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COMMERCIAL REPORT.--11th March 1819.

In con

very dull,

Sugar. THE Sugar market has been heavy, and the prices rather on the decline. Some large holders, however, seem not inclined to sell at the present prices, and an advance is therefore looked forward to. Considering the quantity on hand, it is difficult to say what is the cause of the unusual dulness in the market for this article ; but the most probable is, the great pressure in mercantile concerns in general, which has thrown a gloom over commercial affairs, and therefore keeps buyers out of the market for any thing except for immediate want. In the Refined market there has been a considerable request for good brown lumps. The inquiry for Foreign Sugars continue, but few actual sales have been effected. Molasses may be purchased cheaper. -Cotton. The market for this article may still be stated as exceedingly dull, and prices considerably on the decline. The want of money has occasioned some sales to have been made at low rates ; but from the quantity on hand, the quantity coming to market, and the prices in America, it is probable that Cotton will yet decline in price, though not in such proportion as it has for some time done. The quantity imported, during the two first months of the present year, is 73,919 bales and packages-being 7,386 bales and packages more than during the corresponding period of last year. Unless some check is put to the importation of this article, prices must decline, so long as the supply continues so greatly to exceed the demand. This demand is no doubt increasing, and all the branches of Cotton manufactures are in full activity.Coffee. There are several inquiries for Coffee by private contract, and in this article there is every appearance of an improving market. Št Domingo, Brazil, and Ja. maica, have chiefly been inquired after. East India has also been in request. -Tobacco. The late fall in this article has brought a considerable number of foreign orders. sequence of this, Kentucky's have risen about £d. per lib. However, we cannot well expect any material improvement in the market, from Continental orders, as it is reported that very considerable stocks of Porto Rico are on hand.Corn. The Grain market may be stated as dull, and the prices on the decline. The Provision market is and Pork may be purchased cheaper. Mediterranean produce continues very dull. Brandy has declined greatly in price, and may now be supposed as having seen the lowest. Geneva is without any material alteration. Although there has been no large sales of Rum, yet the inquiries have materially increased, and the market appears improving.-Wine is rather on the advance, particularly Port and Madeira. In none of the other articles of merchandise, usually enumerated, are there any alteration or movement worth noticing. Since our last Report, and as we therein

anticipated, a general gloom and want of confidence has overspread the commercial world. The pressure upon some branches of our trade has been very great, proceeding from the causes we there detailed. That pressure continues, and will yet continue for a short time. We are mistaken if it lasts long, and are also convinced that the greatest danger is over, as there is every prospect of permanent tranquillity among the nations of Europe. In an extended trade like ours, 'difficulties must at times arise ; but these are but of short duration, and though injurious to individuals, yet seldom fail to open up new and safer channels for national industry. The pub. lic funds, which have considerably declined in consequence of the alarm, are beginning to recover, and there can be little doubt but they will steadily advance to a high price. From all we can perceive, the sum for the service of the year is provided for without loans, or touching the sinking fund. Last year, leaving untouched that fund, the deficiency of the revenue to the expenditure was £12,000,000. The surplus revenue, and improvement in it, was nearly equal to four millions. The expenditure, we learn, was lessened two millions. These, taken together, make six millions. The Chancellor of the Exchequer states his intention to be, to take six millions from the seven millions of unclaimed divi. dends remaining in the Bank. This will give him, when joined to the saving and additional revenue, £12,000,000.a sum equal to last year's deficiency, even should this sum not be increased by a farther improvement in the revenue, and a still farther diminution of the national expenditure; which, however, to a certain degree, may be confidently anticipated.

