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8. At Stockbridge, Dear Edinburgh, Mr Andrew bore ten children at four births, namely, fout, Howden, Lawhead, to Agnes, younger daughter of three, two, and one. the late Mr Alexander Sawers, Hanhill.

12. At his mother's house, George Thompson, 11. At Edinburgh, Mr John Finlayson, student Esq. of divinity, to Christina, daughter of the late re. . 16. At Edinburgh, after four days ilmness of a verend John Hoyes, minister, at Kinloss.

scarlet fever, Alithea Roddom Eliza, wife to Cap- At the parish church, Leeds, Thomas Kin- tain Bunworth, 88th regiment, and sister to the late pear, Esq, eldest son of George Kinnear, Esq. banker, Edinburgh, to Susannah, third daughter burgh, in the Goth year of his age, Mr William

Commodore Sir James Lucas Yeo, R. N. - At St George's church, Hanover-square, Lon. Sinclair, father of Mi Sinclair of Covent Garden, don, the most noble George, Marquis of Blandford, Theatre. to the right honourable Lady Jane Stewart, eldest - At Auchtermuchty, the Rev. John Fraser, daughter of the Earl of Galloway.

late minister of the Associate Burgher Congregation - The reverend Thomas Easton of Kerrymuir, in that place, in the 74th year of his age, and 51st to Janet, only daughter of Mr Cruickshanks, su- of his ministry: pervisor of Excise.

19. At Woodhouse, parish of Manor, Mrs Ballan12. At St Andrew's, Sir David Moncreiffe of tine of Sunyacres, in her 99th year. She has left Moncreiffe, Bart. to Miss Helen Mackay, daughter alive 6 children, 27 grandchildren, 44 great grandof the late Æneas Mackay,

Esq. of Scotston. children, and has buried I child, 20 grandehildren, - In St Paul's chapel, Edinburgh, Lieutenant- and 4 great grandchildren. The number of her reColonel George M'Konochie, in the service of the maining descendants is 77, and, including the deHonourable East India Company, on the Bombay ceased, amounts to not less than 102.

establishment, to Miss Isabella Alison, youngest 20. At Hastings, Mrs Montgomery of Irvine. daughter of the late Jarnes Alison, Esq. of the - of an apoplectic fit, the Marquis de Perigon, royal navy.

Peer and Marshal of France, &c. 14. At London, Lieutenant-colonel Charles 21. At Stirling, Mr Patrick Murray Tovey. Tryon, of the 88th regiment, to Miss Sheridan, - Mary. Harrison, aged 108 years. She had lived, daughter of the late J. Sheridan, Esq.

as nurse, in Mr Madou's family, at Bacins, in Lan18. Richard Paterson, Esq. of Woburn-place, cashire, upwards of 95 years. Russell-square, London, to Caroline Frances, 22. At Kew, Surrey, aged 84, Mrs Popham, reyoungest daughter of the late Robert Cattley, lict of the late Joseph Popham, Esq. father of Esq. of Wandsworth Common and Lime-street, Lieutenant-General and of Rear-Admiral Sir Home

-Lieutenant Alexander Quarrier, Royal Scots, Popham. to Miss Ann Auriol,

daughter of the late Dr Robert - At Bathgate, Mrs Isabella, Wardlaw, relict of Lawson, Edinburgh.

the late Thomas Mair, Esq. of Pottieshaw. 18. At Edinburgh, Dr Charles Stewart of Dun- 24. At Polmont Park, Mrs Spiers, relict of Alex. earn, to Miss Margaret Parlane, youngest daughter ander Spiers, Esq. of Eldersly. of the late Alexander Parlane, Esq. surgeon in

At Nagpore, from excessive fatigue, Major C. Glasgow.

Addison, of the honourable East India Company's 21. At Edinburgh, Lieutenant G. G. Monro, 2d regiment N. I. Madras presidency. 420 regiment, to Mary, eldest daughter of Captain - At Sherborne, aged 46, Mr James Crutwell, -Xingdom, 94th regiment.

proprietor of the Dorchester and Sherborne Journal.

