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grapes; and in Spain, from a dry chilling east wind.-In any other of the usual articles
of commerce commonly enumerated by us, there is no alteration sufficient to claim notice.
-Tallow has fluctuated greatly in price. The supply of Fruit from foreign parts is un-
usually early and fine, and the crops of Apples in Scotland are very large, and the quali.
ties particularly fine.

Spanish America continues in the same convulsed and distracted state, and consequent-
ly our trade to that quarter limited and insecure. There seems to be a great deal of bu-
siness doing up the Mediterranean. The shipments from Britain to that quarter have for
some time back been very extensive. The wood trade also from the British North Ame-
rican colonies to the ports of Clyde is becoming very great, and daily increasing.

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Bank stock, masinad

2745 3 per cent. reduced, mama

77 76 3 per cent. consols, comma 754 1 76 753 753

771 787 4 per cent. consols, coran


96 95 95) 96 5 per cent. navy 105) 1 | 1057 106 106 1053 | 1071 & Imperial 3 per cent. ann. India stock, .. sasa

226 bonds,..second 75 77 pr. 1

90 pr. 1

90 pr. 88 pr. 88 89 pr. Exchequer bills, 21d. p.d. 17 17 pr. 21 19 pr. 20 19 pr. 19 21 pr. 18 20 pr. Consols for acc. ......... 75


1 7 58 1 774 American 3 per new loan, 6p.c.

101 103 French 5 per cents. mam

174 f. 95 c.

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31st October 1818, extracted from the London Gazetto.

Ashworth, J. Manchester, innkeeper
Ashford, c. S. Harrow Road, Paddington, iron-

monger Adams, J. S. Newcastle-under-line, merchant Bovill, J. & G. J. De Witte, Commercial Cham

bers, Mincing-lane, merchants Belt, W. A. Great Driffield, Yorkshire, currier Bartells, T. Aldergate-street, wine-merchant Bentliff, D. Gravesend, shoe-maker Butler, J. A. Blackheath, merchant Braband, E. Manchester, dealer Bames, J. Cinderford, Gloucestershire, coal-mer

chant Buckley, J Hurst, J. Marland, Ashton-under-Line,

and J. Medhurst, Manchester, Lancashire, cotton manufacturers Bateson, J. Arnsley Hall, York, merchant Baker, F. Upper Thames-street, baker, Brun, P. F. Le, King-street, Covent Garden, che

mist Coekrem, P. Bath, tailor Chevers, W. Commercial Road, master mariner Crowther, W. Banner-street, St Lukes, watch-ma

mufacturer Droust, L. Conduit-street, flute-manufacturer Davie, D. G. & S. A. Snowden, Plymouth-dock,

drapers Day, R. Crooked-lane, oil-broker Dyson, G..jun., Castle-court, Cornhill, London,

auctioneer Dihdin J. Camberwell, victualler Dennet, J. Carisbrook, Isle of Wight, timber-mer.

chant Gunn, J. Eton, Buckinghamshire, coach-maker Glass, M, Potterne, Wilts, victualler Graves, J. Southwark, hop-merchant Gompertz, H. Tokenhouse-yard, dealer in wool Graham, R. Gurstang, Lancashire, grocer Harrison, J. Aldermanbury, hatter Holiturn, W. Long lane, Bermondsey, carpenter Hallett, W. Spafields, cattle-dealer Holland, S. P. and P. Ball, Worcester, hop-mer

chants Haddam, W. Clement's-lane, tea-dealer

Harper, J. Fleet-street, bookseller
Hawkes, J. C. Okehampton, Devonshire, banker
Johnson, J. & J. Smyth, High Holburn, linen-

drapers Johnson. J. E. Hyde-street, Bloomsbury, master

Inariner Jackson, J. Easingwold, Yorkshire, merchant Jones, T. Bull-ring, Birmingham, cordwainer Levy, S. Mansel-strect, tailor Lock, G. Walchpool, Hereford, grazier Lockington, W. Pendleton, I ancashire, joiner Lees, L. Newton, Moor, Lancashire, cotton-spinner Lloyd, R. Cheapside, warehouseman , Mitchell, W'. Plaistow, Essex, ship-builder Parsons, T. Duke-street, St James's, breeches

