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Address all business correspondence to

We make the Best and Most Practical the publishers direct.

ADJUSTABLE - DRAWING - TABLE Advertising Agents : New York City :H. M. Carleton, Temple Court, 5 Beekman St.

On the Market for the Money. Agents at Large: F. P. Spokestield, 211 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. Several Styles and Sizes. If you want a Table don't fail to send for Burrell & Fowler, 310 New England Bldg.,

Cleveland, O.

our Catalogue and Prices before buying elsewhere. Advertising Rates: For “wants” and “proposals," 15 cents per line [8 words to the line), each insertion. 50 cents the least charge. Other rates on application.

J. G. ALEXANDER MFG. CO., 20 Bowery Street

Grand Rapids, Mich., U. S. A.


esidences Office mobilais Choice Interior Decorative Enamels.

Stores, Schools
Can be applied over old plaster
With potremo Presentes

Yn Give Measliements


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White Lead, Colors, Paints, Varnishes & Chemicals, for estimate

35th Street and Grays Ferry Road,

117 Fulton Street, PHILADELPHIA. 27 Lake Street, in



OF AMERICAN ARCHITECTURE. B.ston Office: 48 Congress St., Room 23. 151 MONROE ST., CHICAGO

Romovod to Owings Building. The Improved Shingle Stain and

Sond two boont stamps for Catalogue. Preservative. Imparts an artistic

BUILDING PATENTS. finish to shingles and prolongs their life by penetrating the pores 652.001. Lock-HIAGE. Oscar A. Keil, Grand

kapids, Mich. of the wood and retarding decay. 652,037. URINAL. Carl L. Naumann, Frankfort

on-the-Main, Ger.

. DOOR-SECURER. Shingletint is made in all desir Canton, o.

Robert W. Schutz,

652,051. FIREPROOF STRUCTURE. - John Streifler, able shades, is easily applied, the New York, N. Y. colors are permanent, and money cago, 199. 652,065. ROOFING COMPOUND. – Karl Wessol, Chi.

that conduct water is saved by its use. 652,071. DEVICE FOR COUNTERBALANCING SASHES,

from the roof should SHUTTERS, ETC. — George Barnes, Albert Park, Vic

add to, not detract toria. Full information and finished 652,084. HOTEL ANNUNCIATOR SYSTEM. - Clayton from the appearance of the house.

B. Clark, Sing Sing, N. Y. samples of wood mailed free for 652,118. SAFETY ATTACHMENT FOR ELEVATORS.

- Charles Kimball, Ashtabula Harbor, O. the asking.

652,120. WINDOW. - John A. Koisely, Chicago,

652,150. ROOFING. - Frank W. Terpening, St.

Louis, Mo. BERRY BROTHERS, Limited,

652,179. AIR-DRYING PROCESS. - James Gayley,
Pittsburgh, Pa.

652.219. BUILDING CONSTRUCTION. - Joba C. Pel.
Varnish Manufacturers,
ton, New York, N. Y.

is corrugated and twisted. The cor

rugation makes it strong so that it DETROIT, MICH.

will not dent or become otherwise BUILDING INTELLIGENCE.

disfigured. Because of the twist

water (or ice) descends gradually NEW YORK, 252 Pearl St. CHICAGO, 15 and 17 Lake St.

(Reported for The American Architect and Building News.) without injury to the pipe. Made Boston, 520 Atlantic Ave. CINCINNATI, 304 Main St.

in copper or galvanized iron. BALTIMORE, 22 E. Lombard St. St. Louis, 112 S. Fourth St. [Although a large portion of the building intelligence

Handsome and artistic.
PHILADELPHIA, 26 and 28 N. Fourth St.
is provided by their regular correspondents, the edi.

Write for pamphlet, "A Revelation."
SAN FRANCISCO, 117 and 119 Market St.

tors greatly desire to receive yoluntary information,
especially from the smaller and outlying towns.)

