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My Saviour bids me come..... 152 Nor we alone; its wakening... 304 O angels and archangels... 213
My Saviour, every smile of.... 151 Nor we alone; may lose whose 296 o believe the record true... 112
My Saviour's face made thee to 7 Sor will our days of wil be long 4 O bid this tritling world retire.
My sins a heavy loail appear 141 Vor woulul I drop a innrmuring 253 O blessed be this darkness then. 156
My song for ever shall record.. 241 Vor woull I wait till angel-bost 307 O blessed is be to whom is given 307
My soul i desolate and drear.. 3 Nor wreck, nor ruin, there is.. 10+ 0 break, O brcak, hard heart of 13
My soul, attend the solemn.... 13.) Ny sculpture wonders meet.. 9 O! break the fatal chain..

.... 152
My soul looks back, to scu. 193 No sintül word, nor deel of.... 4.3 O, by the panus Thyself hast... 169
My soul rejoice, to pursue.....

21 No sin to cloud, no lura to stay 15) O cease, uy wandring soul.... 26
My soul, repeat llis praise..

Vo sun shall smite thy hea'l by 52 O, cheerless were our

My soul shall pray for Zion 8 Not all that tyrants think or... 135 O come, and with His children. 109
My soul wouli leive this heavy 133 Not all the lurp-above. 197 O come! Por Thou dost know.. 29
My soul worrie and sing... 31 Not as the conqueror comes. 319 Ocime, Thou Holy Spirit..... 213
My suffering, stain, and risen.. 155 Not by the terrors of a slave... 191 O come, Toon living Saviour... 213
My thoughis, before they are.. 37 Not enjoymeni, and not sorrow 272 ( wuld I liear some sinner sey 124
My tongue repeats ber vows... 11 Votestilearen's higi mau 10ns 15 O!could we die with those.... 85-)
My werrieri sond was all resign'd 218 Not half so far has nature placed 42 O could we learn that sacrilice. 165
My willing soul would stay.... 12 Vot lalf so high Ilis power.... 42 (, could we make our doubts, 400
My yearning soul would fuin.. 31 No, that stream has nothing... ? O do not at a distance stand... 153

Noihinhath the just to lose... 372 ( drive these dark clouds from 859

Nothing in my band I bring... 110 O carth, before the Lord, the...
Nations all, remote and near... 309 Nothing more can wo require.. 11 Ocarili! grow flowers beneath 155
Naught also I feel, or lear, or 23 No! Thy dear name engraven.. 259 ) earth, so full of dreary noise. S11
Near at the marriage feast shall 203 Not lite itselt, with all its joys.. 60! enter his uites with...

Nearer to Thce would we..... 527 Not many years their roin .. 351 | Oer all the names of Christ.... 393
Near Thee no darkness dares.. 2-3 Vot more than others I deservo 415 Oer all the sons of human race 823
No'er think the victory won... 192 No touchin tile of anguish. ... 137 Our all the strait and narrow..

New-born, I bless the waking. 419 Not the fitir places.

220 Our all those wile extended... 413
New mercies, each returning.. 419 Not the labors of my hails.... 110 Oercome by dying love. 261
Night her solemn mantle 15 Not till blest l'esco shall spring 346 Oer the blue depths of Gallee.
Vizat reigns in silence o'er the. 425 Not to ease and aimless quiet.. 339 O'er the negro's night of care.. 319
Night into nicht !lis naine 423 Vot upon 11 or ours ile solean 365 C'er the toilsome way thouit.. 3-4
No act falls fruitless

337 Vot what we wish, but what we 247 0:evermore may all our bliss.. 5
No bleeding biril, nor bleeding. 155 Not walls, nor hills, coulil guard 230 Of all that now my scem.. ... 420
No bliss I'll seek, but to fulfill. 239 Not with the hope of grining 189 | Orall the pious dead..

No burning beats by day. 212 Vo village bell shill toll for him 315 OF ther, in that hour..
Nol by alis carly priers and ... 3:35 Now behold llim high..

S3 ( Father! our cyo is tu Thee.. 839
No chilling winds, or poisonous 412 Now cheerful to the houso of.. 91 Or llis deliverance I will buat. 179
No, leirest Jesus, no; to Thee.. 367 Now, despisers, look anıl..... 115 Ufjoys that coine no more.....
No dimly cloud o'ersluzow3... 393 Now destroy the man of sin... 33 O for a sight, at pleasins sight... 333
No earth!y father loves like 175 Now, from llis higli, imperial.. 43 O for a strong, a lasting faith...

Nogoolin creatires can be.... 25) Now Golinvites; how blest.. 10 for a trumpet voice
Vo quilo within llis mouth i.. Now lle's waiting to be gracious 119 O fir grace our heart to saflea 219
No-I milst maintain my hall. 26! Now I am Thine, for ever. ... 175 O for the coming of the end
Noiseless the son emits his fire 425 Now I esteem their mirth and. 101 O for the day, the glorious day. 176
No; is not this alone

822 Now in the grave lle's lidl ... 123 O for the living ilanne...... 81
No lingering look, no parting.. 223 No winter there, no sha les of.. 426 | O for the times when on my 150
No longer tots encountering.. 259 Now let eich heirt and hand.. 338 0 for this love let rocks and... 152
No longer now delay.

219 Now let me mount and join.... 401 O for thy fragrant flowers.....
No more a wandring sheep.... 196 Now let the Lord for ever... 47 ( ! from the streams of distant, 3.16
No more a weeping wifo to.... 333 Now let tho trumpet raiso. 319 Oise divine a Guest

No more thinne, no more.....