maker Proctor, C. Stafford, farmer Rebbeck, J. Bradford, Wilts, clothier Raven, C and D. Chettleburgb, Norwich, wine

merchants Ridding, F. Birmingham, tanner Richards, W. and H. B. Richardson, Snow-hill,

factors Raven, J. and C. and R. Lloyd, Norwich, mer

chants Raven, J. Cheapside, warehouseman Ransom, T. (heapside, lace-manufacturer Ruet, W. Sheffield, merchant Rees, R. Chatham, Kent, draper Richards, G. Sherrard-street, Westminster, silver.

smith Rowed, J. Harp-lane, dealer and chapman Snuggs, J. W. A. Lime-street, London, spirit and

beer merchant Schwabacher, L. Great Fountain-place, City Road,

toy-merchant Schóley, R. Paternoster-row, London, bookseUer. Sipger, S. High street, Kensington, haberdasher Shane, J.S. Fleet-street, boot-maker Sheppard, J. Gainsborough, and R. Shepipod,

Boston Scholes, S. and W. A. Docker, Manchester, calico

dealers Sykes, G. and J. Pope, Huddersfield, merchants

Twynam, T. Plymouth, four-factor

Watkins, W. Norton, Worcestershire, corn-factor Ventress, J. and R. Emmerson, Newcastle-upon Walters, 1. Tredegar, Monmouthshire, grocer Tyne, cheesemongers

Whitby, w. Clement's-lane, drug-broker Wild, J. Rochdale, Lancashire, dealer in glass Whittenbury, W. Manchester, cotton-dealer Wilson, T. Merton, Lincolnshire, groeer

Wilcox, R. Strand, woollen-draper Wilson, J. Rathbone-place, Oxford-street, booksel Whitmore, W. Holland street, Blackfriars-road. ler

cordwainer Warmington, J. and J. E. Gracechurch-street, draw Yorke, B. Fleet-street, butcher


ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between 1st and 31st

October 1818, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Beattie, Wm, inn-keeper, Langholm
Carsewell, Duncan, shoemaker and leather-mer

chant, Paisley
Lauder, John,' baker, vintner and spirit-dealer,

Penney, Wm, merchant, Glasgow
Robinson, John, general agent, North Back of

Canongate, Edinburgh

M'Kenzie, Hugh, merchant in Mid-Garty; by

Charles Sutherland, merchant, Golspie-á divi. dend, 7th December M'Intosh, Lachlan, draper, Tain; by Hugh Mur

ray, Esq. joint Agent for the Commercial Bank

Spence, P., late merchant, Montrose; by Robert

Burness, writer there dividend
Scott, James, sen. & Co., agents and merchants,
Glasgow ; by James Kerr, accountant, Glasgow

-a dividend of ls. 100, 13th November
Sibbald, John, and Co., merchants, Leith, and

John Sibbald, and Wm Sibball, jun., individual partners; by James Duncan, merchant, Leith, on 30th November Thomson, Alex. Greig, merchant, Glasgow ; by Wm Garden, merchant, Glasgow a dividend


are more by Robert

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Mrs Hart, the wife of a respectable farmer and grazier at Raventhorpe, in Northamptonshire, was safely delivered a few days since, of three fine fe male infants, and all apparently likely to do well.

BIRTHS. Aug. 7. At St Helena, the lady of Lieutenanteolonel Wynyard, a son.

Sept. 3.' At Washington, the lady of Mr Bagot, minister plenipotentiary to the United States, a daughter.

17. At Paris, the Right Hon. Lady James Hay, a daughter.

23. At his Lordship's seat, Bournhouse, near Caxton, Cambridgeshire, the Countess De la Warr, a daughter.

- At Rotterdam, Mrs Kay, a son.
27. At Edenside, Mrs Tait, a daughter.

- At the Castle, Edinburgh, the lady of Lieut. colonel Macgregor, #8th regiment, a son.