Much unnecessary alarm and trouble is occasioned by the subject of the resumption of cash payments. If it is supposed that the immense trade of this country must and can only be carried on by a circulating medium of gold and silver, the mistake will soon be discovered, and the delusion vanish. No circulating medium we could procure of this kind would enable us to carry on one half the trade we now do. The fact is, gold and silver are in themselves purely mercantile commodities. They have their value like every other article of trade, and will continue to have it in every commercial country, in proportion to other articles of trade and industry. The circulating medium best adapted for any commercial country, is that which can be conveyed or transmitted from place to place at the least possible expense, and with the greatest safety and facility. Our present circulat

ing medium is that currency. It is the property, skill, honour, and industry of a great people, all called forth and put in activity, and which has more value and more stability than either gold or silver, and which will always command and control these precious metals.

As the trade and navigation of this country are intimately connected, so any improvement in the latter is of the utmost importance to the former. On this account, we an. nounce, with satisfaction and confidence, an invention which we believe will prove one of the most important ever brought to light for navigation. This is a new mode of impelling vessels by steam, and which is equally applicable to vessels of every size and every description. A patent has, we understand, been obtained for it, and the discovery will soon be submitted to the world. We have seen the principle; and its extreme simplicity, we are satisfied, must ensure success. It will embrace the three great objects-despatch, certainty, and security ; and last, and not least, greatly lessening all expenses connected with navigation. Impelled by it, vessels of any description may with perfect safety and security visit any country, every port, and traverse every sea. Storms cannot retard, nor contrary winds detain them; nor can the machinery sustain any injury but what may be easily repaired, and in a short period, unless the ship is dashed to pieces. As the vessel is increased in tonage, so will the proportionate impelling power act with greater effect. It will carry vessels along a canal without the slightest injury to its banks. It will not only impel a ship with any necessary speed, but will also, at the same time, pump her to an extent scarcely credible, should extended power be necessary :-it will also ventilate her, clear her of bad air, and supply her with good ; but, with a trifling expense, afford the crew fresh water and dry their clothes. A machinery of a curious construction may be attached to any vessel, so as to deepen either rivers or canals with an extraordinary facility and effect. No part of the power employed for propelling the vessel will be lost. Every particle tells, and with the greatest effect. In estimating the power, we confine ourselves within mode. rate bounds when we state, that a loaded merchantman of the first class, may, in fifteen days from the Clyde, reach any of the Leeward Islands, and at an expense not exceeding £20 for fuel, if so much. The principle is so safe and so powerful, that unless a ship is run ashore designedly, or from accidents such as no human foresight could avert or provide against, such fatal and destructive, and so frequent events, can no longer take place. She can be bome off in the face of any current, swell, or tempest ; and, by a simple and ingenious contrivance, the vessel may be turned in a moment in any direction, at whatever speed she may be going. We have never seen an invention so simple, and which may, at the same time, be rendered of such extensive utility. And unless fluids become solids, steam ice-unless

“ The scales are false and algebra lie,” the principle must succeed, and to an extent, we believe, beyond the most sanguine hopes of the discoverer of it. The machinery may also be worked by wind or animal strength.

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Course of Exchange, March 5. Amsterdam, 11:6: 2 U. Antwerp, 11:8. Ex. Hamburgh, 34 : 2! U. Frankfort, 1404 Ex. Paris, 24 : 2 U. Bourdeaux, 24. Ma. drid, 30, effect. Cadiz, 304 effect. Gibraltar, 34. Leghorn, 514. Genoa, 471. Malta, 50. Naples, 41}. Palermo, 123 per oz. Oporto, 58. Rio Janeiro, 64. Dublin, 10%. Cork, 104. Agio of the Bank of Holland, 2.

Prices of Gold and Silver, per 02.--Portugal gold, in coin, £0:0:0. Foreign gold, in bars, £4:1:6. New doubicons, £4:2:0. New dollars, 5s. 6d. Silver, in bars, is, 6d.

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PRICES CURRENT.-Jan 30. London, March 5, 1819.
SUGAR, Musc.

