A grammar of the Spanish language

John Weale, 1852 - 149 páginas

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Página 162 - EDUCATIONAL AND CLASSICAL SERIES. HISTORY. i. England, Outlines of the History of; more especially with reference to the Origin and Progress of the English Constitution. By WILLIAM DOUGLAS HAMILTON, FSA, of Her Majesty's Public Record Office. 4th Edition, revised. 5s. ; cloth boards, 6s. 5. Greece, Outlines of the History of; in connection with the Rise of the Arts and Civilization in Europe. By W. DOUGLAS HAMILTON, of University College, London, and EDWARD LEVIEN, MA, of Balliol College, Oxford.
Página 161 - DICTIONARIES has long been felt by the younger students in schools, and by the classical scholar who requires a book that may be carried in the pocket ; and it is believed that the present is the first attempt which has been made to offer a complete Lexicon of the Greek Language in so small a compass. In the volumes on ENGLAND, GREECE and ROME, it is intended to treat of History as a Science, and to present in a connected view an analysis of the large and expensive works of the most highly valued...
Página 156 - College, Cambridge. To which are added, Directions for Great Circle Sailing; an Essay on the Law of Storms and Variable Winds ; and Explanations of Terms used in Ship-building. Ninth Edition, with several Engravings and Coloured Illustrations of the Flags of Maritime Nations.
Página 166 - EMBANKING LANDS FROM THE SEA, the Practice of. Treated as a Means of Profitable Employment for Capital. With Examples and Particulars of actual Embankments, and also Practical Remarks on the Repair of old Sea Walls.
Página 48 - I shall be Thou wilt be He will be We shall be You will be They will be...
Página 51 - I am * Thou art He is We are You are They are Perfect I have been Thou hast been He has been Present Participle Being Indicative Imperfect I was Thou wast He was We...
Página 53 - I had been. Thou hadst been. He had been. We had been. You had been. They had been. Future Perfect (§178) I shall have been.
Página 53 - I should have been, thou wouldst have been, he would have been; we should have been, you would have been, they would have been.
Página 10 - Juan que los enemigos crecían en número y experiencia; que eran avisados por los moriscos de Granada, ayudados con vitualla, reforzados con parte de la gente moza de la ciudad y la Vega; que no cesaban las pláticas y tratados, el concierto de poner en...
Página 43 - I should have had, thou wouldst have had, he would have had ; we should have had, you would have had, they would have had.

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