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.. 246

When thou my righteous Judge shalt.... 125 Within thy courts have millions met..
When thro' the torn sail the wild.... 71 With joy we meditate the grace..
When thy mortal life is fled...... 111 With my whole heart I'll raise my..
When waves of trouble round me swell.... 246 With silence only as their benediction... 365
When we our wearied limbs to rest. 238 With songs and honors sounding loud... 426
When wild confusion wrecks the air..... 351 With tearful eyes I look around... 236
When winds are raging o'er the upper.. 214 With tears of anguish I lament.

Whero ancient forests widely spread...... 296 Witness ye men and angels now.. 139
Where high the heav'nly temple stands.. 85 Would Jesus have the sinner die.

Where O my soul, O where..
152 Wretched helpless and distress'd..

Where shall the child of sorrow find..
Where wilt thou put thy trust..
262 Yea I will extol thee......,

... 284
While life prolongs its precious light.... 100 Ye angels who stand round the throne ... 387
While nature was sinking in stillness to... 71 Ye boundless realms of joy.....

While now upon the Sabbath eve........ 5 Ye Christian heroes go proclaim.

While shepherds watch'd their flocks by.. 63 Yo dying sons of men....

While through this changing world we... 349 Ye golden lamps of heaven farewell.. 400
While to its grief my soul gave way...... 239 Ye hearts with youthful vigor warm.. 105
While with ceaseless course the sun...... 140 Ye humble souls that seek the Lord..... 87
While thee I seek protecting power....
218 Ye lands and isles of ev'ry sea.

Whither goest thou pilgrim stranger.. 382 Yo nations round the earth rejoice.

Who are these arrayed in white... 403 Ye saints your music bring..

Who are these in bright array..

402 Ye servants of God your Master proclain. 48
Who is this fair ono in distress..
236 Ye servants of the Lord..

Who is thy neighbor ? he whom thou.. ... 335 Yes my native land I love thee...

Why do we mourn departing friends..... 350 Yes the Redeemer rose....
Why is my heart so far from thee........ 141 Yes we trust the day is breaking.

Why is thy face so lit with smiles....... 81 Ye trembling captives hear.....

Why should I join with those in play.. 444 Ye trembling souls dismiss your fears.. 254
Why should our tears in sorrow flow.. 355 Ye weary heavy-laden souls..

Why should the children of a King.. 55 Ye wretched hungry starving poor.. 103
Why should we start and fear to die..... 343'ield to me now for I am weak.

Why weep for those, frail child of woe.... 313 Yon spot in the church-yard...

Wilt thou not visit me...

277 Young and happy while thou art... 440
With all my powers of heart and tongue. 42 Your harps yo trembling saints..

With glory clad with strength array'd.... 37
With his rich gifts the heav'nly dove.... 9. Zion stands with hills surrounded........ 314







A beam from heaven is sent to 420 All the assembling saints... 234 And let those oyes, with...... 134
Abide in me-o'ershadow by.. 215 All the hopes and fears that.. 27 And like a den most dark le.. 46
Abiile in me: there have been 215 All this day Tlıy hand has led. 441 And lo! above the dews of... 843
Abide with me from morn till. 416 All thy sins shall be forgiven.. 270 And make his grave where.... 840
Abide with us, amazed they... 169 All who bear the Saviour's. ... 291 And many a tearful, longing... 4-45
Abiile with us, and still unfold 169 All-wise, all-mighty, and, 253 An may Thy Gospel's joyful.. 221
Abide with us. Thou heavenly 169 All ye nations ! join and sing.. 308 And must I, irom the cheerful. 101
A broken beari, a fount of tears 73 Almighty God! Thy grace.... 300 And must iny body faint and.. 107
A captive here, and far from... 256 Almighty God! to 'Thee.... 825 And not a prayer, a tear, a sigh 8
A cloud of witnesses around... 178 Almighty grace! Thy healing. 113 And now Christ is ready your. 121
A country far from mortal.. 2:25 Almighty Lord! the sun shall. 22 And now his conquering...... 10
Across the waves around the. 53 Alone with Theo-amid tho... 214 And now my spirit sighs for.. 339
A deep and crimson streak.... 429 Along Thy sunset skies,.. 429 And oft as the tumult of life's. 71
A deeper shado will soon.... 790 Already, from the dust of death 304 And ost, when little voices dim 445
Admit Ilim, cre Ilis anger... 99 Also, when I cry and shout... 336 And 0, when gathers on our... 165
Adoring angels at His birth... 177 Although I fail, I weep.. 253 And, O! when I have safely... 242
Adoring an els tuned their.... 63 Amazing grace! that kept my. 107 And 0, when the whirlwind of 71
Adoring saints around him.... 393 Amazing knowledge, vast and. 37 And palms shall wave, and.... 244
A dying, risen Jesus.... 150 Amazing love that yet will.... 105 And say-shall aught oppose.. 806
A faith that seems not faith, a. 186 | Ambition, stop thy panting.... 126 And shall man alone bo dumb 200
A few short years of exilo past 350 Amit a thousand snares, I..... 42 And shall my guilty fears..... 254
Again emerging from the.... 417 Amid the roaring of the sea... 2:39 And shall the soul thou bid'st.. 23
Against the God that rules the. 173 Amid those ever-shining... 401 And since, by passion's force.. 247
A glance of bine runs through 53 Amid the silence, else so drear 417 And so, 'mid boundless time.. 23
A glimpse of glories far more.. 237 Amid the splendors of llis..... 86 And soon the harvest of thy... 221
Agonizing in the garden.... 118 Amid the storin they sang..... 819 And soon, too soon, the... 293
A hand divine shall lead you on 176 Amid thy silent bowers. 429 And such the trust that still. 415
A heart that, when my days... 169 A moment may His hand seem 307 And tho naked soul

