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upon this most eminent person, is, by no longings, maddened by n., 'reams however, only one of the many rebukes of higher greatness, the Aristar ch soon wherewith the arrogant tone assumed, reaches the ultimatum of his ambition, upon almost all occasions, by that and sits down contented in the possesjournal, has been visited. The gentle- sion of the little, because he hopes men who had the honour of establish- not, perhaps imagines not, the possiing it fell, even in the first concoction bility of the much.-The ape that of their plan, into many errors which clambers to the summit of the tree have grievously impeded the contem- beneath which the lion reposes, and porary influence of their work, and the dwarf who, taken from it, we fear, almost every

“ Perch'd on a pedestal, chance of receiving from future gene

Overlooks a giant," rations the respect to which the talents derive a pride from their elevation, of its authors might have otherwise which is not attended by any feelings given it a claim. Of these errors, the of proportionate reverence on the part first and greatest was the assumed of its beholders. The world may be principle of being always reviewers deceived for a little space; but there de haut en bas. A few clever and well- is no chance of its recognising, with informed young gentlemen might sure- any, permanent approbation, the airs ly have set on foot a very excellent li- of happy superiority assumed by our terary journal, without making it an northern Zoili over the Wordsworths, axiom in their creed, that they them- the Southeys, and the Goethes, of their selves were, and should always con- age. tinue to be, the very first geniuses and authors of their times. Upon what principle of sane judgment persons who had never produced any great and splendid work of any kind whatever, and who therefore could have no assurance of the measure of This is by far the best of all Orator their own powers, should conceive Phillip's orations, and perhaps the themselves entitled to take it for chief cause of its excellence is, that the granted that England and Europe had sole subject of it is himself. He keeps exerted themselves to the utmost in his eye steadily fixed on that great fashioning their spirits, and would personage, and the language of selfthenceforth seek comparative repose in adoration becomes sublime. He speaks the shaping of spirits comparatively as if he were looking all the while into insignificant, we have no capacity to a mirror,-each new gesticulation creimagine. The blessed self-compla- ates new energies,- his address to cence of minds that could easily and others thus assumes the impassioned undoubtingly embrace so comfortable character of a soliloquy,--and he is a notion of their own importance, perhaps the only orator who ever must, without all question, in the eyes wholly forgot that he had an audience. of those who consider pleasure as the We wish to speak in the most flatsummum bonum of humanity, appear tering terms of Orator Phillips, but we no despicable boon. But there are are aware, that he is a gentleman glutmany sources of pleasure, whose effi- tonous of praise, and of ostrich-like cacy may be acknowledged by those power of digestion. It is impossible that do not envy their possessors. The to satisfy such an appetite. He must straw crown of a bedlamite confers have heaped up measure, and running perhaps more intense delight upon its over, or he gets sulky, and will have wearer, than the splendour of the “gol- none of it. He turned up his nose at den round" ever conveys to the mind the frugal and salubrious repast so of the true prince. The satisfaction promptly spread for him by the Edine with which a smart critic chuckles over the contemplation of his own importance, may in like manner be a far

Calumpy Confuted.-Speech, delivered

at the Dinner, given by a Select and Numore unmixedly pleasurable feeling

merous Party of Friends, for the purpose than the more lofty, and more serious, of Refuting the Remarks of the Quarterly and more modest consciousness of a Review, on the Character and Conduct of majestic poet. Disturbed with no so- an Eminent Barrister. Milliken, Dublin. litary clouds of despondence, tormented 1817.

burgh Reviewer, nay, threw it some- The chairman had, it seems, read what unceremoniously into the face of (immediately after the cheese) the arhis entertainer. Can we, therefore, ticle in the Quarterly Review, which expect, that he will accept graciously gave occasion to the august meeting. from our humble hands, a treat, which It is impossible not to be struck with he contumeliously spurned at, when the consummate skill with which the held out by the honourable and learned Orator steals upon the sympathy of member for Winchelsea ? Yet, we are his auditors. How calm, yet how not without hopes, that he may be energetic, is his commencement. prevailed upon to accept our eulogies, “ Think for a moment on the article our who do not pretend to be orators our- chairman has just read, amid bursts of in. selves, but mere critics of oratory in dignation which even his dignity could not

