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54 Devonshire St., Boston, Mass. E. ELDON DEANE, Architectural Colorist and





AND PIPE, WHICH WILL BE FOUND TO BE VERY USEFUL TO ARCHITECTS. Railway Stations (45,000 steps) are now being equipped with MASON SAFETY TREAD, securing safety and

IT IS SENT ON REQUEST durability by the most economical means. Architects write NEW YORK


Boston, Mass.






Removed to Owings Building.
Send two 5 cent stamps for Catalogue.

JOHN WILLIAMS, 544 to 556 West 27th Street, New York.

WROUGHT IRON AND BRASS WORK TO SPECIAL DESIGNS ONLY. Gen'l Supt. Building Construction. REFERENCES : White, N. Y.; Babb, Cook & Willard, N. Y., Bruce Price, N.Y.; R. M. Hunt, N. Y.; Bailey,

(Tiffany & Co., N. Y.; Cottier & Co., N. Y.; L. Marcotte & Co., N. Y.; McKim, Mead & At present engaged on work at Montreal, Can.

Banks & Biddle, Phila.; Frank Hill Smith, Boston ; A. H. Davenport, Boston.


"Topical Architecture"

A Series of Classified Designs,

Arranged for






PART 10.


Other Parts in Preparation. Price: Single Part, 40 cts. Three (different) Parts, $1.00. Ten (different) Parts, $3.00.


The American Architect

and Building News

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... IN ...

and al propo: Shingletint is made in all desir


Harmony of Colors

is an important thing in the artistic development of a house and therefore colors should be selected that are of known dura

bility and uniformity of color tone and IS PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY BY

tinting strength. These qualifications are

characteristic of the The American Architect and Building News Co.,

Harrison Colors 211 TREMONT ST., Boston, MASS.

HARRISON BROS. & CO., Inc. Advance Subscription Rates:

White Lead, Colors, Paints, Varnishes & Chemicals Regular Edition, $6.00 per year; six months, $ 3.50

35th and Gray's Ferry Road, Philadelphia International Edition, per year in advance, 16.00

27 Lake St., Chicago 117 Fulton St., New York quarterly

18.00 (Foreign Postage, $2.00 Extra.)

E. T. BARNUM, Payment should be made to American Architect and Building Nows Co. direct, either by draft

DETROIT, MICH. or post-office order.

ART METAL WORK Address all business correspondence to

The Improved Shingle Stain and the publishers direct.

Preservative. Imparts an artistic BRASS, STEEL and IRON. Advertising Agents : '

Send for Catalogue. New York City:

finish to shingles and prolongs H. M. Carleton, Temple Court, 5 Beekman St. their life by penetrating the pores

Agents at Large:
F. P. Spokesteld, 211 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. of the wood and retarding decay.

(Advance Rumors Continued.)
Burrell & Fowler, 310 New England Bldg.,

Cambridge, MA 88.–Plans for tbe new Washington

Grammar School, to be erected at the corner of Advertising Rates: For “wants” and “propos

Cambridge and Felton Ste., are being drawn by als,".. 15 conts per line 18 words to the line), each able shades, is easily applied, the Architect George Fogerty of Cambridgeport. The insertion. 60 cents the least charge. Other rates

building itself will cost $-0,000. It is to be three on application. colors are permanent, and money stories in heigbt, of brick and sandstone. Fourteen

class-rooms will be located ou tbe main floors. On 8oo last

the third floor, in addition to the four class-rooms is saved by its use. next 1souo for the following odvortisemonts :

there will be found the large school ball, seating Carter's Inks. Full information and finished

600 persons and baving a gallery at the rear seat

ing 200 more. Canton Steel Roofing Co., The Dwight Lumber Co. samples of wood mailed free for Chattanooga, Tenn. – An Odd Fellowr Temple

will be built here. The building will be 504 100, Electric Storage Battery Co. The Fox Machine Co. the asking.

four stories in height. The building is to be Koasby & Mattison Co.

modern in every particular. No architect bas been Morso, Williams & Co.

omployed. Address secretary Chattanooga Lodge,

No. 45, 1. 0. O. F.
Seifert, Frank A.
Spaulding Print Paper Co.

Mrs. H. L. Whiteside bas promised to give $10.000 BERRY BROTHERS, Limited, toward the erection of an edifice for the First Taylor, N. & G. Co.

Church of Christ Scientists, provided the church Thorn Oo., J. S.

Varnish Manufacturers,

will raise another $10,000. Part of the amount has

been socured. Soo the frst issue of the month for the following advertisements :

Chestertown, Md.-The plans of Hodges & Leaeb. Alson's Portland Cemont Works.

DETROIT, MICH. 16 Wilson Building, Baltimore, have been accepted

for a $20,000 school. Atlas Portland Cement Co. Dayton Automatio Elevator Gate Co., The

Chicago, Ill. - The Central Park Presbyterian Folsom Snow Guard Uo. New York, 252 Pearl St. CHICAGO, 15 and 17 Lake St.

