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Página 327 - He rose, and with a cold and gentle grasp He took her hand; a moment o'er his face A tablet of unutterable thoughts Was traced, and then it faded, as it came; He...
Página 320 - Had far outgrown his years, and to his eye There was but one beloved face on earth, And that was shining on him: he had look'd Upon it till it could not pass away; He had no breath, no.
Página 319 - t were the cape of a long ridge of such, Save that there was no sea to lave its base, But a most living landscape...
Página 339 - Around : the wild fowl nestled in the brake And sedges, brooding in their liquid bed : The woods sloped downwards to its brink, and stood With their green faces fix'd upon the flood.
Página 294 - Leman's is fair; but think not I forsake The sweet remembrance of a dearer shore; Sad havoc Time must with my memory make, Ere that or thou can fade these eyes before; Though, like all things which I have loved, they are Resign'd for ever, or divided far.
Página 324 - He had no breath, no being, but in hers ; She was his voice ; he did not speak to her...
Página 329 - Well ! thou art happy, and I feel That I should thus be happy too ; For still my heart regards thy weal Warmly, as it was wont to do.
Página 335 - What could her grief be?— she had all she loved, And he who had so loved her was not there To trouble with bad hopes, or evil wish, Or ill-repress'd affliction, her pure thoughts.
Página 337 - That in the antique oratory shook His bosom in its solitude ; and then, As in that hour, a moment o'er his face The tablet of unutterable thoughts Was traced, — and then it faded as it came ; And he stood calm and quiet, and he spoke The fitting vows, — but heard not his own words ; And all things reel'd around him...
Página 344 - The scenes are desert now, and bare, Where flourished once a forest fair, When these waste glens with copse were lined. And peopled with the hart and hind.

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