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Monument to Werner.The Saxon go- Mineralogical chemistry.-It may be vernment has ordered the erection of a useful to our readers to know those chemists magnificent monument in honour of the who are at present considered as the princi. celebrated Werner.

pal authorities in chemical mineralogy. On Professor Mohs. Professor Mohs, the the continent, the most eminent are successor to Werner, has commenced his Vauquelin, Berzelius, Bucholz, and Strepublic labours at the mining school of meyer,Gmelin, a pupil of Berzelius, Freyberg. He teaches the method of Wer. Vauquelin, Klaproth, and Rose, promises, ner, and also his own new and highly im. from his great knowledge and practical portant views in regard to crystallography. skill, to improve this difficult and important

La Place. The celebrated La Place has branch of chemistry. In Great Britain just published some important geological Wollaston stands unrivalled for the accura. inferences in regard to the formation of the cy and elegance of his methods of analysis. earth. He seems now inclined to the Nep- Next to him ranks Hatchett, who unites tunian system, although formerly rather a great ingenuity with neatness and accuracy. Plutonist. This change of creed in geolo. Our active and distinguished countryman gy is not uncommon ; for one day we find Thomson, has published many analyses of naturalists vigorously supporting the ab. minerals, which are executed with his usual surdities of the Neptunian system, and the address and ingenuity. We look forward next as keenly embarked in a defence of all to numerous and important discoveries in the visionary fancies of the Plutonists. chemical mineralogy, from the great che.

New Fire Theory of the Earth. The mical laboratory which Thomson has just Italian geologist Breislac, a great volcanist established in the college of Glasgow. and active investigator of volcanic countries, Murray has principally distinguished him. has just published a work on geology, in self by his analysis of mineral waters which he proposes a new igneous theory of Philips in London, and Holme in Cam. the earth, and rejects the fire system of bridge, promise important services to che Hutton as absurd.

mical mineralogy. Hope appeared but New Minerals.- The number of well as. once as a chemical mineralogist, and emi. certained mineral species is inconsiderable. nently distinguished himself by his paper Very lately a considerable addition has been on Strontites. Chenevir, excellent chemade to the list of vagne species. Of this de. mical mineralogist, has entirely abandoned scription are the following: spak, kollyrit, the field. copper-indigo, allophane, skordite, stilpnosi- Dictionary of Mineralogy.-We under derite, hauyne, konite.--Old minerals have stand that a dictionary of mineralogy got new names, thus the Andalusite has by naturalist of this country, is conbeen re-described and named Jamesonite, siderably advanced, and will appear next while new species, as the Allanite of season. This will supply a desideratum in Thompson, have been banished from the our mineralogical literature. system. Even the mountain rocks have not Mineralogical Map of England. - The been allowed to remain at rest, some geolo- great geological map of England, by the pregists having reduced them all to one exten- sident of the geological society of London, sive species, while others have increased the will appear next month. We trust that a number of species tenfold.

part, at least, of the mineralogical map Chemistry of Minerals.-All moun- of Scotland, will ere long be laid before tain rocks are more or less compound, and the public. hence are not fit subjects for regular che. New Expedition.-We understand that mical analysis. Yet in defiance of this, a new expedition, under Lieut. Parry, is chemists are daily favouring the world with to sail early in May to Cumberland's Straits, the results of their chemical examination of with the view of discovering a north-west the rocks of different districts we have ana- passage in that direction. lyses of granite,white-stone, porphyry,&c.!!! Mr Adie's Sympiesometer.- Mr Adie. Other chemists are more laudably employed of Edinburgh, has taken out a patent for in analysing simple minerals, but to these a his new and valuable barometer, to which hint may be useful. The analysis of one he has given the name of Sympiesometer. variety of a mineral species will not afford The instrument was carried out with the us a distinct and accurate conception of its expedition under Captain Ross, and was chemical composition. This can be obtained found greatly superior in every respect to only by a regular analysis of all the princi- the mercurial barometer. pal' varieties of the species. This mode of New Hygrometer.-Mr Adie has also investigating minerals has never been fola invented a new hygrometer of great delowed,

and hence nearly all the information licacy, which will form a valuable addiwe have in regard to the chemical composi- tion to our stock of meteorological instru. tion of mineral species is unsatisfactory.


