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"Compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” WM. YAPP, 4, OLD CAVENDISH STREET.)

(LUKE XIV. 23.)


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on the undermentioned terms:

4 copies for 4d. or for one year, 19.


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Oxford Street, London, W.

No. 2.

That is a false peace which is not derived Jew.” “I beg your pardon," I replied, The Publishers will forward parcels of The Evangelist to any part of the United Kingdom, post free, from the blood of the Cross. No one “I am not a Jew."

has forgiveness of sins, but through the “What are you, then ?" she inquired.
blood of Christ alone. “Without shed. I replied, “I am a Primitive.”
ding of blood is no remission.” “It is

She asked her husband to tell her the blood that maketh an atonement for what a Primitive was, but he could not A single copy will be sent to any British Colony for 12 months for 2s., paid in advance.

the soul.” Those only will stand before inform her. Whereupon, I said, “I'll All orders should be addressed to the the throne of God, who have been washed explain to you what a Primitive is, by Publishers, Mr. W. YAPP, 4, Old Cavendish Street, in the blood of Christ. “These are they means of a simile. You must know that Oxford Street, London (W.); or to Messrs. MORGAN which came out of great tribulation, and the Church of God was a magnificent and CAASE, 72, Hatton Garden, London (E.C.)

have washed their robes, and made them pillar of alabaster, reaching from earth All Communications, Subscriptions, Books for Re- white in the blood of the Lamb; THERE to heaven. But there came Popery, which view, &c., should be forwarded, pre-paid, “ To the FORE are they before the throne of God.” fixed a nail in the pillar, and hung a Editor of the Evangelist," 4, Old Cavendish Street, (Rev. vii. 14, 15.)

crucifix on it. It then fixed another “Oh ! how sweet to see the flowing nail in the pillar, and suspended a car

Of His soul-redeeming blood, THE CROSS OF CHRIST.

dinal's hat from it. And so it went on, With Divine assurance knowing That it made my peace with God.”

until, at last, the whole pillar became The first ray of hope which shines upon

covered with nails, and the poor people the troubled, sin-stricken soul, is reflected


could not see the pillar for the things only from the Cross of the Son of God.

that covered it. The Reformation then

THE PRIMITIVE. The first taste of peace with God, and

came, with its strong pioneer, named 'the its continual supply afterward, is realized Several years ago, I visited the native Bible, and they pulled out the nails, only, by a faith's view of the death of place of my ancestors, and being of the and all the furniture fell down, and the Christ. The conscience is cleansed only / Waldenesian stock, I have therefore never pillar was seen again. And, I added, I by the precious blood of Jesus. The been reformed. My family is privileged

am a Primitive, because I belong to those only happy meeting place between God to reckon seven martyrs, the last of whom who were antecedent to the placing of

was the mother of my grandfather. I the nails." The lady, after listening very and the sinner is the Cross of Christ

saw the spot where she was buried alive attentively, said, “Now tell us what is In the Cross, we see man's greatest

for refusing to part with her Bible. My the great difference between you and me wickedness, and God's richest love; man's enmity, and God's pity ; man's guiltiness, ancestors were obliged to fly at the time I being a good Catholic, and you a and God's forgiveness; sin abounding of the revocation of the edict of Nantes; Protestant?" "Well," I said, "the difand grace much more abounding. There and, on visiting the spot, I saw the place ference does not seem very great: it we see that God is infinitely holy, and where four of my ancestors were burned.

consists only in the use of a little conIn passing through a valley, we entered junction.” “What is that ?" she said. yet the Saviour of sinners; a sin-hating, and yet a sin-pardoning God; a perfect the public stage of Marseilles; and as it

“Why,” said I, "we say, 'We must love enemy to sin, yet the everlasting Friend went along, I gazed at the ruins of some God, and obey His commandments, Be

BEof the sinner; an inflexibly just God, villages which were burned in the time

CAUSE He has redeemed us;' and you and yet the Justifier of him which be of the persecution. There was in the

say, “We must love God, and obey His coach a young man and his wife. The lieveth in Jesus.

commandments, THAT we may be saved.' lady said to me

The difference lies in the two words In the Cross of Christ, we see sin

“Sir, you are looking at these ruins BECAUSE' and 'THAT.'” I then explained, judged and put away, the law fulfilled, the sinner saved, and God glorified. There as if you were exceedingly interested in and hope she was brought to understand

them. Are you a Protestant ?” “No, the gospel.—Malun. we see righteousness and peace, sin and

Madam," I replied. holiness, love and justice, wrath and

“ Are you a Catholic?" "No, Madam, mercy, grace and truth; transgressions for

“HEREIN IS LOVE, NOT THAT WE LOVED ever covered, sin for ever removed, the I am not a Catholic.”