DUTIES. B. P. Dry Brown, cwt. 76 to

74 to 78

63 to

75 73 to 75 Mid. good, and fine mid. 80

90 75
87 76
92 79

£1 10 0 Fine and very fine,

96 91
94 93
96 86

88 Refined, Doub. Loaves, 150 160

130 151 Powder ditto, 119 126

104 117
Single ditto,
117 122 116

120 120
122 106

116 . Small Lumps

111 116 110

112 120

124 103 105 Large ditto,

107 111 105 108 108 114 100 102 Crushed Lumps,

66 60
61 60
68 70

73 MOLASSES, British, cwt. 36

36 35
32 6

07 67 COFFEE, Jamaica cwt. Ord. good, and fine ord. 132 118 130

122 140 Mid. good, and fine mid. 133 147 131


1-45 150 Dutch, Triage and very ord. 116 120

100 136

Ord. good, and fine ord.
135 120 133


0 0 74 Mid. good, and fine mid. 136 144 (134 142


150 St Domingo, 140

122 126 PIMENTO (in Bond) Ib. 9

94 87 9 9


0 0 94 SPIRITS, Jam. Rum, 16 0. P. gall. 3s 100 48 0d 3s 8d 3s 10d 3s 10d 4s 4d 35 40 5s Od

08 14 Brandy, 5 6 6 0

4 6 5 6 (B.S.) 0 17 0% Geneva, 3 6 3 8

3 3

3 6 (F.S.) 0 17 1142 Aqua, 7 8 8 0

15 6 WINES,

(B.S.) 143 18 0 Claret, 1st Growths, hhd. 60 64

£35 65 0 ||F.S.) F148

6 Portugal Red, pipe. 48 54

58 butt. 34 Spanish White, 55 30 65 0


B.S. 95 11 Teneriffe, pipe. 30 35

25 38 0 1 7 F.S. 98 16 0 60 70 Madeira,


B.S. 65 0

96 13 0

F.S. 99 16 6 LOGWOOD, Jam. ton. £10

7 0 7 16

8 0 7 15 8 Honduras,

10 10
7 10 7 16 8 0 8 10 8 0 8 5

0914 Campeachy,


8 10 90 8 10 9 0 9 10 FUSTIC, Jamaica, 11

8 10 9 10 11 11 12 0 Cuba, 13 11 10

1 12 0 14 0 14 10

4 63 INDIGO, Caraccas fine, lb. 9s 6d ils 6d 8 6 96

9s Od 11 6

0 0 43 TIMBER, Amer, Pine, foot. 2 3 2 6

2 6 28

0 2 44 Ditto Oak, 4 6 5 0

0 5 Christiansand (dut. paid) 2 3 2 4 Honduras Mahogany 1 4 1 8 0 10 1 8 1 23 1 6

3 16 St Domingo, ditto 1 2 3 0 1 67 2 0

8 14 2 brl.

1 TAR, American,

16 0 16 6


B.S. 20

(F.S. 1 2 113 Archangel,

18 019 0 20

8 PITCH, Foreign, cwt. 10

ŞB.S. 12 6


(F.S. TALLOW, Rus. Yel. Cand. 70 71 68

70 0

03 2 Home Melted,

73 HEMP, Riga Rhine, ton. 52

£49 0

B.S. 0 9 Petersburgh Clean,


50 46

F.S. SE 0 10 02
Riga Thies. & Druj. Rak. 78

86 € Dutch, 60

0 140

B.S. 70

90 Irish, 63

0 68

0 778

1 MATS, Archangel, 100. 90

£4 5

(BS) 4 10

3 9

F.S. 1 4 114 BRISTLES,

B.S.) 0 3 6% Petersburgh Firsts, cwt. 15 0

14 10

F.S.S 0 3 113

0 B.S.

4 ASHES, Peters. Pearl, 16


6 Montreal ditto,


58 55
56 56


1 7 49

46 48

50 45
OIL, Whale,
tun. 35 36 32

33 40


33 f'od. 87 (p. brl.) 38

39 38


40 TOBACCO, Virgin. fine, Ib. 11

12 11

11507 08 Os Sd Middiing, 10 10% 0 5 0 650

0 10 Inferior,

10 7

8 0 43 COTTON'S, Bowed Georg.