Address Dept. A,
The American Steel Roofing Co., Cincinnati, O.

Polygon Conductor Pipe

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ADVANCE RUMORS. PENING.- Experienced architect takes charge

designing, superintending any professional work, Albany, N. Y.-Fuller & Pitcher have prepared references. First-class structures erected. Would plans for the public bath-house, to be built on purchase or share office. Address Architecture, Broadway, near Orange St. The plan provides for Station B, Indianapolis, Ind.

1280 a two-story building, built of light brick and stone;
cost, about $30,000.

Attleboro, Mass.-At a special town moet ng held
recently it was voted to erect a new three-room

(Advance Rumors Continued.) school-building, to cost $7,500. Prick and Architect of large porience in stone, and steel construction in Boston and Baltimore, Ma. - George C. Haskell has prepared Hoboken, NJ: Small & Schumann, 265 Broad

way, New York, are preparing plans for a factory cinity, desires position as clerk-of-works or suporin. plans for a new church for the Methodist Society tendent onder firm of first-class architects in United to be located at Clifton and Mary Sts. It will be a

building to be erected on Willow St., near 5th St.,

for the American Lead Pencil Co. It will be conStates Age of applicant, 40 years. Address “N. brick and stone structure, 66' x 80'; cost, about

structed of brick, 64' x 75', and cost $60,000. L.,” care of American Architect, 211 Tremont St. $30,000.


Bloomington. III. – The McLean County court- Huntingdon, Pa. - Andrew Carnegie bas offered house, which was damaged by fire on June 19, will

to ereci a $100.000 library if the citizens will guarWANTED. be replaced at once by a fireproof building, to cost

antee an annual fund for maintenance. $200,000.

Indianapolis, Ind. - Sebarn & Rubush, Fitzgerald W

ANTED, - Draughtsman thoroughly versed in

construction; one who has had experience Baffalo, N. Y. - The plans of Architect Henry Ives Building, are making plans for improvements and in superintendence and specification work. Perma

Cobb, of Chicago, 111., for the new Hotel Lafayette alterations to the building recently purchased by

to be erected at the corner of Clinton and Wash. nent position for the right man. Give references and

tbe Y. W. C. A.; cost, $12,000. state salary expected. Box X, Detroit, Mich. 1281

ington Sts., have been approved. It will be a nine D. A. Bohlen has drawn plans for remodelling story structure, of brick, terra-cotta and stee! Mozart Hall. A bout $25,000 will be expended. construction, costing about $20,000.

The department of education has recommended Irvington, N. J.-A $15,000 school is to be erected to the aldermen that an addition of about six rooms

in the 2d Ward. be built to the Central High School, to cost about Macon, Ga.-P. E. Dennis has prepared plans for a $20,000.

brick dormitory and science ball for Wesleyan The American Chemical Agricultural Co. will Female College; cost, $20,000.

build a two-story frame factory at the corner of Madisonville, Ky.-W. Ş. Morton has prepared [Printed specifications of any patents here mentioned Babcock and Lyman Sts., cost, $7,000. together with full detail illustrations, may be obtained

plans for a $40,000 opora-house to be built in this of the Commissioner of Patents, at Washington, for

Chicago, Ill. – William F. Pagels bas designed 8 city.

two-story pressed brick flat buildings, 22 x 51', to milbank, s. D. – Architect Chas. R. Aldrich, of five cents.]

bo erected on the northwest side, at a cost of about

Minneapolis, Mind., has prepared plans for a brick

printing-office building for H. S. Volkmer. Columbas, 0.-Charles Baker will erect 2 two-story brick flats, 61' x 120', and 334 - 36', on Oak St., near

Milwaukee, Wis.-Milwaukee-Downer College will 631,672. ELECTRIC ELEVATOR. — Alonzo B. See, Washington, at a cost of $12,000.

erect a new dormitory building, to cost about $25, New York, N. Y.