Ah, grace! into unlikeliest.... 159 Among a thousand harps and.. 85 And then was heard afar.
Ah, Lord! if it be Thou indeed 271 Amon, the saints on earth.... 227 And the voice answers, “ Be.. 399
Ah, Lord! with faltering steps 394 Among the saints that fill Thy. 133 And though loud the wind is.. 275
A holy quiet reigns around.... 347 | Among Thy saints let me be... 125 And though some tones be. 293
A hope so mucli divino.. 199 And as lo rose with all His... 81 And though Thy wisdom takes 253
A horror of great darkness fell. 76 And as this water falls... 295 And thou, refulgent orb of day 400
Ah! then my spirit faints..... 361 And ate, but gave me part.. 169 1 And thou 'rt sure to meet tho.. 884
Ah, those aro of a royal line... 225 And at my life's last setting sun 427 And Thou wilt turn our...
Ah! whither shall I fly?.... 259 And blessed is he who can.... 307 And thus shall faith's.

A land, upon whose blissful... 391 And, bursting throuzh the.... 255 And was His mortal hour..... 78
Alas, I knew not what I did... 102 And canst Thou-wilt Thou.. 143 And weep for the nations.. 899
Alas! the brittle clay.. 361 And can this mighty King.... 19 And what is life, 'mid toil and. 246
All, all below must fade and... 391 And dear to me the loud Amen 5 And what shall be my journey 406
All, all is o'er, with those at... 354 And dear to me the winged... 5 And when before Thy Throne 256
All-bounteons Lord! Thy.... 31 And death, which sets the.... 73 And when, dear Saviour! I... 157
All glory bo to God on high.. 63 And didst Thou pity mortal... 114 And when he stooped to earth 92
All-racious Lord, whate'er my 249 And dost Thou look on such a. 352 And, when I close my eyes in. 114
All hail the glorions day. 95 And e'en when midnight's.... 422 | And when I carly riso.... 428
All hail, triumphant Lord. 82 And even now, amid the gray. 423 And when life's toilsome day is 424
• All hail, triumphant Lord!".. 18 And every bondsman's chain.. 330 And when my Saviour calls ino 179
All haill ye fair, celestial... 413 And every night shall turn to.. 304 And when nature sinks in..... 15
All His creatures God doth.... 27 And every virtue we possess.. 93 And when our spirits we resign 293
All honor to His name... 193 And friends, dear friends! when 311 And when the glearns of day.. 162
All is tranquil and serene... 363 And from Ilis love's exhaustless 425 And when the last dread hour. 989
All may of Thee partake. 195 And grant that to Thine honor 423 And when the lips that with... 296
All my capacious powers can.. 190 And graver looks, serene and.. 310 And when the Master seems to 251
All my desire to Thee is known 141 And griefs and torments...... 189 And when these lips no more.. 292
All my nature is unholy....... 413 And hark! amid the sacred... 401 And when the shades of....... 91
All our earthly journey past... 295 And here are comrades in the. 9 And when the waves of iro.... 260
All our works in Theo be.... 267 And here Thy name, O God of 303 And when Thou mak'st Thy.. 224
All power to Ilim is given..... 193 And His that gentlo voice we. 93 And when Thy awful voico... 221
All power to our great Lord... 83 And it no evening visit's paid. 161 And when your labors all aro.. 300
All praise to Thee, who safe... 419 And if there weigh upon my.. 414 And where the fathers lie..... 361
All scenes alike engaging prove 36 And if the sons of God rejoice. 306 And while I rest my weary... 425
All space is holy, for all space.. 296 And, in every grace completo. 27 And while our faith enjoys this 413
All that have motion, life, and. 8And, Jesus, Thou Thy siniles.. 424 And while the hours in oriler.. 428
All that I am, have been...... 860 And, lest the shadow of a spot. 181 And wbile Thy bleeding glories 8e
All that strikes tho gaze....... 335 ! And let the drops of sparkling. 423 | And whilo upon my restless... 185