New Life Boat.-A new life boat has has been lately found in considerable quanbeen invented by Lieut. Gardiner, R. N. tity at Carlisle, about 34 miles west of Al. It supports eighteen men when filled with bany, state of New York, imbedded in clay water, and rights itself again spontaneous slate, forming very extensive strata. It was ly when overset, even though its mast and first tried by a common smith as a substi. sail are standing.

tute for borax, and has been found the Shower of Salt Water in Dumfriesshire. most useful flux ever employed in brazing - Some weeks ago a severe shower of salt and welding. By employing a very smali water fell in the parish of St Mungo, in quantity of it in powder, instead of clay, he Dumfriesshire. The day after, when the welded easily the most refractory steel ; and wind evaporated the water, the leaves of in brazing, it proved superior to borax, on evergreens, and branches of hedges, glisten- account of its remaining more fixed at : ed with crystals of salt.

high temperature. Scientific Expedition in America.-A Woodanium.-M. Lampadius gives the scientific party will proceed in March to ex. above name to a new metal which he has plore the natural productions of the numer. discovered in some English ores ; but the ous large rivers tributary to the Mississippi. characters of the ores are not mentioned in They will go in a steam-boat now building the letter which he has addressed to Dr Mülfor the purpose at Pittsburg, and expect to ler on this subject. be absent for upwards of three years. T. Universally Applicable Theory of the Say, Esq. of Philadelphia, will be one of Earth.-A tract is in preparation on the the party.

Theory of the Earth. We understand it is Subterranean Noises.--At Haddam, in to combine the principles (if there be any) Connecticut, for several years past, noises, of the Huttonian, Wernerian, Volcanic, and like the firing of small arms, have been con- Breislackean, theories, in such a manner as tinually heard, which have been accompa- to produce a consistent and harmonious nied with almost continual concussions of whole !!-We would advise the author of the earth. So frequently have these effects this adventurous and very meritorious unbeen experienced, that they are quite disre- dertaking to write in such verse (as it must garded by the inhabitants. About six necessarily be a poem) as has been used in years since, however, a serious explosion took celebrating the volcanic fires of Ireland, and place, which rent and dislocated large masses in painting the formation of the organic of the granite mountains.

mountains and valleys of the black foSulphate of Strontian. This substance



LONDON. A Traveller's Tale of the Last Century ; Bagdad, Koordestan, Armenia, Asia Minot, in 3 vols 12mno; by Miss Spence, author &c. ; by William Hende, Esq. of the Maof Letters from the Highlands, &c.

dras Military Establishment Mondouro ; a novel.

Mr Peter Nicholson, author of many es. Sir Arthur Clark has nearly ready for teemed mathematical works, is preparing publication, an Essay on Warm, Cold, and for early publication, a popular Course of Vapour Bathing ; with Observations on Sea the Mathematical Sciences; which is adaptBathing, &c.

to succeed to the study of arithmetic in Capt. James Burney, of the royal navy, public schools. It will comprise the entire is printing an Historical Review of the elements of pure and mixed mathematics, Maritime Discoveries of the Russians, and and every part will be accompanied by nuof the attempts that have been made to merous questions, examples, and cases, for discover a northeast passage to China. the exercise of the pupil.

