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Arranged by L. Mason.


22 만

1. Blest hour when mor - tal man re - tires To hold com-munion with his


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cred word.

To send to heaven his warm de-sires, And lis - ten to the sa


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12. L. M.
2. Blest hour when earthly cares resign

Their empire o'er his anxious breast,
While all around the calm divine

Proclaims the holy day of rest. 3. Blest hour when God himself draws nigh,

Well pleased his people's voice to hear, To hush the penitential sigh,

And wipo away the mourner's tear. 4. Blest hour, for where the Lord resorts

Foretastes of future bliss are given,
And mortals find His earthly courts
The house of God, the gate of Heaven.


2. From marble domes and gilded spires

Shall curling clouds of incense rise, And gems, and gold, and garlands deck

The costly pomp of sacrifice ! 3. Vain, sinful man! creation's Lord

Thy golden offerings well may spare, But give thy heart and thou shalt find

Here dwells a God who heareth prayer. 4. O grant us, in this solemn hour,

From carth and sin's allurements free,
To feel Thy love, to own Thy power,
And raise each raptured thought to


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13. L. M
1. How sweet to leave the world awhile,

And seek the presence of our Lord!
Dear Saviourl on thy people smile,

And come, according to thy word. 2. From busy scenes we now retreat,

That we may here converso with Theo: Ah! Lord!, behold us at Thy feet;

Let this tho "gate of heaven" be.. 3. “Chief of ten thousand !" now appear,

That we by faith may seo Thy face: Ohl speak, that we Thy voico may hear, And let Thy presenco fill this place.


15. L. M.
1. ANOTHER day has passed along,

And we are nearer to the tomb,
Nearer to join the heavenly song,

Or hear the last cternal doom.
2. Sweet is the light of Sabbath eve,

And soft the sunbeams lingering there; For these blest hours, the world I leave,

Wafted on wings of faith and prayer. 3. The time how lovely and how still,

Peace shines and smiles on all belowThe plain, the stream, the wood, the hill

All fair with evening's setting glow. 4. Season of rest! the tranquil soul

Feels the sweet calm, and melts to love
And while these sacred moments roll,

Faith sees the smiling heaven above. 5. Nor will our days of toil be long,

Our pilgrimage will soon be trod;
And we shall join the ceaseless song -
The endless Sabbath of our God.


14. L. M.
1. WHEN, as returns this solemn day,

Man comes to meet lois Maker, God,
What rites, what honor shall wo pay?

How spread his sovereign namo abroad?

20. L. M.

1. Dear is the hallowed morn to me,

When Sabbath bells awake tho day, And, by their sacred minstrelsy,

Call me from carthly cares away.

16. L. M. 1. SWEET Sabbath bells! I love your voice

You call me to the house of prayer;
On have you made my heart rejoice,

When I have gone to worship there. 2. But pow, a prisoner of the Lord,

His hand forbids, I can not go;
Yet may I here His love record,

And here the sweets of worship know. 3. Each place alike is holy ground, (poured,

Where prayer from humble souls is Where praise awakes its silver sound,

Or God is silently adored. 4. His sanctuary is the heart

There, with the contrite, will Ho rest; Lord, come, a Sabbath framo impart, And make Thy temple in my breast.


2. And dear to me the wingéd hour

Spent in Thy hallowed courts, O Lord ! To feel devotion's soothing power,

And catch the manna of Thy word.

3. And dear to me the loud Amen

Which echoes through the blest abode, Which swells, and sinks, and swells again,

Dies on the walls, but lives to God.

Oft when the world, with iron hands,

Has bound me in its six days' chain, This bursts them, like the strong man's

And lets my spirit loose again. [bands

5. Go, man of pleasure, strike thy lyre,

Of broken Sabbaths sing the charms;
Ours be the prophet's car of firo
That bears us to a Father's arms.


17. L. M.
1. Fortu from the dark and stormy sky,

Lord, to Thine altar's shade we fly;
Forth from the world, its hope and fear,
Saviour, we seek Thy shelter here:
Weary and weak, Thy grace we pray;

Turn not, O Lord! Thy guests away. 2. Long have we roamed in want and pain,

Long have we sought Thy rest in vain;
Wildered in doubt, in darkness lost,
Long have our souls been tempest-tossed;
Low at Thy feet our sins we lay;
Turn not, O Lord! Thy guests away.

21. L. M.

1. ERE to the world again we go,

Its pleasures, cares, and idle show,
Thy grace, once more, O God, we crave,
From folly and from sin to save.


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Arranged by L. Mason.

1. Lord! in the morning thou shalt hear My voice as - cending high ; To thee will I


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23. C. M. 1. LORD! in the morning thou shalt hear

My voice ascending high;
To Thee will I direct my prayer,

To Thee lift up mine eye; 2. Up to the hills where Christ is gone

To plead for all his saints,
Presenting at his Father's throne

Our songs and our complaints.
3. Thou art a God before whose sight

The wicked shall not stand;
Sinners shall ne'er be Thy delight,

Nor dwell at Thy right hand. 4. But to Thy house will I resort,

To taste Thy mercies there;
I will frequent Thy holy court,

And worship in Thy fear.
5. Oh! may Thy spirit guide my feet,

In ways of righteousness;
Make every path of duty straight,

And plain before my face.


3. I've seen Thy glory and Thy power

Through all Thy temple shine :
My God, repeat that heavenly hour,

That vision so diviné.
4. Not life itself, with all its joys,

Can my best passions move,
Or raise so high my cheerful voice,

As Thy forgiving love.
5. Thus, till my last expiring day,

I'll bless my God and King;
Thus will I lift my hands to pray,
And tune my lips to sing.