And while wo pass this vale... 216 A thousand wretched souls are. 423 Bo this world tho wiser.. 279
And wilt Thou benıl a listening 424 At length I own it can not be 292 Be Thou exalted, O my God!.
And without, with tireless...: 339 At lenith, this great Physician 151 Be Thou mny guardian while I. 416
And ye of incaner birth!. 50 At midnight came the cry..... 359 Le Thou my shield and biding 115
And yet ten thousand.. 103 At noon, beneath the Rock.... 423 Be Thou, O Lord, my Father. 2446
And yet the songs I frame. 31 A trusting heart, a yearning... 109 Better than life itself Thy love 210
And yet this thoughtless. 418 At Salern's courts we must.. 8 Beyond, beyond this loversky 393
Angel of patience! sent to.... 212 Attending angels shout für joy 396 Beyond any biglast joy..
Angel powers the throne. 403 At this hour, lo! from their... 15 Beyond the bounds er iine and 271
Angels! archangels! glorious.. 95 At thy approaching dawn.... 19 Beyond the flight of time. 966
Angels! assist our mighty joys 12 At Tliy rebuke, the bloom..., 361 Beyond the storm, beyond the. $99
Angels, guard the new... 893 At twelve years old he talked. 415 Beyond this vale of tears.... 109
Angels, in bright attire. 1.9 Auspicious dawn! thy rising.. 32 Birds in their little nesis agree 445
Angels standing, where we're, 440 Author and Guardian of my... 220 Blessed Babe, what glorious... 441
An offering to the Lord 3:16 A voice from the shepherd now 233 Blessed be the voice that.. 238
Anviut me with Thy.... 417 Awake, and breathe the air.... 839 Blessed fold ! no foc can enter. 333
Anon the clouds dispart. 361 Awake, awake, my tuncful... 152 Blesser is the man, whose.... 93
Another day, more awful...... 17 Awake, awake, put on thy

235 Plessel Jesus wouli'st thou. 270
Another llecting day is gone... 417 Awake, lift up thinc eyes!.... 359 Blessing, lionor, glory, might.. 809
A pilgrim through ihe carth I 23 Awake, my soul, thy way..... 101 Blessings atound where er le, 103
Apostles join the glorious..... 162 Awake, then, my harp, and my 2015 Blessings for ever on the Lamb. 163
Apostles, martyrs, prophets .. 896 Away from fools I'll turn my.. 414 Bless me, and I shall be West.. 266
Approach, ye saints! this God. 161 Away, ye false, delusive toys.. 105 Bless the Lord of earth and.... 129
Archangels sound llis lofty 412 Away, ye midnight phantoins. 414 Bless the Lord of life for err.. 129
Are there no fues for me to.... 175 A whispered word may touch. 337 Bless the Lord of 1 hy salvation. 129
Are there not feelings from.... 3.35 A word of His almighty breath 47 Bless the Lord, whose love.... 129
Are these Thy favors day by.. 415

Blest are the men whose hearts 1
Are thoy not all Thy servants. 41


Blest are the souls that finda.. 1
Are we not tending upward... 350 Bane and blessing, pain and... 275 Blest be the Father of our Lord 84
A rill, a stream, a torrent...... 224 Baplize the nations; far anı.. 300 Blest be the Lord who comes.. 6
Arise from the grave!.. 410 Bear, bear the tidings round... 70 Blest day! thine hours too... 7
Arisc into Thy resting-place... 2 Bear, then, the reproach of.... 274 Dlest hour, for where the Lord
Arise, my soul! awake, my... 174 Bear the tidings round the ball 309 Blest hour when carilly cares.
Arise, my soul, from deep... 189 Be earth, with all her scenes., 217 Blest hour when God himself.. 4
Arise, put on the robes.. 335 Because the Saviour sheel llis, 413 Blest is the man, o God.... 194
Arm me with jealous care. 195 Because thy smile was fair.... 853 Blest Jesus, come, and rule my 154
Arm of the Lord! awake.. 390 Be Christ our pattern and our So Blest mansions abore... 205
Around llim angels fair 92 Be daily dearer to my heart. . 133 Blest river of salvation.. 816
Around Ilis sacred tomb. 811 Be darkness, at Thy coming... 30 Bles: Saviour, introduced by.. 178
Around Thy wheels, in the glad 851 "De faithful unto death