Mr S. Fleming proposes to publish, in a A translation is printing in London of quarto volume, the Life of Demosthenes; the Abbé Guille's Treatise on the Amusewith an account of the age of Philip of Ma- ment and Instruction of the Blind, with cedon, and Alexander the Great.

engravings. It is well known that this Mr P. B. Shelley has in the press, Rosa- gentleman is the conductor of the famous lind and Helen, a tale; with other poems. national establishment for the blind at Pa

The Rev. B. Kennicott will soon publish, ris, and in this volume he has presented an Analysis of the fifth book of Hooker's the world with the interesting results of his Ecclesiastical Polity.

experience. A Voyage in the Persian Gulph, and a Mr Britton announces a History and Journey over Land from India to England, Description of Lichfield Cathedral; to be in 1817, is preparing for publication, in one illustrated with sixteen engravings, from volume quarto, illustrated by plates; con- drawings by Mackenzie ; among which is taining an account of Arabia Felix, Arabia one representing the justly famed monu Deserta, Persia, Mesopotamia, Babylon, ment by Chantrey, of the two children of Vol. IV.

4 K

Robinson; this history is to be finished in In the press, Specimens of Irish Elethe present year, and will form a portion of quence, now first arranged and collected, the author's series of the “ Cathedral Anti. with Biographical Notices, and a Preface; quities of England.

by Charles Phillips, Esq. the Irish barris. A volume of Letters are preparing for ter. This voiune contains the most elopublication, written by the Hon. Lady quent specimens of the powers of Plunket, Spencer to her niece, the late amiable Duch- Curran, Burke, Burrowes, Bushe, Sheridan, ess of Devonshire, shortly after her mar. Grattan, with portraits, containing sach a riage.

collection of splendid eloquence as was, per. C. Dibdin, Esq. will publish shortly, haps, never before presented to the public Young Arthur, or the Child of Mystery, a in a single volume; 8vo. price 12s. metrical romance.

Nearly ready for Publication, No VIL of A new edition of Lord Bacon's works, in Mr Dyer's Lives of Illustrious Men. twelve volunes foolscap, enriched with From the best authority, we are inform. portraits, with the Latin part of them trans

ed there is no foundation whatever for the lated into English; by Dr. Peter Shaw, announce which appeared in our last Num. M.D. will appear in February.

ber, of Travels in Italy by the Miss Berrys

EDINBURGH. A System of Mineralogy ; by Robert Ja- the author both to the text and the notes; meson, Regius Professor of Natural His. and the whole work has undergone a thotory, Lecturer on Mineralogy, and Keeper rough revisal. It now exhibits the state of of the Museum in the University of Edin. the Criminal Practice to the present year. burgh, a new edition, 3 vols. 8vo.

Mr Thoms in has lately received from A Compendium of Mineralogy, by the Vienna, the Manuscript of twelve popular same author.

Themes, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, &c. with A System of Geology, by the same au- variations for the Piano Forte, and a Flute thor.

accompaniment, composed for him by Beet. Next month will be published, in 2 vols hoven, which are in the engraver's hands, Ato, the second edition, revised and enlarge and will speedily appear. ed, of Commentaries on the Law of Scot. In the press, and speedily will be publand, respecting Crimes ; by David Hume, lished, a View of some of the Leading Peae Esq. Advocate, Professor of Scots Law in tures of the Christian Faith, addressed to the University of Edinburgh, &c.

the Society of Friends; by James Miller, a This edition, in two voluines, in- member of that Society. cludes the entire contents of the Author's A new edition of the Poems of Ossian is two former works on Criminal Law, in four preparing for publication, with Notes, Cri. volumes, and also of the volume of Supple. tical, Historical, and Explanatory; by mental Notes, which are all incorporated William Beauford, A. M. in the present edition at their propor places. In the press, “ Old Tapestry," a Tale of Considerable additions have been made by Real Life, in 2 vols 12mo.




The Journal of Science and the Arts, edi. Medical Botany, or the History of the
ted at the Royal Institution of Great Britain; Plants in the Materia Medica of the Low-
No. XII.

don, Edinburgh, and Dublin Pharmacy. Specimens in Eccentric Circular Turning, pæias; together with a description of such with Practical Instructions for producing other plants which possess medicinal procorresponding Pieces in that Art; by J. H. perties ; No. I. 36. 6d. Ibbetson ; illustrated by Copper-plate En. gravings, and Cuts referring to, and ex. Brutus, or the fall of Tarquin, a Trageplaining the different Figures to be execu- dy; by J. H. Payne, Esq. 8vo. 38 6d. ted ; 8vo. £i, ls.