2 Now let thought behold him... 305 | Oft ido our eyes with joy..
No noro let in and sorrow. 63 Now, Lord, I would be Thine. 203 Ofien I feeliny sinfailieart. 173
No more shall bold blasphemers 106 Now mıy the King descend... 19 On ba, lle called thee, but thou 120
No more s'all fos unclean.... 3:40) Now rest, my long-divided.... 29! On bas the Lord whole nations 05
No more s'all previs! passion. 47 Now safely more, my peril... 199 On the big, umbilden tear..... 363
Vo more tha drops of piercing.. 40 Now shall my head be listel. 291 Ort when beneath the work of.. 2015
No more the sovereirn eve of.. 103 Now, sinners, dry your tears.. 199 On, when I seern to tread
No more the wtry pilgrim.... 315 Now the desert lands rejuice... 3: Opc when the world, with iron.
No mortal ein with Ilim ..... 190 Now the font is spread before. 129 ( carilen of Olivet, the dear..
No, iny soul, in Gol rejoico ... 431 Now the full glories or the Lamb 33 O gentle Shepherd, still.
Vo! pla: try trust above.. 26. Now the guy world with...... 159 () glally trea I the narrur path 391
No procit cunst thou gain 263 Now the heavens on ligi asoro 341 O! glorious hour! O! ble st... 10)
Vraccents low, nor words... 2:21 Now the storın goes wililly ver 273 | Oglury, shining far
Volrather let mo freely yiell. 253 Now they approach a spotless.. 399 O Gol, mike biro Thine arm.. 3:39
Noor bun lol to the earin' alono 3.35 Now, though lle reigns exalted 2010 Gol, nine ininost soud 123
Vor death nor hell shall e'er... 217 Now thro' the charmeil air, on. 367 O God of glory. Goloflore...
Vor doch it yet appear.

199 Now to our God, the Fatier... 397 (Gl! our help in geslast.
Vor earth, nor all the sky..... 197 »w to the Lamb that once was 1920) Goud Triine, to Thee we ora
Yo rest in the grave,

410 Vow to the shining reams..... 161 ! () gracions God! in whom I line 119
No rest is to be found

295 Now to you iny spirit turns 26; () grant my soul an ear to bear 425
Vor from the sout of scornful... 55 Now we may bow before 1113.. 177 () crant that nothing in my soul 171
Vorlet the golman's trust ... 236 Now when the evening starlo.. 10 igrant 119, in this solemn hour
Vrlotthon life's delightful. 25 Now, ye needly, cono anl..... BIS ()ulour shores froin erery 922
Vor pain, nor grief, nor anxious 341 Now, ye saints, llis power... 2.19 Orlle me through the various 419
Vor scorching suin, nor sickly.. 219 Now, yo saints, lift up your.... 8O muilus till or night is.... 423
Vor sha! the glowing thame... 216

(0!, ulty sinner, hear the.... 120
Nor shall Thy spreading Gospel 22


()! I lot thou still on earth.... 319
Var lima, nor distance, aeri.. 15) all-sufficient Saviour! be.... 1670 110 y bond that scals my. 203
Sorule alarins of raginc fies. 2 ( all yu Christian heroes.... 2130appy, happy soul!

Vir voice can sing, nor heart.. 143 0 angel of the land of peace.... 311 10 huppy, happy that I am..... 190



O happy harbor of God's saints 393 ( may the sweet, the blissful... 151 Or round their Father's throne 313
O happy scenes above the sky.. 115 O may Thine own Bride anıl... 114 O sacred hope! O blissful bope 223
O happy servant le


O my Thy Spirit gently draw. 292 0 Salem! our once happy stat 238
O happy soulis! O glorious state 191 O may Tly Spirit guide my... 6 O saving Lenleri opening wide 159
O happy souls that
19 O may we all, while here...... 39 O Saviour! with protecting care

O haste to follow where it leads 391 O may we neer forget llis..... 150 O say not so! the spring-lide... 445
O! hast thou felt a Saviour's.... 170 O way we thus be found.. 1090 season of soft sounds and hues 419
O hear it, sinner-hear that..... 120 ( may we thus insure..

109 ( see those waters streaming... 20
O! holy and sweet its rest shall 408 O may we over hear Thy voico 175 0, shall not warmer accents tell 290
O holy, heavenly home.. 407 O memory! can those strains on 252 O shine on this beniglited

..... 254
O holy, holy, boty Lord.. 46 O messenger of dear delight... 203 O shout, ye people, and adore.. 46
O Holy Spirit from above 59 0! methinks I hear Him...... 204 O show Thyzell the Prince of.. 303
O hulý trust! O endless rest!... 299 o might I hear Thy beavenly.. 47 o sinners I in llis presence bow 105
O hope of every contrite heart. 112 O might I once mount up and.. 156 O! spare me yet, 1


O hoiv allered my condition... 273 O miyat some dream of vision'u 25 O speak, thou voice of God.... 399
O how cheating, 0 how....... 372 O mother dear, Jerusalem..... 398 O spirit of the Lord! prepare.. 300
O how I hate those lusts of.... 103 O move 115– Thou hast power.. 157 Ospread Thy covering wings.. 218
O how long-satřering, Lord ! ... 129 ) my sweet borne, Jerusulem.. 393 O star untimely set....

O how sal and sore distressed.. 75 O my unsteadfast mind........ 152 O, stay thy liars; the blest.... 846
O how shall these dim eyes... 29 On all the wings of time it flies 851 O stay with us, and still.... 169
O how tremendous is the...... 83 on angels, with unveiled face.. 47 ( sweet abode of peace and love 160
0! it' my Lord woull come and. 36 Once, a sinner, near despuir..

