A Century of Electricity

Macmillan, 1887 - 229 páginas

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Página 46 - ... of an inch), a bright spark was produced, and more than half the volume of the charcoal became ignited to whiteness, and by withdrawing the points from each other a constant discharge took place through the heated air, in a space equal at least to four inches, producing a most brilliant ascending arch of light, broad and conical in form in the middle.
Página 22 - I never was before engaged in any study that so totally engrossed my attention and my time, as this has lately done ; for what with making experiments when I can be alone, and repeating them to my friends and acquaintance, who, from the novelty of the thing, come continually in crowds to see them, I have, during some months past, had little leisure for any thing else.
Página 47 - ... producing a most beautiful coruscation of purple light, the charcoal became intensely ignited, and some platina wire attached to it, fused with brilliant scintillations, and fell in large globules upon the plate of the pump. All the phenomena of chemical decomposition were produced with intense rapidity by this combination.
Página 25 - The electric fluid is attracted by points. We do not know whether this property is in lightning, but since they agree in all the particulars in which we can already compare them, is it not probable they agree likewise in this? Let the experiment be made.

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