Instructions for the Analysis of Soils, Limestones, and Manures

William Blackwood and Sons, 1855 - 95 páginas

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Página 6 - Illustrated with Portraits of Animals painted from the life ; and with 557 Engravings on Wood, representing the principal Field Operations, Implements, and Animals treated of in the Work. A New and Revised Edition, the third, in great part Rewritten. 2 vols. large 8vo, £-2, IDS. The Book of Farm-Buildings ; their Arrangement and Construction. By HENRY STEPHENS, FRSE, Author of 'The Book of the Farm ;
Página 2 - Those who would learn any thing regarding them, must subsequently teach themselves through the help of the press : hence the necessity for a Popular Chemical Literature. It is with a view to meet this want of the Public, and at the same time to supply a Manual for the Schools, that the present work has been projected. It treats, In what appears to be their natural order, of THE AIR WE BREATHE and THE WATER WE DRINK, in their relations to human life and health — THE SOIL WE CULTIVATE AND THE PLANT...
Página 8 - CLASSICAL GEOGRAPHY, comprising, in Twenty Plates, Maps and Plans of all the important Countries and Localities referred to by Classical Authors ; accompanied by a pronouncing Index of Places, by T. HARVEY, MA Oxon.
Página 5 - SMITH. Italian Irrigation : A Report on the Agricultural Canals of Piedmont and Lombardy, addressed to the Hon. the Directors of the East India Company ; with an Appendix, containing a Sketch of the Irrigation System of Northern and Central India. By Lieut. -Col.
Página 1 - Nothing hitherto published has at all equalled it, both as regards true science and sound common sense.
Página 2 - THE common life of man is full of wonders, Chemical and Physiological. Most of us pass through this life without seeing or being sensible of them, though every day our existence and our comforts ought to recall them to our minds. One main cause of this is, that our schools tell us nothing about them — do not teach those parts of modern learning which would fit us for seeing them. What most concerns the things that daily occupy our attention and cares, are in early life almost sedulously kept from...
Página 5 - will always maintain its position as a standard work upon the management of horaw."— Jfarfc Lain Exprtn, ADVICE TO PURCHASERS OF HORSES.
Página 1 - Professor Johnston's admirable Notes. . . . The very best manual for intelligent emigrants, whilst to the British agriculturist and general reader it conveys a more complete conception of the condition of these prosperous regions than all that has hitherto been written."— £cono«iwt.
Página 2 - Manual for the Schools, that the present Work has been projected. It treats, in what appears to be their natural order, Of THE AIR WE BREATHE and THE WATER WE DRINK, in their relations to human life and health — THE SOIL WE CULTIVATE and THE PLANT WE REAR, as the sources from which the chief sustenance of all life is obtained — THE BREAD WE EAT and THE BEEF WE COOK, as the representatives of the two grand...

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