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West, 129.


0, bush thee, my babie, thy sire was a 'Twas near the fair city of Benevent,
knight, 658.

0, Lady, twine no wreath for me,

335. Twist twine ye! even so, 658.
O listen, listen, ladies gay! 50.

Viewless essence, thin and bare, 722.
0, lovers' eyes are sharp to see, 636. Wake, maid of Lorn, 415.
0, low shone the sun on the fair lake Waken, lords and ladies gay, 638.
of Toro, 635.

Wasted, weary, wherefore stay? 658.
0, Maid of Isla, from the cliff, 702. We love the shrill trumpet, we love the
Once again, but how changed since my drum's rattle, 756.
wand'rings began, 659.

What makes the troopers' frozen cour-
On Ettrick Forest's mountains dun, age muster ? 826.

Wheel the wild dance, 655.
On Hallow-Mass Eve, ere you boune When Israel of the Lord beloved, 682.
ye to rest, 649.

Whence the brooch of burning gold,
o, open the door, some pity to show, 424.

When friends are met o'er merry cheer,
0, Robin Hood was a bowman good, 773.

When the heathen trumpet's clang, 672.
0, tell me, harper, wherefore flow? When the tempest's at the loudest, 763.

Whet the bright steel, 682.
Our vicar still preaches that Peter and While the dawn on the mountain was
Poule, 230.

misty and gray, 338.
0, young Lochinvar is come out of the Where shall the lover rest ? 108.

Why sit'st thou by that ruin'd hall ?
Pibroch of Donald Dhu, 660.

Quake to your foundations deep, 406. Why weep ye by the tide, ladie ? 660.
Rash adventurer, bear thee back, 402. Yes, thou mayst sigh, 722.
Red glows the forge in Striguil's bounds, Young men will love thee more fair and

more fast, 650.
Saufen bier, und brante-wein, 639. Southey, Dr. Robert, Letter from, on
She may be fair, he sang, but yet, 523.

Marmion, 153, n. Lines from his Rod-
Since here we are set in array round

erick contrasted with some of Scott's,
the table, 637.

273, n. ; 275, n.; 280. And Pilgrim-
Soft spread the southern summer night, age to Waterloo, 503, n.; passim 509,

n. His Imitations of Ballad Poetry,
Soldier, rest! thy warfare o'er, 191. 559. 569. Extract from his Life of
Soldier, wake-the day is peeping, Nelson, 810.

Spain, Defence of, under the Invasion of
Bo sung the old bard in the grief of his Bonaparte, 287.
heart, 653.

Invasion of, by the Moors, 285.
Stern eagle of the far northwest, 694.

War with, in 1625-6, 364.
Summereve is gone and past, 334. " Speates and Rares," Story of, 712.
Sweet shone the sun on the fair lake of Spells, 66.
Toro, 820.

Spencer, Earl, 81.
Take these flowers, which, purple wav- Spenser, Edmund, 124. 307. Extract
ing, 628.

from his “ Faërie Queene,” 283.
That day of wrath, that dreadful day, Spirits, intermediate class of, 58. 165. 250,

251, 361. 603.
The Baptist's fair morrow beheld gal- “Spirit's Blasted Tree," Legend of the,
lant feats, 718.

The Druid Urien had daughters seven, Staffa, Cave of, 441-2. 487.

Stanhope, Lady Hester, 14, n.
The Forest of Glenmore is drear, 632. Stewart, Professor Dugald, 560. 566.
The heath this night must be my bed, Stirling Castle, 225. 264.

Stoddart, Sir John, 13.
The berring loves the merry moonlight, Strafford, Earl of, 261.

Strathmore, Earl of, killed at Sheriff-
The last of our steers on the board has muir, 746, n.
been spread, 725.

Strathbogie. See Athole.
The monk must arise when the matins Stuart, Sir William, of Ochiltree, murder
ring, 679.

of, in 1588, 244.
The moon's on the lake, and the mist's Strutt, Joseph, his Romance of Queen-
on the brae, 621.

hoo-ball, 265.
The news has flown frae mouth to "SUB-PRIOR, TO THE," 685.
mouth, 702.

