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compiler of this work has classed the different selections, form its greatest utility: he commences by general reasoning on the utility of a proper employment of our time, and from that proceeds to lay down particular directions, for the consideration of women, in the course of their studies; he has culled, for their perusal, extracts from the most celebrated authors, and has been studiously attentive, while holding up to the abhorrence of youthful minds, the consequences of vicious and depraved habits, to present to their view, the most flattering and brilliant pictures of the happy effects of an attention, while young, to virtuous and religious principles.

"In a chapter of "Historical Sketches,' that constitutes one of the most interesting portions of the volume, he exemplifies the precepts previously inculcated, by accounts of the characters, dispositions, virtues, and vices of a number of the most prominent female personages mentioned in history; and immediately descending into private life, he excites the admiration and emulation of his young readers, by a few biographical sketches of the most distinguished females, that have brightened the horizon of literature and science, with the splendor of their genius, and the ext of their erudition; presenting them with models, t may contemplate with delight, and imitate in safety, and examples of integrity and virtue, they may pursue without distrust. Upon the whole, we think that the work will be found a very useful one, if generally applied to the purpose for wbich it is intended. We are very glad to find that is received with much approbation in our female academies."


The education of women has been at all times, an object of the most sedulous attention among the more enlightened nations of Europe. It is pleasing to remark, as it exhibits the least dubious proof of our progress in refinement, that this very important subject has, of late, exeited scarcely an inferiour degree of interest in our own country. All our large cities can now claim a seminary for the instruction of femas, in which the system of education is no longe rowed by puritanical illiberality, or vitiated by the interference of any vulgar prejudices. It may be truly affirmed, that the women of the present age, in the United States, are not excelled by those of any country, whether we look to purity of morals, delicacy of deportment, or those delightful embellishments which give splendour to the face of society.

The only cardinal defect in the education of our females, which strikes us, is, perhaps, an undue appropriation of time to the acquisition of those light accomplishments, which serve - well to enliven and decorate the early season of

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