193 Blest Saviour! what delicious. 225
Arraved in glorious grace. 369 Before His ever-watchful eyc.. 2-9 Ilest with this fellowship..... 241
Art Thou not touched with.. 133 Before llis thronea volume... 33 Blind unbelief is sure to crr... 57
A sacrerl spring at Thy.. 23 Before its splendid honr, the.. 257 Bonds, and stripes, and cril... 274
As a little child relies.

267 Before me place, in dread..... 12. Born by a new celestial lirih.. 160
As by the light of opening day 139 Before our Father's throne.... 227 Porne upon the latest breath.. 200
Ascend ! thou art not now.. 859 Before the hills in order stood. 56 Born into the world above.... 809
As children of Thy gracious... 33) Before the mountains heaved.. 256 Lorn, Thy people to deliver.... 219
A second look le gave, that.. 112 Before the inournful scene.... 77 Boundless wisdom, power.. 27
Ashamed of Jesus! sooner far. 159 | Before Thine awful face ...... 823 | Bowed down bencaiha leal of 145
Aslamed of Jesus! that dear. 159 Before thy heart had learned.. Sos Bread of our souls! whertoa.. 21
Ashamed of Jesus! yes, I may 159 Before we quite forsake our... 163 Break from His throne........ 344
A harned to lift her streaming. 191 Begirt with Thee, my fearless. 33 Break the tempter's fa'al..

As in the dawning, o'er the.... 211 Beholl Ilim rise from Olive's. 99 Break off the joko of inbreni... 1:35
As, in the heavens, the urns... 815 Belold Ilis loving-kindness.... 39 Break or your tears, yo sain's.
Asleep in Jesus! far from thce. 816 Behold! the areii sinner goes. 101 Break, Sovereign Grace, (.... 143
Asleep in Jesus! O, for me.... 316 Behold the Ark of God..... 200 Brcailie, o breathe Thylovins. 25
Asleep in Jesus! O, how sweet 816 Behold the best of death. 366 Brichiest and best of the sons 169
Asleep in Jesus! peaceful rest. 310 Behold the blest assembly.. 223 Bright angels, strike your..... 177
As, 'milst the crer-rolling sea. 313 Behold the body in the tomb. 99 Bright cloud of Liberty! fill.. 33)
As moons are ever waning.... 273 Behold the innumerable lost.. 228 Bright garlands of immortal... 176
As o'er a parched and weary... 241 Behold the Lamb..

79 Bright heralls of th' Eternal... 1.7
A soul inured to pain

294 Behokl the Lainb on Calvary.. 99 Bright, in that happy land..... 410
A spirit still prepared... 29. Behold the Man! by all.. 76 Bright, like a sun, the Sarionr. 401
As song the morning stars of.. 901 Behold the Man! Ile stands.. 76 Bright seraphs, dispatched..... 205
As ship to port, or shaft from. 415 Behold the Man! though.. 76 Bright the star of your..

Assist me, gracious God!..... 50 Bebold the way to Zion's bill.. 302 Bring, iny heart, ihy tribute... 493
As some rare perfune in a vaso 215 - Behold the way!" ye.. 302 Brother, in that solemn trust.. 363
As spring the winter-day the. 243 Beholl Thy prisoner, looso my 217 Brother, wake! for Ile whe..... SSO
As still to the star of its.. 206 Behold your King, your...

176 Brother, wake! the night is 880
Assure my conscience of her... 55 Being of beings! may our..

45 Brought forth to judgment....
As the waters fail from the sea 857 Believe the heavenly word.... 210 Brought safely by lis land... 236
As Thou of old to Miriam's.... 330 Believing, we rejoice

199 Burdened with a load of sin. 147
A stranger, lonely here I roam. 213 Below lie washed our guilt.... 150 Burdened with a world of..... 113
As welcome as the water-spring 2014 Be near when I am dying..... Buriel in sorrow and in sin... 151
At birth, our brother Ble. 13) Beneath His watchful eye. 260 Burst thy shackles, drop th., 43
At evening, in Thy home...... 429 Beneath Thy broad, impartial. 420 Burst wide, ye hearerly...