Shakspeare's Genius justified ; by Z. Enchiridion Romnæ ; or Manual of de. Jackson, Svo. 38. 6d. tached Remarks on the Buildings, Pictures, Hamlet; and As You Like It, intended Statutes, Inscriptions, &c. of Ancient and as a Specimen of a New Edition of Shaks. Modern Rome; foolscap 8vo. 56. 6d.

peare ; royal 8vo. BIOGRAPHY.

The House of Arteus, and the House of A Journal of the Life, Travels, and Laius; Tragedies founded on the Greek Christian Experience of Thomas Chalkley, Drama ; with a Preface, on the Peculiariwritten by himself ; 12mo. 3s. 6d. ties of its structure and Moral Principles,

Biographical Conversations on Celebrated and other Poems ; by John Smith, forikerly Travellers ; comprehending distinct narra- of King's College, Cambridge ; Sro. 10s. 6d. tives of their personal adventures ; by the

HISTORY. Rev. Won Bingley, M. A. F. L. S. 6s. 6d. The History of the Town and Borough

of Uxbridge; containing copies of interest- to which are prefixed some observations on ing public documents, and a particular ac- wheel-carriages in general, with Engrav. count of all charitable donations left for ings ; by J. T. Koster, 3s. the benefit of the poor : by George Bedford, Observations on the Automaton Chess A. M. and Thomas Hurry Riches, 8vo. £1. Player, now exhibited in London, at No 4,

History and Description of the City of Spring Gardens ; by an Oxford Graduate. York; by W. Hargrove, 3 vols royal 8vo. Letters from the North of Italy, addres£1, 165

sed to Henry Hallam, Esq. relating prin-' LAW

cipally to the Administration, Climate, Man.' Practice of the Exchequer, and Sum- ners, Language, and Literature of that mary of Law of Extents ; by J. Manning Country, by William Stewart Rose, 2 vols Esq. 3 vols royal 8vo. £2, 89.

8vo. 18s. A Short Digest of the Law and Practice A Series of Familiar Letters on Angling, in Bankruptcy ; including a statement of Shooting, and Coursing ; by Robert Lasthe commissioners' authority to summon celles, Esq. royal 8vo. 10s. 6d. and examine witnesses and others in com- A Correspondence between the Court of missions of Bankruptcy ; with a reference Rome and Baron Von Wessenberg, Bishop to all the material cases ; by George Roots, of Constance ; in which the Bishop disputes Esg. 125.

the Authority of the Pope in Germany; an Reports of Cases in Bankruptcy, argued Account of his endeavours, and with every and determined in the High Court of Chan. probability of success, to effect a general cery, during the year 1818; together with a Reformation in the German Catholic Church; digested index of all the contemporaneous 8vo. 58. 6d. reports, on subjects relating to the bank. Occurences during Six Months Residence rupt laws ; by J. W. Buck, Esq. vol. I. in the Province of Calabria Ulteriore, in the part II. 9S.

Kingdom of Naples, in the Years 1809, MEDICINE.

1810; containing a description of the CounElements of Medical Logic; by Sir Gil. try, remarks on the manners and customs bert Blane, Bart. Svo. 7s.

of the Inhabitants, and observations on the Practical Illustrations of the Progress of conduct of the French towards them, with Medical Improvement for the last thirty instances of their oppression, &c. by Lieut. years ; by Charles Maclean, M. D. 8vo. 75. P. J. Elmhirst, R. N. Svo. 6s.