30. At Newbattle Abbey, the Marchioness of Lothiau, a son.

- At Park, the lady of Thomas Gordon, Esq. of Park, a son.

Oct. 3. At Gorhambury, in the County of Herts, the Countess of Verulam, a son.

4. In Grattan-street, London, the lady of Capt. Menzies, royal marines, a son.

-- At Oldhein, the lady of David Henderson, Esq. younger of Stemster, a daughter.

6. At Ruchill, the lady of William Baillie of Polkemmet, Esq. a son.

- The lady of Dr Ferguson, inspector of hospitals, a daughter.

9. Mrs Dr Maclagan, George-street, Edinburgh, a son.

- At Grange, Mrs James Cadell, a son.

10. The lady of George Holmes Jackson, Esq. of Glenmore, a daughter,

- At Hurst-house, Lady Berkeley, a son.

14. Mrs Blackwell, York-place, Edinburgh, a son.

15. The wife of John Henderson, carrier in Cupar Angus, was safely delivered of two girls and a boy, who, with their mother, are all doing well.

16. At Wharton-place, Edinburgh, Mrs Alston, a son.

17. The lady of James L'Amy of Dunkenny, Esq. advocate, a daughter.

- The lady of Colonel Fraser of Castle Fraser, a son and heir.

18. At 30, St Bernard-street, Leith, Mrs Robertson, a son.

20. At Mayen, the lady of Robert Abercromby, Esg. of Brightonbogue, a son and heir.

MARRIAGES. Sept. 21. At Edinburgh, Mr David Steedman. merchant, Fisherrow, to Margaret, orly daughter of the late Mr Adam Marshall, Edinburgh.

28. At Peterhead, George Anderson, Esq. surgeon, Madras Establishment, to Miss E. Alexander, only daughter of Gilbert Alexander, Esq. of that place.

- At Montrose, Alexander Ross, M.D. surgeon of the royal navy, to Sarah, youngest daughter of the late John Lingard, Esq, of Heaton Norris, Lancashire.

- At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Bruce, upholsterer, to Margaret, daughter of the late Mr James Sanson, merchant.

29. At Drogheda, Lieutenant D. Mackenzie, of the 42d regiment, to Miss Mary Bell, third daughter of Mr Charles Bell, Leith.

30. Lieut-colonel Lord Greenock, permanent assistant quarter-master general, to Henrietta, second daughter of Thomas Mather, Esq. The ceremony was solemnised by the Rev. Sir John Head, Bart. at the Chateau de Denacre, in France, the residence of Lieut.-colonel Staveley.

Oct. I. At Seven Oaks, William Lambard, Esq. eldest son to M. Lambard, Esq. of Seven Oaks, Kent, to Harriet Elizabeth, fifth daughter to Sir James Nasmyth, Bart. of Posso, Pecblesshire.

2. At Kensington, Henry Riddell, Esq. W. S. to Miss Agnes Gilchrist, daughter of the deceased Archibald Gilchrist, Esa. Edinburgh.

5. At Edinburgh, in St George's Chapel, York. place, Duncan Mackenzie, Esq. to Jessie, daughter of the late John Mackenzie, Esq. of Strathgarve.

7. At St James's Church, London, Gerard Cal. laghan, Esq. M. P. for Dundalk, son of Daniel Callaghan, Esq. of Lotobeg, in the county of Cork, to Louisa Margaretta, eldest daughter of John Calvert Clark, Esq. of Teddington-place, Middlesex.

- At Corry, Skye, Lieut. Duncan Henry Mac. kenzie, of the Madras horse artillery, to Mary, second daughter of Lauchlan Mackinnon, Esg. Letterfearn,


8. At Edinburgh, Mr David Grieve, merchant, Leith, to Jessie. youngest daughter of John Brown, Esq. Park-street.

- At Barcaldine, the Rev. Mr Hugh Fraser, minister of Ardchattan, to Miss Maria Campbell, daughter of the late Alexander Campbell, Esq. of Barcaldine.

