also preached failing faithfulness of God. “ The work of to enjoy assurance-1. Self-renunciation ; 2. The to Abram, four hundred years before the law was righteousness is peace, and the effect of right- apprehension of God's thoughts of Christ. Let given, when God said, “In thee shall all nations eousness, quietness and assurance for ever.” us consider them a little. be blessed.” (Gal. iii. 8.) It is important to see “Unchangeable His will,

1. SELF-RENUNCIATION.--It is wonderful how this, and to consider how God's grace abounded

Whatever be my frame,

thoughts of creature-righteousness cleave to us. to man, as a sinner, long before the law came.

His loving heart is still

It is hard indeed habitually to take the place of In fact, the Scriptures everywhere teach, that it

Eternally the same :

no confidence in the flesh," that “all our righbas only been in the way of grace, that God has

Our souls through many changes go, teousnesses are as filthy rags,” that in our flesh ever established man in blessing since the fall.

His love no change can ever know.” dwells no good thing, and that no measure of deWhen, therefore, the apostle Paul, in the New But all believers have not this happy assurance.votedness can make the promise of God in Christ Testament, treats of the subject of justification, Some, because they do not know the blessed truth more secure. But these things the Spirit of God he usually takes us back to Abram, as having that the righteousness of God is unto all, and upon teaches. He convinces of sin, and testifies of lived long before the law was given, to shew that all thein that believe.' Others, because careless-Christ; and God's declaration must be carried a sinner is reckoned righteous before God only in ness of walk grieves the Spirit, and Jims the eyes out, that “no flesh shall glory in His presence.” the way of faith; being not based in the least of their understanding and faith. There are va- It is often a very humbling process to learn by degree upon man's ability, but upon the promise rious degrees of faith. We read of "little faith,”

the Spirit's teaching, that regeneration does not of God. This is very important, as it clears away "great faith,” and “the full assurance of faith improve the flesh; that there is no similarity in from the mind all questions of law-fulfilling as but the weakest in the faith is not less justified," the flesh” and “the Spirit;" that the flesh a ground of justification, it leads the soul away not less accounted righteous, than the strongest always remains the same, only that it is kept from the common thought of creature-fitness to in the faith. We do not get pardoned at one under by the Spirit. “That which is born of the come up to God's standard, and prepares the time, justified at another, sanctified at another. flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit anxious inquirer to receive the peace-speaking No; receiving Christ crucified for salvation, we is Spirit.” Do we not gather from the fact, fact, that God has come down to man while a receive all things at once. We are pardoned that while Abram was before the sacrifice, “an sinner, with present forgiveness, and eternal re through His blood, justified by His blood, sancti horror of great darkness fell upon himn;" that demption, in the Cross of His beloved Son. fied by His blood."“All things are yours,” said he was taught by - God himself the humbling

God's holy verdict long ago went forth, that the apostle, “ for ye are Christ's," "The Father lessons of self-loathing and unworthiness, that " by the deeds of the law no flesh shall be justi- hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in he might be the more thoroughly convinced that fied; for by the law is the knowledge of sin.” heavenly things in Christ.” This, I say, is the he could inherit the land only on the ground of The law made demands on fallen, sinful man present portion of the most feeble-minded be God's free grace? And when the Holy Spirit such as he was unable to fulfil – it demanded | liever in Christ; but the personal enjoyment of opens up to us our history before God, and righteousness from man to God in the way of this wondrous grace will be just as we, by faith, discloses to us the real character of the thoughts works-it therefore proved all to be guilty, and abide in Christ.