GOD, BUT THAT HE LOVED US, AND SENT sinner that believes for ever free from “Are you a Turk?” “No, Madam, His Son TO BE THE PROPITIATION FOR condemnation, justified, sanctified, and I am not a Turk."

OUR SINS.... WE LOVE HIM, BECAUSE HE brought near to God.

“Ali," said she, “I perceive you are a FIRST LOVED US.” (1 John iv. 10, 19.)



under grace,


and dominion of sin, froin the bondage and cuuse and he is humbled before God, broken down

of the law, from the fear of death, and given us | under a sense of His love. By a view of the deep “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath liberty in God's presence, the liberty of sonship, agonies of the Sin-bearer, he feels an intolerable made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of and liberty to serve.

hatred to sin, he loathes himself, loves the bondage."--GAL. v. I.

1. Liberty FROM THE slavery or SATAN. Saviour, and cries out, with gratitude of soul, Tuose addressed in this epistle had known the It is a very humiliating thought, that man is “Love so amazing, so divine, liberty of the gospel. A person must first have really the slave of Satan. Is it not an undeni

Demands my heart, my life, my all." tasted liberty before he can truly be exhorted to able fact, that we are the servants of those to Thus, by faith in the crucified Son of God, we “stand fast” in it. You could not say to a poor whom we render obedience? Who, then, does have liberty from the dominion of sin; and the slave, working in chains, stand fast in liberty. man obey? Does he obey God? Certainly not; Divine assurance is, “Sin shall not have domi

he must Krst be set free. So it is spiritually for the testimony of an inspired prophet is, “ A! nion over you, for you are not under the law, but Many do not know gospel liberty. Some are so we, like sheep, have gone astray;" and the testiaccustomed to the slavery of sin, that they are mony of an apostle is, “There is none that doeth not conscious of the real bondage they are in; good, no, not one-they are all gone out of the others have, more or less, a feeling sense of the way—there is none that seeketh after God,” &c. of the Law. The Law of Moses was described miserable condition of their hearts and ways, and who, then, does the unregenerate man obey? Is by Peter “ ag a yoke of bondage, which neither long for deliverance from guilt and fear. Many it not the prince of this world, who is also our fathers nor we were able to bear.” It made persons seem only to think of liberty and inde- called the god of this world? Saddening thought: righteous and holy demands on fallen, helpless pendence in relation to their fellow-men ; perhaps but, alas ! too true; "for all that is in the world, sinners. It gave no liberty, but the spirit of fear they have striven for it, and have, in some mea- the lust of the eyes, and the lust of the fleshi, and bondage. It was the ministration of consure, realized it; but they know nothing of the and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is demnation and death. There was remembrance glorious liberty of the children of God. The Son of the world." The changeable fashions, the of sin, but no remission. Man needs power, he of God came down from heaven to make men fascinating pleasures, and carnal gratifications of needs life; then obedience readily flows into its free. He preached liberty to the captives, and the day, in whatever garb they may be clothed, proper channel. Jesus, by His death, fulfilled the opening of the prison to them that are bound. are of the world, and therefore in direct con

the Law, and put away sin; hence, the gospel He gave His life a ransom for many.

nection with the deceiver of the whole world, the proclaims full forgiveness, and the testimony of It is beautiful to see Paul's disinterested Christ-adversary of souls - the wicked one, in whom the God now is, “Their sins and iniquities will i

** By Christ, all that belike love and care for these Galatian saints. whole world lieth. The lusts and passions of remember no more.” When first he went and preached among them, fallen man easily yield to his subtle suggestions, lieve are justified from all things, by which they they received him as an angel of God, even as and those who yield, often find present sensual could not be justified by the law of Moses." Christ Jesus; they felt great blessing through his recompence. But this arch-enemy deceives and This is liberty indeed! But who could attentively ministrations, and loved him so much, that if it blinds, lest the glorious gospel should shine into contemplate God's laws without being conscious had been possible, they would have plucked out their hearts. Jesus, however, came to destroy of having broken them, of having come far short their own eyes, and have given them to him the works of the devil, to make men free from of Ilis standard, and therefore of leing under the They were happy in the Lord. Christ was all. this vile service, to redeem llis people from all ini- curse; for it is written, “Cursed is lie that conBut after Paul left, false teachers came in among quity, to ransom them from the powerof the grave, tinueth not in all things which are written in the them-persons who cared not for the people's to destroy death, and him that had the power of book of the Law to do them.” Why can bear to souls, but only to propagate certain points of death, that is, the devil. Man had fallen into try himself hy this balance? This makes it clear, erroneous doctrine. "The Galatian converts re- allegiance to Satan, and he was fast bound in his that all are under sin. Hence, the apostle de ceived them, and were so injured, that they chains, but a stronger than he came to his help: clares, that " as many as are of the works of the