control. I know not who this defamer isothers. He despised, as it was natural for him to do, the envious calum- obscurity is his shield--oblivion is his safe

guard: let him not flatter himself that he is the nies of Brougham and of Jeffrey, those

object of my wrath-let him not hope the ho. little and disappointed men, of whose

nour of my revenge. I mean not to tinge eloquence, as Mr Phillips well ob- the cloud that conceals him with the reflectserves, no one ever heard-low and ed brightness of my glory ;-—the lightning, petty-fogging practitioners, who look up that would destroy, illu ninates: never did with bitter hatred on the “ Young the temple of Ephesus—in all the splendour Pride of Erin,” from the hopeless a

of its primitive pride, in all the imposing basement of their obscurity. What grandeur of its architecture, in all the blesse have such small folk to do with edness of its beauty-attract such animated Councelior and Orator Phillips ? The earth—the torch of heavena blazing bea

attention, as when it shone-the star of world, who heard of them for the first con--in ruin awful !-in destruction magtime, when they gave a public opinion nificent !-( Loud and repeated bursts of apof that illustrious young man, has long plause.)" since forgotten them-while, on the

Every thing is now swept away by contrary, Mr Phillips, who has taken the torrent. Hear how he revels and the well-known instrument out of the riots in his strength. hands of fame, and boldly flown with “ I like not that cold and cautious court it at his mouth across the Irish chan- of Criticism, where Spleen sits in judgment nel, makes a very great noise in the upon Splendour, where Prudence pleads aworld indeed! and successfully acts gainst Passion, and the Orator is lost in the the part of his own Trumpeter.

Rhetorician; I love not that barren and The Speech, from which we shall bounded circus, where the captious advernow give our readers a few extracts,

sary entangles in his pitiful net the warrior, was delivered under circumstances of whose weapon he is too weak to wield;

Oh, it disgusts the heart to see the sons of peculiar solemnity. A dinner had little meno assume the proud port of the been given to the Orator in a tavern

giant ! Oh, it deadens the soul, to behold in Dublin, by a hundred select friends, an ohject enthroned in ideal elevation, prewho were desirous of expressing their senting us obscurity, for extent ; for subadmiration of his talents and respect limity, darkness !--the waggon rumbling for his character, at the moderate ex- over a rugged and rutted road, might more pense of half-a-guinea a head, includ- successfully emulate the deafening peal of mg a bottle of port-wine. On the the thunderbolt-the meteor, whose birthcloth being withdrawn, the Orator place is the swamp, whose home is the wil. rose, and entered into a vindication of beatitude with the standing star, who re

derness, might better vie in beauty and kimself against the aspersions of the joices for ever in the vaulted sky, and atQuarterly Review. The grandeur of tunes in his rapid revolutions the song that the occasion—the magnitude of the first soothed the ear of infant Existence." cause the solemnity of the time the Having thus exposed the ignorance magnificence of the place—the nobili- of the Quarterly Reviewer, he next ty of the audience--the genius of the seizes on a still more vulnerable point Orator-formed altogether such an as- -his Envy; and the picture he draws semblage of glory as has but rarely be of that demon, deprives Spenser of all fore been witnessed in this sublunary claim to the character of a poet. How scene It is enough to say, that the feeble his allegory to the living reality Speech spoken during that high hour of the demon of Orator Phillips. was worthy of Mr Phillips—of his au

“ But Envy-this whispering demondience--and of the tavern in which this pale passion of the wan and wasted they had previously dined.

mind this sorceress, whose eye gazes with vain desire on the efforts of opposing genius jargon of judgments, contradictory and con'till its beam deadens in the overpowering flicting—and why? Because I have not in blaze, and its circle of vision becomes con- the pride of pedantry poured forth cold catracted and confined ;-this self-elected ri. taracts of Norman-French, because I have val, whose heart throbs with eager and idle not showered down on the heads of an unemulation, till its aspirations assume a fret- prepared jury heavy hailstorms of Sclavofui fervour—a feverish rapidity ;-this black nian-Latin–because I have chosen rather a crucible in which our vices and our virtues simple appeal addressed to the passions of -our weaknesses and our worth our rights men, than a detail dark and dull with comand our reputation are amalgamated with plicated controversy with concatenated all the dark and debasing ingredients, which confusion. I detest the veil of mysterious the busy hand of Malice can collect, while, mummery, that would fling its folds over over the steaming and stupefying caldron, the porch of justice I despise the legal Hatred hovers with clouded brow, Ridicule learning, that, like the black sun of the insneers with writhing lip, and Scandal howls dian Mythology, wells forth rays of darkher hymn of idiot incantation. (Unprece- ness-beams of obscurity. My appeal is to dented applause for many minutes. )" a moral court of conscience-to the charter.