and intents of our hearts, the iniquity in our under condemnation. The question, therefore, There are some believers who are so weak in most holy things, the pride in our humblest dowith a soul truly sensible of his guilt is, Can man faith, and so uninstructed in divine things, (per-ings, the self-love and unbelief that are associated be accounted righteous by God in any other way? haps because they do not daily read, and prayer- with our most devoted hours, do we not know Can a sinner have any real ground of assurance fully meditate on the Scriptures,) that they something too of a horror of darkness ? We often in any other way? The answer is, Yes; God stagger at being told that they have everlasting need, as well as Abram, humbling exercises, that has come down to man, as a ruined, helpless righteousness in Christ; while they trust in the we may lean wholly upon God, and know how sinner, in Christ, and brought a perfect and blood of the Cross for pardon, they shrink from to ground all our expectations of good from a everlasting righteousness to him in the way of crediting the glorious reality, that God has made source entirely outside ourselves. And where faith. This, as I have said, has been always Christ to be unto them “wisdom, righteousness, shall we learn these lessons so effectually as before God's way. He made coats of skins, and clothed sanctification, and redemption.” Such, however, the Cross of Christ? So long as thoughts of Adam and his wife. Abel obtained witness that lose much joy, as well as strength for service creature-merit or sufficiency are allowed by us, he was righteous by faith. Noah became heir of and conflict, and are often filled with gloomy and doubts and fears will distress the soul, hecause the righteousness which is by faith: God said to distressing thoughts; they doubt and fear, and the eye will look within, instead of wholly to him, “Thee have I seen righteous before me.” brood over self and circumstances, because they God in Christ; and if thoughts of our own doing “Abram also believed God, and it was counted to do not look away from every other object straight be mixed up with our standing before God, we him for righteousness." All these are examples to Christ at God's right hand, and believe God's shall slide away from grace, get under law, and of righteousness in the way of faith, before the infallible word, which assures them of their com- | lack assurance; or if we set up some standard of law was given. But did the law alter this pleteness and security in the glorified Saviour of experience, or walk as evidences, so long as we ground of assurance and confidence in God ? No; sinners. In some respects they are like Abram come up to our imagined measure will there be for David, who lived under the law, describes was in the Scripture before us; for although God self-complacency and quiet ; but when we come the blessedness of the man unto whom the Lord had told him that He had brought him out of short, our evidences will be gone, and gloom, and imputeth righteousness without works, saying, Ur of the Chaldees, to give him the land to in- fear, and perhaps despair follow. There must be “Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, herit it, he seemed to doubt whether God really the sense of our total ruin and vileness in the and whose sins are covered; blessed is the man meant what He said—whether He would keep flesh, to look wholly to God, through Christ, with unto whom the Lord will not impute sin.” And His word, and fulfil His promise. Abram was quietness and assurance. I will refer to an anecPaul's fervent language, when coming to the righteous by faith, yet had doubt and mistrust, dote which remarkably illustrates this point. close of an unparalleled life of devotedness to like many in the present day. God told him “An Indian and a white man being at worship his Master, was, that I may be “found in Him, that He brought him from Ur to give him the together, were both brought under conviction by not having mine own righteousness, which is of land. This should have been enough to have the same sermon. The Indian was soon brought the law, but that which is through the faith of warranted assurance and confidence, but it was to rejoice in pardoning mercy, the white man was Christ, the righteousness of God by faith.not; he therefore said, “Lord God, whereby shall a long time under distress of mind, and at times But some may ask, Why by faith? Is not I know that I shall inherit it?”

was almost ready to despair; but at length he faith an act of creature-merit? We reply, No; This leads us more particularly to the subject was also brought to experience forgiving love. faith is not a work of the flesh, but a fruit of of assurance. What is it? Is it spiritual attain- Some time after, meeting his red brother, he thus the Spirit. Faith is the gift of God. Faith is ment ? or is it equally the portion of the babe in addressed him : How is it that I should be so always self-renouncing; it brings a broken, Christ, who simply takes God at His word? We long under conviction, when you found comfort empty heart to receive and welcome God's reply, it is the ability, as a sinner, to rest in God's so soon?' 'Oh! brother,' replied the Indian, gracious gifts. Faith, therefore, gives all the promise in Christ - this many babes in Christ

me tell you. There come along a rich prince, glory to God. As another has said, “Believing enjoy. God has given His word of promise, he purpose to give you a new coat; you look at in Christ, we come to Him for all, employ Him shewn us His work in Christ, and revealed him- your coat and say, I don't know, my coat pretty in all, trust Him through all, look to Him under self as the faithful and unchangeable Jehovah good, I believe it do little longer. He then offer all, hope in Him to do all, and to Him ascribe He tells us that “ He so loved the world, that He ne a new coat; I look on my old blanket; I say, the glory of all.”