Architect 'Wilbur T. Mills has made plans for a

000. 651,685. COMBINED LATCH AND LOCK.-Lewis C. $25,000 storage building for Rankin & Rector, to be

Architect E. R. Liebert is preparing plans for a Wetzel, Bellefonto, Pa.

erected on Water St.

college building to be erected on 33d St. for Con651,751. TRACKS' FOR DOOR-HANGERS. – Elias H. Detroit, Mich. - Architects Joy & Bancroft are

cordia College. It will be built of brick, stone and Doane, Tonica, II.

terra-cotta; cost, $35,000. preparing plans for an apartment-house at the 651,763. HOT-AIR FURNACE. John J. Knappen

corner of Cass and Charlotte Aves., for Mrs. Megin- Minneapolis, Minn.- Architect Wm. M. Kenyon is berger, Greensburg, Pa.

nity; estimated cost, $44,000.

preparing plans for a store to be erected on Central 651,826. AUTOMATIC SYSTEM OF REFRIGERATION. John Scott & Co. have prepared plans for the

Avo. for Chute Bros. It will be a two-story brick - Clyde J. Coleman, Chicago, Ill.

enlargement of the Perkins Hotel to be 80' x 100%, structure, 80' 1 100', costing $20,000. 651,827. ELECTROLYTIC SYSTEM OF REFRIGERA

and three stories high; cost, $25,000.

Moline, Ill. - Tho Congregational Society, H. W. Tion. - Clyde J. Coleman, Chicago, Ill.

Alex. Chapoton, Jr., is having plans prepared by Cooper, secretary, has had plans prepared for a 651.851. CALCIMINE COMPOUND. - Wm. A. Hall,

N. Wardrop for the conversion of the four dwell. church, to cost $25,000. Bellows Falls, Vt.

ings southeast corner Congress and Beaubean Sts., Ontonagon, Mich.- Charlton, Gilbert & Demar, 651,873. GUTTER-TILE.-Wilhelm Ludowici, Jock

into an apartment for 12 families. The building grim, Ger.

will be 93' x 120', and three stories higb.

architects, Milwaukee, Wis., are preparing plans 651,876. HINGE. - Honry Meyer, Atlanta, Ga.

Donaldson & Meier have prepared plans for the

for a brick and stone poor-house, to cost $15,000. 651,943. FRAMING FOR TILES. - James White,

interior improvement of the R.C. Cathedral of SS. Ottumwa, In. - Andrew Carnegie has offered to New York, N. Y. 651,917. Lock: - Charles E. Johnson, East Lake, Galena, Kan. – Anderson & Strong have prepared Pittsburgh, Pa... Petor and Paul; cost, $7,000.

donate the city $50,000 for a public library. Mich.

Reports state that Rutan & 651,957. APPARATUS FOR PLASTERING COLUMNS plans for a $10,000, two-story pressed brick dwell

Russell are drawing plans for a fourteen-story OR THE LIKE. - John R. Tobin, San Francisco, Cal.

ing for E. B. Schemerborn.

office-building to be erected on the Mollor property 651.972. DERRICK APPARATUS. - Samuel Matt-Greenwich, Conn.- Harry C. Pelton, 1133 Broad on Diamond St., by Goo. H. Schickler and other son, New York, N. Y.

way, New York, has prepared plans for a $60,000 capitalists; cost, about $1.200,000. 651,994. SASH CONSTRUCTION. - Willie W. Hol brick and stono church, to be erected by St. Mary's Alden & Harlow have drawn plans for the new land, Bremond, Tox.

Roman Catholic Society.

buildings for the Western Pennsylvania Instituto



COSTS NO MORE THAN PINE and will last for generations. Resists fire. Does not SWELL, SHRINK, CHECK or SPLIT, and EXCELS all other woods for BUILDINGS.

REDWOOD SHINGLES have no equal.