... 264 0! tell me the place where Thy 233
O! if my soul, when death..... 7 i Once, like thee, by joys

113 0! tell me that my worthless. 106
O, if once Thiy smile divine.... 355 Once more our welcomo ve... 210 O tell of llis might, and sing of 49
0, in Thy light be inine to go.. 733 Once on the raging seas I rade. 105 O that a dying world night. 188
0 Jesus, full of grace! the sighs 106 Once the morning's earliest.... 266 | “O! that all the Wind but... 204
O Jesus, full of iruth and grace 136 Once they were mourning here 399 O, that cach, in the day of Bis. 433
0 Jesus, L:nb once crucified.. 53 Once when my scanty meal was 169 O that I could for over-it.. 203
0! Jesus, let me ever hail...... 8 Once with Adam's race in ruin 892 O that I could not adore Him. 279
0 Jesus, my sweet Saviour. 252 On cherub anil on cherubim... 46 ( that I could, witli fasord.... 203
0 Jesus, once rocked on the... il Ono army of the living God.... 223 0 that I, like a little child 171
O Jesus! ride onward.... 379 On earth'they sought iheir..... 413! ( that our thoughts and ihanks 8
0 Jesus, there is none like.. 425 One day, anid the place. 12 () that Thou wouldst hide me in 857
O Jesus! Thou the beauty art.. 157 One family, we dwell in Ilim... 223 O that we now imight see our. 223
O keep me in Thy heavenly..

.... 179 One gentle sich llis fitters... 319 () that with yonder sacred..... 174
O land! ( land..

350 | O ne'er will I at life repine..... 9+ O! that worlu is possing fir... 35
Old friends, old scenes will..... 419 One look of mercy from Tby... 112 ( the lost, the unforgotten.... 430
Old friends, old scenes will..... 165 One moment, and the silentness 17:30 then let wrath remove.... 259
O lead me to the Rock.... 259 | Ono moment-and the Spirit.. 93 O then shall the railberi moved 356
O learn to scorn the praise of... 307 One privilege my heart desires 259 O, there will be morning..... 128
O let mın hasten to restore..... 337 One thing demands our care... 35) (the rapturous height.

O let me wing my hallowed.... 2:3 One trial moro must yet bo.... 243 Other refuge lave lionc... 261
O let my hand forget hier...... 2:34 O never let my soul remove... 2:37 O, tho ricli depths of love..... 86
O let iny name engraven...... 236 0, never more may different... 320 O, the transporting, rapti rous.
O let my soul on Thee repose.. 416 One thing alone, dear Loril! I.. 156 O thon Almighty Luri.

O let thu dead now hear 'Thy.. 173 On lurps of gold Ilis name they 319 i 0 Thou eternal Ruler... 816
O let the soul its slumbers..... 3533 On Hin the Spirit largely. 09 ( Thou great God! whose.... 315
O let Thy sinitten ones again... 330 | onllim the weight of.. 1733 | O Thou, that fillst the beavenly 353
O let Thý star of love but 145 On llim, with rapture then I'll. 225 ( Thou, who givest life and... 293
0 let is then with heartfelt.. 15

On impious wretches lle shall. 329 ( thou, who mournest on thy.. 242
O let us to llis courts repair. 44 Only a sweet and holy soul.... 1/2 ( Thou! who rulest seas and.. 259
Olight of Zion, now arise 303 Only, O Lord, in Thý dear love 419 O throw away thy rod..

O Lord! amidst this miental.... 243 | Only, since our souls will shrink 267 O! to grace how great a 204
O Loril! ascend Thy throne.... 95 Only Thee content to know.... 229 Our beal y ard our strergth.. 107
O Lori! I cast my care on Theo 250 only to sit and think of God... 113 Our birth is but a starting place 853
O Lord, my weary soul release 134 ! On ine Thy providence hath... 34 Our brother the basen has... 389
O Lord of hosts, Almighty. 45 On michtier wing, in loftier.. 22 Our Captain leads us on

O Lord of life and truti....... 111 On my lieart each stripe be.... 117 Our cautioned souls prejare... 109
O Lord, prevent it by Thy..... 12.5 O noblest brow and dearest.... 79'Our days are numbered let us 299
O Loril, the pilot's part perform 239

O, not to those whom Thou. $30 | Our days run thoughtlessly.... 105
0! lovely attitude-lle stands 99 On, piercing Gospel, on! of.... 320 Our dearest joys, and nearest... 254
O Love, thou bottomless abyss 171 On that my gaze I fasten.. 273 Our eves have reen ihe rasy.... 351
O Lose, Thy sov'reign aid..... 137 On Thee alone, my hope relies. $6 Our eyes love son the tops of 351
0!inuuder than the raving... 110 On thee foul spirits lave no.... 52 Our fathers' God, our Keeper.. 817
O! ungnify the Lord with mo 179 On the tree of lito eternal.... 87+ Our fathers' God! to Thie..... 818
0! make but trial of llis love 179 On us lle bids the sun.. 152 Our fathers' sepulchres are here 8:32
0! make this heart rejoice or 113 Ontraril, Christians, onward go 403 Our fathers where are they.... 361
O many.toned and chainless... 899 On wheels of light, on wings of 72 Our fellow-suffier yet retails. 85
O may lle walk among us here 111 on wings of love the savjour... 334 Our ilesh, our seins, our spirits. 255
0! may I bear somo humblo.. 330, on that day, that dreadful... 93 Our glad brosanas, Prince of... 69
O! may I feel Thy worth.... 211 Open Thou the crystal fountsin 273 Our glorious Leader cluin's our. 399
O may I live to reach the place 163 Oppressed with sin and sorrow's 191 Our guilly spirits dread..... 1944
0! may I never turn aside.... 145 o pray we than for Salem's.... 8 Our hopes that when with joy. 456
O may I now for ever far. 441 Oprecions cross! O glorious... 21+ Our liarvest month have o'cr.. 427
Oinay er lunble spirits stand 399 Or as an eagle to the prey..... 349 Our hearts are bierking now... 407
O may o'ir sympa bizing breasts 334 O render thanks to God above.. 41 Our hearts have efterburned.. 224
O may that with our hearts..... 1970 Rest of rests! O Pcare, serene 214 Our hearts leap up; cur.... 158
O may the grave become to 115 351 O richteon Junge, if Thou wilt 159 Our journey is a thorny maze.. 257
O may the influence of this day 5 Or, if it be the gloom that comes 414 Onr kindred and our friends are 101
() may the righteous, wlien I.. 161 Or if on joyful wing..