13. At St Andrews, the Rev. Robert Macnair, minister of the parish of Ballantrae, to Jane, second daughter of Principal Hill.

17. At Fala-house, the Rev. Robert Smith. minister of Newtyle, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Alexander Thomson, Esq. Buccleughstreet, Edinburgh

16. At Dunbar, Mr James Lockhart, wine-mer. chant, Edinburgh, to Miss Eliza Wight. à - At Newton, Roxburghshire, Robert Milne, Esq. Langlands, to Catherine, youngest daughter of Andrew Hunter, Esa.

22. Hugh Graham, Esq. Meadow-place, Edinburgh, to Martha, youngest daughter of the late Robert Walker, Esq. of Preston Tower.

- At St Pancras Church, Joseph Greenway, Esq. to Ann, only daughter of Crofton Cooper, Esq. of Judd-street, Brunswick square, London.

DEATHS. Feb. 15. At Vizagapatam, East Indies, Captain Henry Shute Lee, of the 2d battalion 21st regiment, native infantry.

April 9. At Cuttock, Midnapore, India, Major Hamilton of the 18th native infantry.

May 11. At Bombay, in the house of David Mal. colm, Esq. Major Hugh Scott, deputy adjutantgeneral of the Viadras army.

- At Bombay, George Dick, Esq. in the Hon. East India Company's Civil Service, on that Est..blishment.

Sept. 5. Arst Kitt's, the Right Hon. James Edmund, Lord Cranstoun.

17. At Banff, Elizabeth Boyd, widow of the deceased Alexander Garden, shipmaster, aged 103.

20. At Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Greig, spouse of Mr John Finlayson, Parliament-square.

22. At Trowan, near Crieff, Mrs Marjory Fraser, widow of the late Hugh Fraser, of Tomavoit, invorness-shire, aged 97.

23. At George's-square, Edinburgh, Agnes Helen, daughter of the Rev. Dr Anderson, aged 12.

- At Blair, aged 74, Thomas Mill, Esq. of Blair.

25. At his house, Leith-street, Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Donaldson, confectioner.

- At Edinburgh, Mrs Vargaret Kerr, daughter of the late Rev. Mr Kerr, mi ister of Carmunnock, and wife of Mr John Ormiston, solicitor-at-law.

26. At Beaumont-place, Edinburuh, Mary, daughter of the late Captain and Adjutant Henry Bevan, Dumfries-shire militia, in her 12th year

27. At Largs, Helen Campbell, wife of Mungo N. Campbell, Esq. merchant, Glasgow.

At her brother's house, in Soho-square, London, Sarah Sophia Banks, sister to Sir Joseph Banks, aged 74 years.

- Át Boulogne, Sur Mer, Ensign Robert Macdougall, of the 71st regiment, in the 20th year of his age. It is but a tribute due to the memory of this amiable young man to say, that he carried with him to the grave the sincere regret of his brother oflicers, who will long remember his virtues.

- At Dublin, William Earl of Wicklow. 28. At Murrayshall, John Murray, Esq. of Murrayshall.

-Aged 63, the French Admiral Gantheaume.

- Ai Sornbeg, Miss Annabella Wilson, daughter of the deceased Hugh Wilson, Esq. Northumberland-street, Edinburgh.

- At Dysart, Mr Thomas Spittal, ship-owner there.

29. At London, Mrs Phæbe Lloyd, relict of the late Lord Stonefield.

- At Norton Court in Kent, the Right Hon. Lady Sondes, only daughter of Richard Milles, Esq, of North Elmham, in Norfolk, and Nackin ton in Kent.

30. Colonel John Drouly, late of the 1st regiment of life guards, and governor of Cades Castle.

- At her residence, Hermitage-house, near Leith, Dorothea, Dowager Countess of Fife.

- At Lausanne, in Switzerland, James Durham Calderwood, Esq. of Poltoun, and of the 12th reciment of lancers.

ct. 1. At Langley Park, Mrs Gerard, widow of

the late Dr Alexander Gerard, King's College, Aberdeen, in the 8th year of her age.

