Olde Cascoe: Ye Romance of Casco Bay

W.B. Clarke., 1909 - 348 páginas

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Página 172 - As ancient is this hostelry As any in the land may be, Built in the old Colonial day, When men lived in a grander way, With ampler hospitality...
Página 295 - Prayer) was so well worded and uttered with such composedness and such (at least seeming) fervency of spirit as was very affecting, and drew tears from many (so that it seemed to some that the spectators would hinder the execution) . The accusers said the Black Man stood and dictated to him.
Página 295 - ... when he was cut down, he was dragged by the halter to a hole, or grave, between the rocks, about two foot deep, his shirt and breeches being pulled off, and an old pair of trousers of one executed, put on his lower parts, he was so put in, together with Willard and Carrier, one of his hands and his chin, and a foot of one [of] them being left uncovered.
Página 291 - Burroughs's two first wives, and that he had murdered them. And one of them told me that she was his first wife, and he stabbed her under the left arm, and put a piece of sealing-wax on the wound. And she pulled aside the winding-sheet, and showed me the place ; and also told me, that she was in the house where Mr.
Página 328 - John Smith, who was on this coast as early as 1614), to pull up twopence, sixpence, and twelvepence, as fast as you can haul and veer a line?.. And what sport doth yield a more pleasing content, and less hurt or charge, than angling with a hook, and crossing the sweet air from isle to isle, over the silent streams of a calm sea.
Página 230 - Merman which he saw in Casco Bay. The gentleman was a great fowler, and used to go out with a small boat or canoe, and fetching a compass about a small island (there being many...
Página 295 - When he was upon the ladder, he made a speech for the clearing of his innocency, with such solemn and serious expressions, as were to the admiration of all present : his prayer (which he concluded by repeating the Lord's prayer) was so well worded, and uttered with such composedness, and such (at least seeming) fervency of spirit, as was very affecting, and drew tears from many, so that it seemed to some that the\ .spectators would hinder the execution.
Página 295 - Salem, a very great number of Spectators being present. Mr. Cotton Mather was there, Mr. Sims, Hale, Noyes, Chiever, &c. All of them said they were innocent, Carrier and all. Mr. Mather says they all died by a Righteous Sentence. Mr. Burrough by his Speech, Prayer, protestation of his Innocence, did much move unthinking persons, which occasions their speaking hardly concerning his being executed.
Página 275 - William and Mary, by the Grace of God, of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, King and Queen, defenders of the faith...

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