Chorch, Rev. H. A. Van Branken, pastor, 829 Grand Rapids Moulding Co.

Warren Ave., contemplates tbe erection of a new Boston, 520 Atlantic Ave. CINCINNATI, 304 Main St. Ludlow Saylor Wiro Co.

$50.000 church, with seating capacity of 1,700, on Nelson, C. T., & Co. BALTIMORE, 22 E. Lombard St. St. Louis, 112 N. Fourth St.

the site of the old cburch at the corner of Warren

and Sacramento Aver. New Jersey Zinc Co.

PHILADELPHIA, 26 and 28 N. Fourth St.

The Tabernacle Baptist congregation will erect Pitt, Wm. R. Thiolo, E.

SAN FRANCISCO, 117 and 119 Market St.

a $50,000 edifice on W. Madison St. E. Stanford Hall, arcbitect.

Ruddy Bros. will erect a new slaughter-house to take the place of the one destroyed by fire several weeks ago. The new building will' be a briek

structure, costing $125,000. (Reported for The American Architect and Building News.) Cincinnati, 0. – The Board of Education bas his offices to the New York University Building,

adopted the plans of Dornette & Gordon, 55 PickerWashington Sq., East, New York City. Entrance 32

ing Building, for a school at Kilgour and Ellen Waverly Pl.


[Although a large portion of the building intelligence Sts.; cost, $60,000.

is provided by their regular correspondents, the edi-Dallas. Tex. - The plans of M. R. Sanguinet, of WANTED. tor's greatly desire to receive voluntary information, Fort Worth, have been selected for the Carnegie

Library. ARTNER. --- Young architect, artistic and experi- especially from the smaller and outlying towns.] enced designer, desires business partner with

Danville, III.-Fred G. Brown, of Urbana, has precapital and influence; or permanent position with any


pared plans for a $150,000 six-story office building large concero requiring architectural service. Refer- Algona, la.-lhe Masons contemplate erecting a

to be erected by Kinbrough & Platt. oncos exchanged. Addross “ Young Architect," this

Reports state the Masons will build a $25,000 office.

$20,000 building. 1287

temple in this city. Amesbury, Mass. -The library trustoes awarded Dotroit, Mich. – Architect Lloyd bas prepared WANTED. the contract to Frank G. Colburn & Co., of Boston,

plans for the enlargement and inprovement of the at $20.650, for erecting the new public library

residence of E. y. Swift, Lafayette and 3d Sts. building. Penn Varney, architect, Lyon. W. H. The Police Commissioners will build a station on Boston or vicinity, by a man with fifteen years' B. Curner, chairman, trustees. experiouce in construction, superintending and office

Grand River Ave., near 12th St., to cost $16,000.

C. H. Colwell will build a three-story apartment, management. Address “Roxbury,” care of American Apploton, Wis. - A site on College Avo., next to Architect.

corner of 3d and Kirby Aves.; cost, $8,000. 1287

the Presbyterian Church, has been secured for tho
erection of an armory for tho Appleton Light Architect Rice has prepared plans for a sob


station for the Michigan Telepbone Co., cost, Atlantic City, N. J.- The Philip Anns Co., 1001

$14.500. Location 12th and Baker Sts. Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa., bas plans for an

The Fire Commissioners will build a fire-boat rendered by export colorist and designer. Temapartment-house to be erected at the corner of

station, McDougall Ave., cost, $12,000. Donaldson porary assistance, perspectives, sketches, etc., at ar Atlantic and Delawaro Aves., for the Reed A part

& Meier, architects. chitects' offices within reasonable distance. Address ment-house and Investment Co. Plans by Archi

The Board of Park Commissioners are asking for “Artist," 454 Devon St., Arlington, N. J. 1293

tect Harold F. Adams provide for a five-story

drawings in competition for an aquarium and bor. building. 96' x 100', of stone and brick.

ticultural building to be built on Belle Isle, and

cost $100.000. Competition will be confined to BUILDING PATENTS. Austin, Tox. - Bids will soon be ask od for the

Detroit architects. erection of the new Stato Epiloptic Asylum at Abi The bicentennial memorial, projected by Sanford lene, plans and specifications for which have been

White, of New York, and wbich was to cost $1,000,completed and approved by the Board of Trustees.

000, has been abandoned. The best the committee (Printed specifications of any patents here mentioned Battle Crook, Mich. - Reports state that the Sani could do after waiting on servant and multetogether with full detail illustrations, may be obtained tas Food Co., Ltd., will erect a four-story brick millionaire was the promise of about $350,000. The of the Commissioner of Patents, at Washington, for building, 50' x 100', at a cost of $10,000.

project did not at all meet with favor among the five cents.]

The Battle Creek Puro Food Co., Ltd., will erect majority of the citizens.

a three-story brick and stone manufacturing build Dr. Newman will build a $60,000 residence on 654,601. URINAL. - William Bunting, Jr., Brook ing, 100% = 150.