29 Our labors done, telurely laid.. 819
O may these thoughts possess.. 37 Or, if t is e'er donied thec..... 451 Our litu contains a thousand.... 257



Our life is alream; our time.. 133 Plenteons grace with Thee is.. 261 Rich is the grace we sing
Our life, whilst Thou presery'st 55 Poor souls! that know not how 187 Ride forth, Victorious.

Our lives through various..... 32 Poor tho' I am-lespised.

..... 237

Tide on in Thy greatness, Thou 323
Our moments fly apace. 301 l'oor tremblers at Ilis rongher. 3117 Ride on, ride on in majesty... 74
Our mirth is not afraid of Thee 107 Pour not thou the bitter tear... 87! Richteous Julge of retribution 361
Our mourning is all at an end.. 893 Praise Ilim, ye celestial choirs.


Right thro' tby streets with .. $03
Our sacrifice is one

19 Praise Him, ye who know llis. 27 Ring, Liberty, thy gorjous bell 807
Our Saviour shall be still our... 175 Praise, iny soul, the God that.. 17 Rise, God! judge Tbou the 8:37
Ours, by the pledge of love and 355 Praise the Creator of the shies, 87

Rise, great Redeemer, from Thy 324
Our sorrows and our sins were. 241 Praise the God of our salvation 65 Rise, my soul, the day is...... 17
Our souls are faint, our hearts.. 169 Praise the Loril--for lle hath. 65 Kise, Saviour! help me io.
Our vvices join the heavenly.. 234 Praise the Leiril-for He is.... *isc," says the Saviour 261
Ou vows, our prayers, we now 218 Prayer is the berilen of a sigh.. 220 Rise, touched wil gratitude..
Out of great distress they came 403 Prayer is the Christian's vital.. 220 Rivers of love and meres, liere 191
Outter but the name of God... 159 Prayer is the contrite sinners. 220 Rivers to the ocean run

O voice of mercy! voice of love 2:37 Prayer is the simplest form of. 220 Roar on, ye waves; our souis. . 415
( wasb my soul from every sin 134 Prayer makes the darkened... 217 Roll back the swelling tile of.. $30
O watch, and fight, and pray... 192 Pray thou, Christian, daily.... 279 Room in the Saviour's bleerling 10:3
O wavering wretched state.... 152 Precious is the Saviour's name. 117 Round ench habitation hovering 319
01 weak to know a Saviour's. 255 Prepare us, Loril, by grace..... 4:7 Round the altar priests confess 4:3
O were I like some gentlo dore 249 Press on! and if we may not.. 336 Rude in speech, or grim in.... 313
( what a blesseci dope is ours.. 225 I'reserve it from the passing S
O what a glorious siglit appears 397 Princes and imagistrates must. 811

O what amazing joys they feel 893 * Prisoner, long detained below 503 Sad bo tho notes, the plaintive 253
( what a night wils that which 10 Prisoners of hope, in gloom.. 110 Sal to his toil he..
O, what are all my sufferings.. 397 Proclaim abro:ul Ilis name... 93 Safe the dreary vale I trearl.... 27
Owliat liath Jesus bought for. 397 Proclain llim King, pronounco 37 Sale in my Savivur's love I'll.. 851
O, when llis wiston can 45 Proclaim Ilis wonders from the 45 Sages,leave your coniepiplations 6.5
Or when ehall my fires and my 2:33 Proclaim the glories of your... 37 Saints and angels, joined in ... 119
O, when will the period appear 857 Prono to wandler, Lord, I feel.. 204 Sainis, before the altar bending 65
0! when wilt Tuun, my Life 139 Prostrate before the merey seat 155 Saints, beyin the endless song.. 405
O while I breathio to Thee..... 140 Prostrate bow; confess your... 117 Saints below, with heart and.. 203
0, while the soul unrulled lies. 237 l'rosirate I'll lie before lIis.... 139 Saints! in fuir circles, casting.. 93
O, who hath lock'd those 156 Protect me from the furious... 21+ Saints in glory perfect made.... 403
0, who, in such a worll as this 352 Publish-spread to all around 01 Salvation and inmortal praise.
0, who like Theo-so calm, so 73 Pure is the air, when day's first 419 Salvation !-let the echo ily.... 151
0, who like Thee so humbly... 73 Pure as the sum's enliv'ning... 107 Salvation to God, who sits on.. 45
0, Who woull bear lite's stormy 245 Put all thy beanteon garments 300) Satan may rent his sharpent.. ITA
O! why should I stray with the 233 Put on the armor from above. 167 Suve me, for nona beide call.. 141
0! why should I wander...... 232

save me, sare me, 0 my......