1 3 1 5 1 2 1 37 1 3 Sea Island, fine,

0 3 2 7 2 9

6 Good,

8 2 11 24 2 6

6 2 8
2 0


8 7 Demerara and Berbice,

6 1


2 West India,

2 5 2

4 1

1 7 Pernambuco,

9 1 941 7 1 8 1 8 1 9

1 8 1 44 153 154 1 7

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50c.f. ton. per 12 brls.


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January, and the 20th of February, 1819, extracted from the London Gazettes.
Atkinson, J. W. Mitcham, farmer

Brown, W. St John's-street, cheesemonger Adams', S. and J. J. Wattleworth, Walsall, Staf Bacon, R. jun. Parkway, Hertfordshire, and Al fordshire, saddlers

dersgate-street, miller Blyth, i. Bull, corn-merchant

Burn, W. Exeter, draper Burroughes, J. Great Hermitage-street, spirit-mer Birch, W. Great Queen-street chant

Batt, E. J. Backshell, and A. W. Batt, Whitney

Boniface, Charles, jun. Chichester, mealman Mottram, C. Winchester-street, merchant
Bailey, C. R. H. Swallowfield, Wilts, dealer Marchant, M. Poplar, cow-keeper
Bates, J. Stockport, dealer

Morgan, W. and W. Matthews, Newport, Mon-
Barfoot, J. Arundel-street Strand, fancy-stationer mouthshire, common brewers
Caumont, P. Old Broad-street, merchant

Matthews, E. College-hill, merchant
Campbell, P. Mary-le-bonne-street, Golden-square, Mather, J. Manchester, joiner

Medlam, J. Huddersfield, grocer
Cullimore, T. Wickwar, Gloucestershire, maltster Martin, W. Leadenhall-market, cheesemonger
Crosse, A. Ellesmere, Shropshire, grocer

Mitchell, Thomas, late of Cowick, York, linen. Cawood, D. Newton, Yorkshire, merchant

draper Cobbet, W. jun. Mark-lane, corn-merchant

Naylor, M. and G. Darlington, leather-dressers Cox, John and Joshua Morgan, wholesale glovers, Oliver, J. and N. Gibbs, Ingraham, jun. BroadLondon

street, and Plymouth, merchants Cregston, William, Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant Opton, G. Queen-street, oil and colour merchant Cushon, Thomas, minories, London, hat-manu O'Hara, M. Hertfordshire, innkeeper facturer

Pickman, J. Deptford, maltster Churcher, J. Bristol, hair-preparer

Powell, G. Little Trinity-lane, Queenhithe, baker Cousins, J. Chalton-street, Somers-town, cheese Potts, R. Holborn, haberdasher monger

Pitcher, J. Upper Thames-street, carpenter Dodsworth, W. ship-carpenter

Penny, G. and R. Thompson, Mincing lane, brokers Davies, M. J. Maidstone, dealer

Powell, Philip, Knightsbridge, Middlesex, broker Ferral, J. Birmingham, printer

Parker, James, Axbridge, Somerset, money-scriFoulerton, J. Upper Bedford-place, merchant

vener Fricker, C. jun. Stoke Newington, merchant Peake, S. jun., and J. Ruthwell, Lancaster, caliceFish, T. Dorsetshire, victualler

printers Fielding, James, Budge-row, London, auctioneer Paul, J. Circus-minories, merchant French, William, Heaten Morris, cotton-manufac Rothwell, J. Mortfield, Lancashire, whister turer