We have all, then, counted Paul, the apostle, their enemy. But how the Almighty Savicur came forth from the Father Law, are under the curse.” did Paul treat them? Dil he return evil for evil? to his rescue, and by His death, and resurrection merited God's curse, for breaking His laws; but No. Like his blessed Master, he only sought from the dead, He led captivity captive, and Jesus, the Redeemer, came forth and rescued us: their welfare, and cared very little what they triumphed over principalities and powers. Thus

“Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the thought of him, provided they thought well of Christ, by one offering, which He once offered, Law, being made a curse for us; as it is written, Christ. He, therefore, presented Christ to them, in ransomed His people. Nothing less than Flis pre- Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree." the richest and most attractive ways, so that they cious blood could redeem them from the dreadtol Thus we have full liberty and redemption from might be brought to be happy again in the know- bondage they were in, and Jesus paid that incom- the bondage and curse of the Law, by the Cross ledge and enjoyment of Christ's finished work. parable price for them. All who believe in His of Christ. Most blessed it is to consider that “salvation is name are made free; Christ has procured their “ The Law proclaims no terror now,

And Sinai's thunders rvar no more ; of the Lord," and that God's only way of meet-liberty from the slavery of Satan. They now

From all His wounds new blessings flow, ing man in blessing, is by the Cross of our Lord love and serve the Prince of life. We may well pity those who are 2. LIBERTY FROM THE GUILT AND DOMINION

A sea of joy without a shore." seeking satisfaction from creature-streams, in- of sin. Some people say, they are thankful that 4. LIBERTY FROM THE FEAR OF DEATH,-Man stead of the Creator's fulness; or who may be they never felt a guilty conscience, but I pity trembles at death; his bones shake, the joints of endeavouring to get into favour with God by any such. It is the clearest proof of their being still his back are loosed; and his countenance becomes other way than by receiving His amazing mercy in their sins. I thank God that I have felt the ghastly, when he sees death enter the to sinners, in the blood of Christ. God's gra- plague of a guilty conscience, dreadful as the feels its chilly grasp. There is only one thing cious testimony to man is, "I will have mercy, experience of it was; but I can also say that I that enables the soul to triumph in death; it is and not sacrifice;” thus plainly teaching us, that have a cleansed conscience by the blood of Christ. knowing that Christ died for our sins. It is only the only way by which lle can make man happy, How can anyone know pardon and peace, who beholding Christ's Cross that will enable any one and deliver him from eternal condemnation, is hy never felt condemnation and guilt ? The to say, that death is but the opening of the golden compassionating him in his helplessness and sins, whole need not a physician, but they that are gate that admits him into the celestial city. Noand providing a full salvation for him, without sick. Why do not persons feel guilt? Because thing can remove the fear of death, and enable money and without price. This, known in the they do not consider what they are in God's us to meet it with composure and peace, but the soul, is liberty. This is what the Spirit of God sight. They have, therefore, wrong thoughts sheltering power of the blood of the Lamb, the hears witness to, and " where the Spirit of the about sin. "They say that many things are not blessed knowledge that we have passed from death Lord is, there is liberty.” This only gives confi- sin which really are. They do not believe that unto life, and the assurance, that though the dence, and substantial comfort! It Hows from from the sole of the foot even unto the head there mortal body may fall asleep in Jesus, death can God to the sinner. “God commendeth IIis love is no soundness, and that there is none that have no claim upon us, because Jesus hath borne toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, doeth good, no, not one; but whatever be man's death and judgment for us, and in our room and Christ died for us. It is man, sinful man, God thought of himself, the Divine sentence has gone stead upon the Cross. So that the true language so loves.

forth, that “all the world stand guilty before of faith is, “O death, where is thy sting? O Man's condition before God is that of a sin- God." Now, Jesus came to give us liberty from grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death ner—"all have sinned.” He is a slave of Satan, this «lrexiful guilt, and that he did by the blood is sin, and the strength of sin is the Law; but a servant of sin, a breaker of God's laws, afraid of Ilis Cross. There God made llim to be sin thanks be to God, who giveth us the victory of death, he knows nothing of the holy presence for us; there lle had our iniquity laid upon Ilim; through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Thus we have of God, and trembles at the sound of the Lord's there lle was wounded for our transgressions, and liberty from the fear of death. return from heaven. Such are we all by nature. braised for our iniquities; there all the waves and 5. LIBERTY IN God's PreseNCE. - So perIn this fillen condition, God's pitying eye beheld billows of Jehovah's wrath passed ovor Him; fectly has Jesus vanquished every foe, and so us, IIis compassionate heart moved toward us, thus, Christ, by the infinite eficacy of His one completely are all His people made the righteousand knowing that His own Son, sent forth in the sacritice, hath freed us from the guilt of sin.

ness of God in liim, that the believer is enabled, likeness of sinful flesh, and making atonement