But perhaps the finest, and certain- ed chamber of intellect—to the throne of ly the most triumphant passage in this justice in the heart of man.--[Applause.] noble oration, is that where he destroys, It is the Bank of Ireland to a mealy by his eloquence, that " consistency" potato-on the head of the orator. which he had formerly deserted in his The fight is taken out of the man withconduct.”

out a name and Mr Phillips thus “ But let us not be deceived by Decla. throws a somerset over the ropes. mation, that fatal faculty, who flings over “ Need I now repeat what I have uttered every object a prismatic profusion of delu. in England and in Ireland—in London and sive dyes ; let us examine what are the me

in Liverpool-in Cork and in Kerry-Rerits of this boasted blessing? this courtly FORM!-radical, resistless REFORM !-In consistency ?-Oh! well may she vaunt her the new birth of your Parliament you will parentage! well may she be vain of her hail the regeneration of your Country !-! connexions : the daughtio of Obstinacy— have said it often and often-again and the sister and the spouse of Stubbornness

again, but I was not attended to; I have unholy was the hour of their horrid and said it in Prose~ I was not attended to ; I hatefiú nuptials! accursed were the rites of have said it in Verse-I was not attended to. the eternal ceremony-when Bigotry held

- There is a peculiar and appropriate diathe torch, whose lustre was the light of lect-a language that is not Prose, that is Hell, over the altar blackened and blushing not Verse, but which, while it possesses all with blood; and accursed are the children the strength and sinew of Prose, charms with of their incestuous commerce !-Consiste all the magic and melody of Verse, that comENCY!!-how ignorant are these maniacs bines the energy of Eloquence with the eu

- they know not that motion is the purpose, phony of Song–in this dialect of Paradise and the principle, and the power of life, I have said it, and will after-ages believe -they know not that but for his motion the the disgraceful narrative ?-I was not atbeds of Ocean would sink into a sad and si- tended to!!-[A long pause of expressive lent and sullen stagnation-a desert of death

silence.]" -a pit of putrefaction !-walk abroad in the terrific time of tempest and tumult, and

We are aware that the oracular wismark how the ministry and motion of the dom of the following splendid passage winged whirlwinds cleanses the vaulted am- must have the inevitable effect of phitheatre of air ! Look around on the ob. throwing into the shade all the other jects of Nature—is not the cessation of mo- contents of our invaluable Magazine. tion the prelude of death ? And shall Mind Well let them go. A page of Philalone abandon the analogies of Nature ? lips is worth the sacrifice. Hear the Shall Opinion alone remain chained, and

Seer! unchangeable ? Shall Age be imperiously

“ It is not without reason that the Progoverned by the principles, which Youth has impetuously adopted ? the assertion is phet mourns over the dangerous gift by a solecism against society—a sin against the which he beholds, in gloomy anticipation, soul !”

the shadow of coming evil ; and he who is Having thus gotten the Quarterly endowed with superior intellect has not less Review fairly down below the table, of France was crushed and crumbled beneath

reason to regret--when the imperial crown the Counsellor thus tramples on bis the might of banded barbarians when the fallen foe. Never was shillelah bran- diadem of the deposed dynasty was dashed to dished with more merciless vigour at dust--when the barbaric thrones of eastern Donnybrook fair.

tyranny trembled and tottered at the tread of “ But this Alaric—this Attila - this Atri. England, there were those who said it was des of atrocity, questions my acquaintance glory;-vain visions of ideal wealth floated with the long labyrinths of law, with the before their eyes ;-dreams of universal doVOL. IV.

