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Voight, G. G. Greville-street, factor

Warrington, N. High-street, Southwark, hop-merWorkman, J. Pusb, Cumberland, sheep and cattle- chant dealer

West, R. E. St Margaret's Hill, hop-merchant Worthington, W. Preston, Lancashire, grocer Watkins, W. Norton, Worcestershire, corn-factor Wakefield, W. late of the City Road, builder Warnington, J., and J. E. Warnington, Grace. Warburton, J. Timperley, Cheshire, distiller

church-street, tailors Wilshaw, J. Manchester, shoemaker ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between 1st and 30th

September 1818, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette. Boehan, William, jun. coal-merchant and baker, Hutton, Donald Fraser, merchant, Kirkcaldy; by Portobello

Thomas Ronald there. A second dividend. Baxter, Andrew, jun. china and stoneware mer- Hamilton, James, grocer, Hutchison-street, Glas chant, Glasgow

gow; by Thomas Samuel there." Craig, William, merchant, Glasgow

Hamilton, John, of Dowan and Co. who carried on Doaie, Robert, wright, Citadel-street, Leith

business in Glasgow, and in the State of Virginia, Fetter, Robert, some time corn-merchant, St An. and became insolvent in 1775; by James Kerr, drews

accountant, Glasgow, 29th October Henderson, James, merchant, Stirling

Linton, Joan, late milliner, Langholm; by HenLaurie, Robert, merchant, and one of the partners derson and Scott, writers there

the late firm of Andrew Lawrie and Son, up M'Feat, Walter, and Co. booksellers and stationers, holsterers, Edinburgh

Glasgow, and Walter M‘Feat, bookseller and staW*Donald, Alexander, builder, Leith

tioner therc; by David Strong, accountant there, Maclean and Macdonnel, merchants, Inverness, as 7th October

a company; and Alexander Maclean, sole sur- M'Gowns, Watson, and Co. merchants, Greenock, viving partner of said company, as an individual and John and Duncan M'Gowns, John Watson, Morrison, Murdoch, merchant, Leith

and James Gardner, four of the individual partPinkerton, James, jun. brewer, Glasgow

ners; by Archibald Newbiggin, merchant, GlasTaylor, Henry, merchant, Irvine

gow Walker, Peter, tacksman of, and cattle-dealer, Mitchell, Colin, and Co. some time publishers, Inverberg

Perth; by Patrick Sangster there

Purdon, Robert, hinge-maker, Cowcaddens, near Craig, John, the late senior, leather-merchant, Glasgow, by Peter Paterson, writer, Glasgow

Glasgow; 14s. 6d. 30 November; by Duncan Phillips, Thomas, and Co. some time sugar-reKennedy, accountant there

finers, Glasgow; by Archibald Warden there Cooper, David, haberdasher, Glasgow; by James Robb, George, late merchant, Leith; by Charles Y'Ewan, merchant there, 7th November

Ferrier, accountant, Edinburgh Eddie, Thomas, and Co. merchants, Forres, and Scott and M.Bean, merchants, Inverness, as a Thomas Eddie, as a partner and individual; by company, and William Scott of Seabank, and

John Cumming, agent for the British Linen Co. William M.Bean, merchant, Inverness, as indiFalkirk Union Bank, and individual partners viduals ; by John Jamieson, agent for the British thereof; 17th October, by James Russel, writer, Linen Co. there Falkirk; by T. and A. Crawford, Glasgow, 20 Smith, James, late grocer, Horse-wynd, Edinand 30 November, and at the Royal Exchange burgh; at the trustee's office, 12, Kathrine Coffeehouse, Edinburgh, 10th and 11th Novem- street, Edinburgh ber, from 16 to 1.

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8. d. per 70 lbs.




London, Corn Exchange, Oct. 20.

Liverpool, October 3.
s. Wheat,

S. d.

8. d. Wheat, Red, . 60 to 70 Maple

68 to 70

Rice, p.cwt. 72 to 74 White Pease .71 to 75 English 11 0 to 12 3 Flour, English, Superfine ... 76 to 78 Boilers.

.. 85 to 92 New

11 6 to 12 op.280lb.fine to New ..80 to 82 Small Beans.

