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Then, all the day long. 232 Then, to thy courts when I.... 2 There's not a plant or fower..
Then all the earth, renewed.. 83 Then, trembling through the... 419 | There's not a sin that we...... 414
The names of all His saints llo 87 Then weep no more-their.... 313 There's nothing bright, above.. 234
The nations all whom Thou hast 335 Then what my ihughts design 10:) | There's nothing dark, below... 53
Then at Thy feet, with awful.. 890 Then whene'er the signals..... 17 There's room around thy.... 103
Then back io heaven they fly.. $2 Then when I knelt to mealitate 86 There's room in God's eternal. 103
Then, brother man, fold to thy 323 Then, while a voice of pardon. 145 There's room in heaven among 103
Then cease, fond nature, cease 851 Then who would choose to.... 225 There's room within the churcli 103
Thence le arose, ascending.. 350 Tlien, why, o blessed Jesus... 139 There's the city to which I.... 401
Then, Christian, dry the falling 253 Then why shoukl lso long.... 445 There sheeps no desolating... 391
Then, come back, my darling.. 337 Then will le own my. 177 There the blessed inan, my.... 401
Then, come, in robes of light.. 436 Then will I tell to sinners. 172 There the glorious triumph... SO
Then, e'en in age and grief.. 271 Then with iny wnking thoug:its 293 There the glory is ever shining 404
Then tling it, unrestrained and 417 The oak strikes derper as it.. 249 There, there, on cadde wing , wo 234
Then, fly, my song, an endless.. 37 | The ocean that in mountains.. 23 There, too, may we our....... 319
Then from the craggy mountains 317 The o'erwhelming power. 133 There we shall in full chorus.. 301
Then gentle patience smiles on 315 | The opening heavens arounilo. 199 There we shall reign, and shout 376
Then gladly will I follow Thee 143 The orb of light thro'cloals... 2535 There, when the turmoil is no.. 318
Then hail, blessed state! hail.. 409 The pains of deathi are pat.. S39 There, where my blessed Jesus 154
The night of woe resigns... 262 The pains, the groans, and... 33 There, where ten thousand.... 423
Then, in a moment, to my view 169 The parent finds the long lost. 33+ There, with eternal glory..

Then in a nobler, sweeter song 151 The peaceful gates of heavenly 177 There, with saints and ingels.. 413
Then I shall end my sad...... 219 The perfect way is hard to flesh 159 There, with united heart anı.. 103
Then I, within Thy sacred.... 238 The pity of the Lord.... 31 There, ye that love my Saviour. 401
Then keep ine, Lord
216 The poor in spirit thou hast ferl 3 The righteons Loril loves.

Tben let me mount and soar.. 172 The powers of darkness leagued 10 The rising God forsakes the ... 74
Then let my soul march boldly 165 The powers of hell agree. ..... 194 The rocks can rend; the earth. 166
Then let our bumble faith.... S7 The present moment flies..... 359 The rolling ocean's vast abyss.. 44
Then let our songs abound. ... 199 The prophet of the cross may. 7 | The rolling sun, the changing 22
Then let our sorrows cease to.. 8:55 The rapture, mighty,..

258 The saints I heard with rapture 119
Then let the last loud trumpet 35 There all the followers of the.. 394 The saints of God, froin death. $50
Then let the noisy worlu pursue 219 There all the heavenly hosts.. 390 The saints on earth and all the. 223
Then let the price be what it.. 156 There all the millions of His.. 400 The saints shall blowish in Ilis. 304
Then let the thundering. 391 There all the ship's company.. 3-9 The saints shall mount on..... 23:3
Then, let Thine image on this.. 313 There are mansions exempted. 379 The Saviour smiles upon my.. 157
Then let us a lore, and give llim 45 There are no acts of pardon... 100 The scourge, the thorns, the... 76
Then let us earnest be..... 220 There behold the day-spring.. 349 The sea beheld, and struck. ... 47
Then let us form those bonds.. 390 | There endless crowds of sinners 107 These are the living lights..... 318
Then let us inake our boast..

231 There everlasting spring abides 400 These are the sweet anıl...
Then let us, 'midst pleasure and 337 There faith lifts up her cheerful 215 These ashes, too, this little dust 343
Then, like the morning ray.. 322 Therefore I murmur not...... 253 | The seas shall waste, the skies. 320
Then load shall ascend frou.. 323 There for ire the Saviour stands 111 The seeds of ecstasy unknown. 237
Then love's soft clev o'er every 315 There fragrant flowers.. 213 The seeds of joy and glory.... 177
Then, man, be wise; tlıy.... 891 | There from the bosom of my.. 161 The secing eye, the feeling. 133
Then miglity God, I'd sing and 166 There happier bowers than... 596 These inward trials I employ.. 135
Then, mortal, turn! thy danger 351 There intercaling, there. 129 These lively hopes we owe...