Jefferson Ave., near Dubois St., from designs by lino, Mass, 654,602. MIXING AND CONTROLLING VALVE FOR Barre, N. H.- Fred'k Coburn is preparing plans

Architect Stanton, of New York. for a five-story fireproof hotel building, 55°, 2104, Doylestown, Pa.– The Bucks County Historical BATHING APPARATUS. - William Bunting, Jr.,

to be built at the corner of Merchant and N. Main Brookline, Mass.

Society has purchased a lot in this borough, and 654,606. SANITARY RETORT. – Byron Coburn, Le Sts., for Messrs. John and George Jackman.

has now a fund of $5,000 toward the $10,000 necesRoy, N.Y. Big Stone Gap, VA. – Frank P. Milburn is prepar.

sary to erect a building. 654,609. SLIDING-DOOR LOCK. Alexander Cre.

ing plans for a $12,000 school-house to be built Duquesne, Pa. – The Carnegie Steel Co., of Pittsmond, Lyons, Ia.


burgh, havo begun the erection of a new plant for 654,614. BUILDING - BLOCK. – Joab Ellis, Cleck.

R. A. Ayers & Co., bankers, will build a bank and the manufacture of merchant steel. The mill will hoaton, Eng.

office building to cost $15,000. Plans are being pre be 600 feet long and 250 feet wide. The building 654,619. DOOR-HANGER AND TRACK TAEREFOR. pared by Frank P. Milburn, Charlotte, N. C.

will be erected by the American Bridge Co., and - John C. Gabel, Jr., Onarga, III. Bloomington, Ill. - It is reported that George L.

will cost $600,000. 654,656. ELEVATOR-CONTROLLER. – Nils 0. Lind Harvey, 115 Monroe St., Chicago, has been rotained Durham, N. C.– The Southern, Seaboard Air Line strom and Allan Cowperthwait, New York, N. Y. to mako plans for a bank, store and hall building and Norfolk & Western Railroads are said to have

654,683. CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION.-Ira A. Shaler, for the State National Bank, to cost about $80,000. agreed to build a $50,000 to $60,000 Union Depot. Now York, NY. 654,699. 'APPARATUS FOR MOVING HOUSES. - Jo- Bristol, Pa, Isaac Pursell, of Philadelphia, is Fall River, Mass.-P. J. McQuillan, Thomas St.,

preparing plans for a $25,000 church for the Pres has been awarded the contracts to construct two rome Abbee, Reno, Nev. 654,709. SCAFFOLDING.–Richard J. Bungard, Lonbyterian congregation.

school-houses; estimated cost, $36,000 and $34,000, don, Eng.

Brooklyn, N. Y.- Efforts are being mado to havo respectively. Architect, Louis G. Destremps. 634,717. ROOFING. – Nicolas Daubach, Hormsdorf

a woman's prison built. Mrs. Emelie J. Meury and Fort Atkinson, Wis.- Plans have been adopted Unterm-Kynast, Ger.

Mrs. Darwin R. James aro actively interested. for a six-room, to cost $10,000. 654,718. GAS - HEATING FORNACE. David A. Buffalo, N. Y.-The Buffalo Railway Co. has plans Fort Smith, Ark. – The Belle Point Hospital Ebinger, Columbus, O.

for a large tomporary shed, 88' x 518', to be built on Association will erect a brick and stone hospital 654,719. HEATING-FURNACE. – David A. Ebinger, Elmwood Ave., near tho Pan-American grourds: building, to cost about $10,000. Milton P. Boyd, Columbus, O.

cost, about $12,000.








COSTS NO MORE THAN PINE and will last for generations. Resists fire. Does not SWELL, SHRINK, CHECK or SPLIT, and EXCELS all other woods for BUILDINGS.

REDWOOD SHINGLES have no equal. Will last 50 to 75 years.

REDWOOD can be bought at retail of the following named dealers:

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We have in stock and in transit from one to two millions of Redwood and can furnish any sizes required. Read our references from week to week; also write us for descriptive booklet.



Telephono Boston 1911.



BUILDING INTELLIGENCE. (Advance Rumors Continued.)

(Advance Rumors Continued.) Galena, Kan.- A lodge building, costing about the contract for erecting the new $25,000 bank and $25,000, will be built by the A. 0. U. W.

office building for the Lynchburg National Bank. Hagerstown, Md. - Bruco Price, of New York Maryville, Mo.- The local Odd Fellows, Knights

T City, is proparing plans for a stone and iron public of Pythias and Masonic lodges will build an operalibrary building. Cost estimated at about $25,000.

H house and lodge building, to cost about $25,000. Hartford, Conn.- The Connecticut Mutual Life Memphis, Tenn.-It is reported that the Christian

E Insurance Co. will erect a stone, brick and steel Scientists have purchased a site for the erection of

M office-building, eight stories high; 140 foot front, a $35,000 church. Mrs. Francis J. King, reader. 103 feet deep; on the north side of Pearl St., adjoin; Milwaukee, Wis. - The contract for a new build

I ing the Coonecticut Mutual Building; estimated

ing for Concordia College has been let to C. Schok. cost, $500,000. necht, 1212 Second St.; estimated cost, $40,000.

