For Sceptre and Crown: A Romance of the Present Time, Volumen2


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Página 228 - Madame, to consult with you as to what is best to be done...
Página 174 - the integrity of Austria, but its exclusion from Germany as newly constituted ; the formation of a North German Union under the military leadership of Prussia; the right of the southern states to form an independent confederated union, but the maintenance of a national connexion between North and South Germany, which connexion is to be determined by a free and general consent of the various states.
Página 138 - that a strong activity is observable in journalism in the Prussian sense. The Prussian Count Bamberg, who, as your Majesty knows, looks after these events at the Embassy, has been for some time very powerfully and ably supported by the ' Temps,' the ' Siecle,' and other journals." ' The Emperor was thoughtfully silent. ' " The question is," continued Pietri, " whether this agitation shall
Página 143 - ... Emperor that he has reason to believe that Prussia will demand the total exclusion of Austria from German affairs ; Prussian hegemony in Germany up to the Main, and the annexation of Hanover, Hesse, and Saxony. There are two courses before the Emperor : the one to declare for a divU sion of the Bund into a North German and a South German .group ; the first to be placed under Prussia, and the second under Austria. ' " This is the course I should advise your Majesty to purpie.
Página 171 - He was somewhat past fifty, his thin hair had receded from his forehead, and only sparingly covered the upper part of his head. His smooth beardless face was one of those physiognomies whose age it is difficult to discover, as when young they look older, when old, younger, than they really are. It...
Página 165 - And tell the emperor," he then said, " that I will do all in my power to assist him, as energetically as circumstances permit. Material help, however, Austria must gain from herself and from the regeneration of her resources.

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