“When He had by Himself purged our sins, lle with holy boldness, to draw near to God, in the by the death of the Cross, was the only way of sat down on the right-hand of the Majesty on happy liberty of acceptance and favour' in His redeeming man, and bringing him into liberty high.”

presence. Oh, it is wonderful how near to God and blessing, in richest mercy, this unspeakable But, through Christ, we have also power over the believer is brought by the bloot of Jesus. Gift was not withheld, God gave llis only begot- sin. Before a sinner has beheld the Lamb of He is called to the fellowship of the Son of God. ten Son, that whosoever believeth in Ilim should God slain on Calvary, sin has do vinion over him. He is invited to come holdly to the throne of not perislı, but have everlasting life. Thus Ile may make resolutions, but he breaks them grace, both for pity and help, because Christ's allChrist went clown into the sorrows and death of again and again. He reforms ontwardly, in cleansing blood, and lIis all-prevailing priestthe Cross, to exalt sinful man to the heighis of various ways; but it is plain that he only hood, ever speak there for him. eternal glory.

exchanges oné class of sins for another. lle pass on to notice Let us now look into the nature of the liberty is without strength.

Sossuip.- The Spirit of the apostle here refers to, when he exhorts the sinning. But when his guilty conscience is Adoption is one of the most blessed privileges of Galatian churches to “stand fast in the liberty brought by the Holy Spirit before the Cross of this dispensation. It seemed necessary that Christ wherewith Christ hath made us free." And Christ, his heart melts, the thorns and briers of should die before the blessed liberty of sonship I think we shall find that Christ has procured self-righteousness ille burned up, his icy affec- could be enjoyed. “When the fulness of time liberty from the slavery of Satan, from the guilt Itions thaw before the burning love of Immanuel, was come, God sent forth his Son-made of a

Jesus Christ.

room, and

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But I must

Ile cannot live without




woman-made under the law—to redeem them but in Christ? And do you not trust wholly in that were under the law, that we might receive His blood and righteousness? Then why are

THE COMMERCIAL; the adoption of sons. And, because ye are sons, you fearful, seeing it is such that Christ hath or, THE BROKEN LEG AND A BROKEN HEART. God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into made free? On! look away from yourself, and your hearts, crying, 'Abba, Father.'” Thus we every other object, to Christ crucified and risen; see, that it is through the death of Christ we are believe that he hath done what God declares De It was a lovely afternoon in the autumn brought into the blessed standing of sons; and this has, and be assured that it is because the Holy of 185—, when a commercial traveller precious truth is realized and enjoyed by faith ; Spirit hath quickened you that you have been *Ye are all the children of God, by faith in Christ convinced of sin, and been brought as a guilty, drove out of the yard of an hotel in the Jesus.” It is a blessing of the highest possible needy one to the foot of the Cross. dignity, and is our present portion. “Beloved, forted then, dear trembling child of God, for it'is city of H- He was a gentlemanly now are we the sons of God.” It is when this because the Lord hath loved you with an ever-young man, seated on a four-wheel, truth is known with power in the soul that we lasting love, that with lovingkindness He hath evidently just new from Long Acre, of are enabled to serve our heavenly Father accept- drawn you to Himself, through Christ; and the ably. It will not be from slavish fear, like the testimony of His word is, that your sins are the latest fashion, and fitted with all spirit of bondage under the law; but it will be forgiven, you are justified from all things, thou recent improvements. The sun shone heart of our gracious Father. How blessed is everlasting life—thou hast passed from death | brightly on the panels of his carriage, this liberty! How full of comfort ! How rich unto life ; Christ is your righteousness, He ever and not a spot or stain was to be seen in goodness now ! How sweet the prospect of lives to make intercession for you, and He bids for ever standing before the Father in love, as the you to be of good cheer, and to go in peace. May

on the carefully-cleaned vehicle. objects of His choice, adoption, and grace ! the Holy Spirit take of these precious things of There was a bit of blood,' too, in the

7. LIBERTY of Service. The believer is a Christ, and reveal them for much blessing and servant, because he is a son; and the Lord's comfort to your soul.

shafts — a nearly thorough - bred, and a service is perfect freedom; for “His yoke is easy, It is in this "liberty” that the Christian is recent purchase—who, as she passed out and His burden is light."' He serves God as a re: exhorted to stand fast,” and to beware of slip of the yard, and turned down the street, by the love of Christ. He works not for liberty, are many fascinating temptations presented by curvetting gracefully, seemed proud of but as having liberty; not for life, but from life. the adversary to induce us to yield, but we must her master, her trappings, and the trap, This is happy service; it Hows from a cheerful stand fast.".. Our present peace and strengtli which was of the lightest possible conheart; is wrought by a willing spirit; and is for the Lord's service are connected with our often accompanied with present recompence. standing fast in this liberty. Abiding in Him, we struction, and most fashionable build. There are no cares, no burdens connected with shall be strong-strong in faith, giving glory to such service; it aims only at one object, namely, God; strong in the grace, which is in Christ

