Minutes of the General Council of Medical Education & Registration of the United Kingdom; of the Executive Committee, and of the Branch Councils, Volumen7


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Página 128 - General Council of Medical Education and Registration of the United Kingdom, for which purpose I submit the following particulars : — Applicant's Signature.
Página 199 - Published under the direction of the general council of medical education and registration of the United Kingdom, pursuant to the medical act (1858).
Página 121 - India from the royal college of surgeons of England and the royal college of physicians, relative to the prevalence of venereal disease among the British troops in India.
Página 103 - It shall be lawful for the General Council by Special Orders to dispense with such Provisions of this Act or with such Part of any Regulations made by its Authority as to them shall seem fit, in favour of...
Página 113 - Customs, shall for every such offence be liable, on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding twenty pounds...
Página 125 - To write a few sentences in correct English on a given theme, attention being paid to spelling and punctuation as well as to composition.
Página 112 - General, or receives the second notice back from that office or does not within three months after sending the second notice receive any answer thereto from the said person, that person shall, for the purpose of the present section, be deemed to have ceased to practise, and his name may be erased accordingly.
Página 14 - Preliminary Examination in General Education, conducted by a Board appointed by these two Colleges combined. FACULTY OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS OF GLASGOW : Preliminary Examination in General Literature. ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS IN IRELAND : , Preliminary Examination, Certificate to include Mathematics. APOTHECARIES' HALL OF IRELAND : Preliminary Examination in General Education.
Página 58 - No medical student shall be registered until he has passed a preliminary examination, as required by the General Medical Council, and has produced evidence that he has commenced medical study.
Página 194 - Act ; and also in favour of any Persons who have held Appointments as Surgeons or Assistant Surgeons in the Army, Navy, or Militia, or in the Service of the East India Company, or are acting as Surgeons in the Public Service, or in the Service of any Charitable Institutions...

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