British Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia

British Homoeopathic Society, 1870 - 336 páginas

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Página v - Published under the direction of the general council of medical education and registration of the United Kingdom, pursuant to the medical act (1858).
Página 56 - Bottles 1 and 2 artempty, and the latter and the matrass which contains the twenty-two ounces of distilled water are furnished each with a siphon safety tube charged with a very short column of mercury. The heat of a fire, which should be very gradually raised, is now to be applied to the metal pot, and continued until bubbles of condensible gas cease to escape from the extremity of the glass tube which dips into the water of the matrass. The process being terminated the matrass will contain about...
Página 2 - Four fluid ounces with 30 grain-measures of the volumetric solution of nitrate of silver exposed for twenty-four hours to bright light, and then decanted from the black powder which has formed, undergoes no further change when again exposed to light with more of the test.
Página 71 - Rhizome from one to three inches long, and two or three lines thick, cylindrical, contorted, rough from the scars of the coriaceous leaves, and furnished with numerous long slender fibres ; has a peppery taste and peculiar odour.
Página 139 - Iron in 3 pints of the water, mix the two solutions, collect the white precipitate which forms, on a calico filter, and wash until the washings cease to be affected by a dilute solution of Chloride of Barium. Squeeze the washed precipitate between folds of strong linen in a screw press, and dry it on porous bricks in a warm air-chamber whose temperature shall not exceed 100°.
Página 173 - Collect this on a calico filter, wash it with boiling distilled water until the washings cease to give a precipitate with nitrate of silver, and dry the product at the temperature of 212°.
Página 135 - Pass the solution as quickly as possible through a wetted calico filter into a dish of polished iron, washing the filter with the remainder of the water, and boil down until a drop of the solution taken out on the end of an iron wire solidifies on cooling. The liquid should now be poured out on a porcelain dish, and, as soon as it has solidified, should be broken into fragments, and enclosed in a well-stoppered bottle.
Página 257 - ... dissolved and carried away. Afterwards, collect the washed fat on a sieve or in a cloth, drain away as much as possible of the water, liquefy the fat at a heat not exceeding 212° and strain through flannel, pressing the residue while hot, then put...
Página 182 - Mercury in a porcelain mortar, occasionally moistening the mixture with a few drops of the spirit, and continue the trituration until metallic globules are no longer visible, and the whole assumes a green colour. The product thus obtained should be dried in a dark room, on filtering- paper, by simple exposure to the air, and preserved in an opaque bottle.
Página 84 - Take of atropia, 120 grains; distilled water, 4 fluid drachms; diluted sulphuric acid, a sufficiency. Mix the atropia with the water, and add the acid gradually, stirring them together until the alkaloid is dissolved and the solution is neutral. Evaporate it to dryness at a temperature not exceeding 100°.

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