70 to 82 Scotch
. 10 9 to 11 6 Seconds

to English, White, 61 to 74 Tick do.... 65 to 68 Welch ... 11 3 to 11 9 - Irish 50 0 to 52 0 Fine 76 to 79 Fine ..

68 to 70 Irish, old

8 6 to 10 0 Ameri. p. bl. 45 0 to 47 6 Superfine 82 to 84 New

73 to 761-New

11 0 to 11 9 --Sour do. . 38 0 to 40 0 New

82 to 86 Feed Oats ... 25 to 30 Dantzic 12 0 to 12 6 Clover-seed, p. bush. Rye 42 to 56 Fine

32 to 33 Wismar.
11 9 to 12 3 - White

- to New 65 to 76 Poland do... 30 to 33 American . 11 0 to 11 9 - Red

to Barley (new) . 58 to 48 Fine

35 to 37| Quebec 10 9 to 11 o Oatmeal, per 240 lb. Fine

48 to 54 Potato do... 32 to 36 Barley, per 60 libs. English 41 0 to 13 0 Superfine 46 to 66 Fine. 38 to 41 English, old 7 6 to 8 9 Scotch 0 0 to 0 0 New 68 to 72 Fine Flour, .

70 to 75 -New

9 6 to 10 6 Irish 34 0 to 38 0 Malt, .. 66 to 80 Seconds

...65 to 70 Irish, old .

7 0 to 7 6 Fine 82 to 86 Bran, per q..

17 to is Malt p.9 gls. 11 6 to 13 3 Butter, Beef, &c. Hog Pease . . 60 to 68 Fine Pollard . 16 to 40 Rye, per gr: 0 0 to 0 0 Butter, per cwt. s.

Oats, per 45 lb.


128 to 130 Seeds, fc.-Oct. 6.

Eng, new 4 9 to 5 0 Newry 126 to 128

$. Scotch 4 9 to 5 Drogheda. 124 to 0 Must. Brown, 15 to 24 Hempseed . 70 tó 76 Foreign 4 3 to 4 10 Waterford (new) 0 to 0 -White .. 15 to 20 Linseed, crush. 65 to 75 Irish, old 4 E to 4 11 Cork, 3d 0 to 0

12 to 15 Ryegrass, . 5 to 321-New 4 9 to 50-New, 2d 136 to 0 Turnips, . . 12 to 20 Clover, Red, · 28 to 130 Beans, pr qr.

Beef, p. tierce 85 to 95 -Red

- to --White ... 50 to 130 English 74 0 to 76 0 p. barrel 60 to 63 -Yellow, new - to Coriander • 18 to 22 Foreign ,. 72 0 to 76 0 Pork, p. brl. 100 to 110 Carraway, . . 60 to 65 New Trefoil · 14 to 63|Irish 70 0 to 72 0 Bacon, per cwt. Canary, ... 100 to 130

Pease, per quar.

--Short middles 0 to O New Rapeseed, £46 to £52.

Boiling · 76 0 to 86 0 --Long do. ... 0 to 0 Average Prices of Corn of England and Wales, from the Returns received in the Week

cnded 26th September 1818. Wheat, 82s. Od.-Rye, 62s. 2d.-Barley, 60s. 100. --Oats, 353. 3d.-Beans, 76s. 6d.-Pease, 71s. 2d.

Oatmeal, Os. Od.-Beer or Big, 08. Od. Average Prices of British Corn in Scotland, by the Quarter of Eight Winchester Bushels,

and Oatmeal, per Boll of 128 lbs. Scots Troy, or 140 lbs. Avoirdupois, of the Four

Weeks immediately preceding the 15th September 1818. Wheat, 68. 11d.-Rye, 53s. 2d.-Barley, 45s. 11d-Oats, 30s. 11d.-Beans, 51s. 4d.-Pense, 50s. 2d..

Oatineal, 25s. 9d.-Beer or Big, 41s. ld.


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......43s. Od.
......40s. Od.

...... 40s. Od.

30, ......



Pease & Beans. 1st,......46s. Od. 1st,......45s. Od. 1st,...... 298. Od. 1st,......378, Od. 2d, ......42s. Od. 2d,

2d, ......26s. Od. 2d, .34s. Od. 3d,

.25s. Od. 3d,

.....32s. Od. Tuesday, October 6. Beef (17} oz. per lb.) Os. 5d. to Os. 8d. Quartern Loaf Os. 11d. to Os. Od. Mutton

Os. 7d. to Os. 8d. Potatoes (28 lb.) 1s. Od. to Os. Od. Lamb, per quarter.

