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was ever offered for Jacobitism is to be found distant counties, numbers yet remain : for in his song of Donald M.Donald” -a a locality prevails in many of them, that song which long boasted an unrivalled po- gives them an interest only in certain fami. pularity, although among the earliest pro- lies and districts. ductions of his unlettered muse.

“ It is for this reason that I have pub“ What tho' we befriended young Charlie,

lished only a portion of the songs at this

time, and confined myself to those that are To tell it, I dinna think shame, Poor lad, he came to us but barelie,

apparently of the earliest date, concerning And reckoned our mountains his hame.

which, authentic legendary documents could

not now be so easily procured. I have subIt's true that our reason forbad us,

joined such of these as I could come at, in But tenderness carried the day,

the notes to each song; and I take this opHad Geordie come friendless amang us,

portunity of requesting the descendants of Wi' him we had a' gane away.

those families that rose in support of the

Stiarts, to furnish me with such songs and With these feelings and qualifications, anecdotes as still remain in their possession, we are certain that Mr Hogg, if at all se and are not generally known to the public. conded in his ineritorious efforts, will pro- The most grateful attention will be paid to duce a work in the highest degree interest- all information of this nature, whether coning to the antiquarian as well as the gene- tained in original letters, or statements of ral reader, and it is in the furtherance of an traditionary facts, and the manuscripts careobject so desirable that we copy the follow- fully returned if desired. Now, when all ing extract from his introduction to the first party feelings on that score are for ever oblivolume.

terated when the only representative of “ These songs give many animated pic. our ancient and revered race of kings fills tures of the battles and times to which they this chair, such reminiscences are honourable, allude. They actually form a delightful, and are so estimated with every one of the though rude epitome, of the history of our princes of the blood royal at this present day. country during a period highly eventful; Indeed, had it not been rendered necessary when every internal movement was deci. for our kings of the house of Brunswick to sive toward the establishment of the rights maintain the sovereignty, to which they and liberties which we have since enjoyed ; were called by the prevailing voice of the and they likewise present us with a key to nation, they seem never to have regarded the annals of many ancient and noble fami. those the law denounced as rebels, otherwise lies, who were either involved in ruin by the than with respect, which one or two instanshare they had in these commotions, or rose ces will sufficiently serve to prove." on that ruin in consequence of the support After a number of affecting anecdotes, they afforded to the side that prevailed. favourable to the above theory, Mr Hogg

“ They are, moreover, a species of com adds, “ But to put this matter beyond the position entirely by themselves. They have chance of being disputed, I have only to no affinity with our ancient ballads of he- add, that the first proposal for the rescuing roism and romance, and the greater part of of these relics from oblivion emanated from them far less with the mellow strains of our the royal family. It was made by the pastoral and lyric muses. Their general Highland Society of London, while one character is that of a rude energetic humour, royal Duke was in the chair, and another that bids defiance to all opposition in arms, present, to Col. Stewart of Garth ; who, as sentiments, or rules of song-writing. They well may be supposed, readily engaged in are the unmasked sentiments of a bold and the promotion of a scheme so congenial with primitive race, who hated and despised the his feelings ; and it was in consequence of overturning innovations in church and state, his immediate application to Mr Geo. and held the abeftors of such as dogs or Thomson of Edinburgh, the friend of gesomething worse—drudges in the lowest and nius and of song, that the task of selection foulest paths of perdition--beings too base devolved on me. It is plain, therefore, that to be spoken of with any degree

of patience no obloquy can attach to any one on acor forbearance.

count of the part that his predecessors took “ Such is their prevailing feature ; but in the fortunes of the house of Stuart; for the there are among them specimens of sly and present administrator of royal authority has, beautiful allegory, as well as pathetic and by a generous, but not unnatural calculation, simple lamentation. These seem to have transferred the feelings of those heroes tobeen sung openly and avowedly in mixed ward the prince to himself, nor has he been parties, as they are more generally popular, slack in acknowledging it either in word or while the others had been confined to the deed. And it is not alone in the higher select social meetings of confirmed Jacobites, spheres of life that such sentiments prevail ; or treasured up in the cabinets of old Catho- for since the horrors of the Roman Catholic lic families as their most precious lore. religion ceased to oppress the minds of men, Many of these beloved relics have been there has been but one way of thinking on given up to me with the greatest liberality; the rights of the Stuarts throughout the yet I have reason to believe, that in some kingdom.

