Inaugural Address to the Students of the University of Glasgow ... 1879

John Murray, 1879 - 40 páginas

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Página 40 - Be thorough in all you do, and remember that, though ignorance often may be innocent, pretension is always despicable. Quit you like men, be strong, and the exercise of your strength to-day will give you more strength to-morrow. Work onwards, and work upwards ; and may the blessing of the Most High soothe your cares, clear your vision, and crown your labours with reward.
Página 28 - Io veggio ben , che giammai non si sazia Nostro intelletto, se '1 Ver non lo illustra, Di fuor dal qual nessun vero si spazia. Posasi in esso come fera in lustra, Tosto che giunto 1' ha : e giugner puollo, Se non, ciascun disio sarebbe frustra: Nasce per quello a guisa di rampollo Appiè del vero il dubbio : ed è natura, Ch' al sommo pinge noi di collo in collo. Questo m' invita, questo m' assicura Con riverenza, Donna, a dimandarvi D' un' altra verità, che m
Página 29 - Put it on its trial ; allow none of its assumptions ; compel it to expound its formulae ; do not let it move a step except with proof in its hand ; bring it front to front with history ; even demand that it shall show the positive elements with which it proposes to replace the mainstays it seems bent on withdrawing from the fabric of modern society. When it alleges that our advanced morality (such as it is) is really the work, not of Christianity, but of civilisation, require it to show cause why...
Página 20 - ... which is not tied in the same degree to position and immediate issues, and which, introducing wider laws of evidence, gives far more scope for suspense of judgment, or, in other words, more exact conformity or more close approximation between the mind and the truth which is in all things its proper object. We all appreciate that atmosphere of freedom which within the legal precinct is constantly diffused by a healthy competition.
Página 20 - The mcii find their own adjustment ; and while I have hinted to youths intending to follow this noble profession the expediency of tempering it with collateral studies, I congratulate them on the solidity of the position they are to hold. No change, practical or speculative, social or political or economic, has any terrors for the profession of the law.
Página 19 - As the god Terminus was an early symbol of the first form of property, so the word law is the venerable emblem of the union of mankind in civil society.
Página 19 - Its personal agents are hardly less important to the general welfare than its proscriptions, for neither statute nor Parliament nor press is more essential to liberty than an absolutely free-spoken Bar. Considered as a mental training the profession of the Bar is probably, in its kind, the most perfect and thorough of all professions.
Página 18 - ... various degrees, incidental to the pursuits of the modern commercial world. The habits of mind, formed by Universities, are founded in sobriety and tranquillity. They help to settle the spirit of a man firmly upon its centre of gravity.
Página 33 - ... are the highest of all studies. As the human form is the groundwork of the highest training in art, so those mental pursuits are the highest which have man, considered at large, for their object.
Página 40 - Be assured that every one of you has his place and vocation on this earth ; and that it rests with himself to find it. Do not believe those who too lightly say, nothing succeeds like success : effort, Gentlemen, honest, manful, humble effort succeeds, by its reflected action upon character, especially in youth, better than success.

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