Robertson, E. Manchester, cotton-spinner Fairclough, R. Tavington, Lancaster, tanner Randall, J. Pancras-street, Tottenham-court-road, Gilchrist, G. and J. M. Liverpool, merchants

auctioneer Gale, J. Paternoster-row, stationers

Raffield, J. Edward-street, Cavendish-square, dealer Greathead, T. and W. Outhwaite, Lamb-street, Reed, T. and J. Middlemas, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Middlesex

merchants Gray, G. Hammersmith, carpenter

Ross, J. Castle-inn, Woodford, Essex, victualler Hornby, J. Liverpool, merchant

Smyth, E. St Martin's-court, St Martin's-lane, shoe
Hattersley, M. Bilton with Harrogate, hotel-keeper maker
Healey, R. Lancaster, woollen-manufacturer

Sayer, E. Bath, tailor
Hudson, W. Upper Thames-street, earthenware Stansfield, J. Manchester, merchant

Still, J. South Island-place, Brixton, merchant Hopper, C. Little Trinity-lane, lace-dealer

Starbuck, R. Milton, Kent, boot and shoe-maker
Highfield, G. B. and ('. Liverpool, merchant Shotter, Francis, Steyning, Sussex, auctioneer
Harris, George, Birmingham, and Jas. Edmonds, Smith, Robert, Oxford, linen-draper
Asten, ncar Birmingham, japanners

Stewart, R. Liverpool, merchant
Hope, Thomas, Blakcloy, Manchester, bleacher Simpson, R. Hull, Bank-buildings, merchant
Horner, J. and Sons, Brock bottom, Lancaster, li Sayer, W. Bristol, corn-factor

Stanley, B. Woolwich, miller
Hatton, J. Warrington, Lancaster, butcher

Towsey, J. jun. Blandford-forum, stone-mason Heaford, J. Stepney, dealer

Taylor, R. Witney, mealman Jackson, C. Upper Thames-street, sugar.factor Towsey, J. jun. and s. Lloyd, Blandford-forum Johnson, J. Commercial-road, merchant

Thompson, T. Kirkham, Lancashire, tanner Kidd, J. Castle-coomb, Wilts, butcher

Tricker, C. jun. Stoke Newington, merchant Levy, L. Great Prescot-street, merchant

Thick, J. Islington, broker Lloyd, J. Tibberton, Hereford, farmer

Wilbeam, J. H. Dockhead, distiller Lewis, W. Beak-street, Golden-square, woollen Wilks, R. Chancery-lane, printer draper

Whates, R. Wapping-street, anchor-smith Lloyd, W. Shrewsbury, tailor

Wilkinson, H. Liverpool, merchant Longden, J. Peak-forest, Derbyshire, mcal-seller Watson, J. Gravesend, coacl.master Lomas, J. Fetter-lane, tavern-keeper

Watkinson, W. Strand, boot and shoe-maker
Leigh, s. Strand, bookseller

Wright, F. Budge-row, merchant
Loft, G. Woodbridge, Suffolk, coal-merchant Woods, M. Clare-market, merchant
Alorgan, J. M., G. M. and R. Belle Sauvage-yard, Worsley, J. Liverpool, wine-merchant
Ludgate-hill, stationer

Woods, E. R. Kelvdon, Essex, shop-keeper


ALPHABETICAL LIST of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between 1st and 28th

February 1819, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Brown, William, sen. and William Brown, jun.

joint tacksmen of Townend of Craigie, and dealers in saddlery, Kilmarnock Blair, James, some time of the Island of St Tho

mas, and partner of M'Gouns, Watson, and
Co. merchants; lately carrying on business at
Greenock under that firm, and at St Thomas'

aforesaid, under the firm of James Blair and Co.
Bald, William, merchant, Glasgow
Hector, James, merchant, Aberdeen
Haddow and Dale, merchants, Glasgow; and Ro-

bert Haddow, James Dale, Archibald Waddel,
and John Wiseman, partners of said Company, as