“ I am willing to do all for this interest- dote; for all instances of heroism and their ing subject that lies in my power, but in the opposite qualities in short, an olio of song, correspondence of those with whom the se- music, and tale ; and the shades of departed crets remain, my chief dependence must be heroes, and of bards that once kindled at placed, for without this, the labours of any the injuries of princes, shall hallow the individual must be of small avail. Mine dwelling of him who generously lends his is not a work calculated for lengthened nar aid in rescuing their deeds and works from zative, but for amusing and curious anec the twilight of endless oblivion."




viving friends, and other authentic sources

of information, most of it entirely original; ANATOMY.

by James Baldwin Brown, Esq. of the A Manual of Practical Anatomy, for the Inner Temple, barrister-at-law, 4to. £2, 5s. use of Students engaged in Dissections ; by An Account of the Life, Ministry, and Edward Stanley, Assistant Surgeon and Writings of the late Rev. John Fawcett, Demonstrator of Anatomy, at St. Bartholo D.D. who was Minister of the Gospel fiftymew's Hospital, 12mo. 9s.

four years, first at Wainsgate, and afterARCHÆOLOGY.

wards at Hebden-bridge, in the parish of Mr Britton's second number of Chrono- Halifax; comprehending many particulars logical and Historical Illustrations of the relative to the Revival and Progress of ReAncient Architecture of Great Britain ; con- ligion in Yorkshire and Lancashire ; and iltaining eight engravings : also his fourth lustrated by copious Extracts from the Diary number of History and Antiquities of York of the Deceased, from his extensive CorresCathedral.

pondence, and other Documents ; with a

portrait ; by Dr Fawcett, 8vo. 12s, Time's Telescope for 1819, or a Complete The Life of Mary, Queen of Scots. Guide to the Almanack; containing an ex Drawn from the State Papers ; with six planation of saints' days and holidays, with subsidiary Memoirs : 1. Of the calumnies illustrations of British history and antiqui concerning the Scottish Queen-2. Memoirs ties, notices of obsolete rites and customs, of Francis II.-3. Of Lord Darnley-4. sketches of comparative chronology, astrono Of James, Earl Bothwell-5. Of the Earl mical occurrences in every month, &c. 9s. of Murray-6. Of Secretary Maitland. By

- Evening Amusements; or, the Beauties George Chalmers, F.R.S.S.A. Illustrated of the Heavens Displayed : in which several by ten plates of medals, portraits, and striking Appearances, to be observed in views, 2 vols. 4to. £3:13:6. various Evenings in the Heavens, during the

EDUCATION. year 1819, are described ; by William A New Theoretical and Practical GramFrend, Esq. M.A. 12mo. 3s.

mar of the French Language, with nu

merous instructive exercises; by C. Gros. Bent's Modern London Catalogue of 12mo. 5s. Books; containing the books published in Sketch of Modern atid Ancient GeograLondon, and those altered in size or price, phy, for the use of schools ; by Samuel since the year 1800 to October 1818. 8vo. 85. Butler, D.D. head-master of the Free GramA Catalogue of Old Books, in the ancient

mar School, Shrewsbury. Fourth edition, and modern languages, and various classes considerably enlarged and improved, 8vo. 9s. of literature, for the year 1818; in which

A Companion to the Globes : comprising are comprised several valuable libraries, re the various problems that may be performed cently purchased in this country and on the by the globes, preceded by the subjects to continent; particularly the celebrated one which they refer, and accompanied by more of J. M. M. Gasparoli, a noble graduated than one thousand examples and recapitulary canon of the cathedral church of Notre exercises, &c. To which is added, a concise Damé, át Antwerp. To be sold at the Astronomical Introduction, and an Appen, affixed prices, by Longman, Hurst, Rees, dix, containing a Derivation of the Sun and Orme, and Brown, Paternoster-row, 8vo. 7s. Planets, with a brief History of the Constel.