It was a scene of life-pleasant, happy, to exalt llim who purchased us with His own Jesus; strong in the Lord, and in the power of joyous life. A handsome young man in blood. We see the perfection of service in the His might: 0; for more of the power and the prime of life, joy sparkling in his work of the perfect Servant on the Cross, and communion of the Holy Ghost, to enable us we know that His blood has purged our con- to “stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ eyes; and, as he handled 'the ribbons,' sciences from dead works to serve the living God, bath made us free!” Then the language of every his whip dangling as a useless appendage and to wait for His Son from heaven.

heart will be, But more than all this. We have liberty to

in the boot, it was evident to the most “My comfort, my rejoicing all shall be, trust in Him at all times; to cast all our care Christ died and rose! He died and rose for me! casual observer, that our friend was in upon Ilim; to rejoice in the Lord alway; and to

He lives for me! for me He pleads above! pray without ceasing. We can sit by faith at I'm lost in wonder at Immanuel's love!"

the pride, as well as the prime, of life. His pierced feet; we can there seek instruction, and hear His word, in the blessed consciousness

But, perhaps, my reader is a stranger to these It was a scene not easily forgotten. that those feet at which we sit speak to us of precious things of Christ. You are serving Satan

He was the representative of, and a atonement made, and the captive soul set free. by your sins, little thinking it is so, because his We may lean upon His arm, while passing

service is connected with self-indulgence—he partner in, a commercial house of great through the wilderness in the happy remembrance allows you to fulfil the desires of the flesh and respectability in a neighbouring city.

the mind, and that is a sweet morsel to you. But He had been fortunate in large purchases that it was once willingly stretched for us on Calvary's cross_once bound to that accursed do you ever think that you must give an account tree, to make us eternally free. We can rest our that because you are God's creature, He is justly his trade -- had had what he called 'a

of yourself to God? |ave you ever considered, of the staple which formed the basis of way-worn hearts upon His wounded bosomn, in the sweetest assurance that from His side once

entitled to all your heart, and mind, and strength? flowed blood and water-the blessed and certain Do you not sometimes feel pangs of conscience, lucky journey, '—' done well' everywhere; testimony of the liberty wherewith Christ hath telling you that all is not right? Do not his future hopes were bright; his premade us free, and of the perfect love and favour Does it ever occur to you, that the Son of God sent enjoyment great— a wife and child

As I have said before, all do not realize this came down from heaven, and in wondrous love dearly loved, a flourishing trade, highly liberty in their souls; but it is, nevertheless, the died for such as you are ? salvation, because it is based on what has been other name=that He is the only door of escape commercial, and as far as this world was sure portion of those who believe in Jesus for again and again, that there is salvation in no respected by his friends, personal and already accomplished; it is liberty wherewith from wrath-the only way of admission into Christ hath made us free. The doubting, trem

glory? The will you still he careless, still love concerned, little was needed to add to bling soul, therefore, need only look to the sin, still choose darkness rather than light, still his cup of bliss :- it was not indeed Cross of Christ, and heartily receive God's own account of the value of that work to be happy: of the fiery judgınent of the Son of man? Oh, advantages, that few, very few men were so

Gospel, still rush onward to the glittering sword perfect. Whose is? But such were his sin ?-the only remedy is the blood of Christ. my reader, turn se turn ye; why will be die ? teeming with earthly good. Our traveller If a sense of having broken God's law oppress the heart, look at the blood of Ilis Son. If the fear cleansing for the vilest, blackest sinner; right- went on his journey, and as I watched of death” fetter any spirit, the only delivering cousness for the most profligate and filthy; ac, him as he passed my window, his goodfeels at a distance from God, the only way of rebel; yea, for whosoever receives Jesus, the humoured and handsome countenance returning to His presence is' by the blood of Saviour whom God hath sent: Can you any lighted up with joy, nodding to me as Jesus. If a sluggish feeling seem to hinder our going forward in service, the precious blood of longer go on in hardness of heart against such he said, “Good bye, good bye,” I little Christ, apprehended by faith,

unheard of love? Will you still be deaf to the thought how soon, how very soon, all strengthens. If darkness becloud the mind, and cries, and groans, and agonies of Christ? Will munion and peace are restored by confession,

and cross, and read, in letters of blood, God's love and how speedily that damask cheek, a sense of sin lie upon the conscience, com- you still refuse to lift up your eyes to Calvary's this joy and gladness would pass away, faith in the blood. "If we confess our sins, He is will not have Christ Jesus to reign over me? or crimsoned with health, would be paled cleanse us from all unrighteousness;" for the do you begin to think of the value of your soul! by death; and how quickly the worms blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, cleanseth us come? Oh, that the Spirit of God miglt gra

and that it is high time to fice from the wrath to would be feasting, where now a fly may from all sin."

