Transactions of the Cymmrodorion, Or Metropolitan Cambrian Institution, Volumen2

E. Williams, 11, Strand, bookseller to the King and Royal Family, and to the Cymmrodorion Society, 1828

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Página 141 - After my death I wish no other herald, No other speaker of my living actions, To keep mine honour from corruption, But such an honest chronicler as Griffith.
Página 100 - If dying mortals doom they sing aright, No ghosts descend to dwell in dreadful night : No parting souls to grisly Pluto go, Nor seek the dreary silent shades below : But forth they fly, immortal in their kind, And other bodies in new worlds they find : Thus life for ever runs its endless race, And, like a line, death but divides the space ; A stop which can but for a moment last, A point between the future and the past.
Página 112 - ... an apple suspended by a string with the mouth alone, and the same by an apple in a tub of water : each throwing a nut into the fire ; and those that burn bright, betoken prosperity to the owners through the following year, but those that burn black and crackle, denote misfortune. On the following morning the stones are searched for in the fire, and if any be missing, they betide ill to those who threw them in.
Página 310 - ENGLISHMAN, Who, in Berkshire, was well known To love his country's freedom 'bove his own : But being immured full twenty year Had time to write, as doth appear— HIS EPITAPH. H ere or elsewhere (all's one to you or me) E arth, Air, or Water gripes my ghostly dust, N one...
Página 122 - And Jesus himself was about thirty years of age, when he began his ministry, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, who was the son of 24 Heli, Who was the son of Matthat...
Página 360 - it means a great deal for you and very little for me.' 'How?' said the Duke; 'pray explain it.' ' I understand by it,' answered the King, 'that this greyhound fondles and pays his court to you this day as King of England, which you will surely be, and I shall be deposed, for the natural instinct of the dog shows it to him ; keep him, therefore, by your side, for he will now leave me and follow you.
Página 133 - The fine thus levied was in the same proportions distributed among the relations of the victim. A person beyond the ninth descent formed a new family ; every family was represented by its elder, and these elders from every family were delegates to the national council.
Página 371 - Irish army in your company; they very well know me, and that my firelocks use not to parley. Be not unadvised, but think of your liberty, for I vow all hopes of relief are taken from you, and our intents are not to starve you, but to batter and storm you, and then hang you all, and follow the rest of that rebellious crew. I am no bread and cheese rogue, but was ever a loyalist, and will ever be while I can write or name THOMAS SANDFORD, Captain of Firelocks.
Página 370 - Gentlemen, I presume you very well know, or have heard of, my condition and disposition; and that I neither give nor take quarter. I am now with my Firelocks (who never yet neglected opportunity to correct rebels) ready to use you as I have done the Irish: but loth...
Página 310 - M y life was spent in serving you and you, A nd Death's my pay (it seems) and welcome too; R evenge destroying but itself, while I T o birds of prey leave my old cage, and fly. E xamples preach to th' eye, care then, (mine says) N ot how you end, but how you spend your days.

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