At evening time, let there be, 311 Be present, in Thy peace, to.. 422 Lury the deadl and vep.
At evening time, there shall be 341 * Bestill--and learn that I am 4.5 But a better day shall be
At His call, the dead awaken. 11+ Bestow on every joyous thrill. 23 But above all lay hall.

At His presence nature shakes. 111 Bethesalu's pool has lost its.... 137 Lut celestial voice I heard... 373
A thousand ages in Tby sight. 56 I Be this my one great business. 125 But a drought has since... 975


But, ah! my inward spirit..... 253 But timorous inortals start and 40 Cheerful, where'er Thy hand.. 155
But angels themselves can not 350 But it is in vain they strive to. 253 Cheer up! cheer up! the day.. 375
But, bowed in lowliness of.... 3:39 But 't is our God supports our. 257 " Chief of ten thousand!" now, 4
But charity, serene, sublime... 159 But to draw near to Thee, my. 57 Childhood's preceptor!... 21
But, chietest, in our cleansel.. 64 Bit to sing the rest of glory... 119 Child of sin and sorrow.. 126
But chier 'tis joy to think that. 225 But to those who have

114 Children a sweet hosanna suns 445
But Christ, the heavenly Lamb. 193 But to Thy house will I resort. 6 (Hrist, by prophets long

But drops of grief ca ne'er.... 144 But we are come to Sion's hill. 223 Christian! «lry your flowing. SS
Bit ry your tears, and tune.. 67 But weep for their sorrows, who 3:9 “Christ is born, the great...
But cre one flecting hour is... 141 But Weep for tho mourners.... 39 Christ, the Lord, is risen to- lay S9
But ere the trumpet shakes... 369. Dut we shall mourn him long. 310 Christ, when Thou shalt call...
But ere this spacious world wa3 87 But we shall yet behold the... 256 Churches and seets, strike... 323
But even years are passing by. 3! But wo weak ones, but we.... 327 Close by its banks in order fair 23
But fairer shone the tears of... 251 | But we who now our Lordl... 813 Clothed with our nature still.. 130
But fixed for everlasting years 22 But what to those who finál?.. 142 Clothe me, Lord, with.... 317
But tlowers of paradiso

193 But when IIe came the second 93 Coll on His cradle the dew.... 90
"But rather all my saints," lle 10 But when its troubled waters. 237 Come, Almighty to deliver..
But give to Christ alone thy... 336 But when loud the trumpet... 408 Come, and with humble souls. 47
But God shall raise Ilis head.. 1:3 But when, on Thy bosom..... 393 Cor:10 as a Messenger of peace. 297
But bark! He prays: 't is for.. 77 But when we view Thy strange 33 Come as an Angel, hence to... 297
But Ile, for His own mercy's. 1.00 But where the Gospel comes.. 12 Como as a Shepherd; giard... 297
But her sorrows quickly tel.. 112 But while I thus in anguish. ... 143 Come as a Teacher, sent from. 297
But he that turns to God shall. 105 But whilo untroubled, they 237 Come as a Watchman; take... 297
But he who marks, from day to 3.13 But who can e'er describe the. 390 ('ome, bless the Lord, whoso.. 3
But he whose blossom buds in. 65 But who can speak Thy..... 40 Come, brethren, you who love. 376
But high she shouts through air 155 But why keepthey that narrow 225 Come, for all elso must fail and 237
But hush, my soul, nor dare... 160 Bat will le prove a fiica.... 93 Come, for all things now are... 119
But I amit your choirs shall... 157 But will, indeed, Jehovah.... 205 Come! for I need Thy love.... 277
But I am jealous of my heart.. 236 By all 11(!l's host withstool... 193 Come, freely come, by sir...
But I am Thine, my ransom... 139 By all its jors I charge my heart 155 Come give us your hand, and. 121
But if at any time we cease... 8:37 By cool Siloam's shaly rill..... 299 Come, holy Coinforter.

