The History and Proceedings of the House of Commons from the Restoration to the Present Time ... Illustrated with a Great Variety of Historical and Explanatory Notes ... with a Large Appendix ...


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Página 249 - the Prince of Orange (whom it hath pleafed Almighty God to make the glorious Inftrument of delivering this Kingdom from Popery and Arbitrary Power) did (by the Advice of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and divers principal Perfons of the Commons)
Página 251 - of Orange, be, and be, declared King and Queen of England, France and Ireland, and the Dominions thereunto belonging, to hold the Crown and Royal Dignity of the faid Kingdoms and Dominions, to them the
Página 135 - Prefentment before Juftices, or Matter of Record, or by due Procefs, and Writ original, according to the old Law of the Land And if any thing from henceforth be done to the contrary, it fliall be void in the Law, and holden for Error. ' Thefe are Laws that are as much in force as any
Página 249 - Eftablifliment, as that their Religion, Laws and Liberties, might not again be in danger of being fubverted : Upon which Letters, Elections having been accordingly made ; and thereupon the Lords Spiritual and Temporal,
Página 158 - Memory ; that I will always take care to defend and fupport it. I will make it my Endeavour to preferve this Government both in Church and State, as it is now by Law
Página 259 - Kingdom of England, and the Dominions thereto belonging according to the Statutes in Parliament agreed on, and the Laws and Cuftoms of the
Página 254 - the lame to the fubverfion of the Proteftant Religion, and the Violation of the Laws and Liberties of the Kingdom: Inverting all the Ends of Government, whereby he hath forfeited the Right to the Crown, and the Throne is become vacant
Página 249 - of the Crown, by pretence of Prerogative, for other time, and in other manner, than the fame was granted by Parliament: By railing and keeping a Standing-Army
Página 197 - the Conftitution of the Kingdom, by breaking the Original Contract between King and People, and hath violated the fundamental Laws, and withdrawn
Página 190 - defire, That the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen of the City of London would be prefent at the fame time ; and that the Common-Council wou'd appoint fifty of their Number to be there

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