0 Hobokon, N. J.-A site has been purchased for

X Gimbel Bros. will érect $200,000 building of the now school at a cost of $19,400.

steel construction. Indlanapolls, Ind. - The Fellowship congregation Otto and Adolph Pietsch, of the Pietsch Dye


G will erect an $18,000 churoh at Alabama and 22d Works, have taken out a permit for the erection of Sts. Rev. Mr. Helming, pastor. a four-st'y brick building on W. Water St., near H

R Jackson, Miss.-Report states that a $50,000 opera

Wells, to cost $25,000. It will be 40' x 100', to be houso will be erocted.

used for store purposes and dye works.

The Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran IndepenKansas City, Mo.-F. G. Bonfils, Denver, Col., will dent congregation will erect a brick veneered erect a three-story, 48' 3 120, brick building at the church, 381 x 60', at Madison St. and 12th Ave.; corner of 8th St. and Grand Ave., after plans by

cost, $8,000. Geo. Matthews; cost, about $60,000.

Monessen, Pa. - Adolph Boes, 5th Ave., will erect Lake Gonova, Wis. – The School Board voted to a four-story brick hotel casting about $21,000.

For Hard Plaster, Lime, Cement, etc. erect new buildings to cost $18,000.

Muscatine, Ia.– The citizens have voted to accept Lawrencovillo, Pa.- Plans have been prepared a gift of a $30,000 library building from P. M.

Description and Prices on application for a $50,000 two-story gymnasium building for the Musser. Contracts have not yet been let.

W. D. DUNNING Lawrenceville Preparatory School.

New Haven, Conn.- President Artbur T. Hadley Lewiston, Idaho.- The Sistors of St. Joseph will of Yale states that several contracts for new build

239 W. Water St., Syracuse, N. Y. build a $10,000 or $15,000 hospital here. Plans ings will be awarded at the next meeting of the have not yet been prepared.

Yale University corporation in October. Lincoln, Neb.- The City Library Board has ac- New York, N. Y.- The Committee on Buildings, cepted plans submitted by Fisher & Lawrie, of Board of Education, has awarded contracts as Omaha, for the Carnegio Public Library Building. follows: For erecting school 178, Boro. of Bronx, to Construction will begin as soon as working plads H. M. Weed & Co., 2585 Broadway, at $118,895; and can be prepared; cost, $68,000.

for erecting schools 134 and 131, Boro. of Brooklyn, BUILDING INTELLIGENCE. Los Angeles, Cal.-Tho Pacific Art Manufacturing to John 1 hatcher & Son, 54 Park Ave., Brooklyn, at Co., recently organized, will erect a $350,000 plant $127,300 and $132,500, respectively.

(Advance Rumors Continued.) for the manufacture of tiles. Charles Ernost, ar. The Sinking Fund Commission will issue bonds to chitect. G. J. Griffith, president.

the amount of $200,000 for an armory for the First Philadelphia, Pa. - The contract for the erection Louisville, Ky.- Architect J. B. Hutchings, Co

Battery, and $60,000 bonds for an armory for the

of a fire-house at Park Ave. and Cambria St., has lumbus Building, bas prepared plans for a $12,000 Second Naval Battalion,

been awarded to Geo. W. Pierson, for $29,795.

Architect W. W. Slack is working on preliminary addition, 46' x 859, to the Columbia Trust Co.'s Norristown, Pa.-H. M. Simpson has been awarded

plans for a $15,000 stone church for the English building.

the contract for the new $25,000 stone church for Lutheran congregation of this city. Armour & Co., of Chicago, Ill., bave plans for a the Central Presbyterian Society.

Architects Perot & Bissell, Bourse Building, $250,000 packing plant to be erected in this city if North Todawanda, n. Y. - Local press reports are preparing the plans for a new stone and granite à suitable sito can be secured. If tho plant is state that Wm. Allen has received the contract for parish building for the Church of the Messiah, of established hore it will be later enlarged by the the erection of a school, including heating, for this city. It will be two and a half stories high addition of other buildings, which will bring the $74,724.

and measure 40 x 80 feet. Estimates will be retotal outlay to $1,000,000. Oakville, Conn.- A four-story brick factory build

quested next week. Lowell, Mass.- The Massachusetts Corporation is

ing, 50' 1 125', is to be built by the American Pin

It is stated that a handsome and commodious preparing to build one of the largest storehouses Co., of Waterbury.

theatre will be erected on the site of the old Baldin New England on Bridgo St., on tho sito now

win Mansion, 1112-1120 Chestnut St., to be leased occupiod by corporation tonements which are to be Ogontz Park, Pa.- Lawrence V. Boyd, Harrison torn down, Building, Philadelphia, is preparing plans for two

by B. F. Keith. According to present plans the

theatre will run north from Sansom St., a distance The High St. Congregational Society contemplates $15,000 houses for W. T. B. Roberts.

of about 125 feet. There will be an entrance to the disposing of its present church property and build- Omaha, Neb. - Chas. Cleaves has prepared plans playhouse 40 feet wide, leading from Chestnut St., ing a new edifico at the corner of Nesmith and for P. E. Slee for a $60,000 building to be erected and two stores on either side. Wyman Sts. The John St. Congregational Society at 11th and Howard Sts.

