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University of Cambridge. By the Rev. C. Simeon, M. A. Fellow of King's College, Cambridge. ls.

Sermons on the Evidences, the Doctrines, and the Duties of Christianity. By the Rev. W. H. Rowlatt, A. M. of St. Jobn's College, Cambridge. 2 vols . Svo. 11.

Sermons, by the Rev. John Martin, more than forty Years Pastor of the Baptist Church, formerly meeting in Grafton-street, Sobo, and now in Keppelstreet, Bedford-square. London. Taken in Short-band by Thomas Palmer. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. Is ; to Non-Subscribers, 11. 4s.

Sermons, extracted from the Lectures of Bishop Porteus. By Thomas Baker, A. M. Rector of Stanmer, Susses. 8vo, 9s.

Twelve Lectures on the Prophecies relating to the Christian Church, and especially to the Apostacy of Papal Rome, practised in the Chapel of Lin. coln's Inn, from 1811 to 1815; being the vinth Portion of those founded by Bishop Warburton. By Philip Allwood, B. D. Fellow of Magdalen College, Cambridge. 2 vols. Bvo. 11. ls.

Fifty-seven Sermons on the Gospels or Epistles of all the Sundays in the Year, Christmas Day, the Circumcision, and Good Friday; for the Use of Families and Country Congregations. By the Rev. R Warner. 2 vols. 1200. 169.

Sermons, preached in the Church of Kelmallie. By the Rev. John Ross, A. M. Svo. 5s.

Discourses on the Apostles Creed. By the Rev. Robert Stevens, A. M. Svo. 7s.

A Series of Discourses on the Christian Revelation, viewed in Connexion with Modern Astronomy. By T. Chalmers, D. D. 8vo. 85. Christian Essays. By the Rev. Samuel Charles Wilks. 2 vols. 12mo. 146.

TOPOGRAPHY, VOYAGES, AND TRAVELS. Two Sketches of France, Belgium, and Spa, in Tours, during the Summers of 1771 :nd 1816. By the Author of Letters from Paris in 1802-3. 8vo.

An Account of the island of Jersey ; containing a Compendium of its Ecelesiastical, Civil, and Military History, Antiquities, &c. &c. By W. Plees. 11. 1s.

French Books recently imported by Messrs. BossANGE and MASSON,

14, Great Marlborough Street. Des Colonies et de l'Amérique. Par M. De Pradt, Auteur du Congrès de Vienne, de l'Ambassade de Pologne, et des Mémoires sur l'Espagne. 2 vol. Svo. 11. 13

Journal de Madame la Duchesse d'Angoulême lors de sa Captivité au Temple. 8vo. 4s.

Journal de la Captivité du Roi Louis XVI. au Temple. Par Cléry. 1 vol. 12mo. 6s.

Histoire de la Politique des Puissances de l'Europe. Par Paoli de Chagni. 4 vol. 8vo. 21. 2s.

Histoire de la Révolution Française Par le Maire. 3 vol. 12mo. 175. Les Douze Siècles, Nouvelles Françaises. Par Madame Elizabeth. 2 vol. 12mo. Plates 18s.

Biographie des Hoinmes Marquans, tomes 1 et 2. 11. 4s. Se publie tous les dens mois.

Elémens d'Electricité. Par Singer. 1 vol. 8vo. 12s.

L'Ange des Prisons, ou Histoire de la Captivité du jeune Roi Louis XVII. 1 vol. 12mo. 6s.

Biographie des Jeunes Demoiselles. 2 vol. 12mo 12s.
Les Roses. Par Redouté. Première livraison. 4to. 21.

Idem. fol. 4. Chaque livraison contient 6 planches coloriées avec le plus grand soin, et dans le genre des Liliacées du même Auteur. L'ouvrage com. let aura 20 livraisons.

Départ d'Eden. Par Delille. 18mo. with plates. 5s.



Promenades aux Cimetières de Paris et aux Catacombes. 1 vol. 12me. plates. 8s.

Voyage d'an Etranger en France. 8vo. 58.
Quinze Jours à Londres 8vo. 53.
Six Mois à Londres. 8vo. 7s.
Education complette de l'Enfance. 12mo. plates. 8s.
Le Brigand Saxon. 2 val. 12mo. 86.
Auguste et Frederic. 2 vol. 12mo. 7s. 6d.
Azelie, ou les Vicissitudes. 3 vol. 12mo. 12s.
Vie et Fin déplorable de Madame de Budois. 2 vol. 12mo. 10s.

Château du Mystère, ou Adolphe et Eugénie. Par Brissot de Warville. vol. 12mo. 16s.

Annales du Musée, par Landon-Galerie de Manthius, formant le 32e volume L'ouvrage complet en 32 volumes, se vend 11. le volume.

Galerie Théâtrale. ou Recueil des Portraits des plus fameux Acteru. Fançais, tels que Messrs. Talma, St. Prix, &c. 7eme livraison. 135.