0! with the visits of Thy love 315
0, with what congratulations.. 309 Quick as their thoughts their.. 156 Save us, in Thy crent.

Saviour, hasten Thine appearing 96
O! wondrous Love- to bleed.. 145

Savior in glory beaming

O, woukille all of heaven... ... 225 Race, while our fub the 415 Saviour, may our Sabbaths be. 15
O, wretched state of deep..... 100 Raised on devotion's lofty wing 41 Saviour! shine, and cheer my. 141
O, ye angels, borering round us 115 Raise thy downcast eyes, anı.. 197 Saviour, Thy love is still the.. 131
Ore that love Ilis bly name.. 43 Kaiso your devotion, morial... 177 Saviour, where er Thy steps I. 157
o Zion! learn to doubt no moro 2-9 Ready for their glorious crown 302 Saw ye not the clone arie.... 305
* Zion, lift thy rapture cyc. 12 Reason, I hear, her counsels.... 113 Say, batli thy heart its treastro 273

Rebel yowaves, and wer ihe... 39 Say-live forever, glorious.... 74

Rebuill thy walls, ty boanis. 259 Saj, 0 sinner, that livest at rest 123
Parilon, and grace, and leaven 1:37 Receive, o cartlı, his fuel... 315 Say, shall we vichel llimin ..
Pardon, O Lord, our childish... 415 Redeemed from earth and 3.79 Say to the heathen, from Tlıy. 300
Partakers of the Saviour's graco 224 Regard the weak and fitherless 337 Serce morning twilight had..

Pass a few tleeling moments. , 870 Rehearse Ilir praise, with awe. 86 Scenes of sacreil peace anl.... $15
Patience, poor soul! the...
215 Rejuice in glorious hope. 19 Seal my for ireness in the

. 415
Patiently enduring, ever... 30

Rejoice in hope and fear.. 193 Searcher of hearts, in mine... 294
Panse, my soal! alore and.... 270

Rejoice when care anii woe.... 193 Season of rest! the tranquil soul
Peace and joy shall now attend 314 Rejoice, ye righteous, and 43 Seasons and times, and moons 496
Peace! and no longer, from its. 821 Released from sorrow, sin and. 891 Secare, amil-t alarins.

Peace be within this sacred.... Remember all the dying pins. 41 Secure from danger and fron.. 253
l'eaceful be thy silent slumber. 395 Remember all who love thee.. 4+ See a long race the spacions... 32
l'eace from the box of his... 334 Remembered songs of glucness 15+ See barbarons nationi at thy.. 80
Peace is on the world abroad... 15 Reinembering m no afliction.. 956 See, from all lands-from the.. 310
“Peace on earth, 2001-will.... C1 Remember still that they are.. 2)2 See, from lis lieal, llis hannis 74
Peace to our brethren give. 13 Remember Theo-Thy lea:... 23.) See, God is reconciled... 261
People and realins of every.... 163 Remember Thy pre vorilol.. 11! See heathen nations bending, 316
Perhaps, before the morning.. Renew'd, the carth a robo of... 69 See how the Conqueror moints 117
Perhaps llo will alınit my plea 139 Repeateil crimes awake our 16! See, Jehovah's banner fiirled.. 809
" Permit then to approach,"llu 29.3 Resign the honors of their firm ::51 Sen, Jesus stands with open. ... 103
Perpetual blessings from above. 425 Rest for my soul I long to find. 135 Sce, low before Thy throne of.. 251
Physician of souls! unto ino... 398 Resting in this glorious hope.. 873 ** Sec, Veres, from her sollen. 79
" Pilgrim, see that stream..... SS2

Restraining prayer, we cerise to 217 Se: on the moutain top 193
Pilgrius throigh this world and 297 Resis secure the righteous man 372 Sen Salem's collen spires 193
Pilgrion thou (list justly call mo 723 Retreat beneath His wingi ... 231 See that glory, low resplendent 893
Pillar of tire, through watches. 21 Return, O boly Dore, return... 220 Scotho huppuy spirits waiting.. 3:1
Pity and save iny cin-sick soul 292 Return, () wanderer, return.... 104 See, the heaven its Lord

Pitý the nations, "O onr God!.. 298 Return, wand'rer, tithy. 101 See the Jigo our nature.
Pity the weeping widow's woe 345 Revive our drooping fiti 193 see the kind angels at the gates 257
Plant Thy beavenly kingdovi. 355 | Kich dows of graco come oer us 316 See the kinder shepherds round 411


... 213




See, the light of truth is..... 327 Sinners, see your ransom paid.. 6 Soul, adicu! this gloomy... 391
See the lovely Babe a dressing. 411 Sinners, wliose love can ne'er.. 17+ Soul, then know thy fuil. 274
See the morning sunbeains. 433 Sinners, will you scorn the..... 115 Sounds among the rules and.. 27
See the rocks and mountains 75 Sinners, wruns with true. 65 Sounds of so sweet a tone