Then mourn we not, beloved.. 311 There llis triumphal chariot.. These speak of Thce with loud 32
Then, iny soul, in every strait 219 There if thy Spirit touch the.. 22) | These through flery trials troud. 403
The noble and victorious host 102 There is a dark and fearful vale 216 These were but seasons. 215
Then One, amid their thick. 47 There is a day of sunny rest... 2-6 The sharper and severer: 272
Then peace returns with balmy 305 There is a death whose pang. 109 The shepherd, leaning o'er his 420
Then raise the song of glasiness 95 There is a gulf that must be... 216 The shepherds on the law.... 67

Then rightshall over might... 307 There is a home for weary. 213 The Shepher: i sought Ilis sheep 196
Then save me from eternal.... 130 There is a place where Jesus.. 234 The silence throngel glorivusly 253
Then, Saviour, then my soul.. 125 | There is a scene where spirits. 231 The silver clou lath sailel.... SI
Then shall a shout of joy go up 8:30 There is a soft, a downy beil.. 26 The sins I funcie quelld...... 259
Then shall blaze earth's funeral 407 There is a stream whose gentle 52 | The sinontbest seas will.. 233
Then shall I see, and bear, and. 1 There is a world above.. 366 The social talk, the evening fire 157
Then shall I upward tly 361) There is my house and portion. 317 The solemn harvest comes..... 427
Then shall my cheerful spirit.. 115 There joys unseen by mortal.. 197. The solemn, midnight cry. 109
Then shall new lnster break... 429 There let the way appear.. 2-3 | The songs of everlasting years. 54
Then, shall on faith's sublimest 15+ There, like the nightingale, sha 220 The soul, a dreary province... 13
Then shall our hearts... 9 There, low before his glorious.. 39+ The soul alone, like a neglected 215
Then shall the Lord a refuge.. 324 | There, no more at ere declining 3-3 | The soul by faith reclined..... 263
Then shall the mourner at Thy 111) Tiere no sigh of memory. 353 The soul that longs to see My.. 105
Then shall the trembling... 237 There, on a green and towery. 2:37 The soul that in Jesus hati... 230
Then shone Alinighty power... 63 There, on a hig, majestic..... 491' The spacious worlds of.

Then should the earth's old. 45 Thero on li holy hill... 212 The sparrow for her young..

Then should we see the saints. 959 There our exalted Saviour.... 177 The spacious earth and.. 103
Then sorrow touched by Thee. 215 The reproach of Christ is 27+ The Spiri: calls to-lay

Then swift and dreadful she... 107 There's a delightful clearness.. 413 The Spirit wronght my faith... 151
Then take your golden lyres... 92 There, safe thou shalt abide.... 260 | The stars of Heaven are... 239
Then the great, the rich, the... 111 Thiere, scated in Thy muje-ty.. 51 The storm is laid, the winds...
Then then I feel that lle.. 361 There shall I bathe my weary.. 251 The storm that wrecks the.... 317
Then they inight fight, and rage 156 There shall I vffer my requests. 259 The stormy winds are hushed.. 23
Then they who live shalh.. 354) There sbali I wear a starry... 16.5 The streams all bevutiful and.. 426
Then, though conscious we are. 430 There shall no doubts disturb. 239 The sun and rain will ripen...
Then, though it be in accents.. 221 There shall our raptured tongie 19 The sun went down in fearful. 78
Then to his portals press...... 15 There shall the conqueror rest. 192 The tears are sbel that

Then to the Lord I cried....... 259 | There shed Thy choicest love.. 191 | The things unseen, O God.... 897