lations, for the use of schools and private Memoirs of the Public and Private Life families; by R. T. Linington, private teacher, of John Howard, the Philanthropist, com 12mo. 4s. 68. piled from his private diary and Letters, Outline Maps of Ancient Geography, bé. the journal of his confidential attendant, ing a selection, by Dr Butler, from D'An. the commynications of his family and sur ville's ancient Atlas, intended as practical






exercises for the pupil to fill up, and de stances of the materia medica ; 3. the pharsigned as an accompaniment to his sketch maceutical preparations and compositions of of modern and ancient geography. On the pharmacopæias of London, Edinburgh, drawing Columbier. 10$. 6d.

and Dublin Colleges of Physicians ; second Exercises on the Etymology, Syntax, edition. 15s. Idioms, and Synonyms the Spanish Lan A Letter to the Governors of Bethlem guage ; second edition, by L. G. A. Mac- Hospital ; containing an account of their henry. 4s.

management of that institution for the last Enchiridion Lyricum ; or, a Guide to twenty years ; by John Haslam, M.D. 8vo. Lyric Verse ; composed for the use of 2s. Bd. schools ; being a sequel to " Steps to Sense Physiological and Medical Researches in. Verses ;" by the Rev. J. Hill, A.M. 12mo. to the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of 3s.

Gravel ; translated from the French of F.

Magendie, M.D. Professor of Anatomy, A Practical Treatise on Life Annuities ; Physiology, &c. &c. at Paris,12mo. 35. 6d. including the annuity acts of the seventeenth and fifty-third Geo. III. ; also, a synopsis of Vindiciæ Wykehamicæ, or a Vindication all the principal adjudged cases under the of Winchester College. In a letter to Henry first act, together with select modern and Brougham, Esq. M.P. occasioned by his Inuseful precedents, &c.; by Frederick Blaney, quiry into Abuses of Charity ; by the Rev. 8vo. 7s.6d.

W. L. Bowles. 2s.6d. Original Precedents in Conveyancing ; A Letter to James Day, Esq. of the Isle with notes, critical and explanatory, and of Wight, explanatory of various circumconcise directions for drawing or settling stances arising out of a late occurrence ; conveyances : the whole being the result of by a Satirical Observer of Men and Manactual practice; by J. H. Prince 12s. 6d. 1s. 6d.

A Practical Treatise on Copyhold Tenure An Account of the History and present and Court Keeping : being a summary of State of Galvanism ; by John Bostock, the whole law of copyholds, from the earliest M.D.F.R.S. 8vo. 7s. down to the present period ; with an Ap Mr Britton has published a Bust of pendix, comprising rules to be observed in Shakspeare, copied from the Monumental holding a customary Court-Baron, particu- Bust at Stratford : another, as a Companion, larly with reference to plaints in the nature of Camden, from the Monument in Westof real actions, precedents of court-rolls, minster-Abbey : a third of Ben Jon. copyhold assurances, &c. and extracts from son, from the same repository of the illusevery material relative Act of Parliament; trious dead. These busts are intended as by John Scriven, of the Inner Temple, Esq. ornaments to libraries and cabinets; and barrister-at-law, 8vo. £1.

are executed in the most careful, and indeed, A Treatise on the Principles and Practice skilful manner. of the Court of Chancery; by Henry Mad The Panorama of Paris, and its Envi. dock, Esq. barrister-at-law, 2 vols royal oc. rons, with thirty-one plates, descriptive of as tavo. £21, 6s.

many striking public edifices ; second edi. Reports of Cases Argued and Deter. tion, 32mo. 4s. mined in the Court of Exchequer ; by A Second Memoir on Babylon : containAlexander Anstruther, Esq. 3 vols royal ing an Inquiry into the Correspondence beSvo. £2, 5s.

tween the Ancient Descriptions of Babylon, The Law of Carriers, Innkeepers, Ware- and the Remains still visible on the Site. housemen, and other Depositaries of Goods Suggested by the “ Remarks” of Major for Hire ; by Henry Jeremy, Esq. of the Rennel, published in the Archæologia ; by Middle Temple, 8vo. 7s.