gave His only-begotten Son, that whosoever be- this good for nothing- I say, this good for nothing; To return to the chapter before us, we find that lieveth in Him should not perish, but have ever- I fling it right away, and accept the new coat. Abram "believed in the Lord, and He counted it lasting life.” This should be enough; but, alas! Just so, brother, you keep your righteousness to him for righteousness.” And so now, every it often is not. It is an awful thing to doubt for some time, you loathe to give it up; but I, poor broken-hearted sinner that believes in the Lord God's word; and yet this is the chief reason why Indian, had none, therefore, I glad at once to reJesus Christ for salvation is justified before God. many believers have not the full assurance of ceive the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ."** He may have seasons of conflict and temptation, faith. Abram was mistrusting God about the 2. THE APPREHENSION OF God's THOUGHTS yet is he justified. “By Him, all that believe are land when he said, “Whereby shall I know that of CHRIST AND His work.-Let none suppose justified from all things, from which they could I shall inherit it?” What was God's reply? that they will have full assurance of faith, if the not be justified by the law of Moses.” They are Did Ele tell Abram that it depended upon his contemplation of Christ and His Cross be ne



glected. The Scriptures testify of Him. The with them. You indulged in sin. Your conscience

Where is your heart ? Holy Spirit testities of Him. We know we have was at first troubled, but by degrees it became the earnest of the Spirit, because we look wholly hardened; yet you have not been happy. Your "Set your affections on things above, not on things to the Lord Jesus Christ for acceptance with God; assurance and confidence in God are gone.

on the earth." and it is to the person and work of Christ that the wretched man that I am, you sometimes exSpirit continually leads us. The victims Abram claim. Be assured, friend, that Jesus loves you One day when Alcibiades was boasting of was commanded to take for God were in their still, though your ways have so grieved Him.

his wealth, and the great estates he had prime, to represent the perfection of the “ Lamb

“ Midst all thy fears, and sin, and woe, without spot.” The fowls came down on the car

in possession, which generally feed the

His love will never let thee go.” cases, but he drove them away, for it was God's sacrifice. He divided some into pieces, and laid Return, then, to Him at once; acknowledge your pride of young people of higher rank, mained, before the sacrifice, under divine instruc- sad course, and He will restore thee; He will cal map, and asked him to find Attica. each piece one against another. Here he re- iniquity; confess your sins; tell Him all your Socrates conducted him to a geographition, and, when all around was dark, and a horror pardon, He will heal your backslidings, and love of great darkness was within, when every earthly you freely. “If we confess our sins, He is faith- It could scarcely be perceived upon the hope and confidence were gone, then a burning ful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse draught: he found it, however, though furnace, and a smoking lamp, passed between the us from all unrighteousness.” pieces— the former, to teach that divine wrath But perhaps my reader is not trusting in Christ with much difficulty; but upon being decould be expended' on the victim, and all the for salvation. You have heard the gospel, but you sired to point out his own estate there, rivers of eternal love how without obstruction believe not. If it be so, you bave from the Scrip: “It is too small,” said he, “ to be distinto the sinner that believes ; and the latter, to ture, not the assurance of salvation, but the assurshow that divine light had searched the sacrifice ance of eternal daination –-“He that believeth guished in so little a space. "See then,” and rightly estimated its value. We are then told not shall be damned.” God has declared it shall that the Lord made a covenant with Abram, be, and it must be, for God cannot deny himself replied the philosopher, “how much you saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land ;'

–His word must be fulfilled. You refuse mercy, are affected by an imperceptible point of and we do not read that the Patriarch had another and must have judgment. You live to disobey

land.” question on the subject. The threefold cord of God, and He must punish. You reject His salhis assurance aud confidence, was the promise of vation, therefore you must have eternal destruc- “O source of glory, light, and love! God, the redemption-work of God, and the covetion. Oh, unhappy man! This world is your When to thy courts I mount above, nant mercy and faithfulness of God. And surely heaven, this life is your best, and at the end of On contemplation's wings,

will this is the secret of assurance with us. It is not your career you say, “The harvest is past, I look with pity and disdain based on what we are, but on what God is ; and the summer is endel, and I am not saved !" "Not On all the pleasures of the vain, we know our personal interest in His eternal saved! Be astonished, ye angels, that men re- On all the pomp of kings. blessings, by being led by His Spirit to renounce ject this great salvation! and he assured, my