The thirsty ridges drink their. 42 Thine essence is a rast abyss.. 32 Though rocks and quicksands. 211
The thorn and the thistle...... 405 Thine, wondrous Babe of. 304 Though rough and thorny be.. 236
The thunder is llis voice.. 432 Think how on the cross lle.... 127 Though saints to sore distress.. 324
The thunder of that di mal. 106 Think of Thy sorrows, dearest 105 Though seel lie buried long in 175
The thunders of llis hand.. 19 Think, () Jesus, for what reason 364 Though Sinai's curse, in.. 169
The tide of creatures ebbs and. 87 | This can my every care control 145 Though sin defile our worship 161
The time how lovely and how. 4 This day be grateful homage.. 10 Thongh tears may dim my..
The trivial round, the common 165 This day I must to God appear 7 Though tempest-lossed, and half 2: 9
The troubled conscience knows 59 This empty tomb shall now.. 85 Though ten thousand ills beset 979
The trumpet's martial voice... 5) This freezing heart, O Lord.... 156 Though the night be dark and 430
The trumpet sounds. Awake.. 359 This glorious hope revives. ... 2:27 Though the root thereof war old 957
The trumpet! the trumpet.... 121 This happiness in part is mine. 877 Though unworthy, Lord, Thinc 85
The trump shall sound-the... 812 This leavenly calin within the 3 Though waves and storms go 171
The truthis ye urge are borne.. 9:36 This hour, with flowing tears. 152 | Though we are guilty, Thou art
The umbrageons oak in pomp. 235 This is my body, broke for sin 77 Thongli we liere should meet no 265
The unvailed glories of llis.... 899 This is the field whero lidden 21 Though your licart be made of 127
The untreariei sun from day to 25 This is the grace that lives and 193 Thou givest mo the lot.... 259
The vaulted heavens shall fall.. 19: This is the bidden life I prize.. 153 Thou giv'st the word; Thy... 276
The vision of the leavenly.... 899 This is the judge that ends... 21 Thou pood, and wise, and.. 30:5
Tho voice at midnight came... 359 This is the Man, th' exalted.. 412 Thou hast been caller! when by 120
The volume of my Father's.. 21 This is the spouse of Christ.. 296 Thou hast been called when o'er 120
The voyage of life's at an end 359 This is the thing I crave. 250 Thou hast helped in every neex 201
The want of sight she well.... 239 This is the way I long hall.... 112 Thou hast redeemer our souls 152
The warbling notes porsuc..... 311 This lamp through all the dreary 21 Thou hast turned iny mnourning 284
The watchmen join their voico 3:32 This life's a dream-an cinpty 160 Thon heard'st, well pleasetl, the 303
The waves obey thy dread.... 32 | This only can my fears control 250) Thou heaven of heavens, 'is.. 25
The way the holy prophets.... 172 This pilgrim-path by 'Thee was 142 Thou high and holy One..... 818
The way to heaven is straight.. 121 This precious truth IIis word.. 99 Thou in that sign the rebel.... 105
The wise will make their anger 445 This shall be known when we 07 Thou in toil art comfort sweet 264
The weapons which your hands 336 This spotless robe the same 173 Thon knowest I love Thee.... 183
The weary birul dinth left the.. 72 This spring with living water 103 Thouknow'st in the spirit of.. 256
The whole creation groans.... 109 This was compassion, like a. 291 Thon know'st the way to bring 136
The wholo creation join in one 181 Thither, his raptured thought.. 849 Thou layest them, withi all.... 256
The widow and the fatherless.. 43 Thither the tribes repair. 13 Thou lovely Chief of all my joys 106
The wings of every hour shall 40 Those are the hymns that we. 401 | Thou loving, all-atoning Lainb ]:6
The woodlanii hun is ringing.. 434 Those characters shall fair abide 87 Thou moon that rulst the night 436
The work begun is carried on.. 39 | Those gentle whispers let me.. 50 Thou my Delivrer art, my God 43
The world and Satan I for-ako 145 Thoso joys which earth cannot 216 Thou, o Christ, art all I want.. 261
The world beheld the glorious 175 Thoso mighty orbs proclaim.. 83 Thou, of heaven and earth.... 275
The world can never give.... 309 Those mighty periods of years 2:6 Thou on the Lord rely.. 203
The world is seldom wbåtit.... 352 Those trees each month yieki.. 399 Thou restless globe of gollen.. SO
The worlil is tempting still my 259 Thuso wandering cisterns in the 426 Thou, Sarionr, only Thon.... 259
The worlil shut out from all my 13:3 Thou aged man, life's wintry 126 Thou secet my heart's desire.. 259
The worlds of nature and of....12 Thou art a God before whose.. 6 Thou shalt sco My glory soon.. 269
The world, the clustering. 25 Thou art gone to the grave!ani 379 Thou spread'st the curtains of, 413
The worst of all diseases.. 154 | Thou art gone to the grave! but 879 Thou that hast slept in crror's 103
The wonderland the weak.... 263 Thou art gone to the grare! we 379 Thou that to will in me hast.. 7
They are ju-tified by grace. 203 | Thou art my crerlasting trust 182 Thou, throngh the starry orbs.. 81
They are lights upon the earth 269 Thou art nıy Pilot--wise... 211 Thou, tossed upon the waves.. 3
They are slaves, who fear to.... 331 Thou art resting now, like.... 34 Thou, to whom all power is.. 315
They bid us bo in mirthful.... 232 Thou art the earnest of llis loro 15 Thou traveller in this vale of.. 317
They come as half-forgotten.. 91 Thou art the sea of lore 197 Thou treadest on enchanted.. 167
They come, on the wings of the 48 Thou callest me to seek Thr.. 15:3 Thon, who alone, when man.. S14
They come, they come; Thine 298 Thou didst the meck example.. 137 Thou who art mourning o'er.. 3
They come when we wander.. 43 | Thou dost conduct Thy people 287 Thou who last deur ones far.. 3
They die in Jesus, and are blest 319 Though as ret no losses griere 374 Thou who liast laid within the
The year rolls round, and steals 107 Though buried deep, or thinly 8 Thou, who hast our plans..... 395
They find access at every hour 191 Though dead, they speak ini. 179 Thou, who homeless and.. 113
They fourish like the morning 256 Tbourh destruction walk around 431 Thou, whose benignant eye.... 13
They gazo ipon Ilis benuteous 894 Though distresses now attend 279 | Thou, whose favors without
They so from strength to... 19 Though earth may boast one.. 516 Thon wilt not break a bruised 135
They journey on from strength 9 Though earth-horn shadows.. 215 Thou wilt not break the bruised 323
They leave the dust, and on tho 395 | Thonglı faitli and hope may oft 241 Thou wilt not, Lord, cur smile: 167
They'll waft us sooner o'er.... 361 Thonch fields, in verilure once 88 Thou wilt! Thou dost!-a still 142
They marked the fuotsteps that 309 Thongli for n time I hid My face 289 Thou wondrous Advocate with 144
They saw a glorious light... 67 Though from the fold the flock 33 Thrice happy morn for those.. 359
They saw llim on the cross.. 92 Though furiously their heads.. 253 Thro' all my weak and fainting 145
They scorn to seck our golden 156 Though high above all praise. 31 Throned on a clond our God.. 106
They shall find rest who learn 9 Though his eye liath brightened 365 Through all eternity to Thee.. 54
They sing of death and hell.. 46 Though His majesty be great. 127 Through all llis works what... 53
They sing of carth anıl henven 405 Though I have most unfaithful 134 Through all my pilgrimage. 252
They sing the Lamb of God.. 92 Thonch in a bare and rugl.. 24 Through all the dangers of the 425
They sing Thy deeds, as I have 247 Though in the paths of death I 24 Through all the storms that.... 13
They spoke in tender love.... 196 | Thongh in a foreign

