A New Collection of Voyages, Discoveries and Travels: Containing Whatever is Worthy of Notice, in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, Volumen7

J. Knox, 1767

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Página 188 - power of the legiflature in the mother country. But in conquered or ceded countries, that have already laws of their own, the king may indeed alter and change thofe laws ; but, till he does actually change them, the ancient laws of the country remain, unlefs fuch as are
Página 80 - rather too bold, the omnipotence of parliament. True it is, that what the parliament doth, no authority upon ear.th can undo. So that it is a matter moil eflential to the liberties of this kingdom, that fuch members be delegated to this important
Página 139 - and they were accordingly incorporated under the title of the Governor and Company of Merchants of Great ' Britain, trading to the South Seas, and other parts of America, and for encouraging the Fiihery, &c.
Página 116 - imported into England, or any of its dependencies, in any other than Engliih bottoms ; or in the fhips of that European nation, of which the merchandize imported was the genuine growth or manufacture. At the reftoration, the former provifions .were continued, by ftatute 12 Car. II. c. 18. with this very material improvement, that the
Página 75 - and clergy of this realm, and to the churches committed to their charge, ail fuch rights and privileges as by law do or ihall appertain unto them, or any of them
Página 83 - petition) leave is given to bring in the bill. In public matters the bill is brought in upon motion made to the houfe, without any petition. (In the houfe of lords, if the bill begins there, it is, when of a private nature, referred to two of the judges, to examine and report the ftate of the
Página 77 - fince the law muft perpetually ftand as it now does, unlefs all the powers will agree to alter it. And herein indeed confifts the true excellence of the Engliih government, that all the parts of it form a mutual check upon each other.
Página 189 - be in practice in any of the plantations, repugnant to any law, made or to be made in this kingdom relative to the faid plantations, ihall be utterly void and of none effect. And, becaufe feveral of the colonies, had claimed
Página 79 - by the conftitution of thefe kingdoms. All mifchiefs and grievances, operations and remedies, that tranfcend the ordinary courfe of the laws, are within the reach of this extraordinary tribunal. It can regulate or
Página 83 - to exert any power but that of rejecting -, they will not permit the lead alteration or amendment to be made by the lords to the mode of taxing the. people by a money bill. Under this appellation are included all bills, by which money is directed to

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