Will last 50 to 75 years.

REDWOOD can be bought at retail of the following named dealers :

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We have in stock and in transit from one to two millions of Redwood and can furnish any sizes required. Read our references from week to week; also write us for descriptive booklet.

Telephone Boston 1911.

Room 409, Exchange Bldg., State St., Boston, Mass.


Masonry in Modern Work.



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For Hard Plaster, Lime, Cement, etc.

Description and Prices on application

(Advance Rumors Continued.)

(Advance Rumors Continued.)

239 W. Water St., Syracuse, N. Y. for the Deaf and Dumb to be erected at Edgewood. 62'; $5,000; O., Louis Schlessinger and Wm. E. They will be constructed of brick and stone, will Lehman; a., Wm. E. Lebman. be tbree stories high, and cost $300,000.

New York, N. Y.-Sixth Ave., cor, 17th St., four-
Santa Barbara, Cal. - A new high-school building st'y extension, 37' x 41'; $15,000; O., Samuel E.
will be erectod at a cost of $60,000.
Jacobs, 135 Broadway; a., Fred'k Jacobsen, 54 W.

BUILDING INTELLIGENCE. San Francisco, Cal.-Capt. Thomas G. Taylor will

18th St. erect a $35,000, four-story and basement wholesale

W. Fifty-fifth St., No. 23, three-st'y extension, 15' store building on Beale St., after plans by Archix 19'6"; $10,000; O., H. McK. Twomley, 35 Wall St.;

(Apartment-Houses Continued.) tect Albert Sutton, b., Oakley Woeks, 59 W. 134th St.

Potter Co., 150 Broadway; a., G. F. Pelham, 503

Fifth Ave. Spokane, Wash. - Reports state that an eastern Philadelphia, Pa.- Broad and Master Sts., interior capitalist contemplates the erection of a $200,000 alterations & improvements & three-st’y st. addi

Lexington Ave., No. 647, five-st'y & base. bk. flat,

24' 6" x 83' 6'); $23,000; o., John Kafka, 231 E. 720 paper, pulp and sulphite plant here.

tion to church, 10 x 241; $10,000; O., Memorial The Vincent M. E. Society has had plans preBaptist Church; a., Rankin & Kellogg.

St.; a., Chas. B. Meyers, 1 W. Union Sq.

Amsterdam Ave., cor. 97th St., seven-st'y bk. &st. pared for a church to be erected next year. It will be a brick building, 50' x 90', to cost complete $15,


flat & store, 75' 811 x 134' 1" & 1464 31; $275,000; 0.,

Chas. Brogan, 97th St. & Amsterdam Ave., a., 000.

Boston, Mass.- Gainsboro St., Nos. 67-105, 20 three Neville & Bagge, 217 W. 125th St. South Loe, M&88. - St. Paul's Society will erect an st'y bk. aparts., 19 x 27' x 76', flat roof, steam;

CHURCHES. attractive chapel on the site of the building form $150,000; 0., W. B. Thomas; b., E. W. Clark; a., A. erly used by the society for church purposes. Rev. H. Vinal.

New York, N. Y. - Broadway, cor. 93d St., one-st'y Dr. Lawrence, Rev. Mr. Treat and T. S. Aymar are New York, N. Y.-One Hundred and Twenty-fourth & base. bk.& st. church, 55' x 100', blate roof; $70,the building committee.

St., 4 five-st'y bk. & st. flats, 25' x 85'; $100,000; O., 000; 0., Evangelical Lutheran Cburch of the Advent, Worthington, Ind. - Plans have been prepared by Teichman & Potter Co., 150 Broadway; a., G. F. 634 Park Ave.; a., Wm. A. Potter, 160 Fifth Ave. Thomas Campbell, Vincennes, for a new brick and Pelham, 503 Fifth Ave.

EDUCATIONAL. stone church for the M. E. Society, to cost about Macdougal St., Nos. 20-26, 3 six-st'y bk, flats, 25' $15,000.

