The Parliamentary Register: Or, History of the Proceedings and Debates of the House of Commons [and of the House of Lords] Containing an Account of the Interesting Speeches and Motions ... During the 1st Session of the 14th [-18th] Parliament of Great Britain


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Página 122 - ... war upon the continent of North America, adopting, as my inclination will always lead me to do with decision and effect, whatever I collect to be the sense of my Parliament and my people. I have pointed all my views and measures as well in Europe as in North -America to an entire and cordial reconciliation with those colonies.
Página 368 - And Your Committee further represent, that since the 25th of February last considerable Issues have been made by the Bank in Bank Notes, both upon Government Securities and in discounting Bills, the particulars of which could not immediately be made up; but as those Issues appear to Your Committee to have been made upon corresponding securities, taken with the usual care and attention, the actual Balance in favour of the Bank did not appear to Your Committee...
Página 370 - They are generally made payable at diftant periods; and as they are not payable at all times on demand, they cannot, like the former, anfwer all the purpofes of cafh.
Página 117 - ... be wholly conformable to them. Yielding to the ardent defire by which it is animated, to procure peace for the French Republic, and for all nations, it will not fear to declare itfelf openly. Charged by the conftitution with the execution of the laws, it cannot make, or Men to any propofal that would be contrary to them.
Página 217 - Cncerc negotiation for peace, fully as we rely upon the zeal and bravery of our countrymen for the event, we do not conceive that the...
Página 17 - Becaufe the inability of humbling ourfelves again to folicit peace in a manner, which is a recognition of the French...
Página 38 - ... to proceed ; whilft another declares, that that bafis had been laid down by them as the principle on which they had always offered to treat. His Grace then proceeded to animadvert on the converfation between Lord Malmefbury and M. Delacroix, and inferred, that' his Lordfhip, by hinting at an equivalent for the Netherlands, had in a manner admitted the plea of the Directory, and that, in contradiction to the treaties fubfifting between Britain and her allies ; the French Minifter at the fame time,...
Página 369 - England did not circulate to any great amount), it confifts of the bills of country bankers, or of the banking companies in Scotland, payable to bearer on demand ; and of coin of the defcription before mentioned. Inland bills of exchange are thought, by many, to be a part of the circulation of the kingdom.

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