2s. 6. to 4s. Od. Butter, per lb. Is. 6d. to Osa Od. Veal

Os. 8d. to Os. 10d. New Salt, per stone . 24s. Od. to Os. Od. Pork Os. 6d. to Os. Od. Ditto per lb.

Is. 6d. to ls. 7d. Tallow, per stone · lls. 6d. to 12s. 6d. Eggs, per dozen Is. Od. to Os. Od.



Beans. Ist,......41s. Od. 1st,...... Os. Od. Ist,...... 275. Od. Ist,......33s. Od. 1st, .....33s. Od. 2d, .38s. Od. 2d,...... Os. Od. | 2d, ..26s. Od. 2d, ......30s. Od. 2d,......30s. Od. 3d, .30s. Od. | 3d, ...... Os. Od. 3d, .24s. Od. 3d, ...27s. Od. | 3d,......27s. Od. Note. The boll of wheat, beans, and pease, is about 4 per centmore than half a quarter,

or 4 Winchester bushels ; that of barley and oats nearly 6 Winchester bushels.


25th Aug.


S. Surg. S. Rawling, from h. p. to be Surg. to the His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has ap

Forces, vice Wallace, ret. pointed Samuel M'Cormick, Esq. advocate, to be

Exchanges. sheriff-depute of Bute, in the room of John Edmonstone, Esq. resigned: also Robert Bruce, Esq. advo

Brev. Major R. Campbell, from 13 F. with Bt. cate, to be sheriff-depute of Argyle, in room of H.

Major Light, h. p. 28 F. T. Campbell, Esq. deceased ; and John Walker,

Capt. D. Campbell, from 83 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Esq. advocate, to be sheriff-depute of Wigton, in

Hutchinson, h. p. 94 F. ooin of J. B. Maitland, Esq. resigned.

Fox, from 1 F. G. with Capt. Swann, 98 F. His Royal Ilighness has approved of Mr Peter

Johnston, from 58 F. with Capt. Verity, Emanuel Sehow, as his Danish Majesty's consul at

h. p. 6 W. I. R. Plymouth.

Ness, from 71 F. with Capt. Roy, h. p.

M'Donald, from York Rang. with Capt.

Frith, h. p. 8 W. I. R.

Lieut. Day, from 2d W. I. R. with Lieut. Grant,

R. W, I, R. The Right Hon. the Earl of Moray has presented

Reid, from 11 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Marthe Rev. Walter Stewart, A, M. to the church and

con, h. p. 54 F. parish of Alves, vacant by the death of the Rev. W.

Hughes, from 57 F. rec. diff. with Lt. CanA. M.Bean.

dell, h. p. 82 F.

Burrell, from 4 W. I. R. with Lieut. Barrie, III. MILITARY

h. p. 3 Gar. Bn.

Wright, from York Rang. with Lt. Guest, 1 F Edward Butler to be Ensign, vice Morris

h. p. 2 Gar. Bn. prom.

27th Aug. 1818 27 Astley Cooper to be Ersign by purch. vice

Duke, from Coldst. Gds. with Ensign But. Buchannan, prom.

ler, 46 F.

20th do. 37 Lieut. J. Grant to be Capt. vice Thomp

Dismissed. son, dead

Paymaster Graham, R. W. I. Rang. Ensign S. Blake to be Lieut. vice Grant do. Assist. Com. Gen. Hogan, Forces. 55

Capt. Peacocke's commission antidated to
the 18th Dec. 1817

Cashiered. 76 John H. Grubbe to be Ensign by purch. Ensign Fields, V. R.

vice Wood, prom. 91 Brev. Lt. Col. D. M'Neill to be Lt. Col. Officers Killed and Wounded in the Opera. vice Sir W. Douglas, dead

tions in India under Lt. Gen. Sir Tho. Brev. Major J. Walsh to be Major, vice M'Neill

mas Hislop, Bt. K.C.B. on the 27th

do, Lieut. A. Campbell to be Capt. vice Walsh

Feb. 1818.