Sultaun Solimaun, 667.
The sound of Rokeby's woods I hear, Superstitions, Popular, 165. 787. See

also “ Fairies," "Ghosts," " · Spirits."
The sun is rising dimly red, 695. Surrey, Earl of (beheaded in 1546), 77.
The sun upon the lake is low, 754. Surtees, Robert, Esq., 524, n.
The sun apon the Weirdlaw Hill, 672. Sutherland, Duchess of, 705.
The violet in her greenwood bower, Swinton, Sir John, 730. Arms of the

family of, 732.
There came three merry men from Swiss Guards, Massacre of the, in 1792,
south, west, and north, 683.

There is mist on the mountain, and Swords, enchanted, 245.
night on the vale, 651.

Sympathy, cure of a wound by, 67.
They bid me sleep, they bid me pray,

Though right be aft put down by Taghairm, a Highland mode of augury,
strength, 644.

253, 254.
To horse! to horse! the standard flies, “ Tales of Wonder, Lewis's,'' 569.

“Talisman," Verses from the, 716-19.
To the Lords of Convention 'twas Cla- Tanistry, Irish custom of, 367. 801.
ver'se who spoke, 772.

Tantallan Castle, 136. 172.
'Twas All-sool's eve, and Surrey's Taylor, William, Esq., his version of
heart beat high, 48.


All joy was bereft me the day that you

left me, 636.
An hour with thee! when earliest day,

And did you not hear of a mirth befell,

And whither would you lead me then!

Anna-Maria, love, up is the sun, 683.
Assist me, ye friends of old books and

old wine, 710.
Ave Maria! maiden mild ! 210.
A weary lot is thine, fair maid, 322.
A weary month has wander'd o'er, 653.
Birds of omen dark and foul, 679.
Canny moment, lucky fit, 658.
Dark Ahriman, whom Irak still, 717.
Dinas Emlinn, lament; for the moment

is nigh, 634.
Donald Caird's come again, 676.
Dust unto dust, 684.
Enchantress, farewell, who so oft has

decoy'd me, 702
False love, and hast thou play'd me

this ? 648.
Farewell to MacKenneth, great Earl of

the North, 652.
Farewell, merry maidens, to song and

to laugh, 697.
Farewell to Northmaven, 695.
Fathoms deep beneath the wave, 695.
Follow me, follow me, 652.
From the Brown crest of Newark its

summons extending, 657.
Gin by pailfuls, wine in rivers, 659.
Glowing with love, on fire for fame, 656.
God protect brave Alexander, 662.
Go sit old Cheviot's crest below, 631.
Hail to the chief who in triumph ad-

vances, 197.
Hail to thy cold and clouded beam, 305.
Hawk and osprey scream'd for joy, 522.
Hear what Highland Nora said, 661.
He is gone on the mountain, 206.
Hie away, hie away, 649.
High deeds achiev'd of knightly fame,

Hither we come, 791.
Hurra, hurra, our watch is done, 403.
I asked of my harp, ". Who hath in-

jured thy cords ?'' 716.
I climb'd the dark brow of the mighty

Helvellyn, 633.
Ill fares the bark with tackle riven, 523.
I'll give thee, good fellow, a twelve

month or twain, 681.
It chanced that Cupid on a season, 657.
It was a' for our rightful king, 365.
It was an English ladye bright, 48.
It was Dunois the young and brave,

was bound for Palestine, 656.
I wag a wild and wayward boy, 337.
Joy to the victors ! the sons of old As-
Look not thou on beanty's charming,

Lord William was born in gilded bow-
Love wakes and weeps, 698.
MacLeod's wizard flag from the gray

castle sallies, 675.
March, march, Ettrick and Teviotdale,

Measurers of good and evil, 724.
Merry it is in the good green wood, 213.
Merrily swim we, the moon shines

bright, 685.
My hawk is tired of perch and hood,

My wayward fate I needs must plain,

Not faster yonder rowers' might, 193.
O, Brignall banks are wild and fair, 319.
0, dread was the time, and more dread-

ful the omen, 644.
Of all the birds on bush and tree, 692.
Oh! say not, my love, with that mor-

tified air, 642.

"Lenore," 566.
'Twas a Maréchal of France, and he Tecbir, The, the War-cry of the Sara-
fain would honor gain, 642.

cens, 274. 286.

pen, 819.

er, 518.


a, 627.

Tees, the River, 323.
Tynemonth Priory, 164.

"WAVERLEY,” Verses from, 647-652
Teith, the River, 185.
Tytler, A. F. (Lord Woodhouselee), his

Lines by author of," 652
* TEMPEST, SoxG OF THE," 694.
Collections of Ballads, 552. His ver-

Lines of, " Late when the
Terry, the late Mr. Daniel, comedian, sion of “The Robbers," 563.

autumn evening fell," 648.
638, n.; 753.