194 Through all the windings of my 345
They suffer with their Lord.. 86 Though in the dust I lay my 85 Through changes briglit or.... 13
They thronged lIis charjot... 92 Though, like the wanderer. 283 Through David's city I am led 66
They were mortal, too, like us 413 Though long of winds and.. 317 Through duty and through... 170
They who die in Christ are.. 371 | Though not ascended up on.. 85 Through each perplexing path 218
Thine anger, like a pointed dlart 323 Though on foreign shore wo 225 Through crory period of my..
Tline earılly Sabbatıs, Lord.. 2 | Though raised to a superior 67 | Through floods and flames ir.. 179



Through many dangers, toils.. 150 Thy power and glory work.... 59 To earth He bends His throne. 51
Through ten thousanıl channels 31+ Thy power Omnipotent

891 To every land beneath the sun. 303
Through the deep gloom of.... 42+ Thy prouise is my only plea.. 145 To gaze on His glories divine.. 205
Througla the churches' long 291 Thiy promises are true

11 Tu gintle oflices of love. 334
Through the valley and shadow 90 Thy providence is kind and... 53 Together oft they seek the.... 216
Through the wild sea Tbou.... 15+ Thy risen Lord, my soul 85 To give my weakness strength. 246
Through Thy rich merit, by.. 250 Thy saints are comfortel, 1... 143 To God I cried when troubles.

Through waves through clouds 202 Thy saints, in all this glorious.. 173 To God, our great Father.....

Thunder, and hail, and tire, and 30 Thyself avid the silence clear. 253 To God, the Only Wise. 13
Thus as the moments pass. ... 217 Thý scene cach vision brings.. 423 To God the Son belongs...... 325
Thus chastened, cleansed. 42+ Thy scepter well becomes llis. 3!4 To God the Spirit's name. 325
Thus glorious, will lic... 53 Thy secret voice invites me... 137 To hear the sorrows Thou hast 166
Thus, like the morning, calm.. 426 | Thy shining grace can cheer... 197 To heaven, the place of lis... 190
Thus low the Lord of life was. S7 Thy showers make soft the.... 432 To Him I owo my life and.... 190
Thus in:1y wo abitle in union.. 16 Thy Sovereign eye lookscalınly 305 To llim their prayers and cries 226
Tlus might I hide my blushing 114 Thy Spirit shall unite... 20+ To India's various castes.. 302
Thug my heart the hope will.. 210 Thy steps have long enchanted 355 To leave my Saviour I disdain. 255
Thus, O thus an entrance give.. 201 Thy suffering lite I cannot trace 1+3 To Lebanon lle turns llis voice 44
Thus present still, though now 105 | Thy sufferings I embrace with. 133 | To nakedness and want. 322
Thus shall all the shackles fall 323 Thy thousand thousand hosts.. 165 | To our Redeemer God.. 199
Thus shall the God our Saviour 42 Thy throne eternal agsstood.. 32 Tormenting thirst shall leave.. 399
Thuy shall the vengeance of the 329 Thy throne, O God, for ever.... 325 To scorn tho serses' sway.. 195
Thus shall this moving engine. 43 Thy voice produced the sea anl 63 To serve the present ago. 195
Thus spike the seraph, and.... 63 Tliy walls are made of precious 333 To shine with the angels in. ... 205
The star by star declines. S63 Thy way is in great waters ... 13: To sit one day beneath Tline.. 9
This sweetly live, thus greatly 253 Tliy til be done! Il ver us. 415 To sinite the breast, the clutbes 159
This, though tho universe shall 233 Ty will be done! Thougil... 415 To sojourn in the world, and... 421
This, lill iny last espiring 154 Ty winged troops, O God of.. 41 To songs of praise and joy.. 12
Thus, till my last expiring day 6 Thy word is true, Thy promiso 240 To speak, and think, and will.. 137
Thus to the Lord I raised iny.. 211 Thy woril, like silver seven.... 824 To spread the rays of heavenly 80
Thus what our heavenly 333 Tidings, glad tiding from above 66 Tossed on time's rude....

Thus, when tho night of death. 413 Til, by Tline oun triumphant 73 To that Jerusalem above.... 412
T410, while the incaner

30 Til Daril touched his sacrel.. 150 To the desert or the cell.... 149
Thus, whilo they prayel, at... 169 Til God in human flesh I sec., 158 | To Thee, all angels cry alou... 46
Thus will the church below... 227 Till then, I would Thy love.... 191 To Theo all anges loully cry.. 162
Thus, with ny thoughts...... 425 Til then, nor is my boasting.. 109 To Thee, and Thce alone.. 197
This woull live till nature.. 133 Til the redeemel in every.


To Thee, great One in Toree.. 60
Thu woulik iny rising soul.... 15 Timo lis nearly reached its .. 319 To Theo I owe my wealth and 185
Thy beautiful and shining face. 157 Time is bearing uis away. 370 ! To Thee I tell each rising grief 215
Thy bountiful care, what...... 49 Tiine, like an ever-rolling.

