The practice of embanking lands from the sea, treated as a means of profitable employment of capital [&c].

Weale, 1852 - 238 páginas

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Página 27 - ... st. The main bank, built to the full height of ordinary spring tides, which is taken by way of example at 10 feet. It is 20 feet wide at top, and with a slope to sea side, partly of 5 feet base, and partly of 4 feet base, to 1 perpendicular, as the minimum slopes. " 2nd. The outburst bank, 5 feet high and 8 feet wide at top, and with a slope of but...
Página 181 - ... of the embankment as nearly perpendicular as the security of the base would allow. " Within, on the land-side, is cut a ditch, twelve feet wide, five feet deep, and four feet at bottom; the earth from which was thrown into the mound. My former...

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