Ensign N. Lamont to be Lieut. vice Camp- Major John Gordon, 1 F.

3d Sept.

20th Aug. 3d Sept.


Captain P. M'Gregor, 1 F.
Lord F. Lennox to be Ensign, vice Lamont


WOUNDED. 3 W.J.R. Lieut. J. Goode to be Adjut, vice Fraser, Lt. Col. Murray(severely), 8 Dr. Dep. Adj. Gen. res. Aujut. only

do. Lieut. Macgregor (severely), 1 F.



Reynolds, 89 F. 18th Jan. 1818 Earl of Lindsey, 89 F. Gov. of Fisher, 6 Dr. G. Sept. 1818

9d Lieutenant. Charleront 17 Sept. 1818 Cashell, h. p. 10 F. 4th Dec. 1817 Stutzer, (kill.) 1 C.R. 18 Feb.1818 Licut.-General.


Wm Murray, late of 24 Dr.

Wall, Royal Art. 29th Aug. 1818 Cruckshanks, 80 F. 2d Mar, 1818


Rothwell, h. p. 1 F. 14 June 1818 LtCurwen,h.p. Rec. Dis.Sep. 1818 Kelly, 24 F.

21 Aug. 1818 Thomson, 37 F. 31st Aug. Dep. Assist. Commissary Gencral, Sir W. Douglas, K.C. B. 31 F.


T. Bisset, Nova Scotia 23d do. | Twigge, h. p. 8 F.25th Aug. 1818 T. Hemington, Africa



John Brothers

Hen. Robert Moorsom
Gen F. Bridges

Henry Bolton

Jas E. Home Robert Deans

Hon. Geo. John Cavendish Hon. Fred. Spencer Joseph Harrison

Geo. Thos Gooch

Edward Belcher Superannuated Commander. Chas Gordon

Chas R. Malden Sir Thos Legard, Bart.

Chas. S. Swinburne

Horatio D'E. Darby
Thos. 11. Bulteel

Christopher Austen
Chas Graham
The Right Hon. Lord Henry

Assistant Surgeon.
Jahn J. Sawyer

John Spencer Churchill James Adair.

Rear-Admiral R. W. Otway, Commander-in-Chief at Leith.-Flag Lieutenant, James Burton.
Rear-Admiral Donald Campbell, Commander-in-Chief at the Leeward Islands.-Flag Lieutenant, Johu