Thy beauties rising in my sight, ourselves and look to the one only sacrifice for reader, that you are in the broad road to destruc

Divinely sweet, divinely bright, sin, the one only ground of acceptance with God. tion. Every day you draw nearer to the pit of

With rapture fill my breast; torment, every hour your pleasures of sin become ““ Without one thought that's good to plead,

Though robb’d of all my worldly store, less, every moment you hasten onward to your Oh wbat could shield me from despair

In thee I never can be poor, eternal doom. Is it not so? Can there be a But this—though I am vile indeed,

But must be ever blest. The Lord my righteousness is there."

doubt of it, if you remain Christless? Has He

not said, Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise Let us now seek to apply these truths. When- perish! Except a man be born again, he cannot

The Conversion of John Matthews. ever, dear Christian reader, your soul is assailed see the kingdom of God! Except ye be converted John MATTHEWS, after living 27 years in the with doubts and fears, look at once straight to Jesus—the Lamb as it had been slain, now in the ven! Except your righteousness shall exceed the service of Satan, was brought by divine grace midst of the throne. Beware of looking within righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye to serve the living God, and to rejoice in for righteousness, for “their righteousness is of shall in no case enter into the kingdom of hea- Christ Jesus. When first awakened to a me, saith the Lord.” Beware of looking at the ven! Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of Man, sense of his guilt and danger, J. M. thought Spirit's work in you as a ground of justification; and drink His blood, ye have no life in you! he must do something in order to be saved ; for we are justified by the blood of Christ. Be

but after trying for several months to fit himware of comparing yourselves with others as a proof of your acceptance, for Christ only is the

self for Christ, he gave up in despair, conway to the Father. Beware of looking at your

fessing himself the most miserable man on frames or experiences as evidences; for we often While here on earth the Gospel bids men choose earth. At length, however, he was led to change, and our hearts are very deceitful, but Eternal life, and endless death refuse; [screen hear a few simple words of gospel truth, from the love of Christ changeth not. Dh, like Abram, And though this side the grave frail flesh doth which he learned that God did not hate him, look at God's sacrifice! Contemplate the per- From mortal eyes realities unseen;

as he had thought, but that He loved him, and fections, spotlessness, the eternal beauty, and

had given His only begotten Son to die for worth of Jesus! His fitness, His fulness , His Yet life and death in vivid contrast throw

him, and that Jesus, in His own grace, had love, His offices! Consider His ways, His say. Their light and shade around our path below:

taken all his sins and had left them buried out ings, His sufferings, agonies, blood-shedding and While present joy on present faith attends, death! Behold the Holy One made sin for us, Ten thousand ills tell where transgression ends.

of sight. These were to him the words of life; and let the burning lamp, the light of God's

he believed, and entered at once into the glory, shine upon the scene! Hearken to God's

liberty of God's dear children. Terror, dread, testimony! Listen to His judgment of the value O say! will you be won by mercy's voice ? and remorse were now cast out, and love, joy, of the Cross! See sin put away, and righteous- Shall the bright realms of bliss secure your choice? and peace filled his soul. All his evil pracness brought in! Welcome the testimony of Shall faith conduct you to those regions pure, God, that the blood of Jesus Christ His Son Where tears dry up, and only smiles endure ?

tices were now given up. Having ceased to

work for life, and being already accepted, he cleanseth us (yes, us) from all sin ; that we are

had leisure from himself to work for God. "justified freely by His grace,” and “ accepted in Or shall the sinner's evanescent joy, the Beloved !” on, behold your iniquities, trans- While conscience warns, your erring feet decoy,

He lived 12 years after his conversion, and gressions, and sins laid upon Him, your old man Where hopeless anguish loads their every breath,

was the means of bringing many souls to crucified'in Him, the fierce wrath of Jehovah Who prove the end of sin is endless death?

Christ for life and pardon. He now sleeps in going over Him, that you might go free. Abiding

Jesus, and will one day appear with Him in here, self- loathing will take the place of self

glory. righteousness, self-abasement will displace self- Are those slaves free who love and hug their Dear reader, do you know Jesus? praise and thanksgiving will ascend to the If not, then Satan's followers are his slaves, confidence, assurance will banish doubt, and Are suicides less dead because self-slain ? [chain ? do, then you have life, and that life no man

can take from you, for it is hid with Christ in Father of mercies in the name of our Lord Jesus And sinners, while they live, lie in their graves.