287' 9''; $75,000; O., Samuel Ginsburg, 176 W. 95th Boston, Mass.- Parker St., cor. Caldwell St., threeSt.; a., M. Bernstein, 245 Broadway.

st'y bk. school, 70 x 140', flat roof, steam; $50,000; ALTERATIONS AND ADDITIONS. One Hundred and Fortieth St., nr. 7th Ave.,

0., City; b., Fessenden & Libby; a., Wilson & Garden City, L, I., N. Y.-Addition to two-st'y bk.

seven-st'y bk. & st. apart., 90' x 109'; $175,000; 0. Webber
& b., The Collins Construction Co., 76th St. & Lex-

golf club-house, to contain dining-room, bath-room,
lavatory & club-room; $8,000; O., Garden City Co.;

ington Ave; a., G. F. Pelham, 503 Fifth Ave.
Twenty-first št., nr. 7th Ave.,

seven-st'y bk. &st. Boston, Mass. - Centre St., cor. Bickford St., sixa., Bruce Price, 1133 Broadway. flat, 58' 2" x 97' 4"; $125,000; o., Ray & Robinson,

st'y bk. manufactory, 52' x 107', flat roof, steam; Newark, N. J.- Washington St., nr. Market St., 240 W, 230 St.; a., Neville & Bagge, 217 W. 125th St.

$30,000; 0., Thomas G. Plant; a., M. D. Safford. alteration & additions to three-et'y bk. & metal Amsterdam Ave., or. 124th St., 3 five-st'y bk. & Brooklyn, N. Y. - Water St., nr. Jay St., one-st'y stores & offices, 250 x 941, one-st'y extension, 25 st. flats, 25. 84' 1"'; $75,000; o., The Teichman & bk. foundry, 116' 199, slag roof; $60,000; 0., E. W.

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Steel Beams





(Houses Con tinued.) PATERSON, N. J.


st'y fr. dwell.; $5,000; Matilda Kleiser; a., B. Firth. 4 inches

Newark, N. J.- N. Fifth St., No. 71, two-st'y bk. to

dwell., 22' x 54'; $5,000; o., Harry Shick; a., M. P. 20 inches

Reach. deep.

Now York, N. Y.- Eighty-sixth St., or. Madison ALL STRUCTURAL SHAPES.


Ave., 3 six-st'y bk. dwells., 25', 23' 6", 26' 6" x 70';

$150,000; O., G. C. & C. J. Weber, 150 E. 25th St.; NEW YORK OFFICE 45 BROADWAY. 242 and 245 West 47th Street, New York.

a., Buchman & Fox, 11 E. 59th St. Boston Omico, No. 31 Stato Stroot.

E. Sixty-fourth St., No. 3, five-st'y st. dwell., 65' Tolophono: 676 39th St. a fow door west of Broadway. x 82'6", tile & slate roof; $108,000; 0., M. O. WilSond for Catalogue.


33 Wall St.


Boston, Mass. Washington St., Nos. 792-798, twoBSTABLISHED 1840.

st'y bk, mercantile building, 15' x 43' 3 87', flat roof, steam; $200,000; 0., J. H. Foster heirs; a., Samuel D. Kolley.


New York, N. Y.- Sixth Ave., cor, 9th St., sevenPronts for Buildings, Cornices, Lintels and Sulls, Doors and Shutters, Girders and Beams, Fire-escape

st'y bk. & st. flat & bank offices, 43' 7" x 77' 7"; Balconies and Ladders, Columns and Roots, Sky and Floor Lights, Stable Fittings and Fixtures,

$95,000; O., Mrs. J. Bowman, 434 Lexington Ave., Sidewalk Lights. Artistic work in_Wrought and Cast Iron, Brass and Bronze.

a., Schneider & Herter, 46 Bible House. Designs and Estimates of Cost Furnished for Work in any Department.