Henry King

H. J. Leeke

Chas H. Swinburne

Andrew Mitchell

J. H. Wheatley

Wm Bowles

Philip Justice

W. B. Dashwood

R. L. Conolly

Aaron Tozer

Henry Ellis

Charles S. White

Daniel Leary

Thomas Huskisson

David Welch

Thomas Searle

Charles Croker

D. E. Bartholomew

Richard Peace

Hon. Duncan

Thos Gregory

Revolutionaire Edward Collier

Wm Cotesworth

George Gosling

R. B. Roe

W. B. Bigland

Edward Sparshot

W.A. Baumgardt

Hen. S. Marsham

Fred. Hunn

Alex. Shairp

Hon. F. B. R. Pellew
Revolutionaire John Chamberlayne

Andrew Green

Henry Jenkins

John Wilson

Robert Tait

Henry Hart

John Branford

D. H. O'Brien

Richard Dickinson

Sir W.S, Wiseman, Bart. Sophie

George Prettyman

N. J. Willoughby

George Blackman


Robert Boyle

John J. Onslow

John M.Dougall

Lord H.J. S. Churchill Amphion

R. S. Triscott

J. J. Sawyer

Chris. S. Jackson

George Arden

Lewis Davies

James Edgecombe

Thos H. Bultr


Wm Peirson
Henry Bolton

James S. Quintin

James Elphick

Super. do. do. Arthur F. Seeds

James Robinson

Ditto do. Wm Martin

Philip Graham

Ditto do.
Henry A. Eliot

Geo. B. Skardon

Ditto do. Aug. H. Kellet

Herbert Mackworth

Ed Hillman

Samuel Grandy


do. Peter Drummond

Abraham H. White


do. Wm Lutman

C. F. Turner

Ditto do. B. P. Sadler

Charles Byne

Ditto do. James Newton

Henry Foster

Ditto do. Robert S. Gibson

James N. Purches

Ditto do. Hon. Geo. J. Cavendish Egeria

Hon. Edw. Gore

Sir Francis Drake J. R. Blois

Thos Colebrooke

Charles Peake

Charles Tuthill

Jos. R. Thomas

John Golding

Thomas Bevis

Geo. S. Burnett

Geo. Thomas Gooch

Wm Sandom

Francis Witham

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Samuel Cummings
Gab. Bielli
Wm Falls
David Patton
Richard Goodwin
J. M. Caldwell
D. M'Manus
Wm Bruce
Robert Riddell
William Hindman
James Dickson
Jos. Cook
S. J. Swayne
Ebenezer Johnston
John Stephenson
Robert Whitelaw
N. Churchill
J. S. Hasted
Wm Clapperton
Rowland Griffiths
John M.Leod
Wm Williamson
John Corsan
Wm West
John Cochrane
David Jones
Isaac Noot

Assistant Surgeons.
Jas Adair
Wm Porteus
John Hamet

Thos Nisbet
Jas Starr
J. J. Langon
Wm Soady
Joseph Sherrard
Alex. Penprase
Wm Savory
Wm Callaway
John Windeyer
C. D. Unwin
J. P. Clarke
John Warden
Thos Cox
John H. Cook

Jos. Williams
John Tackle
Wm Crane
John Maddocks
Arch. Murray
John Brown
Thos Jennings
Joseph Williamson
Daniel Sparshott
Thomas Irwin
Wm Blair
George Nicholls
W. B. Page
Thomas Berry
John M‘Leod

John Morgan
John Jones

Roy. Sov. Yacht

Supernum. do.
Ditto do.



9. At Dalkeith, the lady of W. Graham, M.D. BIRTHS.

of Jamaica, a daughter.

11. At Whitecroft-house, Mrs Henderson SomerFeb. 15. On board the ship Lady Raffles, at sea, ville of Fingask, a son. the lady of Sir Stamford Raffles, a daughter. - At Cupar, Mrs Horsbrugh, a son.

Aug. 25. At Tullamore, Ireland, the lady of 12. At the Earl of Wicklow's, in Rutland-square, Lieut-Col. Martin Lindsay (78th regiment) of Hal- Dublin, the Right Hon. Lady Isabella Smyth, a benth, a son.

son and heir. 31. At No 50, Hanover-street, Edinburgh, Mrs - At Edinburgh, Mrs C. Tawse, a daughter. Dr Gairdner, a daughter.

13. At Sonachan, Mrs Campbell, a daughter. Sept. 1. At Kemnay-house, Mrs Burnet, a daugh- 14. At Kneesworth, the Right Hon. Lady Jane ter.

Pym, a son. 3. At Bishop's-court, the Episcopal seat in the 16. At Brisbane-place, Largs, the lady of Arch. Isle of Man, the Right Hon. Lady Sarah Murray, Douglas, Esq. advocate, a daughter. a son and heir.

19. The lady of James Kerr, Esq. younger of 4. At Elgin, Lady Dunbar of Northfield, a son. Blackshiels, a son.

5. At Rochester, the lady of Rear-admiral Sir - In Jermyn-street, London, the Right Hon. John Gore, K.C.B. and Commander-in-Chief, a Lady Sinclair, a daughter. daughter.

20. At Hilton, Mrs Pearson of Myrecairnie, a son. 7. At Wellington-place, Leith, Mrs Mackie, a son. 22. At Rockville-bouse, the Right Hon. Lady

At Links-place, Leith, Mrs James Scott, jun. Eleanor Balfour, a son and heir. a daughter.

23. At the house of the Right Hon, the Lord - At Hampton, Middlesex, the Hon, Lady Ed- Advocate, Mrs Maconochie, a son. monstone, a son.

- Mrs Erskine of Amondell, a son.

25. Mn John Wardrop, 103, George-street, Edin. King's Bench, and Vice-Admiralty at Quebec, and burgh, a son.

one of his Majesty's executive counsel for the pm28. At Prince's-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Ivory, a vince of Lower Canada, to Isabella, eldest daugh

ter of the Rev. Alexander Ker of Stobo.

- At Edinburgh, George Bennett, Esq. to Miss MARRIAGES.