God. Your faith has linked you to Christ, “Jesus bruised and put to shame, Ye dead! the voice of Christ bids you come forth

and now His life is your life, and you are safe Tells me all Jehovah's name; To endless life, and flee eternal wrath ;

for ever. Well may you glory in such a

God is love I surely know,

Oh! fix your gaze on Him who calls on high,
By the Saviour's depths of woe.

But it may be, dear reader, that know For all who look shall live, and never die. “In His spotless soul's distress,

nothing of Jesus, or of His power to save, I perceive my guiltiness;

that you are without hope and without God Oh! how vile my low estate,

Blest Saviour! Sun of Righteousness divine ! in the world, a child of wrath, speeding your
Since my ransom was so great."
In thine effulgence on lost sinners shine;

course to the grave, and to the abyss of dePerhaps my reader is a backslider.. You have While they upon thy matchless glories gaze,

spair. Flee, O flee at once from the wrath lost the assurance of your interest in Christ. You

to come, to Jesus the ever living Saviour! He were once happy in the Lord, and happy with May cries for mercy change to songs of praise.

who saved J. M. and made him a means of so His people. You took sweet counsel together, Oh! strike the shackles from sin's erring slaves, and found His ways to be ways of pleasantness Bid those who're dead while living leave their you, if you come to Him. He was never

much blessing to others, can and will save and peace. But you grew careless; you neglected


known to cast one out that came to Him for secret prayer, you discontinued the daily reading and haste the morn when thy redeemed shall rise, life and salvation. of the Scriptures, you little and little gave up

His own gracious words the public and private society of God's children. And in thy likeness meet thee in the skies.

are, “Him that cometh to me, I will in no You became intimate with worldlings, and walked

G. W. A. wise cast out."

Life and Death.

If you





mean ?

with God in Christ. Let me worship Christ or the World ? Which do God is Love. God in Christ. I will admire nature,

you choose ? I will observe providence; but I will “Don't trouble me," you say; "don't This is a truth that cannot be learned learn to know God in His beloved Son. trouble me; I am happy enough, and from nature. For though there we see Here is no terror to make me afraid ; by and bye I will think about my soul.” the bright, the beautiful, and the benevo- here are no judgments to fill me with What! my friend, are these your words; lent; we see also the dark, the dreary, alarm. In Jesus I see the Most High when Jesus sends to tell you of His and the terrible. If we see the smiles of God, as the God of peace, speaking peace wondrous grace, and bids you come and infancy, we see also the wrinkles of age; to coming sinners — as the God of pa- taste His pardoning love? How can you if we hear the laugh of mirth, we hear tience, exercising patience, toward erring say you do not want it yet! What an also the groans of suffering. Walk saints-as the God of all comfort, com- insulting, daring act! enough to rouse through a large hospital, stand on the forting those who are cast down--and as the wrath of Him who holds your breath, shore and witness a dreadful shipwreck, the God of all grace, giving grace and and bring down instant judgment on your or read the horrible details of the ra- glory to all who apply in the name of head! one word from Him and you are vages of plague and famine, and who Jesus. O sweet and blessed representa- dead, yet you dare to treat His offer would from these conclude that God is tion of Jehovah! How can I fear a God thus! Oh what impiety! You stand love? Neither creature nor providence, of love? How can I be justified in com- upon the brink of hell, you have no without the Bible, would teach us this plaining of any of His dealings ? All power to help yourself; and when in truth. It is God in Christ that is love. His thoughts are loving thoughts; all His amazing love, He stretches forth Here He can speak the most loving words, His words are loving words; and all His hand to save, you thrust Him from and wear the most loving smiles. Here His works are loving works. In giving you, and say, "I do not want forgiveHe is pure, unmixed, and infinite love; or withholding, He manifests His love. ness yet. I will stay where I am a little because in Christ His justice has re- In afflicting or restoring, He alike dis. longer.” ceived satisfaction for man's sin, and plays His love. Every pain and every Stay where you are ! what can you His law has been magnified and made pleasure is from love. Every storm and

