The Act for the Abolition of Arrest on Mesne Process in Civil Actions, and Also the Acts Relating to Or Amending the Same; Together with the Rules, Orders, and Cases. With an Appendix of Forms

V. and R. Stephens and G.S. Norton, 1840 - 272 páginas

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Página 187 - had any disposing power which he might, without the assent of any other person, exercise for his own benefit, to hold the said goods and chattels to the said AB, as his proper goods and chattels ; and also to hold the said lands, tenements, rectories, tithes, rents, and hereditaments respectively, according to the nature and tenure thereof
Página 30 - lunacy, whereby any sum of money, or any costs, charges, or expenses, shall be payable to any person, shall have the effect of judgments in the superior courts of common law, and the persons to whom any such monies, or costs, charges, or expenses shall be payable, shall be deemed
Página 168 - 1839. THE Right Honourable CHARLES CHRISTOPHER, Lord COTTENHAM, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, by and with the advice and assistance of the Right Honourable HENRY, Lord LANGDALE, Master of the Rolls, and the Right Honourable Sir LANCELOT SHADWELL, Vice-Chancellor of England, doth hereby order and direct in manner following ; that is to say,
Página 146 - the authority of the same, that all contracts, dealings, and transactions by and with any bankrupt really and bond fide made and entered into before the date and issuing of the fiat against him, and all executions and attachments against the lands and tenements or goods and chattels of such bankrupt,
Página 1 - 1 & 2 VICT., CAP. 110. An Act for abolishing Arrest on Mesne Process in Civil Actions, except in certain Cases; for extending the Remedies of Creditors against the Property of Debtors; and for amending the Laws for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors in England. [16th August, 1838.]
Página 176 - of , attorney for the plaintiff [or plaintiffs] within-named. Or, This writ was issued in person by the plaintiff within-named, who resides at [mention the city, town, or parish, and also the name of the hamlet, street, and number of the house of the plaintiffs residence, if any such there be]. No.
Página 202 - omit not by reason of any liberty of your county, but that you enter the same and "] take CD, if he shall be found in your bailiwick, and him safely keep, so that you may have his body before us [or, in CP " before our justices," or, in the Exch. " before the barons of our Exchequer,"] at Westminster,
Página 4 - (A), and shall bear date on the day on which the same shall be issued : provided always, that the said writ of capias and all writs of execution to be issued out of the superior courts of law at Westminster into the counties palatine of Lancaster and Durham, shall be directed to the chancellor of
Página 3 - against the defendant or defendants to the amount of twenty pounds or upwards, or has sustained damage to that amount, and that there is probable cause for believing that the defendant, or any one or more of the defendants, is or are about to quit England unless he or they be forthwith apprehended
Página 30 - centum per annum from the time of entering up judgment, or from the time of the commencement of this act in cases of judgments then entered up and not carrying interest, until the same shall be satisfied ; and such interest may be levied under a • writ of execution on such judgment. DECREES AND ORDERS

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