French Works just published by TREUTTEL and WURTZ,

No. 30, Soho Square.

Abrégé des Mémoires ou Journal du Marquis de Dangeau, estrait du Manuscrit original, contenant beaucoup de particularités et d'Anecdotes sur Louis XIV. sa cour, &c. Avec des Notes Historiques et Critiques, et uno un abrégé de l'Histoire de la Régence. Par Madame de Genlis. 4 Vols. 8vo. II. 12.; or on vellum paper, 31. 4s.

Précis des Evènemens Militaires, ou Essai historique sur les campagnes de 1799 à 1814-Les Campagnes de 1799 and 1800. 4 Vols. 8vo. Avec Atlas in Folio, 3). 17s.; or on vellum paper, 71. 145.

Journal 6énéral de la Littérature de France, ou Indicature bibliographique et raisonné des livres nouveaux en tous genres, estampes, cartes géographiques, etc. qui paraissent en France, classés par ordre de matières. In Monthly Numbers. 2s. each

Journal General de la Littérature étrangère, &c.: a Supplement to the preceding. In Montbly Numbers, 2s. each.

Journal des Savans: resumed by order of the King, on the 1st of Septeraher, 1816. In Monthly Numbers. 40. 55. each.





Açu (town), notice of, 361-remarkable lake in its vicinity, ib.
Adventurers, increase of, accounted for, 540, 541.
Ague, Brazilian remedy for, 383, 384.
Alerandria (modern), desolate condition of, 2.
Alexandrian Librury, destroyed by the Saracens, 329.
Amaro (St.) festival of, 347, 348."
Americans, dishonest practices of, in seducing British seamen to desert,

70, 71--ubservations on the war, that established their independence,

Amherst (Lord), reception of, in China, 408-refuses to prostrate him-

self before the Emperor of China, ib. -Chinese account of the em-

bassy and its failure, 409-412_remarks thereon, 414-416.
Amusements, ancient, of the Scots, 437, 438.
Anecdotes, value and importance of, 208, 209_of David Hume, correct-

ed, 279.
Ants, ravages of, in Brazil, 381, 382.
Arianism, observations on the progress of, in England, 535.

Baffin (Captain), Voyage of, in search of a North-west Passage, 158.
Balfour, a Scottish covenanter, anecdotes of, 473.
Banks (Mr.) notice of his travels and researches in Nubia, 19, 20.
Barnes (Captain), Tour through Saint Helena, 480—-account of the

choosing of Buonaparte's residence, 500.
Bath Savings Bank, notice of, 100.
Bathurst (Earl), his refutation of Buonaparte's falsehoods, 487, 496, 497,
superstition of the Brazilians, 372–present state of St. Luiz or Maran-
ham, 373—character of the planters, 374-extraordinary instance or
gratitude and integrity, ib --description of Mr. Koster's plantation,
375, 376-account of the festival of N. Senhora do 0, at Pernambuco,
377-381-ravages of ants, 381--serpents and other venomous in-
sects of Brazil, 383—horrid treatment of consumptive patients, ib.--

Becket (Andrew) Shakspeare's himself again, 85-specimens of his ab-

surd erpendations, 86-89.
Bogue and Bennet (Messieurs), the Historians of Dissent, observations on,

523, 524.
Bothwell Bridge, anecdotes of the battle of, 459, 460, 462.
Brazil, state of society in, 346_account of Recife, 345, 346--and of

the government of Pernambuco, 348_state of literature, 349_no-
tice of the towns of Goiana, 350—and of Paraiba, 361-Brazilian
hospitality described, 352-354-370-general appearance of the
interior of the country, 354, 355_description of the town of Natal,
355-journey across a desert described, 356, 357_effects of drought,
358—Brazilian kindness to strangers, 359-notice of the town of
Açu, 361-remarkable lake in its vicinity, ib.-salt marshes, 362–
description of the town of Seara, 364-present state of the Indians
of Pernambuco, 365, 366-anecdotes of the governor of Seara, 366,
367-sharacter and manners of the Sertanejos, 367-37Qmesiogular

present state of slavery in Brazil, 384-386.
Bunaparte, (Napoleon), account of his departure from France, and