See the stars appearing

439 Sin no more can taint thy. 3+ Source of light, Thou bid'at the 26
See! the storm of vengeance... 115 Sin, o cr senso so softly stealing 315 Source of truth, whose rays. 26
See, the streams of living 312 Sin tho primal charter broke... 331 So, when a raging fever burns. 101
See the universe in inotion..... 114 Slain in the guilty sinner's 13:) So when my latest breath 193
See where it shines in Jesus'.. 1633 Sleep, my babe, ilıy food and.. 411 So when our mortal ties death. 367
feo where rebellious passions.. 166 Sleep shuns mine eyes-mine.. 814 so when the Christian pilgrim 394
See-where the Sun of..... 423 "Sleep soft, beloved !" we..... 3+1 So, when that morn of endless. 421
See yon orient streak appearing 37+ Small are the offerings we can.. 3:37 So, when the transient storm is 216
Sellich pursuits, and nature's.. 156 So Abra'm, by divino command 259 So will Thy people withi... 321
Send forth Thy word, and let.. 259 So beforo Thy presence 1.ling. 17 Space cannot check, thougslit... 813
Seraphıs, with elevated strains.. 401 So be it! let ihis system end... 391 spared to see another year..... 146
Serene, I laid me down... 429 So, cured of my fully, yet cured 373 Spare, Loril! the thoughtless... 3.3
Servant of all, to toil for man.. 129 So deep were llis sorrut, $0... 71 Speak, for you feel llis burning 45
Shall anght beguile us on the.. 160 So fades a suminer cloud away. +1 Speak gently--t is a little thing 331
Shall break these clous, a form 340 So fast eterniiy comes on...... 104 Speak gently to the agerlone... $34
Shall every creature around. ... 205 Soft and easy is thy craille..... 411 Speak gently to the erring ones 331
Shall it leave the low earth, and 408 Soft as the niorning dlews... 107 Speak gently to the criing ones 337
Shall Jesus fur aclmittanco.... 141 Soft, my chill-I did not chido 411 Speak gently to the young.....
Shall love like Thine be thus.. 110 So, gracious Saviour, on my.... 87 Speak of the wonders of that... 40
Shall love, with weak embraca 353 So grant me, Loril, from every: 155 Speed on Thy work, Lord God. 3:30
Shall man, the lord of naturo.. 435 So in the dreary grave contined 071 Spirit of glory and of God.... 132
Shall Nature from her couch.. 43 So, in the last and dreadful day St Spirit of purity and grace 93
Shail tbing; withered, fashions. 327 So in this darkness I can learn. 156 Spreal for thee the festal..... 111
Shall we, for whom that star.. 420 So Jesus looked on dying inen. 33+ Spreal, miglity Gospel, spread. 320
Shall we, for whom the Saviour 420 So Jesus rose to pray.

226 Spread then Thy plumes of.... 423
Shall we Thy lifo of grief forget 214 Su Jesus slept; Guil's dying.. 311 Sprinkled afresh with pardoning 425
Shall we, whose souls are.. 299 So Jesus still loth pray

226 Sprinkled now with blood.... 111
Shall winds and wares their... 253 So let each faithful child. 333 Spurn not the call to lifo aul... 101
Sharing now Thy wounds, I... 147 | So let our souls, benighteel.. 20 stand, then, in llis great might 192
Shell on those who in Thy. 20 So let the Saviour be adored... 336 Stand up, and bless the Lord... 31
Shepherds, in the field abiding. 65 So live for ever, glorions Lord.. 85 Star Divine! O safely guide.... 369
Short is the passage, short the. 418 So, Lord, when that last. 414 Star of faith! when winds are., 869
Shoul earthi against iny soul.. 231 So long. The power hath blessed 250 Star of hope! gleam on the.... 269
Shonli earth and hell with.... 52 So I may sing, in Jesus safe.... 16+ Stay with us, Lord, anıl with... 157
Shoulil friends and kindreil.. 5+ So may iny soul, upon the 419 Stern and awful are its tones... 201
Shoull I suppress my vital.. 57 Some Rose of Sharon, dyed in.. 423 Still as the light of morning.... 8
Shoulil storms of trouble blow. 263 Some to their everlasting bomo 223 Sill for us lle intercedes S3
Should strong temptations.... 252 Son of the Father! Lori mosi.. 235 Still give us grace, Almighty.. 333
Should suulden vengeance seizo 134 Songs of praise awoke tlie..... 200 Still heavy is thy heart.. 203
Should swift rleath this night.. 430 So oft iny sonl hath trol...... 25) S:il let her unili rebukings.

Shoulil worlds conspire to drive 135 Sons of Adam, onco in Eden... 97+ Still let the barren fis-tree.... 419
Shout to the Lord, ye surging.. 30 Soon as the evening shades... 25 Still let the Spirit cry.

Shout, ye bright, angelic choir. 892 Soon as the morn the light... 110 Still may their light our duties 290
Shout, ye little flock, and blest. 223 Soon as the morn with roses... 151 Still inil heavy mourning.... 365
Shout, yo saints, withi.