- At Anstruther, Mr John Roger, merchant

there. DEATHS.

25. At Comrie, Mr Peter Comrie, surgeon in

Comrie, much regretted. Feb. 19, 1818. On board the Thomas Coutts East - At Abden, Mrs Sibbald of Abden. Indiaman, on the passage to Bombay, Crauford Margaret Young, wife of Mr John Robertson, Swinton, son of Mr Swinton, merchant in Grange- teacher, Burntsfield Links, Edinburgh. mouth.

- At Plymouth, Mrs Francis Fullertina Craw, At Calcutta, in May last, Lieutenant Cathcart daughter of the late John Craw, Esq. of Gladshot, Taylor, 53d regiment, youngest son of the late writer in Haddington, and wife of Lieutenant Colonel Cathcart Taylor, 3d dragoons.

Henry Spry, royal marines. May 13. At Jaulnah, Lieutenant John Stodart, 26. At Edinburgh, Bain Whyte, Esq.W.S. deeply 3d regiment native infantry, Madras establishment. and justly regretted.

July 18. At Samarang, in the island of Java, - At Edinburgh, Mr Charles Scott, late tannear Batavia, Mr William Robertson, second ner there, aged 17. mate of the ship Commerce of Liverpool, and eld- 27. At Mound-place, Edinburgh, in the 80th year est son of the late Mr James Robertson, spirit of her age, Mrs Margaret Duncan, relict of the late dealer, Chessel's Court, Canongate. He had gone Mr William Tait, merchant in Glasgow, and sister into the sea to bathe on the evening of the 18th to the late Admiral Viscount Lord Duncan, July, when unfortunately a shark got hold of him, - At London, Danjel Lovell, Esq. proprietor and tore all the flesh of his left thigh, in conse- and editor of the Statesman Newspaper. quence of which he died in a few minutes thereafter. 28. At Carron-bank, Dumfries-shire, Mr John

Nov. 13. At his house in Red Lion square, Lon- Gracif. don, after a long and painful illness, George San- At Edinburgh, William Scott, teacher of deman, M.D. in the 72d year of his age.

dancing. - 18. At Trinity estate, St Mary's, Jamaica, Mr - At Haddington, Mr James Grieve, a young Charles Oman, eldest son of Mr Charles, Oman, man of promising abilities, and of a mild and aniaWest Register-tsreet, Edinburgh.

ble disposition. 19. Suddenly at his house in Crail, Mr James - At Glasgow, Elizabeth, daughter of the de. M Min, school-master, aged 69, the benefit of whose ceased George Buchanan, Jun. Esq. late one of the superior talents has long been experienced in Crail, magistrates of Glasgow. where he has taught the principal school for forty 29. At his country seat, near Paris, in the 32d years.

year of his age, Adrian Hope, Esq. second son of 25. At his seat in Union, South Carolina, George the late John Hope, Esq. of Hartley-street, formerly P. B. Hasell, Esq. M.D.

of Amsterdam. 29. At Paris, Mr Hayter. This reverend and 30. At Raeburn-place, Edinburgh, Neil, third leamed gentlemen died suddenly. He had been at son of Mr Alexander Somerville. church in the afternoon, and returned home quite 31. At Corstorphine, Mr Thomas Cuddie, postas well as usual; he went to bed, was seized with master there. apoplexy, and expired almost instantly. He had Jan. 1. At Kildblaan, in the parish of Southend, been employed by the Prince Regent for many Argyleshire, Grace Watson, at the advaneed age of years in unrolling and deciphering the manuscripts 103 years. She was only once married, and was the found at Herculaneum. For this purpose he went mother of 13 children. to Naples in the year 1800, and remained many - At Edinburgh, John Brown, Esq. of Pratyears in Italy. He was an excellent Greek scholar, house, W. S. and the manner in which he supplied the parts of - At Dumfries, at an advanced age, William words, or sentences, that were totally destroyed in Martin, Esq. of Highlaw. the manuscripts, was very ingenious, and evinced 2. At Bath, Dame Sarah Gordon, relict of the late great skill and ability.

