Classified Catalogue of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, 1895-1902, Parte4

Carnegie library, 1904
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Página 935 - Screw Cutting Tables, for the use of Mechanical Engineers, showing the proper arrangement of Wheels for cutting the Threads of Screws of any required pitch, with a Table for making the Universal Gas-pipe Threads and Taps.
Página 609 - Reports upon the survey of the boundary between the territory of the United States and the possessions of Great Britain from the Lake of the Woods to the Summit of the Rocky Mountains.
Página 578 - Vol. I.— The Constitution of Nature— Radiation— On Radiant Heat in Relation to the Colour and Chemical Constitution of Bodies — New Chemical Reactions produced by Light — On Dust and Disease — Voyage to Algeria to observe the Eclipse — Niagara — The Parallel Roads of Glen Roy — Alpine Sculpture — Recent Experiments on...
Página 725 - Report of a Geological Reconnaissance in California, made in Connection with the Expedition to Survey Routes in California to connect with the Surveys of Routes for a Railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean, under the Command of Lieut. RS Williamson : with an Appendix containing Descriptions of Portions of the Collection by Professors Agassiz, Oould, Bailey, Conrad, Torrcy, Schacffer, and Easter.
Página 609 - JT) A New and Complete Set of Traverse Tables, showing the Differences of Latitude and the Departures to every Minute of the Quadrant and to Five Places of Decimals. Together with a Table of the lengths of each Degree of Latitude and corresponding Degree of Longitude from the Equator to the Poles ; with other Tables useful to the Surveyor and Engineer. Fourth Edition, thoroughly revised and corrected by the Author.
Página 647 - Manual of Chemistry. A Guide to Lectures and Laboratory work for Beginners in Chemistry. A Text-book, specially adapted for Students of Pharmacy and Medicine.
Página 957 - RAILWAY APPLIANCES. A Description of Details of Railway Construction subsequent to the completion of Earthworks and Masonry, including a short Notice of Railway Rolling Stock. By J. W.
Página 774 - ... that this can be done only by examining and dissecting the plants themselves; and that it is best to confine the attention to a few leading types, and to take up first the simpler and more easily understood forms, and afterwards those whose structure and functions are...
Página 666 - Contents. Aluminium Compounds. China Clay. Iron Compounds. Potassium Compounds. Sodium Compounds. Ammonium Hydrate. Acids. Chromium Compounds. Tin Compounds. Copper Compounds. Lead Compounds. Zinc Compounds. Manganese Compounds. Arsenic Compounds. Antimony Compounds. Calcium Compounds. Barium Compounds. Cadmium Compounds. Mercury Compounds.
Página 968 - THE MISSISSIPPI AND OHIO RIVERS : containing Plans for the Protection of the Delta from inundation, and Investigations of the Practicability and Cost of Improving the Navigation of the Ohio, and other Rivers, by means of Reservoirs.

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