75 soon as we draw our infant.... 150 Still near the lake, with weary 72
Shout, yo seraplis; Gabriel... 89 Soon, borno on time's most.... 100 Still resiless nature dies and... 53
Show me what I have to do. 219 Soon, for me, the light of day.. 264 Still, still with Thce! as to each 214
Show me Thy face, and I'll... 153 Soon must we change our placo 60 Seill tossed on a sea of distress.. 359
Show us some token of Thv... 221 Soon night comes on with..... 149 Sill the Spirit lingers near..... 15
Sbrink not, Christians; will yo 403 Soon relentless death will como 127 Still to a stricken brother true., 420
Sick or healthful, slave or free. 207 Soon shall a darker night...... 417 Still watch and pray, and raise 417
Silence, and solitude, and...... 100 Soon shall I pass the gloomy... 172 Still we wait for Thino.... 273
Silent and slow, they glide.... 93 Soon shall ocean's boary deep.. 364 Still will I liope for voice and.. 2.35
Silent our harps o'er Babel's.. 252 Soon shall our doubts and fears 194 Still would we bear Thy c:ly.. 414
Since Christ and we are one... 294 Soon shall our doubts and fears 269 Stop, thoughtless sinner, stop. 120
Since from His bounty I receive 190 Soon shall we hear lim say. 199 Strangely, my soul, art thoi... 191
Since on this fleeting hour.... 359 Soon shall we meet again. 369 Strike, strike the harps again.. 70
Since Thou, the everlasting. 113 "Soon the days of life shall end 111 Strippil of each carthly friend... 263
Since, with puro and firm.. 16 Soon will the awful trumpebr. 105 Stronger llis lore than leathi or 2033
Sinful, unworthy, trembling... 250 Soon will our earthly race be... 401 "Stronger than death Thy love 230
Sing how eternal love... 199 So pilgrims on the scorching... 6 Strong in the Lord of hosts..... 192
Sing, how lle left the worlds of $5 Sorrow and fear are gone. 203 Strong were thy focs; but the.. 230
Sing of the Lamb that once was 176 Sorrow and Love go side by... 203 Strugele through thy latest. 3S1
Sing, on your heavenly way.... 199 So shall every slavery cease.... 831 Stung by the scorpion sin.... $3
Sing praises to the righteous... 32+ So shall it be at last. in that... 211 Subducer and instructed at..... 378
Sing, till we feel our heart... 199 So shall my walk be close with 220 Sublime upon llis azuire tirone 391
Sinner! can you bate this..... 119 So shall that curso reinave.... 360Such a Guillo? No guide.... 353
Sinner! come, ere thy doom... 1?? So shall their course more... 101 Such blessings from Thy 213
Sinner! come to thy home.... 122 So sleeps the soul, till Thou, 0). 155 Such is pleasure's transient.. 115
Sinner! coue, while there. 122 So sorrow often presses. 272 Such is the Christian's parting. 420
Sinner! haste, time fleets fast.. 1:22 So speaks the Christinn, firm.. 355 Such was the lot lle freely..
Sinner! hear your Goland.... 119 So thou, Eternity, 80 vast...... 415 Sun, moon, anil stars convey..... 22
Sinner! it was a heaverly. 101 So, though our path is steep.... 193 Sun of iny soul! Thou Saviour.. 416
Sinner! perhaps, this very day 101 S), through the ocean-iide of... 315 Sure as Tly truth shall last.... 227
Sinners in rlerision crowned.. 96 So to the heart that knows Thy 214 Sure I inust figlit, if I would.... 178
binuers rejoice, and saints.... 102 [So, trusting in Thy love, I..... 242 Sure is Thy protection.... 284





Surely, once Thiy garden..... 275 The apostles' glorious company 46 The heathen lands that lie. ... $04
Sure never, till iny late-t...... 102 The arms of everlasting love.. 174 The heavenly Babe you there.
Sure there was ne'er a heart so 143 The arms of wicked unen...... 326 The lieavens His rightfal power 177
Sweet as home to pilgrims..... 119 The beams of noon, the ..... 57 The highest place that heaven 86
Sweet, at the dawning hour. 12 The beams that shine on Zion's 289 The hill of Zion yields.. 193
Sweet bonds that unite all the 40s The bending angels stooped to 7: The holy church ibroughout the 46
Sweet drops of grace, the.. 251 The billows breaking o'er 11s.- 272 The holy triumphs of my soul :84
Sweet fields, beyond the... 400 The birds that wake the morn's 435 The hopes that buly word
Sweet lour! for heavenly.. 419 The blossom blushed bright, but 378 The hope that such a dry will 2-6
Sweet in the confiilence of.... 232 The bounties of Thy love...... 197 The hosts of God encamp.... 179
Sweet is the dawn of day 429 The breezes waft their cries.. 226 The hosts of saints around Him 406
Sweet is the day of sacred rest The brightest things below the 254 The bour of triumph comes.... 307
Sweet is the early dew..

Tho calm retreat, the silent.. 220 The hours of pain hare yielded 249
Sweet is the light of Sabbath... 4 The changing wind, the flying 126 The house of inourning lle.... 251
Sweet is the vision of Thy face 133 The cheerful tribute will l giro 157 The huge, celestial bodies roll.. 391
Sweet majesty and awful love.. 412 The cherub, near the viewless 293 The incense of the spring...
Sweet mercy to my soul....... 259 The children, like the lily... 353 | Their fanciedl joys--how fast.. 101
Sweet on llis faithfulness to.... 2.2 The Christian's years, though 3.52 Their Father viurks their.....
Sweet, on this day of rest. 12 The city of my blest abode.... 174 Their feet shall never slide to.. 219
Sweet rose! in air whose odors 102 The city so holy and clean.... 359 Their harmony shall sound.... 51
Sweet soul, we leave thee to.... 393 The clouds (isperse, the light.. 249 Their hatred, and their love.. 100
Sweet spring! of days and..... 102 The clouds shot bail, they 154 Their peace is sealed, their rest 251
Sweet the day of sacred rest..... 15 The consecrated cross I Il bear 244 Their streaming eyes together 916
Sweet to look inward, and..... 252 The cross hath power to save.. 83 Their toils are past, their work 855
Swift as an eagle cuts the air.... 165 The cross-the cross alone.... 83 Their worship no interval.... 205
Swift to its close cbbs out lite's 215 The crowd of cares, the...... 159 The joy of all who dwellatore 86
Swifily roll, ye lingering hours.. 351 The crown that my Saviour.. 205 The jos, the shout, the harmony 234
Swift through the vast... 65 The day glides swirlily o'er their 156 The judgment! the judgment! 121