Sir William Gordon of Embo, Bart. Dec. 8. At Stanwix, near Carlisle, aged 83, Mary, the wife of Mr John Carruthers.

- At his house, 42, George's-square, James House This woman of Ld:house, Esg. W.S.


- At Edinburgh, Miss Elizabeth Montagu Home, 16. At Dundee, Mrs Elizabeth Lawson, wife of third daughter of Mr David Home of Homefield, in the Rev. J. Lawson, minister of the gospel there. the county of Berwick.

-- At Edinburgh, Mrs Mary Sweeton, aged 80, 3. At Seafield, Mrs Elizabeth Lett, in the 108th relict of Mr William Donaldson year of her age. Out of 56 children and grand- 19. At Kelso, Mrs Sarah Nasmith, widow of the children, deceased was present at the birth of 40. Rev. William Paton, minister of Eckford, in the

- Frances, third daughter of William Keir, Esq. 89th year of her age. St John-street, Canongate, Edinburgh.

20. At Edinburgh, after a long and painful - At Haznilton, after a short illness, Mr Hugh ness, Margaret Robson, wife of Mr M. Corri, ptoFallow, late quartermaster in the 2d or Queen's fessor of music. Dragoon Guards.

21. At Rockvale, Toryburn, Walter Tumbal, 1. At London, Mrs Hamilton Ann Hathorn Stew- Esq. late of the island of Jamaica. art, widow of the late Dr William Cunninghame, 23. At his house in Warren-street, Fitzroy physician at Bristol.

square, London, Colonel James Robertson, of the At Strokestown-house, county of Roscommon, late Royal Westminster Volunteers. in the 81st year of his age, the Right Honourable Lately-At Laurieston, near Edinburgh, in the Maurice, Lord Baron Hartland.

flower of his age, Mr Robert Bishop, compositor. - At Musselburgh, after a short illnesss, Mar. He transcribed for the press the whole of the po garet, eldest daughter of the Rev. Alexander Black, pular novels, “Tales of my Landlord, &c. which aged 19.

have of late years created so much speculation in - At No 52, Bristo Street, Edinburghi, Miss Scotland, as well as in England, Ireland, and the Helen Somerville, aged 83.

United States of America. 5. At Dumfries, Mr Robert Threshie of Bloom- At Paris, the Count de Beaucharnois, formerly s field.

senator, father of the Grand Duchess of Baden, - At Kilmarnock, after a short illness, George and cousin to the Empress Josephine. Rutherford, Esq. cashier, and one of the partners At his seat, Ballyornon, county of Wicklor, of the Kilmarnock bank.

Charles William Quinn, Esq. for 30 years physicias - At Edinburgh, in the 28th year of her age, general to his Majesty's forces in Ireland. Mrs Catherine Rachel Dove, wife of James Dove, At Aberdeen, Þr Yeats. He was a young gen Esq. and daughter of Archibald Douglas, Esq. of tleman preparing to go to the East Indies; but in Adderstone, in the county of Roxburgh.

the mean time, took an active part in assisting the - At Edinburgh, Miss Mary Patoun, daughter poor labouring under typhus* fever, which he of the late Francis Patoun, Esq.

caught. - At Palmerston, near Dumfries, Mr Megget, At the Kentish Town assernbly rooms, where he aged 80.-He breakfasted with his family in his was conveyed, being taken suddenly ill on his way usual good health, and in two hours was a corpse. from Hatton-garden police office, Thomas Leach,

6. Af her house, Castle-street, Edinburgh, the Esq. one of the magistrates of that office for pear honourable Miss Henrietta Napier, daughter of the 20 years. His death was occasioned by a cold palsy. late William Lord Napier.

of an apoplexy, at Hinton St George, Somerset, - At Gilmour-place, Jane, third daughter of the right honourable Earl Paulet, in his 63d year. John Hamilton, Esq. deputy-receiver-general of the At No 9, Buccleuch-street, Edinburgh, Captain Customs.