Cladius James Rich, Esq. royal 8vo. 8s.

Historical Memoirs of the English CaOn the Mimoses; or a Descriptive, Diag. tholics ; and Historical Minutes respecting nostic, and Practical Essay, on the Affec- the Irish and Scots Catholics since the Retions usually denominated Dyspeptic, Hy- formation ; by Charles Butler, Esq. 2 vols. pochondriac, Bilious, Nervous, Hysteric, 8vo. £1, 4s. Spasmodic, &c. ; by Marshall Hall, M.D. Political and Literary Anecdotes of His 8vo. 6s.

Own Times ; by Dr William King, princiMinutes of Cases of Cancer successfully pal of St Mary Hall, Oxford, crown 8vo. Treated by the New Mode of Pressure. 88. 6d. Part the Second : with some observations on A Narrative of the Expedition which the nature of the Disease, as well as the sailed from England in 1817, to join the method of practice ; by Samuel Young. 9s. South American Patriots : comprising every

Stereoplea ; or, the Defence of the Horse's particular connected with its formation, hisFoot considered ; by Bracy Clarke, 4to. tory, and fate ; with Observations and au10s. 60.

thentic Information, elucidating the real ChaThomson's London Dispensatory ; con racter of the contest, mode of warfare, state taining, 1. pharmacy ; 2. the botanical de- of the armies, &c. ; by James Hackett, scription, natural history, chemical ana First Lieutenant in the late Venezuela Arlysis, and medicinal properties of the sub- tillery Brigade, 8vo. 58. 6d.





The Adventures of Johnny Newcome in A new edition of Don Quixote, highly il- the Navy; a poem, in four cantos ; with lustrated from Pictures by Mr Smirke, ele- sixteen plates, by Rowlandson, from the gantly printed in 4 vols. 8vo. £8 8s.; a li- author's designs ; by Lieut. Alfred Burton, mited number thereof, with early impres- 8vo. £1, 1s. sions of the plates, on royal paper, £15 15s.

Warwick Castle z a tale, with minor and a few copies, with proof impressions of Poems; by W. R. Bedford, B.A. of Unithe plates, on India paper, in 4to. £26, 5s. versity College, Oxford.

* This new edition of the celebrated Kleist's Vernal Season, a poem, after the work of Cervantes is a translation, partly manner of Thomson ; second edition, tran. new, and partly founded on former versions, slated from the German, 8vo. 38. 6d. extensively corrected ; embellished with be The Dream of Youth ; a poem ; foolscap tween seventy and eighty engravings, all of 8vo. 4s. 6d. which have been executed in the most elabo Roderick, the Last of the Goths ; a tragic rate and highly-finished style, by the first poem; the fifth edition ; by Robert Southey, artists of this country, from pictures painted Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. 16s. by Robert Smirke, Esq. R.A.

The Englishman in Paris ; a satirical Lieut. Gen. Thornton's Speech in the novel ; with sketches of the most remarka. ' House of Commons, on Thursday, the 7th ble characters, fashionable and unfashion- of May, 1818, on his Motion to repeal the able, that have recently visited that cele Declarations against the Belief of Tranbrated capital, in 3 vols. £1, 1s.

substantiation, and asserting the Worship Florence Macarthy, an Irish Tale, by of the Church of Rome to be Idolatrous, Lady Morgan, 4 vols. 12mo. £1,8$. royal 8vo.

Undine ; a fairy romance ; translated Extraordinary Red Book, containing a. from the original German of Baron de la detailed list of all the places, pensions, sineMotte Fouque, by George Lorne, A.B. cures, &c. 8vo. 12mo. 58. 6d.

Principle and Passion; a novel, in 2 vols. The Pentateuch, or Five Books of Moses 12mo. 10s.

illustrated : containing an explication of the Charenton ; or, the Follies of the Age; phraseology incorporated with the text ; for a philosophical romance; by M. de Lour- the use of families and schools ; by the Rev. doueix ; translated from the French ; with S. Clapham, of Christ Church, Hants, 5s.6d. plates, 8vo. 75. 6d.