Dear Christian reader, what say you to these ciously fasten these eternally important thoughts not rest. things ?. Can you rejoice in this blessed liberty upon your conscience, so that the sincere cry of

Some two hours after our traveller wherewith Christ hath made us free? or are you

your heart may befearing, and doubting, and trembling as to your “Just as I am-without one plen,

started on his stage, I mounted my eternal prospects? If so, why is it? Have you But that thy blood was shed for me;

horse with the intention of going to not long ago renounced all thoughts of creature And that thou biel'st me come to thee, righteousness ? Ilave you not long felt that you

see a dear aged widow, living some six are a vile sinner before God? Do you not often

Just as I am--and waiting not

miles off, one of "the poor of this world, feel that you are full of uncleanness? Have you

rich in faith, and heir of the kingdom.” not fled to Christ alone for salvation? Do you To thee, whose blood can cleanse each spot, not renounce every other ground of acceptance

She belonged to Jesus, she was dear to

revives and

O Lamb of God I come.

To rid my soul of one dark blot;

() Lamb of God I come."

Let us



Him; He had given His precious blood tures everywhere teach, that salvation is work without hindrance, or without to ransom her soul from the pit. She of the Lord. That God originates, questioning. For “He is wonderful in believed the love that God had for her; carries on, and completes, the glorious counsel, and excellent in working." and, though dwelling alone, and in a most work. Man gets all the benefit, but God Beloved, let us be convinced of the solitary spot, she whiled away the time claims all the glory. This man does not folly of wishing to put man before God in reading and thinking of the love of like, and it takes much inward exercise, in anything, or at any time. God; and, as she had opportunity, speak- much severe discipline, before man will never wish to precede our Maker, but let ing of that wondrous love to whoever yield to be saved fully and freely by grace us meekly follow His leadings, cheerfully had ears to hear, and would stay to listen alone. And yet it must be so; for man submit to His choice, and lovingly acto the tale her soul delighted to dwell must be saved by grace, or not at all. quiesce in His pleasure. In the past,

She was supplied with the neces- He cannot be saved without an atone- His people testify that He hath done all saries, but had few of the comforts of ment for his sins, and grace must provide things well. At present, all things work this life; and yet her soul was ever that. He cannot be saved without a together for our good. In the future, we springing heavenward, and her song of righteousness to justify his person, and shall have to confess, that goodness and praise was sweeter, far sweeter, than grace must provide that. He cannot be mercy followed us all the days of our mere human sounds; for, indwelt by the saved without the Holy Spirit to sanctify, life. Heartily therefore may we say, Spirit of God, her song was the fruit of and grace must confer that. The first “Thou shalt choose our inheritance for melody in her heart produced by that thought of salvation flowed from grace, Devoutly therefore may we pray, blessed Spirit.

the plan of salvation was drawn by grace, “Lead me in thy truth, and teach me; for Old Margaret was happy indeed, and the entire provision necessary was made thou art the God of my salvation : on thee never did I go to see her without being by grace. It is a favour from first to do I wait all the day.Gracious Lord, humbled and instructed by this dear old last. God is the author, worker, and give us humbling grace, that we may saint. I had passed the first turnpike on applier of salvation, and man is the bend our necks to the yoke, and ever my way to her house, when I was sud- favoured, the honoured, the happy re-bow to thy paternal will. Bring our denly impressed with a feeling that I cipient. It is therefore God, not man. wills into sweet and hallowed submission ought not to proceed; I knew not why, God on the throne, and the creature in to thy will, that both in providence and or wherefore; my opportunities of seeing his proper place, the dust.

grace, we may crown thee Lord of all. dear Margaret were but few, and now In the dispensations of Providence, Help us, with admiring gratitude to reevery thing appeared favourable: it was the question is still appearing, “Who is joice, that thou hast saved us from the a lovely evening, I was in my saddle, and to be first !” Man thinks that he ought wrath to come, by thy free and sovereign a mile on my way; yet I could not banish to be allowed to choose for himself; but grace; and that thou wilt lead us by thy from my mind the conviction that I must if one man ought, then every man ought, counsel, and afterward receive us to glory. return, and without any external reasons, and all would be oppression, confusion, To thee will we give all the glory of every I had internal convictions which I could and misery. No, no; God must rule in good thought, holy emotion, and useful not resist; and, turning my horse's head, Providence, as well as in grace. He puts work; for all things come of thee, and I returned by another way into the city. the question to us often which was put do what we may, it is of thine own that In passing the hotel, which our traveller to Job, “ Should it be according to thy we give thee. Glory and honour, thankshad so recently left, I was suddenly hailed mind?We have liberty enough left us giving and power, be ascribed, therefore, by the landlady, who, running to me, to render us accountable, and keep us unto our God, and the Lamb, for ever. exclaimed, “Have you heard what has responsible. Our nature is respected. Amen. happened to poor Mr. B—? I don't Our position among creatures is reknow the particulars, but something garded. Nothing that we can justly