Drawings and detailed specifications by Archiis also interested in the move and a union church Pascoag, R. I. - A $12,000 three-story brick library tects Newman, Woodman & Harris, Real Estate may be built.

will be 'erected here, wbich will be known as the Trust Building, for the new armory, at 23d and Lynchburg, Va., Wilson & Seay were awarded

Jesse M. Smith Memorial Library. Albert S. Chestnut Sts., have been completed. Bids to be in
Greene, Charles L. Steero et al., trustees.

August 25.

American Bridge Company

Designers and
Builders of ..

Steel Bridges, Steel Buildings

..And All Classes of..

Metallic Structures

ع ع ع ع ع ع

General Offices: 100 Broadway, New York



Steel Beams


Patent Automatic Scuttle Opener BUILDING INTELLIGENCE.
This Opener can be easily opened from the floor below,

(Advance Rumors Continued.)
and will remain open. It is operated with ONE rope, whichi

both opens and closes the scuttle. When closed, it is self. Charles Bebb will furnish plans for a four-story

locking, having two (2) bolts, making it impossible to open brick block to be erected on 18t Ave., near Jackson 4 inches from the roof. In case of fire, there is no climbing of ladder

St., by Samuel Squires; cost, $15,000.

to unlock scuttle. One pull of the rope opens bolts and scut-
20 inches
tle, which remains open, allowing, people to escape by way

William Nottingbam, Syracuse, N, Y., will ereet of the roof. It is made of wrought and malleable iron, and a six-story building at 1st Ave. and Spring St., alter deep.

will not break or get out of order. Simple in construction. plans by Max Umbrecht; cost, $50.000. ALL STRUCTURAL SHAPES.



Selma, Ala. - A Masonic Templo is to be ereeted NEW YORK OFFICE 45 BROADWAY.

WORKS, here to cont not less than $30,000. It will be in Boston Omco, No. 81 Stato Street.

242 & 245 West 47th St., New York.

charge of Selma Fraternal No. 27, and will be built

on a lot on Broad St. The structure will be thrre Telephone 675, 38th St.

stories and basement; the first floors will be used


Sioux City, Ia.-Andrew Roth, architect, has plans in preparation for a school-house to be erected Dear

here, to cost about $10,000. BSTABLISHED 1840.

Sooysmith & Adgate will erect a store-building after plans by Burkhead & Reese. It will be a tbree-story brick and stone structuro, 50 x 150,

costing $29,000.

Sleepy Eye, Minn. - Anton Dobman, Milwaukee, Pronts for Buildings, Cornices, Lintels and Sills, Doors and Shutters, Girders and Beams, Fire-escape

Wis., has drawn plans for a stone church to be Balconies and Ladders, Columns and Roots, Sky and Floor Lights, Stable Fittings and Fixtures,

erooted for St. Mary's Congregation; cost, $40,000. Sidewalk Lights. Artistic work in Wrought and Cast Iron, Brass and Bronze. Designs and Estimates of Cost Furnished for Work in any Department.

Spokaoe, Wash.-C. D. Bibbing bas bad plads pre

pared by 0. F. Whito, architect, for a three-story Foundry and Shops, East 28th and East 29th Sts. Office, 315 East 28th St., New York.

brick apartment-house. It will contain 12 a pari. ments of two to tive rooms each. Will have steam

heat, etc.; cost, $30,000. BUILDING INTELLIGENCE.


Stonington, Conn.- Reports state that tbe Stop

ington Building Co. will build a $12,000 addition to (Advance Rumors Continued.)

(Advance Rumors Continued.)

tho plant of the American Velvet Co. Architect Joseph M. Huston has plans for esti for a stone church, 55' < 100, for the Catholic con- Terre Haute, Ind.-The First Congregational Somates for constructing a seven-story fireproof gregation. hotel on the site of the Pennsylvania Railroad's Rankin, Pa.

The American Wire & Steel Co. will

ciety has accepted plado prepared by W. H. Floyd, former depot at Atlantic Ave., Chelsea, for the

Opera-house Block, for a $26,000 church. Dr. L. J. Atlantic City and Chelsea Improvement Co. The

spend about $75,000 in repairs and enlargements to Weinstein, chmn. proposed structure will be of steel, and will be 175 their plant.

Reports state that the

Maple Ave. M. E. Society feet square. The walls are to be built of terra Rhinelander, Wis. - St. Mary's Catholic Church, has accepted plans for a $15,000 church. Rev. E. S. cotta, and it will have 400 rooms. It will contain latoly burned with a loss of $20,000 will be rebuilt.