STABLES. Foundry and Shops, East 28th and East 29th Sts. Office, 315 East 28th St., New York.

New York, N. Y.-Fiftieth St., nr. 11ih Ave., three

st'y bk. stable, 75' 1 95', gravel roof; $12,000; O., BUILDING INTELLIGENCE.


Thos. McLarnon, 6th Ave. & 430 St.; a., A. V.

Porter, 621 Broadway.
(Factories Continued.)
(Houses Continued.)

Bliss Co., foot of Adams St.; b., Berlin Iron Bridge Waldeck St., cor. Park St., 24-st'y fr. dwell., 36! | Gardon City, L. I., N. Y. - Two-st'y bk. store, 30'
Co., 220 Broadway, Manhattan.

50', pitch roof, bot water; $6,000; o., Nettie L. KidBox St., cor. Oakland St., two-st'y bk. factory, son; b., J. M. E. Morrill; a., G. L. Cook,

x 100'; $8,000; v. & a., Garden City Co. 139, 61 x 210' 81', gravel roof, steam;

$28,000; O., E. Bennett St., dr. Market St., 24-st'y fr. dwell., 29, New York, N. Y. - One Hundred and Twenty-fifth C. Smith, 131 Noble St.; a., W. H. Davies, 242 MC x 41', pitch roof, furnace; $6,000; 0., Agnes B. Pitts;

St., Dr. Lenox Ave.,'y bk. store & office, 41 Donough St. b., P. W. Moore; a., A. C. Ringer.

211 x 90', felt & tar roof; $75,000; O., Wm. H. Weiber, Philadelphia, Pa. — Hudson and Harmony Sts., Saratoga St., or. Bremen St., three-st'y fr. dwell.

76 E. 86th St.; a., L. F. J. Weiher, Jr., 81 E. 125th

St. one-8t'y bk. & steel power-house, 58' 8' x 102 81';

& store, 15' x 30' x 59', iat roof, stoves; $5,000; 0., $50,000; O., Board of City Trusts; b., W. A. & A. E. Mary Solari; a. & b., Dingwell Bros.

University Pl., Nos. 9-11,'y bk. store & Wells.

Dorchester Ave., Nos. 1719-1721, 2 three-st'y fr.

lofts, 77' 1 82' 6'', felt & gravel roof; $100,000; O., HOTELS. dwells., 27' i 57', flat roofs, hot water; $12,000; 0.,

Sailors Snug Harbor, 317 Broadway; a., J. B. Lord, Thomas Casey; b., James F. Flaherty; a., W. H.

160 Fifth Ave. New York, N. Y. - W. Forty-seventh St., Nos. 56 Smith.

Elm St., No. 52, six-st'y bk. store & lofts, 25' 10" 60, 101-st'y bk, hotel, 421 2 94' 11", 5-ply tar roof; Silloway St., mr. Mather St., two-st'y fr. dwell.,

x 141' 1"'; $46,000; O., I. M. Olsen, 2312 Southern $230,000; O., Walter Reid, 156 Fifth Ave.; a., Bach 284 x 37', pitch roof, furnace; $6,000; o. Joseph A.

Boulevard; a., C. A. French, 406 W. 520 St. man & Fox, 11 E. 69th St.

Foster; a. & b., H. S. Dowitt.

Philadelphia, Pa. - Chestnut St., Nos. 300 308,
Bernard St., cor. Kingsdale St., 24-st'y fr. dwell.,

eigbt-st'y granite, limert. & bk. store, (fice & light 30' x 34', pitch roof, hot water; $6,500; 0., a. & b., manufactory building, 121! x 121' 7'"; $350,000; 0., Boston, Mass.- Endicott St., Nos. 191-193, 2 threeGeorge W. Cole.