The day of bright glory is.... 71 The King himself comes neur.. 12

The day of small and feeble.... 135 The king of terrors then would 130
Take down thy long.neglected 239 The days of old, in vision. 151 The Lainb shall lead His..... 899
Take beart !- the waster builds 414 The dazzling sun at noonday.. 29 The landscape, lately shrouded 20
Take Liis easy yoke, and wear it 119 The dead in Christ shall first.. 312 | The lark nounts up the sky.. 31
Take the rest this day is...... 17 The dearest idol I have known 220 The laurel withers on our brow 314
Take to Thee Thy royal power 355 The depths of cartii are in Ilis 4+ The light my path surrounding 435
Turry with me, ó my Saviour 430 The dew lies thick on all the.. 217 The light of love is round Ilis 337
Teach all the nations My...... 305 The dust returns to dust again 101 The light of smiles shall fill.. 26
Teach me some melodious.... 204 The dying thief rejoiced to seo 151 The light of truth to us display 59
Teach mo to live, that I may.. 416 The carth and all ihe works.. 313 The light, the dark, where'er I 53
Tench tis, in every state... 269 The earth doth mourn her.... 311 The lilies bend meekly ...
Teach us, O Lord, bow frail is $6 The carth shall soon dissolve.. 150 The limpid stream with sudden 23
Teach us, O Lord, to keep in... 333 Thecarilı,the ocean.anil the čky 225 The little cloud increases still.. 224
Teach us that nota leaf can.... 43 Thee in these works of power.. 32 The living know that they inust 100
Teach us to knock at heaven's.. 416 Thee, in the watches of the.... 240 The lotty bills and towers.. 193
Tell how lle shows His smiling 45 Thee my ransomed powers.... 25.4 The Lord can clear the darkest 175
Tol of Ilis wondrous.. 47 Thee, the first-born sons of light G1 The Lord has promised good.. ISC
Tell them, I AM, Jehovah said 23 The orening rests our weary.. 422 The Lord hath eyes to give the 329
Tempest-to t, iny failing bark 266 The evening star has lighted.. 431 The Lord in heaven hath fixed 328
Temptations fled at llis rebuke 241 Thee, while dust and aches.... ES Tlie Lord is God; 't is He alone S6
Tempted souls, they bring you 115 Thee will I love my joy, mıy.. 137 The Lord is good, the Lord is.. 86
Tendrer is the form it wears., 201 Tlieo will I praise, O Lord, my 8:35 The Lord is great; Ilis majesty 49
Ten thousand offices unseen.. 293 The Father died; an angels, 131 The Lord is great; His merey 49
Ten thousand thousand precious 54 The Father of eternal light.... 400 The Lord is King! child of the 15
Ten thousand thousand voices 10 | The Father, thining on llis... 677 The Lord is risen indeed....
Ten thousand worlds, ten.... 139 Tho fortul soul that tires. ... 100 The Lord of glory builds llis..
Thanks for mereies past receive, 116 Thefines that rushed on Sinai.. 93 The Loril proclaims llis power 44
Thanks to my God for every.. 153 The first fruits uit a blessing.. 7 The Lord sits sovereign on the
Thanks ve give, and adoration 17 The floods, O Lord, lift up their 87 The Lord's unsparing hand... 931
That awful Worl, that sovereign 63 The flowers of spring may.... 435 The Lord will come-alreadful : 42
That deeper shade shall break.. 419 The flowers that spring along.. 401 The Lord will come, but not the 312
That cuery human word and.. 43 | Tho fondness of a creature's lovo 251 The Lord will raise Jerusa en
Tinat glory sits on every face.. 393 The footsteps of Thy flock I see 159 The Lord yields nothing to our 307
Thi, luring all things done.. 192 The forests in llis strength.... 80 The niadman in a tomb had.. 140
That light shull shine on distant 803 The friends, gone there beforo 435 The majesty of God ne'er broke 157
That long as life itself shall last 189 The friends of truth assembled 3: 2 The man, the wisest of our kind 849
That man may last, but never 33 Tho fury of contlicting wares.. 854 The meanest child of glory.... 496
That man shall flourish like the 55 The gladiness of that linppy day 101 The men of grace have found. 199
That Power, which raised, and 256 The glorious orb, whose golden 13 The men that know Thy name 324
That prize with peerless glories 178 Tho glory! the glory! around 121 The unidsummer sun shines but SS9
That saerell stream, Thine holy 02 The God of glory down to men 396 The mighty God, whose...... 163
That I'pper Room is heaven on 93 The gospel trumpet bear...... 116 The inoment we believe, tis .. 20:33
That voice's echo bath not died 420 The grave is near the cradle.. 130 | The more I strore against their 172
Tiit sarning voice, ( sinner.. 145 The graves of all lis saints He 250 The more Thy glories strike any 390
That was a most amazing...

422 The great, mysterious Deity.. 377 The morning star is lost in light 1.9
That when my days are past.. 425 The freedly sea shall yield ber 343 The morn with glory crouneil 132
The Almighty thunders from.. 329 The multless shame, the sweet 133 The mountain and the vale... 263
The angel last appels

192 The band that care it still.... 21 The mountains in their places 297
Thean.crichusts send. 70 The happy gates of gospel-grace 191

The mountains melt away....
The angels come at dawn.. 123 The healing sense of pardoned 290 Then Afric's liberated sons.... 893
The answering hills of Palestine 09 The bearing ear, the watchful 221 Then all the chosen seed...... 199

...... 357


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