P. F., Esq., his "History of Scot- Wellington, Duke of, 280, 281, 29. 29.
Theatre, the, 547.
land,'' 541, n.

** The Field of Waterloo," 306
Themis, 10.

passim ; 642. 644, 645.
Thomas of Erceldoune, or “ The Rhym-


Duchess of, dedication of
er,” account of him, 574. His Prophe- UAM-Var, mountain, 184, 185. 240. The Field of Waterloo" 10, 5P2.
cies, 575, 577. Legend of, 631. Unthank, chapel at, 65.

" When with poetry dealing," 719.
541, 542. 546. Urisk, a Highland satyr, 252.

Whistling to raise a tempest, 361.
Thomas the Rhymer,” a Ballad in

Whitby Abbey, 161.
Three Parts, 574.


"Waite LADY OF ATENEL," Song of
Thomson, Mr. D., of Galashiels, 676, n. VALCYRIUR, or “ Selectors of the Slain," the, 655-689.
Thomson, Thomas, Esq., Deputy-Regis- 78.

Whitmore, John, Esq., &c., dedication
ter, 492.
Valor, personification of, 276.

of the Vision of Don Roderick to, 271.
“THUNDER STORM," Juvenile lines on Vaughan, Right Hon. R. C.,

Vaux, family of, 410.

Wilkes, John, Esq., 182.
Tickell, Mr., his Ballad Poetry, 557.560. Venetian General, anecdote of a, 746, n. " WILLIAN AND HELEN," 609.
* TIME," 662.

Vengeance, feudal, a dreadful' tale of, Willich, Dr., teacher of German, 563.
Time, 202.


“Will Jones," Lewis's ballad of, 572.
and tide, 354.
Vennachar, Loch, 185.

Wilson, Professor, 551, n.
Tinchell, the, 234, n.; 568.

VIOLET, THE," 628.

Wine, presents of, 170.
" To A Lady, with flowers from a Ro- Virgil, his magical practices, 63.75. His Witchcraft, 309, n.; 364.
man wall,” 628.

Æneid translated by Gawain Douglas,

"WOGAN, CAPTAIS, Lines ox," 651.
Town Eclogue, 35, n.

Bishop of Dunkeld,' 143.

Wolfian hypothesis, 537, a.
Train, Mr. Joseph, his assistance in col- Virgil," Juvenile Lines from, 627. Woman, apostrophe to, 149.
lecting information for the author, 491. Vision, The," a poem, 549.

Woodhouselee, Lord. See Tytler, A.F.,
Note from (1840), 458.

Tribunal, the Secret, or Invisible, of Ger-


** WOODSTOCK," Verses from, 720-721.
many, 812

WALES, Caroline, Princess of, 105, n. Wordsworth, William, Esq., his poem on
Triermain. See Bridal of Triermain." Wallace, Sir William, trial and execution Yarrow, 47, n., 59, n. Letter from,
family of, 410.
of, 479.

on Marmion, 153, n. Eulogiam on the
Trosachs, the, 186.

Walton, Sir John,

defeated by “the good Zaragozans, 288. Imitations of the

Lord James of Douglas," 493.

ballad style, 559.
Trouveurs, or Troubadours, 538. “ WANDERING WILLIE,” 636.

Wrestling, prize at, 266.
Tunes, attachment to, on death-beds, 267. War, personification of, from Childe Har- Wynken de Worde, 117.
Tunstall, Sir Brian, slain at Flodden, 178. old, 279, n. Apostrophe to, 443.
Turnberry Castle, 491,
"War-Song of the Edinburgh Light

Turner, J. M. W., R.A., 433, n.

Dragoons," 607.

XERES, account of the Battle of, 287.
“ TWEED RIVER, ON," 685.

of Lachlan, high Chief of
Twenge, Sir Marmaduke, at Bannock- MacLean," 653.

burn, 499.

Saxox," 682.

ZAHARACK, race of, 402.
Twisel Bridge, 145. 177.
Warbeck, Perkin, story of, 158.

Zaragoza, account of the Siege of, 288.
** Twist YE, TWINE YE," 658.

Waterloo, Battle of, 290. 502-511. Zernebock, 520.
"Two Drovers," Mottoes from the, Watson, James, his collection of ancient “ ZETLAND FISHERMEN, Soxo OF
poetry, 544.

THE,” 697.

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