A Practical Treatise on Tropical Dysen- Transactions of the Literary Society of tery ; by R. W. Bamfield, 8vo. 10s. 6d. Bombay ; containing Papers and Essays by

Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, pub- Sir James Mackintosh, Sir John Malcolm, lished by the Medical and Chirurgical socie. Sir George Staunton, H. Salt, Esq. Baron ty of London ; vol. 9, part 2, 8vo. 78. Wrede, Lieut. Col. Nicholls, Lieut. E. All the preceding volumes of this work may Frissell, Lieut. F. Irvine, Lieut. J. W. be had.

Graham, Capt. E. Frederick, Capt. W. Transactions of the Association of FelMiles, J. Ross, Esq. Capt. J. Briggs, Lieut. lows and Licentiates of the King's and J. Mackmurdo, William Erskine, Esq. J. Queen's College of Physicians in Ire- Copeland, Esq. Capt. J. Carnac : with an land; vol. II. 8vo. 166.

Appendix, and a List of the Members, with

Engravings, 4to. £2:12: 6. Memoirs of the First Thirty-two Years Essays on the Institutions, Government, of the Life of James Harry Vaux, now and Manners of the States of Ancient transported for the second time, and for Greece ; by Henry David Hill, D. D. life, to New South Wales ; written by him. Professor of Greek in the University of St self, 2 vols 12mo. 10s.

Andrews ; 12mo. 7s. Annals of Health and Long Life, with Observations on Regimen and Diet ; includ- A concise Trcatise on Italian Singing, eluing Records of Longevity, with Biographi. cidated with Rules, Observations, and Excal Anecdotes of one hundred and forty per- amples, succeeded by a new method of Insons who attained extreme old age. 45. struction, comprising Scales, Exercises, In.

tervals, and Solfeggios, peculiarly arranged The Quarterly Review, No. XXXVIII. and harmonized ; dedicated to T. Broad6s.

wood, Esq.; by G. G. Ferrari The British Review, Number XXV. 8vo. 6s.

Emily, or the Wife's First Error; and The Colonial Journal, No. IV. and IX, Beauty and Ugliness, or the Father's published on the 8th of February ; 8vo. Prayer and the Mother's prophecy; two Bs.

Tales; by Elizabeth Bennet, author of The Transactions of the Horticultural Faith and Fiction, &c. 4 vols 12mo. £l. Society of London, part II. of vol. III. The Countess of Carrick, a Love Tale ; with three coloured and two plain Engrav. and Clandestine Marriage, a Poem. Dedi. ings; 4to. £1: 6: 6.

cated to the Rt Hon. Lady Frances Vane Dr. Rees' Cyclopædia ; vol. XXXIX. Tempest, by Carolan ; foolscap 8vo. 8s. 4to. £1.

POETRY A Description of a New and Improved Childe Harold in the Shades, an Infernal Method of constructing Wheel Carriages : Romaunt.





A Churchman's Second Epistle ; by the for the establishment of Universal Benefit Author of Religio Clerici, with Notes and Societies. By Samuel Roberts, author of Illustrations; 8vo. 58. 6d.

the State Lottery. A Dream. · Montalto, or the Heart Unveiled ; a Poem,

TAEOLOGY. in two Cantos, with other Poems; by Tho. Discourses on the Principles of Religious M.Carthy.

Worship, and Subjects connected with Human Life; a Poem ; by Samuel Rog. them particularly with the Liturgy of the ers, Esq. author of the Pleasures of Mem. Church of England ; with notes illustrative ory ; small 4to. 12s.

and explanatory ; by the Rev. C. Mayo, Specimens of the British Poets, with Bio- LL. B. 7s. graphical Critical Notices, and an Essay A Short Narrative of the Creation and on English Poetry ; by Thomas Campbell, Formation of the Heavens and Earth, as reEsq. author of the pleasures of Hope ; corded by Moses in the book of Genesis ; by 7 vols crown 8vo. £3: 13: 6.