But if Immanuel's face appear. 158 By dar, along th' astonisheil... 165 Come, lIoly Spirit, come...... 195
But if it hath been sin of mine 156 By day, by nisht, at home..... 161 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly.. 153
But it' no more with kindredi... 290 By day Thy hand shall leil... 22 Como in, conne jn, Thou Princo 271
But if this weariness hath come 156 By each saving word unspoken 327 Come, in this accepter hour... 14
Bat if Thy Spirit, gracious Lord 333 Lv evil beast, or burning sky.. 2:9 Come, kneel before llis throne 85
But, if you tride with His..... 12) By faith I see the land.. 211 Come, Loril! God's image can. 134
But I have felt Thee in my.... 187 By faith we alreadly behold... 339 Corne, Lord! Thy love alone.. 9
But I 'll confess iny guilt to... 141 By faith we are come to our... 13 Come, Lord, when grace bath... 249
But in llis looks a glory stands 103 Billim who bowed to take.. 222Coine, magnify the Lord with. 172
But I shall share a glorious part 1 By night Thine arm attends me 292 | Come, make your want, your. 45
But leaves the greenest will... 353 B; Thee must come, Thou.... 165 " Come, my Beloved, haste... 236
But let us hasten to the day... 224 By Thee, my pravers

191 Cone near and bless us when, 416
But lo! a brighter, clearer... 891 By Then observedl, by Thee... 33 Come, O my comfort and..... 893
But lo! in our extremity.. 271 By Thee, through life. 151 Como quickly, blessed Lon... 351
But man dicth and wasteth... 857 By them, through holy hope.. 355 Comc, sacred Spirit, seal the... 153
But man, weak man, is born.. 36 By the thorn-road, and none.. 279 Come, saints, and adore llim., il
But mightier than the mighty. 210 By the travail of Thy spirit.. 273 Comes gushing o'er a suken.. 415
But no such sacrifice I plearl.. 15 By Thine agonizing pain. 149 Come, sinner, drink the balmy 99
But not his noblor part shall.. 310 By Thine all-sufficient merit... 275 Come, sinners, hear the joyful, 301
But now, if prisoner of the.... 5 By Thine hour of dark despair. 146 Come, sovereign Lorul! dear... 393
But now I am a soldier.. 150 By Thine own eternal Spirit... 209 Come, the blessed emblems... 291
But no worship, song, or glory 75 By Thy birth and early years.. 146 Come, then, aflictions dreary. 272
But of all the foes we meet.... 223 By Thy deep expiring groun... 146 Come then-oh come from.... 259
But O! froin human toughes... 6) By Thy most severe temptation 273 Come, then, with all your... 103
But O! my Saviour, be Thorl. 20 By Thy reconciling love....... 229 Come, then, ye saints! and.... 10
But 01 their end, their... 101

Come, thou incarnate Word.... 60
But O, the soul that never.... 107


Come, thou Father of the poor 264
But our carnest supplication... 895 Call me away from flesh and... 217 | Come to thint happy land.....
But out of all, the Lordl.... 231 Call to mind that unknown.... 273 | Come to the ark-all, all that.. 213
But (), what beams of heavenly 4'1 Calmly the day forsakes our... 425 Come to the bright and blest.. 103
But()! when gloomy doubts.. 245 Calvary's mournful mountain., 110 Come to the house of praise.. 13
But O! when that last... 137 "Can a woman's tender care, 269 Come, visit us! and when dull. 187
But Power Divine can do the.. 166 Can I, with hopes so tirmly built 249 * Come, wanderers, to my.....
But shall my soal be then..... 180 Can loving children c'er 313 “Come, ye blessed of my.....

But should the surges rise. 260 Canst thou, in that awful day.. 431 Come, ve weary, heavy laden.. 119
But since Thou hast Thy love. 203 Can this be lo who wont to... 312 compelled by bleeding love... 210
But sinners, filled with guilty.. 3:2 Captives of sin and shame..... 116 Conflicts and trials done. 263
But some of them seem poor. 225 Careful without care I am... 149 Congenial minds, arrayed in. 8.54
But soon He'll break death's.. So Careless, through outsrarı.. 139 Constant to my latest end 27
But speak, my Lord, and calm. 1335 Care, pain, and grief, the wild. 354 Contented now, upon my thigh 170
But sweeter far the still small. 221 Cease, cease, yo vain...

312 Convince us of our sin.. 193
But those visions never blessed 118 Cease, ye pilgrims, cease to.... 370 Corruption, carth, and worms. 360
But Thou art not in tempest.. 92 Celestial choirs, from courts... 69 Could I be cast where Thonart 36
But Thou art true, incarnate.. 230 Celestial King! Thy blazing... 42 Could I command the spacious 9
But, though from his awful.... 861 Champion of Jesus! on that... 319 Conld we but climb where.... 400
But though the sun-set hours.. 421 Chance and change are busy... 204 Could we but kneel, and cast.. 131
But Thou hast brethren here.. 396 Changed from glory into glory. 208 Countless bands of angels....

But Thou wilt heal the broken 245 Cheered by a signal so divine.. 153 Create iny soul anew.