2 E.

minion blest their repose. They listened not the heart and the hopes, upon the blessings to the lessons of ages; they worshipped not and the blood of their country !--years have at the altar of history ; they heard not of that glided by-generations have passed awaylever, whose pressure is the present, whose even centuries--those vast segments of the power is the past, whose fulcrum is the fu- circle of time, have waned and wasted-Li. ture; they though not on the ruins of Rome; terature hath advanced—Poetry hath exthey looked not to the example of Athens; tended her reign-Eloquence is the attri. they thought not on that fallen nation, whose bute of universal man- Science hath spread merchants were the princes of the earth. her conquests from the University to the No! they were chaunting their idle pæans Universe ; — with the presumption of Proof praise ; they were parading through the metheus we have called down fire from heapalaces of Paris, they were visiting the vallies ven—with the wing of Dædalus we have of Waterloo! Basking in the delightful traversed the ambient oceans of air-but is delusion, they were luled into a dull and the happiness of social man extended ? Have dreamy repose by the courtly lays of the we improved in the art of Legislation ? laureat, or sublimated to a frantic enthu- Those questions you have heard admirably siasm by the inebriate inspiration of another answered by my honourable Friend, to prophet of the lakes, a very Montorio of whose eloquent expositions you have listenmadness, a lay preacher, one who dreams ed with such deep delight (heur ! hear !] dreams, and sees visions, forsooth..Well- let it be my task to point out less observable no matter his fantastic feats of German evils look to the University of Ireland ! jugglery are applauded !- strove to break She weeps for her children, and will not be the slumber of death, but mine was the voice comforted for they are not. The voice of of one crying in the wilderness Wo to those the • HISTORICAL SOCIETY' is silentwho bow down at the altars of National dust hath defiled the volumes that record Insolvency_their deity is a demon-their the glorious and gigantic march of Genius shrine is the table of the money-changer -the bookworn hath battened on the trathe incense of their adoration is wafted on sures of thought the triumphs and the trothe tainted sighs of an injured and insulted phies of Literature-Solitude sits in the people; the bread of their impious commu- chambers, where Åge gazed in mute admi. nion is moistened with the sweat, and lea- ration, while Youth hastened to decide vened with the blood of indigence : the where Wisdom watched with wonder the minister-but need I name the ministers of wild and wanton wing of Eloquence, as it the accursed sacrifice! (Name ! Name ! rose, in unimaginable flight, above the cal. no! no !] 'Oh! I loath the sickening scene lous and calculating ken of minds, corruptof senatorial servility—of Plebeian prostra- ed by the cold contagions of self-vaunting tion !--if we must have a Parliament, why Pride,-clouded by coarse communion with are its numbers limited ? Why is its sphere self-sufficient prejudice. (Hear! hear!) of action contined ?-in this æra of univer- Pass where the hurricane bath past !-visit sal genius, when mind at length asserts its the vale which the earthquake hath visited ! inherent omnipotence over the essential -where the bank bloomed with beauty, grossness, and the accidental fluctuations of where the flower flourished, where the river matter, why is not the intellectual strength rolled and reflected the lovely and luxuriant of the kingdom represented ?-but mark, for landscape, where the wild bird chaunted his a moment, the wretched policy of these carols of thoughtless praise—behold the riftborough-mongering sinecurists—they deifyed rock-rugged and ragged—black with Wealth-they despise Wisdom-like the lightning and barren of vegetation-behold mechanic—whose eyes turns hastily from the putrid and offensive spots, poisoned and the hill of Howth, from the harbour of polluted by pestilential pools, where the li. Dunleary, and rests in delighted repose on quid loveliness, that now lingers in loaththe tin tube the whirling wheels, and all some stagnation, once cheered and charmed the mean and miserable machinery of the the sense of musing meditation. Such is steam-boat!

that theatre of thought !_such that circus “ Better, far better were the slavery of of competition !-that focus of fancy, to the African, than the boasted birthright of which all the rays of genius converged, in the Briton-What though he toils beneath which all the gleams of poetry and all the a torrid Sun-what though he shrinks un- glow of oratory, the impassioned emphasis der the scourge of the taskmaster, what the articulate alliteration--were collected though for ages he has vainly waited for and concentred. Oh I could dwell on the the Avatar of that spirit, whose fiat shall radiant retrospect for a measureless eternity! burst the fetters of his political thraldom I could console myself for the contemptuous what though the chains of a tyrant gall his contumely of the critic, by reverting to those dusky arms, can the pangs of bodily torture days

of rapture, which dullness could not rival in intensity the agonies of mind ?- depress !=of reputation, which awoke the Our slavery is the slavery of the soul I envy of no enemy! These, my friends, are Our chains are the chains of the heart! the rich recollections, that shed a long line Listen not to the schemes of these black and of lustre on the lawn of life-these are the bloated Vampires, that rise from the vaults charming associations, that cherished in of Corruption and Rottenness, to feast upon childhood, mingle with the memory of man

