Ward and Lock's pictorial guide to London


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Página 59 - Beeton's Modern Men and Women : A British Biography from the Accession of George III. to the Present Time.
Página 7 - HOSTESS AND GUEST. A Guide to the Etiquette of Dinners, Suppers, Luncheons, the Precedence of Guests, &c. With numerous Engravings* Fcap. 8vo, ornamental wrapper, is. ; cloth gilt, is. 6d. THE "HOW
Página 8 - MRS. BEETON'S EVERY-DAY COOKERY AND HOUSEKEEPING BOOK. Comprising Instructions for Mistresses and Servants, and a Collection of over 1,650 Practical Recipes. With Hundreds of Engravings in the Text, and 142 Coloured Figures showing the Modern Mode of sending Dishes to Table.
Página 19 - LONDON (Euston), BIRMINGHAM, LIVERPOOL, MANCHESTER, LEEDS, BRADFORD, and other places in England. Sleeping and Day Saloon Carriages. Through Guards and Conductors. The Caledonian Company's Trains from and to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Carlisle, &c., connect on the Clyde with the ' Columba,' ' lona,'
Página 23 - Penzance, and the Land's End ; while the Broad Gauge Carriages running in the Fast Express Trains to and from the West of England, for which they have been specially built, are THE FINEST RAILWAY CARRIAGES IN ORDINARY USE IN THE KINGDOM.
Página 9 - MANAGEMENT takes due precedence of every other Cookery Book, so this extraordinary collection of Needlework Designs will become the book, par excellence, for Ladies to consult, both for Instruction in Stitches and all kinds of Work, and Patterns of elegant style and irreproachable good taste.
Página 19 - TOURISTS are recommended to procure a copy of the Caledonian Railway Company's "Tourist Guide," which can be had at any of the Company's Stations, and also at the chief Stations on the London and North-Western Railway, and which contains descriptive notices of the Districts embraced in the Tours, Maps, Plans, Bird'sEye View, &c.
Página 54 - Hotel is situated on the Lower Lake, close to the water's edge, within ten minutes' drive of the Railway Station, and a short distance from the far-famed Gap of Dunloe.
Página 23 - Taunton, and proceed the next day, an arrangement which conduces largely to the comfort of invalids and others to whom a lengthened railway journey is objectionable. FAMILY CARRIAGES (with lavatories and other conveniences), containing compartments for servants, can be engaged on payment of not less than Four First Class and Four Second Class Fares.
Página 49 - Fares are according to distance or time, at the option of the hirer, expressed at the commencement of the hiring ; if not otherwise expressed, the fare to be paid according to distance ; but driver can refuse to be hired by time between 8 pm and б a.ra.

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