- At Queen's-place, Leith Walk, Margaret, youngest daughter of George Forrester, Esq. comptroller of the customs, Leith.

2. At Dunbar, Mr Richard Coles, surgeon, at the early age of 29 years.

3. In her 79th year, the Right Hon. Lady Northwich, widow of the late, and mother to the present Lord Northwich.

- In the Charity Workhouse, Edinburgh, Lauchlan Macbain, commonly known here by the name of " Roasting Jacks," aged upwards of 102 years. This very old man retained his faculties, and was even cheerful, to the last. He was a native of Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire: was bred a tailor: had been in the army, but had no pension.

- At Crooks, Mrs Christian Forman, wife of Mr Phipps Turnbull.

4. At l'unningham-head, Mrs Colonel Reid.

6. At his house, No 10, Terrace, Mr William Murray, spirit-dealer, much regretted.

- At Culrosa, Miss Ranken, daughter of the late Robert Ranken. Esq. of Coldon.

7. At the house of Sir Andrew Lauder Dick, Bart. Fountainhall, Captain Andrew Brown, R. N. of Johnstonburn.

- At Simson's Court, Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Willson.

9. At Edinburgh, Mrs Susanna Prentice, wife of Richard Prentice, Esq. solicitor at law.

- At Glasgow, Mrs Rachael Pettigrew, spouse of Mr Sohn Reid, late of the Tontine-hotel there.

-- At Edinburgh, Mr Jacob Bogue, lieutenant of police,

10. At Edinburgh, Mrs Jane Gunn, wife of Mr Daniel Hood, teacher, Can ngate, seco.d daughter of the late Mr Hector Gunn, merchant, ThurSO.

11. At Leith, Margaret, infant child of Mr George Webster, surgeon.

- At his seat at North Court, Isle of Wight, af. ter a very long and suffering illness, Capt. Bennet, R. N. in his 18th year.

13. At Fortrose, Ross-shire, Mr Kenneth Mac Lean, messenger at arms.

11. xt Edi burgh, at the house of John Morgan, Esq. in Queen-street, Mrs Morgan, his mother, aged 85 years and nine months.

15. At Killin, Perthshire, Mr Duncan Campbell, aged eighty-six years.

16. Catherine, wife of Robert Davidson, Esq. advocate, professor of law in Glasgow College.

17. At Glasgow, James Corbett Porterfield, Esq.

18. At Kirkness, Henry Clephane, Esq. writer to the signet.

At No. 5, George-street, Edinburgh, John Gordon Thomson, eldest son of Dr Thomson.

- At Fisherrow, Mr W. Ballantyne Crichton, of

Thomas Edinburgh, Kert, mi iste solicitor-at-la Mary,

- At Wormiston, Miss Lindesay, of Wormis, ton,

20. At Edinburgh, Janet, only daughter of Mr James Smyth, W. S. aged fifteen.

- At Hillhead-house, Lasswade, Alex. Macdonald, Esq. of Boisdale, in the fifty-eight year of his age.

21. At Edinburgh, in the twenty-first year of his age, Mr William Brown, writer.

At Glasgow, the Rev. Dr Robert Balfour, af. ter an illness which attacked him sucdenly on the street in the preceding day, which did not admit of his reaching home, and which terminated fatally in the friend's house to which he had been conducted, in about thirty-two hours. Dr Balfour was born and educated in Edinburgh. After being licensed a preacher of the gospel, he declined an invitation to the pastoral charge from the congre gation of Lady Glenorchy's Chapel; and, having preferred a presentation to the parish of Lecropt, was ordained a minister of that parish, where he officiated for about five years. In the beginning of the year 1779, he was removed to the Outer High Church of Glasgow; and he continued in that charge till the close of his valued life. He died in the 71st year of his age, the 15th of his ministry, and the 40th of his pastoral incumbency in Glasgow. It is not easy, in a short paragraph or two, to do justice to a character, in which so many excellent qualities were associated : qualities of the mind, and of the heart; developed in public, as well as in private life ; and securing to their possessor an equal measure of admiration, of een tecm, and of love. One of the principal charms

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