25. C. M.
1. This is the day the Lord hath made,

He calls the hours his own;
Let heaven rejoice, let earth be glad,

And praise surround the throne. 2. To-day he rose and left the dead,

And Satan's empire fell;
To-day the saints His triumph spread,

And all his wonders tell.
3. Hosanna to th' anointed King,

To David's holy Son;
Help us, O Lord-descend and bring

Salvation from Thy throne.
4. Blest be the Lord who comes to men

With messages of grace;
Who comes in God his Father's name

To save our sinful race.
5. Hosanna in the highest strains

The church on earth can raise ;
The highest heavens in which he reigns

Shall give him nobler praise. WATTS.


24. C. M.
1. EARLY, my God, without delay,

I haste to seek thy face ;
My thirsty spirit faints away

Without Thy cheering grace. 2. So pilgrims on the scorching sand,

Beneath a burning sky,
Long for a cooling stream at hand,

And they must drink or die.

26. C. M.

3. I come, I wait, I hear, I pray;

Thy footsteps, Lord, I trace; Here, in thine own appointed way,

I wait to see thy face.

1. WEARIED with earthly toil and care,

The day of rest how sweet!
To breathe the Sabbath's holy air,

And sit at Jesus' feet.
2. What vain disturbing thoughts infest

My bosom as their den;
Oh that they knew the day of rest,

Would they disturb me then?
3. Fain would I lay the burden down

That wounds me with its weight,
To gaze awhile at yonder crown,

And press to heaven's gate. 4. I ask a foretaste of the peace,

The rest, the joy, the love,
Which, when their earthly Sabbaths cease,
Await the saints above.


4. These are the sweet and precious days

On which my Lord I've seen,
And oft, when feasting on his word,

In raptures I have been.
5. O! if my soul, when death appears,

In this sweet frame be found,
I'll clasp my Saviour in mine arms,
And leave this earthly ground.


29. C. M.

27. C. M.

1. My Sabbath suns may all have set,

My Sabbath scenes be o'er,
The place, at least, where we are met

May know my steps no more ;
2. The prophet of the cross may ne'er

Again preach peace to mo;
The voice of interceding prayer,

A farewell voice may be.
3. While yet the life-proclaiming word

Doth through my conscience thrill,
Breathe life; and lo! divinely stirred,

I can repent, I will. 4. Thou that to will in me hast wrought,

Haste, work in me to do;
And, lest the purpose leave my thought,

Now my whole heart renew. 5. Dying Redeemer, to thy breast,

A dying wretch, I flee;
Bid me be reconciled and blest,
And born of God, through thee.


1. When the worn spirit wants repose,

And sighs for God to seek,
How sweet to hail the evening's close

That ends the weary week!
2. How sweet will be the early dawn

That opens on the sight,
When first the soul-reviving morn

Shall shed new rays of light. 3. Blest day! thine hours too soon will cease,

Yet, while they gently roll,
Breathe, heavenly Spirit, source of peace,

A Sabbath o'er my soul.
4. When will my pilgrimago be done,

The world's long week be c'er,
That Sabbath dawn which needs no sun,
That day which fades no more?


30. C. M.

28. C. M.

1. Blest day of God! most calm, most bright,

The first and best of days;
The laborer's rest, the saint's delight,

The day of prayer and praise.
2. My Saviour's face made thee to shine;

His rising thce did raise;
And made thee heavenly and divine

Beyond all other days.
3. The first-fruits oft a blessing prove

To all the sheaves behind ;
And they who do the Sabbath love,

A happy week will find.
4. This day I must to God appear;

For, Lord, the day is thine;
Help me to spend it in thy fear,
And thus to make it mine.


1. COME, dearest Lord, and feed thy sheep,

On this sweet day of rest;
O! bless this flock, and make this fold

Enjoy a heavenly rest.
2. Welcome, and precious to my soul,

Are these sweet days of love;
But what a sabbath shall I keep

When I shall rest above!

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31. C. M.

2. I love her gates, I love the road;

The Church, adorned with grace, Stands like a palace, built for God,

To show his milder face.

3. O pray we then for Salem's peace

For they shall prosp'rous be,
Thou holy city of our God,
Who bear true love to thee.


33. C. M.

3. Up to her courts, with joys unknown,

The holy tribes repair;
The Son of David holds his throne,

And sits in judgment there.
4. He hears our praises and complaints;

And while His awful voice Divides the sinners from the saints,

We tremble and rejoice.

1. In God's own house pronounce his praiso

His grace he there reveals;
To heaven your joy and wonder raise,

For there his glory dwells.
2. Let all your secret passions move

While you rehearse his deeds;
But the great work of saving love

Your highest praise exceeds.
3. All that have motion, life, and breath,

Proclaim your Maker blest;
Yet, when my voice expires in death,

My soul shall praise him best.

5. Peace be within this sacred place,

And joy a constant guest!
With holy gifts and heavenly graco

Be her attendants blest!


6. My soul shall pray for Zion still,

While life or breath remains;
There my best friends, my kindred, dwell,
There God, my Saviour reigns.


34. C. M.

32. C. M.

1 1

1. O 'Twas a joyful sound to hear

Our tribes devoutly say, “Up, Israel, to the temple haste,

And keep your festal day !"
2. At Salem's courts we must appear,

With our assembled powers,
In strong and beauteous order ranged,
Like her united towers.


1. O God, by whom the seed is given,

By whom the harvest blest; [heaven,
Whose word, like manna showered from

Is planted in our breast:
2. Preserve it from the passing fect,

And plunderers of the air;
The sultry sun's intenser heat,

And weeds of worldly care !
3. Though buried deep, or thinly strewn,

Do thou thy grace supply ;
The hope in earthly furrows sown

Shall ripen in tho sky.

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