But thronging round, with.... 293 Cheerful they walk with

1 Creation's mighty fabric all.... 249
But thy spirit soars to glory... 384 Cheerful wo tread the desert.. 238 Creatures no more divide my.. 189



Creatures that borrow life from 31 Each tender tic, dissolved with 854 Tar in exile, when we roam... 272
Crown llim, ye martyrs of our 174 Early, at the break of day..... 15 Father Almighty, how faithful.
Crown Ilim, ye morning stars. 174 Early hasten to the tomb. 110 Father and Saviour! plant. , ... 123
Crown the Saviour, angels.... 96 Early hath life's mighty. 339 Father! forgive the heart that. 239
Crushed is the laughty foo.... 192 Earnest toil, and strong..... 8:39 Father, God, Thy lose we.....

Earth and ber thousand voices. 426 Father! holy, pure, and lowly.. 440

Earth has a joy unknown in... 157 Father in heaven, O bear when 437
Dangers stand thick through.. 107 Earthly joys to Thee are dross. 251 Father, King, whose heavenly. 20
Dark and cheerless is the morn 201 Earth, sea, and sky, one.... 393 Father let Thy Holy Spirit.... 413
Dark grew my soul--till down. 311 Eartli's joys, like dew-drops... 591 Father of heaven! in whom our 421
Darkness prevailed, darkness.. 129 Larth quakes before that. 93 Father of jesus! love's reward 175
Daughter of Zion! the Power. 230 Earth, with its caverns dark... 47 Father, now one prayer I raif 17
Day's declining, stars are.. 410 E'en down to olil are all My... 230 Father, the hindrance show.... 294
Days, months, and years must. 31 E'en now, above, there's.. 239 Fear hath no dwelling here.... 105
Deal gently, Loril! with souls. 250 E'en now the hallowee scenes. 902 Fear Ilin, ye sainis! and ye... 179
Dear are thy peaceful hours to 2 E’en now, to my expecting.... 376 Fearless of hell, aud ghastly... 183
Dear child: thou wilt never.. 857 E'en the hour that darkest... 20+ Fear not, breihen, joyful stand 923
Dear Comforter! Eternal Lovel 155 E'er since, by faith I saw the.. 151 Fear not, I am with thee, Oh!. 230
Dear, dying Lamb, Thy. 181 E'en so I love Thee, and will.. 139 Fear not, said he-for mighty.. 63
Dearest Saviour, hasten hither 275 Empires decay, and nations dio 243 Fear not that Ile will c'er. 254
Dearest sister, thou hast left us 394 Enchanted with all that was... 873 Fear not the powers of carth.. 254
Dear is the spot where.. 816 Endless pleasure, pain...... 374 Fear not the terrors of the.... 25+
Dear Lord, accept the praise... 360) Endow me with my Saviour's.. 136 Fear not the want of ouivarl. 234
Dear Lord, and shall we ever.. 153 Engraved, as in eternal brass.. 47 Feeble, trembling, fainting.... 430
Dear Lord, if indeed I am, 359 Enlightened by thy heavenly.. 59 light on, my soul, till deaih... 192
Dear Lord, while we, adoring.. 181 Enough, while these dull.. 424 Fight on, yo conquering souls. 3:1
Dear Saviour, (Iraw reluctant.. 103 Enter llis courts with joy.. 83 Filled with delight, my...... 413
Dear Saviour! let Thy beauties 254 Enter his gates with songs of.. 36 Fill our hearts with thoughts of 443
Dear Saviour! let Thy glory... 9 Enter, incarnate God..

94 Finish then Thy new creation. 208
Dear Saviour! let Thy.. 99 Enter thine ark, while patience 104 Firm are the words llis.. 45
Dear Saviour, to Thy cross.. 423 | Enthroned amid the radliant... Firm as llis throne, llis.

Dear Shepherd! I hear, ani... 232 Ere sin had seared the breast.. 359 Firmly trusting in Thy blood.. 21
Death, and the terrors of the.. 241 Eternal are Thy mercies, Lord. 163 Liseri on this stound will I.... 243
Dath, like an overilowing.... 36 Eternal, brooding, glorious.... 813 lis, O fix iny wavering mind..
Death may our soais divide.. 294 Eternal glory to the King..... 257 Floods of everlasting light..... 415
Death rides on every passing.. 351 Eternal Goll whoshall not fi ar 89 Flow to restore, but not...
Death, with thy weapons of... 411 Eternal King! I fear Thy name 101 Flow, wondrous stream with.. 93
Decay, then, tenements of dust 72 Eternal life thy words impart.. 132 Hly abroad, thou mighty.. 315
Deep are lIis counsels, and.... 41 Eternal Shepherl! who Thy... 417 Fold her, ( Father, in Thine.. 355
Deeper, deeper grow the...... 130)

Eternal wisdom has prepared.. 191 Tollow to the judgment-hall., 110
Deep horror then my vitals... 163 Eternity comes in the sound. 359 Follow, with reverent steps, the 323
Deep in the shades of gloomy.. 55 Eternity! Eternity

413 Fond routh, wiile free from... 120
Deep in unfathomable mines.. 57 Eternity, with all its pears.. : Foolish, and impotent, and.... 159
Deeply repenting, sorely.. 250 Evening winds are breathing.. 40 Tools never raise their....

