A Series of Letters, Discovering the Scheme Projected by France, in MDCCLIX, for an Intended Invasion Upon England with Flat-bottom'd Boats ...: To which are Prefixed the Secret Adventures of the Young Pretender ...

author and sold, 1767 - 268 páginas

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Página 49 - For he who fights and runs away May live to fight another day ; But he who is in battle slain Can never rise and fight again.
Página 97 - If you shall spare any guilty of this crime, God's curse light on you and your posterity; and if I spare any that are found guilty, God's curse light on me and my posterity for ever...
Página 151 - I'd be a Dog, a Monkey or a Bear, Or any thing, but that vain Animal, Who is so proud of being rational.
Página 97 - Italian custom should be introduced among us! Therefore, my lords, I charge you, as you will answer it at that great and dreadful day of judgment, that you examine it strictly without favour, affection, or partiality. And if you shall spare any guilty of this crime, God's curse light on you and your posterity! and if I spare any that are guilty, God's curse light on me and my posterity for ever!
Página 175 - ... time before obtained his liberty. He then told me, he •would order a good fire in the room, and wood, defiring me to let him know when I wanted any thing. Going to the room, where I was to lie, conducted by this captain, I found a candle •and a good fire burning, a table, two chairs, and a tolerable bed. for fuch a place. An elderly man, an under-ofHcer of the houfe, came in and put on a pair of fheets. On their going away, the captain locked me up with as much...
Página 97 - My lords the judges, it is lately come to my hearing that you have now in examination a business of poisoning. Lord! in what a...
Página 169 - Cafting my eyes about, as foon as the coach ftopt, and not feeing any perfon in the great court, nor at the doors or •windows of any of thofe buildings, but every thing with an appearance of retirement and tranquillity, I inftantly concluded it to be a convent, or the palace of fome archbifhop, or other perfon of diftinguifhed rank in the church. Getting out of the coach, the Swifs came dire&ly to us.
Página 173 - ... reflection, I had the confolation to think, I had neither faid or done any thing to give offence 1 was now impatient to look at the paper given me by Buhot, which I had as yet found no opportunity to. do in private. In the fame breath, I was defirous to have farther difcourfe with the noble captain, and afked him, who thofe people were that I had feen, at coming in, drefled in fo particular a manner ? He told me, they were a few of the prifoners, who behaved well, who had been a long time confined,...

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