The Scripture Testimony to the Messiah : The Bard of the West; commonly called an inquiry with a view to a satisfactory deEman ac Knuck, or Ned of the Hills. An termination of the doctrine taught in the Irish historical romance, founded on facts Holy Scriptures concerning the person of of the seventh century; by Mrs Peck, 3 Christ; including a careful examination of vols. 12mo. 15s.

the Rev. Thomas Belsham's Calm Inquiry, A Year and a Day; a novel ; by Ma. and of the other principal Unitarian works dame Panache, 2 vols. 12mo. 12s.

on the same subjcct; by John Pye Smith, Castles in the Air; or, the Whims of my D.D. vol. I. 8vo. 14s. Aunt ; a novel ; by the authoress of Duneth The Young Christian's Cyclopædia ; or, a vin, or Visit to Paris, 3 vols. 12mo. 158. Compendium of Christian Knowledge : con

Nightmare Abbey ; by the author of sisting of a series of lessons in morality, Headlong-Hall, 12mo. 6s. 6d.

virtue, and Religion ; intended as a classMy Old Cousin ; or, a Peep into Cochin book at school ; especially for the use of China ; a novel ; by the author of Romantic sunday schools ; by J. Baxter, of Barkisland Facts, 3 vols. 12mo. 16s. 6d.

school, near Halifax, 12mo. 5$. 6d. Brambleton Hall, 12mo. 3s. 6d.

Sermons, selected from the most Eminent:

Divines of the 16th, 17th, and 18th cenThe Elements of the Hebrew Language, turies ; abridged and rendered in a modern with the whole doctrine of the points fully and appropriate style ; by the Rev. Edward explained and exemplified, in a small work, Atkyns Bray, Vicar of Tavistock, 8vo. entitled, the “ Aleph-Beth, or the First Step 10s. 6d. to the Hebrew Language;" by the Philological Professor in the University of Oxford, The History of the City of Dublin, from &c. ls.

the earliest Accounts to the present Time: PHYSIOLOGY.

containing its annals, antiquities, ecclesiasti. Sketches of the Philosophy of Life ; by cal history, and charters ; its present exSir T. Charles Morgan, M.D. octavo. tent, public buildings, schools, institutions, 14s.

&c. To which are added, biographical no.

tices of eminent men, and copious appen. Revenge Defeated and Self-Punished ; a dices of its population, revenue, commerce, dramatic poem, 8vo. 2s. 6d.

and literature; by the late John Warbura Night; a descriptive poem, in four books; ton, Esq. the late Rev. James Whitelaw; foolscap 8vo. 7s. 6d.

· and the Rev. Robert Walsh, M.R.I.A. 2 The Minstrel of the Glen ; and other vols. 4to. £5 5s, and a few copies on large Poems; hy Henry Stebbing, 8vo. 78. 6d. paper, £8 86.




List of Books just imported from America. EDINBURGH.

The Emporium of Arts and Sciences; by Thomas Cooper, Esq. 3 vols. 8vo. £2 14s.

Drake's Picture of Cincinnati and the Campbell, or the Scottish Probationer; a Miami Country, with maps, 12mo. 7s. 6d. Novel, 3 vols 12mo.

An Epitome of Profane Geography, with A Visit to Edinburgh ; containing a De- maps ; by Robert May, 12mo. 58. 6d. scription of the Principal Curiosities and Å Sketch of the Life, Last Sickness, and Public Buildings in the Scottish Metropo- Death, of Mrs M. J. Grosvenor. Second lis, 18mo, 2s.6d. neatly half-bound, em- edition, 18mo. 3s. bellished wilh a picturesque View of the Views of Louisiana, with a Journal of a City:

Voyage up the Missouri River ; by H. M. T'he Edinburgh New Dispensatory ; by. Brackenbridge, Esq. 8vo. 12s. Andrew Duncan, Jun. M. D. &c. &c. 8vo, The Federalist on the New Constitution; 155. boards.

written by Madison, Jay, and Hamilton, Ministerial Caution, or the Concern of Svo. new edition. 25. the Faithful Servants of Christ for the Cre, Memoirs of the Philadelphia Society for dit and Success of their Ministry ; a Sermon, Promoting Agriculture, 3 vols. 8vo. £2 10s. preached at the opening of the General As Lectures on Rhetoric and Oratory, de. sociate Synod, Edinburgh, 6th October 1818. livered to the classes of senior and junior by William M.Ewen, Minister of the Gos- sophisters in Harvard University ; by John pel, Howgate. Is.

