eleventh annual report of the bureau of civil service

1905/06 includes also "Appendix...containing laws relating to the Philippine civil service, civil service rules, examination repuirements...opinions of the attorney-general, resolutions of the Philippine commission, statistics of examinations and appointments. Bureau of insular affairs, War Dept. Washington, 1907."

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Página 43 - By authority of the President of the United States^ be it enacted by the United States Philippine Commission, that: Section. 1.
Página 58 - ... to the habitual use of intoxicating beverages to excess; or who has been guilty of a crime; or of infamous or notoriously disgraceful conduct...
Página 59 - The duties performed by members of examining committees and special examiners shall be considered part of the duties of the office in which they are serving, and time shall be allowed for the performance of such duties during the office hours of said office.
Página 43 - That it shall be the duty of said commissioners: FIRST. To aid the President, as he may request, in preparing suitable rules for carrying this act into effect, and when said rules shall have been promulgated it shall be the duty of all officers of the United States in the departments and offices to which any such rules may relate to aid, in all proper ways, in carrying said rules, and any modifications thereof, into effect.
Página 61 - ... provided that for original entrance to the position proposed to be filled by reinstatement there is not required by these rules, in the opinion of the Commission, an examination involving essential tests or qualifications different from or higher than those involved in the examination for original entrance to the position formerly held by the person proposed to be reinstated.
Página 61 - ... 2. When two or more eligibles on a register have the same average percentage, preference in certification shall be determined by the order in which their applications were filed, but neither priority in the date of application nor of examination will give any other advantage in position on the registers of eligibles.
Página 62 - Any person who has been transferred from one classified position to another classified position may be retransferred to the position in which he was formerly employed, or to any position to which transfer could be made therefrom, without regard to the limitations of these rules.
Página 47 - I, , solemnly swear (or affirm) that I recognize and accept the supreme authority of the United States of America in the Philippine Islands and will maintain true faith and allegiance thereto; that I impose upon myself this obligation voluntarily without mental reservation or purpose of evasion. So help me God.
Página 55 - Board shall prepare rules adapted to carry out the purpose of this act, which is hereby declared to be the establishment and maintenance of an efficient and honest civil service...
Página 59 - ... 3. The period of eligibility shall be one year from the bi] f t e y riod of eligi " date on which the name of the eligible is entered on the register...

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