Board of City Trusts; b., W. A. & A. E. Wells. st'y bk. dwells., 19' 35), flat roofs, stoves; $12,- Brooklyn, N. Y. - Avenue G, cor. E. 27th St., two000; o, & b., David Milton; a., C. A Halstrom.

TENEMENT-HOUSES. Kempton St., Dr. Huntington Ave , 6 three-st'y bk.

st'y & attio fr. dwell., 48 x 49', shingle roof, steam dwells., flat roofs, stoves; $40,000; O., a. & b., B. J.

heat; $8,000; O., A. H. Van Brunt, Amersfort Pl., Boston, Mar8. - Grore St., Nos. 38 40, 2 three-st'y Connelley:

pr. Avenue G; a., C. V. B. Ditmas, 60 Amersfort bk. tenements, 17' x 20' x 90', fat roof, stoves; $15,

Pl. Kenwood Road, cor. Vila St., 24-st'y fr. dwell., 31'

000; o. & b., M. & B. Silberstein; a., F. A. Norcross. x 51', pitch roof, furnace; $6,000; 0., a. & b., J. C.

Chauncey St., 100'e Lewis Ave., 21 three-st'y bk: Brooklyn, N. Y.- Grove St., nr. Knickerbocker

dwells., 19' x 45'; $94,500; 0., W. A. Sager, 1175 Spillane.

Ave., 3 tbree-st'y bk. tenements, 25' 3 65': $16,500; Harold St., dr. Monroe St., 24-st'y fr. dwell., 17' Broadway; a., Chas. Infanger, 2690 Atlantic Ave.

0., F. Eller, Irving & Myrtle Aves.; a., G. Acker, x 42' x 64', pitch roof, furnace; $8,000; O., John

W. Prospect Park, 33-st'y & base. bk. & st. dwell.,

Evergreon, L. I. Savage; b., F. X. Julian; a., Potter & Co. 321 60'; $13,000; o., Wm. H. Childs, 100 William Hancock st.,

dr. Ralph Ave., 6 three-st'y bk. teneBeaumont St., 21-st'y fr. dwoll., 43' x 48', pitch St., N. Y. City; a., W. B. Tubby, 83 Fulton St., N.

ments, 25' 3" x 66' 1'; $45,000; 0., G. Gutting, 777 Y.City. roof, steam; $9.000; o., Frank S. Tuttle; b., Howard

Jefferson Ave.; A., F. Holmberg, 1153 Myrtle Ave. Bros.; A., Aldrich & Brisooo.

Jersey City, N. J. Union St., Dr. Borgen Ave., 21. Ralph St., nr. Irving Ave., 4 three-st'y bk. tene

OME Portland Cements may show a high tensile strength at a short period

and yet be so defective that the work done with them will disintegrate with age.

This is due to imperfect composition. The Dyckerhoff brand is invartably of correct chemical composition and the work done with it is invariably strong and absolutely durable.


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WASHINGTON, D. C. E offer the illustrations of the competitive designs for the great Protestant Architects: Smithmyer & Pelz: Episcopal Cathedral, now building on Bloomingdale Heights, New

P. J. Pelz; E. P. Casey. York, submitted by the following Architects:

Twenty Gelatine Plates, in Portfolio, CARRÊRE & HASTINGS New York, N. Y. CRAM & WentwoRTH

14" x 16 1-2".

Boston, Mass.

PRICE - $5.00.




Worcester, Mass.
Huss & BUCK


Philadelphia, Pa.


(Tenement Houses Continued.) RENWICK, ASPINWALL & RUSSELL



Thompson St., No. 178, six-st'y bk. tenoment, 25' FREDERICK C. WITHERS


Pittsburgh, Pa.

x 87'g; $25,000; O., Harris & Solomon, 179 Henry

St.; a., M. Bernstein, 245 Broadway.
Brooklyn, N. Y. L. S. BUFFINGTON

Minneapolis, Pa. Henry St., cor. Gouverneur St., six-st'y & base.

bk. tenement, 42' 2 69'; $40,000; o., Sam’l Borowsky,

15 Montgomery St.; a., M. Bernstein, 245 Broadway. W. HALSBY WOOD Newark, N. J. VAN BRUNT & Howe .

Kansas City, Mo. way.