Johanna Gibson, daughter of Mr John Gibson, July 4. At St Vincent's, Allan Macdowall, Esq. merchant, Catharine-street. M.D. to Susan Harriett, only daughter of Colonel 21. At Greenock, Robert Sinclair, Esq. to MarThomas Brown of that island.

garet, eldest daughter of John Scott, Esq. of HawkAug. 17. At the Cathedral-church of Clogher, in hill, ship-builder in Greenock. Ireland, Captain Carmichael, of the 6th dragoon 22. At Ayston, by special license, the Earl of guards, to Miss Porter, daughter of the Lord Brownlow, to Caroline, second daughter of George Bishop of Clogher.

Fludyer, Esq. M. P. of Ayston, in the county of Sepl. 1. At the manse of Prestonpans, Peter Rutland, and niece to the Earl of Westmoreland. Macdowall, Esq. accountant, Edinburgh, to Agnes, - At Kenleith, by the Rev. John Sommerville, second daughter of the Rev. Peter Primrose. Mr S. Drysdale, purser in the Honourable East

- At Boreland, John Forbes, Esq. surgeon, R.N. India Company's service, to Mary, eldest daughter to Miss Mary Belshes Campbell, daughter of John of Mr W. Watson, Kenleith. Campbell, Esq. of Boreland,

23. At Edinburgh, the Rev. John Edward Touch, At London, T. Henry Esq. merchant of Great minister of Maderty, to Penelope, second daughter Toser-street, to Mary, only daughter of A. Grant, of John Gray, Esq. George-square. Esg. of Newburgh.

24. At Edinburgh, Mr Hector Murray, mer3. At Ramsgate, Hart Logan, Esq. of Finsbury- chant, to Isabella, youngest daughter of the late square, London, to Mrs Gillespie, widow of the Mr James Hume, Lasswade. Late John Gillespie, Esq. 7. At Stranraer, Captain John Henryson, of the

DEATHS. royal engineers, to Anne, the only daughter of Sept. 6, 1817. At Whitehall, Jamaica, Mr GlassJohn Fergusson, Esq.

ford Chalmer, youngest son of the late William - At Burntisland, John D. Anderson, Esq. to Chalmer, Esq. of Dalry, surgeon in Edinburgh. Elizabeth Louisa, daughter of the late John Ogil- Jan. 28. At Madras-roads, Lieutenant Alexander vie, Esq. of the revenue service.

Pringle Russell, youngest son of the late Colonel - At Lausanne, at the house of Stratford Can- Russell of Ashiesteel. ning, Esq. the British minister, Robert Sutherland, Feb. 15. At Nuddengong, in the East Indies, in Esq. to Janeita C. M. Murray, eldest daughter of the 22d year of his age, John Ross, M.D. only son Col. R. Macgregor Murray.

of John Ross, writer, Edinburgh, assistant-surgeon Latey, at Paris, the Hon. Mr Clifford, eldest on the Bengal establishment, and temporary atson of the Right Hon. Lord Clifford of Ugbrooke tached to his Majesty's 24th light dragoons, and park, in the county of Devon, to Miss Weld, the who had resided seven months at the Court of Percoly daughter of Thomas Weld, Esq. of Lulworth- sia as a body physician to the King. astle, in the county of Dorset.

27. At Nassau, New Providence, James Calder, Thomas Pagan, Esq. of Ely-place, London, to Esq. son to the Rev. John Calder, late minister of Lady Plomer, widow of Alderman Sir W. Plomer. Rosskeen.

8. At the College, Glasgow, John Aytoun, Esq. - Killed at the storming of the fort of Talneir, of Inchdamy, to Margaret Anne Jeffery of Craig in the East Indies, Major John Gordon, of the 2d ton, eldest daughter of Dr J. Jeffery of that uni- battalion of Royal Scots, eldest son of the late Mr versity.

John Gordon of Mill of Laggan, Glenrincaes, Banff- At Invermorriston, Thomas Fraser, Esq. of shire. Balmain,

to Miss Henrietta Ann Grant, eldest March 1. At Maheidpoor, in the East Indies, daughter of the late Lieut.-Col. John Grant of Captain Harry Norton, of the 19th regiment Mad Glenmorriston.

ras native infantry. - At Ballymaber, Captain Graham, of the half- April 10. At Nassau, New Providence, William pay of the 37th regiment, to Frances, only daugh. Storey, Esq. surgeon to his Majesty's forces serving ter of the late John Wright, Esq. and niece of

in the Bahamas. Lieut-Gen. Wright of the royal artillery.