Alexander M'Intyre. 7. At Brae of Fordie, Perthshire, Catherine Mac- In the East Indies, Brigadier-general Phin Callum, spouse of the late Duncan Campbell, D'Auvergne, of the 26th regi. of native infantry. farmer there.

Şir Philip Francis, K.B. He was bom in Dub - Archibald Alison, son of Mr Nathaniel Grant, lin, on the 22d October, 1740, old style. Dr Fran New Street, Edinburgh.

cis, the translator of Horace, was his father. Sir 8. At Edinburgh, Mr David Guthrie, printer. Philip originally possessed a situation in the Wor

9. In consequence of a determination of blood to- Office, and afterwards went to India, where his wards the head, which produced violent derange- talents raised him to a distinguished situation. I ment, and baffled the medical art, Mr Tokely, a was his misfortune to differ with the late Mr Hast celebrated actor on the metropolitan boards. ings, while in that country, and to engage in a

- At Colzium, Grace, eldest daughter of James duel with that gentleman. "Sir Philip was a memDavidson, Esq. W. S.

ber of the House of Commons in several Parts 10. At Giasgow, Marion, eldest daughter of James ments, and received his baronetage during the ad Reddie, Esq. advocate.

ministration of Lord Grenville and Mr Fos. No - At her father's house, Abercromby-place, Edin- man, who, like him, was for half a century

perpe burgh, Anne Maria Mair, daughter of Colonel Mair, tually in the press, was ever so little known by the deputy-governor of Fort-George.

public at large. Scarcely a year elapsed, eren ane 12. At Edinburgh, Mr James M'Culloch, of the he had passed the age allotted to him, without a pro Royal Hotel

duction from his pen; and he was known, and - At Edinburgh, Mary, Clementine, youngest perhaps only known, in political circles, as the daughter of William Colville Learmouth, Esq. ablest pamphlet writer of the age. A MS. of an

13. At Edinburgh, Mrs Charlotte Watson, wife historical character, relating to the persons and of Mr Allan Grant, Messenger at Arms.

personages who have figured in the present reiga - At his apartments in Somerstown, after a ling. occupied his care and attention to the latest period. ering illness, which confined him to his bed, Dr Whenever it appears, it will be found marked by John Walcot, so well known to the literary world many of the characteristics which so distinguish under the name of “ Peter Pindar," in the 81st the best delineations of Tacitus. The works of Sir year of his age.

Philip resemble, in one particular, those of Lord - At Perth, Robert Marshall, Esq.

Bacon, of whom it was said, that “no man cranAt Duddiøgstone-Manse, Mary Helen, young- med so much meaning into so few sonts. In a est daughter of the Rev. John Thomson.

book, lately published, the letters of Junius have 14. Ai his house, Warriston-crescent, Canonmills, been ascribed to him, but we avoid giving any opée George Forsyth, Esq. master, royal navy.

nion on the question of Junius. Of the work en At Jedburgh, in the 69th year of her age, Mrs titled “ Junius Identified," a very learned judge Betty Home, wife of James Murray, Esq. second observed. If there is any dependence on the law daughter of the Honourable George Home, and of presumptive evidence, the case is made out." grand-daughter of Charles, Earl of Home.

The article on this subject in the Edinburgh Re At "West Maitland-street, WMiam Jane, view seemed to put the question at rest in the at youngest daughter of the late William Robertson, firmative, as it did the work of the ingenious dis Esq. of Demerare.

corerer, and all further public debate about the 15. At Edinburgh, Mr Isaac Salter, late brewer. matter. It was an ænigma found out, and all in

- At Melbury House, Dorsetshire, the Countess terest had ceased. Whether the conclusion corne of Ilchester.

to be right or wrong, will, in all probability, be de At Edinburgh, the infant daughter of Mrs cided by docuinents which personal moures mag Cochran, 21, St James's-street.

now no longer operate to concert

Oliver & Boye, Printeri

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On the State of Learning in the United
States of

one.....641 Remarks on keeping in Remembrance

the Capacities of Human Nature....... 649 Hints concerning the Colonization of Africa

---...-652 Account of an Ascent to the summit of

the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.........654 Some Account of the late John Sackeouse, the Esquimaux

...656 Patrick Hume's and Mr Callender of

Craigforth's Notes on Milton...........658 Narrative illustrating the Pastoral Life..663 Selections from Athenæus. Book II. No IV.

wamm... 666 Banks of the Rhine.

