A school atlas of classical geography

Blackwood, 1867 - 36 páginas

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Página 107 - They are clear and vigorous in style, they never oppress the reader with a pedantic display of learning, nor overwhelm him with a pompous and superfluous terminology ; and they have the happy art of taking him straightway to the face of nature herself, instead of leading him by the tortuous and bewildering paths of technical system and artificial classification.
Página 107 - The divisions of the subject are so clearly defined, the explanations are so lucid, the relations of one portion of the subject to another are so satisfactorily shown, and, above all, the bearings of the allied sciences to Physical Geography are brought out with so much precision, that every reader will feel that difficulties have been removed, and the path of study smoothed before him."— Athemeum.
Página 107 - A Glossary of Navigation. Containing the Definitions and Propositions of the Science, Explanation of Terms, and Description of Instruments. By the Rev. JB HARBORD, MA, Assistant Director of Education, Admiralty. Crown 8vo. Illustrated with Diagrams, 6s. Definitions and Diagrams in Astronomy and Navigation.
Página 107 - We have carefully read this truly satisfactory book, and do not hesitate to say that it is an excellent compendium of the great facts of Geology, and written in a truthful and philosophic spirit.
Página 107 - WHITE. The Eighteen Christian Centuries. By the Rev. JAMES WHITE, Author of 'The History of France.
Página 107 - ELEMENTARY ARITHMETIC. By EDWARD SANG, FRSE This Treatise is intended to supply the great desideratum of an intellectual instead of a routine course of instruction in Arithmetic. Post 8vo, 5s. THE HIGHER ARITHMETIC. By the same Author. Being a Sequel to 'Elementary Arithmetic-

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