Philo, 8vo. 58. The Banquet, a Poem in three Cantos, The Christian's Treasure ; or, a Compiwith Notes ; embellished with a frontis- lation of Scripture Sentences, on nearly One piece and engraved titlepage ; 8vo. 58. 6d. Hundred different Subjects ; being a most

A Seventh Volume of the Collected useful Selection of Divine Knowledge, parWorks of the Rt. Hon. Lord Byron, con- ticularly adapted to Charity and other taining the Third and Fourth Cantos of Schools ; 12mo. Ss. boards, or 3s. 6d. bd. Childe Harold ; foolscap 8vo. 7s.

A Ready Reply to an Irish Enquiry; or, The Stage, a Poem. By John Brown, a Conclusive Confutation of Calvinism author of '* Psyche."

To which is added, leropeidea ; or, the

True Method of Teaching the Clergy of the Remarks on the Liberty of the Press in Established Church ; by a Clergyman of Great Britain, together with Observations on the Church of England, 8vo. 10s. 6d. the late Trials of Watson, Hone, &c. ; Translated from the German of Gentz; A brief Account of the Guildhall of the 8vo. 4s.

City of London; by J, B. Nichols, F. S. A. The Parliamentary History of England, 8vo. 5s. from the earliest Period to the Year 1803

TRAVELS. vol. XXXIV. comprising the period from Travels through Denmark, Sweden, Lap. 1798 to 1800 ; royal 8vo. £1: 11: 6. land, Finland, Norway, and Russia, with a

The Principles and Practices of Pretend- Description of the City of St Petersburgh, ed Reformers in Church and State ; by during

the tyranny of the Emperor Paul. Arthur Kenney, D. D. Svo. 10s. 6d. By E. D. Clarke, LL.D., being the third

A Letter to the Rt. Hon. Robert Peel, and last Part of the author's Travels in M. P. for the University of Oxford, on the Europe, Asia, and Africa ; handsomely priatpernicious Effects of a Variable Standard of ed in 4to, with beautiful Engravings of Value, especially as it regards the lower Views, Maps, &c. Orders of the Poor Laws; by One of his The Tour of Africa ; containing a concise Constituents, 3s. 6d.

Account of all the Countries in that Quarter A Speech on the propriety of Reviewing of the Globe, hitherto visited by Europeans; the Criminal Laws, delivered, Dec. 10, with the Manners and Customs of the le1819, before the Corporation of the City of habitants : selected by the best Authors, London. By Samuel Favell.

and arranged by Catherine Hutton ; with a A Defence of the Poor Laws, with & Map, 8vo. 6s. plan for the suppression of Mendicity, and



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EDINBURGH. French Pronunciation Exemplified ; and The Autumnal Excursion, or Sketches in all the most Elegant Figures of the French Teviotdale; with other poems; by Thomas Language, collected and explained, both in Pringle, foolscap 8vo. 6s. English and French, by M. Ch. Max de Two Essays, one upon Single Vision with Bellecour, 12mo. 58.

two Eyes, the other upon Dew; a Letter to A System of Pathological and Operative the Right Hon. Lloyd Lord Kenyon; and Surgery, founded on anatomy ; illustrated an Account of a Female of the White Race by Drawings of Diseased Structure, and of Mankind, part of whose skin resemPlans of Operation, and accompanied by bles that of a negro; with some Observa. Notes, containing Critical Remarks on the tions on the Causes of the Differences Doctrines and Practices of the French Sur. in Colour and Form between the White geons, exhibiting a Comparative View of the and Negro Races of Men; by the late W. present State of French and English Sur. C. Wells, M.D. F.R.S.L. and E. with a gery; by Robert Allan, Fellow of the Royal Memoir of his Life, written by himself, in College of Surgeons of London and Edin. I vol. 8vo. 12s. burgh, Surgeon to the Royal Public Dispen- Theological Tracts ; by the late Joba sary for the city and county of Edinburgh, Bowdler, jun. Esq. of Lincoln's-Inn, Bar. and Lecturer on Surgery, Svo. 12s. 6d. rister-at-law. 58 6d.

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