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-that make the heart a habitation of de whenever he thinks of Scotland. No lightful images we spirit that raises the soul permanent interest could be felt in above the clouds and cares of sublunary such blundering debates ; and the imscenery, a pillar of glory, whose pedestal is pression generally made by them on earth, whose pinnacle is eternity.--[Bursts the minds of the impartial' was, that of unsophisticated admiration." We earnestly entreat Mr Phillips to

however excellent might be the systems come to Edinburgh, and dine here as prevalent in the Universities of Oxford he has dined at Liverpool and in and Edinburgh, the great men in both Dublin. The inhabitants of this town

were exceedingly apt to expose themcan have no peace till they give him a

selves, and, in the midst of extreme dinner-and a dinner he must have, liberality and love of truth, to exhibit that is certain. We are requested by

much woful ignorance and many deMr Young, the celebrated traiteur of plorable prejudices. The good people the Dilettanti Society, to join his en- of Scotland are as much in the dark treaties to ours, that Mr Phillips will about the English Universities, as if accept of a public dinner in Free-Ma- they were establishments in Siberia ; son's Hall-(bottoms limited to 100),

and the knowledge which Englishmen and we understand that nothing but have of ours amounts to no more than an amiable modesty prevents the man

this, that the Professors are all Presciple of Mr Scott's new academical and byterians, and that the students are legal institution, from joining his name

sad graceless dogs, who do nothing to our petition. If Mr Phillips would but devour the fatal pages of David allow the dinner to be eat on his birthe Hume and Adam Sinith. day, the inhabitants of Edinburgh the advantages of the two systems;

A man has at last arisen to combine would consider the honour still higher -and if that gentleman would think and the name of William Scott wilí it a farther inducement to attend, the be inscribed in letters of gold among strictest care shall be taken that no

those of the benefactors of his species. body is allowed to make speeches after be allowed to stand where it now

The University of Edinburgh is to dinner but himself. “ Come then-ethereal mildness, come,

stands; the Professors to lecture where And from the bosom of yon dropping cloud, they now lecture. But an English UniWhile music wakes around, veiled in a versity is to rise up under its shadow, shower

and fresh Professors are at night to Of shadowing roses on our plains descend.” succeed those worn out by day; so

that the sluices of knowledge are to be The Printer's Devil has just hinted opened by sunrise, and shut long after to us, that this is not a Speech of Mr sunset. Such a system of irrigation Phillips' at all-and that we have been cannot fail to cover the whole intelimposed upon. If so, we beg Mr lectual land with one flush of verdure. Phillips' pardon for our stupidity, and The original mind of WILLIAM return thanks to the author of the Scott has discovered this great truth, Speech, whoever he is, for the annuse- which lies at the bottom of his system, ment he has afforded us.

that the students at the University of Edinburgh forget in the evening every

thing they hear in the morning; and PROSPECTUS OF A NEW ACADEMICAL

to remove this evil, which obviously INSTITUTION AT EDINBURGH.

stands in the way of the progress of Some years ago, a sharp dispute arose all national improvement, he proposes between the wise men of the north to found his Academical Institution. and the wise men of the south, on the The original mind of William respective merits of their Universities. Scott had discovered, that when A good deal of nonsense was uttered young men go to an University, they by both parties, though not more than know not what to study, but are like is usual on occasions when people will so many puppies in a pantry, at a loss talk of what they do not understand. on which dish to begin. It is a chief A Scotch Professor is proud of many object, therefore, of the Academical things, and of none more than his iga Institution, to “advise them as to the norance of the English system of edu- lectures of the University.” Thus says cation. An English Professor is also this truly great discoverer: “ Students proud of many things, and if igno- in law will be advised to pass five years rance be bliss, he must be happy in this or some other University (this is

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