50 To Thee I will addresy Dy....
Thy bricht examplo I pursue.. 133 'Tis a joy, tbat seated deep.. 201 To Thce my trembling spirit.. 190
Thy choice and mine shall be.. 203 "Tis an ever varied flood.


To Thee, O God, whose face.. 295
Thy church is in the desert.. 217 "Tiz by the merits of Thy death 19 To Thee, O Lord, iny tender.. 2.15
Thy counsels, Lord, shall guide 57 Tis done -- the great transaction 292 To Thee, ten thousand thanks. 177
Thy covenant in the darkest... 143 "Ti: finished !--let the joyful.. 76 To Thee, Thee only will I..... 141
Thy deuils, () Lori, are wonder 154 'Tis finisheel! now the ransom's 50 To the everlasting Father.. 291
Thy dlew came down---my.. 203 Ti Goul's all-animating voice.. 173 To Thee we still woull cleave. 294
Thy dew doth every morning.. 239 'Tis lle adorned my naked... 191 | To Thee, whose word the.. 421
Thy fare, with reverence and.. 376 Tis leave'n on carth to tastellis 1.9 To the heavers llis voice. 30
Tliy favor, all my journer..... 253 'Tis liere the troubled springs of 213 To thiem remains sur place nor

Thy gardens and thy guolly... 393 Tis le supports my mortal... 423 To theu thu cross in life and... S6
Thy glory never licnce depart. 296 'Tis His alınighty love.. 193 To them the cross with all its.. SO
Thy glory shines inmensely... 32 'Tis in the silence of the shade. 218 To this the joyful nations.... 299
Thy Goal, thy Headly above.. 277 'T'is Jesus, our Friend.... 203 To thy graro wo sally bcar...
Thy golden sceptre from abovo 166 "Tis Jesus, the first and the last 3-6 To Thy great usme, almighty.. 10
Thy grace can send its...

156 'Tis joy to think the angel.... 225 Touch'd by the low one of... 25;
Thy grace, 0 ILoly Ghost 92 'Tis love! 'tis love! Thou..... 170 Touched with a sympathy.
Thy grace still dwells upon my 190 'Tis mercy all, that Thou hast.. 137 To what a stubborn frumo. 152
Thy gracious promise now. 216 Tis midnight-and for others'. 76 To you, in Davidtown, this.. 63
Thy hand, great God, sustains. 53 'Tis midnight-and from all.... 76 Tranquil anid: alarms.
Thy heavenly grace to each.... 424 'Tis milnight, and, from ether. 76 Treasures of everlasting.
Thy heaven, on which tis bliss 234 'Tis iny most fervent prayer... 295 Tremble, yo who llim rejecie 97
Thy judgments, too, which ... 166 "Tis not darkness gathering.. 331 Trials make the promise sweet 147
Thy light and truth shall guide 210 Tis not that murmuring

233 Trials must and will befall.... 141
Tly love, a sea without a shoro 183 'Tis not the trump of war.... 103 Truo as the magnet to the pole 167
Thy love can checr the... 255 'Tis sin, alas! with tyrant power 141 Truo that our beauteous doe... 3
Thy love the powers of thonght 213 'Tis the joy of parloncu sin. 201 True, 't is a straight and thorny 16.5
Thy mercy-seat is open still... 245 'Tis thero ho says I am to dwell 591 Truly blessed is this station... 207
Thy inerey stretches o'er my.. 247 'Tis Thune to cleanse the leart 195 Trumpet scattered sound of.... 361
Thy mercy tempers every blast 56 'Tis to my Saviour I would live 173 Trump ofglaud jubilee.. 526
The ministering spirits descend 205 Tis when beyond this vale of.. 393 Truth from the eartlı, like to il 335
Thy morning light and evening 426 To be encompassed round.... 33 Tune, tune your barps.... 378
Thy name my inmost powers.. 132 To bring fire on earth llo came 305 Tune your harps anew... 97
Thy names, low infinite they.. 32 To damp our earthly joys..... 109 Turn, mortal, turn! thy soul. 351
Thy neighbor? be who drinks. 335 To-day, her gliminering light.. 152 Turn, turn us, mighty God. 152
Thy neighbor? pass no. 335 To-lay llo rose and left the... 6 Twis for my sins my deare:t.. 103
Thy neighbor? 'tis the fainting 335 To-lay the Saviour calls. 129 'Twas grace that ought my... 150
Thy neighbor? 'tis the weary.. 335 To dwell with God, to feel llis. 160 'Twas inercy filled the throne.. 199
Thy noblest wonders here we.. 22 To dwell with misery liere. ... 63 'Twas the same love Hint sprend 230
Thiy pard'ning love--so free, so. 113 | To cach, the soul of each, low. 216 | 'Twas through the Lamb's most 178


'Twas to save thee, child, from 411 Well we know thy living faith 362 When cares and sorrows..... 252

Well, we shall quickly pass the 77 Whence comes it, that, yoor... 136

We praise Thee-if one clouded 333 When children's voices raise... 296
Under Thy protection take.... 02 We're going to join the. 12+ When darkness, and when... 249
Unbaly and impure.

19+ We're going to see the bleeding 124 When day, with farewell beam 24
United zeul be shown...

4:36 Were half the breath thus..... 217 When deatlı in vades my..... 245
Unite 119 in trie sacred love.... 332 Were I in learen without my.. 57 When death oer nature shall .. 1.7
Unnumbererl comforis op my. 54 Were I possessor of the carth., 155 When death shall interrupte... 164
Unshaken as eternal lills..... 289 Were lot those sweets so... 102 When dreadful guilt is done.
Until it come to Thee..