“ESCAPE FOR THY LIFE.” dreadful has happened, and he is taken claim as a right, is ever interfered with. These words were spoken by the angels to the Infirmary." I dismounted, and Yet, God “doeth according to His will to Lot, just before God executed His was at once on my way there,

in the armies of heaven, and among the terrible judgments upon the cities of (To be continued.)

inhabitants of the earth : none can stay Sodom and Gomorrah. The sin of the

His hand, or say unto Him, What doest people had been very grievous, and God MAN, OR GOD ?

thou?" He has appointed our lot. He determined to rain fire and brimstone

has arranged the entire plan of our lives, upon them, and overthrow the cities, Ever since Satan suggested to Eve, “ye and He worketh all things after the and all the inhabitants. God testified by shall be as gods,” man has wanted to counsel of His own will. He consults His angels that He would do so, and it reign. In the pride of his heart, he first, His own glory; then, the general came to pass. There was no other sign wishes to be first in everything, and good of His creatures; and then, our of the approach of judgment than the considers that his dignity should be individual welfare. Surely, we cannot word of the Lord. We see the same consulted, and that his honour should complain of this! Yet, man is, directly thing in Noah's day. God's word went be sought. This has introduced a con- or indirectly, always finding fault with forth, “I will destroy;" for God saw troversy; for God cannot give up his God's plan, and wishing that he could that the wickedness of man was great in prerogative, and man will not surrender alter God's arrangements. If he might, the earth; and God did destroy every his arrogant claims.

he would extract every salutary bitter living creature which He had made In the matter of salvation, the ques- from his cup, he would remove every from off the face of the earth. Those tion is, “Who is to be first?” Shall God mountain out of his road, he would pre-only that were in the ark were saved. or man have the credit of commencing vent any cloud from crossing his sky. The word of the Lord was the certain the work? Shall it be ascribed to God's And what would he have then ? all sicken- testimony of approaching destruction. sovereign grace, or to man's proud free. ing sweets, all burning sunshine, and a But they heeded not God's word. “They will? If to grace, then God has all the dead level for his road. But it must not did eat, they drank, they married wives, glory; if to free-will, then man at least be. God says, I will work, and who and were given in marriage, until the shares with his Maker. Now the Scrip- shall hinder me?” And He ought to day that Noe entered into the ark, and




the flood came and destroyed them all." Any one who is made sensible of his Gomorrah perished. And all now who In our day, the word of the Lord has danger, and flees to Jesus, He welcomes. obey not the Gospel of our Lord Jesus gone forth, declaring that judgment is He says, “Him that cometh to me, I will Christ will be punished with everlasting coming. This present world has sinned in no wise cast out.” He came into the destruction. How plain this is; but how greatly against God. It stands guilty world to save sinners. He is glorified in solemn! You are already in the place before Him of the crucifixion of Jesus the salvation of one lost sheep. He is where judgment is quickly coming. You His Son. “Ye have taken Jesus, and able to save to the uttermost. His heart are “condemned already,” because you by wicked hands have crucified and slain is full of love and tenderness. “Escape have not believed in the only Saviour. Him." Since then, the gospel of redeem- for thy life!”

You are unpardoned, unwashed, uning love has been preached unto both If the question be asked, How shall reconciled, still in your sins. You may Jews and Gentiles, but few comparatively I escape ?” We reply-By faith, and not smile, or scoff at these things now; but have believed the report. The world's by any works of your own. “For by grace you may weep and howl when it will be judgment is certain; and “this is the are ye saved through faith ; and that not too late. The people of Sodom and condemnation, that light is come into of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not Gomorrah little thought their doom was the world, and men loved darkness rather of works, lest any man should boast.” | so near; but judgment came according than light, because their deeds were evil.”|(Eph. ii. 8, 9.) The Holy Spirit leads the to God's word. In the days of Lot, “they The cloud of judgment gathers thicker convicted soul to Christ. Oh,beware of did eat, they drank, they bought, they and darker over this evil world, and the proud unbelieving thought of doing sold, they planted, they builded; but the soon the Lord Jesus will be revealed any thing to make yourself more fit for same day that Lot went out of Sodom, from heaven, in flaming fire taking ven- the Saviour. All that He saves are sinners, it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, geance. His word declares this, and it dead in trespasses and sins. No doings and destroyed them all. Even thus shall must soon be fulfilled. Like Sodom and of your own can possibly blot out of God's it be in the day when the Son of Man is Gomorrah, the sentence has gone forth, book of remembrance one past sin; but revealed.” (Luke xvii. 28-30.) Oh! my and must be executed; for Jesus says, Christ's blood cleanseth from all sin; and reader, be warned, and “Escape for thy “Behold, I come quickly!" As then, “whosoever believeth in Him shall receive life!" however, until the wrath of God actually remission of sins." All the fitness that came upon the cities of the plain, there Jesus requires, is that you feel yourself a was a door of escape--“Escape for thy lost sinner; for “He came to seek and to A CHIMNEY SWEEP-how black the skin,