Quincy Adams, 2 vols. 8vo. £1 8s. An arranged Selection of Hymns, for Di. The Letters of the British Spy, 24mo. 55. vine Worship, by Christopher Anderson, The Old Bachelor, 2 vols. 24mo. 7s. Edinburgh. Those who have admired the

Massachusetts Reports, vol. 1 to 14. compositions of Addison, Beddome, Browne, £1 10s. each. Cowper, Doddridge, Fawcett, Gibbons, Laws of the United States of America, Kelly, Merrick, Newton, Pearce, Robinson, from 1789 to 1815, 5 vols. 8vo. £7 j0s. Steele, Swain, Watts, &c. will find in this An Elementary Treatise on Mineralogy selection, consisting of 750, the best of their and Geology ; illustrated with plates ; by Hymns. This volume is primarily intended Parker Cleaveland, 8vo. £i 1s. for public worship, but, it is presumed, will Observations on the Geology of the Unitbe found no unsuitable assistant to family ed States, with 2 plates; by William Macdevotion ; and it may be of service as well lure, 8vo. 8s. 6d. in retirement and in the chamber of afflic. Ancient Charters and Laws of Massation, as in the House of God.

chusetts. £1 10s. Elements of Hebrew Grammar ; to which Life of Martin Luther. 55. is prefixed, á Dissertation on the Two Sermons on Various Subjects, by Samuel Modes of Reading, with or without Points, Seabury, Bishop of Connecticut and Rhode by Charles Wilson, D.D. late Professor of Island, 2 vols. 8vo. 18s. Church History in the University of St Sketches of the Life of Patrick Henry, Andrew's. 10s. 6d.

8vo. 16s. Historical Memoirs of Rob Roy, and the Pitkin's Statistical Account of the United Clan Macgregor, including Original Notices States. 18s. of Lady Grange. With an Introductory Sketch, illustrative of the Condition of the Highlands prior to the year 1945, by K.

New Foreign Works imported by Treuttel

and Wurtz. Macleay, M. D. Second edition, 12mo, 8s. boards.

Description de l'Egypte, Livraison 3eme, A System of Chemistry, by John Mur. Section lere grand, in folio, 63e. The setay, M. D. F. R. S. &c. Fourth edition, 4. cond Section will complete this magnificent vols, 8vo, £2, 12, 6d.

work. St Stephen's prayer, a Sermon preached Boissy d'Anglas, Essai Sur la Vie, les at the opening of the Synod of Glasgow and Ecrits et les Opinions de M. de MaleAyr, on the 13th October 1818. By the sherbes, 2 vols 8vo, 18s. Rev. John Hodgson, M.D. Minister of De Pradt, les Quatre Concordats, suivis Blantyre, 8vo. Is.

de Considérations sur le Government de The Value of a Good Name among l'Eglise depuis 1515, 3 vols 8vo, 30s. Men, with Necessary Limitations to the Ricardo, des Principes de l’Economie PoDesire of it, a Sermon delivered in St litique, et de l'impôt; trad. par Constancio, George's Church, Glasgow, on Sunday, avec des Notes, Explications, et Critiques, November 29, 1818, the first day of Public par J. B. Say, 2 vols 8vo, 20s. Mourning for her late Majesty Queen Dumersan, Numismatique du Voyage Charlotte, by the Rev. William Muir, du jeune Anacharsis avec 90 planches, 2 L.L.D. Minister of St George's Church, 8vo. vols 8vo, £3. The Immortality of the

Soul, and other Ballanche, Essai sur les Institutions So. Poems, by Thomas Thomson, Student, ciales dans leur rapport avec les idées non. Glasgow. 12mo, 2s.

velles, 8vo, 10s.

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