Shumaker, pastor. all modern improvements, including hot and cold Richmond, Va. - Improvements to the extent of Troy, Kan.- Plans bave been prepared by H. M. salt water. Bids close August 15. $15,000 will be made in the Virginia Hospital, in

Hadley, Topeka, for opera-bcuse, to be l uilt 101.c. Thomas M. Seeds, Jr., will build a $20,000 brick this city. Noland & Baskerville are preparing the

Leland, Jr. It will be constructed of pressed and stone residence for William H. Wanamaker at drawings for a new wing wbich will contain clinical

brick, stone and terra-cotta, and will cosi atout 1917 Walnut St. The front will be of Indiana lime wards and a new surgical amphitheatre. It will

$15,000. stono,

connect with the newer portion of the University | Waltham, Mass.- $30,000 has been appropriated Pittsburgh, Pa. – Architects Beezer Brothers, College of Medicine, which was designed by the

for a school-house to be erected on Chestnut St. Liberty National Bank Building, are preparing

same architects. There will be another story wildwocd. N. J.-Willis G. Hale, Weightmen plans for a $15,000 brick church for the Carros added to the hospital proper, to give rooms for the Building, Philadelpbia, Pa., is preparing piss 10 Street Baptist congregation of the East End. purses.

a $150,000 five-story brick and frame botel, 76' x The congregation of the recently organized Cal

Plans for the erection of the Second Baptist 156', to be built here. vary Lutheran Church of Wilkinsborg has decided

Churcb aro now undergoing modifications in the Wilkinsburg, Pa.- Tho Calvary Lutheran Society to build a church on Ross Ave., and work on the office of the architects, Noland & Baskerville. will erect a $25,000 brick church from plans by L. structure will be commenced at once; cost, $25,000. This building will cost $50,000, and its erection will

A. Raisig, Penn and Wood Ste. Rov. J. Bradley Architect Sydney F. Heckort, 341 Sixth Ave., has soon commence.

Markward, pastor. prepared plans for a $40,000 parish school, to be Rock Springs, Wyo.- The Union Pacific R. R.

HOSPITALS. erected at 21st and Smallman Sts., for St. Stanis. will baild a $10,000 station. laus congregation. Scranton, Pa.--Conrad Schroeder bas been awarded Montclair, N. J:

Plymouth St., 21-st'y fr. cffice, Pocatello, Idaho.The plans propared by W. E. the contract for the new armory at $128,195.

dwell. & hospital; $15.000; o., Dr. R. P. Francis: a., Ware, of Salt Lake City, Utah, bave been accepted Soa Gate, N. J.-Ludlow & Valentine, New York

Bigelow, Wallis & Cotton, 1193 Broadway, New for rebuilding the opera-house; estimated cost,

York City.
City, have completed plans for a cottage, 45 x 60,

HOTELS. $15,000.

for Harris K. Smith. Port Clinton, 0.- Architect J. A. Downoy, Na Seattle, Wash.-Tho Hemrich Brewing Co. will

Buffalo, N. Y.- Delaware Ave, and Bertel St., twotional Union Building, Toledo, is preparing plans

st'y bk. &st. hotel; $30,000; O., Pan-American Sysorect a $200,000 brick and steel plant.

dicate; a., V. Emile Thébaud.

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88 Beekman Street, FORM OF FLATTERY."

NEW YORK, N. Y. The success of our “Monarch" Automatic Instantaneous, Gas Water Heater has led others to make poor imitations. To protect the public, and our own interests, we give

The Primo NOTICE! We believe all forms of water heaters now manufact

Improved by variations of water pressure in the heater, are infringements on one or more of the following patents, which are owned by this company:

No. 584,828, Jun. 15, 1897 No. 620,888, Mar. 14, 1899
No. 563,275, May 25, 1897 No. 601,428, Mar. 29, 1898

No. 583,276, May 25, 1897

No, 608,540, Aug. 2, 1898
No. 591,588, Oct. 12, 1897 No. 603,972, Aug. 9, 1898
All manufacturers, sellers or users of such heaters are doing so con
trary to law, and it is our intention to protect our rights under the patents

PLATE 495 R. by all legal means.


Cistern with Nickel


ets, Nickel-plated

INLETS “ Monarch " Automatic, Instantaneous Water Heater,

Brass Flush Pipe,

Nickel-plated Chain, 306 WOOD ST., PITTSBURGH, PA.

Hardwood Pull and
Brass Floor Flange.
Copyrighted, 1897.

Copy of circular furnished on appli

There are two and ONLY TWO absolutely safe ma-
chines that will pump water every day in the year.
They are

The Improved Rider Hot Air Engine .

The Improved Ericsson Hot Air Engine.
Catalogue "B" on application. Address the nearest office,




23 Cortlandt St., NEW YORK. 239 Franklin St., BOSTON.


Teniente Rey, 71,

692 Craig St., MONTREAL. P.Q.

| 40 N. 7th St., PHILADELPHIA.

22A Pitt St., SYDNEY, N. s. w: C'TY-HALL.

[At Marshfield, WIR.]