23 Were the whole realm of nature 74 When each can feel his brother 22.5
Unto our Father's will alone... 35) Wero you not children once?.. 335 When each day's scenes anel... 427
Uphell by Thy commands.. 11

We see Thy hand; it leads us.. 120 When earthly cares engross the 161
Cphold me in the doubtful race 137 We shall have a miglity shout. 417 Ilheu carthi's prospects fuil..... 285
Up in the morning early... 439 We share our mutual woes.... 227 W ne'er becalul I lie.... 211
Up, my soul! with clear.. 815 We sloulil almost fursake our.. 350 Whene'er my leart is broken.. 292
l'pon the crystal parement.... 244 We shrink before Thy vast.... 25 Whene'er you meet with.... 150
Upon your bounty's willing.... 305 Wo speak of its freedom from.. 357 When ends life's transient. 222
Up to her courts, with joys....


We speak of its pathways of 397 When evening's silent shades.. 422
Up to labor! from thee... 815

We speak of its service of love 8-7 When faith is strony, and.... 345
up to that world of light. 863 We strive, but all our efforts.. 319 Il'hen fear ber chilling mantle. 415
Up to the heaven I send my.. 4+ We, too, before Thy gracions.. 292 When first before His mercy.. 236
Up to the hills where Christ is 6 We tread the path our Master. 401 When from flesh the spirit 302
Up to Thy dwelling place....... 13 We trust not in our native.... 139 When from the dust of death.. 173
Upward from this dying state.. $74

Weturn to Thee a smiling face 107 When gladness wings my 215
Unwearic may I this pursue.. 171 “We're no abiding city bere," 100 When Goll, our leader, shines.. 3-5

We wait in faith, and turn our. 423 When Ile first the work bewun 305

Wo wait in faith, we wait in... 423 When lle live on earth..... 209
Vainly we offer each amplo.... 90 We, while the stars from..... 8B When here Thy messengers... 296
Vain, iinful inan! creation's.... 4 We would no longer lie... 193 When I am filled with sore.. 192
Victor o'cr death and hell ..... 94

What ailecl thee, Othou mighty 41 When I behold them pressed.. 161
Vi-it, then, this soul of mine.... 201 What am I, Lord, that Thou so 1433 When I can say, my Goiis.

What a rapturous song, when.. 433 When I faint with summer's.. 27

What brought them to that.... 413 When I lie within my bed.... 267
Wast, wast, ye winis, IIis story 299 What change! through pathless 3,3 Wilien in ecstasy sublime.. 261
Tait on the Lord, yo trembling 5+ Wateer events betide.. 200) When infuney at evening tries 235
Wait, then, my soul


Whate'er Thou deniest, О gire. 48 When in llis earthly courts... 176
Wake, and lift up thyself, iny 419 W liate'er thy lot-where'er... 347 When in their lonely bed lovedl 367
Waken, O God! my uilling.... 10+ Whate er Thý providence.... 220 Wben, in the sabbath of lis... 30t
Waken, O Lord, our drowsy.... 107 Whate'er Thy sacred will...... 250 When in the slippery patlı of.. 51
Walk in the licht! and can the 257 What Friend have I in liegven. 216 When, in the solemn hour of... 256
Walk in the light! and thou.... 257 What have I done for lim that 425 When in the sultry glebel.... 24
Walk in the light! tlıy path.. 207 What if the springs of life were 57 When I review my ways...

Want, from the wreich. 312

What in Thy love possess I not 111 When I slumber in the tomb.. 431
Warm our hearts with sacrel.. 15 What is my being, but for Thee 17: When I thich the blessishore 201
Wash out its stains, refine its.. 157 | What language shall I borrow. 79 When I treat the verge of

Was it for crimes that I had... 144 What object, Lord, my soul... 105 When jos no longer soothes .. 245
Tas not our Lord, a little chill 293 What peaceful hours I once... 2:20) When love in on delight.l.. 205
Was there nothing buta...... 441 What shall I say Thy grace to. 292 When, lo! with ravislied cars.. 67
Watchman!teil us of the night 808 What shall make trouble? Not 121 When men in ships far off at sea 23
Watch o'er iny lips and guar:l 161 What shall soothe thiy bursting 111 When inercy points where. ... 235
Watch-t is your Lord's..... 19.5 What sought they thus alir!.. 819 When midnight vals our eyes. 423
Weak is the effort of my heart. 191 What sou shall care, tho' stout 347 When mounted on Thy.. 242
Weak though we are, lle still.. 425 What sweeter pledge cotida God 311 When mourninga er some stone 212
We are llis people; we llis caro 40 What thanks I owe Thee, anıl. 220 When my forgetti soul.
Weary of this war wiibin..... 113 What though hell's fiory...... 317 When mystery cleads my..... 415
We bring them, Lord, in..... 293 What though in solemn silence 23 When nature sudders, loth to 237
We can not bid the morning... 297 What though our bired of light. 859 When night with wing of..... 24
We can not trust llim 19 we... 31


ugh parted from our. 9 When obstacles trials 217
We can see that distant home.. 407 What though the floods lift up. 415 When on Calvary I rest..

