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After the Painting by Chappel,

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He scene Chappel illustrates with such spirit, followed the climax of Pa rick

Henry's speech in support of the “Resolutions against the Starp abrot,

which he introduced in the Virginia House of Burgesses, May 29th, 1765. The cry of «Treason!” from the speaker and his « Conservative suporters whici interrupted the climax, «Cæsar has his Brutus, Charies 1. his Cromwell, and George III. -_» is suggested so graphically by the artist that it is almost possible to hear it. Chappel's work as an illustrator during the first half of the nineteenth century entitles him to permanent remembrance among American historical parters. He has been estimated by his own generation and that which followed a below his real worth. The flaw in his work is a reflex of its excellence. This filelity in detail is to some extent at the expense of freedom, but his work shows :2 101:!e inieal, great skill in execution and a prevailing devotion to rules of unity, which govern not less in oratory than they do in pictures. Wiat this means in art is illustrated by the fact that every leading live in this picture forces atteation to the orator as the central figure.

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