Sullivan St., Nos. 125-127, six-st'y & base, bk. tenement, 400 x 60' 9"; $40,000; O., Lasar Wallenstein, 246 E. 15th St.; a., M. Bernstein, 245 Broad

THEATRES AND HALLS. In all, fifty-seven plates [loose), 14x 20 inches, printed on plate-paper. Cincinnati, O.- Eighth St., four-st'y bk. &st. Y.

W.C. A. building, 60 x 140', gravel roof, hot water; Price, $2.50 per set.

$60,000; O., Young Women's Christian Association;

a., Elzner & Anderson. East St. Louis, Ill. - Tudor Ave. and Duluth St.,

three-st'y bk. society-hall, 36' x 70', gravel_roof, AMERICAN ARCHITECT AND BUILDING NEWS COMPANY,

stoves; $10,000; O., G. V. o. of 0. F.; a., B. A.


WAREHOUSES. Now York, N. Y.- Mercer St., Nos. 91-93, six-st'y bk, lofts, 50' x 90'; $100,000; o., Jacob Bartscherer, 178 Evergreen Ave., Brooklyn; a., Hill & Turner, 150 Fifth Ave.

Domestic Water Supply.


There are two and ONLY TWO absolutely safe ma-
chines that will pump water every day in the year.
They are


The Improved Rider Hot Air Engine ...
The Improved Ericsson Hot Air Engine.


(At Forest City, Ia.) Sealed proposals will be received by the Commercial Hotel Co. until July 12th, for the erection of a hotel. B. J. THOMPSON, Sec. Bldg. Com. 1280




Catalogue "B" on application. Address the nearest office,

(At Benson, Mipn.) Sealed bids will be received until July 10tb. for

the erection of a store-building. S. H. BAKKEN. RIDER-ERICSSON ENGINE CO.,



(At Clemson College, S. C.)

Bids will be received until July 15, for an addi23 Cortlandt St., NEW YORK. 239 Franklin St., BOSTON.

tion to the Textile Building at Clemson College, and 36 Lake St., CHICAGO.

Teniente Rey, 71,

692 Craig St., MONTREAL. P.Q. also for the erection of a new chemical laboratory.

1 40 N. 7th St., PHILADELPHIA.

22A Pitt St., SYDNEY, N. S. W: D. K. NORRIS, chairman executive committee,
Cateechee, S. C.




[At West Liberty, 0.]

Sealed bids are wanted until July 11, for erect(Tenement-Houses Continued.)

(Tenement Houses Continued )

ing a school-building. C. A. NEEL, clerk Board of ments, 25' x 43'; $22,000; 0., G. Schmitt, 320 Ralph Rutgers St., No. 31, six-st'y bk, tenement, 204 x

Education. St.; a., Th. Engelhardt, 905 Broadway.

84' 6" & 79' 6"; $25,000; o., Rubenstein & Goodman, New York, N. Y.-One Hundred and Twenty-third 104 Rivington St.; a., N. Langer, 220 Bowery.

. St., nr. Amsterdam Ave., six-st'y bk. tenement, 50! W. One Hundred and Twenty-third St., No. 523,

[At Stephenson, Mich.)

Sealed bids will be received unti) July 10th, for 1 90' 10"; $75,000; o., W.C. Hunter, 180 St. Nicholas five-st'y & base._bk. tenement, 33' 2" x 88/ 11"; Ave.; a., Ernest Ruebe, 902 E. 161st St.

$25,000; 0., C. M. Page, 519 W.123d St.; a.,

the erection of a church. REV. FRANK BARTH. M. Bern

1280 stein, 245 Broadway.



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