Weep not for them; beside the 813 What though the northern... 223 When, one by one, thereties.. 315
Weep not for the saint that.... 399 What though the spicy breezes 299 When our carthly comforts .. 219
Weep not fur the spirit now.. 39 What though the tempests.. 23 When raving foes surroundt. 211
Werp not, my friends, weep not 373 What, though thou rulest not.. 262 When rising floods my soul..

We feel that heaven is now.... 376 What Th. shalt to-day provide 267 When round Thy couris by 163
We feel the resurrection near.. 225 What though we are but.

... 151

When scarce is cized suine. 313
Welly to our eternal Ruck.... What troubles have we seen.. 231 When shall carth's blest

We give our souls the wounds. 107 What vain disturbing thoughts 7 When shall I reach that ha;'/'y. 412
We hail the church built ich 141 Wat voice shall bill the..... 307 When shall love freely tow. 308
We have travelerl long together 3 1 What was Thy crime, my

73 When shall the day, rear Lord 393
We in Jesus contide, and are.. 43 What wonders shall Thy $1 When shall these yes thy..... 396
We know that Thy presence is 359 What wondly tie must break.. 152 When should not they rejuice.. 193
Welcome, and precious 10 my.. 7 When all arrayed in light.. 311 When, shriveling like a

Welcome, sweet hour of full 169 When all created trenins aro.. 2:30) When sinks the soul, subdued. 214
We lick the du-t, we grasp the 107 When all I ain I clearly see... 133 When forms of fierce ... 221
We'll catch the note of lolly.. 10 When all is clone, renounce... 305 When stornis of surrow round. 131
Well crowel Thy gates, with... 40 When angry nations rush to.... 305 When tempest clouds are dark 245
Well, if our days must tly 361 When anvious cares woull.... 157 When that illustrious lay shall 175
Wel miglat the sun in darkness 144 When black the threatening... 246 When tlic dreams of life are 223
We'll talk of all liccll and said 217 When, bringing every balmy.. 102 When the farnes and hellish.. 267
Well, the delightful day will... 202 When by the dreadful iempest. 55 When the lvly bave gone tu... 122


When the house doth sigh and. 267 While Thy word is heard with 15 With saints enthroned on high. 359
When the Judge descends in.. 111 While to Thee our prayers....

15 With songs let us follow his... 369
When the judgment is reveal'd 267 While we seek supplies... 14 With speed He flew to my..
When the Loril shall send His. 384 While we walk this valo of.... 272 With thanks approach Ilis 47
When the mighty trumpet.... 374 While with a melting, broken. 103 With Thee conversing, we.... 153
When the inorning paints the.. 15 W bile with love unceasing. 25+ With the voice of joy and... 815
When the inost belpless... 334 While yet in anguish He... 290 Workman of God! o lose not.. 307
When the pangs of death assail 270 While yet the life-proclaiming. 7 Work on, despair not, bring... 897
When the rich gales of mercy.. 122 Whither, ah! whither shall I.. 132 Worlds are charging-heaven.. 312
When the soft dows of kindly. 416 | Whither, ( whither should.... 159 Worlds of light and crowns of.. 351
When the sun of blise is beaming 275 Whither should a wretch be... 279 Worlds should not bribe me... 855
When the tempest rolls on high 431 Who are these? On earth.... 403 Worship, honor, power, and... 97
When he tempter me pursueth 267 Who are they whose little fect. 295 Worthy is lle that once was... 163
When the woes of life'o'ertake 275 Who bow to Christ's command 198 * Worthy the Lamb that died," 151
When the world has passed... 111 | Who can His mighty deeds.... 41 Worthy Thy hand to hold the.. 85
When this weary world is past 272 Who, gently blending evo..... 416 Would not iny heart pour forth 189
When Thou shinest on the.... 81 Who in heart on Thee believes 27 Wretched and unworthy...... 284
When through fiery trials thy.. 230 Who in her robe the sinner.... 835 Wretched wanderer, now return 104
When through the deep waters 230 Who is the King of glory.. 84 Wretch that I am to wander... 141
When to heaven's great and... 427 Who made this beating heart.. 185
When tossed upon the waves.. 399 Who may share this great..... 16

When trembling limbs refuse.. 315 Who points the clouds their.... 263 Yea, Amen! Let all adore Thee 114
When trouble assails... 265 Whose breast expands with... 831 Ye aged, bither come..

When trouble, like a gloomy.. 172 Who shall make trouble, then. 421 Yea! men inay wonder while.. 341
When troubles, like a burning. 87 Who suffer with our Master.. 271 Yea inore, with Ilis own hand. 185
When troubles rise, and storuis 289 Who-when she seos the...... 335 Ye angels above, His glories... 48
When we appear in yonder.... 175 Who, who would live alway... 375 Ye are traveling home to God. 228
When we asunder part..... 227 | Who, within the silent grave.. 267 Yearly in our course appearing 374
When we in darkness walk... 194 Who woull not wish to die liko 420 Ye chosen Seed of Israeis race. 174
When will my pilgrimage be.. 7 Why art thou cast down, my.. 264 Ye clouds, that gorgeously.. 399
When, with sad footsteps.. 243 Why art thon afraid to come.. 127 | Ye daughters of Zion.. 192
When, worn by toil, their..... 302 Why linger, theo, with strange 35+ Ye deeps, with roaring billows 28
When worn with pain, disease. 256 Why mourn the pious dead... 266 Ye Pair, enchanting throng.... 211
When youthful Spring around... 24 Why move iny years in slow.. 391 Ye fearful saints, fresh courage. 57
Where are the vows which.... 213 Why inoro ye thus, with..... 255 Ye fields ! that witnessed ouce. 845
Where cost Thou, dear.. 232 Wly inust they shun the... 225 Ye great, renonce your..