surrendering to the British government, 215, 216_his consession
respecting the murder of Captain Wright, 218-observations on it.
220, 221-his account of the murder of the Duke d’Enghien, 219–
remarks thereon, 221, 222-recommended the poisoning of his
sick soldiers, 222—acknowledges the massacre of part of the garrison
of Jaffa, 2:3—remarks thereon, ib. 224-brief review of bis conduct
in Italy and Egypt, 233—and in Holland, 234--intimidated from
invading England, 237_his usurpations in Portugal and in Spain,
238—driven thence by British valour, 239—tyranny and cruelty of
bis government in France, 240--and of his foreign policy, 241, 242
-his appeal to the British nation, on the subject of his treatment at
Saint Helena, 430--sketch of the causes that now give him popu-
larity, 481, 482--bis treatment at Saint Helena justified by facts,
482--abstract of the treaty of 1814, and the provision made for him
in the isle of Elba, 483, 484-execution of him the most proper
mode of disposing of him, 485_exposition of his mancuvres to keep
alive the interest of his partisans in Europe, 486, 487--and of bis pre-
tended charges of ill treatment, 488--491 - Saint Helena the best
place of security for bis person, 492—his extravagant claim of impe-
rial titles exposed, 492—495his prohibition of carrying on a secret
correspondence vindicated, 495—his falsehoods exposed, 496, 497–
the honourable and delicate conduct of Sir Hudson Lowe towards him,
498, 499—-falsehood of Buonaparte's complaint of his self-chosen re-
sidence, 499-503—Santini's assertions of his being in want, 503,

504--refuted by Lord Bathurst, 504, 505.
- Burchardt (M.) notice of bis travels in Egypt and Nubia, 3, 7, 17.

Burnett (John, Esq.), biographical sketch of, 37, 38, 39.
Byron (Lord), Childe Harold, Canto III. and other Poems, 172-account
of his Lordship's early poetical attempts, 173, 174-general charac-
ter of the first two cantos of Childe Harold, 175-180—of his sub-
sequent pieces, 180, 181-and of bis poetry, 183–186-extracts
from Childe Harold, Canto III., 188--190-beautiful address to bis
daughter, 190–199, 200—plan and subjects of the Tbird Canto, 191
-194—beautiful description of the evening preceding the battle of
Quatre Bras, 194—196-poetical character of Rousseau, with re-
marks, 197—199--fable of bis Castle of Chillon,' 200, 201-ex-
tracts from it, 202--and from his minor poems, 203-206-observa-
tions on the causes of his Lordship's unhappiness, 207, 208.

Cairo, present state of, 6—account of its police, 5--detestable traffic in

slaves there, 7.

Cameronions, or Scottish Presbyterians, account of, 476–479.
Camisars, or French prophets, anecdotes of, 474, 475.
Campbell (Archibald) shipwreck and adventures of, 69-sketch of the

author's earlier years, 70--seduced from a British ship into the Ame-
rican service, ib. arrival at Japan, and reception there, 71-wrecked
on the north-west coast of America, 71, 72-hospitable treatment of
the natives, 73–sufferings of Campbell from intense cold, 74-em-
barks in the Neva for the Sandwich Isles, 75-arrives at the island of
Wahoo, ib.—is taken into the king's service, ib.-mode of living there,

76-embarks for Europe, ib. -and arrives at Edinburgh, 77.
Cataracts of the Nile, notice of, 12, 13.
Catechising, importance of, 553.
Childe Harold. See Byron (Lord).
China, account of Lord Amherst's Embassy to, 408—416.
Chinese Literature, misrepresented by ibe Romish missionaries, 397–

cultivated successfully by the East India Company's servants, 338–
account of a Chinese Poem on London,' 399, 400-account of the
Chinese Draina, 400-402-resemblance between it and the ancient

Greek Drama, 405, 406,
Churchill's poetry, remarks on, 203, 204.
Cicero, notice of recently discovered fragments of, 332, 333,
Cobbett (William) dangerous principles of, exposed, 273—276_extract

from one of his libellous papers, 548, 550-remarks thereon, 549, 550.
Collot d'Herbois, wretched death of, 540.
Common Council of London, Resolutions of in 1814 and 1816, contrasted,

243, 244–strictures on their late conduct, 513, 514.
Confirmution, importance of, 553.
Cook (Captain) notice of bis voyage, 163, 164.
Copts, character of the, 4.
Cortereal (Casper) voyage of, in quest of a north-west passage, 154.
Covenanters (Scottish) anecdotes of, 446, 447-characters of their prin-

cipal leaders, 473, 474-oppressed by the Scottish Privy Council,

477---specimen of their preaching, 477, 478.
Cowper (William, Esq.) Poems, Vol. III., and Life, 116-general cha-

racter of the new volume, 117-of Cowper's Latin poetry, ib.-of
his versions of Milton, ib.-tribute to the memory of Ashley Cowper,
Esq., 118_beautiful sonnet to Mrs. Unwin, 119-estimate of his
poetical character, 120, 121--and of bis letters, 121, 122_Cowper
a moral poet, 122-account of his Memoirs of his early life, with ex-

tracts, 123-127-observations thereon, 128.
Curwen (Mr.) plan of, for mitigating the pressure of the poor rates, 96,


Dakki, notice of a beautiful temple at, 17.
Darwin (Dr.) poetical machinery of, considered, 389—391-in what

respects a dangerous author, 392.
Davis (Captain) notice of bis voyage in search of a porth-west passage,

Davis (F., Esq.) translation of a Chinese drama, 396_outline of the

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