Bids will be received until August 21st for the BUILDING INTELLIGENCE.

erection of a city-ball. W. L. LITTLE, city clerk.

1287 HOUSES.


L Bloomington, Ill. - N. Clinton St., two-st'y fr.

[At San Antonio, Tex.) SCH

CHOOL-HOUSE. dwell., 31 x 34', blato roof, hot water; $5,000; 0., Designs for Carnegio Library will be received at

(At Cleveland, O.) John Ó. Walker; a., Paul O. Moratz. the office of W. W. Johnson, city clerk, until Sep

Sealed bids will be received by the Clerk of the Boston, Maon. - Bennett Ave., Nos. 20-22, Ward 6,2 tembar 17. For prospectus giving full information, dishing labor and material to complete the schrol.

Board of Education until September 10th for furfour-st'y bk.dwolls., 16' x 20' 8 35', flat roofs, stoves; conditions, eto., address E. G. TRUEHEART, city

building at Tod and Waterman Sts.

1287 $13,000; 0., Rosie Rudwick; b., Jamos Rudwick, 114 engineer.

1287 Mt. Vernon Ave.

CHOOL-HOUSE. Bennington St., cor. Byron St., Ward 1, three-st'y


(At Seattle, Wash. ] fr. dwell., 24' x 50, pitch roof, hot water; $4,000;

The Board of Directors of District No. 1 will 0., Margaret McCarthy; b., J. N. Thisland, si Homor St., E. B.

receive sealed proposals until September y for the L'E

Wensley St., nr. Bickford St., Ward 19, three-st'y

(At Sedalia, Mo.)
construction of a senior grammar school. LYMAN


BANKS, secretary. fr. dwell.. 24' x 45', flat roof, stoves; $4,500; 0; & bTrustees, Carnegie Library, for

the erection of a

Sealed proposals will be received by the Board of
John F. Costello, 1394 Columbus Ave.; a., A.

(At Fort Washington, Md.] E. Cottage Şt., nr. Dorchester Ave., Ward 16, 3


Sealed proposals, in triplicate, will be received three-st'y ir. dwells., 24' x 50, fiat roofs, furnaces;

unul August 21st for erection and completion of $12.000; 6. & b., Boyd & Berry, 8 Grant Śt.

an administration building and guard house at Fort Harwood st., nr. Willowwood st., Ward 24.27Public BUILDINGS.

(At Roston, Mass.] Wasbington, Md., at the office of Constructing Quart. st'y fr. dwell., 24' x 36', pitch roof, furnace: $4,500; Sealed proposals, in triplicate, will be received ai -rmaster, 419 N. Washington St., Alexandria, Va. o. & b., A. H. Green, 19 Lauriat Ave.

the Depot Quartermaster's office, 170 Summer St., ABE S. BICRHAM, major and quartermaster, U.S. Calumet St., nr. Hillside St., Ward 19,2 three-st'y until September 4th for constructing at Fort Vols.

1286 fr. dwells., 24' x 62', pitch roofs, stoves; $12.000; o., Strong. Boston Harbor, Mass., one barrack, two Frank Normile; a., T. J. Desmond, 2 St. Alphonsus double officers' quarters, one stable, one bakery, one St.

ATH-HOUSE. storehouse, one double non-commissioned staff quar


(At Boston, Mass.) Brooksdale St., nr. Raneleigh Road, Ward 25, 2}- ters, one hospital and one hospital steward's quarters. Bids are wanted September 4 for erecting a st'y fr. dwoll., 28' x 32', pitch roof, furnace: $5.000; ). E. SAWYER, Depot Quartermaster, U. S. A., public bath. ISIDORE WACHSMAN, CIk. Bd. Con0., W. N. Parsons; b., John S. Ourish, 26 Hobart Boston, Mass.

1287 tract and Supply.

1286 St.

Brookline Ave., nr. Longwood Ave., Ward 19, 2 three-st'y fr. dwells., 10 x 15' x 40', pitch roofs,

(At Beloit, Kan.) OFF

(At West Point, N. Y.) furnaces; $6,000; 0., N. G. Nickerson; a., Rand & Sealed bids will be received uptil September 3d Sealed proposals, in triplicate, will be received Skinnor, 336 Boylston St.

for the eroction of a court-house. COMMISSIONERS Fessenden St., or. Chestnut Ave., Ward 22, two- MITCHEL COUNTY.

here until 12 M., September 1, 1900, for con.

1287 struction of three double sets officers' quarters as per st'y fr. dwell., 29' x 45', pitch roof, furnace; $4,000; 0., Mary J. Scott; b., H. P. Oakman & Sons, Ne

plans in tbis office. U. S. reserves right to accept or ponget.


reject any or all proposals or any part thereof.

[At Urbana, O.) Webster St., No. 116, Ward 2, three-st'y fr. dwell.,

Forms and specifications furnished upon application. Sealed bids will be received by the Board of Educa18' 21' x 76, flat roof, stoves; $5,000; O., Agnos tion until September 1st for the erection of a

Address Q. M., U. S. A.