Where'er I turn my gazing eyes 34 Why, my soul, art thou. 206 Ye in the wilderness..

Where'er, in lands unknown... 306 Wly restless, why cast down.. 56 Ye mortals, catch the sound... 82
Where is the blessedness I... 220 Why seeks He not a bome of.. 72 Ye mortals, mark its pace. ... 428
Where is the shadow of that... 153 Why should I shrink at pain.. 596 Yo mourning saints! dry crery91
Where is the strength that. ... 853 Why should I shrink at Thy.. 253 Ye nations! bend-in..

Where the arctic vcean..... 813 Why should my passions mix.. 217 Yo palaces, scepters, and.. 205
Where the golden gates of day. 309 Why shonld this anxious load.. 260 Ye saints in glory strike.. 801
Where the lofty minaret. 309 | Why should thy bride appear.. 153 | Ye saints, who stand nearer... 357
Where the saints of all ages in. 878 Why should we tremble to.... 350 Ye saw of old, on chaos rise... 157
Wherever the shackles of... ... 322 Why was I made to hear Tlıy.. 290 Ye saw the licaven born Child. 311
Where wilt thou cast thy care. 262 Why will you in the crooked.. 105 Yes! broken, tuneless, sull, 0. 371
Where the worm dies not, aud. 120 Wide as Ilis vast dominion lies 40 Yes, God is love; a thought 415
Which of all our friends, to.... 209 Wide as the world is Thy.. 40 Yes! I lasten from you gladly. 313
Whilo all our hearts, and all... 290 Wide as they sweep their. 56 Yes, I'm sccure beneath. 135
While all the stars that round.. 25 Will ye play, then, will ye.... 312 | Ye sinners, corne; 'tis mercy's. 303
While angelic legions with.... 409 Wilt inou let Ilim bleed in vain 112 Ye sinners. seek llis grace.... 360
While angels shont and praise.. 86 Wilt Thou not visit mo... 277 Ye sister lills lay down. 313
While guilt disturbs and breaks 155 Wilt Thou not yet to me reveal 170 Ye slaves of sin and liell.. .... 116
While lle affords liis aidl...... 197 | Winds, ye shall bear llis naine. 80 Yes, let it go! One look frem. 139
While barps unnunbered.... $7 Wisdom and mercy guide my.. 253 Yes, lovely hour! thou art the. 419
While here in the valley of.... 409 With all llis sufferings full in.. 80 Yes, iny Redeemer- they shall 103
While here I walk on hostile.. 236 With all tones of waters.

97 Ye souls that are wounded! 0. 879
While Ilis bigh praise ye sing. 333 With boldness, therefore, at the 85 | “Yes," saith the Lord " now.. 994
While I am a pilgrim here.... 219 With faith I plunge me in this 171 Ye stars are but the shining... 400
While I am held in Thino..... 163 With forests huge, of dateless.. 43 Yes! the Christians course is.. 862
While I draw ibis fleeting..... 110 With gentle resignation still. .. 181 / Yes !- Thon art precious to my 190
While I gazed, with speed.... 382 With gentle smiles call me Thy 155 Yes, Thou shalt reign for crcr. 299
While I ay resting on my bed 247 Witli glory adorneil, His..

Yes! Thou wilt visit me....... 277
While I'm often rainly trying 443 With grateful benrts the past.. 164 Yes, thy sins have done the... 112
While in afliction's furnace... 257 With Him I on Zion sball SSS Yes, unseen; but still, beliere. 352
While Jews on their own law.. ISS Within these walls let boly. 221 Yes! when I pray, Thou. 1-7
While life's dark maze I tread. 222 Within these walls may peace. 13 Yes, when this flesh and heart. 180
While of Thy absence we.... 163 Within this temple, Christ.... 999 Yes, whosoerer will..

While on earth ordainel to stay S8 Within Thy circling power I.: 37 Yet a few days to me, perhaps. 142
While others early learn to.... 445 Within Thy presence, Lord.. 259 Yet again we hope to meet thec 395
While our silent steps are.... 374 With Israel's myriads sealdl... 306 Yet amid this scene so fair.... 855
Wbile passing a garden I..

With it the thoughtless sons of 95 Yet clouds will intervene...... 361
While place vo seek, or place.. 86 With joy shall I behold the day 376 Yet could I hear llim once.... 140
While sinners in despair shall.. 312 With joy shall we stand, when 379 Yet«lear the awful thought to.. 32
While some poor wretches.... 4-15 With life lle clothes the spring 452 Yet dnes one short preparing.. 107
While such a scene of sacred... 77 With my burden I begin. 219 Ye temples, that to Goi. 818
While the bright nation sounds 153 With piying eyes the Prince of 182 Ye tempting sweets! furbear.. 211
While the lIoly Ghost is nigh.. 111 With power le vinilicates the. 304 Yet, glorious Lord, Thy.. 45
While the wounds of woe are.. 119 With righteousness Thy saints. 2 Yet, gracious God, where sball 245

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