A Digest of the Doctrine of Bail in Civil and Criminal Cases

Cadell, 1783 - 272 páginas

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Página 216 - ... county, city or place where the commitment was, or where the offence was committed, or in such other court where the said offence is properly cognizable, as the case shall require, and...
Página 219 - ... before the fact, to any petty treason or felony, or upon suspicion thereof, or with suspicion of petty treason or felony, which petty treason or felony shall be plainly and specially expressed in the warrant of commitment, that such person shall not be removed or bailed by virtue of this Act, or in any other manner than they might have been before the making of this Act.
Página 225 - ... room, and dying within a year after, thought fit to commit the defendant again for murder. And upon a habeas corpus Strange pro def moved he might be admitted to bail, on producing copies of the informations, and affidavits of the former trials, and of the identical nature of the offences : but the court refufed to look into the informations, though they were prefTed with the Lord Mc.huns cafe, Salk.
Página 38 - ... goods and chattels, lands and tenements, UPON CONDITION that, if the defendant be condemned in the action, he shall pay the condemnation, or render himself a prisoner in the Fleet for the same; and, if he fail so to do, you John Kose and Peter Hamond do undertake to do it for him.
Página 252 - We command you that, by good and lawful men of your bailiwick, you make known to the said...
Página 194 - ... pounds the tools of his Trade & wearing apparel excepted Now they insisted that it was not reasonable to demand greater bail than his Estate could countersecure & cited Hawkins who says that Justices must take care that under pretence of demanding sufficient Security they do not make so excessive a demand as in effect amounts to a denial of Bail for this is lookt on as a great grievance & is complain'd of as such by the 1 of W & M Sess 2?
Página 268 - ... and every of them, and his and their goods and chattels, lands and tenements, of...
Página 208 - Broderick contra urged, That in error to reverfe an outlawry the Court will take bail, but not to reverfe a judgment in an indictment : At laft the Court refufed to bail him, being in execution for a fine, and having committed a very notorious breach of the peace in, the heart of the city, though a long vacation was coming on.
Página 148 - ... if they were not guilty of some other larceny aforetime, or guilty of receipt of felons, or of commandment, or force, or of aid in felony done...
Página 248 - ... suspicion, and to put them in prison ; and to take of all them that be not of good fame, where they shall be found, sufficient surety and mainprize of their good behaviour towards the king and his people...

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