Deep to deep responsive callin;: 270 Erer thus in God's high praises (5 footprints which, perhaps.. 279
* Deny thyself, and take thy.. 100 Every eye shall then belioli... 114 l'orbid it, Lord, that I shoull.
Depart in peace, the Saviour... 191 Every human tie may perish.. 314 For Canaan's land is just... 307
Descend, celestial Dove.. 19 Every inournful sinner cheer.. 14 For death his sacred seal hath. 3.)
Descend, o Spirit of the Lord! SI Every stain of guilt abhoning, 10 Forerunner of the sun....
Determined are the days that. 257 Exalt the Lamb of Gol... 110 Por ever iiri Thy justice.
Diderer mourner pleal with. 237 Exposed continually to shame. 155 l'or erer reign, victorious.
Dill ever trouble yet befall.... 289 Extend to me that favor, Lord. 41 For ever shall Thy throne.. ST
Didst Thou regard the beggar's 141

For ever with the Lord... 123
Didst Thon regard Thy.


For every thirsty, longing. 113
Did the solid carth ordain... 27 Fain with them our souls ...... 89 For friends and brethrer dear.
Direct, control, suggest, this... 419 Fain would I lay the burden... T Forget not, brother, thou hast. 837
Dissolve Thou these bands 356 Fain would I learn of Thee, my 135 Forget not-Thou who bore...990
Dole not thy duties out to God 189 Frin wouhl I mount, fain would 156 Forget us not-when on the... 290
Do sickness, feebleness, or pain 243 Fain would I trace the.. 63 For good is the Lord....
Dost Thou not dwell in all iho. 65 Fair are the readows.. 207 Forgive me, Lord, for Thy dear 416
Doth a skillful, healing Friend 431 Fair is the sunshine.

207 Forgiveness, love, and peace... 113
* Do this," II cried, “till timo 77 Fair truth, and smiling love... 325 Forgive our transgressions.... 412
Doth sickness fill the heart with 167 Faith grasps the blessing she.. 221 For God has marked cach.
Do the best always-do it now 2:1 Faith is our only business here 239 For God, that God the good... 35
Down from the shining scats.. 18 Faith now beholds the glory... 257 For God the Lord, both sun... 9
Down stooped a siiver cloud.. $1 Faith secs the bright eternal... 312 Forgotten be each wordly... 217
Down the swift stream we.... 349 Faith, that in prayer can never 159 For her my tears shall fall.. 327
Down through the portals of.. 65 Fall before him on the ground. 265 For her our prayer shali rise... 526
Draw us O God! with..... 105 Fare thee welll though woc is. 350 For him, break not the grassy. 343
Dread alarms shall shake the.. 364 Far, far above all mortal things 213 For llim shall endless prayer.. 103
Dress Thee in arms, most... 329 Far, far above thy thought.... 202 For Ilim shall prayer.,

Dumb at Thy feet I lie.. 861 Far, far away, the roar of.... 214 For Ilis truth and mercy stand 27
Dust, to its narrow house. 354 Far, far beneath, the noise of.. 214 For if, unheeiling or beguiled.. 2-3
Dying Redeeiner, to Thy. 7 Far, far to distant lands..... 108 For I know that my...

Far from her home, fatigued.. 241 For not like kingdoms of the.. 2-2

l'ar from this world of toil and 349 For O! in spite of constant care 414
Eacli care, each ill of mortal... 352 Far from us drive the foe we.. 59 For, sure as olden sages tell... 91
Lach following minute, as it... 161 Farewell, contlicting hopes and 347 For surely we may weep to... 131
Fach like thee, in peace....... 354 Farewell, my brethren in the.. 392 For sure, of all the plants that. 167
Each place alike is holy. 5 Farowell, my friends, time rolls 392 For Thee alone we would...
Each surpmer bird that sings.. 338 Farewell, old soldiers of tho... 392 For Thee, my God, the living.

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