Haddow, Scott, and Dale, merchants, Glasgow, and

William Scott, jun. a partner of that Company
Kerr, William, timber-merchant, Glasgow
Lamond, Alexander, merchant, Glasgow
Lyell, George, of Kineff, coal-merchant and lime-
burner at Blackburn, county of Linlithgow

M'Lachlan, Donald and Lachlan, carrying on

business at Leith, as merchants, under the firm

of D. and L. M.Lachlan M'Farlane, Rennie, and Company, merchants,

Glasgow; and David M.Farlane and H. S. Ren

nie, partners of that Company, as individuals M‘Indoe, Robert, agent, Glasgow M'Grigor, Peter, and Company, calico printers,

Glasgow; and Peter M‘Grigor, Alexander M'Grigor, and Archibald M.Grigor, the individual

partners of said Company Paton, Alexander, and Company, manufacturers,

Glasgow, and Alexander Paton, manufacturer

there, as the individual partner of that Company Petrie, James, jun. merchant, Aberdeen Scott, James, flour-miller and grain-dealer, Aber.

deen Stein, Robert, and Company, brewers, Canongate,

Edinburgh, and Robert Stein, the sole partner of that Company

Hospital Staff

Ensign M‘Mahon, from 48 F. with Ensign Hayes,

80 F. Apoth. P. J. Macdonald, from h. p. to be Apoth. to Ring, from 55 F. with Ensign Ralston, h. p. the Forces, vice Gylby, ret. on h. p. 25 Jan. 1819

57 F. Hosp. Assist. w. Knott, from h. p. to be Hosp. As.

Crossgrove, from 77 F. rec. diff. with Ens. to the Forces,

24 July 1818 Champain, h. p. 104 F. G. Home, from h. p. to be Hosp. As

Macbeath, from 2 W. I. R. with Ensign to the Forces, vice Pickells, dead 5 Feb. 1819 Wells, h. p. 89 F.

Assist. Surg. Pollock, from 53 F. with Assist. Surg.

Maclean, h. p.

Robson, from Rifle Brigade, with As.

Surg. Morrison, h. p. 1 Dr. Capt. Murdoch, from 91 F. with Capt. Gibbons, h. p. 56 F.

Resignations and Retirements.
Crawford, from 11 Dr. with Captain Du-
berly, h. p.

Captain Tritton, 24 Dr.
Brooks, from 29 F. rec. diff. with Captain

Dashwood, 80 F.
Hickin, h. p. 66 F.

Ensign Stapleton, 52 F. Chartres, from 54 F. with Captain Coote, h. p. 24 F.

Appointments Cancelled. Elliott, from 2 Life Gds. with Captain Ridout, 11 Dr.

Captain Herbert, 55 F.

Lieut, Spotiswood, 21 F. Lieut. Harnet, from 27 F, rec. diff. with Lt. Beau

Ibbotson, 21 F. foy, h. p.

Nunn, 50 F.
Murray, from 57 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Assist. Surg. Mouat, 53 F.
Logan, h. p.
Lewis, from 15 F. rec. diff. with Lieutenant

Drought, h. p.
R. Mackay, from 21 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Captain Dyson, 14 F.

18 July 18 Rowlands, h. p. 22 F.

Lieut. Bygrave, 8 Dr.

19 Aug. 18 A Mackay, from 21 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Maling, 24 F. Mackenzie, h. p. 6 F.

Davy (drowned), 66 F.

14 Dec. 18 Davies, from 38 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Higginson, 87 F. Windus, h. p. 30 F.

Champion, York Ran.

19 Dec. Hasker, from 55 F. with Lieut. Blackhall, Malaspina, h. p. Wattey. Reg. 31 Oct. h. p. 12 F.

Ensign M'Lean, 22 F.

2 Sept 18. M‘Bean, from 18 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut.

M'Dougal (drowned), 66 F. 11 Dec. M.Duffie, h. p.

Jenks, I w. I. R.
Anderson, from 25 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Maclean, 1 W. I. R.