- At the house of Sir Charles Doyly, Bart. Cal - At Hutton, Lieut.-Col. D. Forbes, half-pay cutta, Georgina, third daughter of Colonel Macleod 78th Highlanders, to Maria Isabella, eldest daugh of Colbecks. ter of James Forbes, Esq. of Hutton hall, Essex. May 9. At Bombay, in his 78th year, George

9. At Edinburgh, Thomas Richardson, Esq. Wick, Esg. of the Honourable East India Comwriter to the signet, to Isabella, daughter of the pany's civil service, formerly a member of council, late James Heggie, Esq. younger of Pitlessie. and governor of that presidency.

- Lieutenant Thomas Snook, Fife militia, to June 29. At Green-island, Jamaica, aged 33 Ann Zella Myles, widow of Lieut, and Adj. John years, Mr Peter Ballantyne, commander of the ship Myles, late of the 50ch regiment of foot.

Columnbus of Kirkaldy, youngest son of the late Mr 10. At Paisley, David Reid, Esq. of the Hon. James Ballantyne, surveyor of the customs, AnIndia Company's medical service, to Miss C. N. struther. Simpson, youngest daughter of the Rev. Dr Alex. July 21. At Meadowfield, near Edinburgh, Mrs Simpson, Pittenweem.

Anne Batty Prendergast, aged 24, wife of Alex. -William Stanley Roscoe, Esq. eldest son of Murchison M.D. of Vere, island of Jamaica. William Roscoe, Esq. of Liverpool, to Hannah Aug. 11. At Vienna, at the age of 75, Prince Eliza, eldest daughter of James Caldwell, Esq. of George Metternich Ochsenhausen, the father of the Linley wood.

minister for foreign affairs. His principal depart: 11.' In St Paul's chapel, York-place, Edinburgh, ment was the management of the conferences; and W. Swinton Maclean, eldest son of Dr Maelcan, it will be recollected, that he was one of the three to Marion,

only daughter of the late Roderick Neil Austrian ministers who assisted at the last congress Maclean, Esq. and niece of Alexander Maclean, at Rastadt. Esq. of Coll.

18. At Cintra, near Lisbon, Mrs Margaret Dowie, 14. At Kirkaldy, Mr Gavin Lang, writer, Paisa wife of Mr Robert Monro, merchant in Lisbon. ley, to Miss Margaret Russell, eldest daughter of 19. Aged 18, Amelia, youngest daughter of Mr the late Mr Robert Russell,

merchant, Kirkaldy. J. Baker, sen. of Ashen, Essex. The unfortunate 16. At Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Rymer, S. L. death of this young lady was occasioned by the cirEdinburgh, to Eliza, third daughter iof William cumstance of her taking an ounce of salt of tartar, Calder, Esq.

sent by the shopkeeper to whom the servant apAt Halline, Lieutenant Thompson of the plied, instead of an ounce of Epsom salts. 79th regiment, British infantry, son of Joseph 24. In the Fleshmarket-close, Edinburgh, Agnes Thompson, Esq. of Jedburgh, to Miss Angelica, Campbell, aged 103. only daughter of J. Horne, Esq. of Halline.

- At Sundridge Lodge, in Wiltshire, in the 61st 17. Mr William Cochrane, cloth-merchant, E. year of his age, Lord Audley. His Lordship was dinburgh, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late nephew to the late Earl of Castlelaren, and suo

ceeded, on his decease, to the barony of Heleigh in At Edinburgh, Mr George Traquair

, builder, Staffordshire. His Lordship's first lady was the Laswade, to Miss Mary Cadell Taylor, youngest third daughter of Lord Delaval; and the present daughter of the late Mr Robert Taylor, Canongate. Lady Dowager Audley, his second wife, was the

At the house of the Miss Williainsons or Car. widow of the gallant Colonel Moorhouse, who fell drona, James Kerr, Esq. judge of the Courts of at the siege of Bangalore. His Lordship's only soul,

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