Remain a slave of that cruel honourable. In Christ, God has to ask every sunbeam is from love. The fruitful tyrant Satan, fast bound with sin you nothing of man, except that he yield to shower, and the destroying hurricane, cannot leave, condemned to perish everHim his heart, for He has received all are ruled and overruled by love, for more! Is this your choice? Stay where that, as the moral Governor and Judge the good of the believer in Jesus. O you are, and vainly endeavour to wile of all, He could require. In Christ, He my soul, never indulge a bad thought away the weary hours, and find some asks us to be friends, beseeches us to be of God. Never listen to Satan's in-object which could satisfy your heart; reconciled, offers us the richest, choicest sinuations against God. Never judge living in sin and pleasure, and proving blessings, and rejoices to do us good. of the Lord's ways by thy feelings, or all is vanity, all vexation; yea, disap

Look at God in nature, and you see by sense; but believe the testimony of pointed every where you turn! O why something of His greatness, goodness, His word, and rejoice in the well-proved so foolish! Why will you die, when Jesus and power; look at Him in providence, fact, that “GOD IS LOVE." Holy Spirit, calls with voice of love, and promises to and you see something of His benefi- give me clearer views of God in Christ; give you everlasting life? cence, wisdom, and justice; but look at help me so to believe, as always to rea- “I know I am foolish,” you reply; but Him in Jesus, and you see all His glori- lize, let whatever will happen, or let my I love my sins so much, I cannot give ous perfections, and all His divine attri- circumstances be what they may, that them up." Love them, my friend; ah, butes; but especially you see Him Love. “GOD IS LOVE !"

yes ! 'tis true; but think again. These Love to sinners shines above every other

sins are Satan's subtle chains, with which

The Problem Solved. perfection of His nature, and sheds a

he binds you fast; their end is death, glorious lustre on them all. Love sent A young man, celebrated for his know- eternal death, the lake of fire and brimforth Christ. Love prompted Him to ac- ledge of mathematics, settled in a village stone; and do you love destruction, and cept Christ as the sinner's substitute and where a godly minister resided. The will you sport upon the brink of hell ? sacrifice. Love sends us the invitation clergyınan met him in one of his morn- Will you pause awhile, and listen to that to come, be pardoned, justified, sanctified, ing walks, and after some conversation, precious One who tells you He has power and saved. Love makes the promises of as they were about to part, addressed to save? He can cleanse your sins, and, peace, provision, and eternal life. Love him as follows: “I have heard you are countless though they be, forgive them calls to us as children to return and en-celebrated for your mathematical skill. all, and blot them out for ever; still joy a Father's favour, receive a Father's I have a problem which I wish you to more, He can subdue those sins, and if blessing, and be made happy in our solve.” “What is it?" eagerly asked you turn to Him, He'll make you love to Father's presence.

All that God does the youth. The clergyman answered with do His will. Yes, His salvation is so for us, as a God in Christ, is in love, all a solemn tone of voice, “What shall it full, a rich provision made for every need; He withholds from us, is in love, and all profit a man, if he shall gain the whole and when He once forgives, He takes He requires of us, is in love. The pre- world, and lose his own soul ?” The possession of that heart, He claims it for cept is from love, as much as the pro- youth returned home, and endeavoured His own, and undertakes to fit it for His mise; the warning is as much from love to shake off the impression made upon glorious home, and make it like Himself. as the invitation ; and the prohibition is him by the problem, but in vain. In the What wondrous love! what grace is this! as much from love as the permission. giddy round of pleasure, in his business, and will you still refuse this tender, Love uses the rod, as well as gives the and in his studies, the question still for- mighty Saviour ? kiss. Love withholds, as well as gives. cibly returned to him, What shall it pro

You shake your head, you still draw All, all is in love.

fit a man, if he gain the whole world and

lose his own soul? It finally resulted in back, and say it would be gloomy. “GOD IS LOVE.” That is, in Christ his conversion, and he became an able Gloomy! my friend; ah no! but pleaHe is so.

Let me, therefore, always advocate and preacher of that gospel he sures ever fresh would flow into your look to God in Christ. Let me deal once rejected.

soul, and as you journeyed heavenwards

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