But blacker far he is within ; life!” so it is now; the gospel of the save that which was lost.” Come, then,

This secret then the Sweep doth know, grace of God is still preached to every dear reader, to Jesus as a lost sinner, and Though black as hell, he's white as snow. creature, and He will save you; as guilty, and He will Water will wash, and cleanse the skin,

But oh! 'tis blood must cleanse within “While the lamp holds out to burn, pardon you; as filthy, and He will cleanse

That blood which ran on Calv'ry's tree, The vilest sinner may return.”

you; as naked, and He will clothe

you in Though but a Sweep, 'twas shed for me. If we saw flames of fire extending the best robe; as troubled, and He will Whilst thro' the street, "Sweep, sweep,” I cry, themselves near the dwelling-house of a give you peace; as perfect weakness, and

There often heaves a secret sigh,

A smutty Sweep!-but, oh! within friend, and we had reason to fear that he He will strengthen you; as afar off, and A den of unclean beasts is seen. was fast asleep in his bed, would it not He will bring you consciously nigh to Though black indeed, I ofttimes weep be great unkindness not to seek to arouse God in blessing, through the blood of That Christ should own me for His sheep;

And on the cross should bleed and die, him, to tell him of his dager, and to His cross. “Escape for thy life!"

For one so black and vile as I. bid him escape for his life? I am sure Should any one say within himself, What matter it, dear Lord, to me, it would be so judged by every reasonable" When shall I escape ?” Our unhesi- Though I a chimney Sweep should be,

If through thy blood, I'm freed from all person. Such a picture the world now tating reply is-At once! “Behold, now

The sins that issued from the fall. presents; it is slumbering in the arms is the accepted time; behold, now is the

A chimney Sweep of low degree, of lust and unbelief, and the fiery wrath day of salvation." We know not what a Yet lova by all the sacred Three; of God is quickly coming. O my reader! day may bring forth. Many have put off

Electing-love, what tongue can tell,

Though lov'd by God—deserving hell. I beseech you to ponder well these things, the solemn consideration of their souls

I envy not the rich man's gold, for they are of eternal importance. Are till it was too late. Some have been in

Since Christ on me hath laid His hold; you not in danger of eternal fire ? Are hell, without ever having thought they

There's something that my praises win

'Tis Christ in me, and I in Him! you not guilty before God? Are you could be so near. The Scripture says, not still of the world? Are you not still “To-day, if ye will hear His voice, harden

Though but a Sweep, can I forget

The words that my dear Jesus spoke, in your sins-unpardoned, unsaved ? Oh, not your hearts.” Be ye reconciled. Oh! When on the brink of hell I stood ?

“I have redeem'd thee”—Yes, by blood. then, we say to you earnestly and affec- why will ye die? Sickness and death are tionately, "Escape for thy life!" "For all round us, and we know not whose

'Tis all of grace, the Sweep must say,
That he was led to Christ - "the

way:" what is a man profited, if he shall gain turn it may be next. Oh! beware of If ever one has cause to bless, the whole world, and lose his own soul? trifling. Beware of lingering, and of un

Sure 'tis the Sweep through sovereign grace. or, what shall a man give in exchange believing excuses. Eternity is at hand.

In by-gone days with venom full,

I've call'd damnation on my soul ; for his soul?"

Jesus is quickly coming. Oh! then, Then who has greater cause to say,

Let not the

Christ is the Truth, the Life, the Way? Perhaps one of my readers may say, escape now for thy life. Where shall I escape? The question sun go down, without your falling down Let none despise the smutty Sweep,

But rather with him let them weep, is very important; and we reply, that at the feet of Jesus, and crying out in

That though by guilt and sin defild,

Yet God hath own'd him for His child. there is but one door of escape-- it real earnestnessis, Christ crucified for sinners. “I am

“Vile, I to the fountain fly;

Though black without, 'tis worse within, Wash me, Saviour, or I die ?"

Yea, nothing but a mass of sin; the door," said He; " by me, if any man

Yet after all I'm white and fair, enter in, he shall be saved; neither is Lastly, consider the consequences if

More comely than the roses are. there salvation in any other; for there is you do not escape. All who were outside Comely I am through God's dear Son,

Who has on me His robe put on; none other name under heaven given the ark in the days of Noah perished.

Which makes the Sweep, when led to see, among men whereby we must be saved.” | All who did not escape from Sodom and Ofttimes to cry why me! why me!

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