674 On the Decline of a Taste for Metaphysics.....

682 The Bride of Corinth (From Goethe) 688 On the Indestructibility of Mental Im. pressions

...690 Notice of a Perpetual Kalendar .694 On Mr Campbell's Specimens of English Poetry

696 Notices of the Acted Drama in London. No VIII. Covent-Garden Theatre 708

Drury-Lane Theatre ..713 The Opera. No low.. morena

Glorvina's ........

mw720 On the Connexion between Pugilism,

Statuary, Painting, Poetry, and Poli-
tics The Mad Banker of Amsterdam ; or,

the Fate of the Brauns. A Poem,
in Twenty-four Cantos. By William

Wastle of that Ilk, Esq. Canto VIII.729 Letters from the Lakes. Written during

the Summer of 1818. (Translated from the German of Philip Kempferhausen.) Letter III...

735 Elegiac Verses A few farther Strictures on “ Peter's

Letters to his Kinsfolk," with Extracts

from that Popular Work cameronom... 745 LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC

INTELLIGENCE................... 753 Works preparing for PUBLICATION.755 MONTHLY LIST OF NEW PUBLICATIONS .com


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MARCH 1819.



LEARNING, in its limited and appro- exceedingly, no doubt, to find that priate sense, is not to be found in A- English blood could degenerate. This merica; the business of a scholar is opinion will appear erroneous, by exnot among the occupations of life; amining the grounds upon which it is every man of liberal education must formed. The display of talent always have a profession, and, as there are no depends upou the situation of the fellow or scholarships in the colleges, country, in which it is called forth. and no exemption from regular pro- One state of society demands practical fessional labours for any portion of the cleverness and business men ; another clergy, it is evident there can be no closet speculations, scholars, poets, and class in society, who have leisure for artists. In respect to the first, the the cultivation of science and general Americans are equal to any people literature. The professors in the uni. whatever, ancient or modern, as is fülversities form the only body of men of ly proved by their ingenuity in the letters, and from them alone could mechanic arts, their commercial enterlearned works be reasonably expect- prize, their activity in the field, their ed. But their situation, it will be re- acuteness at the bar, and their elocollected, is not like that of professors quence in the senate. For a certain in this country; instead of half or time, this direction of their powers was more of the year in vacations, they not only justifiable, but necessary; have but a small portion of it; their they could not cultivate flower gardens, duties are more laborious, being divid- before they had cut down the forests ed among a much smaller number; and planted corn fields; nor erect temthey have no good libraries to con- ples to Apollo and the Muses, before sult, and, above all, they are obliged they had built habitations for their to work through life, to repair the de- own shelter. These reasons, however, fects of early education. It may be no longer exist; the country is rich added, in further explanation of the and powerful, and secure both from difference between the literary com- savage and foreign foes, and necessity munities of America and of this coun- cannot now be offered in justification try, that there, two other classes are of their neglect of learning; still its nearly wanting, which here furnish no continuance may be explained, and the inconsiderable portion of the stock of fewness of their contributions to science literature, which are the army and and literature accounted for, without navy; In consequence of thus confin- supposing any deficiency of genius. It ing the talents of the country to the was a confession of Socrates, that the circumscribed limits of professional charın of knowledge consists in the duties, the absurd opinion has arisen fame it gives to its possessor; and the of the inferiority of American intellect. same confession would probably be It was a French philosopher who made made by every honest man, who has the discovery; and it gratified bim spent his life in the acquisition of it. Vol. IV.

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