3 Oct. 18 Ditmas, h. p. 31 F.

M'Carthy, York Chass.

29 do, Cornet Earl of Belfast, from 18 Dr, with Cornet Paym. Goodwin, 4 Dr. G. Ives, h. p. 7 Dr.

Quart. Mast. Gloag, 19 Dr. Ensign Hunter, from 39 F. rec. diff. with Ensign

Spence, 31 F. Balfour. h. p. 62 F.

Surg. Waugh, Řec. Dist.

4 Feb. 19 Gordon, from 33 F, with Ensign Robertson, Miscellaneous-Rev. S. Andrews, Chaplain at New h. p. 98 F.


26 Sept. 18

9 Aug.



Jan. 22. At Douglas, Isle of Man, Mrs Scott, relict of William Scott, Ésq. receiver. general of the island, a son.

- At Santa Maura, the lady of Colonel Patrick Ross, of the 75th regiment, resident and commandant of that island, a daughter.

24. Mrs Terrot, Albany-street, Edinburgh, a daughter.

- In Edinburgh, the lady of John L, Campbell, Esq. of Achalader, a daughter.

25. At Douglas, Isle of Man, Mrs Forbes of Culloden, a son and heir.

28. Mrs John Smith, George's-square, Edinþurgh, a daughter.

29. At Balthayock, the lady of Adam Ferguson, Esq., a son.

- In Upper Seymour-street, London, the lady of the Hon. William Fraser, a daughter.

30. In Charlotte-square, Edinburgh, Mrs Alexander Wood, a son.

In Heriot-row, Edinburgh, the lady of Sir James Douglas, K.C.B. a daughter.

51. At Edinburgh, the lady of Captain Hugh Stevenson, a daughter.

Feb. 2. At Alderton, the lady of the Hon. and Rev. A. Turnour, a son.

· Mrs Innes, Queen-street, Edinburgh, a daugh: ter.

- At the manse of Kinloss, Mrs Robertson, a daughter.

- At Arthurstone, Perthshire, the lady of Lieut. Colonel R. H. Dick, 42d Royal Highlanders, a daughter.

At Old Aberdeen, Mrs Dr M‘Pherson, twindlaughters.

3. At Clencard-castle, Ayrshire, the lady of Robert Cunyngham, Esq. a daughter,


At Ashburnham-house, Hayhill, the Countess of Ashburnham, a son, being her ladyship's twelfth child. Eleven of her children are living

At Prince's-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Murray of Murray's-hall, a daughter.

- Mrs Wylie, Charlotte-street, Edinburgh, a daughter.

7. At Monreith, the lady of Sir William Maxwell of Monreith, a son.

8. At Aberdeen, Mrs Dr Barclay, a daughter.

10. At Nicolson-square, Edinburgh, the lady of John Macalister, Esq. junior of Strathaird, and East India Company's civil service, a son. 11. Mrs John Linning, Mary's-place, a daughter.

13. The wife of Robert Rennie, mason, Taylor'sclose, Old-wynd, Glasgow, was delivered of a son, and on the 14th, of another son and daughter, who, with the mother, are all doing well.

15. At Kirkmay-house, the lady of Robert Inglis, Esq. of Kirkmay, a daughter, 17. Mrs A. Clephane, Dundas-street, Edinburgh,

20. The lady of Sir Robert Keith Dick, Bart. of Prestonfield, a son.

a son.

MARRIAGES, June 21. At Coolreach, near Calcutta, the seat of G. Lavi, Esq. Lieutenant Holmes, of the 4th regiment of Bengal native infantry, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late James Robertson, Esq. surgeon in the honourable East India Company's service.

July 25. At Kidderpore, Calcutta, Captain R. R. Young, of the honourable East India Company's Bengal native infantry, to Sophia, daughter of the late ---Hickey, Esq. R. N. and niece of General Thomas of Brockhill, near Exeter, Devon.

5 E

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