1286 Finkelstein; b., Abram Finkelstein,533 Bennington school-house. O. F. W. AMBROSE, clerk. 1287 HURCH. St., E. B.

[At Chicago, Ill.] White Terrace, Dr. Lauriat Ave., Ward 24, 24-st’y fr. dwell., 33' 38', pitch roof, furnace; $4,500; o. & Washington, D. C., August 13th, 1900. Sealed proTreasury Department, Ofico Suporvising Architect, The Building Committee of St. Paul's M. E.Church,

corner of Asbland dve. and Harrison St. will receive b., Benj. F. Crosscup, 62 Ballou Ave.

posals will be received at this office until 2 o'clock P. bids until August 22 for the erection of a stone and TENEMENT-HOUSES.

M. on the 17th day of September, 1900, and then brick church. Plans may be seen at tbe church or at Boston, Mass.-Grove St., No. 42, four-st'y bk, flata, opened, for the construction (except heating appa th, office of Architects Brown, Burton & Davis, 910

30 x 45', flat roof, stoves; $12,000; 0., Jacob Good- ratus, electric wiring and conduite) of the U. Š. Post Neave Boilding, Cincinnati, o. REV. M. B. WILman; a., Frod’k A. Norcross. office building at Menominee, Michigan, in accordance LIAMS, 314 S. Marshfield Ave., pastor.

1286 Minneapolis, Minn.-S. Eighth Ave., Nos. 616-630, with the drawings and specification, copies of wbicb two-st'j & base. flats, 53 x 140'; $16.000; 0., Wm. may be had at this office, or at the office of the Post


BURCH. Peet, agent; b., John Fagerstrom; a., F. B. & L. L. master at Menominee, Mich., at the discretion of



[At Wheaton, 111.] Long.

the Supervising Architect. JAMES KNOX TAYLOR, The Building Committee of the Gary M. E. Church

Supervising Architect.

will receive proposals upti) August 24 1or the erec

tion of a stone and brick church, Plaus may be seen Boston, Mass. – Union Ave., Ward 23, two-st'y bk. Washington, D. C., August 9, 1900. Sealed proposals Treasury Department, Office Supervising Architect,

at Wheaton or at the offices of Architects Brown, storehouse, 57' x 75', flat roof; $30,000; o. & b., B. will be received at this office until 2 o'clock P. M. on

Burton & Davis, 910 Neave Building, Cincinnati, O. F. Sturtevant Co., on promises.

E. H. GARY, Wheaton, Ni.

1286 the 12th day of September, 1900, and then opened, for the construction (except heating apparatus, electric

Sealed proposals will be received at the office of COMPETITIONS. wiring and conduits) of the U. s. Post-office and

the Light-house Engineer, Tompkinsville, N. Y., Court house at Beaumont, Texas, in accordance with

until 12 o'clock M., August 18th, 1900, and then Plans and specifications are wanted September 6 master at Beaumont, Texas, at the discretion of Light-house Depot, Tompkinsville, New York. In. (At Key Wost, Fla. be had at this office. or at the office of the POS opened, for furnishing

the material and labur of all

kinds necessary for dredging the basin at the U. S. for a 60 x 80-foot brick armory, to cost not over $15,- the Supervising Architect. JAMES KNOX TAYLOR, 000. Address all communications to GEO. W. REYN. Supervising Architect.

formation furnisbed on application to D. P. HEAP, 1237

1286 OLDS, county clerk. 1286

Lieut. Colonel, Corps of Evgineere, U. S. A.
Treasury Department, Office Supervising Architect,
Washington, D. C., A uzust 8. 1900. Sealed proposals Washington, D. C., August 6th, 1900. Sealed pro-

Treasury Department, Office Supervising Architect, (At Key West, Fla.) will ho received at this office until 2 o'clock' P. M. on

posals will he received at this office until 2 o'clock George W. Reynolds, county clerk, will receive the 19th day of September, 1900, and then opened, for

P.M. on the 27th day of August, 1900, and then opened, plans, specifications and bids until September 6 the superstructure, interior finish, plumbing ap. for the construction (except heating apparatus, etc.) for a brick school to cost not over $20,000. 1286 proaches, etc., for the U. S. Public Building at Cbey; of the outbuildings for the U. S. Bureau of Engrav

enne, Wyoming, in accordance with the drawings and ing and Printing at Washington, D. C., in accordIGH SCHOOL. specification, copies of which may be bad at this

anice with the drawings and specification, copies of [At Buffalo, N. Y.] office, or the office of the Postmaster at Cheyenne,

which may be had at this office or at the office of the Competitive designs will be received until Sep-Wyoming, at the discretion of the Supervising. Ar. Superintendent at the Bureau, at the discretion of tember 26 for West Side High School. R. G. PAR

chitect. JAMES KNOX TAYLOR, Supervising the Supervising Architect. JAMES KNOX TAYLOR, SONS, Secy. Bd. Pub. W ks.


Supervising Architect.





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